Funny inscriptions on cakes – a new trend of our time

Text of cake advertising to order examples of selling ads for confectionery, bakery, sweets

Funny inscriptions on cakes - a new modern trend

This text replaces the text of the cake advertisement by a 24-hour sales consultant. His task is to answer the visitor's question colorfully, but specifically. How does it look, how to order and get it, what kind of packaging it tastes like, what kind of packaging it is called… The questions of weight, and the text should take into account everything.

Emotion is even more important. Beautiful text of cakes and cakes advertising makes literally physically feel the beauty and delicate taste of cake, trifle, gingerbread, dessert, cakepops or pasta. Light crunch, sugar explosion and taste of sweet stuffing should permeate the whole announcement with sweet filling of positive emotions.

Text of cake advertising to order

Especially important is the text of cake advertising for the holidays: New Year, February 14, February 23, March 8, birthday, wedding, christening, corporate party. After all, it's a reliable gift that I'm not ashamed to go to a visit with.

Customer channels for cake advertising

  1. Social networks. To advertise cakes to installers, contact and other social networks, they are the best.
  2. Site. On the Internet, competition is somewhat less than on social media.

    If you enter the keys correctly into the articles to promote them, you can get good traffic to your sweetest site.

  3. Press advertising. Printing on paper gives up positions in the market every year. And yet, it is too early to discard it.

    Advertising in newspapers, outdoor advertising, leaflet distribution and ad sticking do their job.

  4. Sarafan radio. The best channel to attract clients. All you need is time and excellent product quality!
  5. Link.

    Can be in both electronic and paper versions. It works reliably, because at least one of a hundred can get a beautifully painted cake in the coming days.

But without the informative and creative text of advertising confectionery products use of channels of attraction will be little.

And the information should be in the foreground: how to order, how much time to wait, how much time to store, how to transport. And it's mandatory to announce the cost. Next, I'll give you some samples of sweets.

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Example of cake advertising text for the holiday: February 14, February 23, March 8, New Year's Eve (timekeeping 30 seconds)

Thus I would like to pamper customers sometimes with a pleasant trifle …

(Fast-forwarding) pens, notebooks, cigarette lighters.

But it's boring for everyone…

Give a delicious mood from the gift factory “Dolce Vita”. Cookies, caramel postcards, art waffles. Of course with the logo! Everything's full color, at least a portrait of it! Look at and order at 423-587-55. And the occasion is not far off! Dolce Vita is a souvenir factory.

Sample of text for custom homemade cake advertising in poems on the radio (timekeeping 20 seconds)

Beautiful cake with burning candles!

And you can see at once that the birthday

Birthday, anniversary and simply,

To cheer everyone up.

Children's cafe “Family” takes orders for the production of cakes and kendi-bars of any complexity. 25-95-75

Wedding cake advertising text example on the radio (timekeeping 25 seconds)

Ports? Cakes! Cakes for all occasions. Confectionery production “Tatarochka” represents the big assortment of cakes as for sweet toothpaste, and for the refined gourmets.

We accept orders for cakes from 300 rubles for kilogram. Weddings, corporate parties, children's festivals and home-made tea are becoming even sweeter with cakes from the confectionery production “Tatarochka”.

Salih Saydashev, 34-a. Tel. 293-22-50

Sample of the text of advertisement of registered cakes on the radio (timekeeping 50 seconds)

The center of any celebration has long been a birthday cake. Cafe Blues offers to order a cake of your dreams. Children's, wedding, corporate, with your logo on any celebrations and occasions. Our confectioners-professionals will make an exclusive cake to your taste and will make according to your desire.

Exclusive cakes to order from cafe “Blues” – is the best gift for your family and friends, for friends and bosses. We guarantee that our cake will be a unique surprise and will give joy to your loved ones. All information about the order by phone 485-85, 485-85.

Cafe “Blues” – we will fulfill your sweet dream!

Order cake ads from the copywriter

Order cake ads from the copywriter – this is not the only, but a necessary step to increase sales. Do your job and make quality confectionery products, and the text will do its job – to bring customers.

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With respect, copywriter Dmitry Zadorozhny

15,929 0


The inscription on the cake “Happy Birthday!”

