Proper nutrition of the child at 10 months

Regime and the child's diet at 10 months

Good nutrition of the child at 10 months

  • What can I do?
  • What can't I do?
  • Example menu
  • Food advice

Every month since the introduction of complementary feeding, the child's menu is replenished with new foods. But if the mother fed the karapuzah up to 10 months, now you can teach him to eat on his own. ivolodina.

To do this, you need to give him a spoon in his hand, help him scoop up the food from the plate, and bring it to his mouth. Of course, the baby can get dirty, but it's not critical, you don't have to scold him for it.

When he learns to eat himself, it will be more accurate. If he doesn't want to eat with a spoon, don't make him. Ask him or her to take pieces of fruit or vegetables with his or her hands.

This way the child learns about the colour, consistency and shape of the product.

In 10 months, the carapuzzle usually already has 2-3 milk teeth, so you can give him crackers, baby biscuits, small slices of fruits and vegetables to learn to bite and develop chewing reflex.

The kid will enjoy trying new berries and fruits: pears, plums, watermelons, melons. But it is necessary to keep an eye on the stool: the pear sometimes causes constipation, and the drain and watermelon sometimes causes relaxation.

Feeding the child at 10 months is subject to certain requirements. A properly established regime is a guarantee of health and successful development of the baby. On average, it should take 3.5-4 hours between meals.

Some mothers try to transfer their children to an adult table by simply removing spicy and oily dishes and spices from the menu. Not all children are ready for such a sharp transition, do not rush them. There will come a time when the child himself will want to try adult food.

Menu for the kid should be various: tasty cereal porridge, meat and fish meatballs, cottage cheese, fruit puree. All foods fed at this age affect the child's physical and mental development.

If the child is still breastfed, then mom's milk should not take more than a quarter of his or her total food intake.

There are no specific nutritional requirements for a 10-month-old child. Any parent knows best of all that it is necessary to eat his baby and in what quantity. If he is calm, he will eat less.

If he is more active, he will have a good appetite and therefore more food.

Correctly designed children's menu must be balanced and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

You can't break the previously set diet, you just need to increase the portions.

What can I do?

  • Vegetable oil – not more than 5 g, added to cereal or soups.
  • Vegetable puree: from cabbage, white and colored, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, beets, etc. You can add some onions and herbs for the taste. Periodically mashed potatoes are replaced with grated raw vegetables (e.g. carrots) or vegetable soups are cooked. The main rule is that products should be hypoallergenic.
  • Meat promotes the development of muscle tissue and brain cells. It is essential to include it in the child's diet in small portions up to 75 g. For children of this age, a rabbit, chicken, lean pork and beef is well suited. Wonderful if the meat is homemade. It can be used to make meatballs, cutlets, soufflés, preferably for steaming.
  • Gluten-free porridge – buckwheat, oat, rice, corn – contain a lot of essential vitamins and fiber, which are responsible for the full development of the child. It's best to alternate between them. A portion of porridge is about 200 g.
  • For the child not to get bored with the taste, it is necessary to periodically add yogurt or grated fruit to them. Once or twice a week, the cereal porridge can be replaced with casseroles or pasta.

Gradually, the child's diet includes:

  • Egg yolk. The best option is quail eggs, but chicken eggs are fine. Start inserting the yolk from the fourth part, adding porridge or soup, gradually increasing to half.
  • Fish, but not red and nonfat varieties. This is an allergenic product, so you can give it to your child no more than 25 grams, once every 5 days. Steam meatballs and soufflés from fish and cook them in small pieces without bones.
  • Tvorog for bone growth and development. Daily no more than 50 g, especially if the baby additionally receives calcium with milk and kefir in the form of food. Often children refuse pure cottage cheese, so you can add fruit, yoghurt, casseroles with dried fruits or pudding.
  • Fruit juices. Fresh and natural apples and pears are better. Making juice at home is easy. Rub the fruit on a fine grater and squeeze the liquid through the gauze. Then dilute with boiled water, do not add sugar. Vitamin drink should be entered in the menu from 1 hour. If the child does not have a broken stool and there are no allergic reactions, the volume of liquid can be gradually increased to 100 g. A little later, fruit kissel.
  • Green peas and spinach for children's growth and development are introduced into the diet. Pulses are not inferior to meat in protein content. Crushed in a peas blender will be useful in your baby's diet.

