Congratulations to mom on her anniversary: touching congratulations from her daughter and son

The most beautiful congratulations in poems and prose on her mother's anniversary

Congratulations to mom on her birthday: touching congratulations from her daughter and son

Who's the closest and dearest person in the world? Who loves us, always forgives us, no matter what, understands our problems and feels our pain even at a great distance? Who is ready to give everything for us, to rush to the edge of the world, to surround us with his care and endless caress? Of course, this is the mother, dear mommy, the only and best for each of the children.

And on mom's anniversary, every child has to choose the most appropriate, most accurate and correct words for her that will help express all the love, gratitude, respect and admiration.

But how to originally congratulate your mother, which words to choose, so that it does not sound superficial and too easy? Let's find such a way!

So you can decide what the perfect anniversary greeting for your mother should be, because nobody knows the person responsible for the celebration as well as you do. You're the only one who knows what your unsightly mother loves, what words touch her deep down, what she wants to hear from her daughter, son or grandchildren on her holiday.

To see the many ideas to congratulate you and choose one that will make you happy! But first, determine how and how to congratulate your mother on her anniversary. There are a lot of options:

  • Funny and pleasant text message.
  • Mom's anniversary greeting in prose.
  • Soul and beautiful congratulations to your beloved mother in verse.
  • Incommon photo or video greeting.
  • Festive postcard text.
  • Toast or beautiful quotes.

This is a general, far from complete list of options, which can be more if you connect the fantasy.

Whichever way you decide to present your original anniversary greeting to your mother, the main thing is to make your words come from your heart's-eye, so that you believe in everything you say, and know that every sincere wish will come true. Find the most touching, best words, and they will be more expensive than any gift this day!

Souls on a festive day

Beautiful poems to mom, prose, statements of sages or speech in their own words – there is much to choose from! Make your dear birthday girl happy with warm wishes, tell her everything her heart sings and let her be really happy on her anniversary!

1. On the long-awaited birthday, on the anniversary of the closest person a wonderful surprise will be a congratulatory sms-message, short and positive, which can be sent in the morning, as soon as the birthday girl wakes up.

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This can be both good joking congratulations to mom and beautiful short poems. In any case, the jubilee girl will see that you remembered about her holiday in the morning, hurried to make her a pleasant surprise, and she will be very happy!


Beautiful surprise – it's a photo or video congratulations to mom on the anniversary! It's a gift your mother will appreciate, be happy and never forget. You can take photos or videos in many ways, using collages, interesting stories, and involving all family members. But the main thing that should be in this film or photo collage is the right words!

3. Poetry – how beautiful, how touching and heartfelt it sounds, how delightful the ears and warms the soul! And it is especially relevant on holidays, especially on birthdays. Any woman at any age is madly pleased when a child reads a beautiful, sincere poem in her honor, it's so touching!

And for parents, beloved children at any age, even at a respectable age remain small children. So prepare a beautiful holiday poem, your mother will not forget it and will stay in a great mood for many days!

4. Sincerely and warmly congratulating your mother and grandmother on the anniversary can be heard in prose, because in this way you can say and wish a lot of things, as well as thank you for many things, express your infinite admiration, love and care. Your mother will love your original and touching greeting if you say it from the bottom of your heart!

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5. So what's the holiday without the loud toast at the gala table? Just imagine how pleased it will be to hear an unusual solemn toast to your mother's anniversary, how many warm and bright feelings it will arouse from the hero of the occasion, how proud and happy she will be!

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Son, daughter and grandchildren congratulate…

Of course, the mother will be glad to hear any warm words from the family.

But individual, targeted congratulations on the anniversary of the mother from her daughter, son or beloved grandchildren – it's even more pleasant! Congratulations on your mother's birthday can be done in poetry or in a beautiful prose, grandchildren can prepare a cheerful and cute poem, in other words – there are many ways to do it, connect your fantasy and find the perfect birthday greetings for the dearest and closest birthday girl!

