Synecode: Instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues


Droplets and cough syrup Synecode: composition, dosage, specific applications noted in the instructions and reviews, analogues

Synecode: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues

To cough medicines are used in the treatment of dry cough reflexes that do not release sputum. Such coughs are debilitating and particularly painful for young children.

Dry coughs have many causes, but they are all associated with irritation of cough receptors by foreign substances – allergens, bacteria penetrating from the upper respiratory tract, and other infections.

The medications (medications) from the central-acting pharmacotherapeutic group of cough medicines, which include the Synecode, will help to get rid of coughing. Instructions on the use of the drug will explain the specifics of using this drug in the treatment of different groups of patients.

Synecode release forms

The most rapid therapeutic effect is achieved by liquid dosage forms of medications. That's why LC Synecode has a liquid form – droplets and syrup. This allows you to use the drug to quickly relieve symptoms.


Droplet Synecode is designed for symptomatic treatment of children from 2 months of age for whooping cough and unproductive coughing in various etiologies.

Also used in bronchoscopic examination and before surgery. Children under 2 months of age, as well as pregnant women in the first trimester and lactating women are contraindicated by the Synecode. Instructions for use warn patients with fructose intolerance about the content of sorbitol in droplets.


Analogical readings are also specified in the instructions for use with the Synecode mixture, or rather the syrup. But in this medicinal form the drug is recommended for use only from the age of three and is contraindicated for younger patients. As with Synecode droplets, the syrup contains fructose, so it is contraindicated in patients with intolerance to this monosaccharide.


Ni in syrup, nor in the Synecode solution, the instructions for use do not refer to any components other than citrate butamirate as an active ingredient in the preparation (Synecode). The auxiliary components of the substance in both dosage forms are also almost identical, both containing both fructose and ethanol.


Pharmacy Synecode is a product of the Swiss pharmaceutical association Novartis Consumer Health S.A., which explains the high price of medicinal products Synecode. But the active ingredient of the Synecode is contained in similar preparations of the Russian manufacture, therefore, if necessary, another preparation can be purchased as a substitute for the Synecode.

Which cough is dry or wet?

Since the drug belongs to the pharmacological group of cough medicines, the answer to the question – from which cough Synecode – is obvious.

The cough medicine is used only for dry, unproductive coughing, so the Synecode is for dry coughing.

The possibility of using Synecode for wet coughing should be discussed with the doctor treating the cough, as only a specialist can determine the need for such therapy. What exactly should not be done in the treatment of synecode is to combine its use with expectorants, which are used for wet coughing.


As with any medicine, there is a drug called synecode and contraindications. First of all, the drug is prohibited for those who have an excessive susceptibility to active ingredients or auxiliary substances. In addition, the cough synapse should not be used:

  • to women in the lactation period and in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • to children under 3 years of age (for syrup);
  • to patients who do not tolerate fructose.

In the abstract to the Synecode, there is a caveat for the need for careful use of the drug in liver and brain diseases, epilepsy, alcoholism, and patients prone to drug addiction.

Adult Instructions

On how to take medication Synecode, dosages and other instructions will also explain the instructions for use. Synecode syrup is intended for treatment of adults. Indications for this medicinal form include: whooping cough, dry coughs of various genesis, bronchoscopy, coughing during surgery.

How should I take it?

The cough syrup Synecode should be taken orally shortly before meals. Usually “before eating” means taking the medicine 15-30 minutes before eating. You don't have to drink the syrup with water.

Dose of syrup for adults is 15 ml per 1 dose. It is recommended to take 4 doses of the drug per day.

Measure container should be washed and dried after each dose. It is then attached to the bottle cap, which prevents the loss of the measuring cap.

Special instructions

Specific instructions for use have a caveat for diabetes patients in the section on special instructions. Because syrup sweeteners are represented by sorbitol and saccharinate, the instruction informs that the synecode can be used by these patients.

