Birthday greetings for a girl

Birthday greetings for a girl | Congratulations

Happy birthday to a girl

All year since you were born!Come on, baby, just go ahead

You'll be happy and lucky!

Raissance healthy, belovedFor joy and fun to us! Let your life be happy,

Like a fairy tale, miracles!

Thank you, dear daughter, for what you are in the world!We wish you happiness

And the fulfillment of your dreams!

A year has passed like a dream.It's your birthday, it's your birthday, it's your oncologist today,

Year as a day of one rush.

Holiday, Mom, celebrate, Grandpa, First Year!… But for many yearsThe girl is waiting for a healthy girl, let her grow up. You today – a whole year,

Right turnaround account.

That's a dream, a year has passed – A lot of joy, worries, unusual impressions, bright, sweet moments.And now it's time for Mom, Daddy and BabyWith the first date to congratulate! Everybody, throw away the pacifier, listen to our jellybeans: Strong, happy to grow, beautiful, bright mind!

Reel more strength!

The very first year in my life – Bright, interesting, full of new things, trouble, but such a wonderful!In the whole world can not find a better child!Fortunately, the joy of growing,

Laugh, baby, bell!

Wish the little girl to live in a way that she is interested in dolls, books, ribbons, bows, dresses, a lot of tenderness and tenderness! If Mom and Dad are next to each other –

This means there will be life as in a fairy tale!

Lovely girl, little girl, turned a year! Happy Birthday, Sweetie! Let everything around you blossoms, Lives, plays, have fun!You'll see, time goes by so quietly, that you'll become so beautiful, that you'll look at you anybody.While to grow healthy and diligent, obedient, loving and gentle.

Don't cry on trifles and sleep sweetly, eat well, with kids of friends. And dear: both mommy, and daddy, be both heart and soul rich.

Always be the first of all to hear your cheerful laughterIt was a pleasure to say that we were waiting for such a gift from late autumn (that spring, that winter, that summer) And let every new day,

You open the door to a fairy tale!

Year-old baby,Apple twigSoul wishJoy without edge,Puffy cheeks, pink,Adult adultery,Being happy yourself,

In joy to my daddy and mommy!

Eyeliner buddies, little mouth, who's laughing hotly here? The little baby's a year old! Happy Mom and Dad are now! Let this house fill the fun, Happy, loving hearts!Let the children's laughter, as if the sounds of ferocious,

In the house from now on sounds without end!

Exactly one year ago did not know the grandmothers, grandfathers, and even daddy and mom, that there will be a girl-paddy, immediately becoming in the family of the beloved herself.Will suck the doodles with milk, Sweet smiling, happy to smile.

Will be towed, showing his character, with crying to fall asleep and swaddling.We wish her to grow up to be a nice, gentle, obedient, tidy, to be a smile in the sun like, for relatives and unrelated pleasant.

Obligatory to become the happiest, smartest and most beautiful herself, so that all wanted to be proud of you,

A not only daddy and mom!

I congratulate you both today! The baby is already a year old, and you are wiser than that… Today, on your birthday, I send you wishes: Let the healthy, charming thing grow!Playing, developing to the joy of all relatives,

And let your expectations come true!

You learned to hold the Spoon – feed the bunny, He will not starveWhen such a hostess!And to the mistress – exactly one year – it is a solid date, we Begin with your life, your childhood, let your childhood go brightly, carefree, that did not know the dolls account,

Cvela year by year!

Today bunny exactly one year!How fast is the girl growing!Rusty, play and have fun,

Reach to the sun!

You have a daughter born – and exactly one year passed, the dream of parents came true! The table is set today, because the little girl has an anniversary, even if it's a small one –

But a lot of friends gathered on a special day like this.

Wish your daughter the best we are in a hurry,Healthy to be, happy to be, good luck – from the heart! Let the beauty grows and pleases the family,

And in life will find joy among people of all!

Congratulate our little beasts now all in a hurry: Bunnies, wild monkeys and fifty frogs. Do not forget about her birds: Pigeons and sparrows, Galky, jay and tits … With your first year!Let's have a fairytale childhood, Buddy, you have a cloudless and colorful

Since today!

Congratulations to our miracle baby! Every day you grow a little bit, very soon you will become an important Bird of Wisdom and Bravery.But already now your laughter,

Brighter, brighter than everybody else!!!

