Jasmine: meaning and origin of the name, character and fate

What does Yasmine's rare name mean?

Yasmin: meaning and origin of the name, character and fate

How beautiful the name Yasmine sounds! Like a beautiful flower or the name of an oriental princess from a fairy tale. Indeed, the meaning of the name Yasmine is “jasmine” or “jasmine flower”.

The origin of its ancient Persian origin, it is particularly common among Muslims. But this does not mean that the name is available only to Muslims, it is quite popular in other countries and nationalities around the world.

Sinonyms of the name: Jasmine, Jasmine, Yasmine, Jasmine, Jelsomina. Tender and abbreviated name Yasmin sounds like Yasya, Yasechka, Yashenka, Yasminushka, Yasminushchik, Mina.

What is she like?

From an early age it becomes clear and obvious that Yasmina is an original girl, so different from the rest of the children. Her character appears early, sometimes like an adult woman “trapped” in a child's body.

Very smart, energetic, brave, and sociable. This girl has no fears, she can protect the weak, rush into a fight if necessary, to defend her interests or justice.

In the midst of kids Yasmina has always turned on, she is the one who thinks out what to play, what to do, gathering the company of children around her. Obedient, especially if she was born in a Muslim family, honors and respects her parents, but sometimes she is stubborn and capricious.

In school, a girl whose name is Yasmina, enthusiastically and diligently teaches only the subject she is really interested in. If she got carried away with something, it is better not to separate her from this activity, because the whole world ceases to exist around her. Yasmina is an incredibly talented girl, who is given any kind of art, and as a child she tries a lot: to dance, to sing, to draw, and much more.

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Success happens in everything, but it is important to decide and choose something as a result of one thing, the main thing, otherwise the girl will be thrown from one hobby to another. Wise parents should then help her to consider what her daughter's greatest abilities and interest are and encourage her to do so.

Religious education can have a strong influence on her character. For example, if she grows up in a Muslim family, she will surely be given priority by the family and the household, she will be inclined to handicraft, creating something original by herself.

If Yasmina is a Christian, she can easily grow into a business woman, she has all the qualities for it. In general, no matter what she chooses, she will succeed because Yasmine's character is solid, strong and powerful, she has a lot of ambition and she knows what she wants.

Never shifts the responsibility on other people's shoulders, does everything perfectly, achieves results and does not give up the job. Hates it when she is taken away from work, because of this can become very passionate.

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Yasmin is a real beauty, and in childhood her beauty distinguishes a girl from the crowd of peers. Not without reason that Yasmine's name is “blossoming jasmine”, its beauty is really charming, blossoming.

Of course, it attracts the opposite sex, and the girl will always have a lot of fans. She loves male attention and knows how to behave with dignity. A little coquettish, but in moderation. It's pretty early to meet guys, she may have her first love already at school.

But the real feeling will come later when the girl realizes who she's looking for. In her youth, she doesn't particularly need a date, she's not looking for anybody herself, she can just reciprocate with a good guy. But only when he's grown up does he realize he wants to find a worthy man.

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Very important is what kind of character this man will have. This does not mean that the appearance of a man does not matter for Yasmin – on the contrary, she will choose only a cute, well-groomed and attractive guy. But the quality of character looks very carefully.

To win this beauty, a man must be brave and strong, confident and original, have a good taste and be indifferent to the arts, have a good education. If he's not ambitious, he's no different from the rest of the men, he's rude and uncouth, this woman won't even look in his direction.

The work is of great importance for this woman, because Yasmina is a real worker. But only in a case she really likes. She's an original woman, and she's gonna be looking for an unusual job, too. Often becomes an artist, designer, can become an architect, can work in a theatre or museum.

There are great tendencies for handicrafts, so she can become a great fashion designer, create jewelry or accessories, and open her own handmade shop. Yasmina has a commercial “vein”, so she'll probably learn how to make good money and hardly live in poverty, working for a penny.

Who will be happy with whom?

Family will only be crucial for her when Yasmine meets her chosen one. It's not easy for her to find a man who's stronger, smarter and wiser than she is, but she needs one. Let's see which male names are most suitable for her, and which ones – on the contrary, have the least chance of success.