What concerns patients with brain and liver pathologies, suffering from alcoholism, epilepsy, or prone to drug addiction, due to the content of ethanol in the syrup, their treatment should be carried out only under medical supervision.

This can be added a caveat regarding the interaction of LC Synecode with other drugs. Although the instructions for use do not describe drug compatibility, the abstract warns against the possibility of concurrent use of expectorants.

Probability for children

Probability for coughing in children should be especially careful and accurate when measuring age-appropriate dosages of LC Synecode. If side effects begin to show at least minimal signs, it is necessary to stop treatment and see a doctor.

To give the synecode to children in a dosage prescribed by a paediatrician, or strictly according to the instructions for use.


Droplet syncode is designed to treat the youngest patients from 2 months of age. Dosage of the preparation is made step by step:

  • 2-12 months – 10 drops per reception;
  • 1-3 years – 15 drops each;
  • 3 years and older – 25 drops each.

The number of receptions per day for all ages is the same – 4 times each. Drops should be given to children shortly before meals.

In the form of syrup

Syrup is allowed to be used for treatment of children from 3 years old. The syrup package contains a measuring container which can be used to measure the required dosage:

  • for children aged 3-6 years – 5 ml each;
  • 6-12 years – 10 ml each;
  • 12 – 16 years – 15 ml each.

Children should take the syrup 3 times a day.


On the acceptability of the treatment of pregnant women with synecode instructions for use is subject to the following caveat.

Therapy is possible with any form of medication – droplets for babies or syrup Synecode for adults, but with caution, i.e. under the supervision of the attending physician and provided that the potential risk for the baby is insignificant compared to the benefit for the woman.

Therapy is possible with any form of drug – droplets for babies or syrup Synecode for adults, but with caution, provided that the potential risk for the baby compared to the benefit for the woman is insignificant.

Synecode side effects on the fetus have not been detected in animal studies. However, no controlled trials have been carried out on pregnant women, so the first trimester of pregnancy is called a contraindication in the instructions for use.

Side effects

Present a small list of possible adverse reactions to the synecode. Side effects mainly affect the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and skin, and are seldom classified as “rare”. That is, in rare cases, Synecode administration may cause:

  • diarrhea, nausea;
  • somnia, dispersion;
  • hives and other allergic reactions.

Enhancing side effects often occur with overdose. If such a situation arises, symptomatic therapy (washing, sorbents, etc.) is necessary, there are no antidotes.

Feedback on the mixture and solution

The information provided in the directions for use can confirm or disprove comments from patients who have taken synecode.

Feedback on the drug is rather controversial, due to the wide age range of the drug and the variety of individual responses to it. Also, the assessment of the drug was very much influenced by the correctness of its use. These are the conclusions to be drawn.

  1. Synecode cannot be taken independently, without an appointment. This is evidenced by the vast majority of consumers who faced side effects and “inefficacy” of the drug.
  2. The medicine has a very specific, “nasty, not vanilla” taste, which for many was an obstacle to treatment. Strange as it may seem, children do not resist drinking Synecode in droplets (solution).
  3. The most pronounced side effects are drowsiness (do not drive during Synecode treatment!), nausea (more because of the taste of the medicine) and allergic reactions (especially from syrup).
  4. Patients who tried to treat them with a wet cough (on the advice of friends and even pharmacists) without bothering to read the instructions for use. As a result, coughing after the expiration of the drug appeared again with multiplied force, literally turning the person “inside out”.
  5. Positive feedback about the medicine (“helps the whole family”, “saves the child from tears and tears and vomiting, coughing”), mainly contains a clause that it can be used for a short period of time (not more than a week), only on the prescription of the doctor and in no case simultaneously with the expectorant.
  6. Interesting observation of one patient who noted that a 100-milligram bottle of syrup will be enough for an adult for only 2 days. In this case, it is advisable to find a 200-milligram bottle.
  7. Pediatricians very rarely prescribe a Synecode for children, because it has a limited list of indications, and kids are quite rarely indicated in the indications of pathology. But if necessary, the Synecode handles dry coughing in 2 days, returning the baby to a quiet sleep and eating without calling for vomiting.

