Suprax: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of release, active ingredient, analogues

Suprax – cheaper analogues

Suprax: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of release, active ingredient, analogues

Suprax belongs to the 3rd generation cephalosporin antibiotics and has a wide spectrum of action. Used in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases caused by the negative effects of gram-positive and gram-negative agents.

Suprax has a bactericidal effect, destroying pathogenic microorganisms by blocking the synthesis of the cell membrane. The drug is resistant to beta-lactamases – bacterial enzymes responsible for the development of immunity to antibiotics of penicillinic, cephalosporinic and other groups.

  • Composition of the drug and its properties
  • Forms of release
  • Provisions and contraindications of Supraxis
  • Side reactions and specific instructions
  • Side reactions


  • Instruction on Suprax use
  • Suprax and Suprax Solyutab 400 mg – analogues or the same
  • Accessibility of the drug and its price
  • /li>

  • Suprax analogues
  • Always cheaper
  • Always better
  • When an analogue can be recommended for replacement
  • /li>

The use of the drug is possible in the treatment of many diseases in the field of otolaryngology, such as otitis, pharyngitis, rhinosinusitis. The treatment of bronchitis is also assisted by Suprax, whose active substance is zeppixim.

The composition of the drug and its properties

It is already known that the active substance (the main and only one) in Suprax is zeppax. The drug belongs to the group of cephalosporins – broad-spectrum antibiotics, which have a detrimental effect on those pathogenic microorganisms that are resistant to penicillins.

Tsefixim perfectly copes with bacterial infections, destroying them at the cellular level. In other words, the substance prevents the multiplication of microbial cells. Successfully used in the treatment of diseases that have been caused by susceptible microorganisms.

Forms of release

The medicine is available in two forms: tablets of 400 mg each (for adults) and suspension powder (for children), in which 100 mg of active ingredient per 5 ml of the medicine.

Supprax indications and contraindications

The drug is prescribed as the main drug for the following diseases:

  • sinus;
  • bronchit;
  • < angina;
  • style;
  • diseases of urinary ducts of infectious etiology;
  • gonorrhea, uncomplicated by other diseases.

Suprax cannot be used if:

  • of course sensitivity to cephalosporinic antibiotics;
  • required treatment for infants (up to 6 months), pregnant and lactating women, elderly people;
  • Kidney failure or colitis is diagnosed.

Side reactions and special instructions

The following phenomena may occur in some organs when taking Supraxis:

  • hives;
  • stomatite;
  • diarrhea;
  • li>zud;

  • bleeding;
  • disbacteriosis;
  • anemia;
  • heading;
  • pad;
  • vaginitis;
  • li>epigastric pain;

  • blindness;
  • headache.

Antibiotics are serious drugs whose uncontrolled use can have an extremely negative impact on the functionality of the body. Adequate treatment is required, with an exact dosage and duration of treatment. Suprax can only be prescribed by a doctor, especially when it comes to children!

Suprax application instructions

Capsules are prescribed for adults and children over 12 years old. It is necessary to take at 400 mg per day (1 capsule) for the period determined by the doctor, as it depends directly on the age and severity of the disease. But the rate is not less than 5 and not more than 14 days.

Powder for the preparation of the suspension is used in pediatrics. Assigned to children from 6 months to 12 years. Typically, the dosage is 100 mg per day (5 ml syrup). The course of treatment lasts a similar period of time. The shelf life of the finished suspension is 14 days.

Suprax and Suprax Solutab 400 mg – analogues or the same

Suprax Solutab 400 mg – a preparation that is available in the form of tablets containing 400 mg of the active ingredient. And it's the same as the Suprax capsules. The only difference between them is the name and the packaging. It is not recommended to use Solutab Suprax in the treatment of children whose body weight is less than 25 kg.

Accessibility and price of the drug

Suprax is sold in any pharmacy and is sold without a prescription. The cost of capsules is about 750 rubles, tablets – 800 rubles. The price of Suprax suspension for children varies from 450 to 500 rubles.

