Tree riddles for children

Tree riddles for children with answers

Tree riddles for children

Multitude of toes and arms,
And grew on one leg! (Wood)

Fashionista in a white dress, long earrings, thin mill, the first wears

Yellow attire in autumn. (Birch)

Spring came – put on a green outfit, summer came – sunbathing,

And autumn day put on red beads… (Ryabin)

Flexible, thin rods – branches of it, good ones – baskets, chairs, armchairs and bags. Look at the branches down to the ground, crying… (Iva)

Everyone knows that pine trees have needles instead of leaves. And there's a girlfriend with leaves. She looks like… (Christmas tree)

Orange berries on the branch, small leaves,

Collect and cook… (Blanket)

Fruits and yellow and red, And black hanging in pairs, just delicious! And jam and compote, we'll eat for a year! (Cherry)

Tasty, soft, juicy, like a light bulb. Matures in summer,

All in the rays of warmth. (Pear)

It's time:
You can eat orange… (Apricot)

Red leaves, he's noble
Beautiful… (Maple)

Ends May, Rapidly growing on the trees leaves.

Flying poplar… (Pooh)

This heat will cover you up with coolness. One grace

Behind him to stand. (Under the tree)

Spring has arrived, Rooks have arrived. Made their nests out of twigs on them. (On trees)

Spring hedgehogs Hang on twigs! Inside, the brown nuclei are lying! (Chestnuts)

In any season of the year one color. (Christmas tree)

Thick trunk,
It has barrels of golden color on it. (acorns)

The bald kids are wearing hats. And the curly daddy is standing there without a hat. (acorns and oaks)

In the yellow body –
Bone heart! (Cherry)

In green caftan in summer,
And in winter – naked. (Trees)

Many white trunk girlfriends have gathered, All with earrings stand, in the wind they make noise. Get up and feel the coolness! It's good to walk along the birch… (Grove)

Whatever the weather was in white dress goes! And when it gets warmer, the earrings are long. (Birch)

Leaflets are like hearts, and how blossoms

Aroma fills all the space! (Lipa)

Behind the window it grows, From the flowers of gold Collect the honey bee. He treats both the cold and the flu. (Lipa)

From my flowers honey is the best,
And my flowers for tea collect…(Lipa)

Without it there is no holiday for the new year, Around the kids take a merry round dance! They smell of tar branches, needles instead of leaves, decorated with cones, they love to grow oil under it!

What's the tree, guys? (Christmas tree)

We can't live without them! We can't breathe and we can't walk. There will be no shadow, no food, no home. All beasts will die without a safe house. They should be protected, respected, protected. And people should understand all this! (Trees)

Like pine and Christmas tree,
And in winter – without needles. (Larch)

All shakes and fears
Like a red girl. (Aspen)

Stringle, tonka and call
Like a girl. (Aspen)

Weather green wears, tanning a lot in summer, giving her earrings in autumn,

Bright red clasps. (Ryabin)

On the forest edge there are slender girlfriends. Festivities, whites, curls. High and majestic. (Birch)

Autumn came to us, the Red Torch lit. Here the thrushes, the starlings are biting him. (Ryabin)

In the forest there are a lot of trees. But every time for New Year's Eve, all the children go round dances

Because the holiday gives everyone. (Christmas tree)

Feed all the animals in summer: squirrels, bears and hedgehogs. It will give you a bump and allow you

Warm house to build in it. (El)

Always a sad girl. No singing, no fun. He's gonna bend his head sadly. The scythe's gonna run through the water. Without noticing anybody, quiet asleep in silence. (Yves)

And though the nuts are small. Still, acorns taste good. A lot of little fruits. He's ready to give it to everyone. (Oak)

Bright red berry buds are weighing on the branches in the forest. They're good for the heart, but they want to inject spikes. (Hawthorn)

White flowers were there. Red fruits have become red fruits. A couple of sweet berries. Everybody's happy to eat. (Cherry)

