039;t do without some explanations.

In addition, such remarks will make your speech more correct and competent. After all, a lot of people today are shampooing the accents.

Italy, here are some important remarks about the emphasis in the Liguria:

  • “Sasha” is an emphasis on the second vowel, as it is not a name, but a cushion with an aromatizer to scare away the prayer;
  • In the words “voichmaster” and “ratmaster”, which denote military ranks, the emphasis is on the first syllable;
  • The phrase “carrot widow” also emphasizes the first vow.

By note! In any word with the letter “Y” the emphasis is always put on it.

As well as it should be noted that the emphasis falls on the first syllable in the word “sneaking”, but when saying the name of the city “Bardenburg” the emphasis should be shifted to the sound “y”, because according to the rules of the Russian language, this word is read in this way. The “y” is also the focus for the Liguria itself.

Check it out! Liguria is not only the name of the proposed text for the development of diction, but also the region of Italy.

When working on a long shorthand, pay attention to reading the word “Ponomarius”.

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