The most difficult riddles for children, with answers

The most difficult riddles

The most difficult riddles for children, with answers

Puzzles are expressions in which one object is represented by another. In order to understand what this object is, a person should not only be smart, but also smart.

Some riddles are considered simple, they are aimed at developing the intelligence of children of preschool and school age. Others, however, can't even be an adult.

About the most difficult riddles in the world and will go on below.

Top-10 most complex logic and trick puzzles for adults (with answers)

10. Pasha stuck a coin in the bottle and plugged the bottle with a cork. Then he pulled out a coin without taking out the traffic jams or breaking the bottles. Guess how he did it.

Answer: He pushed the cap inside the bottle.

9. Vita and Seryozha bought a box of candy. There's 12 candies in each box. Vitya ate a few of them out of his box, and Serezha ate as much as Vitya had left in his box. Guess how many candies are left for two by Viti and Seryozhi.

Answer: 12 candy.mystery about candy

8. A person gets it three times in life: twice absolutely free of charge, on the third time he has to pay for it. Guess what this is about.

Answer: Teeth.

7. Dima and Lesha were playing at home in a dirty attic with no light. Then they went down to the room. Dima's face was dirty and Lesha's face was miraculously clean. Only Lesha went to the bathroom to wash up. Guess why he did it.

Answer: Lesha looked at Dima's dirty face and decided that he was just as dirty, so he went to wash himself. And Dima did not suspect anything, because he saw a clean face of Lesha. The most difficult game in the world

6. In which case, looking at the number 2, a person says “ten”?

Answer: When on the electronic clock 22:00.

5. A man was driving his truck. The headlights weren't on. The moon wasn't shining. In front of the truck, a woman in black clothes crossed the road. Guess how the person saw her.

Answer: The woman was clearly visible because it was daytime, not night. The mystery of the hat and the gun

4. The man hung up his hat and, having counted 100 meters, went to this distance with his eyes closed. Then he turned around and fired one shot at his hat with his gun, still without opening his eyes. And I did. Guess how he did it.

Answer: He hung his hat on the barrel of the gun.

3. One boy liked to brag about holding his breath underwater for 3 minutes. A friend of his said he could spend 10 minutes underwater without special equipment. The first boy didn't believe it and offered him a bet. The second boy agreed and won the bet. Explain how he won.

Answer: The boy filled a glass of water, put it on his head and held it for 10 minutes. Ilie was 17 years old the day before yesterday. Next year, he'll be 20 years old. Guess how this is possible.

Answer: If today is January 1, and Ilya's Birthday is December 31. In this case the day before yesterday (i.e. on December 30) he was 17 years old, yesterday (i.e. on December 31) he turned 18 years old, this year he will be 19 years old, and next year he will be 20 years old.

1. The man is found dead in his office.

The body of the deceased is tilted over the desk, the gun is clamped in his hand, there is a tape recorder on the table. The police turn on this tape recorder and immediately hear the message on the tape: “I don't want to go on living. That doesn't make any sense anymore…” After that, a deafening shot is heard.

How did the police immediately guess that this was a murder, not a suicide?

Answer: The deceased himself could not rewind the tape recorder. The puzzle about the dog in front of the mirror

If you didn't find these puzzles too difficult, try to find a solution for the most difficult puzzle without an answer.

Once again, the wise man was asked the question:

“One dog was given a clear command to wag his tail only if he saw another dog not wagging his tail; and vice versa, not to wag his tail if he saw a dog wagging its tail.”

The question is: What will it do to keep the commands from being broken if a mirror is placed in front of it?

Interesting riddles for children

Task children and pre-school and school age riddles are extremely important and useful. They perceive puzzles as a game, and at the same time they develop non-standard thinking, broaden their horizons and perception of the world.

Today we know a huge number of riddles for children. They are broken down into categories: riddles, jokes with multi-digit words, riddles, jokes with numbers, riddles, deceptions, YES-NET-ki, riddles on ingenuity for the most intelligent, etc.

We will give examples:

1. Guess how best to stir tea: left or right hand?

Answer: Better to stir with a spoon.

2. Guess what floats duck?

Answer: From the shore.Puzzle of duck

3. Milena loves animals. She has five cats, six dogs, three rabbits and two hamsters. Guess how many legs are in the room when Milena and her pets get together.

Answer: Only 2 legs, because the animals have legs, not legs.

4. In Russia it is in the first place, but in Germany – in the third.

Answer: The letter “p”.

And here are the riddles relating to the most difficult for children:

1. How can a person stay awake for 8 days?

Answer: Sleep at night.

2. You're sitting in a plane, you see a horse in front and a car in the back. Where are you? Answer: To the carousel. Which sign to put between 6 and 7 to make the result less than 7 and more than 6?

