Table of clothes size for newborns by month

Size of clothes for newborns and babies in the tables

Table of clothes for newborns by months

If we talk about premature and small infants, there are tiny clothes (44, 48, 50) and hats (28, 32) for them. According to the World Health Organization, the average weight of newborns is 2.6-4.5 kg and their height is 45-55 cm.

These two indicators determine the choice of wardrobe. A boy rarely needs more clothes than a girl. There has also been a recent trend of increasing birth weight and height. This is the physiological portrait of a new generation of children.

It is possible that after some time the standard “newborn” from 56 will gradually move to 62.

Fast way to determine size

What size to buy clothes for a newborn? What are the most important things to consider when choosing clothes for crumbs?

Table – Scale for newborns and infants

Age, month.Growth, chest circumference, cmRussia-Europe-England-China-USAtd>0
5636185620 months0/3
36240206223 months3/6
66844206826 months3/6
97448227429 months6/9
1280522480212 monthsS/M


  • The choice of clothing is primarily influenced by body weight and height rather than age. The months on the clothing labels are a very conventional and blurry scale.
  • It is important to take into account chest circumference if the clothes fit perfectly in length, but the child is too thin or too fat.
  • The size of newborn clothing by month is usually marked in the American environment.
  • In the UK, baby clothing is conventionally marked with 2. But the product also indicates the height or age of the baby.
  • English clothing is always full-size, so it is worth buying the exact size.
  • Russian dimensional grid is the same as in Europe, but there are some differences. With the same growth domestic clothing is designed for thinner babies, and imported – for more complete children.
  • The Russian mesh can be seen more often on such products: sliders, vests, jackets, t-shirts, shirts, pajamas.
  • Chinese dimensional grid is based on growth, but more often the clothes for newborns and babies in China are marked by age and include 4 sizes up to one year.
  • May occur in double sizes, more often in the Russian, American dimensional grid. For instance: 18-20, 20-22; 3/6, 6/9 months. This marking is recommended when buying without fitting, when it is not known exactly what size of clothes a newborn baby or baby has. It is necessary to be guided by the last figure.
  • Sometimes on the label the range of growth can be indicated: for example, 50-56 or 74-80, etc.
  • Often there is confusion in the sizes when domestic and imported clothes are bought.
  • Particularly in cheap, unfinished baby clothes, the size of GOSTs is not changed.
  • Things for boys and girls do not differ in height and volume up to a year. These distinctions appear at an older age.
  • From the first three months of life the baby changes at least two sizes, then the average clothes change every 3 months.

When choosing a wardrobe it is important to take into account the trend of rapid growth of babies.

The size of the crumb can change quickly. After all, within a month, the child can add up to 3 cm in height, the norm is the baby puts on a daily basis from 20 to 30 grams of weight. And by about 4 months, the baby's body weight doubles from birth. Therefore it is not necessary to buy a lot of dowry for the newborn, it is better to get things as the baby grows up.

Sliders, bodiks, slips, vests, jackets, overalls in children's shops are usually sorted on growth and age, which is indicated on the label. How do I choose other types of clothing?

Sliders on elastic bands, pants, shorts, panties

In this case, the size of the newborn baby and the baby by months may not be sufficient. It is recommended to look at the additional scale: waist and hips circumference. If the baby is too thin or too full at standard height, the sliders or pants may be wide or narrow in the waist and thighs.

Table – Waist and hip circumference dimensions

Height, cmWaist circumference, cmWaist circumference, cm




Prints, golf and socks

These products are measured in centimeters. The length of the foot should be measured from the thumb to the heel with a ruler or centimeter. Older babies are circumcised on paper to determine a more accurate size. In the sock products it is foreseen to increase the dimensional length by 1 cm, more often by 2 cm. On children's socks, you can see an even grid with even numbers.

Table – Size of socks

Age, month.Foot length, seeSize


To choose a cap or hat for your baby, you need to measure the circumference of the head. How do you do that right? A centimetre should run along the line of eyebrows, ears and the back of the head.

The size of the headgear grid differs from manufacturer to manufacturer: it can be digital, alphabetic, double or single. The circumference can be increased at intervals of 1, 2, 3, 4 cm. Double sizes are often encountered, less often the manufacturer indicates the age and height of the child.

The data in the tables are averaged. It is necessary to focus on the head circumference rather than on the numerical designation. It happens that a baby's 3 month old head circumference can reach the size of a six month old baby.