Es there is also a perception that it is desirable to make the Synecode a prescription drug, because its uncontrolled use can be dangerous.

Prescription example in Latin

No syrup, not a drop of Synecode are prescription drugs. And over-the-counter products do not need a prescription in Latin, they are free for sale. However, no one forbids the issuance of prescriptions according to all the rules. An example of a prescription for a Latin synecode may look like this:

Rp. gtts. Butamirati 5mg

D.S. Inside 3.5, 5 or 10 ml 3-4 times a day.

After autopsy expiration

With the high cost of many liquids, patients are increasingly wondering what their expiration date is after autopsy.

In its instructions for use, the synecode does not contain such information, which indicates that if stored properly (at temperatures below +30 degrees Celsius, in a place protected from light), the shelf life of the drug after opening is close to the period indicated on the package – 3 years for syrup and 5 years for droplets.

This is a reminder of the Synecode for adults, which suggests that a 100-milligram bottle is only enough for 2 days of treatment at doses prescribed in the instructions for use. Usually, the symptomatic effect (cough suppression) occurs in about 2-3 days, so the medicine will simply not be able to spoil itself.

Analogues, which can be replaced

Russian Federation and Serbia produce several of these drugs, which can replace the Synecode:

  • Panatus (syrup) of the Slovenian pharmaceutical company KrkaA;
  • Panatus Forte (syrup);
  • Omnitus (syrup);
  • Codel Neo (syrup and drops).

All these drugs are direct analogues of synecode and are based on the active ingredient citrate butyrate, which is a non-drug cough medicine.

Substitutes are cheaper

For suppression of cough reflex without depression of the respiratory center it is possible to pick up analogues cheaper than the Synecode of the Russian manufacture, and also other anti coughing preparations on a vegetative or synthetic basis. Good reviews have a combination of coughing agents (a set of coughing and expectorant drugs):

But their selection should be carried out with caution and only under the guidance of a doctor. And the main thing is that only after establishing the true cause of a dry cough.

Productive information about cough treatment can be found in the following video:


  1. Synecode is a central anti coughing agent with a bronchodilator and suppressor effect.
  2. According to the instructions for use of the Synecode is prescribed in case of whooping cough and dry cough of different genesis.
  3. When used as directed by a physician and in accordance with the instructions for use, the synecode generates positive feedback from patients.
  4. Synecode and expectorants are not recommended.


Cough syncode: form of production, instructions, analogues

Syncode: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues

The majority of people face coughing. Some suffer from this problem every year and even more often. According to doctors, the cough synapse is the best remedy. In order to understand how effective this drug is, you need to know its composition, effects on the body, possible side effects.

Description and composition

Synecode is a central anti cough medicine. Effectively suppresses coughing, is not an expectorant. This should be taken into account in the presence of sputum in the patient – Synecode will not help if you need to liquefy the mucus.

This is a colorless liquid that has an unobtrusive smell of vanilla. The active ingredients begin to work immediately after use. Makes the symptoms of respiratory diseases easier and does not cause addiction. Well tolerated by the body at high dosages.

Synecode droplets for coughing in children

The pharmaceutical form

The modern market can provide several pharmaceutical forms of the drug Synecode. These can be droplets, syrups and pellets that need to be taken orally. The active substance is Butamirate.

In 1 ml of the composition contains 5 mg of this substance, and in 10 syrups – 15 mg. There is another form of cough medicine, Synecod, which is a suction pellet. The tablets are packed in blisters with a capacity of 10 pieces each

In addition to the active ingredient butamirate, they contain lactose. In addition, there are other components.


Synecode for children and adults for various reasons:

  • dry cough;
  • various respiratory diseases;
  • can be prescribed for coughing caused by smoking.

Also, the drug helps relieve the patient's condition in the presence of coughing during the postoperative period.

