Early miscarriage: signs, symptoms, reasons to prevent

How an early miscarriage occurs. Signs of miscarriage. What early miscarriage looks like

Early miscarriage: signs, symptoms, reasons to prevent

Okay, when the pregnancy is desired. However, two clear stripes on the test do not guarantee that the baby will be okay until birth. Sometimes the female body for some reason gets rid of the fetus itself some time after its appearance. It's an early miscarriage. Why is this happening and is there a way to prevent trouble?

We will go back to impartial statistics: one quarter of all early pregnancies are doomed to a spontaneous interruption. In order to be able to influence the course of events, it is important to know the reasons for the miscarriage and its symptoms.

How an early miscarriage occurs

Sadly, it is almost impossible to reverse the pathological process if there are serious reasons for spontaneous early termination of pregnancy. The fruit is so small at this time that the woman won't even know what's going on with her.

At first glance, it looks like the menstrual cycle resumes after a long delay (1-2 weeks). Months, more abundant than usual, are accompanied by pulling pain in the lower abdomen.

In addition, not all women come to the hospital after the incident. There are only a handful of women who have been frightened by the sight of a blood clot resembling a torn bubble.

Ideally, all women need a medical examination – if there was indeed a miscarriage, additional cleaning may be required afterwards.

When a woman is aware of her “interesting” position, it is much easier for her to predict the beginning of a spontaneous miscarriage at an early stage.

First of all, it is necessary to carefully monitor the sensations in the lower abdomen and back. Painful, blunt and pulling spasms, which may cause bleeding or tissue lumps, signal danger.

If you seek medical attention immediately, there is a chance to maintain the pregnancy.

Early miscarriage is said to occur when the pregnancy spontaneously ends before 12 weeks of fetal existence. A late miscarriage occurs within a period of up to 22 weeks, and a prematurely born baby has a good chance of surviving if the doctors act in a timely and coordinated manner.

Early miscarriage: prejudices

There are many myths in society about the reasons for spontaneous termination of pregnancy. How to avoid miscarriage at an early date, you will be told at any women's forum, but not all the tips you can trust. It is well known that up to 12 weeks of pregnancy the following factors do not pose a threat to the intrauterine development of the fetus:

  • air travel by plane;
  • insignificant blunt trauma in the abdomen;
  • moderate sports activities;
  • single case of spontaneous abortion up to 12 weeks in anamnesis;
  • stress.

Real causes of early miscarriage

Physicians cite many social, biological, and medical factors as reasons for spontaneous termination of pregnancy. Determining what exactly caused the miscarriage is often very difficult: sometimes the miscarriage is based on a single factor and sometimes on a whole complex.

A certain percentage of women are familiar with this pathology not by hearsay: the unhappy have experienced several miscarriages in a row. In medical circles, this phenomenon has been identified as a habit of not carrying a pregnancy.

List the most serious and common factors that cause the risk of miscarriage at an early stage:

  • most often the body itself gets rid of non-viable offspring, if the appearance and development of the fetus is associated with a certain anomaly or genetic pathology. This can be a hereditary “breakage” at the gene level or a spontaneous mutation caused by radiation, a dangerous virus or a severe environmental situation. Alas, medicine cannot change or prevent this process. That is why thorough preparation for the upcoming pregnancy is impossible without the advice of future parents in genetics;
  • a significant danger to the normal development of pregnancy are violations of the immune and hormonal systems. The woman needs to be tested at the planning stage of the child, so that all the pitfalls can be removed in advance. Quite often the obstacle to the dream of motherhood is a lack of progesterone, excess androgens, pathology in the activity of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands,
  • another pressing problem for the successful development of the fetus in the womb – the Rh factor. The mother's body reacts to the embryo as an alien object and gets rid of it, because the rhesus factor of its blood with a “-” sign, and the father was taken – with a “+” sign. If the fears are real, the situation is corrected by immunomodulatory therapy as early as the planning stage of the pregnancy;
  • the undoubted enemy of a healthy pregnancy – infection (regardless of origin). In particular, these are all diseases that are transmitted “through bed”: herpes, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc. Pathogens infect the embryo by infecting the fetal membranes, which leads to miscarriage at an early stage of pregnancy;
  • an unfavorable end of pregnancy at an early stage is waiting for a woman with chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases of the internal organs. The most insidious of them are: viral hepatitis, rubella, pneumonia, flu, severe sore throat;
  • very difficult for the female body to cope with pregnancy due to stress caused by abortion. Artificial termination of pregnancies in the past may result in secondary infertility and the usual lack of bearing capacity in the future. A woman should inform her doctor about such facts of her biography during the planning of pregnancy;
    • should not ignore the individual characteristics of the female body, such as congenital anomalies and cancers of the internal genitals, ICN. These and other pathologies rule out pregnancy as such.

