Scandinavian Female Names: list of beautiful names for a girl and their meanings

[Female Names] – 220 original and modern

Scandinavian Female Names: List of Beautiful Names for a Girl and Their Meanings

Our list is the largest and most complete, as it is replenished weekly! Choose the most beautiful women's names, leave it, share your favorite options! On this page there are both native Russian names and the most beautiful foreign names.

Also you can read the list of men's names, the article on how to pick up the name to the patronymic.

220 Russian, original and beautiful women's names

Augusta (Augustine), Aurora, Avigea, Agatha, Agnes, Agnes, Ada, Adelina, Adelina, Adelina, Adelina, Azalia, Aziza, Aziza, Aida, Aileen, Aksinya, Alevtina, Alevtina, Alexandrina, Alice, Alina, Alice, Alice, Alice, Alira, Alla, Alberta, Albina, Alvina, Alzhebaeta, Amelia (Amelia), Amina, Amir, Amir, Aliyah, Anna, Anastasia, Angelina, Andriana, Angela, Anisya, Anita, Angioletta, Angelica (Lika), Antonina, Anfisa, Anela, Alyona, Alyona, Aryan, Ariadna, Arina, Artemis, Archelia, Astra, Asya, Asida, Aurelia, Aelita, Ayuna.
Beatrice, Bell, Bereslav, Bertha, Benita, Birgit, Bogdan, Bozhen, Borislav, Bronislav, Diamond.
Valentina, Valeria, Vanda, Vanessa, Varvara, Vasilis, Venus, Vera, Verona, Versavia, Veselina, Vesta, Vida (Vidana), Victoria, Vilora, Violetta, Violanta, Violanta, Virginia, Vinetta, Vitalin, Vitalin, Vlad, Vladislav, Vladlena, Vlasilina and Vlasilina.
Galina, Gabriella, Gabi, Gabi, Gayane, Gelena, Gelena, Gella, Gelianna, Henrietta, Georgina, Gera, Gerd, Gertrude, Glafira, Gloria, Gliceria, Grazina, Greta.
Dana, Dana, Daniela, Denmark, Danuta, Darin, Daria, Daria, Dariana, Deborah, Julia, Julia, Juliet, Juna, Diana, Dina, Dinara, Diodora, Dionysius, Disha, Share, Dominica, Danna.
Eve, Eugenia, Eudocia, Esenia, Ekaterina, Esenia, Elena, Elizabeth.
Jean, Jasmine, Jacqueline, Genevieve, Julie.
Zara, Zabava, Zalin, Zarina, Zemfira, Zinaida, Zlata, Zoriana, Zlatoslava, Zoya.
Yvette, Yvonne, Yves, Isabella, Isolde, Ilze, Ilena, Ilona, Ilona, Inara, Indira, Inga, Inessa, Inna, John, Iolanta, Iraida, Irina, Irma, Irene, Irene, Irena, Ya.

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In the last few years, increasingly in demand are forgotten native Russian female names. There are a lot of such names in our list, so there shouldn't be any problems with the choice.

Caleria, Camilla, Capitolina, Kara, Karina, Katrina, Katerina, Katya, Carolina, Carmelitta, Katrina, Katrina, Kira, Claudius, Klara, Kristina, Chris, Xenia, Kelenia.
Lada, Lana, Lana, Landysh, Laima, Lali, Larissa, Laura, Lesya, Leila, Leia, Liana, Lydia, Lisa, Ligia, Lina, Linda, Lika, Lyra, Lily, Lily, Lia, Louise, Lola, Lunar, Lukeria, Luchezara, Lubawa, Love, Lyudmila, Lala.
Maya, Margarita, Magda, Magdalene, Marina, Marisha, Mariana, Mariana, Mariana, Maria, Martha, Malta, Malika, Martin, Martha, Manana, Merisa, Meliana, Melitta, Mila, Milena, Milan, Milana, Milo, Milo, Milo, Milo, Mirror, Michelle, Mia, Monica (Monica), Muse, Mary.
Nadia, Nana, Natalia, Natalia, Naomi, Naniya, Nelly, Neva, Neolina, Nega, Nikki, Nicole, Nila, Nina, Nina, Nina, Nonna, Nomi, Nora.

Important moment:How do I find a name for the patronymic? See the link to the large table with correctly selected names by patronymic.

Oksana, Olesya (Alesya), Oktyabrina, Olga, Olivia.
Pelageya, Patricia, Polina, Polianna, Praskovia.
Rais, Ralina, Radmila, Ramina, Paradise, Radoslav, Regina, Ramina, Riana, Rimma, Rosalina, Rosalina, Roxan, Roxalan, Roman, Rossawa, Rumen, Ruslan.
Sabina, Sabrina, Santa, Sanda, Sandra (Alexandra), Sarah, Sarika, Safina, Svetlana, Severina, Svyatoslav, Serafima, Selena, Silva (Silvia), Silica, Simona, Simona, Snezhana, Sofia, Sofia, Stanislav, Stella, Stefania, Susanna.
Tair, Taisia, Tala, Tamara, Tamuna, Tatiana, Teresa, Tomila, Triana, Trina, Tia.
Ulyana, Ulyana, Ulyana, Ulya, Ustinya.
Faiza, Faina, Fania, Faya, Fia, Felicia, Feodosia, Flora, Françoise, Frida.
Harita(Harithina), Khan, Helga, Hilda, Christina.
Tsvetana, Czeslaw.