From the first to the third month the head circumference can increase by 3 cm, after 3 months the head grows slower, 0.5 cm monthly on average. Usually a boy's head circumference is two centimetres more than a girl's.

Table – Dimensions of headgear for newborns and babies

Head circumference, cmSizetd>12
035 and less35
3From 35 to 4040
6Other 40 to 4444
9Other 44 to 4646
Other 46 to 4847

Table – Dimensions of headgear for newborns and babies in the alphabet

tr> Letterhead volume, see

For your baby's safety, it is necessary to buy hats that strictly match the circumference of the head. A hat that's too small to rub, a big one to rotate around your head.

What to pay attention to when choosing clothes

How to determine the size of clothes for a newborn and not to buy too small or too big things? After all, usually modern mothers, contrary to all the signs, buy a dowry for the baby in advance, even before his birth.

  • Oriented on the testimony of the last ultrasound, which indicates the circumference of the head, approximate weight, height. If the baby is large, most things should be marked 62.
  • The importance of baby growth. In Europe, the dimensional scale is oriented towards body length in centimetres, where 6 cm is added to each of the next sizes
  • If the baby was born prematurely, its standard is 44 and 50; in a slip or body size 56, the newborn will simply “drown”.
  • If the daddy and mother are tall, one should expect a large growth in the newborn, although this is not always the case.
  • Lately there has been a tendency towards acceleration: children are increasingly being born tall, the volume and weight of girls and boys are levelling off, girls can be as big as boys, and vice versa, boys are too small.

There is also a tendency to remember that clothes sit down after washing. That's another reason you shouldn't pick out the right clothes.

What to take at the hospital

Buy something smart and expensive for the discharge. To guess the size, you need to take into account the points mentioned above. If it's known that the newborn will be small, 56 will be big, it's better to take 50. If you're not sure what kind of a baby – big or small – you can buy a festive suit or slip 56 and 62 sizes.

Of course, it's an extra cost, but some women will be more comfortable. Mothers often ask the question: what size of clothes to choose for discharge for twins and twins? In most cases, babies are born with little weight and height. They fit 50 and 56 may be large.

But there are cases when babies with a standard weight of 3-3.5 kg are born, less often large children – up to 4 kg.

The table of sizes for newborns by months will help mothers of first-born babies to make the right choice of dowry and avoid miscalculations, unnecessary costs. This is especially important when buying children's clothes online, when it is not possible to try on clothes.


How to pick up clothes for a newborn: table of sizes by months, tips on choosing children's things

Table of sizes of clothes for newborns by months

Young parents will need the information on rules of a choice of vests, caps, slips, warm things for newborns. Find out what will be useful in the maternity hospital for discharge, in the first months of life of the baby, what things must be in the wardrobe of a tiny man.


In the children's shop eyes run at the sight of pretty “little men”, blouses, bright jumpsuits. I'd like to buy “more and more”. But do not do this: in the first few months, the baby grows quickly, some things, for sure, can be worn only a couple of times. Don't forget that relatives will give you a lot of lovely things for a crumb.

But the necessary minimum at home should be mandatory. If you have enough children's clothes, you will not have to run around the apartment looking for dry pants or clean buddies.

Prepare the set for the first time:

  • Chepsies – 2 pieces;
  • slips or “little men” (comfortable overalls for kids made of soft fabric) – 5-6 pieces;
  • body – 3 pieces;
  • anti-scaraping (gloves) – 2 pairs;
  • socks – 3 pairs;
  • insulated overalls – one piece;
  • warm jacket -1-2 pieces.

Find out how to use Isofra nasal spray for children.

Read more about preparing children for school at this address.

Kids born in the autumn or spring will also need:

  • one soft fleece/velour cap;
  • one demi-season jumpsuit.

For the “winter” baby buy:

  • Warm cap;
  • Woolen socks – 1 pair;
  • Warm coveralls for walks.

Monthly Size Chart for Boys and Girls

Don't get lost if you've never seen a choice of things for a baby before. There are differences in height and weight between newborns, but they are not significant enough to change the picture dramatically.

How to determine the size of clothes in the first weeks of life? It's a question for young parents. Nothing complicated: measure the growth of the tiny man, compare with the tabular values. Will you understand what size your son or daughter needs.

Take note:

  • the child was born quite large? Are the heights and weights approaching the limits for each age period? Buy children's clothes in the next size, a little more space than you need. It will only take half a month and the baby will fit into a new slipcloth or cap;
  • if you buy clothes “back-to-back”, there is a high probability of a situation when a week later you barely squeeze a grown baby into a nice jumpsuit. Given the high cost of quality things for children, the amount spent almost in vain can be significant.