Merry inscriptions on the cakes - a new trend of modernity

Press to go to the gallery

You can spend the whole day making a birthday cake, but there will always be something missing. Most likely, the sufficiency to make a beautiful inscription on the cake to make it play with new colors and was designed exclusively for the birthday boy or the person responsible for the celebration.

Many mistresses are afraid to take up the task of creating inscriptions, because they doubt their artistic abilities. But there is no reason to be afraid.

The inscription can be made with stencils, pastry bag, special ready-made felt-tip pens based on food dyes.

In addition, it is possible to congratulate the birthday boy right on the surface of the cake with the help of melted chocolate, fudge, cream, icing.

The inscription can be not only flat, applied directly to the cream or glaze.

An interesting volumetric design have letters and numbers that are poured out separately on parchment, and then placed on the surface of the cake vertically. They can be made from any hardening material – chocolate, icing.

Cake inscription mastic is used less often, however, even this material can be used to make bulk congratulations.

Tips for creating inscriptions

Signed birthday cake or other holiday cake that you make with your own hands will surprise even the most demanding birthday boy. Making an inscription on a cake at home is easy if you follow our advice:

  1. Any drawing mass to create a signature should be plastic, without lumps. Usually the letters and numbers are poured with the help of a pastry bag with a very narrow nozzle, and lumps can get stuck in the holes and spoil everything.
  2. Press the drawing mass should be smooth, without jerks, make neat movements. If you find it difficult to put beautiful letters and numbers on the surface at once, we recommend to train on parchment. In addition, if the inscription is massive enough, it can be poured on this parchment, and after it hardens, carefully transferred to a wide spatula on a surface covered with cream or glaze.
  3. For the inscription on the cake with a birthday, you can use the original congratulations that you will find on the Internet, or write your own text. The main thing is that the inscription should not contain spelling mistakes, should not be too long to fit on the cake and should not merge into a single spot.
  4. If you use colored drawing mass, be sure to select it contrasting to the glaze and cream on the cake. For example, if the cake is covered with white cream or light mastic, the drawing mass should be dark brown, black, cherry and other dark shades.

We recommend: “Masha and the Bear” cake – following the footsteps of your favorite cartoon

  1. To sign the cake before you decorate it. That is, if you have prepared a cake, covered it with mastic, immediately determine where the inscription will be located. Prepare the drawing mass, shift it into a syringe, make a message on the cake, and then decorate it finally.
  2. To make the message as smooth and neat as possible, with the help of a ruler and needle make a neat markup on the mastic. The stencil can be printed, transferred to the parchment, applied to the surface of the cake and made a few small nicks along the contour of letters and numbers.
  3. Before making an inscription on the cake, choose a beautiful font. Also, don't forget that the font size should correspond to the diameter of the cake. For large cakes, choose a bigger font, you can use ornate letters, and for small cakes, small, crisp letters and signs will look optimal.

If you don't know how to write on a cake as quickly as possible, and how to use the drawing masses, we offer you simple ways.


Frozen chocolate is the most commonly used in writing. They can decorate the cake for your baby for 1 year, a birthday cake for a girl on the dr, as well as a cake for a real man.

The inscription of chocolate is absolutely edible, is done quite simply.

The main rule is to use chocolate without fillings in the form of nuts, raisins, crumbs, to take only high-quality milk or even bitter chocolate from well-known manufacturers.

Step Instruction:

  1. Chocolate fondant must be prepared first. For this purpose, allow 10 tablespoons of sugar in a glass of milk, warm on medium heat until dissolved, add 100 grams of grated bitter chocolate, dissolve. Boil the mixture before it thickens over low heat, add vanilla.
  2. After the mixture cools down, put it in a pastry bag, put on the narrowest straight or embossed nozzle.
  3. Chocolate inscriptions can be made on the hard surface of the cake. For example, mastic or frozen chocolate glaze is optimal. Don't forget that if the surface of the cake is dark, you can use white chocolate, and vice versa.
  4. Start writing by creating a number. Place it in the most visible place of the cake. Around the numbers, for example, “31 years old”, put “Happy Birthday” or other text you choose to use in the creation of the inscription.

