Japanese table for determining the sex of a child

Popular Japanese table for determining the sex of a child

Japanese table for determining the sex of a child

Many couples look forward to the moment when a woman gets pregnant and they will have a long-awaited baby. From the first day of conception, a pregnant woman wants to know who she will have.

If you remember that the first planned ultrasound is only carried out at 22 weeks of pregnancy, you can find out who settled in the tummy until then by using specially designed tables.

Of course, there are many methods to determine the sex of the baby, and many of them are available and easy to use.

Each table can give different results, which can be confusing to future parents. So the question arises: which table is the most accurate? Is it possible to determine the baby's sex before the ultrasound? How do I know the sex of my child from the table?

Japanese table is the right way

Undoubtedly, the most true way to determine the sex can only be an ultrasound scan. However, there is another method that can reliably show who you will have. The Japanese table is the most popular and true calendar for both planning and sex determination of a baby.

As it is known that the baby's sex is affected by a group of chromosomes carried by sperm cells. Many scientists believe that the egg is not a carrier of the floor, it always has one set of X chromosomes.

What can not say about sperm, each of which has a different set of X or Y chromosomes, the first of them are female, and the second are male. When the sperm penetrates the mature egg, the chromosome kits are combined.

When the XX chromosomes are combined, the chromosome will be a girl and the XV chromosome will be a boy. According to many geneticists, it is impossible to predict this process.

But Japanese scientists have decided to disprove this opinion and have derived their method of determining the sex of the baby by using simple calculations. They believe that chromosome integration can be determined by the month of birth of the man and woman involved in conception, and the exact period of time of fertilization of the egg.

In other words, the male body produces different sperm with a certain set of chromosomes in certain periods of life. Thanks to this, the sex of the future child can be determined. In this context, two complementary tables have been developed.

These tables provide an indication of the auspicious time to conceive a baby with a female or male sex.

Japanese calculations have become known throughout Japan for a short period of time, and over time have become the most popular among Europeans. This method is so accurate that many people recommend that you only use it to determine the sex of the future karapuzah.

How do you calculate your child's sex from the Japanese table?

The Japanese table makes it easy to determine the sex of your child. Japanese scientists have developed two interacting tables to simplify the calculations. A special number can be defined in one, and in the second – the sex of the baby by month of conception.

The first table defines the code number behind which the sex of the baby stands:

  1. For the identification of the code number, the month of birth of the biological parents should be known exactly;

  2. From the month of your father's birth, you should draw a line from top to bottom, and from the month of the expectant mother to draw a line from left to right ;
  3. On the intersection of these lines you will see a certain number – this is the code number of your baby.

View the table for an example of a code number if the dad was born in April and the expectant mother in December. You can see the number 4 at the intersection point of the lines. The code number 4 is a number to determine the sex of your future baby by the following Japanese table.

How to count by Japanese table

In the second table, everything is also quite simple:

  1. Only, you need to know exactly the month in which the fertilization took place;
  2. In the upper list of numbers you need to find your code number. From this number it is necessary to draw a line down;
  3. Then on the left looking for the month of conception and draw a horizontal line;
  4. On the crossing point you can see the probability of the birth of a boy or girl. In a table with more crosses, you can expect a baby of this sex.

For example, you got pregnant in June. And your code number for the above parameters is 4. So you're likely to have a girl.

How to calculate a child's sex from the Japanese table

View or not?

Japanese way of determining the sex of a baby, of course, can not give a 100% guarantee as an ultrasound scan. However, some statistical studies show that 80% of those who used this method gave birth to a child of this sex, which was determined by the table.

Many couples managed to plan the sex of the child in advance by the date of conception and the date of birth of their parents. Of course, scientists are still resisting these calculations and calendars and assert that it is impossible to find out the sex of a child according to the Japanese table, because the month of birth of the child's father does not affect the sex of the future child. However, multiple matches show that you can trust and use this method.

on determining the sex of a future child

from the user about the techniques and signs to determine the sex of the future child.