    The first symptoms of early miscarriage

    The way the miscarriage develops excludes one-steps – spontaneous termination of pregnancy can be divided into several stages. Okay, let's find out how to identify the miscarriage early on.

    The first “bells” are painful sensations covering the back of the lumbar region and the lower abdomen. Often at the same time, brownish or reddish clots are released from the genital tract. Early miscarriage is a very dangerous sign that tissue detachment has begun.

    Even a few drops of blood on the underwear are a serious reason to go to a health facility immediately. Reliable prevention of spontaneous termination of pregnancy is regular visits to the women's clinic for routine examinations and all necessary tests.

    Only in this way will the expectant mother be sure that her baby is okay.

    How an early miscarriage looks like: the main stages

    The first stage of the pathology we learned about above is very common in expectant mothers. In order to preserve the baby, future mothers have to lie on the ground almost all the way to prenatal fights. The initial stage of the pathology is marked by uterine hypertension, blood secretion and contraction-like discomfort.

    The second stage of the disorder leads to more severe consequences.

    At this point in time, all signs of a complete miscarriage at an early stage: begins a fragmented separation of the fetal egg from the inner wall of the uterus.

    However, at this time, the problem can still be prevented, doctors believe. This is possible thanks to the immediate and coordinated intervention of professionals, provided that the pregnant woman is admitted to hospital in a timely manner.

    The next stage of early spontaneous abortion is a miscarriage on the move. Now I'm not going to help anymore.

    Pregnant woman is suddenly covered by sudden spasms, bleeding begins almost immediately – the most convincing sign of early miscarriage.

    This indicates the final death of the foetal egg, which comes out completely or partially (incomplete miscarriage). In the photo, the fetal egg is miscarried early:

    Pathology ends with a complete spontaneous abortion. After a miscarriage at an early stage of the uterus is reduced and quickly comes to “pre-existent” sizes. Complication in this case is considered incomplete abortion or a frozen pregnancy (diagnosed by ultrasound) when there is a high risk of pus formation or onset of sepsis.

    How to recognize an early miscarriage

    At first glance, the miscarriage is quite easy to detect, so some women think that if you feel well after what happened, you can neglect a visit to the hospital. However, this is a dangerous misconception: all signs of spontaneous early termination of pregnancy are also characteristic of other, more serious diseases, which can be mistaken for a miscarriage without proper diagnosis:

    • malignant cervical mass;
    • cervical trauma.

    Exclude these conditions only within the walls of the healthcare facility.

    What to do with an early miscarriage

    Sadly, doctors cannot change the course of events at the very beginning of pregnancy – you will not go against nature.

    Tranexam is a common practice to stop the bleeding. If a woman has had several failed pregnancies in the past, they will prescribe Utrozhestan.

    When, thanks to the efforts of doctors, pregnancy can be brought to the second trimester, a sutures or a pessary should be applied in case of a threatening miscarriage, if there is a short cervical cervix in case of istemico-cervical insufficiency.

    Basically, this is the end of the ways to control the pathology.

    There is no help in the process of miscarriage development:

    • Bedding – a conscious decrease in the mother's motor activity cannot stop the miscarriage if there are real prerequisites for it to happen;
    • Please take medication: No-Spa, Papaverin, Magnet B6, Analgin.