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1. How can and should a loving daughter congratulate a dear man, what words should she say? Of course, it is necessary to wish a lot of things.

And also to thank – after all daughters from mother have got the best, have passed by inheritance femininity, wisdom, kindness and other valuable qualities.

Not to forget to name its best features, not to regret words of love, gratitude, admiration, delight. Speak from the bottom of your heart, and it doesn't matter if it's a mother's anniversary poem or a prose from your daughter – the main thing is to be sincere!


On his anniversary, every loving parent wants to be surrounded by warmth, attention of children, and the mother who raised her son, will expect from him on this holiday, not the general phrases and banal wishes of “health, happiness, wellbeing”, but something more personal, important, deep. So the anniversary greeting for your precious mother from her son should be heartfelt, touching and sincere, and in verse or prose – this is how you like it!

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3. If your birthday girl is already a grandmother and brings up her favorite grandchildren, then she will be very pleased to hear from them beautiful, kind words on a festive day!

Pick the best congratulations on the anniversary of the precious mother from all the children and even grandchildren, from your entire friendly family! Big, general family wish, prose or poems for the birthday mother on her anniversary – it's a surprise, which is more expensive than any gifts!

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What's the most important thing? What are the solemn words – in poems, prose, toasts or a small film? In fact, it's not that important, it's a matter of taste. Then what's important, and how do you make the right choice? The main criterion is sincerity and sincerity.

If you feel that you would never say that you wouldn't sound unnatural, it's not yours.

And if even simple, simple poems and lines are spoken in your soul, if you know what's better and you won't say it, you've found your own way! Sign a postcard, memorize it, choose your own way – and please your dear person on such an important holiday! Vasilina Serova, sources:,,,,,


Happy Birthday Mom's sms

Congratulations to Mom on her birthday: touching congratulations from her daughter and son

“Mother” is the very first word, the warmest, sweetest and most beautiful for every person. Mommy's birthday is probably the brightest day of the year for all families. And everyone is in a hurry to give her not only a gift bought or made by their own hands, but also to say beautiful, touching words, read her poems or send her beautiful sms-wishes.

And today in our article to congratulate her mother with her birthday: short, touching, funny, in their words, from her son and daughter.


Mom, Happy Birthday!Every moment Be happy with yourself, kind, sweet mommy.Don't hurt, rhone,

And flowers, mommy!


My dear mommy,I want to congratulate you. I want to say how much I love you, my beautiful.

Be cheerful and young.


You are the closest person to me,Love doesn't know your borders,Live happily for many years,Neither misfortune nor grief.Happy Birthday, Mommy, Happiness and Patience!


Mom, smile more often, never be sad, Be happy and healthy, In the house – joy with love. Let kindness decorate your life.


To take care of you, we all worship you.Thank you for everything you've done!


Honey, dear, dear, dear, thank you for everything, for everything in the world!Let the stars of the world shine for you

And flowers blossom all over the planet.


Don't count your wishes at this hour, all the words of greetings do not count.Thank you very much from all of us.

Thanks that we have you!


I congratulate you, my dear mumBecause today is a wonderful day for everyone.

Mommy, honey, let the Birds lay down sonnets and odes for you.


Mommy is our dear, sweetest and most beautiful, kindest on this earth.You know, kids think you're the best mommy in the world!

Mommy is the most beautiful word a man says.

Lovely, dear, dear, Happy Birthday, Mommy, dear, dear!

Touching sms-congratulations on Mom's birthday from her daughter and son

SMS-congratulations to your mother from your daughter


Lovely, dear, dear, Happy Birthday, Mommy.You're loved, you knew it.

And please, sweetheart, don't be sad.


My sweet, kind, gentle motherThat's how precious you are to me, you're my sunshine!And that the best in the world, of course, you know

And better advisor for me nowhere!



