The riddles for children about tourism

New Year's riddles 2017, for children and adults, with answers

Mysteries for children about tourism

How beautiful is the winter time! Wherever you look, the whole earth is covered with a snow-white blanket, which sparkles and shines in the frosty sun. And also winter is a good holiday, which is equal to the love of serious adults and young children. Of course, we are talking about the New Year.

This wonderful celebration can not leave anyone out. Starting from the first days of December, something intangible, spiritual, kind and eternal begins to hover in the air itself. We call it the spirit of the New Year.

Heart is filled with inexplicable joy every day, and the eyes light up with a special light.

New Year's Eve should be celebrated in a big, fun and noisy way, with congratulations, under the rumble of exploding firecrackers and fireworks whistling. It is necessary to invite friends, relatives, relatives and loved ones. And let the New Year's table break from all sorts of delicacies! Even though the preparation for the main winter feast begins long before “X-hour”, the guests are invited to the table closer to the late evening. And the celebration itself often lasts until dawn. And, therefore, it is necessary to stock up on a whole mountain of entertainment for all those present. And one of the points of pleasant surprises from the hosts of the evening should be New Year's riddles.

2017 promises to be particularly happy, and, therefore, we must try not to “hit in the mud face” and worthy to meet him. Don't forget your youngest guests and guests. Our site has prepared the best riddles for children and adults, which will undoubtedly help in creating a real New Year's mood.

In this article are collected as cute children's riddles, and cheerful, funny riddles for older groups. Did you know that riddles can be tricky? There are some in our collection. So get ready for the most original and unforgettable New Year's Eve 2017 meeting! You and your guests will remember this magical night for a long time.

Children's New Year's riddles 2017

They always come in winter.

Cover the ground sometimes.

He's white, clean, wet… (Snow)

We made a snowball,

Hat made on it,

The nose is also attached at once

Who brought the candy under the tree sneaky

to the children?

Bearded … (Santa Claus)

What is the fashionista standing for?

On the top of the spire burns,

On the branches of the toy,

Beads and pops! (Christmas tree)

We are friendly with the stars

And you need us in winter.

We're alive while it's frosty

Tweezing your cheeks and nose.

From the sky we come to you.

And in spring we melt in the sun.

We are cold sparks.

You recognize us. (Snowflakes)

I won't tolerate heat:

All the glades are white,

Small snowfall at home,

Because I'm… (Winter)

On the fence he sits,

Loudly shouting in the morning/p>

Old year – so far,

Happy New Year… (Cock)

He is busy all the time,

He cannot go in vain.

He goes and paints white

All that he sees in the path. (Snow)

I can be angry, angry,

On top of that is just a little bit of business.

I cover the rivers with ice,

I bring the cold into your house.

I'm not warming the sun.

And I'm going to walk – everything is shining!

Snow crunching under my feet.

I'm reder than my nose.

What's my name? (Frost)

Ears long with a junkie,

Tailpiece round bundle.

In a white fur coat has fun,

Wolf is afraid of gray. (Hare)

Home, in a white bootstrap

There is a big fist.

I have sent you … (Sweets)

I have sent youBright feathers on the breast,

And under the feathers there is a down

Who knocks on our doors?

Symbol of the holiday … (Cock)

Like the snow is fluffy,

Big, soft, light, clean,

We took them off the mezzanine

And cleaned of salt,

At the deposits, dust, dirt,

A little ointment…

But the snow melted without a trace of –

But only water under the feet.

Only puddles of meltwater…

Very much we want to go to…(Skis)

Turned into ice water.

Long-eared bunny gray

Turned the bunny white.

The bear stopped crying:

The bear hibernated.

Who says who knows,

When it happens? (In winter)

Pull the poor thing's tail,

Fly up the paper! (Cotton)

I lived in the middle of the yard,

Where the kids walk.

But from the sunlight

I turned into a brook. (Snowman)

Christmas tree to dress up,

All gifts to give,

Many joyful troubles,

This is a holiday… (New Year's Eve)

With a herringbone we

This is the best day of winter. (New Year's Eve)

Nothing more wonderful is happening for us

From under the skids the snow flies,

And the breeze in our ears whistles.