We recommend: : colored sugar cake

  1. Try to press the pastry bag with the same force during the entire process of applying the inscription. This will allow you to avoid different thicknesses of letters and numbers. To finish the letter neatly, make a short backward movement with the pastry bag.
  2. After the text is applied, make a different decor of the cake and make sure to put it in the fridge. Chocolate tends to melt very quickly even at room temperature, especially if it is summer in the yard. And all the funny inscriptions on the product can be stretched or fall off.

Besides the chocolate fondant you can use chocolate mastic to create the inscriptions, here the technology of creating letters is slightly different – the blanks are created with the help of cut-outs or a sharp knife, and then transferred to the surface of the cake lubricated with decorgele.

Icing inscription

Icing is an egg-sugar mixture that quickly hardens and forms beautiful white patterns. With the help of ising it is possible to congratulate originally on a teenager's day, to make beautiful patterns on a cake intended for 1 year to the kid.

Process enough simple:

  1. Whipping one egg albumen. Before you do that, you have to cool it down a lot. The dishes should be dry and clean.
  2. Seasily add 200 grams of sugar powder to the foam fine grinding.
  3. Pour one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  4. We quickly shift the mixture of confectionery bag with a narrow nozzle. It is necessary to work with an icing very quickly as it instantly hardens.
  5. The inscription actually can be made at once on a cake surface, only it should be mastic or finally frozen glaze. Also it is possible to make an inscription separately on a stencil, as a stencil to use parchment or polyethylene. In this case, after hardening the pattern, and in our case – the congratulatory inscription, carefully remove the substrate and transfer the inscription on the cake surface lubricated with a special gel or dense syrup.

Educational decorated with icing, stored for a long time, so you can train in advance, even make an inscription for a few days before the cake is served to the table. The only disadvantage is that it is undesirable to store it in the fridge, so it is optimal to decorate the cake just before serving.

Cream inscription

Cream inscription should be large enough to make thin stripes. We offer the easiest recipe for a decoration cream:

  1. Whisk 400 grams of lightly softened butter to increase in volume and change colour to lighter.
  2. Add one small jar of condensed milk, whisk it again.
  3. To make the cream brown, you can add cocoa powder and use any other colored dyes, preferably liquid.
  4. Place the cream in a pastry bag, using a nozzle (here it is better to use a relief, such as a star), squeeze out the letters on the surface of the product.

We recommend: Step-by-step master class cake “Tank”

Very important to guess the optimal density of the cream so that it does not disintegrate on the surface of the cake. The advantage of such an inscription is that it can be created on mastic, glaze and cream. It is also possible to use protein cream, creamy with gelatin for decoration. Very beautiful look white cream inscriptions on cakes for children, for example, for the first year of a child.

Plain inscriptions

If you don't have the time to make cream, icing or chocolate fudge, and you don't have the skills to create greeting inscriptions, you can make an original cake greeting with simple products:

  1. The stencil can be used to make a congratulatory inscription with the help of a multi-colored confectionery powder, wafer crumb, cocoa powder, powdered sugar or finely crushed nuts. To do this, you will need a special cutout, which can be printed on the Internet and cut to size. Then the surface of the cake is lubricated with a thin layer of glaze or syrup, the stencil (best made of tracing paper or parchment) is placed on the surface, and then carefully fall asleep sprinkled. Then you have to remove the stencil in a sharp motion so that the excess powder does not get on the cake.
  2. Also there are special felt-tip pens with food dyes. They can be used to write on mastic, over sugar or chocolate fondant. It's very convenient to work with them, because you can create any type of font, beautiful ornate letters, inscriptions of any complexity.
  3. Gel or ordinary liquid food dyes can be applied with a thin brush, it is a little more difficult to work with than a felt-tip pen, here you will need some skills of drawing. Usually the dyes have a very rich color, so they can be diluted with water beforehand.

Any birthday greeting inscription, even if it is created for a child for 1 year, must be done very carefully. Remember that a beautiful original inscription can save a cake, and sloppy – to spoil even a masterpiece of culinary skill.

