Child development in 1 year (12 months)

What a child should be able to do in 12 months: 9 skills, development, top 10 games with a child

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1. Of course, the baby sits perfectly and crawls.

2. The child is standing on his own. From the standing position sits down and can get up.

3. At 12 months of age, the child can walk by himself.

The appearance of this skill is not strictly fixed for any month of life. Some kids start walking at 10 months and by the year they almost run. Babies who prefer to crawl can go later – in the year or year and month. The most important thing is that the child demonstrates the development of this skill, every day trying to do one step more than yesterday.

4. The kid says some simple words – “mother”, “dad”, “lala”, “baba” and the like. But even if you don't, don't sound the alarm right away.

With an unrepentant child, try to communicate more, talk about events and events around you. Accompany your actions with explanations and explanations, read together.

5. The child holds the mug with both hands, drinks from it, puts it back. Tries or already holds a spoon.

6. Folds a small tower of cubes, strings the rings on the pyramid, flips through the pages of the book.

7. Performs simple actions upon request – find a toy, take a doll, feed a teddy bear, find a pyramid and so on.

8. Reacts to other children.

9. Knows the name of the loved ones, turns his head towards the person whose name was named.

For the child at 12 months to naturally show their character.

Parents of such children note that the baby has ceased to obey (although understands the word “can not”), often insists, insists on his own, capricious, refuses to comply with adult requests.

This is due to the fact that the child's development of 12 months is approaching a new stage of personal development, related to the formation of will and testing of the strength of their own boundaries. Child psychologists call it a one-year crisis.

Physical development

Physical development

Body weight of the child is lost by the twelfth month. That is, if the birth weight of the baby was 4200 grams, then a year it should be about 12500 grams.

A year the baby grows by 25 centimeters.

These values are approximate, and minor deviations should not disturb the parents.


Children are being fed almost at the adult table. Fried, marinated, smoked and spicy dishes are of course excluded.

For children of this age it is not yet possible to give black tea, coffee, mushrooms and chocolate.

As of the year, with good tolerance of lactose and cow's milk protein it is possible to start giving whole cow's milk. It is also acceptable to expand the diet with the help of overseas fruits and berries – citrus fruits, watermelons, melons, peaches and apricots.

Year is the age at which allergic children can eat eggs and fish.

The mixture can be gradually replaced with baby milk after one year or with the following mixture “3”.

Blitters should preferably be breastfed after one year. Contrary to the opinion of many paediatricians, breast milk is still contaminated with the same nutrients as it was, and the content of some even increases. Breast milk after a year is already food, it's true. This is the protection of the health of the baby and mother, a source of deep connection between them.

1. Driving a stroller

Perfectly stimulates your baby to walk. First of all, he's interested because the child feels important. Second, the stroller is an additional support, fearing falling due to instability.

We can use wheelchair toys instead.

Please pay attention to the right shoes. The ankle foot must be fixed, the completeness must be adjusted with laces or velcro. The orthopaedic heel with the height of 5 mm is important.

2. Hide-and-seek

With a kid who is already good at walking, it will be interesting to play hide-and-seek. Show your child where to hide, teach them how to navigate your voice while searching.

3. Touchscreen box

For its creation, take a box comparable in size to a children's shoe box. Fill it with various items that are safe for the child. Large raw pasta, large buttons and chestnut fruits are suitable for this purpose. Among this variety you can hide a small toy or a spoon and ask your baby to find it.

Filling the box with different items creates an inexhaustible source of games for the child.

4. “Find only…”

Place various toys and objects on the carpet. Ask your baby to collect only balls (dice, dolls, rings). In this way, you can study colors by pile up items of a particular color and then let your child find them, among others.

5. Joint reading

When reading, make sure your child sees the pages. Read and show what we're talking about.

6. Finger Theatre for Children

To introduce fairy tales to children is not only possible by reading aloud. It's even more interesting to make or buy ready-made fairy tale characters. The kid will be delighted with this kind of entertainment for more than another year.

7. Body Parts Study

Show the crumbs where his pens, legs, eyes are. Demonstrate on yourself and on it.

8. Instrumental games

For such activities, bells, diamonds, drums and children's psaltery are perfect.

9. Drawing

A year is more interesting for the baby finger paints. There are coloring paintings where color images are drawn and empty white circles are specially left on it, which should be painted with fingers.

10. Games with the doll

>Show to feed the doll and put it to bed. A one-year-old can already dress and undress her with your help.

Don't give up on her if she asks for a pen. Hug more often, communicate, talk about the world around you. The baby doesn't talk much, but he understands a lot more. Patience, understanding, and parental love will help overcome any age-related crises in the baby and will be a strong foundation for further relationships.

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Child development in 12 months (1 year)

Child development in 1 year (12 months)

Your baby turns one year old! How much he's grown up in the meantime, he's learned so much and learned so much. It's not a helpless baby anymore, but an independent person!

