Happy Birthday to the girl: beautiful and kind greetings for the child

Happy Birthday to the girl | Congratulations

Happy Birthday to a girl: Beautiful and kind congratulations for a child
We'll set the table nowWe'll be waiting for your guests,Birthday will arrange,Dress up soon!Take flowers, gifts,Limonade,This day will be bright!

You have fun,come on!

One beautiful girl celebrates her birthday.And as a fluffy kitten,

Warm life, as if in a fairy tale, that the magic in her was a lot of good, luck, happiness, affection,

Friends good and healthy.

Princess – keep an eye on her… How fast does time fly by… How do you grow up?And you're getting prettier all the time. Not a girl – a picture of fashion, a beauty and our pride. Let your happiness come into your lifeIn the wake of you goes! Let your birthday present you with everything you dream about the best of all

You'll soon become surely!

Today Malvina is happy, Laughing loudly Pinocchio, Piero is not crying anymore, Dog Artemon is jumping with happiness! And even the angry CarabasDoll is not scolding today, and happy birthday is now Our Princess is congratulating!We wish you a happy occasion, you would soon find a golden magic key,

To open the city with it!

Since your birthday daughter is sweet, beautiful, unique, we respect you, we love you very much,

Teplom always surround you.

What to wish you is all that will bring happiness, grace, into the house, so that your life will be essentially a paradise,

Always help us in this promise.

You are so sweet and direct, and the fragility of a tender flower.Your dreams are still children's, but youth is not so far away … My naive girl, I wish you on your birthday, Let all your desires come true,

What you believe with all your soul!

Be a girl you're funnyAlways mischievousToday is a holiday for you

And all the words I love about you

I wish you a happy birthday and a happy life, bright days


And become more fun

Let the eyes burn with happinessFor you we will have a birthday parade home

You mischievous girl!!!

Rusty as a princess from a fairy taleBathe in our caressBut don't be discouraged

And good luck to meet you

I wish you a lot of funBy happy birthdayBy having fun


Well, and just as much as possible

For you we'll arrange a carnivalIn order of emotion we send a flurry of fun today

And do your dreams!!!!

Like a violet, you're growing gently, you're waiting for other people's tenderness, too.On your birthday, we wish you friends to live more relaxed and cheerful lives. Let your love fly to you with an arrow,

And it will be decorated with your emerald destiny.

Happy birthday, baby!Your life is like a book fairy tale.Don't rush through the sheets –

Everyone enjoys it.

Sadik, school, institute -Buick of the year will pass.Childhood is the best page,

– Each bird will say.

Be healthy, be nice,
Be always you are fun.

Happy day – well, just a dream. A little bit passed, which you do not regret, because you are not just a birthdayA youthful jubilee.

In its journey is not easy and thorny, you stand in the way of all the annoying obstacles do not fall in spirit, dear daughter, know, I am with you is very lucky.Learn to make true friends And you'll be happy in your whole life.

And if you're true to your friendship, your price will increase many times.

As long as you're obedient, roughly learn, you'll never be lazy at home.Thank you for your advice

And you will live for many more years!

The best girl!Let your eyes shine, you will become smart and brave, As everyone dreams about it!You will be famous and bright, the first, in the area of beauty.The most desirable gifts

You are worthy of it!

Well, you're a starYou'll always be happyYou'll always be successful

And for you it'll be forever

Today's holiday is for youThis is a partyIt'll be a party for all your friendsTo be a lot of congratulations


Well, I am happy to wish you

And I wish you a lot of luck!

To make you look healthyAnd to make the bale look beautifulYou've found yourself a bag of laughterAnd also a bag of laughs and smiles of a kilogram.Everyone you know is laughingSmile here and there!And let the sun rise up in the sky with your smile, and your soul sings with a magic violin

You always sing!

Dad's smile, Mom's eyelashes, Ballerina's legs, the grace of a hot bird.The world's best part is taken,

You've got it all together in you once.

And congratulations today! You're a year older, and a year more beautiful, and a year smarter. You grow up healthy, enjoy the days,

Our sweet, dear girl-flower!

We'll have sleepless nightsA lot of happy days. Let your daughter grow up

For the joy of her family.

Stanet beloved herself, the most beautiful and gentle, Give for Daddy and Mom

>More delight boundless.

You grow beautiful, every year more beautiful!I believe you'll find yourselfWhen you're older. Look at yourself, give us our beauty! Let your dream come true,

That you believe in!

Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Girl, and wish to be loved, everyone in the world like it!We also wish you happinessIn the house full of toys to make you happy and have fun in the house so that you can be friends with each otherOn the family, you grew up like a flower, like a flower,

With my mommy daddy!

Be generous, gentle, beautiful.

Because it's all about being nice and polite to others.

Because it's about being nice and kind to others.

Let it be like a fairy taleNo lack of caress. Let it bypass the sadness

And let it all come out

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Beautiful birthday greetings to the girl ~

Birthday greetings to the girl: beautiful and kind greetings for the child

The stars in the sky whispered with each other, the best name for you to choose, the waves of the sea quietly splashed, the music gentle in time picking up, the Wind flew over the vast expanse, making your life easy and bright, the Sun shone with its warm gaze, so that fate sent gifts … Here you grew up kind, charming, very smiling, the most beautiful! Let's keep it going fine,

To make you happy as in a fairy tale!