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Evelina, Edith, Edith, Edith, Edith, Edward, Eugene, Eleanor, Elina (Elina), Eliza, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ella, Ellada, Ellada, Eloise, Elvira, Elva, Elga, Elsa, Elmira, Al, Amber, Estella, Emilia, Emma, Erida, Erika, Ashley.
Yuzef, Juliana, Juliana, Juliana, Juliana, Justin, Juno, Juno, Jupheza.
Yadwiga, Jana, Janina, Janita, Jasmine, Jaroslav, Jaromila.

This list of rare women's names is compiled from all sorts of sources, and contains more than 220 women's names. We hope that our efforts will help you to name your newborn daughter beautifully and originally!

How easiest is it to find a name?

Most parents face problems when choosing a woman's name for their newborn daughter, as the choice is great, and each spouse's tastes can vary dramatically.

Survey article on FATHER DEVELOPMENT FOR WEEKS! The information on each week with photos, pictures, with the information that is formed at the child in a tummy in each concrete week.

First of all, agree with the other half to write down on 10 most liked names from the list. Take your time and make a choice in one evening – extend the discussion to the week, as this is a very important choice. When spouses have written out 10 names for each other, exchange them and cross each other out those you don't like.

After that, you'll have a common list of names that you'd both like. Be sure to put a name under the name and patronymic of the girl, as in the adult life of your child it will be very important. In such a simple way, you will leave only the most beautiful female names, the choice of which at any outcome will be acceptable.

As you can see, we have a lot of the most interesting names on our list, and we also invite our readers to comment on the article, where you can share your version of a rare name that isn't in our table, and ask for advice on what you like.


Names for girls – Rare and Beautiful and their value

Scandinavian women's names: list of beautiful names for girls and their values

Sleep and Smile in 26.02.2018

Very difficult to overestimate the value of the name in human life. Even in ancient times in Russia we knew that by calling a child we influence his or her fate. Each name has its own secret, sacred meaning.

Therefore, it is necessary to approach such a serious step with all responsibility.

Let's learn in detail what rare and beautiful names for girls will help them in the future: to be happy, to avoid misfortune, to find their love and just find their way.

The ancient Slavic female names

Staroslavic nameservers had a lot of names, unfortunately, most of them are irrevocably lost. But still, we have the lightest and strongest of them.

After all, the ancient Slavs believed that the woman in the first place – the keeper of the home hearth. The energy information program in such names is only positive, bringing love, kindness, devotion, care and affection to the world.

And therefore, their owners are usually happy in family life.

List Rare and beautiful names for girls for the ancient Slavs and their description:

  • Arina and Yarina. Divine, dedicated to the sun. Bright, funny, and easygoing. It is distinguished by its independence from an early age, always stands out among its surroundings. Lucky in marriage, able to create home comfort.
  • Bazhena, Bozhen.Loved, desired, long-awaited child. A girl like that would be lucky to be considered a naughty woman of destiny. Has a variety of creative talents.
  • Vesta, Veta.Great news. In Slavic mythology, the goddess of the home. Original, intellectually advanced, analytical mindset. A caring mother and a good hostess.
  • Vladislav. Has a reputation. A lively and purposeful nature. Always trying to be the best, the leader in everything. Self-confident and successful.
  • Darina, Daria. Gift of the gods given. A friendly and very active girl. Loves sports. She's smart, she's got a woman's trick. Knows his strengths and uses them.
  • Classitude. Golden fame. Proud and unapproachable, very perceptive. He knows people well and can manipulate them. It is a name that gives you the quest for perfection in everything.
  • Lada.Cute, okay, spouse. In Slavic mythology, the goddess of spring, love and beauty. Such girls grow up to be sensual and emotional, but at the same time they are persistent and determined. Entrepreneurial, achieve their goals.
  • Malush. Little.Kind and friendly, with a rich imagination. Amazing intuition, always picks the right line of behavior. Artistic. Often reaches a high position in society and financial well-being. Happy in marriage.
  • Miroslava. World is a glorious, glorifying peace. Very decent, tradition-reading girl. But an active, persevering, and willing personality. Has a very flexible intellect.
  • Milan. Honey, everybody. Authoritarian, hard-working, clearly follows the chosen direction. Chooses a partner with similar goals as a satellite and achieves them together with him. Appreciates the circle of close people.
  • Rad. Joy, fun, fun. Optimistic, has a funny temperament. He dances a lot, travels a lot. Charming and elegant, femme fatale. This name provides happiness in marriage.
  • Snejana.White as snow A man of fine mental organization, vulnerable and sensitive personality. She's social and committed to helping people. Honest, charming, tactful and responsible, engaged in charity.
  • Jaroslava. Bright, glorious life force. Very active and inquisitive nature. She's stubborn, but she admits her mistakes. She knows how to create a coziness, she will always be warm and comfortable. Very beloved by her husband

Russian female names

With the advent of the Christian faith, new maiden names, mostly of Greek origin, came into use. Today, they are so familiar and widespread in our country that we have long considered them to be native Russians.