Mighty, wide. Spread out the branches, shut off the sun for the flowers. When the time comes, I'm gonna have kids and a delicious wild boar feast. (Oak)

Thrushes are winter birds. But a berry wouldn't mind a treat. She's always got good food for them in the cold. (Ryabin)

That's how delicious its fruits are! Juicy and blushing! All year round to eat them

All of us are very happy! (Apple)

The bunches of small branches flowers tilt. The scent of spring around

Air fills. (Lilac)

On the needle tree,
Though it's not a tree. (El)

While it's summertime. All the trees are in silver. Pooh flies all over the place. (Topol)

Love grown-ups and children to eat delicious nuts. (Nut)

Trees are full of babies. Everybody's wearing needles. A round ball, like a hedgehog, can inject your finger. (Chestnut)

Gentle and slender Girl is beautiful. In the summer, tears are shed, people collect them all. (Birch)

His sheet is placed in the broth.
He is much better with it. (Laurus)

High, green, slender, mighty!
Barrel is very powerful, branches prickly. (Yale)

Puzzles about different trees for children 3, 4, 5 years old

This girl in a green dress, though she walks around in prickly needles,

And she can't sew at all. (Christmas tree).

Dismissed her curls, Worth a sad, sometimes crying,

That no one knows. (Willow crying).

Slim, slender girl. It rises among the sisters. Green sweater, white pants. (Birch).

With our slender girls, Snow White Mill. They put their brushes on, and they're wearing pendant bracelets. (Birch birches).

Sticky kidneys, leaves appear from them. With white to black bark, hiding behind a mountain. (Birch).

Hot, sunny summer We saw Anton dressed, and at the end of the purple autumn,

We took off all his clothes. (Tree).

He has several acorns in a row at the ends of the branches. Who's gonna tell us, “What's this tree? (Oak).

In a solid box, there's an oak sprout in it, it's going to grow next year.

You guys guessed? It's, uh… (Acorn).

My flower gives pollen Useful transparent honey. And I'm being ripped off, I'm being ripped off. (Lipa).

There are soft needles at the far relatives of the tree, but if we compare them with the tree,

the needles are crumbling. (Larch).

Large it germinates, blossoms quickly, and as the summer approaches, We eat with it candy, Grain is stored in the shell –

Protect, guys, their teeth! (Walnut).

All is quiet, the breeze doesn't blow. They've got a little, uh, all the leaves rustling! (Aspen).

He used to be a tree when it was a tree, and now it's like a highchair,

And it's settled down. (Chump).

Slightly curled, first blossoms, then turns green, and as autumn knocks, the sheets,

And then the berries storm. (Ryabin)

Everybody understands very well that the spruce has needles, not leaves. And just like her, with needles… (Pine).

Warm summer Snowball's gone, but we don't like it –

We sneeze from it. (A poplar).

I don't know where this miracle came from. Either from the roofs of the houses, or from the clouds – or cotton lumps, or feathers. Or maybe the snowflakes are snowflakes, formed on a summer's day! Who made a joke about it, and let the pillow go? (Topol). Almost a hundred meters high. It's hard to climb! It dries the wetlands well. (Eucalyptus).

He has a lot of hands,
But, legs, just one! (Tree).

Each past year,

Marked inside it by a ring. (Tree).

What's for a wonderful plant, as soon as it gets warmer,

Coat dresses, and as the chills,

Cold, then drops clothes? (Tree).

Many interesting children's riddles

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Tree riddles

Tree riddles

He was seen wearing clothes in spring and summer, and in autumn we took off all the shirts from the poor girl.


House is open on all sides, He is covered with a carved roof.Come into the green house, you'll see miracles in it.


Behind the window, in plain sight, the book grew in the garden.The wind passed by, the book flipped through. The sun was up in the morning, so it was reading till the evening, and then the clouds were crying over it for many days.

(The tree in spring, summer, autumn)

The riddles of mountain ash:

Autumn in the garden came to us, the Red Torch Lighting.


