HCG: norms for weeks of pregnancy

Hgg when pregnant

HCG: norms for weeks of pregnancy
HCG) is a special “pregnancy hormone” that is produced after fertilization (5-6 days after fertilization) by the embryo shell called chorion. Therefore, the presence of chorial tissue in a woman's body indicates the onset of pregnancy.

Based on the level of hCG, it is possible to obtain the most accurate and reliable information about the presence (or absence) of a short term pregnancy, as well as to diagnose a normal and pathological pregnancy.

For the diagnosis of pregnancy in the home, the most affordable way is to determine hCG in urine. With urine, the hormone begins to secrete from the 2nd week of conception, reaching the highest level of 10 weeks, after which its concentration is reduced and maintained at a certain level until the end of pregnancy (with a repeated peak of 32-34 weeks).

For the purpose of early diagnosis of pregnancy, special express tests (test strips) for pregnancy are used to determine the fact of pregnancy. However, this diagnosis is much less accurate than in the laboratory, since the concentration of β- hCGF in urine is two times lower than in blood.

Determination of hCG level in blood is a fairly accurate method of determining pregnancy. The result will be positive 10-12 days after conception. Therefore, on the first or second day of delayed menstruation, you can give blood on the hCG.

Hg level in pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the hgCG level rises very quickly, doubling every 48-72 hours (two to three days). The hCG concentration peaks at 10-12 weeks, after which the rate of hCG growth slows down and then drops and lasts for the second and third trimesters.

In ectopic pregnancy, hCG levels will remain constant or decline for several days. Decreased or stunted hCG levels in the blood during pregnancy can also indicate spontaneous miscarriage.

High hCG levels occur in multiple pregnancies and trisomy of 21 fetuses (Down syndrome). In addition to hCG levels, α-fetoprotein (AFP) and free estriol (uE3) levels are also determined for the diagnosis of possible fetal pathologies.

Higher and lower levels of hCG during pregnancy at 2 trimesters.

How to take hCG analysis

Blood from a vein is taken for hCG analysis. Blood for research is desirable, but you don't have to take an empty stomach. It is recommended to carry out repeated tests under the same conditions – in the same laboratory, to donate blood at the same time of day – to control the laboratory parameters in dynamics.

Hg rate in pregnancy

CGF results from the laboratory may be reported in different units: mEd/ml, IU/LM, IU/ml, mIU/ml.

Translate units of measure is not necessary, it is the same: 1 mEd/ml = 1 mme/ml = Un/lm = mIU/ml.

Each laboratory sets its own hCG standards for weeks, depending on the sensitivity of the methods used to determine the hCG level.

HCG level by week of pregnancy (Invitro laboratory data)

Week of pregnancy(from conception) HCG level, honey/mltd>16thtd>17-18th
2nd25 – 300
3rd1 500 – 5 000
4-th10 000 – 30 000
5th20 000 – 100 000
6-11th20 000 – 225 000
12th19 000 – 135 000
13th18 000 – 110 000
14th14 000 – 80 000
15th12 000 – 68 000
10 000 – 58 000
8 000 – 57 000
19th7 000 – 49 000
20-28th1 600 – 49 000

Values ranging from 5 to 25 mEd/ml do not allow for confirmation or denial of pregnancy and require reexamination after 2 days.

HCG level by week of pregnancy (Gemotest laboratory data)

Week of pregnancy (from conception) Norm (honey/ml)
116 – 156
2101 – 4870
31110 – 31500
42560 – 82300
523100 – 151000
627300 – 233000
7-1020900 – 291000
11-156140 – 103000
16-204720 – 80100
from 21 to 392700 – 78100
HCG level by days and weeks of pregnancy with an average of