In Byzantium was formed a mixed family name, due to diplomatic and cultural ties. It is based on Syrian, Slavic, Persian, Greek, Latin, Germanic, English, Egyptian and other roots.

List of such rare and beautiful names for girls with description:

  • Agata.Good, good, good. Persistent and firm in desires. Ambitious and learning-happy. He's trying to build a family nest. In her house, peace and comfort.
  • Vassilisa, Vasilina. Tsarist, ruler. Very energetic and determined girl. Resourceful, fascinating, tells different stories, often using humor. Loving mother and wife.
  • Varvara. Double protection. Calm and reasonable, tolerance is an important part of her character. Driving his fans crazy. Calculus achieves its goals.
  • Elisabeth. Worshiping God, my god is an oath. Balanced and leads to a victory. The most valuable thing for a man with that name is family. Cunning coquette, attracts attention.
  • Zabava. Joy, fun. It is characterized by openness and sincerity. A generous and diplomatic personality. Unsurpassed and unrivaled in its competition. Often holds management positions. The marriage is going well.
  • Zoya. Sam's life. Willful, always balanced, stable psyche. Able to extinguish any negative and conflicts. Intuitively distinguishes between people's intentions. Personal relationships always work out well. Beautiful wife and mother. Competently manages the economy.
  • Inessa, Inna. Innocent, leaking, swimming. Smiley, calm and persistent. Feminine appearance and a man's core. Hospitable, exemplary hostess.
  • Christina. Christian. Intelligent, mobile, with a good memory. Thinking about every decision. Smoothes out conflicts, concedes to his beloved, and therefore always finds mutual understanding with him.
  • Melanya.Dark, black hair.Gentle, gentle, seductive, fatal woman. It changes all the time. Creatively gifted, prone to learning foreign languages. Loves adventure and novelty. A highlight in any team. Communication is its finite
  • Olga. Saint, wise, majestic. Willful, developed mind and great efficiency. Wrestler, with a strong temperament. Keeps an eye on his looks. Highly moral nature, will marry the best man.
  • Taisia, Taisia. Fertile, about Isis. Determined and uncompromising, makes a dizzying career. She is surrounded everywhere by cavaliers, but she makes her choices long and consciously.
  • Faina. Shining, shiny. Friendly and responsive, inclined to run its own business. Her name inspires addiction to culinary art, clean, adored by her husband.
  • Julia, Ulyana. Fuzzy, curly, everybody cares. Extremely sociable, creative and outstanding personality. She has a flexible intellect, strong intuition, and is gifted with many talents. She reads a lot when she's vulnerable. Lives with her husband in the shower

Popular names for girls

Modern Rare and beautiful names for girls, very relevant in our country. Fashion is fickle and cyclical. Some of the names are Slavic, others are of foreign origin. The third names are fictional recently, based on the bestselling characters of books, films and songs.

List of popular women's names of recent years:

  • Aurora. Dawn, morning dawn. Advanced imagination and intuition. It's about inner peace that's important to her, and she's gonna strive for harmony in everything. Often hides his feelings. The profession is likely to be creative.
  • Anastasia. Resurrected, return. Trustworthy, kind, no offense. Handicraftswoman, loves cleanliness and order. Willful man, defending his rights. Careful, faithful wife and mother
  • Anna. Bravery, grace. Uncompromising and truthful, radiating kindness. He's always waving his nest. Honest and loyal to her husband.
  • Victoria. Victory.Moving, cunning and stubborn, but shy and timid. A girl with that name is able to be honest and honest with her partner.
  • Veronica, Vera. Winning. Smart and reasonable, practical person. Shows intelligence and soberly assesses the situation. The marriage is going well.
  • Eve. Giving life. Volatile nature, controls itself in any situation. An increased level of intelligence. Gentle, gentle and cheerful with her husband.
  • Catherine. Pure, pure virgin. This is a real fantasist, it's easy to make friends and admirers. Tactful, well-mannered, exquisitely tasteful. Carefully chooses a life partner.
  • Ksenia, Ksusha. Guests, the traveller. Attractive, soulful, fighting injustice. She has very flexible intellectual abilities and a heightened intuition. Required to the partner, looking for protection.
  • Lily, Lily.White flower. Dreamy and inventive, sly and clever nature. She's driven by interest in everything that's going on around her. Gives the loved ones a warmth of mind.
  • Maria. Yellow, serenity. Gentle, balanced and mysterious, with a strong spirit. She's attracted to everything original and avant-garde, exclusive. It emits heat and attention around it.
  • Oceans. Deep water. The name came up recently. A strong, determined person who can turn the mountains upside down for his own purposes. The family is the most important thing for her in life, prefers to spend all her free time with her.
  • Sofia, Sofia. Active and receptive, strives to catch up and learn everything. Likes to be the center of attention. Capable of heroic deeds for the sake of the family.
  • Elsa. Divine, cold oath. Cross and independent, determined nature. Can achieve a high position in society, start a business. Responsible housewife.

Female foreign names

All countries have interesting and unusual names. Now they are gaining popularity, and some have long been used to our hearing. Most of them are closely related to the Slavic peoples.

