Happy birthday to your son from his mother: beautiful and touching congratulations for the child


Happy birthday to his son from his mother

Happy birthday greetings to your son from his mother: beautiful and touching congratulations for the child

On this page you will find not only happy birthday greetings for your son from his mother, but also beautiful postcards for congratulations, which you can download and send any message to the birthday boy. If you want to play a funny trick on your son, send him a cool audio greeting on the phone, by name or from famous people. Believe me, this kind of greeting will be remembered for a long time.

Touching Happy Birthday greetings to your son from your mother

How many years have passed since you were rocked, How swaddled you, my son, my dear, I remember everything: as my first “mother” said, As he walked down the street with me. Forget about you and for a moment I can not, Happy Birthday, my dear, beloved son, now you are not a child, you are a real man, I want you to always be as real!

My son is kind, my son is tender, Happy Birthday, dear, Let hope live in the soul,

Faith, joy and love!

Let the years run by the streams – Much will be ahead. Let the capricious adversity

Bypass you on the way.

Optimist be fun, kindness everywhere, Be happy and healthy,

What you have – do not break!

Happy Birthday, my beloved son, Congratulations today

You accept from your mother.

May my love be on the road Saving you, son. Let fate not be strict,

And let it spoil you with love.

Let everything in life be possible, no matter what you wish. Every day I ask God to make you happy.

I wish my son success in the brilliant, worthy circle of real friends, that everybody stands behind each other, I wish him love – for the rest of his life only one. A cozy home, a good deed, that you may judge wisely, that you may act boldly, and if you don't get a little bit of a grip on life, that you may look at it with humor!

My dear son, You are the embodiment of a man. Help your friends you are always happy to

And you are ready to conquer the tops.

To you I wish you plenty, Let all people honor you, Let not in vain efforts

Love and joy bring!

I believe, my favorite son, you reach the tops in life! You're cheerful and cheerful, honest, daring,

Love and happiness are your destiny!

My dear son, happy birthday. I'm so happy to have you! Let your luck go with it,

Let's make you so happy that you don't count!

You want to wish me to be the first in everything, no matter who whispers behind your back. Health is strong, your friends are only faithful.

Well, of course, love is very big!

Step forward to your cherished goal And nobody, please, don't listen in vanity! After all, only the one who really wins,

Who is truly always devoted to his dream!

Son, son, happy birthday! On this day, I congratulate you as God's creation, “I was given by fate.

Be strong and strong, healthy and clever, with your head on your shoulders, Be always prudent,

Don't change on trifles!

Health, love, good luck, patience, success in love and just in business, I wish you your dreams – the fulfillment,

Let the dream come true!

My son's birthday greetings from my mother in verse beautiful to tears

Congratulations for my son, Sochi all day long, my best man,

My child, my shadow,

I found happiness with you, Rose is an obedient baby, and around the house together with you,

All we did together,

All we did was a boy very mature, strong, sweet and dear, though with you sometimes not easy,

Steel a boy very mature, strong, sweet and dear.p>We love you,

Be healthy,

Beloved boy,

Let the misfortunes pass by,

Past troubles,

Forget the way to you,

Study well, child, And strive to become a man, I am raising you from a diaper, I am raising you,

Know that loves you mother,

For all you can, the whole world turn over, I will get the stars from the sky,

To light up your way!

Son, my dear, dear, I'm with you. Remember, dear son, that you are not alone in life. Always, everywhere in your destiny, I wish you well. I know you are a wise man and a warrior, I believe that you are worthy of happiness, that you will reach the height of Your happiness, and that everyone will have a dream come true! Happy birthday, son. If you were happy. Happiness is extinct to God for your destiny.

Material love Wounds heal, All your sins will cry.

Let them pass you, son, trouble and anxiety, I will follow you on any road.

Mother's Heart With you I will be there for you as long as you are happy,

No more is needed.

Son, accept my poems, They are written from my heart and from my loving soul that you may be able to keep warm with them. You're more precious to me than all the riches! I say thank God when I see your smile every time…

How the soul worries for you, she knows it alone. Let everything in your life come together,

Let it be repaid for everything in full.

My favorite son is wonderful, I want you to be happy, smart and always attentive –

To not miss luck!

