Pyrantel tablets: instructions for use for children and adults, composition, indications on how to take


How to take Pyrantel in adults and children to prevent worms

Pyrantel tablets: instructions for use for children and adults, composition, indications of how to take them correctly

Pyrantel is a modern anti-white agent. To effectively eliminate parasites, it is necessary to know how to take Pyrantel and for which helminths the drug is most effective.

Pyrantel is active against roundworms (nematodes). The most common of these are:

  • ascarides;
  • ostriches;
  • straight eyes that fall into the intestines with poor quality food.

The product paralyzes adults and immature worms of both sexes, preventing their movement and reproduction. The immobilized parasites leave the body naturally by emptying the intestines: no additional medication is required with a laxative effect.

Pyrantel does not have the ability to neutralize helminth larvae and does not destroy laying eggs. Due to this peculiarity of the drug after the course of treatment, the instructions for use recommend deworming again. This will allow to eliminate the remaining helminth larvae already in the phase of their puberty.

Cleanly conduct helminthian courses is not recommended. The maximum amount of medication in a patient's bloodstream is reached three hours after taking it.

Prescription cases

As the anti-white drug has a specific effect on a certain type of helminth, Pyrantel treatment is prescribed in the following cases:

  • the presence of pinworms (enterobiasis) in the body is the most common disease among children;
  • the infection with helminthian ankylostomidoses (ankylostomidosis) – the disease only develops in humans;
  • Ascardial infestation (ascardiasis) – the infection mainly progresses in a warm climate;
  • infection with flat worms by non-cator (necathorosis) – infection occurs through the skin;
  • infestation with moisture-eyed (trichocephalus) – helminths are very active in the human body.

Pyrantel can be used to prevent parasitic diseases in case of contact with the object of infection. If there is a suspicion of worm invasion, it is necessary to take a test. The doctor will determine the degree of the disease and prescribe the appropriate dose of the medicine. Self-propelled Pyrantel is excluded.

Looks and composition

The product is available in tablet form for adults and children over 12 years of age and in a liquid suspension that can be drunk by children. active pyrantel – 250 mg in one tablet or 5 ml in a suspension.

In pharmacies are sold Pyrantel tablets of yellow color on 3 – 6 pieces in packing, suspension – yellow substance with viscous consistence – on 15 ml in a bottle. Pyrantel can also be used in liquid form by adults.

Actively active ingredient – Pyrantel – is the same as the name of the drug. The instructions for use state as additional ingredients

  • corn starch;
  • gelatin;
  • sodium gluconate flavour enhancer;
  • emulsifier E572 (magnesium stearic acid);
  • talc.

Liquid variant supplemented with chocolate essence and drinking water.

Method of administration, dosage

Recommendations for the use of an anti-white agent include two components.

Suspension instructions

Pyrantel dosage is calculated in proportion to the patient's body weight and age. In case of infection with ascariasis and enterobiasis, the dose of active pyrantel taken is 1 kg of weight – 10 mg. The medicine is prescribed for children from the age of six months. For convenient dosing, a 5-milliliter measure is attached to the drug bottle

How to drink the suspension, according to age category and body weight, see Appendix A. a table:

AgeNumber of liquids in measuring spoons
Half a year – three years1/2
From 3 to 6 years1
6 – 12 years1½ – 2
Young people from 12 years old and adults weighing up to 75 kg3
People weighing more than 75 kg4

Before applying the suspension, the bottle must be shaken to shake the liquid. If the doctor has not appointed an individual intake scheme, Pyrantel drinks once a day. Reception time is any convenient time: morning or evening.

The tablet version of the drug is prescribed more often to adults, but in the absence of suspension, the drug in the form of pills is given to children. If the child has not previously drank the medicine in tablets, it is appropriate to grind the necessary dose into a powder and dissolve in a small amount of water. Use the medicine once a day, following the dosage indicated.