Source: http://ladynumber1.com/health/pregnancy/populyarnaya-v-evropejskix-stranax-yaponskaya-tablica-opredeleniya-pola-rebenka.html

Japanese Calendar (table) for determining the sex of a future child: reviews

Japanese table for determining the sex of a child

Everyone knows the three main goals of every man's life: to keep his life from being meaningless, he must build a house, plant a tree, and raise a son. For Japanese people, the issue of having a son had always been considered a principle that determined their status as men in society.

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Namely so the question of the birth of the heir was puzzled by everything – from the nobles to ordinary farmers. As for the emperors, for them the birth of a son meant the continuation of the dynasty, so they were more worried about this issue than the rest.

The desire to give birth to and raise a son has been preserved to this day in Japan. If a couple cannot have children, they are considered unhappy, and if parents only have daughters, they are called unlucky. Also find out the truth about the brown secretions after ovulation and the 1 day delay test negative.

Where were couples who could not conceive a boy on their own, even adopted children, and men could go to the cheating in the hope that the new companion will give him a son.

Where did the idea come from?

Soon the Japanese began to wonder how they could “tell” nature about their desire to have a son/daughter. And soon a solution was found: a Japanese gender determination calendar was developed, which is based on comparing the months of birth of spouses with the month of conception of a future baby.

Popularity of this method is explained by simplicity and lack of complex calculations. This method is also universal in that it can be used not only to find out who is going to be born, but also in cases where the woman is already at a short age of pregnancy, but insanely wants to know whether she has a son or daughter in her heart.

In the first place, this method is referred to as an applied one. It's not scientifically proven, so you can't trust it 100%.

If you're waiting for your baby, use the Japanese gender calendar, but treat it like a fortune-telling. It is not necessary to look after clothes of blue or pink colour only because the Japanese sages have made an assumption in the form of the table. If you intend to plan the sex of a future baby, use other methods of calculation.

What is this method

Bottom two tables are presented. With the help of the first one you will be able to determine the common number for your pair. To do this, it is necessary to find the months of your birth horizontally and vertically, to remember the figure obtained at their intersection.

Woman's birth monthMale birth month



After that, use the second table where the chart with the curve is presented.





123456 boy girl789101112
Julyautoseok butdexxyanfemaupMay
autoseok butdexxyanfemaupMaytd>June
seoknode xxxxxxfmaapMayJuneJuly
de xxx xMayJuneJulyautoseok
xxJuneJulyautoseok but

x Julyautoseoknode
xxxautoseok butde
td>xxseok butde
xxxxxxxxx xок butde
x xxxxxxnode

Here you need to find the number from the first table in the top line of the second and draw a line up to the month of conception. If the curve graph at the intersection of these points has deviated significantly in the “masculine” or “feminine” side, then you should expect a child of this sex.

Let's look at an example more clearly. Let's say the future mommy was born in March, Daddy in April, and the baby was conceived in January. According to the Japanese calendar for determining the sex of a child by mother's age, the total number of the pair will be seven.

Now we are looking for this figure in the second table and notice that at the intersection with the first month of the year the chart markedly deviated upwards – in the “boyish” side. Thus, it is likely that the parents will have a son.

And in just a couple of months such a couple will have a favorable period for conception of a daughter.

Blood group sex determination

Japanese calendar for determining the sex of a future child by blood is rejected by many because of its absurdity. Such a table for determining the sex of a child contains all possible blood groups of the parents, and at their intersection it is indicated whether a boy or a girl will be born. But there's a lot of births of heterosexual children. How can we trust the Japanese calendar to find out the sex of a future child by blood?

But if you still want to use the Japanese sex determination table, consider some of the features:

  • to determine exactly who you are going to have a birthday, you need to consider the parental rhesus factor;
  • If the mother's rhythm is positive and the father's rhythm is positive, or both parents have negative – there will be a girl;
  • if the parents are “mixed rhesus” – you have to wait for the boy.

But these statements are arguable because they have no scientific basis.

The differences in Chinese and Japanese methods

Japanese and Chinese calendars to identify the sex of a child have long been loved by many parents who are eager to find out who they will soon have. However, these methods are similar in appearance and have some differences:

  • Japanese calendar, in addition to the age of the future mommy, takes into account the age of the future father;
  • such a calendar will not determine exactly who will be born to you, but only a certain probability of the birth of a son or daughter;
  • Japanese table also helps to plan the sex of the future baby. To do this, they are looking for a month in which the probability of a boy/girl is high, and then they count down nine months ago.