Son, may the Lord protect You from evil people… From evil, from diseases, protect You with His holy hand… And I pray for You as a mother will not stop. To make your earthly life happier! Happy Birthday, son, My kind, clear angel! My sunshine is golden,

Be happy in life,

Be the strongest in health,

All in all,

All in all, just the present,

Let fate spoil the good,

Luck tells the story. Let it all work out without flaws. Happy birthday! Your mother.

You're always a child to me, no matter how old you are. I love you since you were born,

Since I was born.

And on your birthday, my dear, I wish you the best. Let the friendship be golden,

Don't know any betrayals ever.

Wishing me victories, success. Go through life with pride, and when you meet a great love, you keep it safe.

Brief SMS congratulations on your son's birthday from your mother

Son, beloved, accept the congratulations, On your beautiful birthday, May the wisdom bring you years,

Sudba reward you generously.


Son, it's your birthday today, it's the most joyful day of your life.

Favorite son, congratulations, On your birthday, always live in joy and happiness,

All your luck, endurance, patience.

Son, be happy, dear, let success be everywhere waiting for! And with joy and warmth, let him come to you every day. To make luck smile

And every dream come true!

With birth, dear son! Let your life be full, let the Warmth of your friends be surrounded, let the light shine, and from the misfortunes and worries

Save the parental threshold!

Son, today is your holiday! I wish you all my heart so that you can achieve everything so that you can be happy, son! You're smart, brave, it means you're going to get lucky with everything! It's your birthday today, and congratulations from your mother. Be successful, son, in everything, let all your problems be nothing.

Son, on your birthday, Mother's blessing, For good luck, for good deeds,

To make your life happy forever.

Happy Birthday, son, congratulations, I sincerely wish you New achievements and victories,

Long and happy years.

Wishes to be fulfilled, And your life to be filled with Joy, peace, warmth, I wish to live by the law, my son sweet and native,

Wish to be myself!

At the soul and heart I congratulate my son, happiness, joy, prosperity, peace, warm days and sunshine, serene and pure happiness, Be the best in all spheres

And let health be mighty.

Happy birthday to your son from mom in prose to tears

My son! When you were born, everyone said you'd be my protector! And it's true! You're protecting me from my old age with your warm look! With his sincere and warm soul – from all troubles and problems, with his warm hands – from all misfortunes! Thank you for being like this! Be always like this!

When, many years ago, on this day, God gave me a little angel, whom I call a son! He illuminated my life with joy, filled it with happiness and warmth, tenderness and kindness! Happy birthday, my dear! Happy birthday! Stay like this!

Many guests are going to congratulate you today. I'm gonna stand back quietly. When everybody's gone, I'm gonna give you a gentle hug, I'm gonna say, “Happy birthday, son!” I'm gonna give you a little bundle with my hands! When you turn it around, you'll find warmth and peace of mind there! It will be my heart, always open to you! I wish you, my son, wealth. But not the one that counts for money. Money never measures dignity and nobility. Otherwise they wouldn't have gone to people who are mean and dishonest.

I wish for the true wealth, the one that cannot be stolen. So that you always have the opportunity to act on your conscience, to love the one who is in your heart, to make the decisions that are in your mind.

I wish you always the greatest opportunity to be yourself.

Son, we wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of our hearts. All the gifts, congratulations and best wishes to you, my dear. May your cherished dream come true today, may a good mood accompany you.

We wish you good health, happiness and mutual love. May fate be kind to you, may good friends never let you down. Let life be long and happy.

Let everything work out easily, let life's problems never disappoint you. Luck and success in everything you do.

Son, on your birthday I want to wish you to spend every day in a way that you can say “today I did everything I could to be happy. As often happens: days and months run by, and we look back sadly, we understand that we have not yet realized all our dreams … Price every moment given to us by fate, be open and honest, do not forget your friends and family, love and be loved!

The biggest and most important holiday of our family is the birthday of our son. And no matter how old he is, he's always a child to us. Dear son, let me sincerely congratulate you on your personal holiday.

We wish you victories in life, wish you good health and success in everything. Let your life run its course. May faith, hope and love be your companions in life. Let luck choose only you. Be always so funny, beautiful, and clever.

Wish you to be a real person.

Happy birthday to your little son from your mother

Rusty son, love and believe, And know that we will always help you. Live without pain and loss.

Let the day last.