    Few weeks after a complete miscarriage, a woman needs to see a doctor and have her blood tested for hCG levels. If all the vitals are normal, there's nothing to worry about. However, if the hormone level has not decreased at all or decreased, but has not fallen to the required minimum, there is a possibility of bubble drift. It's a dangerous complication that requires immediate medical intervention.

    Abort on the go can be completed in several ways. If blood is still excreted from the vagina during the examination and the foetal egg or embryo is still in the uterus, the doctor may determine the following tactics:

    • a wait-and-see approach of up to 7 days (the body may reject unnecessary things without interference);
    • Medicinal approach (a woman is prescribed a remedy Misoprostol, under the influence of which the uterine muscles are strongly compressed and bring the remnants of the fetal egg outward);
    • surgical cleaning (if vaginal bleeding acquires a massive character).

    How to prevent early miscarriage

    To exclude all possible factors that cause an early miscarriage, it is necessary to have offspring under the professional guidance of a doctor. This is the only way to make sure that there are no “breakdowns” at the cellular level or internal pathologies.

    Moreover, parents-to-be review and adjust their habits according to the changes to come: at this stage it is important to put an end to bad habits, establish a daily routine and diet.

    Early miscarriage: how to understand where to go next

    After such a crushing failure, a woman is recommended to undergo rehabilitation treatment. If the cause of the incident could not be determined earlier, physicians will make the necessary diagnosis to determine it now. This is important, otherwise the woman runs the risk of facing the same problem when she prepares for motherhood next time.

    The ultrasound procedure is a mandatory step after an early miscarriage. If there are egg or embryo fragments in the uterus, the woman will need to be cleaned to avoid inflammation or infection.

    After all the necessary procedures, the doctor will prescribe a course of antibacterial therapy that will eliminate various infectious diseases, as well as a course of hormones that will clean up the endocrine system of the woman.

    Among other things, the failed mother is in dire need of professional psychological support. Losing a baby, even if it's so tiny, leaves an indelible mark on a woman's mind. It's important to experience this moment with the support of a psychologist or family member.

    Wrong to fence off the outside world and stay alone with your misfortune, so negative emotions will simply “eat up” all hope for the best.

    Psychologists recommend that women who have survived a miscarriage should not be ashamed of their feelings and should not restrain their aggression and tears – the sooner they are rid of them, the sooner they will recover.

    And in no case should we be afraid of the future: modern medicine and competent doctors will do everything possible to ensure that a new pregnancy ends with the victorious cry of the long-awaited baby!

    Source: https://beremennuyu.ru/kak-proishodit-vykidysh-na-rannih-srokah-priznaki-vykidysha-kak-vyglyadit-vykidysh-na-rannem-sroke

    How to determine, prevent and what to do if an early miscarriage

    Early miscarriage: signs, symptoms, reasons to prevent

    Statistically, early miscarriage occurs in 20% of women. And to understand what happened irreparable, most of them do not even have time. Spontaneous abortion, as doctors also call rejection of the fetus by the female body, occurs for up to 12 weeks for various reasons. The main thing to do in this case is not to miss the symptoms and to see a doctor in time.

    Cause of spontaneous abortion

    What causes early miscarriages? That's a question worth asking before conception. But the information will be useful for those who have already experienced trouble, and those who have just seen two stripes on the test. So, the reasons for the miscarriage in early pregnancy can be this:

    • Hormonal disorders (higher risk in women with high testosterone);
    • nervous tension, stress;
    • olikistosis of the ovaries;
    • constant uterine tone;
    • preceding abortions;
    • fetal genetic anomalies caused by mutations at the gene level;
    • immunological abnormalities, the most important of which is the rhesus conflict;
    • smoking, alcohol, drug use, energy drinks;
    • infectious diseases transmitted from a partner;
    • Rude, careless sexual intercourse;
    • falling, traumatizing;
    • heavy lifting;
    • mother's age 35 years and older;

    • take of medications that are prohibited during pregnancy.

    Say exactly why a couple's miscarriage occurs at an early stage can only be done by a doctor after a comprehensive examination.