From the steep mountain we rush down,

You don't get in the way –

Tanks are not afraid of obstacles!

Nice fun … (Sanki)

It's made of snow and cleverly

In place of the nose – carrots,

In the courtyard in winter

Who is it? … (Snowman)

This girl was brought to the children's house by Santa Claus.

Shub, a long scythe,

Word of the stars of the eye. (Snow Maiden)

Christmas tree together,

Everyone is waiting for a miracle at midnight!

What a holiday. (New Year's Eve)

Who comes every year,

All gifts are given out,

Say together: (Santa Claus!)

Many slides and sleds

Many frosty days in it,

This is snowy… (Winter)

New Year's riddles for adults

One at our masquerade

In the air flies.

All of it, for the sake of fun,

Rings weave. (Serpentine)

The whole holiday is quiet,

Well, very green… (Christmas tree)

If they clap,

They look into the pet's house,

If the tree is a good dwarf,

Bringing you to your nice house,

Next, it's quite possible,

Will be in the house … (Next time)

Watches, perfume and foreign cars –

All this is on New Year's Eve… (Gifts)

And the figure is super simple:

30*60*90! (Snow Maiden)

We celebrate with you here –

This holiday… (New Year)

Naked “man” came out on the ice,

But it's already crusty,

But it's climbing up Egorka:

“Yeah, cool…” (Slide)

Beauty, not a fool…

Well, ash stump, … (Snow Maiden)

New, but vice versa,


Holiday … (Old New Year's Eve)

Who doesn't have enough money,

Dreams to row her salary. (Shovel)

All grandfather,

All grandfather,

But not leaves, not flowers,

A icicles and snowballs. (Frost)

Snowman's wiper all the rowing and rowing,

Three times higher … (Snowdrift)

Walking on New Year's Eve

Ded Frost laziness.

Stoit is a team at the gate,

A in it one … (Deer)

Interesting New Year's party riddles

  • If you change it a little bit, it will become as hard as potatoes. (Snowball)
  • If for a very long time on New Year's Eve the whole honest company shout loudly, it will definitely come. Who's this? (Police)
  • Why does Santa Claus have a red nose? (Because he took it on his chest)
  • In his eyes – sadness, in his teeth – a board. (Man falls into the village toilet)
  • What month is the shortest? (May, because three letters)
  • Where's the snow woman from? (From ZIMBABVE)
  • Shines, but does not warm. (15 years of high security)
  • What ends faster than a vacation? (Holiday)
  • Which plant knows everything in the world? (Horseradish)
  • Trife at the New Year's banquet is always … (Christmas tree)
  • Millions of people do it every night. (Sitting on the Internet)
  • What are pupils usually kicked out of the classroom for? (Out of the door)
  • Always in front of us, but we can't see him. What's this? (Laughs) (Future)
  • Where are the kids loudest shouting “Santa Claus, come out!” (Near the toilet)
  • With claws, not a bird. Flies and swears. (Electrician)
  • Whose parents are Snowman and Snow Woman? (No, not Snow Maiden, but Sasquatch)
  • Where is the water standing as a pillar? (In glass)


Soviet logic puzzles in pictures

Mysteries for children about tourism

  1. How many tourists live in this camp?
  2. When did they come here: today or a few days ago?
  3. What did they come here for?
  4. Where far from the camp to the nearest village?
  5. Where does the wind blow: north or south?
  6. What time of day is it now?
  7. Where did Shura go?
  8. Who was on duty yesterday (call it by name)?
  9. What date of the month is today?


  1. Four. If you look closely, you can see: cutlery for 4 persons, and in the list on duty – 4 names.
  2. Not today, judging by the web between the tree and the tent, the guys came a few days ago.
  3. On the boat. Near the tree there are oars.
  4. No. In the picture there is a chicken, so somewhere near the village.
  5. South.

    On the tent there is a flag that can be used to determine where the wind blows. The picture shows a tree: one side of the branch is shorter, the other is longer. Typically, the trees on the south side of the branch are longer.

  6. Morning. On the previous question we identified where the north-south, now we can understand where the east-south, and look at the shadows that cast objects.