This is how to take Pyrantel in pills:

  • to infants under 3 years of age – ½ tablets;
  • to 6 years of age – one tablet;
  • to 12 years of age – two tablets;
  • to 12 years of age – adults and adolescents take 3 tablets at once;

General recommendations on how to take Pyrantel:

  1. This time of administration has nothing to do with eating. It is possible to take the antihelminth both before and after meals.
  2. For the maximum effect of drinking Pyrantel again after 21 days.
  3. To take the medicine better overnight.
  4. When the stage of parasitic invasion is running, the dose is doubled. How many days in this case Pyrantel has to be taken, the attending physician must decide.
  5. The medicine is not prescribed to infants for up to six months.
  6. In the course of treatment, the diet should not be overburdened with heavy food.
  7. In the case of infection of one family member, helminthiasis prophylaxis is necessary for all others.

Specific instructions for the use of the drug

Instruction for the use of an anti-white medicine contains instructions for safe use and warning of side effects. Pyrantel:

  • children under six months;
  • people with liver disorders;
  • in the presence of autoimmune disorders.

In pregnancy, a drug is not allowed in the first trimester. Pyrantel can be taken at a later date, but with caution and under the strict supervision of a doctor. In breastfeeding, the use of the drug is permitted only if the child's breastfeeding is stopped.

Warning: During Pyrantel treatment, alcoholic beverages are not permitted. A small enough dose of alcohol to provoke an exacerbation of side effects.

When undergoing treatment, it is undesirable to drive due to possible instability of the nervous system.

The side effects of taking the drug include:

  • by the CNS: blunt pain in the temples, often dizziness, biological clock failure;
  • general weakness, malaise;
  • digestive system: vomiting, gastric and intestinal resuscitation, stool disorders;
  • allergic reactions from the epidermis;
  • gallbladder and liver failure;

The amount of active Pyrantel should not exceed the dose prescribed by the doctor. In case of an unintentional overdose of the drug, rinse the stomach and call an ambulance if necessary.

The drug is not used in conjunction with other anti-white drugs, such as Levamisole and Piperazine, to prevent intoxication of the body.

Prophylaxis of worm infections by Pyrantel is recommended twice a year, during the off-season. Kindergartens and schools provide preventive measures in the event of infection in one or more children.


The similar anti-white drugs include Decaris. Lack of this product, compared to Pyrantel, in a greater number of side effects and heavier tolerance of the main substance by patients.

Other analogues are Vermox, Vormin, Nemocid, Helmintox.


Pyrantel is not an expensive antigenic drug. The average price of the suspension is about 60 rubles per bottle. The cost of the tableted Pyrantel is 40 rubles.


How to take Pyrantel tablets for adults and children

Pyrantel tablets: instructions for use for children and adults, composition, indications on how to take them correctly
Pyrantel for Pyrantel worms Pyrantel against Pyrantel worms for children Pyrantel and diet

Pyrantel instructions contain all the main aspects related to the treatment with this drug.

Drinking worm pills without prior knowledge of the contraindications and side effects is not allowed, even if the medication is prescribed by a doctor.

The specialist will more often consider only the indications for the therapy and set dosages, hoping that the patient will study the annotation for the medication in detail.

Description and composition

Pyrantel is a synthetic drug for worms in humans that is used to expel nematode class roundworms. The active ingredient of the preparation is pirantela pamoate, in the amount of 250 mg per tablet. Its international non-proprietary name is (mn) Pyrantel.

The recipes indicate the active ingredient in Latin “Pyrantel”, which corresponds to the international name “Pyrantel”. The substance is a member of the pharmacological group of antihelminthic drugs.

The drug is officially registered by the World Health Organization and is included in the lists of the State Register of Medicines (RLS). This ensures his quality control. Pharmacies dispense the drug according to a prescription from a doctor. Drug analogues: Helmintox and Nemocid.

Form of production and manufacturers

Pyrantel from worms is produced by several Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies. The drug has two pharmacy forms of release – pills and water suspension.

Liquid is used mainly for the treatment of children, its concentration is 250 mg of embonate pyrantel in 5 ml, which corresponds to one tablet of the drug.

The cost of 15 ml of the popular Polish suspension Pyrantel Pharma is about 65 rubles.