Excellent compatibility: Maxim, Daniel, Mikhail, Dmitry, Andrei, Kirill, Vasily, Igor, Yegor, Ruslan. The men wearing these names are usually of a strong character and a set of qualities that Yasmin needs. So a strong marriage, love and mutual understanding will be necessary!

Good compatibility: Alexander, Ivan, Oleg, Vyacheslav, Viktor, Peter, Nikolai, Konstantin. These men also have every chance to be a great couple for this woman. Rare conflicts are possible, but they will not disturb mutual happiness.

Bad compatibility: Sergei, Ilya, Matvey, Nikita, Grigory, Vladislav, Denis, Alexei, Roman. And the bearers of these names are unlikely to look for a woman like Yasmina, and she herself will not pay attention to them. They are incredibly different!

Name Yasmine does not celebrate, because in the church calendar there is no such name.

May I be sure to say that among women named Yasmine there are no unhappy, stupid or lonely. This magic name will surely give its owner a beautiful destiny – interesting, unusual and very happy! Vasilina Serova

Source: http://www.grc-eka.ru/imya/yasmina-znachenie.html

Yasmin's name is for a girl and a woman. Full name analysis

Yasmin: meaning and origin of name, character and fate

The names often have more than one version of the name and the Yasmin name is one of them. Versions of the Yasmin name and much more can be found in our review article.

According to the first version, the Yasmin name (یاسمن) is a Persian name that we know as Jasmin. The name Yasmine in Persian means “jasmine branch” or “jasmine flower”. But there is another version.

According to the second version of the names of Jasmine and Yamin are not related. Specialists adhering to this version claim that Yamin's name means “paradise flower” or “girl who goes to heaven”. It's also believed that Yasmin's name is related to the male name Yasin.

Yasmin's name for a girl

In childhood, Yasminu has a quiet character, although she is quite cheerful. It can also be noted that Yasminu is easy to bring up, because the girl is obedient and not perechitsya without much reason.

It is worth saying, however, that it is not necessary to consider Yasminu just quiet, because it is not so. She is able to stand up for herself and often very insistently defends her point of view. At an early age, she develops a strong and strong willful character.

Jasmine seldom shows it, but many people feel it.

Jasmine is easy to study and is particularly successful in humanitarian disciplines. The girl has the perseverance to get good grades, even if the material is hard.

Yasmina grows up as a creatively gifted child and is often fond of various optional activities. She can go to the dance, the theater studio or something. If she likes it, she can be a big success.

Often her hobbies affect her whole life.

Health at Yasmine's can be called perfect. It's rarely more than that, and if it does, it's usually easy to bear. It is also worth noting the natural beauty of the girl.

Keeps her beautiful and healthy for a very long time and with little effort. However, sometimes this natural gift can be the progenitor of problems. Often the owners of good health neglect preventive measures.

This should not be done, of course, because “it's better to get overwhelmed than not to get hurt”.

Yasya, Yasmin, Yasmin, Mina, Minka.

Moderately caressing names

Jasminuschka, Jasminuschka, Jasminuschka, Jasminochka, Jaschka, Jasochka, Minuschik, Minuschik.

English Yasmine name

English name Yasmine is spelled as Jasmine, which is pronounced as Jasmine or Jessine.

The name of Yasmine for a foreign passport – IASMINA, according to the rules of machine transliteration adopted in Russia in 2006.

in Bulgarian – Jasmine in Hungarian – Jázmin in Spanish – Jazmín in Italian – Gelsomina in German – Jasmin in Dutch – Jasmijn in Portuguese – Jasmim in Serbian – Јасмина in Finnish – Jasmin in Czech – Jasmina

The name of Yasmine in the church (in the Orthodox faith) is not definite. This name isn't on both the Orthodox and Catholic church calendar.

Yasmine Characteristics

Adult Yasmine is a kind and calm person, with excellent manners. She is endowed with a strong charisma and is drawn to her by others. Jasmine is also endowed with a natural coquetry, followed by a strong willful personality.