In the spring of greenery, in the summer sunbathing, in the autumn wearing red corals.


Modestly green, but in autumn their leaves and berries turn red.


Larch Puzzles:

Sort of pine trees, like Christmas trees, but without needles in winter.


It's a relative of a fir tree. But unlike a fir tree, those needles fall off.


Aspen riddles:

No one is afraid, and all shakes.


But I'm not badly dressed, Beats the chills of me always. And in spring, and hot summersIt's all shaking, like in the cold.


What's behind the tree?


All at rest, the wind is still silent…No, not all yet – these Leaves are quietly rustling.


Birch puzzles:

Birch puzzles:

Birch puzzlesBirthday girlfriends are standing on the forest edge.

Birch dress, green hats.


White beautiesSoaked by the path, the bottom of the branches descend, and on the branches of the earring.


In white sarafaneSteel on the glade.Flying tits, sat on the pigtails.


Not worrying about the weather, in a white sarafan walks, and one of the warm daysMay earrings gives it.


White girlfriend's dresses were scattered along the edges.


Green, not grass, Bela, not snow, Kudryava, but without hair.


Sticky buds,Green leaves.With a white bark it stands under the mountain.


This barrel is white and the hat is green.Worth in white clothes, Sveziv earrings.


Russian beautyStoit on the glade, in a green jacket, in a white sundress.


Alena standing:Green scarf,Thin mill,White sarafan.


The mysteries of willow:

Kudri lowered into the riverIt made me sad about something, but it does not tell anyone.


From me are weaving baskets, my branches are thin, long, the water is growing, weeping. Guess who I am? – …


Flexible mill bent, head bent, branches dipped the river water


Bent over the water, branches lowered.Like a girl washed her hair. So lyrical and beautiful! It's –


After the pond, the tree cries like a girl, untie the ribbons, put down the branches, looks orphaned…The tree is that…


Trands to water as if they were very sad.And why be sad in the heat if you can drink water?


Certainties about the Christmas tree:

Winter and summer -One color.


I come with gifts,Glittering lights bright,Chic, funny,On New Year I am the main!

(Christmas tree)

When do they dress up once a year?
(Christmas tree)

Kolkaya, greenShaped with an axe.

(Christmas tree)

Ee always in the woods you will find, let's go for a walk and meet.

(Christmas tree)

What kind of girl is that? No seamstress, no craftswoman, nothing sews herself, but in needles all year round.

(Christmas tree)

Pine puzzles:

Everyone knows that the tree has no leaves and needles, and just like it has needles…


This is a thorn, not a Christmas tree, but a genuine needle, and the bark is thin, red, That beauty …


Even heat or blizzard, but the same as spruce, green, though not spring, Stern will rise…


How the masts of the ship's mastsAbove the forest have risen,

Above the forest are the trunks of the resinousAnd look down from the top,

Green crownsNo one will be taken off in front of them,

And only in the sky will the clouds gently hug them


With a slender spruce we are related -both greenery and pins, but longer in my name, and needles.


Biting, needles and needles, crying resin.


White sheep riddles:

White sheepRun on a candle.


Big lumpsReached on a bar.


On the outskirts of the city grows, Winter does not give a move, Pray: red – beats in vain, Say: white beats for the case.


An earrings on the branch, there and here, Their people are carrying them for the holiday.


Oak riddles:

Not even a riddle, let's call it a mystery, unless someone says -O acorns on it!


In this smooth box of Bronze colorHidden little oak of the coming summer.


This tree is mightier, and grows in the woods dormouse,Fruits are polished,For birds are recommended.Woodpeckers, crawlers and jayfish, collect fruit firmly.


He is the only one in Lukomorye, green, strong giant. It's…


Linden Puzzles:

From my flower I get the most delicious honey.


