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Mysteries for children about the starsPuzzles about our beloved and beautiful Earth

No beginning, no end, no nape, no face.


Who changes clothes four times a year?


Oceans and forests,Oxygen is in the atmosphere,

People and animals breathe.


Children's puzzles about planets

Cosmos is boundless and boundless. And in addition to Earth, he has seven other planets and a few dwarfs. Children's riddles about the planets will introduce the children to them:

Tiny Planet Tiny Tiny Tiny Tubby is too warm, and agile – a year on it

Eighty-eight days.


In the telescope, look through the orbit.In our solar system

No one is larger than that.


All planets with poles,There is an equator at any.But the planets with beltsNot you will find another.In these rings he is one,

Very important gentleman.


In the sky I often glow, your neighbor.I'm Mercury's sister,

And I'm always in the heat


This is a red planetIn our neighborhood.It's strange that no matter what you say, –

Led is not from above, but inside.


It is already a centuryIn the midst of the Roman brothers Greek, and through space it's depressing

Runs lying on its side.


On the planet blueBlueWind blows very strongWe have a great year on it –

Winter lasts 40 years.


It takes five hours for the light to reach that planet, so it

In the telescope it's not visible.


Children's riddles about the moon and stars

Stars in the sky – countless. And the Moon, the constant companion of the Earth, adorns them with its radiance. Offer the children riddles about the moon and the stars. I wonder if they'll figure it out? The field isn't measured, the sheep aren't counted, the shepherd is a horned.

(Heaven, stars and month)

Rasstelu horn, pour out a pea,
position the bread edge.

(Heaven, stars and month)

A steerable steer on the high road.

(Heaven and month)

Triteen times a year,
a day is hidden from people's eyes.


Two weeks of growth of Yeoman
And disappeared at the same time.

(Moon in different phases)

To pancake, then half ablin,
that side, then that side.

(Moon in different phases)

Wolf, wolf, show the other barrel, the other side will not show,

I'm tethered.


At nightfall a blue stallion in the backyard looks,
at midnight a stallion runs through the roof.

(The moon in the full moon)

This is full, then it is slender,
In the night it does not sleep.


All night long behind the clouds
Lantern with horns shone.


Two stand, two walk, two watch between them.

(Heaven and earth, sun and month, day and night)

As long as the night is clear – the air is transparent,
Then we see the sky is clear. (in stars)

Blue ceiling
golden nails attached.

(Heaven and stars)

Blue hat all in patches.

(Heaven and stars)

From what bucket do they not drink, do they not eat,
and only look at it?

(Big Bear)

No track
sprayed with peas.

(Milky Way)

If you go out on a clear night, you'll see that road. During the day, it's not visible.

(Milky Way)

All the caramel is scattered in the dark sky with peasColored caramel made of sugar chips, and only when morning comes,

All the caramel will suddenly melt.


The grain was scattered at night,
And in the morning – nothing.


The carpet has been thrown away, the peas have fallen apart.
Not a carpet to pick up or pick up.

(Starry sky)

Children's riddles about comets and meteorites

Ah that only doesn't inhabit our universe!? And in addition to planets, stars and satellites, there are other space bodies and objects. Read children's riddles about comets and meteorites, and children will learn more about space.

Fly hot bird, tail proud.


This is where the star appears, and its long tail is at the same time.we say then,

that we see in the sky … (comet).

In space, an object flies through the ice in the summer. Its tail is a strip of light,

And its name is… (comet).

This is an interstellar eternal wandererIn the night sky just appear and flies away for a long time to come,

This is a shimmering tail for farewell. (Comet)

Sparks burn the sky,
And they don't reach us.


What rain won't soak your head?


Where's the stone coming from the sky?


I fly in space with my tail, I sweep the dust of the universe.Like a broom, my long tail

Will clean the stars.


These sprockets fall and go out quickly.Light a starry rain in the middle of the nightIt's like these lights

Artist painted.


In space, an object flies through the ice in the air.Its tail is a strip of light,

And its name is…


This interstellar Eternal WandererIn the night sky, we're just going to introduce ourselves and fly awayFor a long time, We're going to say goodbye

Flickering Tail.


Puzzles about man in space

Cosmos has always lured human eyes. И… A man has conquered space, after all! And although the universe is still a mystery, humanity is already there))) Even the riddles about man and his actions in space have already been composed:

Cosmonauts, have sat down? Soon I'm going out into space! Around the Earth on a merry-go-round

In orbit I'm going to spin.