List and description Rare and beautiful names for girls:

  • Adelle, Adelina. Great, noble, from the noble family. Self-contained, calm, modest, reading a lot. He knows how to get people in. Tender and faithful companion.
  • Astrid.Strastnaya, star.Brave, bold, active, can solve any problem. The bearer of that name has psychic powers. Loves the family.
  • Belinda, Bella.Beautiful, bright linden. Charming, elegant, has a refined taste. Aims for stability, loves order. Adheres to generally accepted moral values. Good luck in marriage.
  • Diane, Dean. Divine, fair and just. Has a very large amount of energy. Handles all cases, logical thinking is developed. Deep and sensitive, though. Married, she finds peace and harmony in her soul.
  • Inga. Born under protection. One of the names of the Scandinavian god of fertility and abundance, analogous to the male name Ingvar. Easily assimilates all the information. Believes in fortune-telling and knows how to lie to herself. Dedicated wife, skillfully educates children.
  • Kira. Lord, madam, the beam of light. Practical, enduring and judicious. Perceptive, reliable, can catch luck by the tail. The brilliant mind and flexibility of thinking are its reliable helpers. He's gonna make it to the top of his career. The relationship will become caring and affectionate, and her house will be in harmony.
  • Cornelia, Nelly. Tree weapon. Masteress in subjugation and seduction of the environment. Fully developed, with a rich inner world. Wants to be in the middle of something. Pleasant and fun woman.
  • Linda, Melinda.Beautiful, blossoming lime.He is fond of reading and collecting. It is distinguished by its intelligence and education. Favourite at work and with friends.
  • Martha.Mistress, hostess. Solid, balanced, businesswoman. The name gives a good response, she won't miss the moment. Strives for a strong marriage union.
  • Melissa. Honey bee. Charming, bringing good luck to others. Independent and scrupulous, but at the same time cute and sociable. Above all, he appreciates the family.
  • Margarita. Pearl. Pearls. Straightforward, self-critical, constantly improving. Honest and brave, devoid of selfishness. Resolute and businesslike, lucky in the career. A faithful and reliable friend will charm anyone.
  • Nicole, Nika.Winner of the nations. Mysterious, charming, with many friends. Gentle and sentimental, since childhood dreams of marriage to a prince charming. Can be implemented in any sphere.
  • Olives. Noble and sociable, finds common ground with any person. Negative of deceit and hypocrisy. The spouse must correspond to her requests.
  • Frieda. World and peace. She looks modest and discreet, she's smart and independent, she likes people around her. A man with a strong will and a fine mental organization.
  • Elvira, Alya. True, protecting everyone. Decisive and tenacious, defends his own point of view. Doesn't betray his friends. Dedicated to spouse and children.

There are many ways to determine a suitable Russian name for a child: the Orthodox calendar, the zodiac sign, following the laws of numerology. First of all, choosing rare and beautiful name for a girl you should make sure that it is compatible with the patronymic. And what's more, when you decide what to call your baby, trust your heart.

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Scandinavian names Male and Female

Scandinavian female names: list of beautiful names for a girl and their meanings

Scandinavians are the people who choose names for their children responsibly. In ancient times, people believed that a person's name would determine his fate.

Hello, dear reader. It's good to see you here, and it's not just a greeting for a tick. I'm really pleased when they're reading my notes. My name is Gavrilov Kirill. I am fond of the history, mythology and culture of medieval Scandinavia. And this is my Northern Diary – Freinheim.

  • I have carefully collected popular Scandinavian male and female names in this entry, translated their meanings and combined them into a convenient list. And yes, these are the characters of the series “Vikings” on the title image.

The ancient Scandinavian names, or names of Vikings, are closely related to mythology and nature, wild animals and objects. They often consist of two parts. For example, Torbjorn is Thor (god of thunder) + Bjorn (bear). Together we get Thor's bear..

Men's Scandinavian names


  1. Agwid – Guardian of Nature
  2. Agmund – protection from punishment
  3. Ivars – militant
  4. Akke – sincere
  5. Axel – pious home
  6. Axel


  7. Alv – elf
  8. Alvheir – elf javelin
  9. Almod – all-powerful
  10. Alrik – the strongest
  11. Alrik -/li>

  12. Anders – courage
  13. Andreas – courage
  14. Ansgar – spear of ases
  15. Arnbjørn – eagle-bear
  16. Arngeir – eagle-skin
  17. Arnljot – eagle horror
  18. Arnulve – eagle-wolf

  19. Asbrand – sword of Asov
  20. Asbjörn – bear of Asov
  21. Aswald – power of Asov
  22. Aswer – army of Asov
  23. /li>

  24. Asgayr – Ases' spear
  25. Asgrim – Ases' mask
  26. Asmund – Ases' buyout
  27. Atilla – perseverance
  28. Atilla/li>

  29. Atli>Atli – father or evil
  30. Aud – wealth
  31. Audulus – rich wolf
  32. Audun – prosperity
  33. Audun/li>


  1. Baran – big
  2. Bardy – bearded
  3. Bedwar – promised warrior


  4. The subject is the promised power
  5. Bedolv is the promised wolf
  6. Bengt is blessed
  7. Bernard – strong bear
  8. Bernt – brave
  9. Bersi – bear cub
  10. Bo – resident
  11. Bolly – evil
  12. Brand – sword or fire
  13. Brooney – strong
  14. Bjørn – bear