Your baby already knows how to…

Walk independently, drink from a cup independently


70-82.7 cm.
8,6-12,9 kg.
44,6-50,7 cm.
45,3-54,3 cm.


70-81,2 cm.
8,5-11,9 kg.
43,5-50,1 cm.
45,5-43,3 cm.

For the twelfth month of life, the baby should gain 400 – 350 grams. By the end of the year, the child's weight increases by a factor of approximately 3.0

The child's body length increases by 1-1.5 per cm this month. In 12 months of life, the baby's body length increases 1.5 times.

The circumference of the breast and head increases by 0.5 cm in the twelfth month of life.

Average height of a baby in 1 year is 75 cm, and weight – 10.5 kg.

To the end of the first year of life a child should have 8 milk teeth.

Nerve-psychological development of the child in 12 months

The whole year of life behind, the baby develops comprehensively. The development and improvement of motor skills and speech is actively underway. So what should a child be able to do at 12 months?

Motor development of a child in 12 months

K 12 months many babies are already making or trying to make the first steps. Some people are already walking on their own. Quickly run with the support of an adult.

The kid can stand independently, rises from the squatting position.

The child can dexterously, with the help of stands to climb low objects, can climb up the stairs and descend from them.

A cup, spoon, drinker.

Cognitive development of the child at 12 months

With great interest in observing adult hygiene procedures, imitating some of them.

When difficulties arise, the child may call adults.

As an adult's request, brings familiar toys or objects. Maybe take a few toys with one hand at a time. Can put an armpit to release the arm and take something else.

In 12 months, the child knows how to use some items (the phone attaches to the ear, knocks with a hammer, drinks from a cup, and so on).

Perfectly distinguishes between the main colors, can assemble a 3-4 rings pyramid, build a tower of 2-3 cubes.

Playing simple action games.

Learns and shows animals in pictures.

Child's emotional development

  • Kid can fulfill simple requests from adults;
  • Loves to imitate simple adult actions;
  • Dances by music;
  • Humor appears;
  • Behaving a way to behave with adults;
  • In a year, the child is able to distinguish between good and bad, possible and impossible.


Speech development for 12 months

In a year, the child understands almost everything he or she is told.

By the end of the first year of his or her life in the child's vocabulary, there are 8-15 words that he or she understands (give, mum, dad, on, and others). There are also lightweight and imitating words (am-am – to eat, am-am – to eat, am-am – to eat, a dog, tick-tock – to watch and others). There are those that only the child and mother understand.

Care for a child in the 12th month of life

Previously, a child still needs a day's sleep and must be at least 2.5 hours old. Night's sleep duration is about 11 hours. It is better to accustom the child to a certain regime, it is desirable that he falls asleep and wakes up at the same time.

No less important and hardening procedures – air and sunbathing, wiping, dousing, walks in the fresh air, water procedures.

Yearly a child can bathe after a day, the duration of the bath is 10 to 20 minutes.

Daily hygienic activities are also not canceled. Wash your baby every morning, brush your hair, brush your teeth. Keep your ears and nails clean. Exercises and techniques become more complicated according to the age of the child.

Feeding regimen at 12 months previous – 5-4 times a day.

Special attention should be paid to the oral cavity. Dentists recommend brushing teeth from the moment they appear. You can buy a special toothbrush at the pharmacy to take care of your first teeth.

Child nutrition in 1 year

By the end of the first year of life, gradually, the child's diet can be started with solid food. This is how you can give a piece of apple, biscuits, and breadcrumbs to your child.

Please note that if you give your child solid food, don't leave him/her unattended, as the child may bite off too large a piece and choke on it.

The baby's 12-month diet is already very diverse, with a menu of basic foods (vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, butter, fermented milk products, bread, etc.).

Meat products should be given to the baby in the morning so that the digestive system can cope with it before going to bed and there are no problems with the stomach.

One – twice a week, meat dishes should be replaced with fish. For a one-year-old baby is best suited to marine fish and fish not fatty varieties.

Kashi very nourishing and healthy.

To make the baby eat porridge more willingly, it can be added vegetables or fruits to suit the kid's taste.

Fruits and vegetables sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber. They must be present in the diet of a one-year-old baby.

Very useful to give your baby compotes, kissels, freshly squeezed juices.

This way, by the year the child has a diet of breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as breast milk or adapted formula.

Necessary examinations of a child in 1 year

An annual check-up by a paediatrician is required to assess the physical and neuro-psychological development of the child.

A number of narrow specialists should also be visited: neurologist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, orthopaedist, otorhinolaryngologist (ENT-doctor), dentist.

Please a number of tests: general blood tests, general urine tests, general stool tests (coprology), stool tests for worm eggs.

According to the national calendar of preventive vaccinations per year, vaccination is given against measles, mumps and rubella.

