Birthday riddles for children

Birthday riddles for children with answers

Birthday riddles

Puzzles for a child's birthday will not lose their relevance at any time of year. They will be a real decoration for boys and girls of all ages.

A noisy holiday and active contests can tire young guests. To make sure the kids don't get bored, you can ask them to guess the riddles.

They will definitely cheer up the mood and make the kids laugh loudly.

Below are some funny puzzles with answers:

All desires fulfillment, great holiday …Birthday
Papa baked sweet, apple …Pie
Bant on the box is bright, in the box there is …Gift
Bright dresses, chocolate …Candy
The bunny went out for a walk, the paw of the bunny is exactly …Not five, and four
Look at the bird, the bird's legs are exactly…Not three, and two
Old ladies go to the bazaar, buy themselves …Not toys, and products

Contests and funny riddles for children's birthdays

Little children like exciting contests that improve their mood and create a special atmosphere. They're great for home celebrations.

Bottom of the list are fun contests for children:

  1. Pegs. All children can take part in such a quest. The organizer asks the guys to turn their backs and count up to 25.

    For the competition take clips of different colors and cling to different household items. It can be a blanket, a sofa, children's toys, books.

    Whoever has the most clothespins will get a gift and get the role of a leader.

  2. Card with their own hands. You need to sit down at the table, give a sheet of paper, paint, pencils, felt-tip pens.

    Can buy glue with sequins and funny stickers. Children are offered to make a cool postcard for the birthday boy with congratulations.

    Helps can be the sun, flowers, forest and domestic animals. Creating such a postcard fascinates the child, and the birthday boy will enjoy such a gift for a long time to remember the funny occasion.

  3. Titanic. The basin is filled with water, but not to the brim. For each child, a plastic cup should be encouraged to play the role of a Titanic.

    They also pour a little water and place it in the center of the basin. The task is to keep the cup afloat.

    The children stand around the bucket and alternately add water to the bottom of the cup. If he goes down, the contestant is out of the game. The contest continues until the last contestant.

    He is given the role of captain and a bonus prize, and the company of young children can go to eat icebergs.

    In their role is ice cream. These short saloon games will appeal to children of all ages.

  4. Tree sheep. This competition is suitable for winter, before the approach of the New Year or Christmas.

    For this parents need to prepare sheep, woolen threads of different colors, large and small buttons, beads of large size.

    All these handy materials will help to make beautiful and unusual toys for the Christmas tree. If your birthday was in spring or summer, you can make an original piece of jewelry for your mother.

  5. Fight in the air. Ten balloons are inflated – 5 green and 5 pink. Children are divided into two groups, and the room is conditionally divided into two equal parts. Each team must fight against each other. The goal of the competition is to move your balls to the opponent's zone while the music is playing.

    This is not an easy task, because the team is interested in bringing the balls back. When the music stops, the kids stop the game.

    Moms must make the calculations and determine the winner. In order to attract children for a long time you can hold a competition in several stages.

  6. Trendy shows. The organizers can give complete freedom to children's imagination. A birthday boy can act as a couturier during the holiday.

    Everyone knows that young children like to try on different outfits and be like adults.

    Before the competition you need to prepare various ribbons, colorful shawls, scotch, scissors for children and other accessories.

    Can be dressed up as sorcerers, pirates, princesses, flowers. Some boys may be embarrassed by these outfits, so you can offer them a jury member.

Joking children's lottery in riddles

Many children like joking lottery in riddles. It's not just for the little guests, it's also for the grown-ups. The organizers of this competition can choose a variety of funny lots.

If the mystery of clay, you can take a clay face mask. Flowers – seeds, animals and sea animals – soft toys.

Mainly stick to the theme of the holiday and prepare prizes for guests.

td>The ball isn't big, it's not lazy, if you know the object, you'll show all the light

clayIf you meet them on the road, your legs will get stuck. To make a mask or vase – it will need to be immediately
ChalkThis is a white-white master, the school uses the case. Runs through the board, leaves a white trail. The ceiling is white too, because it is whitewashed…
Salt White stone in water melts. They don't eat it alone, and they don't eat much without it. He will be born in water, grows up on fire, meets his mother – dies again
ABCThe first book for kids, teaches – tortures, and teaches – pleases
AlbumNot a simple book, guess, but do not rush! To get the pictures there, I got pencils

Sophisticated puzzles with tricks and answers for adults

Adults will be great for entertaining and funny puzzles that do not need to be answered quickly. Often it's a trick, so you need to think carefully.