Weeks from the first day of menstruation Days from the moment of conception HCG Medium HCG range
3 n. 5 days122510 – 50
3 n. 6 days135025 – 100
4 weeks147550 – 100
4 n. 1 day15150100 – 200
4 n. 2 days16300200 – 400
4 n. 3 days17700400 – 1000
4 n. 4 days181 7101050 – 2800
4 n. 5 days192 3201440 – 3760
4 n. 6 days203 1001940 – 4980
5 weeks214 0902580 – 6530
5 n. 1 day225 3403400 – 8450
5 n. 2 days236 8804420 – 10810
5 n. 3 days248 7705680 – 13660
5 n. 4 days2511 0407220 – 17050
5 n. 5 days2613 7309050 – 21040
5 n. 6 days2715 30010140 – 23340
6 weeks2816 87011230 – 25640
6 n. 1 day2920 48013750 – 30880
6 n. 2 days3024 56016650 – 36750
6 n. 3 days3129 11019910 – 43220
6 n. 4 days3234 10025530 – 50210
6 n. 5 days3339 46027470 – 57640
6 n. 6 days3445 12031700 – 65380
7 weeks3550 97036130 – 73280
7 n. 1 day3656 90040700 – 81150
7 n. 2 days3762 76045300 – 88790
7 n. 3 days3868 39049810 – 95990
7 n. 4 days3973 64054120 – 102540
7 n. 5 days4078 35058200 – 108230
7 n. 6 days4182 37061640 – 112870
8 weeks4285 56064600 – 116310

When evaluating the results of the hCG analysis it is necessary to be guided only by the norms of the laboratory that carried out the analysis!

Source: https://www.kukuzya.ru/page/hgch-pri-beremennosti

Table of the norm of softening in pregnancy by weeks

HCG: norms by weeks of pregnancy
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HCG (Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormonal substance inside the body that produces the placenta after fertilization. During the first days of embryo formation, the amount of the hormone reaches its peak, but in the middle of the first trimester, its amount begins to decrease.

Pregnancy test. Did you know that it is hCG that allows you to detect pregnancy at an early stage, and not only with the help of biochemical tests, but also with the help of a simple pharmacy test. The pregnancy test is sensitive in the urine of gonadotropin, and at its high content shows a positive result.

Fact. If you decide to get tested for pregnancy with a test a few days after intercourse, it will give you a false choice. The test can only be used 10-14 days after the delay in menstruation.

Sometimes pharmacy tests report false information about pregnancy. There's a lot of reasons for that. Second, if you are treated for infertility, some drug components can raise hormone levels.

Third, abortion, an unsuccessful pregnancy initially retains hCG values until a woman's menstrual cycle is established.

Gonadotropin plays a major role in pregnancy – it prevents menstruation during all 9 months, also increases the level of hormones that help it to proceed without complications, ensures its preservation until the birth of a healthy, well-born child. In addition to these functions, it also reduces the immune system to prevent miscarriage (rejection by the immune cells of the fetus), prepares the female genitalia for childbirth.

Why is it worth monitoring the hCG level of the table?

The creation of a future mother requires a lot of attention, control by the woman. Now severe births, abnormalities in development, genetic diseases can be detected in the first, second semester.

HCG level analysis is considered one of those to be controlled.

>Hggg during pregnancy, the norm for weeks, the table – why is it so necessary to monitor all this:

  1. Detection of pregnancy. When conception is observed a sharp jump in the hormone, its amount increases by 10 times. Its high level is noted not only in blood, but also in urine;
  2. Suspicion of complication – ectopic pregnancy, the threat of miscarriage and bleeding;
  3. Information about the healthy growth and development of the baby, the absence of pathologies.

What shows the deficit of chorionic gonadotropin in a future mother:

  1. Missing between the present and diagnosed pregnancy;
  2. Un uterine pregnancy;

    1. Missing pregnancy
    2. Missing pregnancy

      Missing pregnancy

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      Missing pregnancy

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      Missing pregnancy

    3. Stop the development of the fetus, stop its development;
    4. Threats the risk of miscarriage and bleeding;
    5. Fetal transplantation. The actual date of birth of the child has passed and this has not happened;
    6. Chronic placental insufficiency;
    7. Fetal death in the middle of pregnancy;
    8. Threatening placenta rupture.

    What is at risk of high levels of chorionic gonadotropin in a pregnant woman:

    1. He reports double – the amount of hormone increases with the number of embryos;
    2. Distinction between the correct pregnancy and the predicted one;
    3. Toxicosis;
    4. Development of genetic diseases that are associated with the addition of an extra chromosome or lack of the necessary pair. For example, the development of Down syndrome (disorders of the 21st pair of chromosomes);
    5. Signals about the use of synthetic hormones of steroid breed;
    6. Saccharine diabetes in pregnant woman.

    It is not advisable to conduct a hCG test at once, even laboratory tests will not show a positive result for pregnancy if less than 10 days have passed since the end of menstruation.

    Blood/urine hormone levels are determined by weeks of conception.

    How to prepare for hCG analysis: what to do, how to do it?