  7. He catches butterflies. You can see the net from behind the tent. Today Kolya is looking for something in the backpack with the letter “K”, Shura catches butterflies, and Vasya takes pictures of nature (because from the backpack with the letter “B” you can see a tripod from the camera). So, today Petya is on duty, and yesterday, according to the list, Kolya was on duty.
  8. 8 August. Judging by the list, once today Petya is on duty, the number is 8.

    And since the watermelon lies on the glade, it means August

Puzzle on the logic about tourists in the field

Statistically correct answers all the questions only 7%

The puzzle is really very complicated, to answer all the questions correctly you need to understand some aspects, and of course you need to connect logic and care. The riddle is not yet complicated by the image quality.

Wishing success.

Looking at the figure, answer the following questions:

  • How long have the guys been involved in tourism?
  • How well are they familiar with housekeeping?
  • The river is profitable?
  • Where does it flow?
  • What is the depth and width of the river at the nearest roll?
  • Long will the laundry last?
  • Will the sunflower still grow a little bit?
  • What transport did the guys get here?
  • Love the dumplings in these places?
  • Fresh newspaper? (Newspaper dated 22 August)
  • Which city does the plane fly to?
  • Answers:

    1. Obviously, recently: experienced tourists in the hollow of the tent will not break up.
    2. In all likelihood, not very much: fish from the head is not cleaned, the button is too long thread is not convenient to sew in, the branch should be cut with an axe on the chubbacha.
    3. Sudohodohoda. This is evidenced by the navigation mast on the shore.
    4. Left to right. Why is that? (Laughs) See the answer to the next question.
    5. The navigation sign on the river bank is set up in a strictly defined way. If you look at it from the river side, you can see signs showing the width of the river at the nearest roll, and signs showing the depth at the left side. The river is 125 cm deep (rectangle 1 m, large circle 20 cm and small circle 5 cm) and 30 m wide (large circle 20 m and 2 small ones 5 m each). Such signs are installed 500 m before the roll.
    6. Not for long. There is a wind: floats rods carried against the current.
    7. The sun is obviously broken and stuck in the ground, because its “hat” is not facing the sun, and the broken plant will not grow anymore.
    8. Not further than 100 km, the antenna would have been more complex at a longer distance.
    9. The guys probably have bikes: on the ground lies a bicycle spanner.
    10. No. Here they love dumplings. The mazanka, the pyramidal poplar and the high altitude of the sun above the horizon (63° – in the shade of sunflower) show that this is the Ukrainian landscape.
    11. The narrowing height of the sun above the horizon, it occurs in June. For Kiev, for example, 63° is the highest angular height of the sun. It doesn't happen until noon on June 22nd. The newspaper is dated August, so it's at least from last year. Aircraft do agricultural work.

    The mystery that was offered to sophomore students of the last century

    This is the problem that was suggested to second-grade students in the 60s of the last century.

    Looking at the figure, what are the following questions:

    1. Up or downstream is the steamer?
    2. What time of year is it shown here?
    3. Deep river in this place?
    4. How far is the marina?
    5. On the right or left bank of the river it is located?
    6. What time of day did the artist show in the picture?


    1. The wooden triangles on which the buoys are fortified are always directed against the current. The steamer sails up the river.
    2. The figure shows a flock of birds; they fly in the form of a corner, one side shorter than the other: these are cranes. A flock of cranes fly in the spring and fall. The trees at the edge of the forest can be used to determine where the south lies: they always grow thicker on the side facing the south. The cranes are flying southwards. So, the picture shows autumn.
    3. The river in this place is a crayon: the sailor, standing on the bow of the steamer, the sixth measures the depth of the fairway.
    4. It's obvious that the steamer is landing at the wharf: a group of passengers took their belongings and prepared to get off the steamer.
    5. Answering question 1, we determined which way the river flows. To indicate where the right bank of the river is and where the left bank of the river is, one must turn face downstream. We know the steamer's docking at the marina. You can see that the passengers are ready to go to the side from which you look at the drawing. So the nearest pier is on the right bank of the river.
    6. On the beacons – lanterns; put them before the evening and take off early in the morning. You can see that the shepherds are driving the herd into the village. We can therefore conclude that the figure shows the end of the day.