You can prepare a quiz script that will help you include logic and non-standard thinking.

Bottom of the trick puzzle:

  • Disease where people are afraid of Santa Claus? (Claustrophobia).
  • Popular and popular way of transporting people on Earth (Walking).
  • What do you have to quit when you need to, and lift when you don't need to? (Anchor).
  • Not barking or biting, is it also called the same? (@).
  • What kind of crest is it impossible to comb hair on a head? (Cocks).
  • What disease is it impossible to get sick on land? (Sea).
  • What do you need to do when you see a green man in front of you? (Jump Street).

The riddle is an interesting question that children need to think about in order to find the right answer. The kids' thinking starts to work.

The children's party needs to be carefully prepared to make the kids have fun and fun. Logical fun puzzles are suitable for kids over five years old.


Fairy tale house

Birthday riddles

The most interesting holiday for children is a birthday party. It is for this celebration that we made a selection of funny and funny riddles with answers that will cheer even the most boring guest. One of the most popular birthday entertainment is puzzling.

This is one of the simplest, but at the same time one of the most fun ways to spend absolutely any birthday: adult and child, boss and subordinate, lawyer and unemployed. Birthday riddles with answers there is a lot.

The most popular among them are those where after the answer to the question should be answered correctly without any clues. Here are some good examples.

Puzzles with riddles for children

– Three ostriches fly. The hunter shot one of them.

How many ostriches are left? (Ostriches do not fly) – What can be characterized by the following parameters: length – 15cm, width – 7cm, the subject of female passion? What's impossible to eat for breakfast? (dinner and lunch) – What's the hare in the back and the heron in the front? There were six candles in the candlestick. Three candlesticks went out.

How many candlesticks are left in the candlestick? (six) – Grandma was running. Bringing dough. Hitting the soft spot. What do you think? (head) – Usually every month of the year ends on the 30th or 31st day. What month has 28 days? (everyone) – Who in a heavy downpour can't get their hair wet? (bald)

– Small, yellow man picks the ground. (Vietnamese digging a trench)

– A last name with Georgian roots and sounding as an action: scissors hit the water and …? (rusted) – Ninety, sixty, ninety. What is this? What is this? (traffic police driver) – There's a house on the wall and it smells strong. What is this? What is this? (cuckoo died in hours) – A word that begins with three letters “G” and ends with three letters “I”. (trigonometry) – Which wheel is inactive when the machine turns left? (spare in the trunk) – A dead man was found in the heart of the desert. When we looked at it, we found something like a backpack on the shoulders and a small flask of water on the belt. There were no animals or people around for miles. What was in the bag and what did the man die of? (the man died as a result of a heavy blow to the ground, and the bag is a parachute that has not opened yet) – Cinderella, Snow White, a policeman and an honest customs officer are on the train. To pass the time faster, everyone present plays poker, the table is full of money, and suddenly the train passes a dark tunnel. When you leave the tunnel, the money disappears. Question: Who could have stolen the money? (policeman, because the other three do not exist in nature) – There are four men at the table. Looking under the table, one of them, in passing, counted his legs – it was seven. How could this happen if everyone had two legs and nobody was going to bend them? (man just miscalculated) – Which plate can't you eat from? (from empty) – Big, blue, horny and full of rabbits. What is this? What is this? (trolleybus) – How many peas can one cup contain? (none, because peas can't walk) – About 50 million men and women do it at night. What's this? (Laughs) (Internet) – In the eyes of yearning, in the mouth – the board. What's this? (Laughs) (man who fell into the country toilet) – What's the phenomenon: flying and shining at the same time? (mosquito with gold tooth) – Who and what question can never answer “Yes”? What happens after the goat turns six years old? Under what trees do rabbits usually hide from the rain? (like everybody else, wet)


> Actual on the subject:

1 year birthday script for a girl1 year birthday script for a boyFunny birthday script for children/strong>Children's Birthday ScenarioChildren's Birthday ScenarioFunny Birthday ScenarioLess popular are puzzles-quatrains, in which after reading a joking poem to finish the last sentence of the appropriate word in meaning and rhyme, which the narrator traditionally misses.

These are relatively few riddles, although in terms of guessing words they are much easier than traditional ones and will suit people of all ages.

For example, the following birthday riddles with answers will be great fun in the company of both respectable adults and pre-school children.