Answer: comma.puzzle about the carousel

Don't forget that the child must want to guess more complex riddles. It shouldn't be a hard test for him. Motivate the child, praise him, and in this case, he will be happy to try to solve all the problems on their own.

It is known that when the child is admitted to the first grade, psychologists also conduct tests using puzzles and puzzles. So train your child's memory, mind, and ingenuity by guiding them to the right answer so that they don't have to worry about it in the future.

Besides, most large companies do smart tests for job applicants. Part of the test is a logical puzzle similar to those listed above. Therefore, it is useful to understand the principle and learn to guess them at any age.


Sophisticated riddles

The most difficult riddles for children, with answers

The can was placed on the table so that two thirds of it was hanging from the edge of the table, the can was covered with a lid. For a while, the bank was standing there, and then it fell off the table. What was in it? (Ice)


One runner overtook the other runner who ran second. What's the position of the one who overtook him? (On the second)


What position will the runner who overtook the last runner be in? (That's impossible)


Mary's parents had five daughters and called them Prima, Seconda, Terza, Quart… What was the fifth one's name? (Mary)


But what's half an apple like? (To the other half)


If it stands, it can be easily counted. And if you put it down, you can't count it all your life. (Number 8 and infinity sign)


What's the best way for a black cat to get into the house? (Open door)


Man was caught in the rain when he had nowhere to hide. It's soaked all over the place except for the hair. Why is that? (Laughs) (It was bald)


The water got two nails. What's the Georgian last name? (Zarzhaveli)


In one family there are 4 people and their total age is 68 years, but 4 years ago this age was 53. How old is the youngest member of this family? (3 years)


Two people came to the river and crossed to the other side in a boat that could only hold one. How did they do that? (They were on opposite banks)


This is what you need when you throw it and not when you lift it. What's this? (Laughs) (Anchor)


It's possible to put something in any pot. But there's one thing that won't fit in any pot, no matter how big it is. What's this? (Laughs) (Lid from this pot)


Two sons and two fathers shared three oranges and all got one each. How'd that work out? (They were son, father, and grandfather)


Whoever makes this object does not need it. Whoever buys it doesn't use it. Whoever he's meant to be, he doesn't know about it. (coffin)


He is easy to lift from the ground, but difficult to throw away. What's this? (Laughs) (Pooh)


Was the middle of the night. A man slept in his apartment. The phone rang. The man woke up and picked up the phone. Silence. Who was that on the phone? (He snored and woke up by his roommate)


Who's sitting down? (Chess)


What stones are not in the sea? (Dry)


The most simple person to whom even the president will always take his hat off. (Hairdresser)


What does the night and day end? (Soft sign)


How can I fill the drum with exactly half the water without using any measuring device? (Tilt the barrel by pouring water over the edge until the bottom and wall border appears)


Who can speak any language? (Echo)


The boy fell down a 4-step ladder and broke his leg. If the boy falls down the stairs with eight steps, how many legs will he break? (One, the other is already broken)


Which hand is most convenient to stir sugar in a cup of tea? (In which spoon)


How many eggs can I eat on an empty stomach? (One, the others are not on an empty stomach)


In the right to call themselves a bird? (No, ostriches don't talk)


One of the restaurant's visitors called in a waiter and pointed to a fly floating in his coffee. The waiter took the cup and brought another one in a few minutes. But the visitor swallowed coffee and complained that the waiter had brought the same cup with a fly. How did he figure that out? (He sent a coffee before calling the waiter)


What female name doesn't end in a vowel? (Love)


When two legs of the same horse can travel 15 km and two other 15.5 km? (When the horse walks in a circle)


The boy was in hospital for a few days, although he was not ill. But he was so weak when he was discharged that he was carried on his hands. Why is that? (Laughs) (He was born in this hospital)


The girl's mother died and at her funeral she saw a beautiful man she immediately fell in love with. A few days later, the girl killed her little sister. Why would you do that? (To see this man again)


In the middle of the night there was a heavy downpour in the city. Will the sun be in this town in 96 hours? (No, it will also be midnight)


This is the thing that is given to a person three times in his life. The first two times he gets it for free, and the third time he pays for it. What's this? (Laughs) (Teeth)


One person shaves the beard several times a day, but still remains bearded. Why is that? (Laughs) (He's a bradbler)


When a man looks at the number 2 and says 10? (When he looks at the watch)
One person bought cucumbers for 5 rubles, and sold them for 3 and became a millionaire. Why is that? (Laughs) (He was a billionaire)


Two boys were playing in a dark and dirty basement. When they came out, one of them had a dirty face and the other had a clean face. Suddenly, a boy with a clean face ran to wash his face, and a boy with a dirty face continued to play carefreely. Why is that? (Laughs) (They looked at each other and thought they had the same faces)