    Biochemical blood samples are usually taken to determine the amount of this hormone. Although urine can give a positive result for gonadotropin content, but it serves as a qualitative rather than quantitative indicator, i.e. to determine the fact of pregnancy itself, but to detect anomalies, to control it – no.

    Prep>Preparation procedure. Don't eat for at least two or three hours before you donate blood. To make it easier to take a sample, have a few glasses of water. Stop taking any medications three days before the procedure – they can affect the results of the tests, and some of them may be prohibited during pregnancy. If you can't refuse them, talk to your doctor.

    HCG performance in week 5 of pregnancy: normal, what does it say about its violation?

    On the 4th week before the fifth gonadotropin is weak, so gynecologists do not advise to focus on any numbers at this time. The fifth week can be considered indicative already, and while it has not come it is possible to relax, to eat more fruits and vegetables, to have a rest.

    To an estrogen and progesterone the next hormone – hCG joins. It's a signal to start a pregnancy. In most cases, it is passed in 5 weeks for a pregnancy checkup.

    In this period, it is particularly worth keeping an eye on the indicator, because it is easier to correct any indicators at an early date.

    How many hCGs should be on that date? Average value – 4 0900 in mEd/ml, the normal range is from 2 5800-6 5000 mEd/ml. During this period, there is an active daily increase in the body.

    How does high hCG levels affect a woman during this period, is it felt? First of all, the appearance of a woman changes – a pleasant blush appears on her cheeks, the shine in her eyes appears, female beauty is emphasized, facial features become more acute. Secondly, the appetite increases, the sense of smell increases, taste preferences change – the body mass index increases.

    If the hormone level rises too slowly or stops at this time:

    • There is a risk of ectopic pregnancy;
    • There is a risk of the fetus freezing, stopping its development;
    • This indicates problems with the placenta.

    If we were able to identify terrible anomalies with hCG, what do doctors do? In case of ectopic pregnancy you need maximum control, more rest, the obstetrician-gynaecologist will take the child by Caesarean section. When the fetus freezes, development stops, abortion is the only option.

    Which hCG values are considered to be the norm in the table from 6-8 weeks?

    The hormone grows with the same high progression in week 6. The baby's heart beats actively – this is an occasion to be even more attentive to the results of analysis.

    What is the norm in week 6? 1110 – 31500 mEd/ml in blood – considered the limit of normal course of pregnancy.

    Which ranges of hormone should be in 7 weeks? 5,000 to 20,000 honey/ml.

    Provisions for analysis on hCG on week 7:

    • Suspicion of ectopic pregnancy;
    • Threat of miscarriage – measures to maintain pregnancy, to control the body;
    • Amenorrhea;
    • Suspicion of a new growth.

    What can the deviation from the norm say on this term:

    • On the development of genetic diseases;
    • On the development of genetic diseases;
    • On the intensive toxicosis;

      On twins or triplets – multiple pregnancies;

    • Inadequate fetal development;

    • Impossible miscarriage, complications of pregnancy;
    • Placental tear.

    Norm at week 8: 27000 – 230000 mEd/ml in blood.

    Deciding period of 9-11 weeks or a sharp fracture of the gonadotropin index in the table

    This time plays an important role in the development of the fetus, the course of pregnancy. It's after him that the hormone declines, and women notice changes in well-being.

    HCG and toxicosis. Hormone is responsible for toxicosis (nausea in the morning, sensitivity to odors, slight dizziness) So at the beginning of pregnancy, when gonadotropin is at its peak, it is marked by severe toxicity after 11 weeks, it goes to naught. Simply retake the analysis after the time appointed by the doctor, undergo additional diagnostics – ultrasound. Norm – 20000-100000 mEd/mln

    On the 10th week the amount of hormone reaches 46500-186396 mEd/ml. Either this week or the 11th week has the highest level of hormone, which then goes into a state of decline. A pregnant woman's health is also improving.

    By week 12, the numbers are falling. Minimum level 13000 mEd/l, maximum 170000 mEd/l. The upward and downward trend changes if you have a multiple pregnancy, so don't panic right away if you're not normal.

    What happens to hCG in the 13th week of pregnancy?

    By the 13th week the figures are within the range of 13000-60000 mEd/ml. What is happening to chorionic gonadotropin at the moment can still be seen from the blood analysis.

    This period is the period of organ formation, you can already clearly hear the heartbeat of the child on the ultrasound. At this time, a biochemical blood test will help you to find out if there are any genetic abnormalities in your baby's development.