Puzzles with trick answers


All children's wishes fulfilled, All boys and girls favorite holiday – …
Papa for the holiday bakeSweet apple …
Bant on the box – the brightBox in our – …
The bright dress wears Chocolate …
The bunny came out for a walk, the paw of the bunny is exactly …
and four
You look at the bird's leg exactly…
not three, but two
Let's get a bunch of colorsIt's time to weave a wreath instead of a hat…
and a wreath
Buy yourself…

not toys, but products
And she is capricious and stubborn,In kindergarten does not want …
not my mother, but my daughter
Dolls dress, pantsLove to sew always …
not boys, but girls
Birthday on the nose – we baked …
not sausage, but cake
All squeaks, sneezes Lada:I ate a lot …
not chocolate, but ice cream

Birthday riddles with answers can be set as simple as setting up a festive evening, and with their help real tournaments, revealing the most intelligent or snappy guest. In general, improvise with guesswork contests, compose your own riddles and spend your birthday in a warm, friendly and fun atmosphere.

Funny puzzles with answers for children

All your stuff to drop, go to us as soon as possible …


Gave me my neighborAromatic Roses …


In the package of the new vividnessBy the room stands …


All those who came to visit usPlease go to the …


Bright wrappers are wearing Chocolate …


Open your mouth wide,We'll eat delicious …


You're holding the cake tighter,I'm gonna bury …


Around the table you don't get bored, with the cake drink hot …


And now let's play in …


Interesting logical birthday riddles

The boy celebrated his first birthday when he was 8 years old. How could this happen?

Answer. The boy was born on February 29, 1896. But 1900 was not a leap year, because the years ending the century are leap years only when the number of centuries is divided by 4. Therefore, the first one after his birth on February 29 fell on 1904, when the boy was 8 years old. The next birthday he was 12.

Puzzles have collected all the popular and centuries-old wisdom. It is not for nothing that heroes in fairy tales often make mysteries. Wise and clever has always been honored.

And so literally any person (no matter if he is an adult or a child), giving the right answer to some riddle, immediately begins to honor himself terribly clever and intelligent, well, right proudly spreads from his own ingenuity.

The easiest and easiest way to entertain both children and adults is to solve the puzzles.

You just have to write down all the puzzles you like and as soon as there is a “technical hiccup” or just a sudden pause – you can offer to solve them.

In order to interest guests, you can buy a lot of money from the “jokes bank” and hand them over for the correct answers. Adults are instantly included in the game and try to earn a lot of “money”

And for children such a fun game with riddles, which love to solve them not only on holidays, but also at any time – it's a fun way of training memory and attention. With the help of this game children learn to reason logically and draw conclusions.

Why, preparing for any holiday just need to have at hand a sufficient number of different riddles. Maybe they will not all be used during the evening, the main thing is that they will be enough, as sometimes it happens that guests simply require more and more new riddles.

Each riddle presented here has its answer. You can find material for your evening, matinee, party.

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Birthday riddles with answers | SuperMasha

Birthday riddles

Birthday riddles for children are in demand constantly and will become an interesting highlight of any holiday.

What birthday of a child is without mischievous humor and sincere joy? Funny riddles for a birthday party will cheer up any guest, even some priveredo. It is necessary to prepare small prizes for children participating in the games.

We offer to hold a children's party fun and unforgettable. And of course, you need to use birthday riddles with funny answers, they are sure to please the children.

Birthday riddles about fruits and vegetables

  • This fruit grew in the garden, sang in sunny weather. It attracts the fruit that wasps and is called (apricot)
  • This fruit is the food of monkeys, it is from the warm southern countries. It is a favorite fruit of children, bright sunny (banana)
  • He is a big fruit and heavy, very sweet it tastes. It attracts children ripe and in a strip (watermelon)
  • He grows as a family on branches, eating vines and fruits like children. Anyone is so happy to have it, it's juicy (grapes)
  • Juicy and ripe, sunbathing. Wasps are circling next to her, because she is called (pear)
  • This vegetable is known to everyone, it is curly and very important. Without it, the borscht is so empty and it is called (cabbage)
  • We are used to eating this vegetable every day. He grows in the ground in a bed and prefers a shadow. You add it to the tin, because it tastes good with (potatoes)
  • This citrus knows everyone, it's sour, but important to everyone! (lemon)
  • Kids don't like him, he cuts his eyes too much. It is so tight and elastic, onion and white (onion)
  • This fruit we know closely, it pleases us every New Year with its acidity and calls under the herringbone. He's an orange brother, bored living without a (tangerine)

Birthday riddles about animals

Kids, even the youngest ones love riddles. And they like the riddles in the poems even more. They provide food for thought and are easy to remember.

