Summer riddles for children

Mysteries, poems, proverbs and sayings about summer

Oh, summer is red! I would love you,
When not hot, yes, dust, yes, mosquitoes, yes, flies.

Everybody knows that Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin didn't pay much for the summer time. The great poet appreciated the bright colors of autumn much more. But not every adult is ready to agree with Pushkin in this matter, but about children and nothing to say.

After all, almost every child knows that summer is the sea, mountains, river, forest, sun, vacation, friends and football from morning to evening. In summer there are no homework and classes at school or kindergarten, in summer parents are ready to feed their children ice cream without special regard to the possible angina-scarletin.

Eh… What can I say, we all used to be children.

On this page we have collected materials about the most beloved by children of the year. There are summer riddles, summer poems, proverbs and sayings about summer and something else. As much as we can, we'll try to add materials.

Summer riddles

Sun is baking, Lipa is blooming. When does it happen? Emerald meadows, rainbow-arc in the sky. The sun warms up the lake: Everybody is called to bathe…


I'm woven of heat, I carry warmth with me, I'm warming the rivers, “Bathe! – you're welcome. And you love me for that, I'm…



This is the long overdue time! Kids screaming: “Yay!” What kind of joy is that? Just came …


Everybody wants to take a vacation and go to the sea at this time.


What's the cute time for the sun, greenery and heat?


Summer poems

What's so much light?

I. Masnin

What's with all the light? Why is it so warm all of a sudden? Because it's summer. We've been here all summer. That's why every day is longer than any other day, but at night, night from night,

It's shorter and shorter.

Summer Day

How good is he, a summer day, Veselo plays a shadow, in the garden of a butterfly fluttering, Zyablik sings something, At the bush of blossoming roses Stayka dancing dragonflies, and buzzes all day long bee –

Honey fragrant brought.

I draw summer

P. Pranusa

I paint summer – What color? Red paint – the Sun, On the lawns of roses, A green – the field, In the meadows mowing. Blue is the sky and the creek is singing. What kind of paint will I leave behind? I paint summer –

Very difficult it.


Summer is a sunbeam, warm rain from under the clouds, summer is a bright flowers of Unusual beauty, summer is a warm river, and the cloud flock in the sky. Summer! Summer is coming to us!

All the jubilation and singing.

What will you give me, summer?

Vladimir Orlov

– What will you give me, summer? – Lots of sunshine! In the rainbow-arc sky! And chamomile in the meadow! – What else can you get me? – The key ringing in silence, Pines, maples and oaks, Strawberries and mushrooms! I'll get you a cuckoo so you can go out on the edge and shout it out louder: “Guess me soon!” And she answered you back with years of guessing!


Nikolai Greeks

Brown cherry and plum, Poured golden rye, And as the sea worries field,

And in the grass on the meadows will not pass.

The sun walks high above the vault of the Heated Heavens, smells like linden and honey,

And the darkness of the forest makes a noise…


Boris Zahoder

“Step! – was lured by the forest path. So I walked down the Alyoshka path… After all, in the summer in the forest it is interesting, as in the fairy tale: Bushes and trees, Flowers and frogs, and green grass

Softer than pillows!

Summer showers

I. Tokmakova

Summer puddle shower poured – Whole seas! The cottage stood at the dock, anchored. Only my brave ship fights with a wave, And it is not important that the paper

Sail above me.


Summer sunny laughs, and the path of a snake curls, Visiting the forest invites everyone, treats with berries. If you go into the woods on the path, you'll get a lot of berries. There's a path running far away, a berry full of baskets.

Summer proverbs and sayings

Rainy summer is worse than autumn. Frost in winter and thunderstorms in summer. Red summer won't bore anyone. Summer day feeds a winter week. To sit at home in the summer, to have no bread in the winter. What summer collects, all winter eats up.

In summer, the day you lie down – in winter you run with sumy. In the summer, all the bushes are gonna go up for the night. Don't ask for a long summer, ask for a warm one. Bad summer if there's no sun. The sun warms up in summer and freezes in winter. Summer would be good, but flies are the only flies. Whatever comes in summer will come in handy in winter.

In 1930, The Rogue Song (The Rogue Song), a film about the kidnapping of a girl in the Caucasus Mountains, was released in the U.S. Actors Stan Laurel, Lawrence Tibbett and Oliver Hardy played in this film by local crooks. Surprisingly, these actors are very similar to the characters …

Read more…


Summer riddles

Summer riddles for children

Well, it's summer red! Long-awaited, warm, gentle! The air is full of berries and flowers. The rays of the sun, sometimes gentle and brazen, sometimes burning and cheeky.