    If there is a difference in chorionic gonadotropin numbers, don't worry about it right away. Only after a full examination by an obstetrician-gynecologist will you be able to fully assess the situation.

    To ensure that the results of the analysis were accurate, the slightest error was excluded – do not play sports the day before the donation of blood, do not take hormones, refuse to take food a few hours before the procedure.

    How the pregnancy develops at 18 weeks: the hCG

    Level of eighteen weeks of chorionic gonadotropin ranges from 4000 to 165000 mEU/Ml. A drop in this substance does not always report a pathology at this time.

    Some expectant mothers have downward deviations and still have a healthy baby without a caesarean section.

    But if the rate has started to rise sharply, you need to undergo a comprehensive diagnosis immediately and take appropriate measures if you are found to be abnormal.

    If you are suddenly asked by an obstetrician-gynecologist to give blood to this hormone, don't worry. In the middle of pregnancy, the doctor should make sure that the child is okay, there are no abnormalities. In addition, getting information about the condition of the expectant mother and child helps to determine whether delivery will be difficult or normal.

    What are the marks of softening a few weeks before delivery?

    From the 23rd week before the birth of the baby is determined by a single range of hormone norm: from 2500 to 78000 mEd/mln

    Changes in this index can signal an overburden pregnancy (when the baby is not born on time), the main solution to the problem is a Caesarean section. This is preceded by a complex examination (it is necessary to find out how the fetus is located and whether it is wrapped in an umbilical cord), and preparations are made before the artificial birth.

    If there is a sudden jump in the 37 week of pregnancy, premature delivery may begin. The main task of doctors is to provide all conditions for normal life of a prematurely born child. Sometimes a preterm baby can suffer from various pathologies, genetic changes. That's why he's under special surveillance.

    Does chorionic gonadotropin come down artificially? The procedure for demotion is never done by doctors. Because if there is a threat of rejection of the fetus when the hormone increases (immune cells will start working again) or there will be problems with the placenta and uterus (the hormone prepares them for the birth of a child – expands, increases blood flow), the decrease says otherwise.

    The Table on the norm of hgchg in pregnancy for weeks below is absolutely clear about the norms for weeks.

    Hgp table for all MedPortal.net visitors

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    Source: https://medportal.net/hgch-pri-beremennosti-norma-po-nedelyam-tablica/

    HCG: norm table by week of pregnancy. Possible errors and pathologies

    hCG: norms for weeks of pregnancy

    Pregnancy thoughts arise in a woman after a few days of delay in her period. By that time, the embryo was already several weeks old. HCG has been dubbed the hormone of pregnant women for a reason, it is actively produced only in “ladies in position” and is determined at the earliest stages of conception.

    The table of hCG parameters is oriented not only at the diagnosis of early pregnancy. It is needed for:

    The normal hormone is found in the body of both sexes, but its concentration does not exceed 5 Un/ml.

    • What is hCG and why it is important during pregnancy
    • Normal levels outside gestation
    • Period of active hormone synthesis
      • When to take the analysis
      • /li>

      • Why does hCG not match the timing
    • Causes for abnormalities
    • When to take a blood test
    • How often do you take a 1-trimester test
      • Readings
      • Errors
      • May I take the hCG in the evening
    • Preparing for analysis
    • HCG growth table in pregnancy by weeks
    • Dynamics of hCG per day of conception (table)
    • Typical changes in hormone levels in genetic pathologies
    • When hCG levels naturally decrease during pregnancy

    Chorionic gonadotropin and its role

    Chorionic gonadotropin – glycoprotein consisting of a couple of components:

    • alpha-particles or alpha-subunits;
    • beta-particles or beta-subunits.

    A beta component of the hormone itself is a marker of fertilization and successful pregnancy. HCG is produced by the primary embryonic shell, chorion, from the first days of conception.

    Menstrual cycle blocking, prevention of bleeding and spontaneous rejection of the embryo. It activates the production of progesterone and estradiol, the hormones responsible for keeping the fertilized egg in the uterus, as well as the proper formation and nutrition of the placenta.

    Blood hormone concentration out of pregnancy

    Unpregnant women have low levels of gonadotropin, ranging from 0 to 5 mead/ml. The increase in indicators is fixed:

    • for some time after termination of pregnancy;
    • in the menopausal period (up to 9 Un/ml);
    • on the background of prolonged therapy with hormones;
    • in the presence of tumors of the genitourinary system.

    In men, the increased amount of hormone in the blood indicates the development of the tumor process of the reproductive sphere

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