Each correct answer gives confidence to the child, they feel like Signs. Kids gladly solve riddles with each other and guess them all together. The mood is just great, and the children's holiday is great!

  • There is a hollow in the pine tree, this hollow is warm. Nuts are saved by round, shaggy and red in it lives (squirrel)
  • in winter he sniffs sweetly, and in summer he searches for a honey in the woods beehive teddy (bear)
  • In cold snowy winter, a hungry (wolf)
  • Little grey thorn ball, wolves (hedgehogs)
  • wolves (hedgehogs)

  • Very soft feet with a thick sharp claw, a furry tail like a hat, we call him (cat)
  • He has a huge mouth, he's called (hippo)
  • I walk in a furry fur coat, live in a thick forest, in a hollow on an old oak tree and I chew on nuts (squirrels)
  • I have workers in the river: not carpenters, not carpenters, but carpenters, but they will build a dam – at least paint a picture (beavers)
  • I'm a humpback beast, and the guys (camels)
  • In the ball it will be curtailed, and you can't take it (hedgehog)
  • We find it easy to find out, it's easy to find out: He's tall and sees far away (giraffe)

Birthday riddles for children in verse

Prints for children in verse draw attention to the trifles, learn to be observant and notice what seems to be completely invisible. Children's horizons expand, they become more interested in the world around them.

Puzzles help children understand how rich our language is and how an object can be described in different words.

Little puzzles that hide the right answer develop children's imagination.

He tells everybody – ga-ha, where are you from and where?I'm not afraid of anyone,

Well,of course it's… (goose)

Funny she buzzes,

Honey she gave us,

What's her name… (bee)


If he's a delicious carrot, eating cabbage deftly, he jumps here and there, in the meadows and in the fields, gray, white and oblique,

Who is he to say such. (Hare)

Says the goat loves to smell roses.Only for some reason she sniffs with a crunch… (cabbage)

The orange peanut sits underground, it keeps a lot of vitamins in itself, helps kids to become healthier,

What is this vegetable, you can say? (carrots)

Never hurt anyone else in the world. But still crying from him, both adults and children. (onion)

Long grows stronglyThe place takes up in the bed. This vegetable is a pumpkin brother,

That's good for everyone to eat. (zucchini)

On our bed – a yellow ball, but it does not jump, it looks like the moon,

Tasty seeds in it. (pumpkin)

In the summer garden, Purple, Thick as a big boar.

Very important … (eggplant)

Where are the colored balls on the bushes hanging, they're all dressed up like a parade. Red, green, yellow fruits,

Who are they, do you know them? (peppers)

On the bed of green red fruits, round, belly-bellied, do you recognize them? How big berries hang bunches of bunches of bunches

But they themselves ask for a vegetable salad. (tomatoes)

In the country pathBlossoms the sun on the leg. As the sun matures,

This will be a lot of grains. (sunflower)

In a green tent Bowls are sleeping sweetly. Lots of round crumbs!

What is it? (peas)

Marching on the parade, Ribbons behind the back, there are ribbons, but there are no girls in the squadron

No girls. (sailors)

In the last time he was an astronaut, there will be a guitarist next. He has to be able to do a lot of things, because he is… (artist)

Like he's painting the walls with yellow paint in a beautiful fairy tale; he has a bucket in his hands, he's painted with a variety of colors. (Painter)

Who is sitting at the bedside of the patient? And how to treat him says. Those who are sick – take medication,

Those who are healthy, go for a walk. (doctor)

After the night or during the dayThey'll fight with fire.In a helmet, as if a warrior is a glorious warrior,

On fire in a hurry… (firefighter)

Nayavu, but not in a dreamFlies in the sky.

Who is he? (pilot)

Of the native land in the distanceLeads ships into the sea. He's seen many countries… (captain)

Plain birthday riddles

Plain birthday riddles are also interesting, so it's easy and fast to guess them. They develop logical thinking and quick reaction to the answer in children. Such riddles will be good helpers for kindergarten teachers when conducting entertainment.

He is a big honey lover.

He sleeps in the den for six months.

Likes to cry loudly.