When a tree grows in parks, the aroma grows when it blooms. From a cold and wheezing What will help? Flowers –


Late tree blossoms, it has a sticky juice. Collect honey bees, drink nectar at


In the yard, it grows… They extract golden flower honeybees, which blossom in the branches of the flowers… From the cold and from the flu, the best doctor…


Mysteries about other trees:

Very dense it grows, it blossoms unnoticed, and when the summer passes, we eat its candy, not in the paper, but in the shell – Take care, kids, teeth!


From the trees in the early summerSnowflakes suddenly get stuck, but we're not happy about it – We sneeze from it.


Either from the roof, or from the sky -It's cotton wool, or down.Or, maybe, snowflakesThey appeared in summer suddenly? Who is their undercoverSyplet, as if from a bag?


In it almost a hundred meters of growth: It is not easy to climb!He has one job – the drying of the swamp.


This is the kind of riddle we suggest you guess about the trees. If you like it, share it with friends on social networks.


Tree Mysteries – Your Teacher

Tree Mysteries

Tree riddles for children with answers. A collection of birch, oak, spruce, linden, pine and other tree puzzles.

Tree puzzles offer a great selection of poems to teach children the natural world. Some trees in riddles will be easy to guess, and some will need to think about, training in ingenuity and memory of the child.

Russian beauty standing on the gladeIn a green jacket, in a white sundress.
White beautiesBy standing at the track, the bottom of the branches descend, and on the branches of the earring.
Sticky buds,Green Leaflets.With the white bark it stands under the mountain.
White lambs run on a candle.
It was seen dressed in spring and summerAnd in autumn we saw all the shirts ripped off the poor girl.
Not even a mystery, let's call it a mystery, if someone says – acorns on it!
In this smooth Bronze box there is a small oak coming summer hidden.
What kind of girl is this: She is not a seamstress, she does not sew anything herself, but in needles all year round.
Christmas tree
Kudri has put something into the riverIt is sad about something, but it does not tell anyone.
House is open on all sides, it is covered with a carved roof. Come into the green house, you will see miracles in it.
Since my flower beretBee is the most delicious honey.And I'm being hurt: The skin is being ripped off.
There are needles from a relative of a fir tree, but unlike a fir tree, those needles fall off.
It grows very densely, it blossoms unnoticed, and when the summer passes, we eat its candy, not in a piece of paper, but in a shell – Take care, kids, teeth!
All at rest, the trees are still quiet…No, not yet – these Leaves are quietly rustling.
This was an evil fraction,There was a tree at one time,And now there is a round tableIt is sitting at it.
Little and nondestructiveBut in autumn their leaves turn redAll the berries turn red.
Everybody knows that the tree has no leaves and needles, and just like it has needles…
From the trees in the early summerBut we are not happy about it – we sneeze.
Either from the roof or from the sky -It is cotton or fluff.Or maybe the snowflakes showed up in the summer. Who's sneaking them in like a sack?
It's almost 100 meters high:It's not easy to climb!He has only one work – Dehydration of the swamp.

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Tree Puzzles

Completion of interesting and funny puzzles with answers about trees.

Tree Puzzles

Loving Puzzles 20 February 2017

Puzzles for Children #6166.

In the cage there is a fruit, He is as sweet as honey, Ruby is like a robe, but not as round as a ball – He is underneath the leg itself

Slightly stretched.

Puzzle for children №1350.

In a white sarafana Steel on the glade. Tits flew,

Settle on braids.

Mystery for children #4200.

Thick, slender, the tree grows to the point where it is cut down, and when it travels proudly through the light,

Sea furrowing through storms or stilts.

Puzzle for children № 1374.

There is a relative of the Christmas tree needles, but, unlike the tree,

Fall those needles.

February 26, 2017

Puzzle in the rhyme of the rhyme № 62644.

Bent over the water, the branches lowered. Like a girl washed her hair. So lyrical and beautiful! You guessed that? This is the …

Puzzle for children #1371.

Many hands, and the leg is one.

Puzzle for children #1341.

Which tree is growing rooted up.

Puzzle for children № 1354.