Pills at a price no more expensive than liquids, and sometimes cheaper. They're more suitable for adult treatment. The tablets in the package are usually not more than three, they are packed in individual packs. The tablets can be round and elongated, white or slightly yellowish in shape. Among manufacturers the following firms:

  • Pharmaceutical Works (POLPHARMA) Poland 44 roubles ¹3;
  • J. BIOPHARM (India) RUB 39, RUB 3;
  • OXFORD Laboratories (India) RUB 45, RUB 3;
  • OZON (Russia) RUB 30, RUB 3;
  • Marvel LifeSciences (India) RUB 28 for 3 tablets.

Faithfulness of the original means can be checked on the manufacturer's website. Attention should also be paid to the integrity of the packaging and the presence of a valid barcode. Pyrantel's dosage in pharmacies is always 250 mg. The product belongs to the group of products with medium toxicity and can be used in children.

By a note!

In contrast to other antihelminthic tablets, the product does not contain fruit additives and flavors. That's why children don't always like the taste of the medicine. Many parents get out of the situation by adding jam or jam to the chopped tablet, which is not forbidden by manufacturers.

Mechanism of action and efficacy

Pyrantel is effective against round worm induced infestations.

It is quickly absorbed into blood plasma and reaches its maximum concentration within 1-3 hours after the initial therapeutic dose of 10 mg per kg of weight.

Due to the special properties of pharmacokinetics, the active ingredient penetrates into biological tissues and liquids in a minimal amount. There is no data on its ingestion in breast milk.

Pyrantel has a paralytic effect on worms. It blocks the nervous and muscular systems of the worms and helps to remove them from the intestines during defecation. The efficacy of Pyrantel tablets is high only for nematode class worms.

Invasions caused by cestors and peasants are not treated. Also, it doesn't apply to lamblias. Despite the fact that Pyrantel helps only from roundworms, it is a requested drug.

This is due to the prevalence of invasions in humans caused by these very parasites.

The drug has a narrow range of action, so it can not be used independently of the worms without first installing the pathogen. In order to get the result of the treatment, it is necessary first to know what Pyrantel is and whether it affects the worms found in a particular case.


Pyrantel affects only mature individuals or worms in their early stages of development. Larvae are not sensitive during migration to the drug.

Reliance to use

Pyrantel can be used for both the treatment of infestations and the prevention of infection. Therapy is effective against one or more pathogens. The composition of Pyrantel has a devastating effect on:

  • Ascaride of different types;
  • Ostricans;
  • Owning authorities;
  • Necator (americanus);
  • ankylostom.

If Pyrantel is taken correctly, the worms of these species die within the first few days.


Before starting therapy, a quantitative analysis of the body's worms is mandatory. To do this, the feces are counted as pure eggs, extracted in one day, or the blood is examined for antibodies.

Instruction on the use of Pyrantel tablets

The drug is taken only inside, drinking 200 ml of clean water. Children are allowed to grind tablets and mix them with the liquid. You can't drink Pyrantel on an empty stomach. The tablets should be chewed during meals or immediately after meals.

The doctor always chooses an individual treatment regimen for the patient, depending on his age and the nature of the infestation. The course of treatment is also determined by the specialist. The instructions describe the method of use most commonly used in practice.

Pyrantel's anti-whistle technique

How to drink Pyrantel in tablets for adults

For adults, a simple treatment regimen has been developed. It uses a calculation of a person's weight. The amount of active ingredient is determined for each kg of weight.

  • Pyrantel in tablets for oyster infection (enterobiasis) will need to be taken in a dose of 10 mg per kg of weight once. If you weigh less than 75 kg, you need to drink 750 mg at a time, taking 3 tablets at once. At heavier weight, an adult needs to take at least 1000 mg per day, which is 4 tablets. Treatment course 1 day.
  • In the event of detection of ascardium or several types of worms in adults, the same dose and course are prescribed for treatment as in enterobiasis (10 mg per kg once a day).
  • Envasion caused by ankylostomes is treated for at least three days. Pyrantel tablets for adults in this case give at the rate of 10 mg per kg of weight.
  • The highest dose of the product from worms is used for the treatment of necathorosis. For each kg of adult weight, 20 mg of the drug per day is needed. If the patient weighs 50 kg, he needs to drink two doses of Pyrantel 500 mg (only 1000 mg) in 24 hours. The course lasts two days. If necessary, you can take the tablets once a day in the morning or evening. After one month it is necessary to repeat treatment with the drug.