Monthly clothing size chart for newborns (for girls/boys)

Age of the baby Height Weight (in kilograms) Size of children's clothes Hat size Double step
From birth to 3 months 50 to 54 cm From 3 to 3.5 kg 56 or 18 35 50/56
Kid 3 months 58 to 62 cm 5 to 5.5 kg 62 or 20 40 56/62
Kid's six months old 63 to 68 cm 7 to 8 kg 68 or 20 44 62/68
To a kid of 9 months 69 to 74 cm 8 to 9 kg 74 or 22 46 68/74
Kid 1 year From 75 to 80 cm From 9 to 11 kg 80 or 24 47 74/80

What is necessary for discharge from the maternity hospital

Most babies are born with a body length of 48 to 53 cm. As a rule, boys are bigger: consider this moment when selecting the first “men”, vests and caps.

Pick a set of baby clothes to fit your baby's height:

  • size 50. Suitable for premature babies or very small babies. If the height measurement showed 50cm, buy a little more than necessary;
  • size 56. Standard maternity wear with height from 50 to 53cm. Children's things of this size will serve during the first month;
  • size 62. Suitable from the birth of very large newborns, more often boys. With average height and weight, most babies wear things that are 62 in size and 2 months old.

What you need to get out of the hospital:

  • combination;
  • pants;
  • jackets;
  • cap.

    • warm jumpsuit.

    It is important! While the baby is in the hospital with his mommy, you will also need baby stuff. The newborn can't do without diapers, buddies, sliders, vests. Be sure to bring socks and caps. If you've decided to use diapers from the first few days, you'll need diapers marked New Born. If the baby is premature, buy a size 1.

    How to find the right clothes for your baby

    Experienced moms provide useful tips:

    • Don't give in to emotions at the children's store, just take the essentials. Be sure to make a list, put a certain amount of money in your wallet, it is better to put it in cash: the money flows out of the card almost imperceptibly. If you're not sure if you'll do that, take a “consultant-controller” with you: a mother, a best friend;
    • many people take their husbands for shopping, but men don't survive shopping for a long time. It's not uncommon for future dads to say, “Take what you want, you'd better know which overalls will do better.” With this approach, buying children's things can spoil the mood for both;
    • choose vests, pants, blouses with seams on the outside. Such models will never rub the delicate skin of a newborn baby;
    • any synthetics, bright colors, cheap things of low quality. The health of the crumbs, the fight against diaper, dermatitis, allergic reactions is much more expensive than buying quality things. Choose fewer blouses or slippers, but of good quality: then buy more. A good way to replenish your baby's wardrobe is to ask your loved ones to give you baby stuff. Specify exactly what you need, or gratefully accept money to buy for the baby;
    • when choosing warm things, consider one nuance: the size should be 1 more than the rest of the wardrobe. Keep in mind that under a warm jacket should fit a “little man” or vest, and you put on a pair of other things lighter overalls.

    How is it right and with what to do the inhalation of a child with a dry cough? We have the answer!

    On the symptoms and treatment of a child's tick bite on this page.

    AquaMaris spray for children of all ages at

    A few more tips:

    • Many things one company should not buy, even if the manufacturer is world famous. Buy a pair of wardrobe items, test, see if the baby is comfortable in the company's body or caps;
    • sometimes models of the same size from different companies differ in volume, length, chest circumference. The children's assortment as well as the adult, consists of “malomerok” and full-size things. Features depend on the name of the company that produces clothes for babies;
    • refuse yourself from the things that cause discomfort to the baby and mother during the change of clothes. Do not fit tight rubber bands, complex cut models, narrow neck, tiny buttons. The newborn baby doesn't need pockets, intricate jewelry, beads and metal buckles. These parts can fall off, squeeze a gentle calf, fall into the mouth, nose or ear;
    • select models with a comfortable clasp. For newborns, look for stuff on the buttons: zippers for older children. Check whether the buttons are conveniently located, whether it is easy to button/unbutton a jacket or slip;
    • for a little man buy clothes cute, pleasant to the eye, flowers. Vivacious shades cheer up the mood, please mommy and loved ones. It is no coincidence that children's clothes for the youngest children are made in a delicate range. Popular colors and shades: light pink, delicate ochre, sky blue, noble pistachio. Shades of brown are rare. Soft beige tones are popular.

