Joking riddles for children or tricky riddles

Mixed riddles with tricks and answers

Joking riddles for children or tricky riddles

Funny trick riddles, solving crossword puzzles, charade is the favorite pastime of millions of people across Russia. It's a very good practice for the mind. It's been popular since our grandfathers were still alive. The emergence of the Internet has increased interest in them, because it has become easier to find an interesting riddle.

Very interesting charades for children. To develop a child's mind, his ingenuity is more important than an adult. Until the age of 7, this activity is an essential element of a child's upbringing.

At an early school age, it is important that students do not overburden themselves.

An adult also needs this activity in order not to lose their ingenuity and to be able to make quick and correct decisions in difficult situations.

Children's tricky puzzles aren't given to all adults (with answers)

For children to be interested, it's better for them to ask funny puzzles. This will allow them not only to tense their minds, but also to fall apart. For a preschooler, this is an essential element of development. Psychologically it is difficult for him to adjust to something serious.

Funny puzzles with a trick are unusual riddles. They are a question that needs to be rhymed quickly. It's always wrong.

This allows children to develop a sense of humor, to learn, not to believe everything that adults say. It develops the child's thinking very strongly.

After all, if the answer is not correct, you should guess the right answer yourself, and even recognize the fact of the error itself. It's very helpful in life.

Plain examples of children's trick riddles

? 50 wolves run through the forest. How many tails do animals have on their necks? Answer 0, although logic requires an answer of 50. The reason is that the tail on the neck doesn't grow. Not every adult can solve this mystery at once.

Very important to ask a child to imagine a pack of animals with tails on their necks. As far as you can go. It's not a horror movie. So the child will guess about the correct answer and see that the initial feelings deceived him.

? – The shop is guarded by a guard. There's a sparrow on his head. What does the watchman do? Answer: Sleeps.

? – It is possible or not to cut the word “mouse trap” so that it consists of only 5 letters. Answer: Yes, you can, and it will be a cat.

? – The more you pick, the more it gets? These are holes.

? – Which clock shows the right numbers only 2 times a day? Standing.

? – Is there a horse in the world that doesn't eat oats oats? Yes, chess piece.

? – Is there a wheel in the car that is not involved in motion? Yes, the stock.

? – Are there nodes that cannot be untied? Yeah, the railroads.

Kids will love these riddles. They'll be attracted to their opportunity to have fun, not to think about the answer. I mean, he's not lying on the surface. To bring to the psyche the complexity and importance of these exercises the task of the tutor. It's not that hard to do. It's enough to play a game with a child using a few riddles.

Funny trick riddles for adults

Funny trick riddles are popular not only among children, but also adults. They need to be solved as an exercise for the mind. Their value is lower than that of children, but the essence remains the same. It allows a person to relax, learn something new, look at life with humor.

Puzzles are fun that allows you to immerse yourself in another world, it's extracting a person from the real world into the world of comedy and satire.

Set these puzzles to the children, maybe get the right answer faster than others.

Examples of riddles:

? – Hangs a pear, but it can't be ripped off or eaten. It's even possible, and if it's possible where? Yeah, at the gym. There's a boxing pear hanging there, you can't eat it.

? – Is there something to eat that you can't eat for breakfast? Yeah, what you made for lunch, dinner or snack.

? – Neither hands nor feet, but on a woman climbing. Koromyslo.

? – Is there a man who won't wet his hair in the rain? Yes, bald.

? – Is there something that is easy to lift, but difficult to throw? Pooh.

? – Suppose there are five birches. They've got long branches on them, those little ones, and little apples. How many apples are growing? 0, because there are no apples on the birches.

Puzzles for adults are more difficult than for children, they are more scientific, informative and complex. However, there is a catch in everyone.

Interesting example:

? – Who will never come out of the Kremlin if they join? Zhirinovsky.

? – Who scares people with blood and armor? Zyuganov.

Such riddles are already rather political, but humor and trick in them, even more than necessary. A lot of good puzzles play on eternal themes. It could be a son-in-law arguing with his mother-in-law or a daughter-in-law arguing with his mother-in-law. Curious riddles on the theme of a man-woman, or husband-lover, wife-lover. There could be a lot of humor in there. We're talking about normal riddles devoid of angry hatred and rudeness.