Wish you happiness infinite, Moods are always

Something personal.

May luck be a companion every day. Let no man

In life do not judge.

Waiting for you in front of the Ocean of Success, the Sea of Joy, Love

And more laughter.

Happy Birthday, girl, You're the best, so know, You laugh very loudly, Sil, skills over the edge, Stay funny, bright, the most lame and decide the urkins in school Without a mistake one, and then play with friends, Only in the world grow up, And also father and mother

A little help!

You're adorable, you fool! Fun conversation with you, You dance and sing, you give smiles to everybody, Ozrno's eyes shine, they want to see the whole world. Let him obey you, that you like a bird Unbridled, at ease, bravely

Luckily flew!

Today our girl celebrates her birthday. And as a furry kitten, I give her congratulations! I wish you life as if in a fairy tale, To be a magic road, kindness, luck, joy,

May happiness be a lot!

My flower, my dear, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart! It's the birthday of the best girl on the planet! Let no hurricanes of life knock the ship of your destiny off course.

Let your spinning support you and give you strength in difficult moments of life. Nothing in the world can replace you. You're my treasure, my sunshine on a rainy day. Happy birthday to you! Whatever happens, know that I'm here.

Happy Birthday to the girl beautiful

Kid! Happy birthday! Good luck and luck! New toys, Smart girlfriends! Be the princess of the fairy tale! Sparkle your eyes with candy and cakes, gifts of all kinds! To make your cheeks pink

For the sponges to sing loudly!

Happy birthday! You're like a fairy. Magic, you're fluttering, weyr. You shine a clear star, you smile at the world. Be always charming, be spring chamomile, be friendly, cheerful and kind. Be so inimitable and happy and loved. Days of fun and not boring, and dresses are the best. In achievements – the highest scores, to shine with success. Friendships bright, interesting.

And you wonderful fate!

Happy birthday! Listen to me, and also, you know, angry, funny. Choose only the right path

And you take a step to the newest dream!

Associate, become a helper, for the family – a must-have joy, Open up a glorious facet of life,

Be for loved ones with a girl reward!

One beautiful girl celebrates her birthday. You, fluffy kitten, have my congratulations today. I wish life as if in a fairy tale, so that there would be a lot of magic in it. Kindness, luck, happiness, affection,

Friends of good health.

Congratulations on your jam day Cool girl. I wish you health

Lovely bunny.

To just please us, laughed funny. Always have your destiny

But only to smile.

May the Angel keep you good from evil and pain. Bright, clean, and beautiful

Be a huge world.

Wish to be tasty as raspberry, but with an acidity like cranberry; shiny as kalina, but with thorns like blackberries. Grow up, our berry, sweet and beautiful, but not everyone's teeth!

Happy birthday to the girl beautiful congratulations

I wish you, as a girl, a lot of happiness in the world white. Staying brave, trying to do everything from the bottom of my heart. To be diligent and diligent, to lie down harder on study. And it will turn out to be a must

To meet happiness in the destiny of svei!

For the little princess Today all the flowers, today she all the songs, gifts and flowers. Rusty big and smart For good luck to all my family. There won't be a gloomy life,

And dreams come true!

What's good for a girl on her birthday to wish for? To be beautiful and obedient,

No one can be sad!

Smile often, And laugh, and joke to make everybody in the world

Forgotten how to be sad!

Happy Birthday, girl! Happy birthday, honey! Be always beautiful, be always happy. Let the sun smile, let the rain not cry, and let the beauty have luck everywhere! You're mommy's sunshine, you're grandma's flower, you're a sweet girl

And daddy's firecracker!

We wish our girl a Happy Birthday today, Be the most fashionable And with a good mood, Without a hint of caprice Take our gifts, waiting for you more surprises, There will be a holiday noisy, bright, There will be an interesting evening, There will be dancing and fun for our little princess,

For the future supermodel.

My most beloved girl, I cordially congratulate you on your birthday. May your personal holiday bring you luck and the best mood. I wish you good health, a peaceful sky above your head, great happiness and all the best.

Let your business go great, let only the pleasant news please you every day. Let the sun give you a ray of warmth and kindness, and the birds with their beautiful trail fill your soul with fun. Be always so beautiful, gentle and tender.

Beautiful birthday greetings to your son.

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Birthday greetings to the girl

Happy birthday greetings to the girl: beautiful and kind greetings for the child

Each person is pleased when they are not forgotten and happy birthday parties. It's a particularly exciting holiday for a child, girls. Beautiful birthday greetings to the girl will cause her delight and pleasant emotions. It can be written to a postcard if the child can read, pronounce aloud, choosing the text in prose or verse.

Verse Congratulations

Verse Congratulations are a beautiful way to express your thoughts and wishes. Many girls love poems and will be pleased to hear them from their families.

  • Congratulations to the girl for 3 years


  • On your birthday, sweetheart girl, let it be just for you. Let everybody give you gifts, let everybody hug you, so tenderly loving you!