These combinations of characteristics often help Jasmine to achieve her goals. She's not looking for material well-being, because Yasmine is an idealist. The owner of the name strives to do good and develop in every way possible.

Yasmine loves and can work. Her hard work and responsibility are particularly respected by her colleagues, and of course in demand among employers.

Yasmina is able to build team relations, although she herself can be the cause of quarrels. Jasmine takes many of the working things seriously, and for the carefree, it boldly points to their shortcomings.

Of course this doesn't lead to much popularity, but in the end everyone understands that it's right.

Families have a very important place in Jasmine's life. For the owner of a name the happy family is one of the measures of success in life. Jasmine has a long and meticulous life partner to choose from.

Her beauty and pleasant character make her attractive, so that Jasmine will have someone to choose from. Her man is usually respectable, kind and caring. She's a good hostess at home and will be a caring wife.

Especially her femininity is revealed after the birth of children.

The Yasmin Mystery

The Yasmin Mystery can be called her overly eager to make her family perfect. It happens that Yasmina tries so hard to achieve perfection in the relationship that she loses her ease of life. In the end, this can lead to the fact that love fades away, and the relationship becomes a business plan of the “Ideal Family”. It should be careful not to let this happen.

Planet – Moon.

Zodiac sign – Twins.

>Dark animal – Seahorse.

Name color – White

Tree – Lily.

Growth – Jasmine.

Stone – Pomegranate.

Source: http://analiz-imeni.ru/women/iasmina/znachenie-imja.htm

The origin and nature of the name Yasmin

Yasmin: meaning and origin of the name, character and fate

This beautiful and unusual, very rare, and therefore attractive female name Yasmina – is once again beginning to gain popularity among parents who choose a name for the child.

In childhood, especially in the company of young peers, the girl named so will try her best to stand out, and the ways to choose a variety of – from associating with a boy, to exaggerated femininity, coquetry, which is not so bad for a girl, unlike the first option.

In general, the origin of the name Yasmine from hot countries, from Persia, and brings up the images of magnificent and mysterious Oriental women, and the grown girl will be all his appearance, behavior, manners to express the true beauty of a pure and impregnable soul.

Textension implies some masculine traits in her character, such as courage, ambition, assertiveness, although these qualities will be very harmoniously combined with femininity, a bitchy temper, and truly animal magnetism.


Fans named so the girl will have at least a little more, because she loves and knows how to flirt, gives herself well, and this means that not every man can resist her charm, and certainly never forget a slightly bold and a little arrogant girl. And to the future wife she will make special demands, and if he does not approach at least one of the criteria, then not to be with his beloved Jasminochka.

In men, Yasmine values self-sufficiency very much, and the position of her prospective partner in society, his financial self-sufficiency and generosity are important for her. And, by the way, she won't hide her little selfish intentions, external gloss and shine, the ability to afford excesses are very important requirements for her future life companion.


In family life, Yasya will be the head of the family, even if the husband resists it with all his might. This means that she is very powerful, and even clever, so it is not difficult for her to tie the chosen one to her forever, even if he is not particularly pleased with the constant pressure from his wife.

But the description of the name Yasmin is such that if she gets a really strong, sincerely loving man who can keep his wife's irrepressible will to freedom and power, in the end, we can expect significant changes in the position of the girl in the family – she will be affectionate, obedient, loving, and when there are kids, you can call her an ideal mother.

Business and Career

Business and Career

The Yasmine value for business and career is invested in its qualities such as assertiveness, the ability to set a goal, and successfully achieve it. Also, a love of material wealth combined with a developed intuition can make a woman an excellent businesswoman, so it will be difficult to deceive anyone.

Another important plus for career development – a very strong energy, a great activity, which in the case of a real hobby Yasmine idea and goal goes even in the aggressiveness, and the ability to go into open conflict.

For her subordinates, the owner of this unusual name will be the undisputed authority, although often a slight whisper of dissatisfaction will go behind her back, because she is very demanding and wants to strictly obey, and to meet the requirements of the employees.