    When buying children's things, think about whether it will be convenient to change the diaper, change the crumb. Keep in mind that the newborn spends most of his time on his back. For this reason, it's essential that all the clasps are in the front.

    Before you go to the store to get your baby's clothes, print a table of clothes, measure the height and weight of the crumbs.

    If you buy baby clothes before the baby is born, follow the advice on the size of the baby's clothes. Choose a set with a minimum reserve: in the first year of life, the baby grows very quickly.

    Of the many sliders, caps, jackets bought in large quantities, the baby can grow.

    – neonatal clothing tips:


    Size of clothes for newborns

    Table of clothes for newborns by month

    Closer and closer is the happy moment when you hold your little miracle to your chest. Everything is ready for its birth: the contract with the maternity hospital is signed, the crib and the stroller are bought, the name is chosen. But what to wear the baby in the first days and weeks of his life? What size clothes for newborns should I choose?

    This is a lot written about in books and on the Internet. Perhaps you've already been given advice from more experienced friends and sisters. But, as practice shows, there is little use in the advice, and the choice of children's clothing remains an open question. Let's try to make it clear.

    Newborn clothing

    Define what size a crumb will fit only after birth. During pregnancy, you can keep an eye on your baby's growth with an ultrasound, but no device will tell you the exact height and weight of your baby.

    There are often babies who are 48-53 cm tall at birth. However, boys are born with slightly more girls, and this should also be taken into account.

    Clothes for newborns are chosen according to the height of the baby.

    The smallest size is 50. Next comes the addition of 6.

    Basic sizes for newborns:

    • 50 – it is designed for premature or very young children and is generally not suitable for the average 39-42 week old children. Even if your baby is 50cm tall at birth, you should buy the following size.
    • 56 – these clothes are suitable for the newborn baby (50-53cm) and will serve him during the first month of his life.
    • 62 – usually babies grow to this size by the second month, but particularly large babies can wear it right after birth.

      Size grid types

      Your offer includes the most popular system of dimensions for children's clothing in Russia, but if you order clothes from abroad, you may encounter the system by months:

      • 0-3 months – designed for babies 50-56 cm;
      • 3-6 months – not very convenient size of clothes for newborns, corresponds to the Russian 62 and 68;
      • 6-9 months;
      • 9-12 months.

      Also in Europe there is a designation:

      • 0/3 – respectively, 0-3 months;
      • 3/6 – 3-6 months, etc. e.;
      • 6/9;
      • 9/12.

      This system is rarely used in Russia. Most often, domestic producers have sizes:

      • 18 – for newborns;
      • 18-20 – for monthly or very large children;
      • 20-22, etc.

      Bottom is a summary table indicating not only the size designations on the labels, but also the height, abdominal circumference and other parameters of the baby suitable for a particular size.

      Clothes size chart for newborns

      AgeChest circumference (see)Abdominal circumference (see)Rost (see)Size RussianSize StandardSize European
      0 – 1 month38-404251-5650-56180/3
      1 – 2 months41-4342-4456-6256-6218-20
      2 – 3 months40-4243-456220
      3 – 6 months42-4445-4862-6668223/6
      6 – 9 months4848-5166-7474243/9
      9 – 12 months5051-53>74-808028S

      The table shows the sizes for children up to one year. Thus, the following conclusions can be drawn:

      1. For newborn babies, clothes 56, 18 or 0/3 of size will be best suited.
      2. For premature babies weighing 1-2 kg, clothes 56, 18 or 0/3 of size will be suitable for the 50th Russian
      3. For very large babies weighing more than 4 kg, it is worth buying 62 sizes of newborn clothing (or 20).

      Hat size for the baby

      Hat is a must-have attribute of a children's wardrobe. A cap, a fleece thin cap for cool weather or a warm down hat – anyway, the headdress is necessary for the baby in summer and winter.

      The hat size for children is determined by the circumference of the head. The table shows the approximate parameters:


      It follows that it is better for a newborn to buy caps and thin hats of size 35, and thick winter hats can be bought more – 40.

      Size of socks and shoes

      Newborn shoes are useless, they will have enough warm socks. The first shoes will be needed when the baby tries to stand on his own, that is, not earlier than 6 months.

      Socks can be chosen, based on the length of the foot of the baby. Usually it's about 8 cm, but sometimes it's better to buy a little more socks, otherwise the baby will constantly throw off the feet of this item of clothing.

      Sometimes on the socks are the following designations: 0 +, 0-3, 3-6. For newborns it is better to choose the size of 0+ (it is equal to about 8 cm), but you can take socks for growth – 0-3 (about 10-12 cm).