Three tractor drivers were there, and they had a brother Andrei, and Andrei had no brothers. Is that possible? (Yes, if the tractor drivers were his sisters)


Which element is created from the other two chemical elements? (Galvanic)


The table had a ruler, a compass, an elastic band and a pencil on it. The student was asked to draw a circle on a piece of paper, then a straight line. Where should he start? (Get a piece of paper)


From the forest 3 birds flew out at the same speed. Determine when the birds will be in the same plane? (3 points are always in the same plane, so instantly)


The dog is tied to the tail of the pan. How fast does she have to run so she doesn't hear the rattle of the pan? (She has to stand)


How do I throw an egg so it doesn't break after 3 meters? (We have to throw it further than 3 meters)


Shofer was driving a huge truck. His headlights weren't on, there was no moon. A woman crossed the road. How did the chauffeur get a look at her and not run her over? (There was a day)


Where does a girl have to sit so that you can't take her place, even if she left? (On your lap)


The man met the one in the desert who took his name, but did not live with him. Who was she? (Przewalski's horse)


Why do birds have eggs with one end sharp and the other dumb? (To prevent them from slipping off the cliff)


Wiper must work on odd numbers, as well as on Tuesdays and Fridays. How many working days in a row can he get the most (6 days, for example, 29, 30, 1, 2 and 3)


A single person was attacked by thieves and tried to take the gold ring off his finger. It wasn't taken off and his finger was cut off, but the man didn't scream. Why is that? (Laughs) (He had a gold tooth and he didn't want to be seen.)

Sophisticated puzzles with answers

Wise, it is well known that a person's intellectual development depends directly on his or her ability to solve complex puzzles.

Even in kindergarten, each of us faces simple tasks, but the answer to which, however, is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. In order to solve them, you had to be smart and smart.

All riddles are divided into several main categories, depending on their level of complexity, so they can be classified as follows:

  • – simple tasks are those that do not require seven pins on the forehead, and it is enough to show a minimum of ingenuity;
  • – the average complexity of these puzzles is often a trick, and the solution quickly found is not always correct and correct;
  • – complex puzzles – it will take all of your intellectual strength to solve them, and it will take more than an hour or even a day to find the right solution.

Many famous historical figures have been lovers of complex mysteries, and were happy to come up with them themselves.

So-called Einstein's mysteries are widely known, which require not only attention, but also the ability to build multi-level abstract designs.

In general, it can be concluded that there is a direct relationship between complex puzzles and a person's ability to think abstractly.

Types of complex puzzles

Also Complex puzzles can be classified according to their content:

  • – mathematical riddles – to solve them, you need to be able to use the basics of calculation;
  • – puzzles of care – most often it is the ability to quickly analyze the image presented, and to draw certain conclusions, which will be the correct or wrong answer;
  • – absurd riddles – a situation is proposed that could not have happened in reality, but, nevertheless, the problem has a very specific, logical answer;
  • – chess problems are some of the most complex riddles that will require a lot of time and effort to solve. It is not without reason that chess is recognized as a sport, because the player is constantly in the intellectual tension;
  • – to find a way out of the maze – one of the most famous and ancient varieties of complex riddles, in the search itself the idea of finding answers to the eternal questions that torment people. Frescoes depicting labyrinths can be found in many ancient churches and houses;
  • – joking riddles – not quite what belongs to the category of complicated riddlesBut there is also a point in solving ridiculous problems – most often in this way one's ability to imagine and imagine is shown;
  • – to remove or add an unnecessary object – such complex riddles – is the basis of any intelligence test. In this case, it is not necessary for a person to have special knowledge, or to be able to count well, it is important to demonstrate his or her ability to think in an associative way, and to build logical connections.

Maybe endlessly enumerate all the types of puzzles that are divided by complex riddles, and there is no doubt that the more perfect a person's mind is, the more they will appear. Such tasks are widely used to identify early talent in children, and then accompany them throughout their lives.

You can even draw such a parallel that complex answer puzzles are a kind of reflection of real-life situations that can happen in life. After all, to find a solution is often used quite standard, and a long time ago, all known ways.

This is just a few tips on how to solve complex puzzles :

  • – banal, but still effective advice – think carefully, it is often the seeming simplicity of the riddle that confuse most of them, the complexity of most of them is hidden not on the surface, but requires long and thoughtful work of the mind;
  • – many
  • strong>complicated puzzles can be solved by making a table or drawing a tree of possible variants, thus you will visually see the ways in which the development of your thought can go, and thus immediately cut off the wrong options, and not to return to them;

  • the complex puzzles associated with associative thinking are some of the most complex, specific tips to solve them is simply impossible to give, so the only recommendation is not to adhere to the exact logical conclusions, but to try to show fantasy, and the ability to find non-standard answers.