Suprax Analogues

The reason for looking for an analogue may be both the high cost of the drug and intolerance to the active ingredient. This is a determining factor that must be taken into account before selecting another drug. In addition, Suprax cannot be replaced with another antibiotic without the prior approval of the attending physician.

If it is necessary to choose an analogue with the same active substance, only cheaper, it is recommended to pay attention to such preparations:

  • Ixim Lupin – the manufacturer is also India (as well as in Suprax), but costs a little cheaper – around 500 rubles. Produced in the form of a powder for the preparation of suspension.
  • Solyutab Zeforale – tablets of Dutch manufacture, the cost of which differs slightly – about 800 rubles.
  • Zefix – produced in the form of capsules, costs about 550 rubles. Manufacturer – Jordan.
  • Pantsef – is produced in the form of powder for the preparation of suspension, and costs 420 rubles.
  • Temidexor – tablets made in China, costing about 350 rubles.

In case of allergy to zeppixim or for any other reason, a doctor may recommend a drug that belongs to a different group of antibiotics and, accordingly, has another active ingredient.

  1. Summed. It's azalides, and the active ingredient here is azithromycin dihydrate. A broad-spectrum drug used in the treatment of many diseases of infectious etiology. Summedom treatment takes less time – an average of three days. However, it should be remembered that this drug has a more aggressive effect on the body than Suprax, as there is a high probability of adverse reactions.
  2. Amoxiclav. It refers to the antibiotics of the penicillin series and, on the contrary, to the “weaker” Suprax as Flemoxin and Augmentin.
  3. Tzedex. Also applies to cephalosporins, but has another active substance – cephalobutene. Available in the form of capsules and suspension powder.
  4. Zeftriaxon. Very good product, which guarantees a positive outcome of treatment. The only disadvantage is that the antibiotic is intended exclusively for injection. Like Suprax, it's a new generation of cephalosporins.

Every time an analogue is cheaper

In each drug group, it is different, but when it comes directly to Suprax, almost all of its analogues are cheaper or cost approximately the same. The price is based on many factors, from the components to the brand (manufacturer). And I would also like to note that not always expensive – better, and cheap – worse.

For example, Sumamed costs around 200-300 rubles, and Amoxiclav – 100-150 rubles. Flemoxin and Augmentin are sold at about the same price. But Tzedex costs more than 600 rubles.

In this case, whether the analogue is always better

In this case, the course of the disease and, to some extent, the individual characteristics of the body play a major role. If you take two antibiotics with the same active substance, you can confidently talk about the same effectiveness, even if the difference in price is 500 rubles.

At the same time, if you compare Suprax and Ceftriaxone, you can say that the second antibiotic is better, although it is much cheaper and refers to cephalosporins. It has a wider range of effects and is often used in the treatment of complicated diseases of infectious etiology. In addition, Ceftriaxone can be used in the treatment of babies from two weeks of age.

When it may be recommended to replace the drug with an analogue

Responsibility for the choice of antibiotic in the treatment of any disease should lie entirely on the shoulders of the attending physician.

The doctor may replace Suprax with an analogue in cases where there is individual intolerance to the components of the drug, as well as if side effects have begun to develop.

Although side effects are not uncommon for any antibiotic, some are simply more pronounced and others less.


Cheap analogues of Supraxis for adults and children and their comparison with the original

Suprax: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, active ingredient, analogues

Suprax belongs to the class of cephalosporinic antibacterials of the 3rd generation. The main component of the drug is zeppixim. This substance is distinguished by its bactericidal activity to a wide range of pathogenic bacteria.

Tsefixim suppresses the synthesis of cell membrane proteins, resulting in the death of microorganisms.

In addition, it is resistant to -lactamase, which provides the formation of resistance (resistance) in bacteria to antibiotics.

However, the drug has a wide list of side effects, and as a result, patients may need to select a similar drug, and because of the high price – a cheaper replacement.

Suprax is used for the treatment of diseases caused by cefixime-sensitive pathogenic microflora.