      For premature babies, some manufacturers offer socks length of 6 cm, but it is difficult to meet them on sale.

      Newborn Clothing Choice

      When you go shopping, be prepared to buy half your favorite items at once. Don't give in to emotions, otherwise you'll be wondering what to do with a bunch of unnecessary and uncomfortable, but brand-new baby clothes.

      Stick to the following rules.

      1. It's advisable to buy baby clothes sewn outside. These models will not hurt the delicate baby skin.
      2. Avoid lightning! Better buy things on the buttons.
      3. Pick things only from natural fabrics (cotton, linen).
      4. Not to buy warm clothes of the same size as the rest. It is better to buy a 1-2-sized overalls bigger.
      5. Print and take a table of sizes for newborns to the shop.
      6. Remember that clothes with the same markings can differ significantly from each other. If one manufacturer's newborn clothing size is exactly the same as your baby's, it is not a fact that another manufacturer's clothing of the same size will suit him. For example, GAP's and Zvezdochka's clothes are small, and the British brand NEXT produces a little more than what's on the label.
      7. Don't buy a lot of clothes at once. First, test 1-2 things and decide what is more convenient for you (type of clasp, style, company, model).

      When should I buy baby clothes?

      You'll have plenty of time to do baby shopping. But when is the best time to do that? Immediately after the second planned ultrasound, when the sex of the baby will be known, run to the store is not worth it, but with a hike to 40-41 weeks is not necessary. After the hospital you will not have time to shop, and 2-3 weeks you will most likely be inseparably at the baby.

      Of course, to buy children's clothing can the father or grandmother of the baby, but don't you want to walk between the counters and choose the most beautiful “dowry” for the baby?

      In general, to buy clothes can be at any time. It's better to do it after the third ultrasound, as it will show how big your child will be. But ultrasound will not give an exact guarantee, so do not buy clothes 50 size, and 56th buy at a minimum.

      If you are a superstitious mother who are afraid to buy baby stuff before childbirth, try to calm down. If it doesn't bother you, you can put your dowry concerns on your husband or mother's shoulders. Or put an icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker in the room, ask him for help and go to the store yourself. Most likely, all your superstitious concerns will be in vain.

      How many clothes and what size does a newborn baby need?

      Don't want to buy the whole store right away. Remember that the baby grows very fast and it may happen that some things you wear no more than a couple of times. In addition, your relatives will surely give you and your newborn miracle novelties.

      You'll have enough of this set at first:

      • combines (“men”, slips) – 4-5 pieces;
      • bodies – 3 pieces;
      • pants – 2 pieces;
      • socks – 2-3 pairs;
      • Cups – 1-2 pieces;
      • Anti-scaraping gloves – 2 pairs;
      • Warm blouse or insulated coveralls – 1 piece.

      For winter babies it is worth buying:

      • Warm jumpsuit – 1 piece;
      • Warm hat – 1 piece;
      • Warm woolen socks – 1 pair.

      Autumn-spring babies will need:

      • demi-season overalls – 1 piece;
      • cap – 1 piece.

      As you can see, not much. And don't try to buy all the minimum size 56 stuff. Some of them may not be fit for the baby. It's better to buy half of the stuff in size 56 and half in size 62. In this case, even if your child turns out to be big, these things can be left to grow.


      While modern manufacturers have stalled children's storefronts with all sorts of things, it's very difficult to make the perfect choice. You should have a baby clothes table with you when you go shopping for kids, but it won't always be able to help.

      Try it! Buy things from different manufacturers and companies and see what size fits your baby and what is best for him.


      Monthly table of clothes for newborns

      Monthly table of clothes for newborns

      >>Children > Infants > Baby size chart by month

      When a child is born, young mothers start to worry about their baby clothes.

      Among the main criteria for selecting clothes for the newborn: fabric – only natural, soft, pleasant to the body, color – despite the fact that the baby is quite badly distinguishes between colors, mothers insist on delicate light pastel colors, size – because “… the main thing that the suit sat …” – as sings in the famous song, it is very important to choose the right clothes on this important criterion.

      • Prepare for delivery
      • Size of clothes for newborns by months. Table for mothers
      • Dress sizes for babies 1-3 months
      • Table of children's sliders up to one year
      • Active stage of the first year of life (3-6 months)
      • Children's clothing from six months to a year
      • How to choose the right size of children's shoes up to one year?