    Signs and symptoms of fetal rejection

    Signs of early miscarriage should in any case alert the expectant mother. They include bleeding and aching abdominal pain.

    The difficulty lies in the fact that it is not always clear whether normal menstruation has begun or whether there is a real risk of failure. Especially if the woman herself does not know whether she is pregnant.

    If conception is planned, the expectant mother should be wary of strange in consistency or unusual periodicals. Usually they are brown, with a mixture of bloodstains.

    Don't hesitate to consult a doctor! In case it is really a pregnancy, it is possible to stop and keep the pregnancy at the initial stage. Of course, if there is a lot of bleeding, there is no chance to save the fetus. It is very important to know the indirect first signs of miscarriage at an early stage in order to at least maintain their health. Indicate spontaneous abortion is a change:

    • weight loss;
    • continuous lower abdominal and lower back pain accompanied by spasms;
    • impaired gastrointestinal functioning (diarrhoea, nausea);
    • appearance of strange shade secretions.

    The symptoms of miscarriage in early pregnancy are similar to those of a frozen pregnancy and other equally dangerous pathologies. That's why you can't postpone a visit to a specialist.

    How the miscarriage occurs

    Like the early miscarriage in several stages, it is important for the girl not to get confused and to understand the threat in time.

    Step 1 Threatening abortion. At this point, the pregnant woman begins to feel small pains in the abdomen and there are indistinct discharges. It is at this stage that timely care can prevent catastrophe.

    Step 2 Started abortion. At this stage, the answer to the question of how to recognize early miscarriage is as follows: all symptoms are almost identical to those that threaten abortion, only the pain is greater, and dizziness and weakness are added to the malaise.

    A girl can't just ignore her condition and expect it to go away. This is the last chance to turn the situation around! With proper hormonal support and temporary mobility restrictions, the fetus will not be rejected by the body.

    Now it's all in your hands!

    Step 3 Abortion on the move or a complete abortion. In this case, there is no chance of saving the child.

    There is only one thing left to do: ask for help and go through a very unpleasant but necessary uterine cavity scraping procedure.

    In some cases, there are situations when the foetus leaves the whole cavity without leaving a trace. Much more often, there are small particles that can lead to irreparable consequences in the future.

    Not to blame yourself in the event of a spontaneous miscarriage. It is quite possible that the cause was irreparable genetic abnormalities, because of which his life in our world would have been simply impossible. Don't despair and give up! After you've recovered your moral and physical health, see a doctor and undergo a full examination.

    Spontaneous termination of pregnancy

    Besides the fact that several stages of miscarriage begin early and proceed, doctors note the main types of spontaneous termination of pregnancy

    • Somplete or inevitable. In this case, the woman feels acute pain accompanied by bleeding. The doctor will note an increase in cervical lumen that burst the membrane. It is almost impossible to change the situation.
    • Unstalled arbitrary termination of pregnancy. Usually a woman learns about this only at a doctor's appointment. The specialist will not hear the child's heartbeat during the routine examination and will ask the mother to undergo additional examination. In this case, the fetus freezes in the uterine cavity, but does not leave it.
    • The most gentle option for the health of the mother, in which self-cleansing takes place and the bleeding stops after the process, all symptoms disappear.
    • Anembryonium. In this case, either the fetus is conceived, but the fetus freezes in development by attaching to the uterus wall, or a false pregnancy with the formation of a gestational bag. In any case, the body will protest and reject the education.
    • Repeat. Such a verdict will be heard by women who have experienced early termination of pregnancy not for the first time. Statistics show that about 1 – 5% of families may be subjected to such a test. The reason is the unexplained or untreated disease. A couple who have had a second spontaneous abortion must know how to identify an early miscarriage in order to respond in time and take action!
    • Chorionadenoma. In this case, doctors say that genetic abnormalities instead of a healthy embryo in the uterine cavity have resulted in a simple piece of tissue that increases in size to a certain point. It is then rejected by the body.
    EARNING IN EARNING SOFTWARE – one of the most common problems encountered in obstetrics! Statistically, only about 10-15% of women recognize spontaneous abortion by its symptoms. In general, gynecologists say that 50-60% of all pregnancies fail before the period is delayed, i.e. up to 3 weeks after conception.Habitual loss is only 1% to 5% of pregnancy in couples.Maybe a repeat of spontaneous abortion:

    • after the first case – 15%;
    • after two – 30%;
    • after three – 40-45%.