Puzzles are complex

Psychologists have one interesting test of how they test a person's level of intellectual development: a seemingly simple puzzle to find a solution in an unlimited amount of time. The person conducting the test, gives the task, and leaves the room, ostensibly on urgent matters.

And meanwhile observes behavior of the subject by means of the latent chamber. Usually, a person who is not very clever finds the simple and correct answer at once, and calms down, immediately losing interest in the riddle.

Intellectually gifted people perceive complex puzzles with answers as a gift to the mind, as an opportunity to search for at least a few options. That's why many classical complex puzzles are the basis of IQ tests.

Of course, it's much more enjoyable to solve complicated riddles with answers when a person clearly understands that a solution exists, and it's very close, you just need to show a little more diligence and an indestructible bastion will fall under the power of the intellect.

There are many absurd puzzles to which the correct answer does not exist, but it is more of an entertainment than a way to develop one's mental abilities.

Now complex puzzles with answers can be found in a huge number of puzzles on the modern Internet, but really good and literate resources, alas, but not very much. The main drawback of most of them is their one-sidedness, providing only one type of complex puzzle, and lack of correct answers that can be obtained for free and without registration.

Also on this subject, you can read:


The most complicated logic puzzles, with a trick

The most difficult puzzles for children, with answers

Why would a child need to make complex puzzles

Moms and dads may wonder if it is worth misleading a child and challenging tasks. Nevertheless, after studying the information on how productive the most complicated riddles are for children of different ages, parents will immediately change their former opinion. Puzzles on logic and with a trick are necessary for the following reasons:

  • The child in the process of thinking about the answer includes fantasy and logical thinking in full swing. In search of the right answer, boys and girls, and even adults, develop gyrplines.
  • Thinking about the solution to the most difficult riddle, boys and girls develop the ability to find solutions to difficult situations.
  • Also, children's perseverance is actively developed.
  • Tricky riddles are interesting, because once the right answer to this task is found, the child will feel like a real hero. This is very important for self-confidence.
  • Thanks to the complex puzzles, parents will give their child the opportunity to easily and effortlessly find answers to easier questions.

These are just some of the factors that point to the need for children to have difficult questions to answer. This will help to develop and be competent.

It is clear that complex puzzles are somewhat different from simple logical questions. Think of a program of development lessons with such tasks should be preliminarily designed to make the process easy and without any hiccups. The most complicated riddles should be:

  • With a trick.
  • Double-educed.
  • Such as the answer to which is worth thinking about.
  • This is a complex riddle that should be tailored to the age of the child. This will help boys and girls to find answers by level of knowledge. Hence, it follows that the kids should not solve very complex puzzles, for the little ones it is better to pick up questions with a trick. For older children, you can choose questions such as for adults.

These factors should be taken into account when choosing logical questions for your child.

For preschool children, the following riddles can be taken into account:


Birch with three apples and five pears on the poplar, how many fruits are there on these trees?

(None, no fruit grows on the birch or poplar)


How can I find a black cat in a dark room?

(Switch on the light)


What will red with white embroidered handkerchiefs become like if it is lowered into the Black Sea?



What can't I eat for lunch?

(Breakfast and dinner)

What happens next year to a dog who turns five?

(It will be six years old)


Whose hair will not get wet in the pouring rain?

(Bald Man)


What is the more correct way to say: can't I see a white yolk or can't see a white yolk?

(Negative, yolk is not white)


The duck standing on one paw weighs three kilograms, how much the same duck will weigh if it becomes on two paws.

(3 kilograms)


Two eggs boil for 4 minutes, how many eggs will ten eggs be boiled?

(4 minutes)


A cat resting in the shop. And the tail, and the eyes, and the moustache are all like a cat, but it's not a cat. Who's resting near the shop?



Guess what's missing if you eat a bagel?



How can I light a match when I'm underwater?

(You can if you are in a submarine)


The hall was lit with 30 candles. A man walked into a room and extinguished 15 of them. How many candles are left in the hall?

(There are 30 candles left, the candles are still in the room)


>House has an uneven roof. One side down more, the other less. The rooster sat down on top of the roof and laid the egg, in which direction will it roll?

(Nowhere will it roll, the rooster does not carry the egg)


And what kind of tree hides the fox in the rain?

(Under wet)


On which fields does no plant grow?

(On the fields of the hat)

This complex logic puzzle for the little ones will cause a whirl of emotion and interest. The most important thing is to give the child a hint so that he can find the right answer.

Trick puzzles for schoolchildren

School-age children can find the questions even harder. Very difficult riddles for students can be the following:


You are in a race. When did you outrun the last runner you became?

(That can't be because the last runner can't be outrun because he's the last one and there can't be anyone else behind him)


Three car owners had Alyosha's brother

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