Our sweet girl's First Birthday!She is a dress and ribbons,She is a lot of congratulations!The sun was up early todayCharriedly, -It gave her a ray of luck to put in a window a drop of sunshine. A drop of sunshine spilled to make her grow faster, the Wind said quietly:

“Become happy seriously!”Happy Birthday to your girl princess! Happy Birthday to her, Oh, how she looks with interest! She's only 1 year old, but she's already wearing earrings, stylishly very, she's fine!Let her grow up healthy, strong, a lot to know! Oh, beauty, oh candy,

Will the world conquer the whole world!

Young mom and dad! A year ago became a rich house: A girl was born, happiness in the house brought to you.This happiness has brought you together, the feelings have enriched you, the new world has opened the door –

Full house now.

Small handles, chubby legs, you so go through them funny on the track.You just learned to make the first steps, and nowhere else, without your mother's hand. Today is your first birthday, and you will receive from the family congratulations, gifts, hugs and, of course, a kiss,

How can you not love a beauty like this!

Your little girl has a birthday anniversary, I'm glad our teddy bear will give it to her! If he becomes her friend, he will always be there for her, he will be the first to hear, and will be able to give advice.Let a girl grow up Smart, strong, mischievous, not ignorant, not a simpleton.

Please shines with beauty!

Candle on a cake one, she crownes the first year, Maly all vests, and do not need diapers.All the first steps, words, habits, pranks, friends! Let your girl be beautiful,

>Make her healthy and big.

A little girl's first birthday!Nobody sleeps in the morning… Everyone is on the move… Everyone is running around waiting for the guests… She feels the gifts will be there… All the attention will be paid to her… Let her grow up and not get sick… Doesn't feel sad… It gets better every hour,

Not spoil in vain!!!!

The most beautiful, gentle girl, a little girl, Here is already a year old, we congratulate on this date, you, my sweet, Let to you a wonderful fairy tale to visit.Let the magic fairy give you happiness, let the magic wand clean up all the bad weather, so that you smile and the world knows the beautiful things,

To make you know the most beautiful moments in life.

Your steps are still young, because you were born a year ago, but congratulations, praiseThe whole day sounds today!Child is lovely, you are the head of the villageToday's table. So take the gifts boldlyAnd unpack yourself!What is not here? How bright, How colorful is your birthday! But the best gift for you –

To that came so many children!

“Godovaniye” celebrate, Our baby grows up!She's a little bit of a fashionable, she's a daddy's happy, her family's crazy happy!We wish everyone health,

We're all very happy with 1 year of congratulations!

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1 year congratulations to the girl

Birthday congratulations for the girl

OOOOYou learned to hold the Spoon – you feed the bunny, he will not starveWith such a mistress!And the mistress – exactly one year – A solid date, we begin to count your life, child. Your childhood goes brightly, carefree, so that did not know the dolls account, blossomed year by year!


To you today is exactly a year!How time goes by…Or rather, just in a hurry, the kids are growing so fast…We are congratulating you with this helmet for being lucky in everything.After all, girls – no more wonderful, though bypass you all over the world!


All the whole year has passed since the moment of your birth! Go, baby, only forwardThis is waiting for you joy and luck!Rusty healthy, belovedHappiness and fun to us!Let your life be happy, Like a fairy tale, miracles!Thank you, dear daughter, for what you are in the world!We wish you happiness and fulfillment of your dreams!


Little girl, your year's life has passed unnoticed.Wishing you, girl, to be strong and healthy, and, as in a magical childhood dream, beautiful and kind!


It's already a princess year, quickly as it goes.Let him receive gifts, let him know only good things, happiness to you, in the family peace, and misery – side.


How your baby girlGodalnyj anniversary, glad our teddy bear that it will give her!He will become her friend, he will always be there for her, he will always have time to listen to the first, and will be able to give advice. Let the girl grow up Smart, strong, mischievous, not ignorant, not simple. Let him shine with beauty!


CongratulationsOn your girl's first anniversary!


Our sweet and wonderful little girl, our eyes are shining today, because you, as the light of their lives, as a flash, and now every day you light them up.And today it's only a year old for you, but we're not in a hurry, let it all happen on time, let it all go to you every day only for good!


Eyelinery-Buttons, little mouth,Who laughs hotly here?Happy Mom and Dad are now! Let this house fill the fun, happiness, love fill the hearts! Let the children's laughter, like the sounds of fierce, in the house from now on sounds endless!