    How a miscarriage is diagnosed

    Answering the question of why a miscarriage occurs early can unfortunately only be obtained after an event has occurred in most cases. However, if a woman goes to see a doctor on time, she will be given a comprehensive examination to identify the factors that contributed to the pathology.

    The most accurate method to diagnose the presence of any abnormalities is an ultrasound. His doctor will appoint him first. Then he will ask you to take the tests, check the condition of the cervix, determine the tone. But she must be supported if she has a chance to save the fetus.

    Or she can be cleaned to avoid complications.

    Doesn't just need to see a doctor

    Physician's office is just the right place to see a doctor, but also the right place to see a doctor when the first symptoms of an impending disaster appear. Because the time required for a miscarriage at an early stage often allows for a timely response and treatment. In most cases, the child can be saved! If it happened that everything went too fast, or if the mother just did not realize her new situation, it is still necessary to see a doctor. And that's why:

    • it is likely that there may have been fetal particles left in the uterus, resulting in inflammation or, worse, neoplasms;

    • the bleeding could be fatal if not treated;
    • decomposition of fetal remains is likely to cause blood contamination;
    • complete examination to identify the causes that led to such consequences will help avoid a repeat of the situation at the next conception.

    Early miscarriage without a cleanse is a potential threat to a woman's health, as well as to her future conception! Don't joke with your health! Of course, the procedure is unpleasant, but not as bad as the consequences of ignoring it.

    How to prevent miscarriage with medication

    If a woman realizes that she has a reason to miscarry spontaneously at an early stage, she should be examined by a doctor before conception and should not ignore the symptoms and follow the recommendations during pregnancy.

    Usually, to prevent spontaneous abortion in the presence of hormonal disorders, “Utrozhestan” or “Dufaston” is prescribed.

    They compensate for the lack of a yellow body and have a positive effect on the health of the mother, maintain pregnancy, normalizing the hormonal background.

    If the woman has a negative blood type, the father has a positive blood type, and the child has taken the father's rhesus, it is likely that there will be a rhesus conflict with the fetus. In this case, the early miscarriage will be preceded by special medications, which will be administered to the pregnant woman to neutralize the effects of antibodies.

    If the threat of failure lies in the cervix, it will be placed on a special ring. They're the ones that keep pregnancies going in most cases.

    How can a woman help herself

    Settle down and lie down. If there is a risk of miscarriage, some pregnant women have to stay in bed for nine months. This is usually the case for women who decide to give birth after 35 years of age and after IVF.

    Maximum elimination of stress and anxiety will reduce the risk of losing a child.

    Of course, to relax and enjoy life aki great Buddha turns out to be a few, so too impressionable and emotional doctors recommend drinking teas, herbal decoctions, pills from natural sedatives.

    There is an opinion that spontaneous abortion can be a couple more than once in the whole time planning. It's kind of true. Young people can change the situation on their own by simply being examined and treated.

    A spontaneous miscarriage at an early stage, the symptoms of which are very similar to menstruation in the first month, often go unnoticed by the woman. If she already knew about her new position and was expecting a child, then after cleaning it is recommended to go to rest, change the situation and gain strength.

    And afterwards you can start planning anew and believe that everything will be fine this time!

    Source: http://7mam.ru/vykidysh-na-rannem-sroke/

    Cause of early miscarriage – why is it happening?

    Early miscarriage: signs, symptoms, reasons to prevent

    Females are often delayed in their periods, but do not yet expect to be pregnant. This fact becomes obvious to them when two stripes appear on the test bought at the pharmacy.

    Except for the woman herself, none of her relatives and friends around her do not know about the pregnancy, she is not yet visible and vulnerable.

    Almost a fifth of the total number of pregnancies end badly if some negative circumstances arise

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