Happy Birthday to 2 years old boy: how to congratulate the child and parents

Happy Birthday to Two Years old boy

Birthday greetings for a 2-year-old boy: how to congratulate a child and parents
Let your dreams come true and your cherished dreams come true! Lucky for you in various undertakings, and let your thoughts be only light in your head! Congratulations to your young parents today, your child has become an adult! At the age of two, we sincerely wish him to take the best from you! You became the center of attention for parents, Rusty is a healthy kid, learn everything! Our beautiful, sweetest creature, Be happy and loved all your life! We love you, and adore with all our hearts, Wishes warm from us today, take it! We only wish the best to your family, Love your parents, baby, and don't forget us! Happy birthday, dear flower! Learn well, listen to your parents, don't get hurt, loyal friends. Let whatever you're thinking come true! Let the sun always shine brightly, and life will be filled with the most remarkable events. Friendly family, funny days, friends for life. Interesting gifts, unexpected discoveries, unbroken toys and ten pounds of ice cream! Eyes shine with sunshine, words ringing, all smiling – because today the baby is two! Let it always laugh, filling the house with happiness, the happiest child is day after day! Two years – the age of a wonderful holiday is better!The world is joyful and interestingTo you let it open a secret, so that each life minute was happy and bright! Rusty, smile, baby, health to you and warmth! Toys, cake, candy mountain! All clap your hands! You 2 years! Yay! And it's such a good day! Let's have fun, let's have fun, let's have fun, let's have adventures – everyone's Yellowing should come true on Birthday! Two-year-old (Name) on Birthday I wish you joy and songs, and life is as sweet as jam, Day by Day, more and more interesting.Health strong, fun;Good books and girlfriends, candy, toys, merry-go-rounds – Only that in life it is necessary! One plus one – it turns out two, you grow not by days – by hours! You're good at playing, you know the words, especially the “yourself”! Rusty, healthy, good and smarter, Let's have a lot of friends next to you! Our daughter has grown up, she's two years old. Like a princess in a fairy tale, she's a pretty little girl. We kiss her cheeks like scarlet flowers. Happy Birthday, happy birthday. Where's your birthday boy? I can hardly see from under the table, but today he is the main one – this nice boy, More important than mom and dad, Serious look at the boy. I wish you never to be offended. More days of good luck in working life. I wish you health and joy, let your sadness pass by.I wish you peace, never to experience adversity!A lot of fun and good luck in education, business, new strength, let the desire, dreams, so that success came a lot, a lot of happiness and patienceWishing good health and happiness. I wish peace, inspirationNever, never to be sad, never to be saddened! More warm good phrasesVictory to you, new victories.Let the fire, burning in your hearts, that great-grandfather and great-grandfather to become. victory, that was every day was as a gift. I wish you a cheerful and clear life, that everything was nothing to you! a lot of warm gentle words Smooth health, we honey and strong wish you good, so that the hall in front of you, did not miss the colorful and ethereal luck, a lot of happiness wish you happiness.I wish you from the bottom of your heart to smile! Never be upset. Successes of creative and all sorts of luck!That every day was as a gift. I wish tenderness in love, never to be discouraged, good luck that it was a lot,

Many money to have a ride in a fashionable car.