    There are three years, the holiday is great! And you are absolutely like a princess, shining. Let the guardian angel be with you,

    And let everything come true, what you dream about!

  • Three years come true! This is the best holiday ever! Let miracles await you today, there's a laughing sound! Let the sun shine brightly, waiting for a lot of fun days! Wonderful gifts,

    Happiness, joy, friends.

    • Congratulations to the girl for 4 years

    1. All “four” are not jokes! We wish our little girl happiness: Rotiku – laughter, eyes – glow. In life, success and adventure. Let the good fairy tales, the Pope's ideas, Mom's affection, the Motor Powers, the Wagon of Interest, the Fast Growth, the great weight surround us. A strong memory, a clingy mind, a game of interesting friends with a jump, an easy character, a good soul.

      Mom and Dad are happy to listen.

    2. The best baby in the world is four. Happy Birthday to you, Well done. Egoza and the naughty one, make friends with the book, be smart – not a stranger, but do not become an ignoramus. If you were a gentle kitten, a kind, sincere child. The world's more like a place to know, grow up.

    • Congratulations to the girl for 5 years

  • p>Fun, balloons, clappers, five candles on the cake, friends, gifts and toys, and you're a little older today.

    Dream on! Let all your dreams come true.

    Be a good girl and don't get hurt. Let the world around you fill up with happiness!

    Five years is your first anniversary.

  • Center is 5 years old. I wish the little angel to live without misfortune. Everybody loves you, loves you, loves you, spoils you, buys you presents. May life be as beautiful as a fairy tale, so that love and affection are always in it. I wish you strong health from the bottom of my heart,

    Kiss, very gently hug!

    • Congratulations to a girl of 8 years

  • p>The sun has smiled into the window, scattering the golden light, illuminating all the rays of the path, because today you are 8 years old! You are growing up to be a real princess, a good girl and a good one, and a funny one. May your laughter make us happy more often,

    And sadness bypasses us!

  • This long-awaited encounter with the holiday do not forget! You blow out the candles, and make a wish! Happy birthday! Be happy! The whole world will warm you up! You got eight wonderful, bright years as a gift.

    • Congratulations to a girl of 9 years

  • Exactly 9! Happy birthday! It's just great, it's your party! Adventure and fun! Believe in luck, be yourself! Many happy events Waiting for you, no doubt about it! Behind the dream of hurry: discoveries,

    Verse friendship and victories!

  • Happy birthday! Nine years! There's bright light everywhere in the sun! It's games, jokes, laughter, your age is the most beautiful! Let your dreams come true. It'll be all you want. The whole world before you, smile on your holiday!

    • Girl's greeting for 10 years/strong>

    1. Today's daughter is 10 years old! You are like the sun, shining clearly, you are happier on your birthday, you are beautiful on your birthday. We wish to smile more often, Always so beautiful to be, And not to be sad, but only to laugh,

      Always loved by their loved ones!

    2. Birthday at the little lady! The house is full of joy, flowers and balls. The nicest girl in the world. Everybody carries expensive gifts. Invite both friends and girlfriends, will be a lot of candy and toys, allowed to jump, make noise,

      And laugh, and sing songs!

    • Young girl greeting

    1. Happy Birthday to you! Be funny, but obedient, Proud, but not indifferent… Let them fly to you! Let the princes ride the horses! Or they're sailing the seas, and they'll fall to your feet. Don't yawn here:

      What better choice do you have!

    2. Happy Birthday to you And I wish you health, beauty, that you may be happy! More joyful moments and nice compliments. And smiles and dreams,

      Wish fulfillment.



    Happy birthday greetings to the girl in prose should come from the heart. You can write it yourself or use the example below.

    Example 1:

    Beautiful and cute girl happy birthday! I wish you to grow up and be good not by the day, but by the hour! Be smart and even wise, slim and athletic, hard-working, very kind to the people around you! May all your cherished dreams come true, a smile more often illuminates your pretty face, and joy comes unexpectedly and for a long time! Good and faithful friends, love from family, respect at school! Good luck with your studies and other activities! Be loved and happy!

    Example 2:

    Sun, happy birthday! I wish infinite love to my relatives, care of my parents, wonderful gifts, chic outfits, warmth and sunshine, joyful moments and the best moments. You have the strongest health and good luck in your life – just shut up.

    Example 3:

    You have a holiday today, little beauty, so happy birthday! Little but beautiful princess, I wish you to have your desires fulfilled at your first request. To grow up surrounded only by love and care. Happy holiday, baby!

    Example 4:

    Our cutie, today is such a wonderful day – your birthday. You're one more year older. Be always as nice and kind as you are, always be happy with your daddy and mom's good behavior and your funny smile.

    I wish you everything was just fine. Little princess, let your life be as bright and happy as a fairy tale. I wish you more magical and unforgettable moments.

    Happy Birthday, Princess!

    Example 5:

    Nice and charming girl to wish you a happy birthday! You're our favorite, our beauty and our pride. We wish you to grow up and not be sick, to study hard, not to upset your parents.

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