Mommy, beloved, dear, sweetheart, sunshine, chamomile, cornflower, that I wish you do not knowIn this wonderful day.I wish you joy and happiness, Peace and good luck in your age, so that your heart does not tear into pieces,

My dear, dear, my man!

Dear Mommy! Happy Birthday, dear, I love you! I give you the whole universe.You're a star to me, Brightest of all, I want us to be together.From your beloved daughter, take a bow,

And for everybody, dear, you're just a model!


I know I gave you sleepless nights as a child.I'm so grateful to my daughter, I'm so thankful to fate,

What is it that my mother, without a doubt, the Lord only awarded me! My mother, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Health and Strength!

Head bowed, I pray to the Almighty. I'm not asking for glory or paradise, but I'm asking God to protect you, Mom!

SMS-congratulations to mom from her son


My mom is tenderness and tenderness, it's the power of love and kindness, it's the childhood of a distant fairy taleThis is a lot of native heat.I want to see you happy, I want to see the sun shine in my eyes, If Mom, you're the most beloved,

Son glorifies you in poetry!


Fiction, I heard it from the sun: In the hearts of our roses blossom, while the heart of the mother beats. Meet the worlds of Idea through the dawns and thunderstorms, I wish I could give all mothers

Deliver these scarlet roses.


Happy Birthday, Mom, Happy Birthday!Know that I always need your advice.Let it not spoil your moodMy, sometimes impolite answer, I do not listen to you, of course. I do not listen to you. Of course, my head. But today I say cordially:

“Mom, I appreciate your words”!


Mother, dear,Happy Birthday to you! I wish you the best and kindest. It's not easy to be the mother of my son, but thanks for your patience.Be healthy, happy

And in a great mood!


Mama! On your Birthday, I'll kneel quietly stand before youSincere excitement!Don't let it bring thunderstorms into the destiny of the rainy, don't let it cloud your tears!


I'm so happy, Mommy, that I have you.The most sincere people wait for the most sincere ones, let them come to visit. Be healthy, dear, and always like that,

To admire you from the bottom of your heart.


Honey, darling, darling, Happy Birthday to youCongratulations, Mom.So you don't have a son's heart ache In life, you could teach me everything. Mom, how many hours was I born? – Twelve o'clock in the morning. Oh… I must have woken you up.

Mom is our guardian of morality and order!

Funny sms congratulations on Mom's birthday


You are our guardian of both morals and order, and may our family not always be smooth, For our weaknesses, dear, do not be angry, because you are our angel, who once gave us life.


Let your life be as beautiful as the dishes you cook, sprinkled with seasoning of happiness,

Dream sauce.


Mommy, how many years and winter appearance is irresistible!There's not even a wrinkle mark, which confused all men. On your birthday again, you look twenty-five!


Happy Birthday, Mom! We wanted to give him a seven-flower flower, We were looking for two weeks, and could not buy it, Wand magic dreamed to present you as a present, in the shops as much as we did not look, unfortunately, also did not find, and when the genie we asked, the seller was just in shock, so, Mommy, we decided to

Gift this consignment!


All your business, put your feet on the couch, And today rest,

Day you dedicate yourself!

This will be a day off, Mommy dear, I will congratulate her,

I will wish her happiness!

Happy Birthday, Mommy, I wish you now that all my stories will make your nerves stronger.

Make me wear the hat warmer, tighter, full of food,

Money count correctly.


House buzzes, wow,Congratulations,And today at the stove,

I'll be there,you rest!

Command, smile, enjoy the weekend, just read the book,

Congratulations, take it!

Mom, my dear,I love you very much,Congratulations,

Happiness to wish you happiness!

Best medicine for anxiety, problems, depression and suffering – a house warmed by my mother's warmth, tenderness, kindness and understanding…

Dear, sweet and dearest mommy!