It is important!

Drinking the drug again is recommended if you keep the symptoms of infection or if you find eggs of worms in the stool.

Children's worm pill regimen

Petitive Pyrantel worm pills are used quite frequently in paediatrics. Children are more likely to be diagnosed with roundworm infestations than adults.

The medicine should be given to the child strictly during meals or after meals, and no pills should be taken before breakfast or lunch. They can irritate the stomach and intestines.

If prescribed twice a day, the drug is drunk in the morning and evening. One time, it's better to take the pills at breakfast.

For the treatment of ascarids and pinworms, the worm cure is given to the child once a day. Pills can be taken after breakfast or overnight. The dosage depends on age:

  • kids from 3 years old to 6 years old need 1 pill 250 mg;
  • children from 6 years old to 12 years old need 2 pills at a time;

  • children need 2 pills at a timeTeenagers over 12 years of age with a weight of less than 75 kg may be given Pyrantel in a dose of 750 mg or 3 tablets;
  • if a child weighing more than 75 kg is shown in a single dose of 1000 mg.

To repeat the course for ascarids and pinworms it is possible after a month.


According to the instructions for use of Pyrantel pills for children, it is often not recommended to take the medicine.

In case of infection with necatosis, Pyrantel is indicated for children in a dose of 20 mg per kg of weight. Two nights in a row. The dose can be doubled and taken overnight and at breakfast.

Ankilostomosis is the longest treated in children. The dose of the drug should be calculated based on the weight of the child. For each kg – 10 mg of active ingredient. Reception scheme once a day, three days in a row.


Pyrantel is often used for prophylaxis in children and adults. The course helps to prevent infection in summer and in the presence of infection in the team. Pyrantel is intended for humans, but it is sometimes used for pets as well. They can carry worms that are dangerous to humans. Therefore, prevention should be carried out not only for family members, but also for cats with dogs.

For the prevention of infestations, it is sufficient to drink the medication for worms once a year at a dose of 10 mg per kg, once. If the risk of infection is high, it is possible to increase the course up to 3 days or to take the tablets again after six months.

This is recommended to follow a special diet when taking Pyrantel. It is based on the restriction of sweet and flour dishes, fat, fried, salty and smoked. It is not allowed to eat mushrooms, to take spicy refills and to take alcohol.

It is important!

It is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages in the process of Pyrantel treatment, it can lead to hepatic pathologies and cause intoxication of the body. In hypertension, alcohol against the background of worm therapy can provoke a crisis.

Contraindications and side effects

Properties of the drug have a negative impact not only on worms, but also on the human body. Pyrantel should not be used in pregnancy unless the potential benefit to the woman does not exceed the harm to the future baby.

Lactation, hepatic failure is also contraindicated, and in paediatrics, children under three years of age are also discouraged. It is not allowed to use a remedy for parasites in patients with myasthenia in the period of specific therapy.

Among the side effects:

  • nausea, less often vomiting and moderate diarrhoea;
  • stomach and intestinal pain;
  • fever;
  • skin rash;
  • weakness and drowsiness, sometimes insomnia;
  • dizziness;
  • enhancement of liver enzymes in the blood.

When high doses were administered, hallucinations and confusion were recorded in single cases. Pyrantel cannot be used in pills for such symptoms.


Side effects are temporary and take place at the end of the course.


Pyrantel is the most accessible and effective tool against pinworms. I siphoned the baby for one day, and a whole bunch of worms came out in the morning. Repeated analysis after a week did not reveal eggs.

Svetlana Alekseevna, Bryansk

I can not tolerate these pills. They cause a vomiting reflex and after that they still have a bad taste in the mouth.

Ksenia, Lisky

Pyrantel – an old and proven tool, and I bought us a grandmother, and now I give it to my children.

Olesya, Kirov region


How to take Pyrantel in pills or suspensions in children and adults – instructions for use

Pyrantel tablets: instructions for use for children and adults, composition, indications on how to take them correctly

Pasitic infections occur in half the population. In the case of untimely treatment of worm infestations cause serious disturbances in the work of most systems of the body. The presence of worms in the body can only be detected by laboratory tests. Learn how to get rid of parasites with effective tablets and how to take Pyrantel for prophylaxis.