Which cough is used

Before using syrup or droplets, it is necessary to know which cough syncode is best used:

  1. The ideal option is to use the drug in the treatment of dry coughs. When a person's throat is constantly chopped and he cannot sleep well, the doctor prescribes syrup or drops. In case of coughing, the use of the drug is considered to be mandatory, as it effectively blocks asphyxiating attacks.
  2. In case of damp and wet coughing, it is advisable not to use the synecode. He doesn't liquefy the sputum that builds up in this form of disease. As a result, the development of bacteria, which worsen the general condition of the person, is activated. Slime begins to accumulate in the body and leads to complications. In the presence of sputum, preference should be given to expectorants.

To avoid mistakes in the choice of cough medicine and its use, it is necessary to consult with your doctor in advance. The specialist will determine the exact form of the disease and prescribe the correct treatment. After the use of syrup or drops, wet and dry coughing will disappear, but in the first case it will cause the patient more problems than good.

What kind of cough is the synecode for?

Side effects

In the event of an uncontrolled increase in dosages or a negative reaction to the active ingredient, the body's condition may deteriorate. In order not to cause the opposite effect, you need to know the side effects of the Synecode:

  • occurrence of muscle pain;
  • oppressed state, mood change;
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • chair disorders;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • stomach pain.

Also, some people may have allergic reactions to the active substances of synecode. In this case, red spots on the skin may appear:

    • zud;
    • peeling.

    If there are side effects from the Synecode, you should consult your doctor immediately. If the condition does not change much after taking the drug, you can try to reduce the dose.

    Instructions for use

    Couple cure synecode can only be taken after careful study of the instructions. By adhering to the dosage, the risk of side effects can be almost completely eliminated.

    Method of administration and dosage

    Dosages vary depending on the selected dosage form.

    Syrup Synecode

    Children 3-6 years old should be consumed 5 ml 3 times a day. Children aged 6-12 years should take 10 ml of the product three times a day.

    Children after 12 years of age and adults should use 15 ml of syrup 3 times a day. In case of severe coughing attacks in an adult, the frequency of ingestion is increased by 1.

    A special measuring cap is enclosed in the package with syrup, which can be used to measure the required amount of drug liquid.

    Drops of Synecode

    Children from 2 months to 1 year can use 10 drops 4 times a day. After 1 year and up to 3 years, the dosage increases to 15 drops. After 3 years, it is possible to increase the number of drops used up to 25 drops 4 times a day.

    It is strictly forbidden to start taking drops of Synecode without consulting your doctor.

    Interaction with other medicines

    How can butate interact with other medicines?


    In the instruction there is separate information that an overdose is possible with children using the Synecode. The first symptoms of overdose are drowsiness, general weakness, and moodiness. Nausea may occur that rarely leads to vomiting.

    Very rarely can there be a decrease in pressure and loss of consciousness.

    If an overdose occurs, a child or adult needs to be taken to hospital immediately. Doctors will do a stomach rinse and prescribe the use of sorbents. They'll quickly bind the remaining drug particles and remove them from the body.

    Ophthalmologic overdose symptoms

    Storage conditions

    After the purchase of the drug Synecode, it is necessary to follow the storage rules:

    • to keep the cough medicine out of reach of children;
    • packaging should be tightly closed;
    • temperature mode should not exceed 30°C.

    Synecode validity period – up to 5 years. You can't take an expired medication.

    Price of the drug

    Cought-related syncodes can be purchased at any pharmacy or online store. It is very popular in the treatment of various respiratory diseases and can be used from an early age (drops). Cost:

    • syrop in 100 ml bottles – 200 rubles;
    • bottles for 200 ml cost about 300 rubles;
    • drops in 20 ml packs – up to 340 rubles.

    The cost of this medicine directly depends on the exchange rate of the country into which it is imported from Europe.