What's not allowed?

  • including cow and goat milk;
  • citrus: Oranges, tangerines and grapefruits (it is better to give up all foreign fruits except bananas);
  • the grapes with skin can cause bloating and allergic rash;
  • chocolate, candy, honey (the healthier alternative is fresh fruits);
  • Raw chicken eggs to prevent salmonella from entering the body;
  • whole walnuts can lead to increased gassing, and the baby can be choked on;
  • smoked, salted and canned products, semi-finished products;
  • bread made of coarse grinding flour.

Example Menu

Partners need to create a daily menu in order for the child to get used to the set mode. The right diet will give your baby energy and strength for the whole day.

  1. The first meal starts with either mother's milk or a mixture. After a meal, you should drink water, juice, kissel or compote. This way, the child will get used to a normal diet more quickly.
  2. Breakfast comes 2-3 hours after the first meal. In the morning, it's better to make porridge with milk, any but not manicured porridge. It has few nutrients and a lot of carbohydrates. To avoid monotony, you can alternate porridge with cottage cheese and fruit. Fruit puree and juice will be appropriate
  3. The child's dinner, as well as the adult's, should consist of the first and second course. The first one is soup with meatballs on vegetable broth. The second one is perfect for children's pasta or mashed potatoes with meatballs, soufflés. Meat should be replaced with small portions of fish once or twice a week.
  4. Dinner should not be too heavy. A little egg yolk with vegetable puree, fruit juice. To make it tastier, add grated apples, pears and bananas.
  5. In between meals it is necessary to give to the kid a lot of liquid: juice, tea, water and kissel.

Precise volume of portions for the child can calculate only his mother, because the development of each kid individually. Don't listen to strangers in any way. Everything about the power of your karapuzza should be up to you.

Nutritional advice

  1. While your baby is cooking, you should try it. It is believed that it is better for children up to one year old not to add salt to food at all (if you add salt, it is a little bit).
  2. Prepare small portions of food, the food should always be fresh.

    If you heat up previously cooked food, it loses its useful properties.

  3. Before you feed your child, try to keep the food warm. If the baby burns himself up, he may be afraid to eat.

  4. When preparing dry porridge it is important to follow the instructions, to dilute the necessary amount of dry mixture in a certain amount of warm liquid. It can be water, milk or juice.

  5. If the child doesn't want to eat according to the regimen, you don't have to force him or her not to get disgusted with the food.

In order to interest a 10-month gourmet with food, it is necessary to decorate his dishes beautifully and interestingly.

Example, on cottage cheese pie you can lay out small pieces of different fresh and dried fruits and berries. Mashed potatoes will be beautiful if you add carrot slices, finely chopped herbs. Fresh fruit can be cut into bars of different sizes so that the child can take them by hand and eat them.

Correctly set diet and a variety of menus – that's what any child needs!

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For good nutrition at 10 months is a health guarantee. Learn all the most important things about the nutrition of a child aged 10 months

Good nutrition of a child in 10 months

The first year of a child's life is an amazing time when parents can wait for important news every day. But among them it is necessary to give value to the most important.

Amongst such expansion of the menu of a food of the ten-month-old child when mother should think that it is not far off time when it is necessary to wean the kid from a breast.

Breastmilk in the diet of a ten-month-old baby

The usual amount of breast milk for a baby at 10 months of age ceases to meet its needs. That's when the mother has to think about whether to continue breastfeeding or to think about weaning the baby.

When it comes to continuing breastfeeding, she should take care of increasing lactation. It is also the most useful feeding before bedtime in the morning and evening.

When the mother is going to be weaned from the breast, it should be done as gently as possible, trying not to hurt the baby. It is necessary to reduce the number of feedings as well as the amount of milk consumed by the baby per feed. Also, the use of breast milk should be shifted so as not to interrupt the appetite before eating.