And his name is… (bear)

From the slice to the open space

A nice musketeer came out.

But don't expect a musketeer

But he looks nice,

But inside he looks poisonous! (flies)

What's with the strange beast under the tree?

From the back stick needles.

Round, it's like a ball,

But prickly. It's… (hedgehog)

This guy is striped

Burning potatoes, i.e. tomatoes.

City he's not a friend.

This is… (Colorado beetle)

No saw and no axe

A house grew up in the woods in the morning (anthill)

Beamed over the field an unprecedented bridge.

But you can't run to the stars on the bridge. (rainbow)

Slight cotton lumps

Sea floats somewhere. (clouds)

As an orange slice,

This is the bitterness that comes from your feet. (lemon)

He is useful, albeit bitter.

And his name is… (garlic)

Grandfather is everyone's name,

He comes on a holiday.

This is what gifts are waiting for

And surprises from different

No disobedient nose tweezes

Grandfather Frost

Everybody's laughing!

In the arena… Who is he?

Well, of course… (clown)

He's like a tiger, but didn't get taller,

And his prey is no bigger than a mouse.

Milk from a bowl drinks

Our purple purple…

There is bad grass.

But it's barely touching the ground,

Burning (nettle)

So it happens to be important to those around.

Without him we cry, we hide from him (the sun)

He used to wear a green striped jacket,

All it is inside like a poppy and tastes sweet (watermelon)

You put it on the table –

Very full,

Gold like the sun it

And round it is like a sieve (bread)

You love it for breakfast and lunch too,

Weave behind two cheeks with a large spoon of oil (porridge)

The oil flows all year round,

she carries a water (river)


Birthday Lottery for Children (6-12 Years) Joking

Birthday riddles

No mother has ever thought about how to spend a holiday in such a way that the child remembers it for a long time. So his guests, the same kids, can enjoy themselves and have fun. How do I do that?

How can I surprise children spoiled by modern technology with gadgets?

A help will come from a fun, win-win lottery for all holiday participants!

You will learn how to spend your child's birthday correctly and unforgettably, so that no one will be left without a surprise, without funny prizes!

By the way, the recommendations are universal. The lottery can be conducted in any conditions: both at home and at school, organizing a school lottery.

Case of the Birthday Lottery Scenario

No Losing Lottery will be great for several age categories: from 6, 7, 8, 9 to 10, 11.12 years old.

In addition to the birthday draw, a fun lottery in puzzles can be organized for children of these age categories and for the New Year.


In a large glass ball (you can use a round aquarium) to put boxes of surprise kinder. And there are lottery tickets with a riddle in them.

The children take turns pulling the tickets and reading the riddle. They're trying to guess. Other participants can suggest and support the player.

If the child is small and cannot read, the mystery in the lottery ticket is read by the presenter.

Ticket guesswork and there are gifts for children. For example, in the riddle “Memory is our best assistant, simple and modest…”, the answer is a pencil. So, the child gets a pencil as a gift.


  1. Clown. Dressed in a bright and funny clown costume.
  2. Pippy Long stocking. Dressed in a sweater and a sunglass skirt. There are pencil-painted horses on the nose. There's a pigtail wig on the head in different directions. There are long, colorful golf courses on your feet.


Clown: Hello, boys and girls!

Peppy-long stocking: Hi, guys!

Clown: Listen, it's great that we're all here today, isn't it?

Pippy Longstocking: It's not just that, it's about! What's the occasion? What a holiday today, guys!

Kids are responsible.

Clown: That's right, well done! And Peppy and I are gonna have a fun lottery for you tonight! Do you want to?

Peppy Long Stocking: Only we have a question and riddle for you, guess what – we'll start playing!


What's the big secret to our game? What is included with your surprise?

What is the secret of the lottery?

Pippi Long Stocking:
(lottery ticket riddle)

That's right, kids, good answer: Each of you will get… (ticket). It's not just a simple one, it's an idea,


To give you a positive answer,
Get your lottery ticket!

Peppy Long Stocking:

Joy and happiness it will bring you,
Everyone here with us will find happiness!


Dear our viewers!
You sure you want to have fun?

Peppy Long Stocking:

Try your luck, May the weather pass you by! Each of our lottery tickets will bring joy to everyone!


Come and pull your ticket for good luck! Waiting for every surprise from you,

Every minute and every hour!

Peppy Long Stocking:

So who's the first of you to be the bravest?
Come here soon!