  1. Vagnie – calm
  2. Valgard – falcon protection
  3. Vanland – Van Land

    1. Vagnie – calm
    2. /li>
    3. Vardi – friend
    4. Vebrand – holy sword
    5. Vebiorn – holy bear
    6. Vegard – fence
    7. /li>

    8. Weheir – holy spear
    9. Wemund – holy ransom
    10. Vermund – ransom warrior
    11. Westar – sword of the west
    12. Westheir – spear of the west
    13. Westhein – holy stone
    14. Westmar – western land
    15. /li>

    16. Vicard – Gulf Army
    17. Vincent – Ruler of the Army


    1. Guardie is the protected one
    2. Harold, the ruler of the army
    3. Heirmund, the spear of ransom
    4. Henry, the ruler of the house
    5. /li>

    6. Georghe – landlord
    7. Gerhard – strong spear
    8. Gest – guest
    9. Gisli – hostage
    10. /li>

    11. Gottfried – good safe
    12. Greger – cheerful
    13. Greenolve – green wolf
    14. Goodbrand – good sword
    15. Hoody – good
    16. Goodmund – good ransom
    17. Goodrad – good advice
    18. Gunnar – sword of battle
    19. Gunnulve – wolf of battle
    20. Gustav – support
    21. Gunnar – hunter
    22. /ol>


      1. Dan – Danish
      2. Gerard – brave spear
      3. Dyarvi – brave



      1. Eng – King
      2. Ingwald – King's power


      3. Ingvar – king's army
      4. Ingemar – famous glorious
      5. Ingulev – left by the king
      6. Ingulev>/li>

      7. Ingred – king's advice
      8. Ingmund – king's buyback
      9. Ingolve – king's wolf


      1. John – grace
      2. John – dove
      3. John – chief's gift
      4. Jørgen the Landowner
      5. Johannes the Gracious


  4. Calle the Hot One
  5. /li>

  6. Carl is a brave man
  7. Klaus is the winner of the peoples
  8. Clement is the merciful one
  9. Knud – node
  10. Collar – coal
  11. Collbein – coal leg
  12. Collaborn – coal bear
  13. /li>

  14. Krister – reliability
  15. Kyarval – calm whale


  • Lion – abandoned, left
  • Liulfr – wolf
  • Lohmer – lawyer
  • Loki – manipulator
  • li>Li>Li>Liotolv – horror wolf


    1. Magnesium – strong
    2. li>Marie – land

    3. Mats – gift from God
    4. Modie – brave
    5. Morten – from Mars


    1. Odd – tops
    2. One – angry
    3. Oddmand – protection
    4. Oivind – island wind
    5. Oystein – island stone
    6. Ol, Olav – heir
    7. Onandr – ancestral triumph


    8. Orm – snake
    9. Ormarr – snake army


  • Ragnar – army power
  • /li>

  • Raud – red
  • Rerik – mighty
  • Regin – rain
  • Riga – king
  • li>Roald – famous ruler

  • Rollo – famous
  • Roonolve – mystery wolf
  • Ragnwald is a wise ruler
  • Randalphre – shield wolf
  • C

  • Swan – swan>/li>
  • Swain – boy
  • Sverr – restless
  • Sigurd – protected by victory
  • Sigmund – ransom for victory
  • Sigvald – power of victory
  • Sindri – sparkling
  • Skeeggie – axe
  • Skjeld – shield
  • Snorri – roaring
  • Snor – striker
  • Snebjorn – snow bear
  • /li>

  • Stein – stone
  • Steinmod – stone of courage
  • Steinulve – stone wolf
  • Sumarlitra – summer wanderer
  • T

    1. Talek – Torah game
    2. Tir – god
    3. Thomas – twin
    4. Thomas – thunder
    5. Thorbjorn – Thor's bear
    6. Thorfred – Thor's world
    7. Torah Wolf – Torah Wolf
    8. Torgayr – Torah Spear
    9. Torgisl – Torah Hostage
    10. Tormod – Torah Courage
    11. /li>

    12. Torodd – Torah tip
    13. Tollack – Weapons Involving
    14. Torbjorn – Torah Bear
    15. Torger – Torah's Spear

    16. Torjorn – Torah's Bear
    17. Torah's Boiler
    18. Torah's Arrow
    19. Torah's Arrow


    20. Torgnyr – Thor's voice
    21. Tormod – Thor's mind
    22. Torstein – Thor's stone
    23. Trüggy – true
    24. /li>


    1. Ulv – wolf
    2. Ulvbjorn – wolf-bear
    3. Ulvar – wolf army


    1. Finr – Finn
    2. Flocks – ring hair
    3. Folkor – guardian of the people
    4. Folk – tribe
    5. Freir – meadow
    6. Fritjof – peaceful thief
    7. Free – Lord
    8. /li>

    9. Frood – wise
    10. Frost – frost
    11. Frityef – thief of the world
    12. Friedleive – left over from the world/li>
    13. Friedrich – world mighty
    14. Frody – kind
    15. Friedmund – world redemption


