Christmas verses

Christmas verses – beautiful Christmas verses

Christmas verses

7 January – Christmas Day. Quiet family holiday of all Orthodox, congratulate with poems on Christmas of relatives and friends!

Fairy tale Christmas shines, unites faithful big, the soul rejoices, and the heart trembles,

But there will be a feast with dear family.

Be gifts, attention, congratulations,And here is one of them I give in verses,I wish on a holiday of force and patience,

Don't know sorrows and what is fear,

Let your happiness be your destiny in life!



Oh miracle of miracles! The Creator of the Worlds Himself has descended to earth, and the Word of God has become the Word of the Virgin for everlasting births of the Savior of Christ, and we now celebrate the birth of our heart in humility, and we glorify God for the grace He gave us when He became a man in the distant Bethlehem.


All the time, Christmas, the Force of Heavenly Triumph: On this day, Christ came to save our world from the evil of eternal Glory to Him who overcomes the darkness.Congratulations with all our heart

With this great joy.


Bright Christmas Day!No happier than the celebration!On the night of Christ's birthday, a star was lit up on the ground. Since then, after centuries, it has been shining like the sun. It warms the soul with faith to make the world a better place.


Blessed Virgin MaryTook the sorrow of the holy crown! The heart beats for the son of the fiercely-

Designed will of the Father!

You, the Universe, the Mother and the AdvocatePressed the baby to the breastPrayer to give strength to the Redeemer,

To carry all that awaits you ahead!

Blessed Virgin Mary, rejoice, On the night of this holy triumph, there will remain in everyone's heart for ever,

Thy image and that of the child Christ!


The Magi are coming from the East to PalestineThey bring gifts to the King of Kings.Let our gifts be Good deeds! Do good to all God's people –

Giving them rays of warmth.


Birthday Night
Olga Guzova

Snow falls white and white in the hills and at home; sparkling frosty dressed

Old Russian winter.

The immobility of the blue river…And there's nothing to do with it – there's Christmas on the painted porch


The cradle will shake the clouds away…All doubts are debunked by the Christmas night.


Rise and go to the city of Bethlehem;Souls please SweetenSoulsSay to everybody: “You have come to the people, you have come to the world!Glory to God in the highest, and to the worlds the world! Wherever the creature rests, the King resting in the manger of the whole world!”

A. Fet


The seventh date of January,

Benefit and faith are so rich,

We can't get away from her,

Dusha is endlessly happy,

Christ's Birth of Christ,

And he gave us salvation,

I hurry to congratulate you,

All the blessings of the gift in the poem!


Style of the night, and someone in the sky is lighting up like a lamp.Today's joy – the Day of Christ was born, the Day and the shepherds with the shepherds will be waved, the All-encompassing hands of the maiden will be encircled, the Incompatible will be housed in a nursery with hay, the Creator of Mary will be incarnated!

The Creator of Mary is incarnated!

Today is the birthday of the Lord Christ.He has the praise of singing

Filled with tiredness.

Hearts are our children's home -Living for the Spirit -How we give the nursery of Bethlehem


We want to live foreverWe are saved by the Lord,


All the time to serve Him

Christmas verses for children

Waiting for ChristmasChristmas is coming soon,

Christmas tree sparkles!

We'll get our outfits ready for the Wonderful Holiday. We'll all be very happy.

Heavenly triumph.

This day is funny, bright – Laughter and songs! The whole thing will bring presents to the children

>Kind Santa Claus!

And on the wall of the calendarStrangely smiles:He has until October

Gusty does not end.

Soon, Christmas is coming, Soon, so long as it's just a celebration in the house, the Christmas tree shines!

H. Voronin


People, have fun,Open your heartBoldly smile.For this holy night, there is no grief, no misfortune, everyone is warmed by the abundance of heat

Light of the divine star!


Boy God was born in a manger in the midst of donkeys, lambs.And the star shone

Bethlehem Court and Garden.