Sunny bunnies Jolly shine, In your eyes bright lights burn! Funny laugh, honey, Cheeks are a peek, You are a treasure, You are a treasure. Happy birthday! Happy birthday, sweet girl, you're the sweetest twitter to us. Talk to you, and it's like you're plunging into a sweet childhood. You're having fun, you're jumping, so don't let your energy go down. Happiness and health to you. Dear Princess, I wish you Happy Birthday and I wish you always to be the best and most beautiful. Don't let your parents ever give up on you, and all your dreams come true. Let the sun shine brightly and joyfully in life. Happy birthday, bright and little man, sweet and beautiful girl. Let your happiness be sunny with soft rays of smiles, fairytale, so that every day you joyfully met miracles and incredibly tender. You are still a baby, but already a princess, worthy of a fairy tale process you are.Happy Birthday, we all congratulate you, Happy as Cinderella, we wish you. Lose your shoe as soon as possible, and live in life, as if in a fairy tale, more fun. Everything is – you, today – also yours.The brightest, the most joyous and the most windy. Have fun, and accept my congratulations, the most beautiful star – “Happy Birthday!” As a violet, you grow tenderly, tenderness from others you also expect.On your birthday we wish you friends to live more peacefully and cheerfully, let your love fly to you with an arrow, let it be decorated with your emerald destiny and let Goldfish come for your birthday with gifts! Prepare in advance, in addition to treats, three of your desires – adventure list. Princess young, I congratulate you. Your birthday is a celebration of beauty. You, little lady, cause humility, smile of happiness, laughter – all this is you. Let a bunch of balloons decorate your birthday, flowers, smiles, music will make you feel good! Let the sun shine brightly in honor of the holiday for joy and a cloud of fluffy Look into the house for sweets! There is a holiday on a weekday, not only on Sunday. Let the candles burn for five minutes on the cake on your birthday! In that time, you'll be able to do whatever you want. It's a good thing you're here and you laugh happily! Let's see gifts and dreams under bright wrapping! And on the holiday cards there will be bright flowers! Let's have a wonderful birthday. Congratulations to everyone around us. Sounds like your voice and laughs, girlfriends! Take a present, it's for your happiness. You give light to your friends and family. We're fascinated by you, all in your childish power. May love come to you, may love you, may love you, may love you, may you never despair, may you never have a hard health and love for many years, may you have more joy of love, may you wish happiness and happiness to everyone, may you have only good things in your destiny, may you have a hard health, may anybody bypass the side of trouble.Let there be no sadness, never give in to Smooth health, happiness, and success, so that your mind will always please us, let tenderness does not go out with the years, Never know tears, Many bright and happy days Smooth health wish strong, excellent.I wish you more often to rest from work Never met excitement. Many victories ahead of the victories in career growth. Let love splash in the eyes. Never know the problems of more years to live without tired luck and plans, solved problems.Let your childhood be with you, Remember that we adore you, more mercy to you of the lordHealth, happiness and fun. I wish you to be happier than everybody else! Never know the pain of victory and luck!A lot of money to save. I wish from the soul of all the benefits of the earthly! Never forget, a lot of delicious big pies

Success, awe, always well-being.

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Hello! I'm the one who's charged with congratulating you on your birthday and giving you an unlimited number of the most gentle kisses!

Let your life be full of love, kindness and happinessLet it be every new day in its own way beautiful!

Happy birthday!

Sun is our radiant, happy birthday.A lot of love, a sea of joy and smiles, an ocean of fun, as well as creative and material success!

Let the sun shine brightly, let flowers grow, Let flowers grow, Let this day be beautiful, Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday! Love to dizziness and crazy mood and the most devoted friends!

Congratulate them on their birthday, Health, happiness, wish them happinessWith a smile, good mood to continue on their way through life.Let each your usual day, in a beautiful holiday will turn

And never sad shadow in your eyes will not be reflected!

Congratulate you and wish you the main thing – the fulfillment of desires!Because when a man has what he dreamed of, he is cheerful, cheerful, healthy!

Happy birthday!

Dreams live in the depths of the souls of people who are secretly waiting for a miracle.Let everything that is in them, in the day of celebration,

To you execution will come!

Let it be happiness full house, and will be, without a doubt, a beautiful, bright, good day of your birthday.

Where can we get such a word to wish us success, joy and joy on our birthday?

And never lose heart.

Let your shine, charm and beauty remain always with you!As on your birthday, every day lilacs bloom in your soul!

Health, happiness, warmth, flowers, gentle smiles, kindness, family and friends, sunny days, greeting days, dreams in reality to embody, love, luck, in the race of life to be the first to be

Jealous! Happy Birthday!

Nature is young beauty,In the rays of midday shines,Wonderful,sunny spring,Your birthday is celebrated!May spring bring joy, may the Warmth of adversity scatter everything so that you may be happy,

Love your life will warm up!

Happy birthday to you!I wish you happiness, joy, sun, tenderness, luck, laughter, money, moods, that you are unique, charming, beloved, not bored,

And had that wish!

Let the joy and happiness, Love and participation, Show you the right way!Fun and gentle,Be the most successful,

And the happiest be!

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Birthday greetings to the boy for 2 years | Congratulations

Birthday greetings for 2 years to the boy: how to congratulate the child and parents

Happy anniversary congratulating barely, remembering candy and “coke”, again congratulations: you are 2 … So, you will not notice, and – in school! Well, while you are healthy to grow up, kind and clever, my friend, To smiles on faces to bloom,

Word to daisies, around!