    1. Hacon is a tall son
    2. Hallsteinn is a mountain stone
    3. Half son of Halfhsen
    4. /li>

    5. Hawk – hawk
    6. Helgie – saint
    7. Helmi – helmet
    8. Hjalmair – helmet warrior
    9. Holmy – island
    10. Holdinger – spear island
    11. Crystal – famous wolf
    12. Havard – high defender
    13. /li>

    14. Heltor – torus rock
    15. Helvard – defender
    16. Half given
    17. Hyarti – swordsman
    18. Hring – ring
    19. Khrut – ram
    20. Hyarvard – friend of the sword


    1. Egyll – edge of the sword
    2. Egyll – owl
    3. Eivindr – island wind
    4. Eileifer – heir
    5. Eirik – ruler
    6. Eisteinn – island stone
    7. Espen – anticipating
    8. Espen/li>

    9. Eirik – mighty happiness
    10. Einar – army of happiness
    11. EiLeve – abandoned happiness
    12. /li>

    13. Eilv – happiness wolf
    14. Ayvind – happiness wind
    15. Eimund – happiness buyout

    Women's Scandinavian names


    1. Adela – nobleness
    2. Agot – good
    3. Agneta – chastity
    4. Alva – elf
    5. Alfsigr – elf victory
    6. Alfhild – elf battle
    7. Annika – grace
    8. Annalysis – grace
    9. Arnborg – eagle protection
    10. Asa – god
    11. Aslog – engaged by the gods
    12. Asna – Asnah news
    13. /li>

    14. Astrid – god is beautiful
    15. Astrid – god's beauty
    16. Asgerd – Asov's protection
    17. Asveig – Asov's path
    18. Aud – wealth


    1. Barebra – stranger/li>
    2. Bathilde – combat
    3. Bergdis – spirit protection
    4. /li>

    5. Benedict – sacred
    6. Bengt – blessed
    7. Bergator – Torah spirit
    8. Bringhild – woman warrior

    9. Borghild – assault
    10. Brunhild – battle reservation


    1. Walborg – saving the dead in battle
    2. Vertandi – Need
    3. Wendela – Wandela
    4. Viva – Life
    5. Vienna – War
    6. Viegdis – Goddess of War


    1. Ganvor – warrior vigilance
    2. Ganhild – armed battle
    3. Gerd – fortress, defense
    4. Grid – world
    5. Gray – dawn
    6. Gretta – mother-of-pearl
    7. Dream – pearl
    8. Hood – good news
    9. Gullah – battle
    10. Goodhild – good battle
    11. Gutrun – secret of gods


    1. Dalia – valley flower
    2. Jerd – invest
    3. Dagny – new day
    4. /li>

    5. Degroon is secret knowledge


    1. Idandr – love
    2. Ide – diligence
    3. Izunr – love anew
    4. Ingrid – beautiful meadow
    5. Ingeborg – help>/li>
    6. Ingigertr – nested
    7. Ingua – power
    8. Ingrid – royal defense
    9. Inguichild – royal battle
    10. Inguichild – royal battle>/li>

    11. Ittan – greatness
    12. Isgerd – ice protection


    1. Kaisa – purity
    2. Kelda – spring
    3. Ketilridr – boiler
    4. Kia – believer
    5. Kea – chicken
    6. Keita – dear
    7. Cary – clean
    8. Caroline – human


    1. Campaign – defender
    2. Lyse – oath to the gods
    3. Lynn – twin flower
    4. Loviz – famous warrior


    1. Marna – sea
    2. Martha – pearls
    3. li>Mia – stubbornness

    4. Micaëlla – god-like
    5. Magnhild – great battle
    6. Merit – pearl


    1. Ode – deep wealth
    2. Ottalia – abundance


    1. Ragnild – battle council
    2. Ruggerd – Power Protection
    3. Ranveyor – Running Path
    4. Rebecca – Luring into a Trap
    5. Rind – Protection
    6. Ragnborg – wise defense
    7. Ragnhildre – advisor of battle
    8. Rungerd – mystery defense



  • Saga – seeing
  • Sassa – a beautiful deity
  • Svanhild – the battle of the swan
  • Swanveig – the road of the swan
  • Sveya – Swedish Empire
  • Siv – Bride
  • Signe – a new victory
  • Sigridre – a beautiful victory
  • Signe – news of the victory
  • Signe


  • Sigrun – mystery of victory
  • Sigrid – protected by victory
  • Silge – blind
  • Skald – future
  • Solveig is a strong house
  • Solveig is a sunbeam
  • Solgerd is a solar protection
  • Steinmunn is a surf
  • Susanne is a lily
  • /li>


    1. Tira – god
    2. Torah – thunder
    3. Torbjorg – Torah protection
    4. Torbert – Torah shine
    5. /li>

    6. Torvi – Torah Field
    7. Torfriedr – Torah World
    8. Torfried – Torah Battered
    9. Tof – Torah World
    10. Torgerd – Thor protection
    11. Torchild – Thor battle
    12. Torchild – force
    13. Torchild – force

      Torchild – force>/li>


    1. Freya – hostess
    2. Fredrik is a peaceful ruler
    3. Frigg is love
    4. Friend is peace
    5. /li>


    1. Hannah – courage
    2. Helga – dedicated to the gods
    3. Hertud – sword strength
    4. Hild – battle


    1. Eides is the island goddess
    2. Air – help, mercy
    3. Emily – competition

    Such a list can be continued indefinitely. Once you understand the basics of Scandinavian names, you can make up any name you want and put the meaning and meaning you want into it.