Happy birthday greetings to 1 year old girl

OOOOThe most beautiful, tender, little girl,Here is the whole year already,Congratulations on this date, you, my sweet,Let a wonderful fairy tale come to you.Let the magic fairy give you happiness, let the wand of magic clean up all the bad weather, so that you smile and the world knows the most beautiful moments in life, so that you know.


A year ago, the family became richerThis is a wonderful family, because it brought the stork a lovely child.We wish to congratulate them todayIt is our soul to glorify everything that sits in all its glory: in a new dress, with a bright bow, so she shines. Let fate give happiness to you, dear child!


Little daring sunny bunnies,On windows and walls today joyfully shine,And in your lovely and gentle eyes, bright,Lights, as if stars burn.Your laughter is so funny and playful, cheeks, sponges, pens, legs – just a glance, you're our treasure, you're daddy's treasure, I congratulate you on your first birthday!


Congratulations to our miracle baby!Every day you grow a little bit, very soon you will become an important Bird of Wisdom and Courage. But already now your laughter is brighter, more vivid than everybody else's!


All year is a lot of events behind you!You've made a lot of things out of a thousand discoveries. You're so beautiful, you smile, you shine.


With the first year of birthCongratulations to the baby, be more beautiful than all the flowers, Mommy and Daddy to the joy of the daughter.Eyeball gentle glow, girl – charm, Zainka in the crib sleeping, Nose tiny nozzle.To be fun, of course, we wish you to eat well, to be smart, cute. Mom, Dad, you – patience, and love, and respect. Let the holy angels protect your daughter!


This little princess Goddick is coming true! Let the flower scarlet smile! Let it be healthy, let it grow beautiful. Let the good people meet her on the way!


Cause there is a reason to congratulate -Your little girl's year.Let him step forwardOn his path, where love and happiness are waiting for Sweet Baby. We also wish the whole family health, Games, fun, strength, good. Congratulations!


The very first, most glorious year was for you – In your life the holiday is the main one! Be happy all the century!In the meantime, learn to Run, to speak clearly, to grow faster, to top, to dare, to create, to know earthly happiness, to please your parents, to live like in a fairy tale – To enjoy every moment!


Beautiful yours, girlsNo better and nicer!We wish you courage in life, not a single day of pain. We have put a part of our soul into this greeting.What a pleasure to give us the kids! Let her just a year, but as if in two minds … Let the joy does not pass, what gives you a child!

Congratulations on the birth of 1 year girl

OOOODolls, buns, bears are laid out on the carpet, on the table – cakes.You know a lot of words: Daddy, Mom, more – “give”, develop and flowers, learn a lot of new things!


You've grown up in a year.As a flower, blossomed, became more beautiful and cuter, the sun became lighter! You grow to our joy, not by the days, but by the hours. Be obedient and always cheerful, sweetheart!Happiness, sweetie, success to you only in destiny…Be healthy and beautiful, Be happy and happy!


Girl glorious such as -Glaze can not be torn off!Congratulations in your year, we want to wish you a little bit.Beautiful, clever youngstersI the whole world could learn!


Laughs our dear girl, four toothpicks sparkle in front of you, gifts, sweets, toys, Today the guests brought for your birthday.Today is your first personal holiday,We wish you strong and healthy growth,Successes with your mom and daddy,And as the most beautiful flower, always flowers.


Little handles, chubby feet,You so go through them funny on the track.You just learned to take the first steps, and nowhere else, without your mother's hand. Today is your first birthday, and you will receive from the family congratulations, gifts, hugs and, of course, a kiss, how can you not love a beautiful woman like that!


Wishing the little girl smiles and laughter, Clear sunshine, sea of success, Lovely, healthy, beautiful to grow, Obstacles are easy to overcome on the way, For mom and dad to be too clear, the most fun and the most beautiful!


You have your first birthday.We are now gathered here, he gathered a glorious moment. We will celebrate all of your Holiday with a scope.doll take, bouquet, laugh bell, sweetie. Happy Birthday, our bunny! Happy Birthday! With the best date! In the good, happy, grow up, be all lucky!


Sunny radiant smile funny, all the birds sang a song to her daughter, the first birthday is celebrated by her, God bless her, health and goodness.The year is a solid date, May she, dear girl, be a good start, we wish you good luck, Joy, prosperity, success and warmth.