Smirtier than a childYou won't find a child all over the world! Laugh cheerfully and loudly, Hurry up, let's grow up! A lot of mysteries and magic awaits you in life, a lot of happy events,

You are just two!

Two years marks the crumb, the boy is cute such, though eats sometimes badly,

But the boy, as if windy,

He likes to ride on the poles, Swing on the move to conquer, Long he can laugh,

But he likes to ride./p>

Something a boy doesn't like to sleep,

Healthy be always, boy,Obedient son grow up,Don't tear up your own,baby,you books,


Griefs, don't know what to do!

Two years is a serious date.

Above all, the world around you is opening up!

You've grown up, you're 2 years old.And with a wonderful attitude

Happy Birthday!

Year barely celebrated, – And already, look at that, TWO!You learned to walk, dress, talk, twice you saw a snowball…

Be happy, our friend!

Two years old to a nice boy, he won our hearts,To consider he loves books,

He gave happiness to the family as a gift,

The boy is talking without saying anything,

Everything is interesting for him to know,

And with my mother he loves a pen,

He gives happiness to the family.

All the time to walk around the city,

Be happy forever,

Luck, joy and luck,

Let it not pass you by!

Welcome to our miracleBirthday second!Happiness every minute,

For more fairy tales and games!

Funny days and bright days -No offense, no bumps, tears.Entertainment, and gifts,

And toys – a whole wagon!

Listen to Daddy and Mom,Humor everyone with beauty,Laughter, first words.

Be happy to live as a star!

You're two years old, baby! Your relatives celebrate! You are fussing, you are running, everybody in the world knowing, you are growing curious, you are warming up with your smile!

As long as you are looking for what – you will always find, you will be able to achieve it!

I wish you to be always happy, not to offend your relatives, to be a boy of love.Still – rather to grow up, just everything to achieve!

And never to be discouraged, your desires – to come true!

From morning to evening in the apartmentSounds your ringing voice!Sometimes your leprosy

You're just bailing your mother out.

You're growing up smart and fidgety, you know everything for five years!Let life be a candy,

That's the best thing you can do!

How nice it is to be on your birthday,How nice that we can congratulate you,Accept our congratulations,

Gifts, wishes accept.

Two years – it's a small date, but how much passed the way, Rusty happy with the soul wish,

Health strong and live in love.

There are exactly two words today: You know many words, you know how to sing songs, jump, you can wear a hat!We wish you to grow up healthy and not to be sad, toys are fun to play

And the world is huge to know!

Balls, posters,Celebrate in the morning,

Laughter and kids,

Holiday has come,

Young family,


Two years old/p>

This is known by everyone,

Be healthy,Be always loved,Beloved,Beloved,

You are not repeatable!

You're two years old, I can tell: You're of good age. You're standing on your feet.

Happy birthday, baby!

You're 2 years old!So happy is your family. You're running, not walking,

All the time to know yourself.

Wish to laugh cheerfully, minutes not even to get bored.And it is necessary to try

This world to study with pleasure!

You are growing day by day!Two happy birthdays today – Happy birthday to you!Let the bright rays shine in the sky of the clear Sun come true, as in a fairy tale,

All your desires!

Two years – it's a lot!It's a railway, candy, sweets, halva

And in life the first words!

Let a cheerful, kind holidayTo you give our prankster,Lucky mountain, sea of happiness,

To not know the bad weather in your life!

Wish the old man Hottabych to do the most important thing at least:Bring you a bag of smiles

And more goldfish!

Age two years is no joke. Don't even sit there for a minute, you need to know everything,

All you need to experience and understand!

Where does Dad go?And how does the plane fly? Why does the water flow from the sky,

And the sun goes where?Healthy to grow up and happy,

Be smart and very happy!

Dear, beloved son!You're the only one we have.The best, the most courageous, clever, agile and skilful. The third year you went – It's very good! You're more likely to grow up,

Daddy and Mom help!

Since morning in the apartment is noisy, all in balloons of air.Who is the most clever,

Favorite and obedient?

Of course, our boy,Two years to cope!And we wish him health

Ot all our souls!

You are two years old, bunny, handsome, smart boy! Big one, smart, funny, gifted!Parents are not burdensome, but only for the joy of it! Friendly, handy, what a good you are! Grow up healthy, strong, sad you are extremely rare, and be obedient to the most,

Be happy daddy and mom!