Water bodies – rivers and lakes, the sea beckon with their cool blue….the kids have flooded the yards, playing balls and ropes, sticks and classics.

This is the long-awaited summer! Desired fun holidays! Hooray!!!!

In noon heat, most kids hide from the sun under the roof of a house or pergola. How to entertain the kids calm but not bored? Already read summer poems, now I suggest summer riddles! By the way, the most inquisitive lovers of interest will be able to remember their childhood and their knowledge of children's riddles at the end of this article.

Mystery – the wisdom of time, the storehouse of questions and answers, observation and care. Like logic tasks, today's riddles are an opportunity to “train your brains” and become wiser.

Although once the riddles tested good guys as well as the power of the heroic. Remember in the fairy tale: “If you guess the riddles, you'll get a princess as your wife.” They say, “What's the softest thing in the world?”

Summer and summer riddles

Sun bakes, lime blossoms.Does the rye keep up when it happens?


I'm woven of heat, carrying warmth with me, I'm warming the rivers, “swim! – And you all love me for that, I…


Green meadows, in the sky – rainbow-arc.


Hot, hot, stuffy day,Even the chickens are looking for a shade.


Warm, long, long day,

Warm, long day,

Tiny shadow at noon,

Blossoms in the spike field,

Spot the grasshopper's voice,

What's the month, hint?


Yellow maple leaves,

To the south flew to the countries of the south

What is it in a month,


The long-awaited time! “Hooray!”

What's the joy in that? (summer)

Birch trees

And forgot about frosts,

Blossomed flowers in the garden,

Ducks quack into the pond,

Felt the garden.

What's going on in a month?


Sun burns,

This heat is all coming down,

What is it in a month



Night longer, day shorter,

Rain more and more often the earth is wetting,

Apples and pears are sung,

Berries are picked up and dried –

Prepared for -/p>

Summer will come out soon!

What's the month? Guess,

And then meet September!


Weather and weather mysteries

Without it we cry,And as it appears,Run and hide.

(The sun)

You're all over the world warming up.


In the street shirt,In the sleeve hut.


Summer is snow!Just laugh!Why isn't it melting in the city? It's in the field and in the garden, and it won't get into the house. I'm not going anywhere while it's going.


In the blue sky, As on the river, white sheep float. Keep the way from afar.


In the morning the beads were sparkling, the whole grass was shaken up, but we went to look for them in the daytime, looking for them, looking for them – we will not find them.



First shine,Behind the shine of Crack,Beyond the cod –



Eastern Arrow
Oak has fallen off the village.


Puzzles about vegetables and fruits

I'm a drop of summer on a thin leg, weave bodywork and onions for me. Who loves me, he's happy to bow.

And the name was given to me by my native earthling.


Was a green satin dress,No, I didn't like it, I chose red,but I was also tired of it

I put on a blue dress.


The caftan on me is green and my heart is like a kumac.It tastes like sugar,

I look like a ball.


Circular, brown,I grow on a branch.Adults love me,

And little kids.


Two sisters:In the summer of green,By the fall one turns black,

And the other turns red.

(red and black currant)

You'll rip off the berries – you'll trim your whole hand.


The sun:Wait, the seven-color bridge is steep!Was green, small, then I became a little scarlet.I've been waiting for you for a long time for a cane. You'll eat me, and the bone

Zaroi in his garden.


Baking hemps have a lot of thin stalks,Each thin stem holds a scarlet light,

Recover the stalks – collect lights.


Balls hanging on the knots,
Blue from the heat.


Red, juicy, fragrant,
Growth low, close to the ground.


On the honey branch candy,
A skin on the hedgehog branch.


Fruit all summer green,
A early autumn-red with blue.


This fruit is barely hugged, and if it is weak, you will not lift it up,
Cut it into pieces, eat red flesh.


I'm a drop of summer on a thin leg,
Bodywork and onions are weaving for me.


We've got striped balls from the bakhcha


After the rain, in the heat,

We are looking for them at the footpaths,

Belower and boron,

In the middle of forest blades.

These hats, these legs

This is how they ask for onions.


Come to the forest in summer!

There we ripen,

From under the leaves in the grass

Ball game,

Red flashlights.


Puzzles about plants

To purple, you blue,He met you at the edge.The name was very vocal,

But only to ring it can hardly

(a bellflower)

In the field – a broom, in a bag – gold.


In spring, cool in summer, nourish in autumn, warm in winter.


Mild, not fluff, Green, not grass.


In the field grew, Under the millstone was, From the stove on the table Karavy came.


Each one of us, I think, will find out if there's a blue flower in the field,

All known …


On a green brittle legThe bulb at the track has grown.Veterochek rumbled

And scattered this ball.