      • Conclusion

      Preparing for delivery

      All in all, the newborns – for medical reasons – are children under 28 days old. However, even in their first month of life, babies are already dressed in cute cotton bodikas, overalls, sliders and vests with great pleasure.

      For the first time a child meets with any clothes, except for his mother's belly, in the first hours after birth. Therefore, it is very important at the stage of the training camp in the maternity hospital to choose the right size of children's clothes.

      To begin with, let's find out what exactly will be needed by the baby at the beginning of his life path:

      1. Sliders. Pants very similar to pantyhose, with less contact with the body. Have a wide soft elastic band in the area of a child's waist.
      2. Basins. Jackets, which by their name already cause certain images in the head, even those who have never faced anything like this. So it's a loose blouse with a long sleeve and a smell. It can be tied with a soft wide ribbon on the waist, and fastened with buttons and buttons on the shoulders of the newborn. And also some models assume complete absence of any fixing elements and are simply filled in sliders.
      3. Body. It has the same appearance as the object of the same name in women's wardrobe. The clasp is also at the bottom. Can be long, short sleeves and t-shirts. A very convenient alternative to upward creeping vests.
      4. Combinesone-humans. It's called that because it's shaped like a human being. It's like a button vest was connected to the sliders in one piece. These overalls are very easy and convenient to put on a newborn baby because they can be unbuttoned from the inside of the foot to the perineum and up to the chin.

      Newborn baby clothes size 56 are designed for a newborn baby of 51 to 56 cm height. There are also cases when a baby is born a little shorter than the standard length. Then the clothes for the newborns will be size 50.

      Size of clothes for newborns by months. Table for moms

      Producers often give standard dimensional grid of their products for babies in the first month of life. The main criteria for its preparation are:

      • height of the child (height);
      • bosom;
      • volume of the waist;
      • volume of the hips;
      • age.

      Of course, it is wrong to be guided by one parameter. Because all newborns are different. Someone is born according to the dimensions of an average child. And somebody can go beyond the limits of all conceivable and unthinkable norms. So feel free to refer to the dimensional table for children of the first year of life:

      AgeHead circumference (see)Size
      0 – 1 month33-3535
      1 – 2 months35-40
      2 – 3 months40
      3 – 6 months42-4444
      6 – 9 months44-4646
      9 – 12 months47
      Age0 m.0-1 m1-3 m3-6 m6-9 m9-12 m12-18 m
      Rost up to 50 cm from 51 to 56 cm from 57 to 62 cm from 63 to 68 cmfrom 69 to 74 cm from 75 to 80 cm from 81 to 86 cm

      Clothes sizes for babies 1-3 months

      After the first month of life, the child may already need larger clothes. During this period, children gain weight very actively and quickly, as they have very low motor activity. And also the growth increases, which, by the end of the third month, can reach 62 cm, respectively, and the size gets the index of the final planned figure.

      Necessary to take into account that some domestic manufacturers, such as sliders, define their size grids for newborns. Thus, they allocate a slightly different age range: for a baby from one to six months, they offer a size 20.

      Table of children's sliders up to one year


      Age up to 2 months. from 1 to 6 months from 6 to 9 months from 9 to 12 months

      Active stage of the first year of life (3-6 months)

      Around this period, every self-respecting child who is no longer a newborn, but rather a conscious one, begins motor activity. From the springy jumps in my mother's hands to the first independent crawls. In this period, the mother needs to store patience, attention and a new children's wardrobe.

      Defining all the basic parameters of the child, you can easily choose the right size for your grown-up cloakroom. In addition, many manufacturers point to their products not only the size figure, but also example height and even weight of a child.

      In this period, when there is still so much to do, there is a greater variety of clothes for children:

      • colleges;
      • pants and jeans;
      • dress and sundresses;
      • shirts and jackets;
      • sweets and sweatshirts.

      The main thing in this situation, perhaps, is not to be confused and to choose exactly what your child is not only good and beautiful, but also comfortable with.

      Children's clothing from six months to a year

      There is also an active growth in length. The principles of size selection for this age do not differ significantly from the size of clothing for newborns by month. Semiannual table indicates small changes in physiological data that depend on the individual needs and characteristics of each child.

      There is usually a child who is about to turn one year old standing on his or her feet quite actively and confidently. Some even take short hikes around the house and even outdoors. As the little legs now appear in the foreground, it's a good idea to take care of the right shoes and socks for the kids.

      How to choose the right size for children's shoes up to a year?

      A wide range of shoes, boots, sneakers, shoes, etc. is available on the market today, even for the smallest ones.