Rusty big, son of a bitch, value your friends, run away from flattery. In winter, summer, and spring

Stay cheerful, brave, and honest!

What does a mother wish her son? To make him sick less, to make him happy in his life, to be always ready for business, to be decent and honest, to find a worthy goal, and of course, not shy about

For advice to my mother went

My favorite boy, Happy Birthday, son. I wish you happiness and kindness, and I wish you every success:

In your feelings and deeds.

Let your smile light up the house. Well, let's look at all the bugs


My cute son is the best! Running towards it like the wind. Your ringing, gentle, wonderful laugh

Not let this.

Wishing the prince to become strong. Rich king and wise. I wish everything in the great world to know.

Be the most expensive and necessary!

Sineva rivers and the sea in eyes, and the soul – the oceans of goodness. You were a lump in diapers… It was like yesterday. And today you've grown up, son, my protector, my pillar. In my life, you're a happy sip, Happy Birthday, good, you! Be healthy, caring, gentle, don't have anxious dreams. Be cheerful, happy, boundless

And in the sun, and in the light of the moon!

Happy Birthday, son, Congratulations I love. My favorite little angel,

My life, my soul!

You're getting prettier and prettier every year. And it's hard to imagine that you were my baby.

Didn't sleep with you at night, you've grown very big. I wish from the bottom of my heart:

Be the happiest of all, my dear!

You know who is the best, whom I hug gently, Who is kind, cheerful, useful, beloved son, of course! I wish you to be healthy and learn a lot in life! Rusty, be a helper in the house, and I'll be proud of you! Happy birthday!

And you accept congratulations from your mother, On your birthday, my favorite son, you're a beautiful, intelligent most,

All over the world you are so one.

Wishing me to rejoice at my success, And not to experience any failures at all, a simple happiness, sincere laughter,

And sadness never to know!

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Mom's birthday greetings

Mom's birthday greetings: beautiful and touching greetings for the child

Happy Birthdays: For a woman in prose, mom, girlfriend, daddy from daughter, more

Mom's birthday greetings will help your son to express your feelings in verse, just choose the most appropriate verse. There are beautiful poems for adults and children.

1. Today is the birthday of the son

Today is the birthday of the son. I wish you to always have the strength of the Cause to successfully complete, to succeed in your career, and happiness you have learned quite, that there were joys without measure, to live as in the brightest dream!

2. If you've decided something, son, if you've decided something, always go ahead, we want you to be happy, and also let your luck go. Life is wise, son, don't forget, All good things will happen, Never, please, don't be discouraged, And don't know about sadness and sadness.

3. Happy birthday, dear son! Happy birthday, dear son! You're so big, you're so big. Childhood has gone by for a short time – the one that was let go of us by fate. May the path of life be happy, gain experience, grow. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, don't forget: if it becomes difficult, come to your mother's house.

Loved son, we wish you happiness, great love, and let's always be lucky. Let the light of mutual passion always burn, and all good things carry. Let your dream come true, and it will be simple and easy in life, let your beloved one meet you, we want you to always be lucky!

5. Happy birthday, sweet son! Happy birthday, sweet son! The best of men, the most loving, beautiful, the most sincere and sweet! I always knew, son, the world will not be alone, if you are with me – my precious boy! Get fullness and great value All desires and dreams If somewhere near you!

6. Son, let the roads of life

Son, let the roads of life lead you to the good lead, Always love your Fatherland – And joy will find you. I wish you inspiration, let your dreams come true, let the desires of all the fulfillment come true, so that you can know your happiness!

7. Son, how fast you've grown up

Son, how fast you've grown, how fast you've grown, how fast you've grown, and how fast you've grown, and how fast you've grown, and how fast you've grown, and how high you've grown, and how high you've grown, and how high you've grown, and how high you've grown, and how high you've grown, and how high you've grown, and how happy you've been for years, and how happy you've been on your way, and how beautiful you've been to meet! Congratulations on your anniversary! He's painting you, no doubt about it. Let's make the house full of guests, and the jars full of jams.

8. Today is the brightest holiday

Today is the brightest holiday, you are born on this day, son! Blessed are you, cheerful, happy to put a block in everyone's pocket! More reliable friends around, all those who can be supportive. Don't forget, to be happy, you have to aim for the goal and dream!