Happy Birthday Mommy in prose, in her words


Dear, sweet and dearest mommy! I wish you good health for years to come! I want you to always have a smile on your face, and grief is all over your house! Remember, you're the best I've got! Happy Birthday!


I say thank you not only today, but every moment of my life! You're my pride, dear mommy, you're a pillar and a role model! Happy birthday to you! You're my nice apple tree, Mommy! And I'm not going to go far as an apple tree, and I'm going to make sure that you have a beautiful son-in-law, and after his appearance – the most wonderful grandchildren in the world who will grow happily in our apple orchard!



Happy Birthday to you, our tireless bee. Thank you for keeping our beehive clean and for not getting tired of getting sweet honey. And although sometimes we can be lazy trumpets, we love you very much and are always ready to take on the burden of your wings.


My lovely mommy! My life and everything! Thank you for having you! You're the best part of my life. Happy birthday to you! I want to wish you great health, stay as unique and kind as you are. Don't worry about anything, because you have me, the son who's always there for you! Kisses!


Mommy, happy birthday to you! And I would like to wish from the bottom of my heart that all misfortunes and misfortunes disappear. Don't let the years go by to keep you alive, let things go well. Be always fun and beautiful.


The kindest, most gentle, most affectionate in the world is, of course, my favorite mommy. A low bow to you, sweetheart. Congratulations on your personal holiday. Don't let your life be overshadowed by a cloud of sadness. Good health to you, more joy and smiles. Let your wise advice help us live a long time.


Mommy, I don't often say nice words to you. But today's the day you were born, my dear, I want to thank you for everything you've done for me. I love you very much and pray to God that he will give you health for many years to come. May success accompany you in all your works, and peace and quiet reign in your heart. Happy birthday, my beloved mother!

In these articles you will also find a lot of beautiful greetings for mom and just touching poems for her:
Mom's birthday poems
Mom's touching poems

This video greeting sounds very gentle and touching for mom!


Ot son | Best congratulations

Congratulations to mother on her jubilee: touching congratulations from daughter and son

Congratulations from Who: from Daughter | from Son | from ChildrenCongratulations format: General | In the prose | Happy Birthday | Congratulations Type: Touching Age: 50 years | 55 years | 60 years

Samaya Kind, Wise Mom, Happy Jubilee! I wish a lot of light,

Love and warmth.

I am grateful for your childhood, for your smile and tenderness. All the flowers on the planet,

I'm giving you today.

Mom's birthday greeting with her son's anniversary

Mom's favorite, sweetest, true friend! Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday.

May your heart always be in peace, in light, in the days of sorrowlessness. And I promise I'll try,

Wear you in my arms!

Mom, my mommy, I came to congratulate you. I wish the sun, the happiness of light,

Wish you to go further on the road, the direct way of life to pass. You're my golden ray,

Your favorite,son of a bitch!

Beautiful anniversary greetings to your mother from her son in verse

Happy anniversary, beautiful day Congratulations to you. Mommy, I wish you happiness.

By my side at all times.

Fifty and five only, You're active, young, How many things to do and how many plans to do!

This is not a year.

Let the sparks in your eyes not go out and sparkle. My dear, dear,

For you, my poems.

Mom's anniversary greeting from her son in verse

Favorite woman – Today is her anniversary! I'm in a hurry to congratulate you,

All of you faster.

Mommy, love! I care about you so much!

You always have health.

Let your eyes sparkle, let your laughter sound, So my dear,

You're my dearest.

Mom's anniversary greeting from my son

I want to congratulate my mommy on her anniversary, because this is the day of all the light days,

And I love you very much!

I'm your protector, I'm your son, I have to protect you from harm. I wish you all my heart

Health, happiness, many more years!

SMS congratulations to your mother on her son's anniversary

I'm your mother, on this day I want to tell you, you're my own

Be forever!

Let's always have your smile Just make us all happy, Be you happy, Mommy

In this day and at this hour!

Mommy anniversary greeting from her son

Mommy darling, let me wish you a B …

Health and love in destiny!