It is important! According to pediatricians, you should try to keep at least one breastfeeding during the day, until the age of the child reaches one year. The most useful thing is morning feeding.

How can you feed your baby without harming him/her?

Moms think that juices and fruit puree are not the best way to feed him/her. Vitamins that can be absorbed by the body from those few spoons are very scarce. But often there are problems with the baby's stomach, such as:

– colics;

– pain;

– bloating;

– rare stool;

– allergies.

So what kind of meals can you spoil the little one?

1. Pasta. First of all it is milk soup with noodles.

2. Pudding on the basis of fish, meat, cottage cheese, berries, rice.

3. If the baby tolerate the use of compotes and juices well, it is possible to accustom it to such a dessert as kissel.

4. Treat it to almost all its vegetables, except only legumes and soybean soybeans, which should be eaten from the second year of life.

5. Meat can be consumed not only in the form of mashed potatoes. It would be nice to make meatballs or meatballs in pairs, and then stretch them;

6. Kashi can be made from one type of cereals or from a mixture of cereals. It's not bad if you put in the diet and porridge as a side dish, and porridge cooked on milk. It's a good idea to add some soft fruit.

General recommendations:

– eating at this age is better than eating five meals a day;

– lasting night feeding is best forgotten or tried to reduce as much as possible;

– The first and last meal should consist of mother's milk or a mixture;

– each meal should try to give the child foods that can be eaten by hand. It could be sliced vegetables, fruit, bread, cookies. So it will get used to the independent use of food faster;

– it is not necessary to rub the products too finely, as the baby should be accustomed to chew independently. Teach your child to eat on their own from this age, so you can avoid the insistent “Mom, feed! At this age, babies often already have several full teeth;

– it is good to diversify milk porridge by offering noodles with milk;

– Distractions during feeding should be avoided so that the baby is focused only on the food;

– use separate dishes to feed the baby, and for drinking, he should have a personal small cup;

If the child's nutrition changes in 10 months are possible

If the introduction of products into the diet has led to the appearance of allergies in the child, then there is no need to rush with the introduction of fish and chicken meat for up to 1 – 1.5 years. Their bodies will be more comfortable with rabbit meat, turkey, beef and lean pork.

Careful with these products:

– tomatoes;

– pomegranates;

– shrimps;

– strawberries;

– honey;

— citrus fruits;

– chocolate;

– persimmon;

– chocolate- nuts;

– mango;

– raspberry;

– pineapple.

Vitamin menu in the diet of a 10-month-old child

Both the mother's body and the baby need a constant supply of vitamins. They are mainly derived from fruits and vegetables, as they retain their properties well in winter. The most accessible and useful for children is carrots. In order for the body to get all the vitamins out of it completely, it is necessary to eat carrots raw.

The first time a child should be given carrots. In a couple of days, you can add an apple to this dish.

Prescriptions for children of 10 months

Nutrition for a child of 10 months is not difficult, but they will have to cook separately for now. Soups, various porridges, puddings, casseroles, vegetables, meat and fish delicacies can be offered.

Beverages for a ten-month-old child

Good drinks for a baby:

– mors;

– kissel;

– compote.

If the child has a poor appetite, you can make a morsel of cranberry juice for him (it should not be used undiluted).

How to prepare kissel

Fruits and berries for the drink should be boiled, strained, pulp passed through the sieve separately. After the decoction cools down, add starch (100 ml 1 p.l.), put on the fire, stirring, bring to boil, add flesh and bring back to boil. Kissel is ready.

Milk dishes

Cow's milk is not recommended to a child under a year to give pediatricians, in the extreme case it should be diluted with water one to one. It's better to use ready-made mixes instead.

Caches can be prepared as follows:


– manna;

– wheat;

– oatmeal;

– rice.

Adding sugar to porridge is not worth it.

You can also make cheese out of skimmed milk and stretch a little banana in it. The portion should not exceed 50 grams.