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Beautiful cakes 2018-2019: photo, cake trends, ideas, novelties

Funny inscriptions on cakes - a new modern trend

Confectionary skills are becoming more and more important not only for ordinary consumers, but also for connoisseurs of the beautiful and perfect.

Creators of culinary masterpieces are increasingly demonstrating their skills at a mega-professional level, offering everyone the most beautiful cakes in 2018-2019 for all tastes.

The most beautiful cakes today are of interest to many people, because cakes are an integral attribute of any celebration, in particular a wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate party, etc.

Fashionable and most beautiful cakes 2018-2019 decorate not only the sweet tables of celebrations, but also the covers of authoritative publications, which follow the trends not only in fashion, design, but also in the culinary sphere.

Today we've decided to present you with a tasty and useful overview to keep you updated on the latest trends and cake trends.

Want to know about the best innovations, to see fashionable and beautiful cakes made in different designs, then read and see the information below.

The most beautiful cakes in 2018-2019: trends and trends in cake design

Before you look at the most beautiful cakes in 2018-2019,note that you can not only buy a cake for the holiday, but also make stylish cakes yourself.

Of course, professionally made cakes will be more original and unusual, but if you wish, you can create beautiful cakes from hand-made and affordable products that can be bought in any store, such as nuts, candied fruits, cocoa powder, fresh fruits and berries, marshmallows, chocolate, pasta, etc.e.

Specialists claim that beautiful cakes 2018-2019 have long since moved away from saturated design options.

Fashionable cakes with notes of minimalism and sophistication, stylish options with a moderate and thought-out design.

Mix a huge number of ingredients confectioners do not recommend that the cake does not turn out to be pretentious, and the taste and smell did not become a misunderstanding.

Beautiful cream cakes are not very durable than the same version with mousse, naked cake, mastic cakes. About the types of the most fashionable cakes below…

Beautiful cakes 2018-2019: Trends in glazed cakes

Beautiful cakes with glaze – one of the most fashionable pastry trends, which are very popular among fans of desserts.

Beautiful cakes with glaze are also called mirror cakes or mousse cakes. They look very stylish and delighted with their design.

The surface is smooth and the design is unusual. If you want to surprise your guests, choose beautiful cakes with glaze.

Note that they can be made in a variety of shades, combined in contrasting combinations.

Glaze, mirror cakes can be decorated with fruits, confectionery decor, glazed paintings.

Mirror cakes are cooked with chocolate, sugar, condensed milk, honey glaze on a water bath with a delicate taste and perfect view.

Beautiful cakes 2018-2019 with bare cakes: trends

The next pastry trend was the beautiful cakes with bare or open cakes “naked cake”, which appeared not so long ago, but managed to win a very large audience of fans.

Started making beautiful cakes with open cakes in America by combining monochrome light, dark, or multicolored cakes in one cake.

Naked cakes, of course, are soaked in cream and transformed into fillings, but the surface of the cakes remains almost open.

Beautiful cakes with bare cakes can be decorated with fresh flowers in delicate and bright shades, as well as seasonal fruits and berries.

As well as mirror-like, naked cakes often order a wedding, because they are very original and gorgeous.

Beautiful homemade cakes 2018-2019: trends

Houses can be created by fact any cake, main skills and artist's skill. However, beautiful cakes at home do not have to be so chic, as long as they are tasty and lovingly cooked.

All homemade cakes and pies are ordered for weddings and celebrations, motivating it very simply: tasty as at home.

Beautiful cakes and homemade pies can be made of pancakes, with different tastes and textures of fillings. Pancake cakes are puffed and have a very delicate taste.

Beautiful pasta and crocembouche cakes 2018-2019: trends

Disert trends have pleased delighted delighted lovers of delicious species such as beautiful pasta and crocembouche cakes.

Fashionable cakes with macaroons and cappuccinoes are prepared not only for the wedding celebration, but also for the namesake, anniversaries, office buffets.

And all because such unusual cakes are very tender in taste, original in color design. It doesn't need to be cut, which is very convenient at a big party.