Funny lottery in riddles for children 6, 7, 8, 9 years old

Word neither toss nor to take,
Kohl wrote it down in… (notebook)

Maybe put it in a vase or a pot,
Beautiful and fragrant… (flower)

She's always your girlfriend,
Soft, comfortable… (pillow)

She's so delicious, but so little,
They call her a little dessert… (spoon)

That's delicious, better than ice cream!
Air, gentle… (cake).

Every often with fruit is depicted in pictures,
Braided, elegant… (basket).

He is an orange fragrant treat, even when alone. To look at it one peek!

New Year's delicious such … (tangerine).

He likes to sleep on a window so much,
Fluffy, soft … (cat).

So much boiling water will fill it up. It sends you a greeting from the fragrant meadow, and you enjoy your tea!

He is called a tea… (bag).

Soap their hands, and the dirt washed away!
I give you a gentle, childish… (soap).

What do they give, though a little man?
So far, toy, but still… (car).

To not bite a mosquito in the woods at night in the dark,
Get this bright… (flashlight).

He found out about the bunny, the boy, the bear,
From his first child's… (book).

All the vitamins in it at the same time! It can be green and red! Sometimes it grows under the window!

Spotsy, mature… (apple).

How everybody likes it, all kids,
Sweet, delicious… (candy)

Just touch it, it jumps!
What is it, children (ball)?

He will help to plunge into the fairy tale! But it needs colorful paints.

The name of this book… (coloring).

Resue in it with both paints and pencil,
In the lottery you won the big… (album).

Here all the arrows are convenient to draw,
It's a school… (ruler).

In order not to spoil the pupils under water,
Wear rather underwater… (glasses).

Funny and funny lottery with riddles for children 10, 11, 12 years old

  • It's understandable, not a riddle at all, it was put and remembered that hour, though you put it in a bookmark … (bookmark),Remember the page you read last time!
  • He's always sweet, he's happy to eat! Sometimes the wine one… (grapes)… (grapes)…
  • And any outfit it will correct a little, happens with stones, beautiful… (brooch).
  • Painting and coloring he is a master! Bright color thick… (felt-tip pen).
  • Be sweet, captures the soul! Sweet and juicy, tasty… (pear).
  • In that box it is not alone, Taguchiy, but obedient… (plasticine).
  • In that box there is a memo, instructor. Gather your… (designer).
  • Dark and sweet, little… (chocolate bar).
  • To make sure that you always have the money, get it soon… (wallet).
  • To make life sweet and sweet, Help yourself… (jellyfish).
  • If you didn't go to the movies today, then play with your friends in… (dominoes).
  • Saves your book's life a little bit, this is convenient and practical… (cover).
  • They were left alone in the store, all the kids love them so much, you just blow them up, and you'll make everyone happy, because they're soapy… (bubbles).
  • He's watching for mistakes, and wipes them quickly. What's her name? (eraser)
  • Everyone loves her so much, but they won't let her into school, she's called… (Coke) in a bottle.
  • You'll chew it, it's short and long, it's called chewing… (gum).
  • You'll be like a beautiful, stylish lady when you put on this outfit… (panama).
  • In it you can write even letters, even notes, Such notebooks are called … (notebooks).
  • One to milk, some sis, sweet, sticky and delicious … (condensed milk).
  • Get a prize, run praise to your girlfriends! They definitely don't have that cool… (mugs).

No loss case game with tasks

In this category of riddles, the answer should not be said, but shown.

Example, the answer is a shovel. We need to show her how to dig. The child gets a gift if he guessed and correctly depicted the answer.

These legs are cozy, as if you were a cat and you have slippers,
Get a gift of home … (slippers).

If you don't want to do the exercise in the morning,
Take it to the garden and dig a bed! (Spatula)

He all we need, in our lives is important it,
While toy, but … (phone).

To you need all your hardening,
To long jump on this gymnastic … (rope).

Pick it up, try playing it,

This is a toy… (balalaika).

Pull your ticket and be happy if you are!
This is what you got as a gift… (watch).

He will teach you all to open the doors,
And his name is simply… (key)

Been in a strip, in peas, in a flower,
There are paper and silk… (handkerchief).

He will decorate any holiday, buddy!
The name is festive… (checkbox).

Please feel like a musician a little bit!
Give yourself a lipstick… (harmonica).

Bright and light flying flashlight,
Name it all … (balloon).