9. Little bunny will become big

Little bunny will become big, Mom will be saddened a little bit: My son does not need to give a pen, he holds firmly to the spoon itself. My dear son, my love, congratulations again. This day is only once a year, I celebrate with you. Oh, my dear, happiness to you and the greatest love in the world. Don't forget, you're your mother's dearest on the planet!

10. My dear son, dear, dear

Son, dear, dear, beautiful, gentle, dear, accept your mother's congratulations Happy Birthday, dear! I wish I could live without any harm in the world for a hundred years! Keep your love in your soul and be happy over and over again!

11. My favorite son, this day is for me

My favorite son, this day is the brightest for me, because you were born! May your heart be as full of fire as life would give you in return! Don't be afraid to dream, let your desires come true one by one, I wish you light, pure love, and also the most faithful, faithful friends!

12. Son, you're Mom's bloodline, you're Mom's bloodline, I love you with all my heart, and now the tear is rolling down your cheek. You're so big, and you're so smart, son, beloved, Happy Birthday to you, sweetheart! Always be an angel to keep, and be happy, my dear!

13. It's a wonderful day like this today

This is a wonderful day like this, my son's birthday! May the grace of the Lord come down, and may the mother's grace be upon him alone! Kindness, my dear son, I wish you, May all your dreams come true, You are the best, I know it, Be happy, dear, in life you!

14. My golden, my sweet tender boy

My golden, my sweet tender boy, I congratulate you tenderly, not only my sunshine, not just my bunny, you are my birthday boy, and I wish you a happy world to live full of good, Love, bright happiness, and warmth of friendship!


15. When I gave birth to a son

When I gave birth to a son, I was so happy! Here comes my son, and he's grown up, and he's made a lot of progress. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart, sweet luck. I wish you all my heart now, of course, congratulations!

16. I want to congratulate my dear son

I want to congratulate my dear son, I want to wish him good luck, happiness, and the best of all – so that I do not have to be sad and sad. I wish joy, success to my son, and I wish him my own, so that he wouldn't leave happiness forever, so that he wouldn't be afraid of anything.

17. I wish you reliable friends

I wish you reliable friends, in the birthday of the Day, of course, guests! Let's have fun and jokes and laughter, Son, you're the best for Mom, believe me! I wish you a great study, son, and let happiness come to your doorstep, so that in your life you will always, dear, be lucky, and in your heart let there be love and warmth!

18. You are infinitely loved

You are infinitely loved From the very first glance! Let him be lucky enough to overcome all the obstacles! A lot to do in life, to be in the middle of a bright spotlight! Happiness, success, love and interesting discoveries!

19. You were a tiny one once

You were a tiny one once, but year after year, time went by, you grew up, Mom's happy! On the heart gently and lightly When I, dear, see you, I always thank you, and on your birthday, today, I give you my love!


20. Many years ago

Many years ago In a small crib appeared a sweet boy, tiny and sweet! This fairy-tale baby is Mom's bloodline – Wonderful legs, Face and back! The boy grew up, became big, smart and beautiful, I wish he was happy! Happy birthday, son! This boy is you, let your dreams come true today!

21. Happy birthday, my son! Happy birthday, my son! You've become a lot bigger than that. And you're beautiful and tall, and you've caught up with Mom! I wish you, darling, you learn, and love life, Let's have enough power for everything, and take care of your mother!

22. My dear son, my dear hooligan

Son, my dear hooligan, live like a bird in the sky! Let there be eternal spring and happiness together with you! When I gave birth to you, it seemed like an angel had gone down, and only then did I realize that the devil was soon…

23. You don't hide from the rain under a stupid umbrella

You don't have to hide under a stupid umbrella, you have to go with your breasts against the storm on the shaft, but they'll ask you why and why – you didn't sit on a rock, you lived and searched! May your heart be just, son, listen to your heart in the midst of heat and blizzard, take no happiness in life with fire or sword, take the Way of goodness only to him, you really live!

24. For your happiness, dear

For your happiness, dear, let's pray always, let's be proud of you, all our life of the year. At this beautiful moment, the Holiday came to the house again, and from the hearts of our two, we want to wish you courage, honor and strength, a generous wreath of joy, a simple and beautiful life… Well, happy birthday, son!

25. We are on this beautiful day

We are on this beautiful day to congratulate you in a hurry, Today is your holiday, son, take the words from the heart! Love and attention of your loved ones Let them always be there for you, and happiness, health and joy Let them remember the way to your home.