To maximize the efficacy of the treatment, it is recommended to first conduct a bacteriological analysis to determine the degree of sensitivity to the drug.

In accordance with the instructions for use, the antibiotic is indicated for use in therapy:

  • respiratory tract infections, including bronchitis, pneumonia;
  • ENT diseases of infectious nature, including sore throat, sinusitis, sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis, frontitis, pharyngitis, middle otitis;
  • acute and chronic urinary tract diseases, including cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, urethritis; uncomplicated gonorrhea.

Any antibiotic is prescribed exclusively by the treating physician, starting with the least strong ones. It is unacceptable to use strong antibacterial drugs for the treatment of mild bacterial diseases, as pathogens can develop resistance to their effects.

Dosage and Rules of Use

Suprax is available in a tablet form of 400 mg each, which is prescribed for adult patients, and granules for the preparation of suspension for the treatment of children. There is also a form of production of Suprax Solyutab 400 mg soluble tablets.

These drugs are structural analogues, which have the same dose of active substance, but a wider range of action in the soluble form. In addition, the price of Suprax Solyutab is 10-12% higher.

Suprax is taken orally in the form of capsules, suspensions and tablets. The drug can be taken at any time of the day (between meals there should be the same interval), regardless of meals, it is advisable to drink with regular water.

The maximum dose of active ingredient in the blood is observed after 4 hours. It is mainly derived from urine and bile.

Suprax 400 mg each is administered to adult patients and adolescents over 12 years of age (weight over 45 kg). The daily dose is 1 capsule of 400 mg each. The duration of the therapy is from 7 to 10 days depending on the severity of the disease.

The preparation of oral suspension granules is indicated for children from 6 months of age and adults with confirmed acute renal failure. The dose is selected individually for each age group.

Depending on age and body weight, children are recommended:

  • at the age of 6 months to one year – from 2.5 to 4.0 ml;
  • older than one year to 4 years – 5.0 ml;
  • from 4 to 11 years – from 6.0 to 10.0 ml.

To dissolve the pellets you will need cooled boiled water, before each vial with the drug should be shaken. The water should be added in several steps, after each suspension is mixed well.

Prepared suspension is set aside for 5 minutes to dissolve the pellets. The ready-made solution has a pleasant strawberry taste and aroma, which is important in children's practice. Store the prepared suspension in the refrigerator for not more than 15 days.

Bolny diabetes mellitus should be taken into account that the auxiliary substance of supraxis is sucrose, which may require correction of the dose of antidiabetic drugs.

For any kidney disease, regular hemodialysis single dose is reduced by 25%, with peritonial dialysis – by 50%.

Contraindications and possible side effects

According to patients' feedback, a wide range of side effects that can occur when taking Suprax are possible:

  1. by allergic reactions (itching, rashes, urticaria, erythema, anaphylactic shock),
  2. by diarrhoeal or constipated diarrhoea disorders, nausea, vomiting, dysbiosis, meteorism,
  3. Headache, dizziness, fever, tinnitus, cramps, shortness of breath, anemia, hematopoiesis, cholestatic jaundice, bleeding, candidiasis, stomatitis.

The drug is contraindicated in pregnant women and during lactation, at hypersensitivity to cephalosporins, penicillin antibiotics. Cautiously prescribed in renal failure, colitis.

In the case of an overdose, it is recommended that detoxification therapy, gastric lavage, and intestinal cleansing be carried out. After that, the doctor will prescribe antihistamines and sorbents.

This way, as a list of possible side effects is extensive, the patient should carefully monitor his body during the drug intake. If any suspicious reactions occur, your doctor should be notified so that they can find a similar replacement.

Structural analogues of Suprax are cheaper

The cost of the drug can vary from 500 to 700 rubles, the children's form in the form of pellets – from 400 to 600. Due to the rather high price of Suprax, many people are looking for a cheaper analogue, but the most therapeuticly similar.