(Rocket, spacecraft)

It's in a spacesuit with insuranceOn orbit.The ship was corrected cleverly by the ship

Cable broken.

(Cosmonaut, astronaut)

In space there is no panAnd there is no pan either.Here and porridge, and herring, and borsch, and vinaigrette – Packed as a cream! I'll eat from something, I'll eat,

All without dishes.

(From tubes)

In space always frost, Flight does not happen.The astronaut, having checked the rope, puts something on. That clothes will store

And warmth and oxygen.


There is a window in the ship – “Celenger”, “World”.But not that on the Earth – In the house and in apartment. In the form of a circle that window,


Not a month, not the moon, not the planet, not the star,
In the sky flies, planes overtake.


Running around the night and day, a deer runs around the earth, hitting the stars with a horn, he chose the road in the sky.

Hearing the knocking of his hooves, he is a tracker universe.


Higher than any other person in the world. He flies a rocket.


Flight around the world
It's important that there be…(rocket).

We're going to the mysterious planet
We're going to race on…(rocket).

This is the kind of space riddle we've got together and told adults and children about space))) I hope you were pleased, as my physics teacher said, to move the grey matter.

And now I suggest watching the cartoon “Planet” from the series “Kiddies” about the flight into space. And see other fantastic cartoons and films in this article.

You can read more about cosmic attractions in the section “Cosmonautics Day”.

Thanks for being there for you! And let all the riddles be fascinating and be sure to be solved!

With respect,

Ludmila Potsepun.

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Mysteries about the sky and stars with answers for children – VashPedagog

Mysteries for children about the stars

Heavenly Tasks.

Remember the last time you looked at the sky. I suspect it's been a long time. The modern rhythm of life does not allow such sentimental weaknesses. And if you think about it, until recently the contemplation of the sky was in the order of things.

Philosophers contemplated the movement of the air masses and reflected on the eternal. Of course, we don't have time for that. But to join the high at least somehow, we suggest to solve riddles about the sky.

Hope on them at least at modern inhabitants of megacities there will be a couple of minutes.

House in ten floors.For flashing sheriffs. For flying crows, the house is open from all sides… (Heaven)Blue Shawl ScarfNaked to the east. The sun has risenThe tarpaulin has become scarlet…(Heaven)
Moves the bowl high, not low.Bowl blue Without end and edge… (Heaven)Very big, blue during the day, Aleetes in the morning, dark at night… (Heaven)
In the overturned wellThere are many shaggy roundabouts. During the day, the sun goes down there.At night the Month passes… (Heaven)All the clouds fly over it, and from there the ray of the sun flies through the windows like a river… (Heaven)
That's starry, that's blue, that's pure, that's thunderstorm.There's a different bird flying there. What's that? Guess who knows… (Heaven)The blue blanketThe field, the mountains, the forest hugged me in broad daylight, tell me friends… (Heaven)
As the flowers of a forget-me-not-forget – gently – blue. Sometimes like cornflowers, sometimes like the sea! But there are days when, angry and darkened, that's when the color changes – Frowns, turns black. At night in bright stars, during the day in the sunshine! With clouds, snow colors… What is it? It's g…(Heaven)
This is the ceiling? It's low, it's high, it's sulfuric, it's whitish, it's a little blue.And sometimes such a beautiful – Lace and blue-blue… (Heaven)Higher forest, above the mountains stretches the carpet. It's always, always spread over you and above me, then it's gray, then it's blue, then it's bright blue… (Heaven)
Smooth, not a field, Blue, not a sea… (Heaven)<(Heaven)Blue PuddleBlueBlue Spinning Over Houses… (Heaven)
The tent is huge above the groundSo often changes its color.Sometimes blue, some blue, some gray and some gray and some gray.It's black and starry, it's very formidable. It sends rain and snow.It plays a rainbow at times, and there is no end and no edge to it…(Heaven)
The blue bell above usFilled with clouds… (Heaven)The whole world covered… (Heaven)


Puzzles – Puzzles about the stars, sun, moon, month

  • Rolls on a blue platter Golden apple

    (sun and sky)

  • Shining, sparkling, warms all.

    (the sun)

  • Above the river stopped the balloon of air, gold. And then behind the forest disappeared, swaying over the water.

    (the sun)

  • Which of you will answer: “It's not fire, it's burning, it's not a flashlight, it's shining brightly, it's not a baker, it's baking?

    (the sun)

  • Not a fire, not a lamp, but a shining ball, round. Like a pumpkin, yellow.