And thought the donkey gray, Looking into the baby's eyes: “He came with kindness and faith,

Compassion and affection!”

A light-hearted puppyPeered from the kennel, As the Magi came from the East,

Brought their gifts.

Star (Christmas song)In the wide sky,In a bright star circle of stars,

Bright star shines.In every ray it will sink,

Where the human grief moans,

Strong>Star (Christmas song)In the wide sky,In the bright star shines,

Where it will sink,

Where the human grief moans,

In villages, groves, cities.

Beam comes to the fireworksWomen and queens, and to the bird's nest. He will slip into the house of the rich, and do not blow the poor hut Better never.

All the joy is brighter where the star ray trembles, and there is no problem where the star will shine.

I. Grinevskaya


In this day we speak of the birth of Christ.

And hearts want to glorify, Without a moment's silence.Glorify God with us!

Not silence – He is great.

ChristmasThe whole family will meet at the table tonight.And solemnly decorate the dinnerChristmas.Let the fire cheerfulSpeachetNad raspberry candle, and the candlestick Tikho criesStearinova tears.

V. Coming


Briefly Merry Christmas greetings

In this holy period, I wish you all happiness in every home to see the laughter of the creek flowing – pure children's laughter,

Love and virtue overcome sin!


Happy Christmas to the saints, the miraculous Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!In the vast expanses of heaven

The star floats in silence.


In spite of the cold winter weather, it is warm in the shower, because in the faraway Bethlehem the Sun has risen!God came down to our earth, became a Man, and gave to His creatures the key to life.


Snow falls on Christmas Day, like God's grace.


At the east come the wise men, they bring gifts to God. Bring your gift to the Newborn Christ!Help everyone who is now alone, warm up, caress, calm down,

and in the depths of a frozen soul the world and love will settle again.


Christos was born – praise! Christ has come – welcome! And glorify with the angelic song of the Child!

Beautiful verses for Christmas

Beautifully snowflakes fall from the sky, frost paints our cheeks pink, people congratulate us all on January 7th,

Today is one hundred times brighter than the sunlight,

And let the day of Christmas appear before us, our beloved holiday, our holy day, Read the prayers in the hands of candles,

And let the sky hear us with you.

And from myself to add hunting, health more, success in everything, so that in the joy of the near would be care,

And let only happiness knocks on your home!


And again we celebrate Christmas, and we dress up the Christmas tree with a garland, and we look forward to a warm and rainy day.

And instead of snowfall – rain again, Knocking sad mistress in the window … Well, where's the snow, the browning frost, and sparkling ice? Where's that? Nature cries a little bit… But tell me, why? Not because the rich Christmas tree has no called orphans and old people? We are indifferent to the sick, beggars. Our God was born in beggars' manger, in a cave, in the middle of miserable cattle… And we are? Where are we? Are we with him or are we at the door

Speaking Herod the King?


All pages
C. Nadson

There are countries where people have never known a blizzard or loose snow before;There are only snow-free peaks of granite ridges – Flowers are more fragrant there, stars are bigger, the spring is lighter and more elegant, feathers are brighter there, and the sea wave is breathing brighter there – In such a country a fragrant night, at the whisper of laurels and roses the desired miracle has happened at night:The Infant Christ was born.The feast of adults and childrenSongs about Christ is not all sung, it is not the last verse about Him, and His radiant covenants won't fade away in the midst of the sons of men. He went under the sky starry with people more than once, He understands now and then both children and adults. On this holiday we will note again: In the world was our Savior and Friend, To give happiness to adults and children, to save from sin and eternal torments those who have lived little in the world, also those who have lived many days – Sing, brothers, sisters! Sing children!

This is a holiday for adults and children!


ChristmasWinter Day. Let the cold January evil, -He is like a prankster,

At the same time he came to visit us.

All those who believe and do not believe,

Hail the boy Christ.

Senior, spreading their shoulders, Approvingly and night twisted candles

Beforehand they burn.

In front of my eyes here comes the magic of Russian fairy tales to life. Everything is jubilant and plays -Hello, the holiday is Christmas!