Also, babies are given a response from Mantoue (to detect tuberculosis).

How to play with a child in 12 months

In a year, a child can focus on one thing for about 5 minutes. Most of the time they spend in mobile games.

In this age, children like to fold and pour toys out of the box, give and take back toys.

Very much takes the kids games with pots, pans, cups, cups, cabinets from which you can pull everything out and fold back. Pots and pans can be buried, and you can put something in them.

Games with the child should be aimed at the development of speech, fine motor skills, and the strengthening of basic muscle groups (to form and strengthen the musculoskeletal system).

Develop the independence of the baby, allow him from time to time to make an independent choice. Ask him if he wants to wear socks – red or yellow, if he wants to see a book about a bun or a rag chicken, if he wants to play in cubes or a pyramid. Respect his choice.

He is very fond of imitating adults, so at this age, it's easy to teach a child simple actions, such as waving goodbye to you, saying hello to your hand when you meet him, showing him gestures when he wants to sleep, eat or drink, pointing one finger at the question – “How many years do you have?”.

Make more of your child's work and introduce him/her to new objects, shapes, flowers.

Parental attention should be drawn to the fact that in 12 months babies often have a crisis of one year. The child may be capricious and disobedient, because the process of forming his or her own self is going on, but at the same time the child constantly has to listen to his or her parents.

To make this period easier for you and your child, do not be lazy to explain to the child why you decided to do so. And if you forbid something, then always forbid it, not only when you are in a bad mood. More often than not, praise your child and let him or her show more independence.

And then your child will grow up to be a smart, healthy, self-confident person.


Child development in 1 year – skills of the child in 12 months

Child development in 1 year (12 months)

A year of your baby's life has passed unnoticed: 12 months were very difficult, but they gave a lot of joy. You learned to be parents, and the baby grew and developed, discovering the world.

How to play with a child at this age, helping the baby to develop? What is the baby's ability to do and what are the symptoms and behaviors that should alert the mother?

The baby's height at this age is 70-80 cm, and the weight is 8.5-11 kg (and the boys have a slightly heavier body weight).

Don't panic if your child weighs a kilo more or doesn't grow to be normal.

All children are different, height and weight depend on genetic factors, nutrition, birthmarks and much more.

Head circumference per year is 45-49 cm, and chest circumference is 47-51 cm only in the aggregate.

>The pupil's fever is almost overgrown each year, and if you've been given a brain ultrasound for up to a year, you'll now have to do this procedure with other sensors.

The number of teeth per year can be as high as 12, but some may have only 4-6 teeth, and that won't be a pathology: the rest of you will be “climbing” for months to come. At this stage of development of the child it is important to provide his or her body with all necessary macro and microelements, especially calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

Bisch lumps are decreasing, as you can see by the fact that the child's face is getting thinner and stretched out.

Why do babies have puffy cheeks?

Expanded fatty tissue in these cheeks helps to suck out breast milk. And as my mother's milk or mixture is gradually replaced by “adult food”, the function of Bisch's lumps is gradually atrophied, and they are reduced.

What a child can do per year

Each child is a person. Everything he can do is somehow related to what his parents have taught him.

But there are basic parameters by which to assess the development of a child per year.

Normal development is if your baby can do the following:

  • Crawl on all fours. It is assumed that a child does not crawl if he or she starts to walk at once, bypassing the crawling stage – this is also a variant of the allowable norm.
  • Sit without support. The child starts to sit closer to 6 months with support, and in a year he can sit confidently himself.
  • Walk on the stairs. It is not necessary that the child skilfully walked on the stairs – it is enough that he understood that at a sight of a step it is necessary to lift a foot and step.
  • Also, the baby should understand how to climb on low objects – chair, bed, armchair … And let him, it may not work – the main thing is that the baby understands the principle of its action.
  • The child should be on his or her feet each year and walk with confidence.
  • Some children start walking each year, and some do so earlier. To assess the normal development of a child it is enough to move at least with the support (adult hands, car, wheelchair, tolokar).
  • Try to hold a spoon, drink from a mug. The child doesn't understand how to use cutlery yet, but if he at least takes a spoon and brings it to his mouth empty, it's good!
  • Show with your finger about.
  • Hold small objects, roll the machines, roll the ball.
  • Kick the balls and other objects. Ideally, if the baby understands the word “give” and brings the toy to his mother.

Speech development per year

Child development in 1 year is considered normal if the child is a child:

  1. reacts to his name;
  2. knows the words of mom, dad, woman and others and understands what and who it is;
  3. waves his hand at the word “bye” or “hi”
  4. clap his hands;
  5. rejoices at the reflection in the mirror;
  6. understands the words “it is possible” or “it is impossible” and understands if it is scolded;
  7. loudly laughs, expresses delight, surprise, disappointment….in general, shows the full range of existing emotions;
  8. may not keep an eye on anything for long: looks at a picture, a cartoon, a flower.