? – Not a clothing, but it's always in the ladies' closet? Lover.

Adult puzzles about logic and ingenuity

Puzzles can be more difficult to solve if you want to include logic:

? – Gentlemen, name a pet that begins with the letter “T”? Cockroach.

? – There are three tractor drivers. They have brother Peter. Peter doesn't have any tractor brothers? Is that possible? Yes, if a woman's tractor drivers!

? – There are 50 candles in the room. 20 of them blew out. How many candles will be in the room in five hours. 20, i.e. the ones that blew out because the rest of them burned down.

? – How many feathers come in the gate? Not at all. Because feathers don't walk.

? – Let's assume you got a ruler, pencil, eraser and circus for your birthday. You have the task of drawing a circle. Where do you start? We'll have to start by finding paper somewhere, because without it this gift will be useless.

? – Two fathers and sons are walking through the garden. They see three oranges growing on a tree. They tore it up and decided to share it. Turns out everybody got an orange. Is that possible? Yes, if my grandfather, father and son walked through the garden. Umbrella.

? – Two nails fell into the water. And then something happened to them… something that is a Georgian surname. What's this? (Laughs) Zarjaveli.

? – Is there a cookware from which you can't eat anything? Yeah. Empty.

? Tea drinking

  1. Three cups and ten pieces of sugar. Arrange the pieces into cups so that each has an odd number.
  2. How to arrange ten pieces of sugar into three cups equally?

Puzzles train the mind, help develop the skills acquired in childhood, are a cure for stagnation in the mind. At the same time, they save people from depression and help to keep the psyche in tone. Their solution is a very useful exercise that trains the brain.

Wishing you pleasant puzzles of interesting riddles.


Funny puzzles with tricks and answers for children

Joking puzzles for children or puzzles with tricks for ingenuity

Everyone loves funny riddles, because this kind of creativity expands the ingenuity and outlook. The world around us is reflected in mysteries. They can be made in the company for a birthday and find funny, but correct answers.

Usually puzzles with a trick develop logic very well and already built in the head chains are destroyed. This is very fun and interesting, because the unexpected answer to the children like 11 years old. There is a huge number of trick puzzles for children, they have very funny and non-standard answers.

To solve such a puzzle, it is necessary that children 11-12 years old have a non-standard thinking and a good sense of humor. Usually it is easier for children to find answers because they have a childlike immediacy and there are no stereotypes in their heads that prevent them from perceiving the world and thinking broadly.

Puzzles with multi-digit words

Puzzles with multi-digit words are interesting for children because the answers need to be thought through. Such puzzles can be made on a birthday, they will develop logic and perfectly will amuse children of 11-12 years old.

  • Mysterious word, which at the beginning has three letters “g”, and at the end it has three letters “I”.


  • In Russia it is in the first place, but in Germany it is in the third place?

Letter “p”.

  • Which of the notes can I measure the length of the path?


  • And you can write two words “dry grass” with four letters.


  • Day and night – how do they end?


These funny and kind puzzles for children 11-12 years old will perfectly develop logic, thinking and fantasy. You'll have to think hard to find the right answer, which is not standard.

Puzzles with numbers

Puzzles with numbers like everything. To find answers – you will need to think, think correctly and have a sense of humor, then everything will work out. Such puzzles are pleasant for schoolchildren, because they are not boring and very funny. You can try to make them for your birthday and the whole company will be able to spend an interesting and easy evening.

  • Around the Earth one satellite launched into space makes a full turn in an hour and forty minutes. The second one, a satellite launched only recently, will make a full turn in 100 minutes. Why is that so?

The minutes are one hour and forty minutes, so satellites will make a full turn at the same time.

  • There is one nine-storey house, it has two neighbours on the ground floor. On the second floor there are already four neighbors, on the third – eight people and to each floor the number of neighbors doubles. Attention, which button in the elevator does the neighbor press most often?

Neighbors press the ground floor button because everyone comes in through the first floor.