“The Yearbook” we're doing,Our baby is growing up!Already fashionable baby,Mother is copying a little bit.She is daddy's joy,Her family is crazy happy!We wish everybody health, With 1 year congratulations!


You have a daughter – and exactly a year has passed, the dream of parents came true! The table is set today, because the little girl has a jubilee, even if it is a small one, but a lot of friends gathered on a special day like this. We wish your daughter the best of luck, we are in a hurry, to be healthy, to be happy to be, good luck – from the bottom of our hearts! Let the beauty grows and pleases the family, and in life will find joy among people of all!

Beautiful congratulations on 1 year to a girl

OOOOIn the door of this family gloriousKnocked the holiday now, the very first, the most important birthday of the daughter-bird!She may not be a featherbird, but she sings only from dawn to dusk – even though she sings to the songs of those dances. Your little singer – the future star of vocalsWish that the bird caught the blue one!


Today your daughter is a year old!


Happy First Birthday!Wish you hurryWe have funWe're having funWe're having fun!Grow up, baby, strong Mama with her daddy to the joy, clever, mischievous and tenacious, so as not to let go of luck. And today – enjoy the community of your guests, Dance, play with the kids, do not hesitate – be brave!


Princess of your year. Hooray! Hooray! Yay! We wish you health, patience, kindness, and now your daughter needs an eye and eye. Let it be less Caprice and leprosy, let it grow beautiful, cheerful, mischievous, with parental love, with support behind your back.


Just a year old you, baby!Congratulations, take the first candle on the cakeThe first one on the cakeThe daddy, blow out the candle with Mom.Let them confidently walk Little legs,Unknown until you're on the track.Be funny, mischievous, but don't be capricious.


All over the holiday and fun, because the baby's birthday, Congratulations very amicably, and wish you what you need – Happy ocean boundless, the life is nice and successful, that was beautiful the most charming, like Mom, the most tender was, and healthy grew up!


Congratulations on a girl's birthday

Birthday greetings for a girl

The birth of a child is a long-awaited and joyful event. And sometimes it seems like there are no happier people in the world than the baby's family. Time is of the essence and your lump of happiness already has teeth and for the first time it tries to stand on its feet, first words and a sea of joy. This article will focus on beautiful creatures, daughters, and their birthdays.

So we congratulate you

And now, a year has passed.

Sleepless nights are over and finally, the long-awaited first birthday of the beloved daughter, but in addition to gifts and attention, I would like to congratulate mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles and just friends of the family, to congratulate the birthday girl with the best wishes from the heart, because it is a significant holiday – the first birthday. Of course, today there is a huge variation of congratulations on a girl's year on the Internet, but we hope that this article will help you to find warm words as soon as possible.

Life is a gift for which all parents are grateful. After all, it is filled with adventures, various educational lessons, for a little man is a whole new world that has yet to be learned. And Birthday is an important holiday for the loved ones. Congratulations, toasts, gifts, joy and love, this day will be special.

No matter that childhood is short. For a little person, impressions are very important, because we can say that the first birthday is one of the most important events in life, even if not your daughter, for you – undoubtedly. On a site are presented sincere congratulations with 1 year to the girl for parents in the form of a poem, prose, as there are wishes by the words.

Congratulations from relatives

I want to pay attention to grandparents of the baby, because for them a great happiness – the birth of a granddaughter.

Who other than them, will give memories of the village and a happy weekend? And who, except grandchildren will return them youth, after all they – a copy of parents in the childhood.

In this article the cool and touching congratulations are presented, capable to please anybody, as, about a congratulation on the first year to the girl authors have not forgotten, you can choose a beautiful and short wish for your year-old girl.

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If for some reason, you can not visit the birthday of the baby, send a text message, because you can still express love by sending, for example, a postcard with an expression of sincere feelings.

Word – can be a joy and disappointment, but our congratulations promise that wishes will bring only joy and happiness.

Undoubtedly, with the birth of a child the parents have a great responsibility, because on them depends on the future fate of the baby, personality formation and success. It is moms and dads who are able to make Birthday the happiest holiday of the year, because they know their daughter's preferences better than anyone else.

Many children love songs, and cartoons and games instill in them this love, thanks to these birthday greetings, you are willing to have a good birthday poem, just singing.

Each parent wants their child to be unique (in a good way), inventing a variety of names, for example: Alice, Varya, Katya can be endlessly listed, despite the fact that they are all different – they are all united by beauty, we hope that our congratulations will fit to any name of your daughter.