The main component of structural antibiotic generics should be exclusively Chainx. The list of preparations containing this active ingredient, but which are cheaper, is as follows:

  • Tseforal Solyutab (price about 550 rubles);
  • Iksim Lupin (420 rubles);
  • Pantsef (315 rubles);
  • Tsemidixor (250 rubles);
  • Tsefix (275 rubles).

The selection of a similar substitute should be done exclusively by the attending physician, who will correlate the data from the collected history, the severity of the illness and the presence of allergic reactions when taking antibacterial drugs in the patient's history.

Suprax anatomicals for children

Cephalosporine-type antibiotics are considered to be potent and are therefore only administered to children with severe bacterial infections. Suprax is permitted in paediatric practice for newborns from 6 months of age.

The list of drugs with the same active ingredient is small and includes only three drugs:

  • Ixim Lupin is available in the form of pellets for the preparation of the suspension. The cost starts at 355 rubles. Children under 12 years of age are prescribed a dose of 8 mg/kg of weight once a day, or the dose can be divided into 2 doses. It is also used in pediatrics to treat children aged 6 months and over.
  • Tefix (suspension pellets) is another cheap analogue of suppressor for children (275 rubles). It exhibits bactericidal activity directed at Gram-positive and Gram-negative representatives of microflora. As well as suprax, it does not affect the development of pseudomonads, listeria, staphylococcus. However, cefix is effectively used in the treatment of tracheitis and ACI, in contrast to the original.
  • Tsefspan (from 581 rubles). The children's form of release represents fine-grained granules for preparation of a suspension. The drug suppresses the synthesis of murein (cell wall protein) of pathogenic bacteria. Unlike Suprax, it is prescribed for the treatment of scarlet fever in children from 6 months of age.

What's better – Suprax or Sumamed?

Sumamed is an antibiotic of Russian manufacture containing azithromycin and belonging to the group of azolids. That is, this drug is not a structural analogue of Suprax, but it can replace it in some cases. The price of Summed is lower: the capsule for 250 mg – 450 rubles

In a severe course of infection Summed will be more effective. It is characterized by a wider range of activities, but also by a broader list of contraindications. However, the course of treatment is 3 days, which is more convenient for the patient than 7 days for Suprax therapy.

The advantages of Summed:

  • low cost;
  • possibility to use for the treatment of severe bacterial diseases;
  • prolonged action, which remains for 2 days after the end of the drug;
  • short course of treatment (3 days).

Frequent development of dysbiosis and other dyspeptic disorders after antibiotic administration should be highlighted in the context of deficiencies.

Pantsef or Suprax

Pantsef is an inexpensive structural analogue of Suprax, so the mechanism of action of both drugs coincides with the list of indications. The original drug has a milder effect on the body.

Panzef treatment should always be accompanied by probiotic drugs, as the drug provokes the development of complications in the form of dysbiosis and candidiasis of mucous membranes.

Toxic epidermal necrolysis is also considered to be another side effect, with a bubble-shaped skin rash and skin and mucous membranes rejected as a result of dermal-epidermal damage.

Suprax or Clacid

The active ingredient in the clacid is clarithromycin, i.e. the drug is a macrolide antibiotic. It is prescribed if the patient has an atypical sensitivity to cephalosporinic and penicillin antibiotics.

Clacid is characterized by a wider spectrum of action, so it is prescribed for severe bacterial infections that occur with complications.

It is contraindicated in kidney failure, porphyrin disease, liver disease, allergies to macrolides. Therefore, Suprax is considered safer.

Properties of the clacid:

  • lower cost of the drug;
  • wide range of effects;

Fulfilments of the drug may include a wider range of side effects and contraindications. Anaphylactic reactions are much more common with clacid administration, so children are very cautious about prescribing this medicine.

Suprax or Augmentin

Augmentin is a combined antibiotic containing amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. It belongs to the penicillin group and is therefore less effective than suprax. This antibiotic is used to treat easily flowing bacterial infections.

Augmentine should be taken by an adult patient 2-3 times a day, depending on the diagnosis. Suprax is taken once a day, which is certainly more convenient.