The origin of the name Yasmine

Oh, where such a wonderful name came from, it is not difficult to guess. Since the etymology leads to the consonant word jasmine – the name of the flower from the Arab world – the origins of the word are therefore in the Persian plains.

What is the history of Yasmin? Unfortunately, there is no such information in the official sources, although we can assume that in the Far East, in ancient times, people admiring the flowering of a beautiful plant jasmine, began to call so newborn girls. Also, Yasmina Hadra named himself an Algerian writer whose name really sounds like Mohammed Mulesula.

Name mystery

  • Stone – jasper.
  • Name – not Orthodox, so the name is not.
  • Horoscope or zodiac sign – Pisces.

Famous people

  • Yasmin Omrani is a French athlete, participant of the World Championships in Athletics in Moscow, 2013.
  • Yasmin Rossi is a French top model that even at the age of 57 remains in demand in the modeling business.

In different languages

Translate is very easy to find – it's the same Jasmine, but in a different pronunciation. And the way jasmine is translated is a beautiful flower, and in general it can be interpreted as a “blooming, fragrant branch of jasmine”.

In different languages you can find different, quite interesting sounds of this name. For example, Jessomi, Jessomi in Catalan, Yazmin in Hungarian, Yasmain in Dutch, Hasmine in Spanish and Jelsomina in Italian. But there's no analogues of Yasminet in Chinese or Japanese.

Name forms

The most commonly used diminutive-pleasing value of the name Yasmin is Yasminka or Yasminka. Very kind and beautiful sounds the name of Jasienka, Jasienka. There are also other derivatives: Yasmine, Yazmin, Jasmine, Jasmine.

Yasmine Rossi

In short, the girl can be called Yasya, and also a short, even somewhat derogatory one is used – Yaska. It was reduced to impossible – Yas, but here is lost all the mystery and the mystery of the name Yasmin. Yasmine's full name has the same case declensions as Marina, Alina, and other variants of consonant Russian names.

Source: https://name-1.ru/ya/yasmina.html

Yasmin: meaning and history of the name, fate and character

Yasmin: meaning and origin of the name, character and fate

  • Zodiacal Name – Leo and Cancer
  • Stone – Pomegranate.
  • Metal – Silver.
  • Planet – Moon.

Yasmin's Stone – Pomegranate

Yasmin's Name is of Muslim origin and its meaning in translation is “paradise flower”. This is confirmed by another version of the origin of the name, according to which it was formed in the Muslim name of Jasmine. From the Persian language, Yasmine's name is translated as “jasmine” or “jasmine flower”, which means a very sublime and sophisticated nature.

We have figured out what Yasmine's name means in Islam, but it is no less popular with Catholics and Christians. In European countries, its pronunciation will be slightly different. In England, the name is pronounced as Jasmine or Jessomine, in Finland as Yasmin, Yasmin, in Spain as Hasmine, in the Netherlands as Yasmaine, in Bulgaria as Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, in Italy as Jesmin, Jelsomina.

In America and other English-speaking countries, the name is pronounced as yasmine.

Yasmin's Name Purpose: Choose a name for a girl

The name accompanies a person for life, but what does Yasmin's name mean for a girl or an adult woman?

Jasmine Wagner (actress, singer, presenter and model)

From childhood she is characterized by her cheerfulness, but at the same time she grows quiet and obedient. Well, you shouldn't think of her as being quiet. In certain situations, a girl can stand up for herself.

This is a very strong and courageous person. Sometimes she can be fiery, especially when a girl is passionate about something or is in a state of internal struggle with herself. It is characterized by emotional anxiety, in particular, because of its own complexes.

He is always successful in learning, as endowed with perseverance and diligence. The girl grows up gifted and is often fond of dancing, music or going to the theater studio.

Very important to explain to the child that it is not necessary to worry and worry about trifles.

Personality and features

The girl who is affected by the meaning of the name is extremely kind, calm, and different from the rest in good manners.

Yasmin Gauri (the famous Canadian top model)

He is charismatic, sociable, and easily converges with people. Since childhood, she has been instilled with respect for others and a desire to do good .