With it morning begins, I know clearly,
And without it? Without a toothbrush…

Beautiful hair today,
If you have in your hands… (comb).

Loving our concubines,
Cut everything, everything… (scissors).

Pippy Long Stocking: Well, here's our fun and fun lottery game and it's over!

Clown: But the party continues?

Pippi Long Stocking: Of course!

Clown: Yay! Hooray!

Farther in another scenario or in a free form.

With respect, Natalia Krasnova.


Birthday riddles, with answers

Birthday riddles

What's a birthday without games, fun and jokes? Hopefully not one! But a couple of noisy entertainments, and the young guests are tired. In order not to get bored at the festive table, offer friends to guess the riddles for the children – that's what will instantly raise the mood and make the kids smile.

Objectively come up with small incentive prizes (candy, souvenirs, magnets) and hand them to all participants in the game. Your friends are gonna love this kind of fun!

Birthday riddles for the youngest

1. All desires are fulfilled,

Class holiday -…

2. Daddy baked for the holiday.

Sweet apple…

3. The bow on the box is bright,

In the box of that one lies…

4. The bright dress is dressed


5. The bunny came out for a walk,

Lap at the bunny exactly…

6. Look at the bird. Look at the bird.

Bird's leg exactly…

7. Let's get a bunch of colors

And now we're gonna weave it…

8. Old ladies go to the bazaar

Buy themselves…

9. And capricious and stubborn,

The kindergarten does not want to …

10. Dolls dress, pants

Love to sew always…

11. Birthday on the nose – we baked…

Answers to riddles:

1. Birthday.

p>2. Pie.

3. Gift.

4. Candy.

5. Four, not p'yat.

6. Two, not three. Not a hat, a wreath.

8. Not pears, products.

p>9. Not my mom, my daughter.

p>10. Not boys, girls.

11. Not sausage, cake.

Birthday riddles for older children

1. How far can a hare go into the woods?

2. What can you see with your eyes closed?

3. Three ostriches flew. One of them's not gonna drink water from the pond. How many ostriches are left?

4. Why is the rooster singing with an eye-curl?

5. What can I cook, but you can't eat?

6. Can an ostrich call himself a bird? Can I light a match underwater?

8. Little, grey, looks like an elephant. Who's this?

9. When is the best time for a black cat to get into the house?

10. What word do all students and even teachers write wrong?

11. You are in an airplane seat, a car is ahead of you, and a horse is jumping from behind. Where are you?

12. There were two moms and two daughters in the cafe. They were served three cups of coffee, but each was enough. How can that be?

13. How can seven children, three parents and a big dog not get wet under one umbrella? Why are students being kicked out of class?

15. What we don't see, but is it always ahead of us?

16. A man gets it for free twice in his life, but the third time he has to pay. What is it?

17. You drive, but your legs don't reach the pedals. Your actions?

18. What can't you have breakfast with?

19. This wheel does not spin when making a right turn. What's that?

20. What rocks aren't in the sea?

21. What's between the mountain and the valley?

22. There were four birch trees, four large branches on each birch, four small branches on each big branch, and four apples on each small branch. How many apples are there? Under what tree does the hare sit when it rains?

24. Where's the water on the pole?

25. Six legs, two heads, and one tail. What is it?

26. What was “tomorrow” and there's “yesterday”?

27. When a man is in a room without a head?

28. What happens to the ball if it falls into the Yellow Sea? If you feed him, he's alive, if you drink him, he'll die.

30. Each other are catching up and hiding.


1. Up to the middle of the forest, he's already running out of it.

2. Sleep.

3. Ostriches don't fly. Shows he knows the songs by heart.

5. Lessons.

6. No, he can't talk.

7. Yeah, if you're in a submarine. Elephant.

9. When the door is open. The word “wrong”.

11. Ride the carousel.

12. It was a grandmother, mother, daughter – only three people.

13. They won't get wet unless it rains.

14. Behind the door.

15. The future.

16. Teeth.

17. I'll move to the driver's seat.

18. Lunch, dinner.

p>19. Spare.

20. Dry.

21. The letter “and”.

22. Not a single one. Apples don't grow on birch trees.

23. Under the wet.

24. A glass.

25. Horseman.

26. Today's the day.

p>27. When it comes out of the window to the street.

28. It's gonna get wet.

p>29. Fire.