D. Popov


Pro Christmas verses: beautiful and touching verses about Christmas

Christmas verses

Writing poems for a holiday usually requires inspiration and a suitable theme. Christmas is a beautiful, exciting holiday with its own history. The Birth of the Savior was once a sign to the Christians of the day. They felt how the familiar world is gradually changing.

At the same time, the scale of the event people estimated later, so the exact date, unfortunately, has not been preserved. However, the holiday is still there. It's been celebrated every year since then. Share wishes, write poems about Christmas, decorate the tree.

Beautiful verses about Christmas

Not necessarily a talented poet. Sometimes rhymed stitches appear on their own and seem to be written not by the hand, but by the heart. In the verses about Christmas you can feel the warmth and joy of waiting.

Some are beautiful, others are funny, others are touching. They're taught by children to read at the matinee. Adults address poems on the feast of Christmas instead of the usual wishes to friends or relatives.

Poems are able to convey really much.


Card – Christmas greetings.


Sleep, baby, fall asleep,

You came to a quiet and distant land.

Your birth was gently illuminated by her,

Beautiful, Bethlehem star.

Witnesses were only animals in the stable,

They wouldn't disturb your peace.

Sleep, baby, sleep tight until morning,

And let the trees of the branches rustle in the wind.

The magicians who came to look at you,

Left gifts and left without being there.

Tender voice of the Mother of God listening,

Sleep, baby, your rest will not disturb anything.

“Christmas is coming! – shouting,

Without getting tired of spreading the good news.

Really, the situation is non-standard,

It is necessary to inform everybody in time.

The bell ringing and children's laughter help him,

The children are also waiting for Christmas.

Beauty – the tree rejoices quietly,

Flowing branches waving lightly.

“Let's celebrate, rejoice people!”

Maybe once a herald was shouting too.

We will not forget the bright holiday now,

We will spread the word for everyone to know.


The first messenger of Christmas,

Then was the bright, Bethlehem star.

In the dark sky she appeared,

Must have been surprised.

Face of a clear baby seeing suddenly,

The star instead of the moon lit up the space around.

“It was a miracle, the Savior came, pray!”

I wanted to shout at her, trumpeting.

You, the stars can only shine silently,

So she managed to specify the path to the magi.

The three guests were the first to see Jesus,

Leave the gifts to the manger and touch it.

The star became a symbol of the appearance of the Messiah,

Never, through the years it shines to us.

Impermanent messenger of the parish of Christmas,

At the same time it illuminates all the festivities taking place with it!

Touching verses about Christmas

Reading them, I want to laugh or cry, but they are tears of joy. The holiday celebrates a good, bright event.

The birth of Christ, while involuntarily thinking about how much this man has gone through, how difficult it was his way.

Sometimes in touching poems can be heard support, desire to help and sincere admiration. For all the trials which fell to the Savior's share, He has passed, having kept himself.


Saver, You appeared, becoming an answer,

For the prayers of hundreds of those suffering, they are a wrench!

Proved that also a man,

And you will stay with us now You are with us forever!

And alas, the fate of many trials saved,

And the prayer of Our Lady did not save.

All of this is originally destined for fate,

And probably no one would want to be you.Will you learn a poem for Christmas?

We have always been surprised to hear the story,

Your power, the purity of your soul was amazed.

You've gone through everything and survived saving us,

Not regretting even when the fatal hour came.

We pray that You may be merciful,

Forgiveness, forget our sins, cleanse us.

Learn – that was an example of You, unadorned,

And did everything to save and preserve us!


Christmas finally came to the country,

And the children were astonished by the scale of the celebration.

All seems fairytale around: people, streets, houses,

Adults smile, congratulate, vanity alone.

Gifts are symbolic, small,

All Christmas is different, not New Year's Eve.

But everybody wants to see the faces of their families,

And wish them to spend a year happy, worry-free!

She seems like a distant, beautiful legend,

That is the story of the Birth of Christ.