    Looking at the figure, answer the following questions:

    1. What time of year is this apartment shown?
    2. What month?
    3. Does the boy you see now go to school or does he have a vacation?
    4. Is there plumbing in the apartment?
    5. Who lives in this apartment apart from the father and son you see in the picture?
    6. What is the profession of a father?


    1. The apartment is shown in winter: a boy in boots; the stove is thin, – this is indicated by the open flavor.
    2. Month December: the last page of the calendar is open.
    3. The first 7 numbers are crossed out on the calendar: they have already passed. Winter holidays start later. So the boy goes to school.
    4. If there were plumbing in the apartment, you wouldn't have to use the handwash, which is shown in the figure.
    5. Dolls indicate that there is probably a girl of preschool age in the family.
    6. Tube and hammer to listen to patients say that the father is a doctor by profession.

    Soviet logic puzzles: 8 questions for attention

    Other Soviet puzzle, this will be more difficult than the previous one. Only 4% of people can answer all 8 questions correctly.

    Looking at the picture, answer the following questions:

    1. What time of day is shown in the picture?
    2. Early spring or late autumn depicts a picture?
    3. This river is profitable?
    4. Which direction does the river run in: south, north, west or east?
    5. Is there a bridge over the river nearby?

    6. How far is the railway from here?
    7. The cranes fly north or south?


    1. Based on the figure, you can see that there is a sowing in the field (a tractor with a sowing machine and wagons with grain). As you know, sowing is done in the autumn or early spring. Autumn sowing takes place when there are still leaves on the trees. In the drawing, the trees and bushes are completely naked. It should be concluded that the artist depicted early spring.
    2. In spring cranes fly from the south to the north.
    3. Bakens, that is, the signs marking the fairway, are placed only on navigable rivers.
    4. Baken is strengthened on a wooden float, which is always directed against the river flow angle.
    5. Determining by the flight of cranes, where the north, and paying attention to the position of the triangle with the beacon, it is not difficult to decide that in this place the river flows from north to south.
    6. Direction of the shadow from the tree shows that the sun is in the southeast. In the spring on this side of the sky the sun is at 8-10 am.
      A railway conductor with a lantern is headed to the boat; he obviously lives somewhere near the station.
    7. Bridges and stairs descending to the river, as well as a boat with passengers show that in this place there is a constant transport across the river. It is needed here because there is no bridge nearby. On the shore you see a boy with a fishing rod. It's only by deep-seated fishing that you can move the float so far away from the hook.

    If you like this riddle, try another one

    Soviet riddle about the logic of the railway (near the road)

    Looking at the figure, answer the following questions:

    1. Many time left until the new moon?
    2. Will the night come soon?
    3. What time of year does the drawing refer to?
    4. Which way does the river flow?
    5. How fast does it go?
    6. What is the speed of the train?
    7. How long has the previous train been here?
    8. How long will the car go along the railway?
    9. What should the driver prepare for now?
    10. Is there a bridge nearby?
    11. Is there an airfield in this area?
    12. Easy for drivers to brake the train on this section?
    13. Wind blows?


    1. Slightly. The month is old (you can see its reflection in the water).
    2. Not soon. The old month is visible in the morning dawn.
    3. Autumn. By the position of the sun it is easy to realize that cranes fly south.
    4. In the rivers flowing in the Northern Hemisphere, the right bank is steep. So the river flows from us to the horizon. You can see the buoys.
    5. The train is standing. The bottom peephole of the traffic light is lit up – red.
    6. Newly. It is now on the nearest blocking section.
    7. The road sign shows that a railway crossing is ahead.
    8. K braking. The road sign shows that there's a steep descent ahead.
    9. Probably there is. It is worth a sign obliging the driver to close the bubble.
    10. In the sky there is a trace of the plane that made the loop. The aerobatics figures can only be done close to airfields.
    11. The sign near the railway track shows that the oncoming train will have to climb up the slope. It won't be hard to brake it.
    12. Duoes. The smoke of the steam engine is fading, but as we know, the train is stationary.

    This is the Soviet logic riddles in the pictures (riddles of the USSR for children). Everybody did okay? – I don't think so! But it wasn't for nothing!