Beautiful cakes 2018-2019: trends in decoration and decoration

Fashionable, tasty and beautiful! This is how the innovations of cakes with edible sequins and metal parts in the form of food gold, silver, which will gracefully shimmer on the confectionery masterpiece, are characterized by this.

Beside precious cakes, beautiful cakes with a gradient transition of shades, impeccable cakes with luxurious fresh flowers, each of which is worthy of attention and will transform any wedding and anniversary.

Unexpectedly, chic cakes with openwork paintings have been introduced into the confectionery design sphere, beautiful cakes with fruits and berries have proved their superiority, fascinated by the magnificent desserts with thematic decor, which are made both for wedding masterpieces and birthdays of men, women and children.

Beautiful cakes can be represented in different shapes and sizes. For weddings and big celebrations confectioners make multilevel cakes, for family holidays beautiful cakes for one tier – round, square, oval, atypical.

Beautiful cakes 2018-2019: overview of the best desserts in different styles


Top-15 fashion trends in wedding cake design

Merry inscriptions on cakes - a new trend of modernity

Inspiration for wedding cake design can be drawn from anything: from the beautiful ballroom décor, hobbies for modern design or from a pattern on porcelain. We offer several fashion trends from which you can draw ideas and inspiration for a wedding cake in 2017.

Metallic Ports

Metallic color is suitable for both stationery and wedding cakes. It's not about the vintage style with golden and silver shades, they are more stylized as glamour, art deco, or the old Hollywood style. Metallic cakes have several advantages. They can “adapt” to any style.

Gentle, delicate embroidery in gold tones looks great, while geometric patterns give freshness and modernity. You can consider options with fewer sequins all over the cake. You can add just a few edible sequins.

They will give the cake the right metallic shade and shine, but at the same time will not overload the overall design.

Coated cakes

To make the cake look serious and elegant, you should abandon the bold patterns in favor of thin sugar jewelry. The appearance of the cake is very airy and light and requires a minimum of detail.

The final touch can be the fresh flowers located between each tier or a few sugar flowers on top of the cake. Ruffles and ruffles can be found in any serving, from avant-garde to country style.

Black cakes

Yes, all right. It's the naked cakes. A specially undressed cake lets you see yourself from the inside. Summer weddings are ideal for berries; winter and autumn weddings are ideal for seasonal fruits such as apples, pears, persimmons or even red oranges. The “naked” cake is full of fillings that captivate the eye and stomach,” says John Rusk of Alice'sTeaCup, New York.

Wedding cakes “white on white”

Fresh approach to making white wedding cakes is to add white elements. Layers can be decorated with details in the style of embroidery patterns or jewellery patterns (e.g. petals and pearls). Unconventional forms of cake tiers, such as hexagons and ovals, will make the cake unusual. Sugar flower cascades are also ideal for this design.

Decorated wedding cakes

Modern designers offer to add some art too. It's about marble cakes, stained glass cakes, and even Monet cakes. Cover manually painted tiers with a thick layer of glaze or even add simple color accents.

Tip:Tip: avoid excessive confusion and make all layers simple and single shapes (or all classic round shapes or all square ones).

Lace wedding cakes

Experienced pastry chefs decorate the cake tiers with patterns reminiscent of those on a luxurious wedding dress.

“Many brides give preference to patterns copied from the lace of their wedding dresses, or patterns on porcelain dishes,” says Sylvia Weinstock of SylviaWeinstockCakes, New York.

So you have to decide which part of the wedding dress you want to imprint on the cake, from ivory sugar buttons to lace patterns around each layer. The key to success lies in the color of the jewelry. This trend works well with light hues and a little contrast.

Forested wedding cakes

Funny landed themes are very relevant this year, so it is not surprising that they are actively manifested in wedding cakes, too. The Millennium generation prefers their wedding cake to be perfect in both appearance and taste.

To achieve this appearance, you must first choose either white or ivory and add an accent in the form of fresh or a-la-fresh sugar flowers and leaves. The presentation can also help to create an image.

One of the ideas is to place a regular white cake on top of a round stump decorated with moss and leaves.

Geometric wedding cakes

For modern wedding venues, such as the city loft, a fun and fresh design solution will be catchy patterns: squares, chevrons, stripes

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