    A little more about Scandinavian names

    1. Not looking at the influence of Christianity, most of the names in Scandinavia are still the same. In the 16th century, bishops with pagan names met constantly. For example, Bishop Thorstein is the stone of Thor. And it is still considered commonplace.

      In Norwegian and Danish fairy tales priests are also called ancient names.

    2. Place surnames, the Scandinavians use patronymics. Men take their father's name. Like Gearson, the son of Geir. And the woman's name is mother's. Vigdóttir is the daughter of Vigdóttir.

    3. Besides Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, the Scandinavian names met in Russia and Finland.

    And that's it for me. Thank you so much for reading the entry through.

    I hope I was able to tell you something new and interesting – this is really important to me. I respect my readers and their time.

    If you like it, stop by more often. I have a lot of interesting entries on the topic of medieval Scandinavia and its mythology.

    Recording adorn the works of artists:

    As a matter of fact, about artists, I love beautiful and high-quality art drawings and sketches. If you, too, then in the section on northern art I will introduce you to many interesting and talented artists and their works on the theme of the medieval north. Look at the beautiful drawings, read the interview.

    Well, to keep up to date with the new entries and events in my diary, join our community Freinheim. Just waiting for you. And you can find all the other entries and sections in the table of contents.



    Scandinavian Female Names: List of Beautiful Names for Girls and their Values

    The Scandinavian female names depending on their origin can be divided into native national names, originating from the Old Germanic language and borrowed names adapted to the languages of Scandinavia – mainly European Christian nicknames.

    The ancient names of the Scandinavians did not differ much from the nicknames, so often it was the nickname that served as a personal name. The nickname could have been given to the child shortly after birth, or during the whole life – if it was more suitable for the owner, it would have replaced the previous name.

    In any case, the nickname indicated some peculiarity of the owner: character trait, appearance, origin, occupation, etc. (Luta is “sutulus”, Adamina is “redhead”, Ida is “hard-working”). Another group of vernaculars is the Coast Name.

    The tradition of using such names dates back to the pagan naming customs of animals, birds and plants to form a symbolic link between the owner and a living being. The Scandinavians played the role of amulets under the names of Björk – “birch”, Birna – “bear”, Ilva – “wolf”, Khrevna – “crow”, etc.

    Also often used were the names-wishes of good fortune, happy and bright life: Birtha – “bright”, Heidr – “glory”.

    Viking Age with endless wars and battles has influenced not only male names.

    Much of the Scandinavian women's names and meanings come from concepts such as war, victory, weapons, armor, as well as military qualities: Brunya – “Kolchuga”, Sigrflod – “girl of victory”, Ragnhilde – “battle of defenders”, Gunvor – “vigilant warrior”, Wahlborg – “rescue of the dead in battle”.

    Some of the adverbs in this category echo the nicknames of the Valkyries, the mythical warrior virgins (according to legend, they accompanied the souls of fallen soldiers to Valhalla, the paradise for those who fell in battle): Mist– “foggy,” Company – “sowing confusion,” Randgrid – “breaking shields.”

    Religious female names of Scandinavians

    The impressive number of Scandinavian names for girls is closely related to the ancient religious concepts of Scandinavians, including North German mythology and its deities.

    Most often personal names were formed from the names of the gods of Torah (god of thunder and lightning), Ingvi-Freira (god of fertility), Alva or Elf (spirit of the earth), these were mostly complex two-component names: Torunn – “Torah's favorite”, Ingunn – “Ingvie's girlfriend”, Alveid – “clear elf”.

    Also, vintage nicknames came from the general names of deities, so the names often contained the components -ass (aces – name of deities), -dis (goddess), -god (God), -ragn (power, deity), -ve (sacred): Ace – “divine”, Bergdis – “goddess of the spear”, Goodbjörg – “help of the gods”, Reginleive – “heiress of the gods”, Wefried – “sacred protection”.

    From the 10th century began the gradual Christianization of the Scandinavians. Pagan names are replaced by religious nouns from the Bible and Catholic priests. The Scandinavians struggled to master new names, but by the 16th century they were firmly included in the list of Scandinavian women's names, adapting to local languages.

    Today they are perceived as national names: Katarina – from Greek Catherine (“pure”), Sonya – from Sophia (“wise”), Margret – from Margarita (“pearl”).

    Often the same name formed several derivative forms: for example, the names Kirsten, Kersty, Kersty, Kerstin, Kirsten.

    often came from the same name.

    The origin of new names

    From centuries the Scandinavian nameoslovakia has been replenished with new names of different origins: English and French, German and Russian.

    For example, the name Kirsten (from the Greek Christine) has several analogues: Karsten, Kirstin, Kirsten, Kirston, from the Scandinavian name Syngrid are formed variants of Siri, Sire, Sire, Sire, from the Spanish Dolores – Dorti.