For every day that you are beautiful Only joyful to give, that there was a lot of happiness,

And a lot of vitality!

Mommy's anniversary is very rare – Every five, if not ten years. Choose a gift should be accurate,

To leave a tangible trace in the shower.

And when you meet so much hugging, so that the head from kissing and spinning, And time to go back, back,

And in youth, as in fairy tales, my mother found herself.

Mom's anniversary greeting from son to tears

How I sometimes don't keep up with my problems, just whisper to my mother's ears,

What I like the most as before.

Yes, I haven't played in my yard for a long time, just like in those years. Adult person, I know a lot,

But in my mother's heart forever.

Let your life burn with hope, faith, happiness, light and warmth. Be as reverent and gentle,

Warming all love with kindness!

Touching birthday greetings to your mother from son to tears

My mother is dear! Happy anniversary! And I'll tell you, without melting,

I've loved you since I was a kid, even though I've caused a lot of trouble: I'll ruin all my clothes,

Then I'll ruin all my hopes.

But tonight is your holiday. I'm not out of the house! I'll be there all day,

With a grateful look for everything!

Mom's anniversary greeting from her son

What to give you, I don't know. Maybe the sun's a bright tangle. And the spring that as the light is golden,

And feelings that as boiling water?

Give you maybe the wind, What flies freely above the ground? Or a fire that shines brightly in the night

And our house shines with you?

But I carry only feelings, flowers and myself to you on your birthday! Live, Mom, you enjoy

And always enjoy the morning!

Mom's anniversary with the sweetest, kindest and most beautiful, most gentle and dear…

Be always young!

I love you all in my heart, I beg your pardon, that I've hurt you once,

Whatever it is that I don't call you.

Let your destiny keep you safe, let him not be in trouble, and the beautiful health

Never leave!

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Mom's beautiful birthday greetings in verse

Mom's birthday greetings: touching congratulations from her daughter and son

Beautiful and touching congratulations in verses for a mother by her son, daughter and general - by her children.

  • Daughter
  • Other son
  • Other children

Ot daughter

Mommy, dear, gentle, sweet, kind, clever and radiant, I'll give you happiness in the palms of my hand. "Thank you," - for all I'm telling you. Live, smile, misfortunes, years and years, we'll share the care with you in half.Forget about illnesses, about anxiety forget about it,


Lovely mommy, gentle our, I write poems for you.I wish there wouldn't be a life of separation, so that we would always be there for you. I'll hold your good hands to my heart.


You don't want to be sickYou're lucky to have it all,And your mother's advice is ready to hear up to 100 years.


Dear Mommy!Happy Birthday, dear, I love you, I love the whole universe, I give you the gift of sunshine in the whole world, there is no one to celebrate your birthday, you're a star, I want you and me to be my brightest, I want you and me to be with usAnd then it's okay for usNothing on the way, on the way to lifeNeighborhood to go. We wish you never to get boredAny day of your lifeIn a smile to meet youAny day of your lifeI wish you to be with a smile.Let the trouble pass by,

Young soul is always young.


Infinitely your kindness, and your care does not know fatigue, the Mother's soul is not subject to cares and old age.Let them go through the years, and lay down the wrinkles stubbornly. If you're well, Mom, always, be happy, dear Mom!

This son

This wonderful eyes have always helped me in my life. I want you to know that in this world, no one in your tears will darken your faces in vain. And let evil understand clearly: As long as I live, I will shadow you.Store, protect,

Pray, protect!


Single songs and poems are the only thing that my moms are blessed with.I'm not going to look for my mother: they are all in my soul, so I love my mother, not only on the Women's Day of Good Attention, but also every day of God Needs to understand easy pain and anxiety, Passion for the TV series.I'm ready to listen to her, no matter what I tell her! There's no woman of holiness than her mother. To brighten up her old age, I'll get the moon.

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