  • Little Oksana loves animals very much. She has five kittens, six puppies, three rabbits and two hamsters. How many legs are there in the room when Oksana and her pets get together?

Only two legs, because the animal legs, not the legs.

  • The three bears who went to bed each in their own den, fell asleep at different times. The first teddy bear fell asleep on December 27, while the second one – on January 12, and the third one – on December 24. When will each of the sleeping teddy bears wake up?

Each one of the teddy bears will wake up in spring.

Funny deception puzzles

Funny deception puzzles are always tricky and amusing children with their answers, because to find the right answer, you will have to work hard and often the answers are very far from reality. Such a mystery – it's a great fun birthday party for the birthday boy of 12 years. Deceptions perfectly develop logic and imagery.

  • Where can I find a city without houses, rivers without water and current, and a forest without grass, mushrooms and trees?

On the geographical map

  • On the branch there were eight falcons. One was shot by a hunter and killed a bird. How many birds are left on the branch?

Not at all, because others were scared and flew away.

  • Imagine you're flying in an airplane, what color stop-crane it is.

In an airplane, there are no stop-cranes.

  • You have a 20-foot staircase that you can use to jump down without crashing and bruising.

May I jump off the first step.

  • You stir tea with your left or right hand?

Better to stir with a spoon.

  • All people, without exception, take their hats off to this person.



Yes-Netki funny riddles are always puzzled in poetic form to confuse children a little bit. Answers need to be given quickly, but the texts are tricky, so you need to think a little before you answer. Yes, no, no, no, it'll be great fun for your birthday.

Problems are tricky questions.

As a negative answer,

Please answer with “no”,

A positive – then

Say “yes” loudly.

In the snow, two stripes – the trail of

The bear passed through the snow?…
On the map of the world – cities,

Materials and countries?…

Snow melts – water in the streams.

In spring this happens?
Carrots with cabbage in the turnstile,

When entering the subway, will we drop it?…

Slim boy as a skeleton,

Lightly raise the bar?…

In the sky there are a lot of planets,

Moon – Planet! Isn't that right?

From ruberoid rolls

Meeting us for dessert?…

Passing in the Herds' ARCTICE

Cows and goats?…

From the airfield of POEZDA

All the flocks take off?…

For the smart ones

There are also interesting puzzles for the smart ones to guess and give the kids time to think about, because the answer isn't that easy. They will be great fun for 11-12 year olds on their birthdays

  • What kind of disease never gets to people on land?


  • If a person sees a green man, what does he do right away?

Moves across the zebra.

  • There is a crest, but they can't comb their hair.

This is the rooster's crest.

  • What can't I bake bread without?

No crust.

Other shore.

After half.


Funny trick riddles for adults. Puzzles for adults

Joking riddles for children or tricky riddles

Not the ice, but melts, not the boat, and sails away.
Answer: Salary.

These three TV stars are long ago on the screen. One's name is Stepan, the other's name is Phillip. What is the name of the third?
Answer: Piggy.

What do you do when you see a green man?
Answer: Cross the street.

This is given to us three times. The first two times is free. But for the third you will have to pay.
Answer: Teeth.

What word begins with three letters “G” and ends with three letters “I”?
Answer: Trigonometry.

What is the difference between pop and Volga?
Answer: Pop is Father, and Volga is Mother.

What can be at the same time: stand and walk, hang and stand, walk and lie?
Answer: Clock.

Goose went on a water goose (one after the other). One goose looked ahead, 17 heads in front of him. I looked back, 42 paws behind him. How many geese were on the watering hole? Answer: 39. 17 ahead, 21 behind, and the goose itself, which head spit.

This is red? – No, black. – Why is she white now? – Because it's still green. What are we talking about? Answer: Blackcurrant.

Trick riddles

Man bought apples for 5 rubles per piece, but sold them for 3 rubles per piece. After a while, he became a millionaire. How did he do that?

Answer: He was a billionaire.

You're sitting in a plane, ahead of you is a horse, behind you is a car. Where are you?
Answer: To the carousel.