    Purchase of the medicine in a pharmacy
    Also, it is not always prescribed to patients because of its contraindications and side effects. In such situations, it is necessary to look for analogues of the drug. In pharmacies you can find medicines of the same effect:

    1. Omnitus is considered to be a cheaper substitute for the Synecode. It has anti-inflammatory effect and has expectorant properties. After its application, the blood is enriched with oxygen, the process of breathing is facilitated. Omnitus is prescribed for various forms of coughing and respiratory diseases. Syrups, droplets and tablets can be identified among the pharmaceutical forms. It is forbidden to use Omnitus during pregnancy. It should only be prescribed by a doctor after the diagnosis. Also, the tablets can be used by children after the age of six years.
    2. Kodelak Neo – this drug is made in Russia. The active component is butamate. Blocks the nerve impulses affecting the coughing center, as well as relieves inflammation of the respiratory tract. 1.5 hours after application, there is a decrease in the number of calls to cough. It's getting easier to breathe. The duration of the action is up to 12 hours. The drops can be used by children from 2 months of age. Neo's code is also available in tablet form. They are prescribed in the treatment of adult patients.
    3. Stoptusin – this cough medicine contains 2 active substances in addition to additional components, butamirate and guaifenezine. The second active substance liquefies the accumulated slime in the bronchi and leads it outside. You can find 3 different forms of Stoptusin in pharmacies: syrup, drops and pills. The syrup additionally contains plantain and thyme extract. Recommended for various respiratory diseases, dry and wet coughs. Doctors prohibit using Stoptusin in the first trimester of pregnancy and when breast-feeding. The droplets can be given to the child from the age of six months, the syrup is from one year and the tablets are only 12 years old.
    4. Ascoril – has a three-component composition, which has both expectorant and bronchodilator effect. Salbutamol contained in the composition reduces the number of spasms in dry coughing. The mucolytic effect is due to the content of bromhexine. Guaifenezine, in turn, liquefies the accumulated mucus and removes it from the body. Recommended for use in tuberculosis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, whooping cough, various forms of coughing. Ascoril tablets can be given to children after six years of age.

    There are other known analogues of Synecode. They include Gerbion. This drug is of vegetable origin. It has a bacteriological effect and effectively relieves inflammation. Gerbion syrup is often recommended for smokers. Most often, it is appointed in a complex with other means of coughing.

    Also, it is worth paying attention to the Bronchylitin syrup. It effectively suppresses dry coughing attacks. When using it, it is necessary to observe the exact dosage. It's related to the toxicity of the drug. Recommended only for complex treatment.

    Many people know licorice root syrup. It's called the Russian analogue of Synecode. It differs from other drugs in that it has a mild effect on the body and no serious side effects. This is due to the low toxicity of the drug.

    Also, licorice root syrup has few contraindications. However, in case of mild exposure, licorice root syrup is not considered to be one of the most effective means of coughing and is recommended only for treatment with other drugs.

    In pharmacies you can find more expensive and cheaper analogues.

    If the doctor has prescribed a Synecode for coughing or other respiratory diseases, it is necessary to carefully study the dosage and not exceed them. If there are any side effects, you need to go to the hospital or clinic immediately. Cannot mix Synecode with expectorants.

    (4 5.00 from 5)


    Synecode – instructions for use for children and adults

    Synecode: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues

    In case of sputum accumulation in the bronchi, respiratory disorders, strong coughing, doctors prescribe a medicine called a synecode – the instructions for use describe the chemical composition and specifics of the treatment of such a commonly available remedy.

    Much more often the characteristic medicine is prescribed to small children, but adult patients can also use such a prescription.

    Vanilla cough syrup Synecode has a pleasant taste and slight odor, eliminates not only the unpleasant symptoms of colds, but also the root cause.

    This medicine belongs to the pharmacological group of cough medicines of central action. It can be used to get rid of severe coughing attacks forever, thus making it easier for the general wellbeing.

    The medicine is a great help for adult patients, but it also provides positive dynamics in childhood illnesses. Provides airway cleaning, collection and separation of viscous sputum.

    Before taking the Synecode, it is necessary to specify the peculiarities of intensive care and daily dosage.

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