    (the sun)

  • I'll wake up early in the morning, I'll look at it and laugh, because in my end it's brightly shining…

    (the sun)

  • You're all over the world warming upYou don't know, you smile in the window, and everybody calls you…


  • A painter walks the sky without brushes, brown paint paints people.

    (the sun)

  • Daily in the mornings enters the window.


  • Who enters the window and does not open it?

    (light, sun)

  • I'm always friendly with light,If the sun is in the window,I'm from the mirror,I'm from the puddle,I'm running on the wall.


  • grown up, grew up,Was horny – the round became.Only a circle, a miracle-circleStalked again suddenly.


  • Without arms, without legs, only with horns.


  • Free head, and with horns.


  • Then he's a pancake, he's a wedge, a night in the sky alone.


  • Decorated the night blue Silver Orange, and it took a week only – it had a crust left.


  • Rogaty, not bull


  • Sparks burn the sky, and do not reach us.


  • Behind the countless shepherd's nights there was a tired shepherd.And when the rooster sang – Sheep and shepherd hid.

    (month and stars)

  • Dear necklaceBlittleBlittle on trees, in the morning you will not find the necklaces.


  • Pea was scattered on seventy roads, no one will pick it up. The sun will rise – all the way up.


  • White flowers blossom in the evening in the sky and fade in the morning.


  • In the blue village -Devitsa is a round-faced girl. She cannot sleep at night:


  • In the blue village a round-faced girl looks in the mirror.She cannot sleep at night – she looks in the mirror.


  • In the sky is white, shining, but not warm.


  • Night in the sky one Golden Orange.We hadn't eaten an orange for two weeks, but only an orange slice remained in the sky.

    (moon, month)

  • Source:

    Puzzles about the star

    Babba went to the evening, scattered peas,
    Not could collect: no feast, no peace, no good people.

    Answer: Star

    The girl from St. Petersburg was coming, carrying a jug of beads, she scattered it, nobody will collect it:

    No king, no queen, no red girl.

    Answer: Star

    Written literacy for blue velvet, and not to read this literacy

    No pops, no clerks, no smart men.

    Answer: The star

    Above grandmother's yard was scattered with a terry, no one to collect:

    No pop, no clerks, no silversmiths.

    Answer: Star

    Box was scattered, no one can count:
    No priest, no clerks, no us, no fools.

    Answer: Star

    Answer: Golden grain was scattered by nightfall,
    Gloss in the morning – nothing.

    Answer: The star

    Today's peas fell apart.
    Morning stood up – nothing.

    Answer: Star

    Behind the outer courtyard scattered peas:
    No shovel to shovel down, no broom not to sweep away.

    Answer: Star

    Answer: Star

    With our gates scattered peas,
    No shovel not to shovel down, no broom not to remove.

    Answer: Star

    Raspatel peas all over Moscow, all over Vologda.

    Answer: Star

    Pea scattered on seventy roads, no one to collect:

    No priest, no clerks, no silversmiths.

    Answer: Star

    The carpet is thrown away, peas are scattered.
    No carpet can be lifted or peas can be collected.

    Answer: Star

    No path is covered with peas.

    Answer: Star

    We have a full turnip onion above the window.

    Answer: Star

    Answer: Star

    Answer: Star

    The blue bag of white buttons is full.

    Answer: Star

    Answer: Star

    Answer: Star

    Blue canopy of gold millet is scattered.

    Answer: Star

    Blue ceilings are pinned with golden nails.

    Answer: Star

    Answer: Star

    Answer: Star

    Golden Millet
    Black Field.

    Answer: Star

    Above us, and above us a meadow with magical flowers. Golden flowers

    Blossom in the midst of darkness.

    Answer: Star

    Golden nails
    Sea is pinned.

    Answer: Star

    Black scarf Spilled millet. Cock,

    And it's not easy to peck.

    Answer: Star

    Golden charcoal
    Sky scattered.

    Answer: Star

    In the black sky until dawn Tusklo lights up. Flashlights – Flashlights

    Less than mosquitoes.

    Answer: Star

    Parking in a hundred peas
    On the sky is abandoned.

    Answer: Star

    Nightly look at the end – In the sky high on,

    How the sun, very far away.

    Answer: Star


    Star riddles – from the simplest to the most difficult :

    Each one of us passing through the night in the street, often looks at the sky with delight and pinching feeling in the chest. And what can I say about kids for whom the starry sky is something strange and incomprehensible. So, in order to make the heavenly lights closer to us, we can give them a little more attention and remember the riddles about the stars, which will be of interest to both children and adults.