    Beautiful and popular Scandinavian women's names

    Beautiful Scandinavian women's names are filled with the deepest meaning. They emphasize the divine feminine nature, purity, elevation: Astrid is the “beauty goddess”, Dagmara is the “light maiden”, Oletta is the “winged, elevated”, Queenby is the “feminine”.

    Some sound names are associated with the characters of ancient German mythology: Gerda is a beautiful giantess, the mistress of mountain streams, Irpa is one of the Scandinavian goddesses, Tyra is the daughter of Torah.

    Among the ancient names there are many beautiful variants: Innesta – “out of the creek”, Solveig – “sunbeam”, Swanweig – “swan road”, Ernestine – “fairy tale”, Edda – “poetry”.

    Popular Scandinavian names with pagan roots, formed on behalf of the god of fertility Inge: Inga (“powerful”), Ingeborga (“protected by Inge”), Ingrid (“beautiful as Ing”), as well as Freia, Alva, Ursula. There's been an increase in short name fashion lately: Liv, Mine, Nora. Among the most popular European names are Elsa, Alice, Karina, Alina, Olivia, Ella.

    Modern traditions

    Today, Scandinavians are increasingly choosing for their daughters popular European names of different origins, new names – short and derivative forms of full names. The old Christian names adapted to the Scandinavian languages are still relevant. Ancient, original national names are not out of use, but are used less frequently.


    Women's Nordic names

    Scandinavian women's names: list of beautiful names for a girl and their meanings

    The distant past connects our homeland's history with Scandinavian women's names. Their soundness, severity and special charm refer to the era of the Russian statehood immersed in the gray age, resurrect the images of the first rulers and rulers of the Russian land. Some Scandinavian women's names are popular in our country and nowadays.

    Scandinavian regions on the map

    Scandinavia is a region in northern Europe that includes three countries – Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

    In a broader, historical-cultural sense, Scandinavia also includes Finland, Iceland and the North Atlantic islands.

    Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Norwegian and Danish) share a common ancestry – the ancient Scandinavian language, which explains the proximity of many Scandinavian female names and the similarity of their meanings.

    Traditions the name of the naming of the ancient Scandinavians

    Ancient Scandinavian language belongs to the Germanic language branch, and for a long time, up to the IX century, this language was spoken by all the peoples of Scandinavia. Most of the ancient Scandinavian literary works were written in the Old Icelandic language.

    Single-component names are most often a definition of a quality of a newborn or adult: “strong”, “small”, “beloved”, “hairy”, etc.

    There were also abstract names – “battle”, “rock”, “bear”, “wolf”, etc.

    Most of the ancient Scandinavian namespace was made by two-component names. A similar tradition existed not only in the ancient Germanic tribes, but also in the Celts and Slavs.

    Two-part Scandinavian names do not differ in structure from the Slavic ones, such as Svyatoslav, Vyacheslav, Vsevolod.

    The most common ancient Scandinavian “bricks” of names: “Deity”, “wolf”, “bear”, “eagle”, “crow”, “heir”, “bail”, “protection”, “fence”, “glorious”, “friend”, “world”, “beautiful”, “strong”, “forest”, “mystery”, “rune”, “sword”, “helmet”, “spear”.

    The names constructed in this way were sound and long, consisting of four or more letters. Their meaning is striking with the power and the threat of meaning. Even female names impress with their energy and rigor. You can see this from the list below.

    List of ancient Scandinavian women's names and their meanings:

    • Arnfasta – fast eagle;
    • Arncatla – eagle+helmet;
    • Arleg – eagle+fire;
    • Arnleive – eagle+heir;
    • Arnora – eagle+Tor;
    • li>Audhelga – prosperity+wealth;

    • Auda – prosperity;
    • Aldis – elf + maiden;
    • Alev – ancestor + descendant;
    • Astrid – deity + beauty;
    • Asgerda is a deity+protection;
    • Bera is a bear;
    • Bergdice is a maiden help;
    • Borg – protection;
    • Bothild – medicine + battle;
    • Gerd – protection;
    • Inga – short form on behalf of the god of fertility;
    • Ingeborga – name of the god of fertility + help;
    • Ingrid – name of the god of fertility + beautiful;
    • li>Cata – joyful;

    • Cola – joyful;
    • Lion – sweet;
    • Raudi – red;
    • Runa – mystery, rune;
    • Saldis – sun + goddess;
    • Sigga – victory;
    • Svana – swan;
    • Tura – Thor, the Thunderbird god;
    • li>Tobba – Tor+store;

    • Torfried – Tor+beautiful;
    • Torgrim – Tor+helmet;
    • Torchilde – Tor+bitwa;
    • Torchilde – Valkyrie, daughter of Thor and Sif;
    • Una – to be happy;
    • Fasti – strong;
    • Folks – people;
    • Freia is the ruler;
    • Frida is beautiful;
    • Frigg is the name of Odin's wife;

      Frigg is the name of her wife./li>

    • Halla – rock;
    • Helga – sacred, holy;
    • Edda – great-grandmother.

    Christianity and the adoption of nameservices

    The name of the newborn was given by the father, making the naming process an acknowledgement of the child's right to life. Two-part names could contain parts of the father's and mother's names

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