First year is the most important! The most awe-inspiring, brave. Your little girl has grown up,

Your daughter, your mouse!

Let a healthy baby grow up, It will be as sweet as a sweetie. And happy will be the most

In the joy of Mom, the pride of Daddy!

In your home a glorious holiday – the first year of the baby. Happiness, joy, smiles, and success to the big boy. Let the baby cry less AND grow healthy, Surprising mom and dad

Day by day, year by year!

Today happiness is exactly one year! Which is what we congratulate you on. May the child grow stronger and grow – From the bottom of our hearts we wish. Let the joy be every day And miracles happen, And the beauty of the world Let the eyes always admire. Health, happiness and success Always let them be there for you.

Parental pleasure.

For girls

For baby greetings. Be more beautiful than all the flowers,

Mom and Daddy to the joy of the daughter.

Trigger gentle radiance, Girl – charm, Singles in the crib sleeping,

Nose tiny nozzle.

Be fun, of course, We wish you to eat well,

Be smart, pretty.

Mom, Dad, you – patience, And love, and respect. Let the holy angels

Protect your daughter!

First year – the most important: You know how to crawl nicely, you try to walk for a long time, it's funny to talk. Let the parents cherish, love and regret. You make them happy every hour,

With the first year of all of you!…

Who said the word “mother” and made the first steps? The sweetest man in the world is saving us from longing. Hurry up, baby, not by the day, but by the hour. The world to explore cautiously, smile more often to us.

Clap joyfully in the palms of your hands, it's time to dance! It's a good day, isn't it? With the first year! Hooray! Hooray! Dear our little angel, Lovely, tiny lump, With the first year we congratulate And from the bottom of our hearts we wish: To be healthy, clever, brave, kind, strong and skilful, Joy to all relatives to give,

All more brought up to be!…

In prose

I congratulate a little miracle on the first year of life. I sincerely wish you a happy journey and good fortune, incredible magic and bright light in life, good health and affectionate care, fun and moving games.

Happy birthday to our little angel! I mean, you've had one year today. Grow up for us all to be happy.

I wish you a carefree and bright childhood, more kisses and kind words from all relatives, especially from Mom and Dad. Let's have a lot of good and sweet friends.

Let's have enough candy, ice cream and toys. Make Mom happy every day with a smile and Daddy happy with confident steps. Happy Birthday to you, sweetheart!

First year – it's the hardest one, so I'm in a hurry to congratulate you on the “passing” of the first year, happy birthday! I wish your baby to grow up moderately large and healthy, to please parents with their discoveries and absorb as a sponge a huge flow of information necessary for the development. Let your child grow up to be a brave, intelligent and well-mannered child who charms everyone with a laugh and a genuine smile. Be healthy, don't get sick and believe in your little tough guy. Happy holidays! Happy birthday!

In your own words

Dear baby! You turned one year old. You've already learned a lot, and you've learned a lot. But in front of you, kid, you will find a lot of interesting discoveries and adventures.

Will be new toys, there will be loyal friends. And you'll always have your mom and dad around, loving you and helping you with everything. Happy birthday! Happy people! This is how you should address people who have such happiness in the family – a small child. Congratulations to you and your child on the first year of life.

Let the curious, interested, happy and healthy grow up. Happy Holiday!

The first birthday of a child is more a holiday for parents, because this year was so important and at the same time difficult for you. Dear parents, I want to thank you for the honor you gave me by asking me to be your baby's godmother. My daughter, I promised to be your guardian angel on earth, to help you avoid misfortune and grief.

I can't be around every minute, but my love will always be with you, sweetheart. Today is a really important day in your life, so let me wish you boundless happiness, a lot of love that will surround you every day. Open your eyes in the morning with pleasure and go boldly to the new exploits that await you.

Understand everything new with a smile, never step back.

And in conclusion, I want to wish your daughters health, and you joy. We wish your life was filled with children's laughter and tears bypassing you. Remember, the most important thing is to love a child and then you will hear the long-awaited: “Mommy, I love you so much!”

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We hope you find interesting and funny wishes, and this article about congratulating a girl with 1 year will help to add joy on this day.


You have a baby's first birthday: congratulations on a girl's 1 year birthday

Congratulations on a girl's 1 year birthday

First year of life – an entire era in the history of family development

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