He loves to like and enchant. Once you've met a girl like that, you can't forget her. She has some special energy and magnetism about , which is emphasized by her hobbies and appearance.

The girl has a very good intuition, so you can't manipulate her. She always knows what she wants, and is an authority to others.

In a more mature age, her character traits do not change dramatically. But it is worth noting that the woman thinks more broadly and does not dwell on the trifles. It makes a decision only after a thorough analysis of any situation.


Health of the representative of this name is simply excellent. It is rare, but if it does get infected, it will tolerate the disease easily.

Its natural beauty and health will last a lifetime without any effort, but you should not rely solely on natural or genetic data.

These women also need to take care of themselves and remember to prevent disease, otherwise the consequences may be adverse.

Marriage and family

Woman named by this name gives great importance to family and family values.

By her chosen one, she sets high standards. The future husband must appreciate it, love and respect it as a person. Also, this person should be quite attractive and educated.

Fans of the girl a lot, so she chooses her companion long and carefully. In a family relationship, she is a beautiful mother and a caring wife. Very often her femininity is revealed after the birth of a child.

The famous blogger Yasmine Maya with her husband

Careers and hobbies

This woman is easily exposed to new hobbies. If she comes up with a new idea, she can be quite stubborn and aggressive.

These are the qualities of her character that are best suited to running her own business or working in a managerial position.

Often she chooses the profession that supports her interest, but she is definitely able to work. In this regard, Yasmina is very similar to the Tamil representative.

Woman, who is influenced by the meaning of the name, can become a housewife or a successful banker or manager. Often she becomes a medical doctor or chooses professions related to psychology, astrology or pedagogy.


Name is not mentioned in the Orthodox priests, so the name does not celebrate. When you baptize a girl, you can give her the Orthodox name Jana or the Catholic name Sabina, which in Orthodoxy is pronounced as Savina.

Famous bearers of the name

  • Yasmin (Yasmin Tatiana Annette Valentin) is a Finnish singer of Roma origin. She began her musical career with a performance at Eurovision in 1996

Yasmin Reza

  • Yasmin Reza – a famous actress, novelist and playwright of French origin. Her plays The God of the Massacre and The Art have been staged in many European and American theatres.
  • Jasmine Mihajlovic – Serbian writer and literary critic. Her works can be read in English, Greek, Slovak, Ukrainian and Russian
  • Jasmine Wagner – actress, singer, TV presenter and model. Most famous for her film “Driven”, in which she starred with Sylvester Stallone.

Yasmin Blyth

  • Yasmin Blyth – an actress and model from America. It became famous for its series “Rescuers of Malibu”. Also starred in Titanas and Detective Nash Bridges
  • Yasmin Gauri – a famous Canadian top model that has worked for leading fashion designers and world-famous brands such as Versace, Valentino, Armani, Gucci, Jean-Paul Gaultier.
  • Jasmine Levi is an Israeli singer. Performs his own songs, as well as cover versions of Greek and Spanish songs with flamenco elements.

Jasmin Levi

Source: https://1000imen.ru/zhenskie-imena/yasmina-znachenie.html

Designation of the name of the ashlar, origin of the name, stones-talimans

Yasmin: meaning and origin of the name, character and fate

  • Orange
    Planet – LunaShow
    Signs – Leo, TaurusShow
    Day of the week – MondayShow
    Stones – Chrysolite, Rock Crystal, Ruby, Serdolik, Topaz, Smoky Quartz, Diamond, AmberShow
  • Yasmine's name is one of the forms of the Muslim name Jasmine (Jasmine), translated from Persian as “jasmine”, “branch of jasmine”, “jasmine flower”.

    The name Yasmine is widespread in the East, but also in Europe. Thus, in Asian countries, the name Jasmine is most often used, although the Tajiks can hear the name Yosuman (Yesuman), which is analogous to Jasmine and Yasmin.

    In England, the girl's names will be Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine (Jasmine) in Spain, Jasmine, Jasmine (Jasmine) in Portugal, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine in Bulgaria, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine in the Netherlands, Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine in Finland, Jasmine, Jasmine in the Netherlands and Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine in Finland.

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