Breathes and beckons,

Flowers tender gives,

And it will contain …


I remember this year they blossomed in the garden, dressed as an actress,

White dresses …


After the winter cold weather

Manit aroma of flowers.

What are flowers so good for?

In the woods in spring… (lilies)

From two names the flower was formed,

And it was very proud of that.

Proud of both Margot and Rita

What bouquet?


Golden sieve
Black houses full.


From the ground I grow up – The whole world is dressed up


On the stems are white cups, they have both threads and shirts.


Ah, don't touch me:
Burning and without fire!


Ex, calls, blue,
C with a tongue, and no ringing.

(flower bell)

What do you want to be for a yellow flower


Stick like a stick!

Love… (Buttercup)

What are the flowers: like daisies,

While wearing orange shirts?

Luster the satin petals.

Called simply – … (marigolds)

Soaked a grain – raised a sun.


Stoit Fedosya, Rrestrepani hair.


Which sea after the village is the breeze?You can collect waves in it, put them in a bag.


Does Natasha,

What is in her hands? (chamomile)

Yellow sun peephole,

Snow petal.

That's not a rose or a heap,


In the field a bright light,

Look at it!

What's a flaming flower?

Red… (cloves)

Petal simple,

Gentle blue,

Love a minute –

What do you remember?


Head – a red flashlight –

And suddenly turned into a yellow ball,

And its green trendy frak

Who gives autumn? – Our…(Mak)

Flowers on the edge –

Lilac ears,

Ah! Would I be sorry

Tear down what?


The stem twists,

Tries to crawl up.

White pink flower

What do you call it?



Word of sunshine, head,

Yellow boys.

And what's the name?


Summer riddles about animals

HomewifeFlies over the lawn, laps over the flower -He will share the honey.


Long-term old manIn the corner weave a hammock: “Gnats! Rest, crumbs!”


A violinist lives in the meadow,
She wears a tail and jumps.


Not motors, but noise, not pilots, but fly,

Not snakes, but sting.


Hair, green,In the leaves it hides.Although there are a lot of legs,


I work hard in summer,

I'm circling over the flowers.

Dial the nectar – and the bullet

I'll fly to my house – beehive.


Summer vacation riddles

Not a net and not a net, the fish catches the hook.


In quiet weatherNo place for us, but the wind will blow us up – Run on water.


Want to dive into the water, you want to play on the sand.How many castles are you gonna make here? What is this place?


He has a swing and a bed,


What is it with the checkmark?A thread on a stick, a stick in his hand,

A thread in the river.


Summer I and my boyfriend

Running on the coast.

We always get up a little bit,

Spinning, take the rods,

The worms in the can.

This is what we need for bait.

What are we into?

What are we called?

(Fishing, fishermen)

Well, and now the promised surprise!

Little test of children's riddles. All you need to do is guess the riddle and click on the mug with the right answer. At the end, by clicking on the “Show results” button, you will know your grade by knowing children's riddles.

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The sun warms up the lake, everyone is invited to swim in the summer. Summer riddles for children

Summer riddles for children

Summer is the sun, the gentle warm wind, the smell of strawberries, strawberries, herbs, swimming, the aroma of ripe fruits, wildflowers, and summer is a vacation! Although it's not always warm and sunny, it's still the most favorite time of the year, especially for our kids.

This is a time of vacations and travels, fun walks, outdoor activities and playgrounds. What do your kids know about summer? And what about it?

It's time to check it out by offering them interesting summer riddles. These riddles can be used on a walk with the kids. It's both fun and a wonderful opportunity to expand the vocabulary of babies. We offer you a selection of summer riddles for preschoolers and older children.

Shorty riddles about summer with answers for children 3-4 years old


Sun bakes, lime blossoms.Does the rye keep up when it happens?



Earthy meadows, rainbow-arc in the sky.The sun warms up the lake, everyone is invited to bathe…



Long awaited time!Kids scream: Hooray! What's the joy in that?It's…



You're all over the world.p>(Sun)


The sky was decorated by the rain, the water with the sun was stirring up, the colors took seven colors – the Colorful bridge is ready.



On the street shirt,In the sleeves.



If there is no sunbeam, the sky is frowning, if there is one, people are squinting.



Shine first, Shine second, Shine third, Shine third.



By a minute in the ground the Wonder Bridge is a multi-colored miracle bridge.




Fullness, frowning, tears, nothing left.



Random arrowOak has fallen off the village.



Spainted braceletHanging over the river.



In quiet weatherWe're not going to be anywhere, and the wind is going to blow us up.



Summer is snow! Just laughter!It flies around town, why doesn't it melt?