Also a child can talk at 12 months. At first, his speech will consist of simple syllables: pa-pa, ma-ma-ma-ma, da, ba, de, du….

Then, as the baby develops, he will learn to utter whole words. A child's development is always very individual, and it is not worth scolding the child if by a certain age he or she does not know how to do something.

In a year a child can imitate the voices of animals.

But if you don't have a cat or dog, or if you just haven't explained to your baby how an animal says it is, it's strange to expect that he or she will learn how to meow or bark a dog first!

What a child eats per year

Ideally, at 12 months, the baby is still breastfed, which WHO does not recommend that it be completed by 2 years.

If you have stopped lactation, or initially fed the formula feeding, you should give your child an adapted formula feeding suitable for their age at least overnight and once a day. Adult food cannot yet provide all the vitamins, macronutrients and trace elements to a small body, so breast milk or a mixture will help parents raise their babies healthy.

The baby eats a lot of food a year, but it's too early to eat it before switching to a shared table.

What a child under 3 years old cannot eat:

  • sugar and salt (regular consumption of these products has a negative impact on the health of the baby);
  • spices;
  • li> confectionery;

  • canned goods;
  • fatty and wild animal meat;
  • food garbage (chips, crisps, crisps…is there any point in talking about the harm of these delicacies at all?);

  • chocolate;
  • meat broths;
  • their red and black liquor (due to the high content of salt in it);
  • many nut species;
  • packaged juices;
  • fresh garlic and onions.

Still a child's diet per year consists of porridge (water or milk), soups, vegetables, fruits, fermented milk products and meat. In a year it is already possible to introduce low-fat fish, eggs, by-products.

Slowly the mother can replace one breastfeeding with a full meal. For example, breastfeed a child at 6 a.m., feed him/her a full breakfast at 8-9 a.m. and do not feed him/her with milk or formula. The next meal (lunch) is accompanied by breastfeeding.

In a month it is possible to remove another breastfeeding.

Thus, gradually there will be a painless natural weaning from the breast, and in 2 years the baby will be completely independent of my mother's milk!

Childhood mode per year

How long must a child sleep in 1 year? Usually 14-15 hours, of which 1-2 hours are devoted to daytime sleep, and the rest of the time the child sleeps at night.

Naturally, the baby should not sleep according to the schedule, but on average he spends more than half a day in his sleep.

How to play with your child in a year

This child's development takes place through games. It's not for nothing that they call the lessons with the baby educational games. Therefore, in order for a child to grow up smart and active, you need to play with him/her as much as possible, using different toys.

Toys for the child per year:

  • Cups. Plastic, soft, wooden – it is not important what, the main thing that the kid began to build a tower at least from 2-3 cubes.
  • Pyramid. To begin with it is necessary to choose a pyramid from 3-5 rings, then it is possible to buy a pyramid from 10-20 elements. In a year it is desirable that the kid has mastered the skill of stringing rings on a rod, and closer to 2 years it is possible to train it to sort rings on the size and colour.
  • Books with dense pages from cardboard. Well, if they will be large pictures of simple colors – kids like to consider such illustrations.
  • Sorter. Now you can buy these toys of different types and price categories. For a child of 1 year old you need to choose the most simple sorter.
  • Soft toys similar to animals. Usually in a year the child chooses the favourite toy and improves on it various skills: feeds, carries, hairstyles, pumps.
  • Stackers. Plastic cups of different sizes and colours will help your child develop fantasy and fine motor skills.

Toys for development in a year can serve as a variety of household items.

Markets, bags, ladles, boxes, brushes, etc. – all this is a genuine curiosity for the baby and, as practice shows, is even more interesting than the purchased toys.

Motor developmentFine motor skillsa child's annual development

The more fine motor skills, the better the speech crumbs develop. You don't have to buy expensive toys to improve fine motor skills – everything is at your fingertips!

For games with your child a semolina will do: your child can draw on it with a finger or look for small items hidden in the semolina.

Macaroni of different sizes and shapes are well suited for sorting.

Cereals – buckwheat, pearl, rice can serve as a great game: the kid is interested and fun to pour the groats, look for toys in it or just try it out.

Make a tactile book – glue pieces of cloth, fur, skin to the pages of the cardboard book: this way the baby will get acquainted with the new sensations for him.

How to teach your child to speak

Yearly, your child does not speak well, but parents can stimulate speech development. To do this, talk to your child all the time:

  • Each action you take, explain: “Now we're going to wash our hands”, “let's go for a walk”, “put on a blouse”…Gradually the baby will get used to the phrases and try to pronounce them himself.
  • Listen to the songs, read the books.
  • Say simple words in syllables, always showing the articulation (movements of your lips, tongue)

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