30. Sun and moon.

All more cool puzzles:


More than 50 birthday riddles for children

Birthday riddles

The mystery can be called a kind of proverb. In both cases, it is a wise observation of a phenomenon or object, expressed in a metaphorical form, but this option, in contrast to the proverb, has a question to answer.

Children's birthday riddles are very popular. Essentially, unraveling becomes either one of the contests, or it is used to promote a game or game scenario.

You'll be happy to see both old and young…

One of the main advantages of the riddles is that you can find them for any age, even for adults.

For the youngest children who have not yet learned to read, the best way to use children's picture riddles is to use them.

Their essence is as follows: in front of the child there are various pictures depicting a certain object, animal or phenomenon, from which after reading the text it is necessary to choose the correct answer.

Problems can be invented independently, but if there is no desire or time to do it – you can use the Internet access and borrow from there in a large number of children's riddles with answers, most often in the form of poems.

Trick-or-treating riddles for schoolchildren on their birthdays

    • Who can fly under water at the deepest depth?
      The correct answer: the bee in the submarine.
      • The more they become, the lighter their weight will be. What is this?
        Correct answer: holes.

        • >Why is the cow mooing?
          The correct answer is: because she can't speak.
        • What is the cow's front and the bull's back?
          The correct answer is the letter “K”.

        • What person in the rain without an umbrella can never wet his hair?
          The right answer: Bald man.
        • May I jump above a five-storey house?
          The correct answer: of course, you can, five-storey houses can't jump like any other house.

        • What should you do if you see a green man?
          The right answer: you have to cross the street before you see red.
          • >How many peas can you get into one cut glass?
            The right answer: none, everything needs to be put in.

          • How many apples can I eat on an empty stomach?
            The right answer: one, the second one will not be eaten on an empty stomach.
          • What happens to the hedgehog in three years?
            The correct answer: he will turn four.

            • What can be easily lifted off the floor but cannot be thrown far?
              That is the right answer: Fluffy.
            • Which month of the year is the shortest?
              This is the correct answer:May, it has only three letters.

            • Who can speak all the languages of the world?
              The correct answer: echo.
              • Which fields does nothing grow on?
                The correct answer is in the fields near the hat and notebook.

              • Which tree does a bird sit in during heavy rainfall?
                Correct answer: to wet wood.
              • Which month is it twenty-eight days?
                The right answer: Every month of any year there are twenty-eight days.

              • Can I bring water in a colander?
                The correct answer: is possible if the water is frozen and turned into ice.
              • What is between heaven and earth?
                The correct answer is the letter “And”.

              • What happens to a green velvet skirt if it is lowered to the bottom of the lake for half an hour?
                The correct answer: it will become wet.
              • What do we walk for very often but never go?
                The right answer: on the stairs.

              • What's a half-orange like?
                The correct answer is to the second half.
              • Sometime three penguins flew through the sky. The hunter shot one. How many penguins are left?
                The right answer: pingwins can't fly.
              • When is the easiest time to get into the house?
                The right answer: when the windows are open in the house.
              • How can I put two liters of milk in a litre can?
                The right answer is: make curd.
              • What can I take in my right hand and in my left hand?
                The right answer: you can't take your right elbow.

            Fun and exciting Theatre Birthday for your child.

            Birthday riddles for the little ones

              • Scrawl, crawl, and needle us lucky. Who is it?
                This is the correct answer: hedgehog.
              • Li>Jump and snag, long ears, white barrel. Who is it?
                This is the right answer:bunny.
              • When summer is over, they get dressed and in winter they get undressed. Who is it?
                The right answer: trees.

                • Twelve brothers walk, walk, but do not find each other. Who is it?
                  The right answer: months.
                • It is very sour in yellow. Who is it?
                  The correct answer is Limon.

                • Thani's sock is missing, who took it away?
                  The right answer: puppy.
                • He has red boots and a red comb. Who is it?
                  The right answer is the rooster.
                • Beat the poor girl with a hand or a stick, and he is not sorry at all.

                  And why is he beaten? It's for what he's gonna get! Who is it?
                  This is the right answer:ball.

                • Night he does not sleep at all, the house is guarded by mice, the milk is drunk. Who is it?
                  The correct answer: it's a cat.
                • She says: “Ga-ga-ga-ga, I'm not afraid of anybody.”

                  Who is that?
                  Correct answer: it's a goose.

                • Lives under the porch and the tail under the ring. Who is it?
                  Correct answer: doggie
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