      Children's shoes of the first year of life should be so comfortable and suitable for all the features of the growing foot that the baby is not just accustomed to the slight weight of the legs .

      It must be of such high quality that the formation of a child's foot goes in the right direction and rhythm.

      The basic approach to measuring the size of a child's foot up to a year old who cannot stand still is to measure the length of his or her sole, from the tip of his or her thumb to the edge of his or her heel, with the addition of a small allowance of half a centimetre or centimetre (depending on the season).

      The footwear should not be small and should not shrink the foot. It should have a supinator – a small bump on the inside of the insole, which, however, may not play a very good role in the natural process of foot formation.

      Therefore, before you begin to choose a shoe model, you should personally consult with an orthopaedist.

      Clothes for the newborn

      Table of clothes for newborn babies by months

      Size of children's clothes on the tag corresponds to the child's height.
      The smallest size is 50, then comes the addition of 6 cm. (56, 62, 68, etc.)

      Size chart of children's clothing


      Age of the child


      the smallest size of children's clothes, this size is suitable for premature or very young children


      suitable for children under 1-2 months


      for kids from 2 to 4 months


      from 4 to 6 months


      Clothes of this size can be worn for up to 9 months or even 1 year

      from 1 year to 1.5 years

      If you buy clothes from Europe, you can see these signs on the tags:
      0-3 months or 0/3 (which corresponds to 56 size)
      3-6 months or 3/6 (which is 62-68 size), etc.e.g.

      The following sizes can be specified on children's clothes of domestic manufacturers:
      18-20 (size 56)
      20 (size 62)
      22 (size 68), etc.

      Dimensions of children's caps

      Dimensions of caps/buttons for children is determined by byHead circumference.

      Children's cap/cap size chart


      Head size

      0-2 months


      3 months

      6 months


      9 months


      12 months


      Size of socks

      Size of socks is determined by the length of the foot in centimeters.
      Usually babies are born with a foot length of 6-8 cm. On the tags with socks most often indicated figures corresponding to the length of the foot of the baby, but you can find the following signs: 0 +, 0-3, 3-6.
      For newborns it is better to choose the size of 0 + (it is equal to about 8 cm), but you can take socks for growth – 0-3 (about 10-12 cm).

      What kind of clothes your baby needs at first

      1. Release kit

      If you want to buy an elegant envelope (or blanket), but note that once released, it will likely only take up space in your closet. But you can buy for the discharge that then will be useful for walks.

      Alisa was born in August, it was warm, but not very hot. I bought a set of sons in my Daughter's that includes a fleece bag envelope, a fleece jacket, hats, vests and sliders.

      K I bought only a cotton cap (for a fleece cap).
      Buying was extremely successful. In this kit, we discharged and then walked for almost two months. Also, it was useful later and for Fai, who was born in winter, but, of course, this set we put on already as a forgery.

      There is still such a modern version of the extract for the summer-spring – a beautiful plaid or a thin knitted blanket (now you can even buy an exclusive, handmade). A blanket or plaid will be useful even after you are discharged (e.g. to hide your child in a wheelchair or in a car).

      Faya was born in December. We bought her a Finnish envelope of Kerry's size 62. In it we discharged ourselves, we walked all winter and until the end of March, because the envelope is larger by about 6 cm. Designed for temperatures from +5 to -25.

      We walked in this envelope in -15 with a fleece overalls and did not freeze. They also wore it in a high fever and never sweated. Lining 100% cotton (velour). There are slots for the car seat.

      Very comfortable envelope – put the baby, zipped up 2 zippers and that's all)

      Finnish winter clothes – it's ideal for kids!

      Warm Spring discharge option, summer: body cotton set (vest, slider or, instead, cotton slip), diaper, cap, hat thin, plaid thin (knitted blanket or light envelope).

      Variant of autumn, winter discharge: body cotton set (vest, sliders or, instead, cotton slip), fleece overalls, diaper, cap, warm cap, envelope (or blanket).

      2. Outerwear for walks

      Summer/spring – overalls 62 size. summer – from thin velour, spring – from fleece with lining (insulation).

      Ideal – with two zippers along the entire length for the convenience of dressing the baby and podvorotami on handles and legs.

      Winter/autumn – warm winter/autumn overalls or envelope size 62.

      3. The cap

      If the summer is over, the thinnest cap is thick knitted in spring and autumn, and warm in winter.Hats for newborns are better to take on ties, so that they are well fixed on the head and do not move.