Birthday boy dear,Big cake for you,And gifts a whole lot,

We all brought with us,

Be healthy, boy, honey,Don't be sad you're not when,Don't break your cars,


Listen at least sometimes,

You're two years old,

You're so old,

Happy birthday, dear!

Why is there fun around? Songs, dancing, laughter and jokes? Because it's a wonderful little baby's birthday!You're now older, older, two whole – it's no longer a year!Grow up, baby, and then

In happiness, joy, care!

Congratulations on a nice karapuz!Today you've had two years today. When did you grow up like this, boy?I wish you a happy and sweet share so that the baby grew up smart and happy.Let a wonderful holiday – his birthday

Bright becomes bright and beautiful.

Beloved boy with a two-year anniversaryCongratulations with joy in the hearts,All words, smiles, interjections –

For you, with hope in the eyes,

That you will soon grow up healthy, smart and proud of the family.We wish: every year a new one

May your wishes come true.

You've crossed the line beautiful, two years is also the time. You will know all the forces,

From life you've taken a lesson more than once.

Today, on this birthdayI just want to wish you happiness, and the rest – all the luck:

Have a good wish to make a wish!

Teabe, baby, only two years, but various concerns a lot: in the morning to wake up my mother to wake up, a doll of porridge to feed, all toys to scatter, on the site to walk, meet daddy from work – Only you have the care!Let parents understand how hard this work, never let them scold, but only tightly hug, Let the assistant such

Mom and Dad will be kissed!

Oh, it's been two years since the baby's birthday. Two years of joy for everybody.

Seven as a bell, laughter.

You're ready to listen forever, even though you're just baking.We wish you to eat with appetite,

To you already two whole!

Silney you gladden us twice,Twice higher you grow,Run faster, but do not fall.

Let happiness be on the way!

Happy Birthday to his family's boyfriend, he has two years of experience in life.Congratulations to the dear son,

Long awaited and loved by our.

Wish to live, grow up healthy,Enjoy life and love.Grow up big and be ready

to protect your people from grief.

Who is the sweetest, kindest, sweetest, mischievous person today?Look at your holiday on horseback. Your army of cars and soldiers is in a hurry, Congratulating you today, From the toy soul.

With a two-year anniversary and a happy birthdayYou want to congratulate your boyfriend.Congratulations:

Health let it be, let it be loved.

Let all the irregularities pass byBy a life boy's way. We also wish to grow up without false modesty

Beautiful, clever, joyful.

Happy Birthday, baby,

Never lose heart,

Help>Help at home and help with everything,



Help>Help at home,

Help>Help from Daddy,

Help>Help from Daddy to everything,

Don't forget about grandmothers,

Send it to the abuser,

Rusty and please us all,

We all support you,

One lucky star!

Our son is the best, Dad's Pride, Mom's joy, and in addition, two years already to him.Be the happiest son, the bravest, kindest and most stubborn, Don't be sorry, play toys,

Know that we need you very much.

Two years is a joy to you, you grow fast before your eyes, and it's just such a little bit, you'll understand it yourself later.And in the future you will find your own way of life, seas, woods, deserts, mountains, you will bypass everything in the world, but for now eat more, fly in your sleep, while you sleep, of course, Mom and Dad listen,

And happy birthday, baby!

Today, two years after you were born, exactly two years after you showed up, Daddy is proud, Mom shines, Grandma and Grandpa cry quietly, you build a turret, you ride a car, you braid puppets in plaits bows, you pull a cat by the tail lightly, and naskodit' from Mom quietly, you can do all this fun, but in front of you still so interesting everything!Mom breathes a sigh, let Dad smile,

Two years is a serious date!

Kid today two,Nice holiday,Have fun because in the morning,

Little prankster,

Since my mom set the table,And the guests all met,Who came with the gifts,

Happy Birthday, Dear, Little Child,We Loved You,

From the first days, from the diaper!

You've grown up, baby! You're serious, you know something. And only tonight you don't sleep… Poems, you accept gifts.Two years – though your term is small, but you have already understood a little, Already something, but I have learned,

And all of us gladly touched …

You have a birthday today, exactly two, and you are already big.Fruits, chocolates and cookies

Give everything with an open mind.

Become a big helper to Mom, Daddy, be a cool helper. Fantastically beautiful as in advertising,

And as brave and big.