Pyrantel treatment helps to effectively control parasites at different stages of their development. Helminths in the body can multiply: lay eggs from which larvae appear, and stand out into the environment. Pyrantel is a cure for a variety of parasites.

After reading the instructions, you can find out if you can drink Pyrantel for prevention. Not only can live parasites cause infection in the body, but also their eggs and cysts (a stable form of worms to the environment).

You can learn how to take Pyrantel, not only in the office of your doctor.

Active active ingredient must pass the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract to reach the small and large intestine. It effectively kills both adults and larvae.

The drug can affect the nervous system of a parasite, paralyzing its body. As a result, the helminthes are released in whole or in part due to the natural peristalsis of the intestine.

The internal administration of the drug is carried out in a course that consists of several methods – this prevents re-infection.

The drug consists of an active ingredient and additional substances. Wide range of activities and efficiency are achieved through various forms of production. The composition of Pyrantel may vary slightly depending on whether it is a tablet or a suspension. Children's forms of production contain components that form the taste of the medicine (cherry, orange, chocolate), flavors and stabilizers.

Release formActive componentAdd-on substances
TablePyrantela pamoatStarch, gelatine, sodium gluconate, aerosil, talc.
SuspensionPyrantela pamoatSodium citrate, sodium palmitate, sodium saccharine, citric acid.

Instruction on the use of Pyrantel

Method of use of Pyrantel, its dosage, indications and contraindications are given in the abstract. It's embedded in every package of medicine. If one family member falls ill with helminthiasis, it is necessary to treat all persons living together. The drug is produced by different manufacturers: domestic and imported.

From the instructions for the use of Pyrantel follows:

  1. Antiparasitic agent of a wide range effectively against most types of helminths. Only works in the intestines, it's not sucked in by the blood flow. The concentration of the drug in the blood is insignificant, the main mass of the drug is excreted with faeces.
  2. The treatment does not need to be prepared and take laxatives.
  3. The product is taken after breakfast or during it. The tablet should be chewed well and drunk with water.

A suspension with different tastes is produced (it depends on the manufacturer), there are orange, cherry, pineapple. The dosage in the instructions for use of the Pyrantel suspension guarantees that in 5 ml there is 250 mg of active ingredient.

Children from 6 months to 12 years of age can drink clean water or juice. The dose is calculated individually based on age and weight. Single administration in enterobiasis, ascariasis and ankilostomidosis is 10 ml per 1 kg of a child's body.

In neglected forms of necathorosis – 20 mg/kg. The bottles are available in volumes from 5 to 15 ml.

Instruction on the use of Pyrantel tablets

Only the attending physician can give advice on how to use Pyrantel in tablets for a specific disease. This form of release can be used in children if the child does not drink suspensions or if they cause allergies. Instructions for use of the Pyrantel tablets indicate that adults weighing more than 76 kg should take 3 tablets once, each with 250 mg.

Pyrantel for children

Pyrantel for children is a safe and effective drug. Individual calculation of the dosage for each child, pleasant taste of the suspension, no need to diet and prepare the intestines for treatment – the main advantages of the drug. If you wish, you can give your child a tablet – it has a dividing line. The medicine can be ground and diluted with water.

Pyrantel for prophylaxis

To avoid infection when in contact with sick people, animals, after eating unwashed fruits and vegetables, Pyrantel is used for prophylaxis.

The drug is taken twice a year, usually during the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases (spring and autumn). In order to carry out prevention, it is necessary to drink a therapeutic dose once, and after a week it is repeated.

This will help to protect yourself and your family from the appearance of helminthiasis.

The medicine can be taken independently, without a doctor's recommendation. This is possible due to the high safety and reliability of the drug. Learn how to take a Pyrantel suspension to prevent children:

  • when there were cases of worm disease in the study group;
  • for the school year;
  • if a family member fell ill at home;
  • if one of the parents works on the farm, as a veterinarian, as a teacher

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