Vegetable dishes

The child's diet for 10 months has an important place in vegetable dishes. Vegetable stew at this age is quite normal to be absorbed by the children's body, it is good to give it instead of mashed potatoes. It is possible to prepare all the vegetables by finely chopping them with a knife.

Meat dishes

Smash can be replaced with meatballs.

For this purpose, you need to pass the meat through the mincer, add white bread, onion, yolk. Meatballs can be added to the pot while cooking soup.

Chicken pudding


– chicken fillet – 100 g;

– white bread;

– half a hen's egg;

– 1/3 cup of milk;

– butter.

Chicken fillets are crushed with a mincer, soak the bread in milk or water and add. Now grind the minced meat through a sieve, add half an egg, milk, put everything in a prepared form, bake for 20-30 minutes.

Pumpkin for the baby

Pumpkin to be cooked until cooked, add to the main dish. It's not a bad dessert if you mix a pumpkin with a grated apple. You can also cook corn, wheat, rice porridge with pumpkin. In this case, a vegetable sliced in cubes is thrown into the water with the cereals and cooked until cooked.

Whichever new dish you give your child, you need to be careful about how their bodies tolerate this kind of food. In case of any violations, it is necessary to review both the set of products he uses and the cooking process itself.



My baby's 10 months old, good nutrition and approximate infant's diet for the day and week, tables and recipes

Good nutrition of the baby in 10 months

The child's nutrition at 10 months is almost the same as that at 8 and 9 months. The amount of food changes per feed and per day in general. To make a menu for a child at 10 months of age, follow simple guidelines.

According to the 2006 WHO (World Health Organization) table, the body weight of a 10 month old baby can range from 7.5 to 10.2 kg. The numbers for girls and boys are a little different.

Nutritional needs during this period

The whole range of food remains the same, the child only consolidates the capabilities of his or her body. Nutrition of the child in 10 months is not just feeding, but the process of upbringing.

Therefore, it is better to feed him at a common table, to give him a spoon in his hand and to drink from a cup. Of course, it's gonna be hard, but it's not going to go away.

Let the child have more independence and don't be afraid for dirty things.

It's better if the mum herself makes mashed potatoes for the child

Would breastfeeding continue at 10 months of age

If you still have lactation, it's great. In this case, at least one feeding should remain breastfeeding. And if you are eager, keep your natural feeding as long as possible.

In this age, children are already well prepared for adult food, don't be afraid if breast milk isn't enough. The only condition is not to stop breastfeeding when your baby is sick or in hot seasons, as crumbs may refuse to feed and breast milk will be the only salvation.

Feeding mode: when and how a baby should eat

Of course, each child is different, and there are some nutritional standards and a certain regime for children.

  • In 10 months, it is recommended to eat 5 meals a day.
  • Nocturnal feeding is minimized, it is better to give it up at this age.
  • The first and last meal always consists of breast milk or a mixture (at the mother's choice).
  • It is better if the solid food is shredded with a fork rather than a blender. Otherwise, the baby will be lazy to work with his jaws, which will adversely affect his skills. The baby refuses to eat a spoon himself? Ask him/her to repeat
  • Try to give the crumbs what you can eat with your hands each time you eat them: sliced vegetables, fruits, bread, biscuits, etc. This way, the baby learns to eat for himself/herself more quickly.
  • Mom or Dad should encourage and praise the baby for trying to eat on their own, even if they are not the best.

If the baby is already familiar with almost all the products, they should only alternate. The mother should make a menu for the child at 10 months of age according to her own individual needs. There are some recommendations to help with this.

Ministry of Health recommendations

So, according to the document “Modern principles and methods of feeding children of the first year of life. Guidelines 99/225” (approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 30.12.(1999) The following daily subsistence allowance rates are proposed:

  • fruits (puree, juice) – 90-100 ml;
  • vegetables (puree) – 200 g;
  • milk porridge – 200 g;
  • vorog – 50 g;
  • yolk – 1/2 pcs.;
  • Meat (mashed potatoes) – 60-70 g;
  • Fish (mashed potatoes) – 30-60 g (once a week)) – 400-500 ml;
  • milk whole – 200 ml;
  • bread and biscuits – 10-15 g;
  • bread (wheat, V/s) – 10 g;
  • oil (vegetable, creamy) – 6 g each.