26 This day became the happiest in life

This day became the happiest in life. And all the years don't know sadness, just let happiness on the threshold, but we'll pray to God to save you from grief.

27. My son is my favorite, congratulations

My son is my favorite, congratulations, I wish you a lot of happiness and love from the bottom of my heart, May your plans come true, And you always be worthy, And don't ever be sad, I wish you laughter and smiles, And avoid mistakes in life!

28. I wish my son lots of luck

I wish my son lots of luck, because for a man it means a lot, and wisdom in solving problems – Wherever the road takes you, you never forget your family, because the whole family loves you so much, and keep everybody away from you, let them be near sincere people!

29. I know, son, the time will come

I know, son, the time will come, your achievements and victories, I believe in you, without a doubt, and I know that there will be no misfortune, and your life will be beautiful, Happy Birthday to you, son!


30. We want our beloved son

We want our beloved son to achieve all the best of luck, you have one talent – We want you to use it in your life, value yourself, value others, and smile more often in your life, we write you this verse, You, our beloved, do not give up!

31. So I want to give you everything you want to give

So I want to give you everything that can be useful in this life, So I want to make your dreams come true, So I want to help you achieve everything. But you're a man, my dear son, and that means you have to break the barriers, and I wish you only the best on your holiday, because you don't need less!

32. I wish you, son

I wish you, son, I wish you everything. Your birthday is the best day for you, don't be lazy, collect more guests, and call your friends, because the holiday is a big one – Today is your birthday!

33. Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you! You're my favorite, believe me! I wish you, no doubt, that happiness will come to your door! You, son, be healthy and strong, and let the sadness not concern, Be cheerful always and beautiful, Let your way be always easy!

34. Our son, you're golden! Our son, you're golden! Today is your personal holiday – From Mom and Dad congratulations to Primi, our dear, on your birthday! We wish a lot of fame, money, health, courage, love! And please, our good one, give us grandchildren!

35. Once upon a time, many years ago

When, many years ago, Destiny gave you to me as a gift! I remember how happy Dad was, and I discovered the world with you! Beautiful, gentle world of Mom's! He's the best, no doubt, you're my God, son! You're my idol! Happy Birthday, my love!

36. My beloved son, my hope

My beloved son, my hope, Happy birthday to you! Be strong and gentle, be healthy, and never forget your mother! I love you, believe me, with all my heart, Rusty, my good, big, big boy! Don't be sorry or evil in your life, Mom's got a support in her life!

37. Happy Birthday, my dear! Happy Birthday, dear! Let's make it even, without the potholes. I'll support your life in any way I can. As long as you like it and are comfortable with it! In the affairs of success, joys of life, I wish you happiness and good luck. Comrades of trustworthy, companionly Let only the best await you ahead!

38. Happy birthday sons! Happy birthday sons! With personal happiness, darling! Let the happiness be without delay, let it flow into your house by river! May the luck go on, inseparably, the Shadow hangs behind you. And love is the best thing about destiny! I'm proud of you, son, I'm getting stronger every year! Of all life's roads, choose what's longer.

39. Son, let me congratulate my mother

Son, let me congratulate your mother today, golden! You're the best, most glorious! I wish you, darling, that every day and every year it may seem like a holiday! I want you to always laugh! To continue the glorious lineage!

40. We wish our son dear

Wish our son dear We wish happiness in life with all our soul, We wish the clever one such In the beautiful holiday we are big, That all dreams come true, All the best happened, That good luck came true, And you were happy, everyone was annoyed!


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Touching birthday greetings for your son

Mom's birthday greetings for your son: beautiful and touching greetings for your child

OOOOAlways believe the good, son!Everything will go away, sadness and disappointment.

Let the poems sound solemnly, the Life is full of smiles, meetings of miraculous, Every day live in a new way, let the world around us become interesting. I wish joy, kindness, strong health and love.

The mood will always be festive, and all the roads will be opened to happiness!


Blue rivers and the sea in the eyes, and the soul – the oceans are good. Was a bundle of just you in diapers…It was as if yesterday.And today you've grown up, my son, my protector, my support. In my life you're happy sips, Happy Birthday, good, you! Be healthy, caring, gentle, Let's not have disturbing dreams

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