This is the light, and also the good wind,

Let these feelings of the soul warm everyone up.

This is how the cozy atmosphere of Christmas is created,

When in congratulations sincere wishes,

May hug calmly, to congratulate the passer-by in honor of a celebration.

And to experience the real mystery of unity.

This is what He once dreamed of, reflecting,

How would he devote his hard life to uniting people.

Zateya succeeded? In part yes, indeed,

Because Christianity has a new home.

Let's help the Savior now,

We will bring together families, friends, colleagues.

Call your neighbors and let them smile, also congratulating you,

Christmas has come, we wish you all the planned time!

Brief verses about Christmas

Usually quatrains. They're easy to learn, especially for babies. In addition, short Christmas poems can be sent to friends for the holiday. The message comes quickly, a pleasant surprise to dear people who are far away.



Christmas has come, life goes on,

Let's get together now and love

Congratulate everybody, listen to the story,

What the Bible tells us without melting!


Snowflakes spinning, look,

They call Christmas, a quiet link.

Hearing their gentle, enchanting sounds,

Honour and you are the Birth of Christ!


It's time to celebrate furiously,

Because Christmas is finally at hand!

Congratulate everybody, remember the truth,

How He saved people, even modern society!


Bells ring, so it's Christmas Eve!

Open the doors, smile beautifully,

And you will live happily ever after!

Messengers of the holiday will spread the news in no time,

Forget some sweets.

Don't be greedy – treat generously and suddenly,

In the coming year of joy!


End the holidays and life goes on,

Only once – Christmas leaving,

Leave a trace of bright, beautiful wishes,

Happy faces, sincere smiles – let everything remain, will not be lost!


Congratulate everyone, especially the children,

This is their favorite Christmas Eve.

Give them gifts, hurry up,

Let the children remember the most important thing.

History of Christmas, the way of its formation,

Hard life that waited for Christ.

Let them remember, appreciate, and transfer to other generations,

Then the faith will stay alive!

Christmas Printing Poems

You can not only laugh at a holiday. You can cry and reflect on the history of the event and its significance for everyone, including modern society.

By sending sad congratulations to friends, people want to express the complex and contradictory feelings that overwhelm them. If children like Christmas as a fun holiday, adults are able to look deeper.

Particularly acute changes in mood are felt in poetry.



Why wasn't the Savior in mercy?

Because He did everything for us!

People prayed sincerely, worrying

Not knowing that the hour of salvation had come.

Heaven answered them, giving,

One small, innocent child.

That was the sign that salvation would be,

Little to those who would live in love.

What was the Messiah carrying to the people, what did he say?

Kill, envy, betray the ideal?

No! He wanted no power, no money, no glory

He said: “Love, forgive your enemies, and you will be right.”

Life lived the truth, spreading the truth,

Christ saved without dropping his faith.

Sometimes I wonder: was it worth it?

Why did we then believe it first?

And then quietly leave it?

Problems are plentiful and Christmas meets,

I can't live in peace, the truth is not noticed.

We promise now,

Live honestly, truthfully, without decoration.

To make sure that He, who believes so much in us,

Not lose his trust.

Examples of Christmas cards.


When everyone rejoiced at the miracle of Christmas,

Who could see the face of Christ.

And she was afraid to prevent confusion,

Because she knew the whole mystery of his end.

Fears of the Mother of God to all women are close,

Especially to those who have learned about motherhood.

Easy to see children with cute eyes,

Want to protect, hide from all furiously.

He probably knew more than anyone else then,

What Savior was about to be tested.

That the mission will be hard and there will be trouble,

Expects their soon painful parting.

Here angels revealed the truth in advance,

Asked to pray and believe Him.

People to be helped, to save them He was sent from now on,

No way to resist His ways.

Prayer to Our Lady to herself, asking for strength

Supported the Son of Aspiration.

And believed that if this cannot be changed

May the next generations be saved.


Awaken people how many centuries will pass,

Errors are made by each generation.