Please add the oil to the porridge, and not just the butter!

The famous pediatrician Evgeny Komarovskiy in his notes on the official website shares such nuances:

  • three out of the five meals the baby should already have all the food for adults;
  • once a day should eat cottage cheese and yogurt, one should eat porridge, one should eat soup;
  • the meat food should be light, no greasy dishes, it is better to cook cutlets and meatballs in the steamer.

What should not be given to children during this period

  • Milk cow and goat;
  • all kinds of citrus fruits, grapes;
  • sugar-containing products: chocolate, candy, waffles, etc.;
  • honey (high possibility of allergies);
  • smoked, salty and canned products, semi-finished products;
  • red fish.

A sample menu for a child of 10 months: options in the tables

Aid a young mother with a daily or weekly diet option. Making a child's menu according to the child's needs is the task of each mother.

Toddler's weekly diet

Memois worth remembering that it is not possible to adjust your baby to any standards, that all the tips are of a recommendatory nature and are tested in practice, and then the data are corrected.

Prescriptions for a child in 10 months

Of course, baby food cans are so convenient, but natural products prepared by the mother are always more useful. Simple recipes will diversify the baby's diet and make eating more enjoyable than eating with monotonous color and consistency of the purees in the package.

Zucchini soup with cauliflower


  • coloured cabbage – 150 g;
  • marrow – 150 g;
  • egg yolk boiled – 0.5 pcs.;
  • Water – 200 ml.

This soup will be good for the mother herself


  1. Trout, clean the skin, sew it with the cabbage and put it in a pot.
  2. Pour a glass of boiling water, put it on a low heat and boil it until ready.
  3. Chew the potion in a separate bowl.
  4. Make a mashed potato with a blender or a jerk from the resulting vegetable mixture, add the mashed potatoes, and bring the mashed potatoes to boil.

Fish soup with potatoes


  • White fish, fillet – 70 g,
  • potatoes – 100 g,
  • carrots – 10 g,
  • green dill – 5 g,
  • vegetable broth – glass,
  • butter – 5 g.

If your child categorically refuses to eat fish, make him soup with chicken meat


  1. Vegetable broth bring him to the boil.
  2. Cut potatoes and rub carrots on a large grater. Sprinkle the soup into the broth.
  3. Prepare the soup for 20-25 minutes, then season it with butter (it is better to melt it separately first, remove the resulting film, and then pour it into the soup).
  4. Place the grated boiled fish in the plate and decorate the soup with dill herbs.


  • Farge from a bird fillet (turkey, chicken) – 300 g;
  • mouth zucchini – 100 g;
  • hercules or oatmeal – 30 g.


  1. Masquerade rub and squeeze the extra juice
  2. Mix the zucchini and minced poultry, add ground oatmeal.
  3. Form small cutlets and put them in the steamer, the cooking time is 25 minutes

Remember that the cutlets for the baby should be small

Apple pudding for a child in 10 months


  • one small sweet apple (about 250 g),
  • milk – 50 ml,
  • flour – 1 hour. l.


  1. Apple cleanse from skin and seeds, cut into cubes and bake in the oven until ready.
  2. In this time, put the milk on a slow fire and after heating intervene in it a little flour, making a cream out of the mass of cream.
  3. Apples mixed with the cream and crushed in a blender to homogeneity. Give the masses an hour to stand and serve.


  • vorog – 300 g;
  • raw egg;
  • milk – 70 ml;
  • tank – 2 tsp.

Air casserole with banana puree can be a great source of calcium in your baby's diet


  1. This is a good source of fork.
  2. Egg and semolina, previously soaked in milk, gently add to the cottage cheese, mix with a mixer.
  3. Bake the composition in the oven at 220 ° until brown.
  4. Serve with fruit puree, better sweet, e.g. banana.

Your baby is just like an adult, so the variety and richness of the diet is an important element of his health

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