How many programmers does it take to turn the light bulb?
Answer: None. It's a hardware problem, programmers don't solve them.

What was Lenin wearing boots and Stalin wearing boots for?
Answer: On the ground.

Who is this small, lives in the ground, on the “S” begins?
Answer: Chervachok.

This is a 4-letter word, but it can also be written in 3 letters. Usually you can write down 6 letters and then 5 letters. The answer is: “Dano”, “it”, “usually”, “then”, “hatching”, “occasionally”.

As long as 3 boys and 2 girls, 4 adults, 1 dog and 1 cat are not wet, becoming just 1 umbrella?
Answer: Provided that it won't rain.

He may not have any children, but he is still a dad. How is that possible?
Answer: It's the Pope.

Funny puzzles for adults on logic and ingenuity

Sto heads and a ton of copper.
Answer: Spiritual orchestra.

The water fell two nails. What's the name of the Georgian? Answer: Zarzhaveli.

With a mustache, a big one, carries hares. What's that? Answer: Trolleybus.

The hunter walked past the clock tower. He pulled out his gun and fired it. Where did he go?
Answer: To the police.

1 eye, 1 horn, but not a rhinoceros.
Answer: The cow looks around the corner.

Before calling a woman a “bunny”, what should a man check?
Answer: Make sure he has enough “cabbage”.

What is the difference between a man and a pig?
Answer: The pig will never turn into a man, even if you get her drunk.

What is the difference between a dormitory for women and a dormitory for men?
Answer: In a dormitory for women, dishes are washed after meals, and in a dormitory for men, in front of the dormitory

Husband is going to work: – Honey, clean my jacket. Wife: I already cleaned it. – And the pants? – I cleaned it, too. – And the shoes? What did the wife say? Answer: Are there any pockets in the shoes? Carlson came to the Kid and wanted to get drunk. But, Kid, who is tired of Carlson's voracity, decided to put obstacles in the way of the rotary-winged: “Here's a barrel of jam and two cans of 3 and 5 liters. Measure yourself four litres with these cans and fry yourself! Help Carlson not to die of starvation.

  • Pour 3 liters and pour into a five-liter can.
  • Pour another 3 liters and fill a five-liter can. In the three-liter bank there is 1 liter left.
  • Exhaust the five-liter bank and merge from the three-liter one liter into the five-liter bank.
  • Three liters are measured and poured into the five-liter bank, where there is already one liter.

In the ancient Egyptian pyramid was found a manuscript with a hundred statements:

  • “In this manuscript exactly one incorrect statement”
  • “In this manuscript exactly two incorrect statements”
  • “There are exactly three wrong statements in this manuscript”
  • “There are exactly one hundred wrong statements in this manuscript”
  • How many of these statements are correct?

    This is only one statement: “In this manuscript there are exactly 99 incorrect statements”

    There are 9 kg of grain and cup scales with weights of 50 grams and 200 grams. It is necessary to weigh two kilograms of grain in three receptions.

    1-st weighing: on two equal parts on 4,5 kg. The 2nd weighing is one of these parts again in half, i.e. 2.25 kg each, and from one of these parts to take away by means of two available weights 200 + 50 = 250 grams. That makes two pounds.

    A two-kilogram stone and an iron weight of two kilograms were placed on the scales. After that, the scales were submerged. Who will outweigh it?

    The body is lighter on the weight of the displaced water when submerged in water. The material of the stone is lighter than iron, so the stone weighing 2 kg takes more volume than the iron of two kilograms. Then the stone will lose more weight in the water than the weight of the weight. Therefore, the scales under water will lean towards the iron giri.

    Cat – 3 Horse – 5 Cock – 8 Donkey – 2 Cuckoo – 4 Frog – 3

    Dog -? The bricks weigh the same. Which brick will slip first if you tilt the board?

    The bricks will start slipping at the same time. Both bricks press on the board with the same force, which means that the friction forces they have to overcome are the same.

    The friction forces per square centimetre of the area where the bricks come into contact with the board, of course, are not equal.

    But the total friction forces acting on the bricks, equal to the product of the specific friction force on the surface of contact will be the same.