Christmas has come, hear your shackles ringing,

End your torment.

People now believe they are strong,

Technological advances of the modern age.

Work and self instead of faith are carried away

Subordinate to weaknesses, though always sure of themselves.

Look around you until the sky is empty,

As long as there is love, faith, and spiritual power.

Then everyone's path to happiness will be easy,

If he remembers the feelings of the primordial.

Remember how carefree we laughed as children?

As we cried, the desperate destiny of the sweetheart –

When we played, loved, befriended, and believed,

Tomorrow morning will be greeted by the bells of the link.

Christmas seemed like a wonderful holiday,

Beauty is a tree, happy faces of relatives.

All of us met a new Sunday morning,

All of us did a lot of strange things.

Let's forget about adult problems,

New daily routine,

they started the day with them.

You'd better listen to the gusts of the soul,

Then you'll hear the magic angels singing.


Sometimes poems appear randomly. Somebody writes them down distractedly, with a pen on a notebook or a notebook sheet. Then you wonder how it rhymes, why the lines came out like this. It wasn't the author who wasn't a poet, and he hadn't studied poetry before.

Nothing to fight, it's just a state of mind, its impulses. Ready-made poems can be sent to someone if they are dedicated to Christmas, so it became an inspiration. Write in a postcard, compose a full-fledged letter or copy for an electronic message. That way, others can catch the mood the author was in. At the same time, they will like the attention they paid to it.


Christmas is a celebration of light and warmth! Christmas poems for children

Christmas poems

We will soon be celebrating the magical New Year's Eve, and then we will have one of the most important and brightest days – Christmas. This is a great opportunity to introduce children to the history of the holiday, to tell about the Christian traditions.

Christmas is one of the most long-awaited and fun winter holidays in all Christian countries. Englishmen and French, Russians and Bulgarians, Americans and Australians celebrate Christmas differently. For children in Russia, Canada or Scandinavia, it is snow, skates, skis, decorated Christmas trees or pines. For an African, it's a palm tree with glowing garlands and funny dancing.

And today we have prepared poems about the Bright Christmas holiday for children 4-5, 6-7 and 8-9-10 years old, short, long, beautiful, which will be suitable for both the readers' contest and Sunday school.

Children's verses for 4-5 year olds


Snow is on Christmas Day, falling like God's grace. Snow is coming – and magic can happen on this day.


This day we speak of the birth of Christ.


Furry Christmas treesSmell for the whole house,Every needle whispers:

“Merry Christmas!”


Happy Bright Christmas, What's already knocking on the house!Open the door wider



Pretty soon, Christmas is coming, As soon as it's just a celebration in the house,

Christmas tree sparkles!


In the midst of frost and snowThe crystal gardens have blossomed.To us in a window from the festive sky Flowing light of the Christmas star.


Christmas is a holiday of light, to us came down Jesus Christ.Let him know about the planet,

Who brought salvation into the world!

Forest Christmas tree, except for toys, you can hang sweets, make gingerbread gingerbread and decorate them with glaze. You can make a Christmas wreath and decorate the house with it.

Christmas verses for 6-7 year olds


I can't readA little bit of it, but I know it's -p>Birthday of Jesus Christ!

And I've heard that Christ to the people brought happiness and joy. It's good that He came to all of them,

And that Christmas is good!


In Christ's BirthdayThe world is back beautiful.January's ice is poured.January's nostalgia will not give a chasm.January's snow is the most sparkling and colorful.And each of the January's days is a little bit longer.And so suitable for peering meetings – any of the evenings.

Valentin Berestov


White snow is on the streets and houses.

People will stop frowning.

This is a good holiday, like a cat purring with a soft touch…They say it brings joy to everyone.

Maybe we can wait to try it?


Sacred star is lit up.

And I want to give good.

And I want to fly like a bird.By the time the miracle comes, everything is ready – Tonight is Christmas!

Ilya Vardiev.


I'm very much looking forward to Christmas – This is a fantastic holiday

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