    “Starry” riddles for the smallest

    Not all of the puzzles will be clear to everyone, so it's better for the youngest kids to take something easy to guess about the solution as quickly as possible. And to do this, we have prepared the simplest riddles about the star for children with answers that can guess even very crumbs.

    1. What blooms in the evening, and in the morning fades? Sleeping during the day and waking up at night? What do we see only at night?
    2. What lights burn the sky but never reach us?

    Puzzles for children about stars and not only

    But do we see only stars at night? Of course not. Therefore, having decided to make riddles about stars to children or housewives, it is possible to dilute them with puzzles where the answer will not be so simple.

    1. On what blue mat yellow kernels are scattered? (Heaven and stars.)
    2. What field can't you count stones on? (Starry sky.)
    3. Field unmeasured, sheep are not counted, and also horned shepherd… What is it? (Heaven, stars and moon.)
    4. The bedspread is made, and on it there are peas and a piece of bread. (Sky, stars and moon.)


    Children's space riddles

    Children's space riddles

    I suggest you guess the riddles of space, sun, moon, planets, cosmonaut riddles with children. The wonderful riddles for the Day of Astronautics with answers, complex and not so much.

    As you and your children guess the riddles of space, you will help your child to replenish the vocabulary, learn new words, their meaning. To tell children about the planets. about the stars, to make space crafts, you can read the article:

    Tell children about space

    Answerable space riddles for kids

    Bright, huge tail in the dark,

    Run among the bright stars in the void,

    She's not a star, not a planet,

    Mystery of the Universe…


    Splinter from the planet

    All the stars are out there somewhere.

    He flies for years,


    ( Meteorite)

    Lights the way at night,

    Stars stay awake.

    Everyone can sleep, she can't sleep,

    In the sky we can see…


    Planet is blue,

    Loved, dear.

    It's yours, it's mine,

    And it's called…


    Ocean is bottomless, ocean is endless,

    Airless, dark, and extraordinary,

    In it live universes, stars, and comets,

    There may also be inhabited planets.


    In the sky you can see a yellow circle

    And the rays like a thread.

    The Earth is spinning around,

    Word on the magnet.

    As long as I'm not old,

    But already a scientist –

    I know, it's not a circle, it's a ball,

    Potentially hot.

    (The sun)

    I change at night with the sun

    And I light up in the sky.

    Splash with soft rays,

    While silver.

    Full nighttime,

    All nighttime,


    Puzzles about stars and planets

    Dark sky scattered with peas

    Colored sugar caramel,

    And only when morning comes,

    All the caramel will melt suddenly.


    The grain was scattered at night,

    At morning there is nothing.


    The carpet is thrown away, peas are scattered,

    No carpets can be lifted or peas collected.

    (Starry sky)

    In the telescope, take a closer look

    He's in orbit.

    There's a boss over everyone,

    Bigger than any other planet.

    In our solar system

    No one larger than that.


    All planets with poles,

    Everyone has an equator.

    But the planets with belts

    Not find another.

    In these rings he is one,

    Very important gentleman.


    I often glow in the sky,

    Your immediate neighbor.

    I'm Mercury's sister,


    This is a red planet

    I'm always in the heat.

    One in winter and even in summer

    Sooty over the ice.

    Strangely, don't say,-

    Led not from above, but inside.

    ( Mars)

    In this case, the younger brother,

    It's not big enough.

    This is the closest to the sun,


    These stars are like sparks,

    Fall and go out quickly.

    They light up in the middle of the night

    In the sky a starry rain,

    Like these lights

    Artist painted.


    From which bucket do not drink, do not eat, but only look at it?

    (Big Bear)

    Run – no run,

    Fly, no fly – no fly.


    Puzzles for Cosmonautics Day

    Man sits in a rocket.

    Boldly he flies into the sky,

    And he looks at us in his suit

    From space.

    ( Cosmonaut)

    No wings, but this bird

    Fly and moonlight.


    Miraclebird's tail

    Fly into the flock of stars.

    ( Missiles)

    Cosmonaut, checking the rope,

    Something puts on,

    This clothing will store

    And heat and oxygen.

    ( Skavandr)

    There is a window in the ship –

    “Chelenger”, “World”.

    But not on Earth-

    In the house and in the apartment.

    In the form of a circle that window,

    Very strong it.


    Interesting puzzles, the mystery of which is the continuation of the next puzzle. Let's try to figure them out!

    To arm the eye

    And with the stars to be friends,

    Milky Way to see


    We need a powerful…

    Telescope for hundreds of years

    Thinking planetary life

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