      At first time will be enough one or two hats. If the baby will be born in the middle of summer and will be hot, you will walk in one cap at all, knit cap will be needed only in case of wind or cold snap.

      Winter is better to have two hats. We, for example, had one thin knitted cap for weather up to -5, taking into account the fact that there was a hood on top. And another warm one with a thick fleece lining for frosts.

      4. The cap

      Flat for summer – thin cotton caps, spring-autumn-winter – from dense knitwear. It is better to take 2 sizes at once, for example, to buy 2 caps 35 size and 3 caps 40 size.

      We used to wear a cap for up to three months in such cases:

      • right after the bath (but then, after about an hour, we took it off and slept without it, because we always had warmth at home)
      • for a walk (in summer – only a cap, in autumn and winter – under the cap).

      5. Diapers

      I haven't swaddled either Alice or Faya. Diapers used in such cases: – on a changing mattress – sometimes, put in bed instead of a sheet – the first time put in a lounge chair – took to the clinic

      – one diaper hanging in the bathroom for a clean wet ass)

      For these purposes, 10 diapers were more than enough for us. Usually thin diapers are used, but you can also buy a pair of flannel diapers. If you plan to swaddle, you should buy more diapers, of course.

      6. Anti-scratch gloves – 3 pairs. Choose with a wide elastic band, these are better to hold on to.

      7. Thin socks – 4 pairs (2 pairs of small size + 2 per size larger)

      8. Warm socks (fleece or terry) – 1 pair

      9. Pinette socks – 2 pairs. Very well fix the leg of the baby and do not fly off, in contrast to normal socks. Besides, they look nice on a small leg)

      10. Long-sleeved body with buttons along the whole length – 3 pcs. (2 pcs. 62 size + 2 pcs. 68 size). If you see a body size 62 with closing handles, take them, then you won't have to use scratches. If necessary, the “pens” can be turned away.

      And these are the body (without buttons along the entire length) is very uncomfortable to put on the newborns. These bodies will be useful for babies when they start to sit down (about 6 months), as they can only be worn over the head.

      11. Sliders with a wide elastic band – 5 pcs. (2 pcs. 62 size + 3 pcs. 68 size).

      12. Pants (sliders without legs) – 4 pcs. Size 68. Also better to take with a wide elastic band.

      13. Slips (overalls on buttons along the whole length) – 5 pcs. (2 pcs. 56 size, 2 pcs. 62 size, 2 pcs. 68 size)

      14. Sleeping envelope with buttons – 1 pc. (62 size).

      In my experience, the most comfortable clothes for kids up to 3 months old are slip. The slip replaces the vest and sliders.

      On the second place – body (if it's hot) + socks or body + sliders (pants) – if it's cool.

      Sleeping envelope is very convenient for the first month, of course, only for sleeping. It is convenient because it can be unbuttoned quickly and easily at night and fastened (to change the diaper).

      Tandem vests + sliders are very uncomfortable in the sense that the vests are constantly leaving the sliders and have to fill them up. We've worn vests, God willing, a couple of times to make sure they're losing to slips and bodywork in everything. Also, the constantly leaving vest and rubber band from sliders can traumatize yet not healed navel.

      I want to assure you – if you buy enough slips and body, vests you just do not need.

      My advice

      1. If the child is expected to be large, buy clothes from size 62 onwards.

      Maybe you can determine the size of your child's clothes in advance? Some babies are born small with a weight of 3 kg. and a height of 47-50 cm, while others are very large – more than 4 kg. and height of 54 cm. To determine for sure, what size of clothes will suit your baby, it is possible only after his birth.

      But still, at the stage of pregnancy, you can follow the growth of the child at the ultrasound. The competent doctor will always tell you if the child is large or, on the contrary, very small on parametres. to me on ultrasound with both daughters told that they will be small and, most likely, will be born within 3 kg. doctors appeared to be right – Alice was born 2850 kg.

      with growth of 50 sm, Faya – 3050 kg. and height of 49 cm.

      I had bought a lot of clothes 56 size, but it was enough for us only for the first month and a half, then everything became small. And at the same time we wore some clothes of size 62, and it was just the right time for us.

      2. If you plan to buy clothes of size 56, then take it at a minimum, because if you buy a lot, you run the risk of not wearing half of it – the clothes of this size becomes very quickly small.

      3. When buying clothes, consider the season (winter, spring, summer or autumn), as well as the temperature in the apartment. If houses are cool, buy body and slips with long sleeves and prefer clothes made of thicker material

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