    New Year's Puzzles 2019 with answers and tricks for children and adults

    Mysteries for children about tourism

    Puzzles are not a children's genre. In ancient times, they played an important role in human life. The mystery of logic is a kind of test of reasonableness. If you guess, you'll move from being a fool to being a Prince, you'll get a princess and half a kingdom, as usual, in addition! And today at the matinee for a child and at a holiday for a parent, at any New Year's Eve riddles will have to court.

    We have for all tastes: serious and funny, simple and complex, for children and adults, with or without answers. They're all about New Year's 2019 and the pig symbol. Entertaining and instructive, with or without rhyme, a little sad and funny. Enjoy your stay with our creative riddles!


    1. New Year's riddles (question and answer)

    2. About the symbol of 2019 – the pig

    3. Funny with a trick (for adults)

    4. New Year's riddles for children

    5. Fun game. Finish the poem

    New Year's Eve riddles (question and answer)

    This is the time to prepare a gala dinner. What does every hostess throw first in the pot?

    What kind of fashionista comes to every house and sits like a guest at a table? She in a fur coat warm dressed, dark red special color.

    (Herring under a fur coat)

    How many boiled eggs can you eat on an empty stomach on January 1?
    (One egg, because the rest will not be eaten on an empty stomach)

    Pork, the symbol of the coming year, is a creation of good, patient, intelligent. The question is, can she call herself an animal?
    (No, because pigs can't talk)

    Pro symbol of 2019 – pig

    Victory in the new year Pig. Nobody remembers the old New Year's Eve anymore. The symbol of 2019 is a household mother with many children, nourished and smooth pig in a yellow dress, and a slender and charming pig in a gold dress, and a thrifty piggy bank. Mysteries about different pigs and piglets are waiting to meet you!

    Funny and pathetic to tears!

    She got a shiny, shimmering badge. She has a realInerazmous patch. Pity only: to buy her nothing for it.


    Who was drunk on New Year's Eve? Who, having grunted, got into a shower dressed? Not guessed, not a pig,

    And like a pig (husband)!

    Ira, tongue and olivier.Potatoes, chicken, roll.What won't be on the table?

    Not gonna be here pork (cutlet).

    And here's the riddle about the pig is not from the gastronomic side, but from the astronomical side.

    I'm dressed in gold. I decorate every house. I'm the symbol of the year, folks!

    The guest who took a walk asked the piggy :Tell me: Are you a reasonable pig? Can you sparkle in a conversation? How can I do that? And the pig thought, “What's the use? You're lying under the tree all night! And the only one who listens to you is the one who listens to you,

    Tasty baked (pig…)

    Pink ears, slender hooves, How can you not fall in love with such a pig? The graceful piglet gave her nature.

    Here he is, the real, cool symbol of the year!

    Funny with a trick (for adults)

    When adults are alone at home, despite their age, they like to play around too. Arrange a banquet, invent cool contests and solve riddles for the new year. Especially popular are all sorts of tricky questions and puzzles. They're good for both the corporate party and the usual fun company. You're joking for good health! We have all the jokes for free!

    Question: “What is the most wonderful gift a woman wants to get for the New Year? Got a clue! The length of the gift is 15cm and its width is 7cm. Guess what your loved one wants!

    Answer: hundred dollar bill.

    Question: What does our favorite grandfather Frost's red nose have?

    Answer: Why is Grandpa's nose very red?

    Maybe he's freezing on the road? That's because a fairytale old man

    In a hot Russian bath I got used to steam.

    Someone danced on the table yesterday. Somebody was taking pictures and pouring them into YouTube. Someone slept in olivier.

    Say “Thank you” for this (pig.)

    Question: “Who in this room is dressed warmest?” Who is not afraid to freeze in minus thirty to the bone? Maybe someone hid a fox fur coat from the guests? Look at each other, and answer me now: Where is this fur coat, what is invisible to the eyes?

    (herring under a fur coat on the table)

    Question: “Have you ever wondered why a snowman like a real man has a bucket on his head and not a hat?”

    Answers can be as follows: we can assume that such a hat is very practical – it does not get wet, it does not fly away from the wind, the snowman to face. Or maybe it's a family tradition, and the bucket is passed down from generation to generation. Of course, it could be!

    But it was like this.

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