039;t notice the high side of the ship, and the airflow brought them directly to the deck.

In South America there are small fish from the family of characinas, who also make flights over the water surface.

But they also waving fins! Even a fish in Russian waters can jump out of the water, waving its front fins like wings. These are such amazing fish, which are not enough to move in the water – they want to master and the air ocean.

The water she lives, no beak, and bite. (Fish) Parents and kids. All the clothes are coins. (Fish) Shining in the river with a clean silver back.



Marine turtle

Golden plays with a glossy shell protruding from the water. What kind of beast or bird is that? No doubt about it, turtle. (N. Kindness) There are sea turtles in the waters of tropical seas. They are fully adapted to life in water.

Their feet have become fins and the shell has become streamlined and flattened

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