Augmentine's benefits are more gentle on the human body, and side effects are quite rare.

The disadvantages of the drug include:

  • The antibiotic should be taken several times a day;
  • Augmentine is effective only in the treatment of mild bacterial infections.

Make up the analogues of suprax only the doctor can. This is due to the fact that only a specialist will be able to assess the severity of the disease and the possible effectiveness of the generics used. In addition, antibiotics are powerful medicines, and therefore their use requires compliance with a number of rules:

  • cannot prescribe a medicine on its own without the advice of the attending physician;
  • should carefully observe the dose and frequency of antibiotics.

Therapy with any kind of antibiotic should be done completely, because premature withdrawal of the drug may lead to the development of resistance (resistance) in the bacteria, and the active ingredient used will be useless in the future.

How to calculate the dosage of the drug for the child? – Dr. Komarowski

Materials on the topic:


Suprax – list of cheaper analogues of the drug

Suprax: instructions for use in children and adults, forms of production, active substance, analogues

Very often, our diseases are caused by various microorganisms that human immunity cannot cope with on its own.

There are often weakened by malnutrition, bad habits, and a sedentary lifestyle in which we remember our health when it has already come to us. But fortunately, scientists have created special drugs that help to successfully fight such microorganisms – these are antibiotics.

  • How does Suprax work
  • Forms of production and composition of Suprax
  • References for Suprax
  • Supprax medicine


    Supprax medicine/li>

  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Suprax price and list of its analogues
  • References about Suprax and its substitutes

Some of them fight only a small group of infectious agents, and some have a wide range of effects on different groups of bacteria. But, of course, they are also not universal and are used only for certain groups of diseases. Suprax.

But there is one pattern: the more effective the drug, the more expensive its price. But in our country the incomes of the population are not equal for all, and all strata of the population are subject to diseases. That's why many drugs are cheaper. If Suprax has any, we'll try and find out. But first we need to look closer at the tool itself.

How does Suprax work

The drug, the main active substance of which is cephalofixim, belongs to the group of broad spectrum semi-synthetic antibiotics – cephalosporins. Most often they are used where the preparations of the group of penicillin, the first in the history of antibiotics, created artificially from mold fungus.

The first cephalosporin was obtained from the fungus Cephalosporium (hence it was named) by Italian scientist Giuseppe Brothez, as far back as 1948. Although the structure of the antibiotic was similar to that of penicillin, it had a major difference from it.

It had high resistance to bacterial enzymes such as beta-lactamase.

Then more advanced semi-synthetic preparations were created, the principle of action of which was to penetrate through the cell membrane shell, destroying the bacteria and then removing them from the body.

Suprax, which is used for the treatment of various groups of infectious diseases caused by penicillin-resistant bacteria, acts in exactly the same way.

Suprax forms and composition

Suprax is available in three different dosage forms, making it most convenient to use. This:

  • pillages are dispersable, or dissipated, as it is convenient to call them, under the commercial name Suprax Solyutab, by the way, the word “solyutab” is very often used to denote this medicinal form.
  • capsules,
  • suspension granules.

Quality of pure active ingredient in each capsule or tablet – 400 mg. From granules of one bottle it is possible to make a ready solution containing in it 100 mg of active substance on 5 ml.

And how to prepare it you can learn, having read the instruction on its application. You will also find in it the composition of auxiliary substances included in different forms of the preparation.

By the way, in the recent past they were sold in pharmacies and capsules, which included 200 mg of cefixime, but now they are no longer on sale.

How to use Suprax

Before telling us what diseases Suprax and Suprax Solyutab are used for, let's say that Hungarian pharmacologists conducted a study in which they tried to find out which diseases the pills and pellets have the best effect on. That's what this list looks like:

  • Sinus in the child – 97.8%,
  • Othtitis in the child's middle ear – 96%,
  • Urinary tract infections – 95%,
  • Tonsillopharyngitis – 92.6%,
  • Pneumonia – 90.9%,
  • Chronic bronchitis in the acute phase – 72.2%
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