Not worrying about the weather, in a white sundress walks, and in one of the warm days

May Earring gives her.

Puzzle for children №1382.

What is behind the tree is –
Wind is not present, and the leaf shakes?Hooliganque 14 December 2015

Puzzle for children №1383.

Green, not meadow, white, not snow,
Kudryava, but without hair.puzzle lover February 13, 2017

Puzzle in the rhyme of the rhyme № 6149.

Behind the window lights are lit. They're bittersweet. Birds bite them in winter, sing songs in spring. What's the bright picture?

What's outside the window? – …

Puzzle for children № 1378.

Russian beauty stands on the glade,
In a green jacket, in a white sundress.

Valentina Kalinichenko 5 December 2016

Puzzle for children ¹4243.

Metallic Metalwork, but we are not cold, in colorful dresses are walking around the city. What's the matter, ask? The answer is, it's warm, it's not easy. And in the winter we want to remember in summer, and the snow flies, in a hurry. In a week, all the snow settles down, where it fell, it'll look like a sprouts. Rusty will start, will not be lost,

Because everything repeats itself in the life of a tree.

Mystery lover on February 20, 2017

Mystery in the rhyme of №6162.

That's how it happens every year: In the spring it blossoms early, and as if the sun were to greet you, His fragrant tender color. It's fragrant, it's nice. It's sunny, too. Attracts bees and wasps

My favorite …

Puzzle for children ¹882.

Was green, small, then I became a calf. I blackened out in the sun, and now I'm ripe. I've been waiting for you for a long time, holding on to the cane with my hand. You'll eat me, and the bone

Zaroi in your garden.

Mystery for children ¹1347.

Ee always find it in the woods – let's go for a walk and meet. It's worth it, like a hedgehog,

Winter in a summer dress.

Mystery for children ¹1351.

I come with gifts, shining lights bright, elegant, funny,

I'm in charge of the New Year!

Puzzle for children № 1356.

From my flower takes the most delicious honey bee. I'm still being hurt:

The skin is being ripped off.

The mystery for children #1355.

In this smooth Bronze box, there's a little oak

Future Summer.

Mystery for children #1364.

I have a longer needle than the tree. I'm very straightforwardly growing up in height. If I'm not on the edge,

Brands – only on the top.

Vera Anoshina January 28, 2017

Mystery in the rhyme № 5390.

How beautiful are the needles AND long, and very long are the pins, the spirit resinous to all is useful, it drives away the disease. High, strong, slender

Shipworthy …

Vera Anoshina 28 January 2017

Mystery in the rhyme ¹5393.

In the yard it grows… They extract honey bees from the flowers of gold, which are thick in the branches. Cold and flu are treated by the best doctor – …


Interesting wood puzzles for children

All moms and dads want their children to develop to their full potential. Fascinating and cheerful puzzles about the tree are sure to please young children. That's why it's worth considering which tasks to include in the game activity with the child.

What are the puzzles useful for children?

In the questions that need answers, there are many useful things. Loving parents should understand that the mystery of the tree for children is not only a game, but also an opportunity to develop fully. Tasks for babies help to form the following important qualities in a child:

  • Logical thinking.
  • Mental ability.
  • Fantasy.
  • Sensitivity and care.

This is not just about the riddles of the tree. As a topic of the lesson you can use all the objects and phenomena that surround people: animals, food, seasons. But today's conversation is about nature.

Tree puzzles for the youngest

Kids under four should come up with simple, easy to understand questions. For example, they can be offered the following:


They have wooden hands,

Green outfit.

In the forest there are many of them,

Above the path, as giants, stand.

Brown trunk,

Green leaves,

In the park and in the woods

You will meet them exactly.


What kind of girl:

Not sewing, not master,

All year round in green needles?

This is… (Christmas tree)


Solidly with his feet in the ground he grew up,

On top green hair,

And different fruits can grow on it.

What am I talking about? Will you answer me?


Leaflets are growing on it,

But you won't draw them

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