Value of Dima&

039;s own sexual behavior is aimed at bringing it in line with generally accepted moral standards. Many Dimitrians never get married and remain single.

My personal life is usually organized by Dimitri himself, and in adulthood he feels comfortable. Sex is cautious, if he has a mistress, she is very experienced in this area.

Dmitry is a man of moderate temperament, but talks a lot about sex and listens to him with undisguised pleasure. For “winter” Dmitry, love and sex are inseparable. The more sensitive his partner is, the more frank he is in his erotic caresses.

He is familiar with the hobbies, he does not tolerate infidelity girlfriend, jealous and suspicious. He skillfully calculates his strength in sex and tries to avoid difficult situations.

Designation and origin of the name: “Belongs to Demeter” (Greek). In Greece Demeter was revered as a fertility goddess, mother earth and one of the most honorable places in the hierarchy of Olympic deities.

Energy and the character of the name “Dmitry”

In this name, the energy of the spring, which seems to be able to shrink for as long as it takes until it suddenly shoots. Alas, it often happens at the most inopportune moment.

On the one hand, the energy named after Dmitry tends to be patient, and it often happens so quietly that those around him, and sometimes even Dima himself, perceive it as almost absolute peace of mind, but this battery must be discharged.

And here the other side of the energy sector comes to the fore – impulse and explosive nature

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