(Footsteps with poplars)


When it's summertimeWhen it's summertimeIt's snowflakes.



In the blue sky, As on the river, White floats sheep. Keep the way from afar. …



Summertime is so hard to say goodbye to!

“Summer…”Sun…warm sand…sea…and I want to run away, jump and plunge into this beautiful world of colors, flowers and positivity!”
Levinson Leonard Louisme

Summer riddles with answers for 5-6 year olds


I don't feel sorry for you, I came from the south with the heat, brought flowers, fishing, Komarov ringing swarm, strawberries in the bodywork and swimming in the river.



This is the time to be loved by everyone because we don't need a cape or coat, that the sun is hot and you can swim, it's sometimes so hard to say goodbye to it!



Washed, dried up, washed and washed everything.



Which of you will answer:Not fire, but painful,Not a flashlight, but a bright shine,And not a baker, and bake?

(The sun)


Malar walks the sky without brushes.

(The sun)


The sun sets in the evening with a brush in the sky.He doesn't want to leave in vain. There's a trail left – …



We're going along the carpet with you, nobody weaved it.He's gone off by himself, lying by the river blue – And yellow and blue and al.



Beads sparkled in the morning, all the grass was covered up, but we went to look for them in the daytime, looking for, looking for – we will not find.



Fire arrow flies.No one will catch her: No king, no queen, no red girl.



He makes a noise in the field and in the garden, but he will not get into the house.And I'm not going anywhere while it goes.



After the rain happens, the sky closes.



He is sandy, waiting for us in the summer, shining warm rays. And on the shore of the warmed up Children mold cakes.



Want -Dive in the water, play on the sand.How many castles are you going to create here? What is this place?



Come to the forest in the summer!There we ripen, from under the leaves in the grassHead nod, Unity balls, Red flashlights.



Oh, in June snowfall!White cotton flies! From the twigs they fly off, but they don't melt in the sun. It's not a snowball at all. Did you recognize him, buddy?

(Fat down)


After the rain, in the heat,We are looking for them at the footpaths, at the edge and in the woodland, in the middle of the forest grass.



My nose and ears are moving, so it hurts to sleep.

Summer riddle with a trick

That's the time of year,When the weather is good?The grass is rich in green,everybody on the street guys.The sun is shining brightly very much, this is the time of year – …

(Not autumn, but summer)


What is the cute time for the sun, greenery and heat?Everybody understands – it's time…

(Not spring, but summer)


Summer is closer to us every day, soon we'll get up for…

(Not on skis, but on skates or rollers)


Barabanit it on the roof – Right from the sky he took the run.I'm happy to go out there, I love July…

(Not snow, but rain)


In the summer sarafanchikah walk only …

(Not boys, but girls)

Show this video to your kids. While the presenter is reading the riddle, the riddle can be chosen from the pictures offered.

In this time of year the weather is hot

Summer is a great desire to eat ice cream every day. Imagine that in the summer, every 3 seconds around the world, a pack of this delicacy is sold.

Summer riddles for 7-year-olds


Think the season:The weather is hot, the sun rises early, in the daytime and warms and bakes, the River beckons us with coolness, in the woods for berries need to keep up, Strawberry, do not be lazy, gather.In the field the rye noises like the sea, Nightingales sing on the grasses, the grasses are juicy, Kosari in the meadows in a hurry.



Warm, long, long day,At noon – tiny shadow,Blossoms in the field of ears,Grasshopper's voice,Strawberry matures,What's the month, hint at it?



Hot, sultry, sultry day,Even chickens are looking for a shade.His days are the top of the summer,What is it in a month?



Maple leaves have yellowed,The countries of the south flew the Quick-winged swifts.What month, tell me?



Live sister and brother:One sees one thing, one does not hear, the other does not hear, another does not see.

(Lightning, thunder)


What a miracle, beauty!Painted gates turned out to be on the way!They are neither entered nor entered, nor entered



Where in the sky rushes a horse -Iz under the feet flies fire.So he runs hard, that around the earth trembles.



I'm on the beach warming up the guys hot in summer.And, escaping from me, the baby is splashing in the river. And the animals in these daysHide in the shade.

(Heat, heat)


Summer I and my buddy Run on the shore.We almost always get up, Spinning, we take the rods, the worms in the tin can. It's necessary for bait. What do we get carried away with? What do we call ourselves?

(Fishing, fishermen)


I'm sure the guys have heard my rolls. They always happen if the lightning sparkles.For her, I'm her best friend – Very formidable roaring sound.



Since the morning there's been a ringing heat.Just disappeared the sun beam, the rain went obliquely from the huge black clouds.The sky is formidable darkened, gleaming, tangled

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