User Reviews

While there are many contradictions, inconsistencies, and nuances, the Japanese gender calendar is very popular with people over the years. Perhaps this is due to human curiosity or an incredible desire to believe the table if it shows the “right” result.

To get people's opinions, let's look at the feedback from those who have already used the Japanese gender mapping table:

Svetlana Bogdanova:

I've heard a lot about the Chinese mapping, which allows you to quickly find out who is going to be born, but about the Japanese mapping by accident. I decided to see how it works and was pleasantly surprised! I've got three kids, and I've got the right results for everyone. But in the Chinese method, there was a slip-up once. Therefore, this method can be trusted.

Antonin Sazonov:

Very much want my daughter! That's crazy! All my husband's ears were buzzing, all the methods were reviewed. I looked at the Japanese table, too. All I can do is wait for the result. I will write later.

Sergei Nikitin:

My wife and I wanted to know who would be born. Since it was a short time, the ultrasound didn't show anything. Looked at the Japanese table, looked at it, showed the boy. Very excited. What a disappointment it was when the daughter was born. It doesn't matter now, of course, but it was very important at the time. So it's nothing, don't believe these calendars.

Marina Dovlatova:

I don't think these tables make any sense either. I've seen it twice, and it's both missed. I don't think these methods were based on any statistics. More like a finger in the sky. Someone agrees, someone does not have.

Olga Gavrilenko:

I am so glad – I had a daughter! I found out that it was in my tummy many months ago, thanks to the Japanese table. Somehow I believed the result right away, like a mother's instinct. And it didn't let me down. If you really want to, all methods will show you the right way!

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Japanese Pregnancy Sex Determination Table

Japanese Sex Determination Table

Future parents can use the Japanese sexing table for their child. This is an alternative way to find out if a boy or girl will be born.

In this case, you won't have to spend a lot of time, won't need money, and won't have to wait for a certain gestational age. This explains the huge popularity of the method both in Japan and abroad.

History of the Japanese table

Table for determining the sex of a child is Japanese, which is no coincidence. In this country, it has always been considered a matter of principle to have a son, an heir. Families with only girls were not accepted by society. Those who never had a boy had to adopt him. It was important for adopted boys to share blood with their fathers, so there were many difficulties.

In order to get information about sex in advance, a Japanese table of determining the sex of a future child was developed. This factor has greatly facilitated the life of future parents. The early sex determination of a child helped by the Japanese table made it possible to plan the sex of the child well in advance.


Today, this method is used around the world and helps parents to get information about future children. A lot of people don't care if it's a boy or a girl. The information is needed to prepare things of a certain color.

How do I calculate the sex of my child by pregnancy calendar?

Japanese pregnancy calendar helps to calculate the sex of my child. To determine this, it is necessary to know the months in which each parent was born. Also need to know the month of conception of future children.

How to know the sex of the future child from the Japanese table?

  1. Need to find the month of birth of the mother in the column and the month of birth of the father in the row, compare them.
  2. The received date is searched for with the help of the second table. Going down the column in it, you are looking for a month of conception.
  3. So there is a Japanese table of determining the sex of a future child consists of two parts. The methodology is simple, and its application is clear to everyone who wants to try it. There are many sites on the Internet that allow you to use this method without using tables: if you specify all the information you will immediately get the result.

    This method can be used not only for existing pregnancy, but also when planning it. It is necessary that the conception be in a certain month. This information will be useful for people planning a child of a particular gender.

    Determines the date of birth of the parents' gender?

    It turns out that the gender of the child is determined by the Japanese table, based on the months of birth of the parents, the exact date is not necessary. Besides, you should know the month of conception. No more data is required. If there is not enough information, it is impossible to get a result using this method.

    The Japanese table helps to calculate the sex of the child, the pregnancy table helps in this. It turns out that you do not have to go to hospitals, take tests, pay or wait to get the information you need. The whole process won't take more than a couple of minutes. It is quick, convenient, and safe, unlike most scientific procedures that produce more accurate results.

    This method is the result of long term observations of who was born to certain parents, i.e., in other words, this definition of sex is an example of what the tables are based on

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