Boy, darling, we love you, we believe that you will become the best of all.

And your laughing sounds happy.

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Congratulations to a 2-year-old child with words

Congratulations on the birthday of a 2-year-old boy: how to congratulate the child and parents

On your birthday, I wish you had a lot of fun, fun and interesting things in your life. Don't let it be sad and bad at all. All you need is the most exciting, a little mischievous and entertaining! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Let your life be smooth and beautiful. I wish you a happy childhood with sweets and toys, a blossoming youth with romance and optimism, a decent and prosperous adult life in the future. Health you, baby, happy hours and happy minutes.

Happy birthday, baby! I congratulate you and wish you health, good luck, love, prosperity, great happiness. Let the wonderful mood accompany you every day. May new discoveries and insights give you a smile. Let it be filled with joy every day, all your dreams come true and new horizons open!

Happy birthday! I wish: the sun shine brightly on my head; dreams come true; the world to open its possibilities widely. Be the happiest child in the world, with a bright imagination, grand plans, loyal friends. Let the desired gifts be presented, cherished congratulations received, the main words are said. Health, adventure, travel, good luck!

Happy birthday, lovely flower! Learn well, listen to your parents, don't get hurt, loyal friends. Let whatever you're thinking come true! Let the sun always shine brightly, and life will be filled with the most wonderful events.

You are our happiness and hope, you are the most precious thing we have! We love you so much and wish you a happy birthday! Grow up a happy man, never hurt, please your parents and grandparents. We wish you a whole sea of smiles and delicious gifts! Happy birthday to you! We wish you to be as healthy and strong as Daddy, as beautiful as Mom and as kind as Grandma! We wish you to buy very beautiful and interesting toys that you like! Let all your dreams come true! Grow up quickly and become a real person so that all your relatives can be proud of you! Happy Birthday to you! All the roads are open to you, I wish you to find the one that will be the only one that will lead you to success. I wish you to find your calling and enjoy life. To be the hope and support for your parents. To be a reliable and loyal friend. Let all the goals you are going to achieve and your dreams come true.

A few years later you are going to come true today, but I would like to wish you much! Friendly family, funny days, friends for life. Interesting gifts, unexpected discoveries, unbroken toys and ten pounds of ice cream!

More smiles and new discoveries, lots of friends, fun and games – all this will certainly happen. And also the love and admiration of parents. You're growing up and making your mom, dad, grandparents, grandparents happy with your achievements. Let all your most cherished wishes come true as soon as possible.

Birthday greetings for a girl of 2 years old, a boy in prose

Congratulations on her second birthday. Let it be a colorful fairy tale of fun life, let the loved ones enjoy pleasant gifts, let it be a lot of delicious and exciting games. I wish the little one good health, untiring zeal for new discoveries and knowledge of the world, good mood and good friends.

2 years is such a small part of the coming life, but how much has changed in this time. The first teeth, the words, the footsteps – how much happiness in these simple things. Our little miracle, we can't imagine our lives without you. You're a gift from God, for which we're grateful. Let your life be bright, full of smiles and good people. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart! Happy birthday to you, little man. Be a cheerful and healthy, talented and cheerful child. Grow up to the joy of parents, grandparents and grandparents. Let your childhood be colorful and unforgettable.

Today the best karapuz celebrates its second birthday. Let all the angels send him their blessing now. Let Mom and Dad pamper each other all the time, and grandmothers love each other even more. Let the baby's cheerful laughter sound louder and louder. And let not once for the whole year will not be heard crying, let all the troubles go out of sight, and happiness will live in the house forever.

Happy birthday, baby! Now you begin to understand a lot, know how to say something and know the world around you! I wish you all your worries were joyful, bright and a little bit fabulous. And I wish my parents love, tenderness, strength and patience!

Two years is so much, because during these 730 days you had time to learn to sit, crawl, walk, get to know your mother, dad, all your aunts and uncles, grandparents and grandparents! You even learned to talk! We wish you a happy and happy childhood, love and care, to know the world and love everyone you meet on your way! We wish you lots of friends, fun, joy and a hundred thousand toys!

Lovely crumbs, you've already got two years today and you're looking at the world in a very mature way, you know what's good and what's bad, you guess what's wrong and what's wrong. Studying the environment, you've put your parents under a lot of stress, broken, broken and torn. But don't let Mom and Dad ever scold you, because you're their greatest joy in the world.

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