    Meeting three criminals: bear cub Belov, housekeeper Chernov and pickpocket Ryzhov. “The amazing thing is that one of us has black, second white, and third red hair, but none of us has the same hair color as the last name,” he said. “It's true…” said Belov the bear man. What is the hair color of the pickpocket?

    Whites is not white because of the last name and not black, because he answered the black hair. I mean, Belov's a redhead. Chernov is not black because of his last name and not red, because we have a red bear cub Belov. Ryzhov's pickpocket is still black.

    It is known that among nine coins there is one fake coin, which has less weight than the others. How do you use a cup scale to determine a fake coin with two weighs?

    1st weigh-in: 3 and 3 coins. A fake coin in the pile that weighs less. If they're equal, it's a fake in the third pile. 2nd weighing: 1 and 1 coin are compared from the pile with the lowest weight. If they are, the fake is the remaining coin.

    You are standing in front of three switches. Behind the opaque wall there are three light bulbs switched off. You need to manipulate the switches, enter the room and determine which light bulb the switch belongs to.

    Turn on the two switches. Turn one off after a while. Get in the room. One bulb will be lit by the switch on, the second one will be hot by the switch on and off, the third one will be cold, by the intact switch.

    The inspector who checked the school and was present at the lessons was shocked that all the children were pulling their arms as if they knew the answer. And whoever the teacher asks, the answer has always been the right one. But we know it can't be that way. How did it happen?

    Teacher agreed with the students that they were always pulling their arms. But if the student knows the answer, he pulls the right hand, otherwise – the left.

    The wall of concrete is 3 meters high, 20 meters long and weighing 3 tons. How can it be dropped without any aids or tools?

    The thickness of such a wall will be no more than two centimeters, which allows you to push it by hand

    There are two cords, each of which burns for an hour, but burns unevenly. How do you use these two cords and matches to measure 45 minutes? Simultaneously with the first cord we set fire to the second cord from one end, and when the first cord burns out in 30 minutes, we set fire to the second cord from the other end – we get the remaining 15 minutes.

    Can we hope that after 96 hours the sun will come out, if exactly at midnight a downpour hit the city?

    96 hours = 4 days. That is, it will be again midnight and the sun will not look.

    In this section, the most interesting riddles for adults of different subjects are presented – funny, ingenious, with a trick, in poetry, dirty, about sex. Mysteries for adults are good for any occasion. Perfect for a fun company, especially when guests are tired of absorbing salads and dancing, you can sit at the table and continue the fun.

    Make fun riddles with a trick for your guests and the continuation of the banquet is ensured! Pupils and students will also be able to choose the material for their party.

    Try to guess one of the mysteries of our site to your friend or friend – a good mood is guaranteed and you and your friends! Puzzles for adults with a trick will help you not only to play friends, but also to make fun of the answers.

    Puzzles with answers are well suited for competitions to solve riddles at festive events or just have fun with friends. This section of the Puzzles for Adults is designed to improve the mood of adults, give them the opportunity to think a little bit, to have fun in general!

    We guys are daring, climbing into the sexual cracks.
    The cockroaches

    I wanted to hit on my wife, but “my friend” didn't want to.
    I thought that the infection, it turned out, here's a shame, I lost …


    Hairy head behind the cheek comes deftly.

    Higher knee, lower navel, a hole that fits the hand.

    In a dark room, on a white sheet for 2 hours of pleasure.

    Schwarzneger's is a big one, and Madonna doesn't have a small one at all, and the Pope hasn't used it for a long time


    Three letter word, which any man is afraid of?
    As yet!

    What is the difference between beer and medicine?
    The medicine is first prescribed and then drunk, but with beer on the contrary

    This dish is served on a holiday.It's on the festive table, and it's called: Olivier

    Birthday is good, Tomorrow it's gonna be bo-bo, after vodka and wine. Oh, my head hurts. Hangover

    What hides the birthday boy, Hiding in a dark fridge?It's delicious and fresh, pour us a wine

    Doesn't help you dry-cleaning, If your teeth grow close. And you only need a native, wooden one.

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