Gift to a teenager for 14 years


What to give to a boy for 14 years: gift options

Gift to a teenager for 14 years

When a guy turns 14, he feels like a full-fledged adult man. The gifts you could have given the boy a few years ago already seem ridiculous. Really, cars and the children's clappers presented on a birthday, hardly will please the teenager.

What to present to the young guy for 14 years? Often both parents and friends are confused and in doubt. Actually, you can choose a worthwhile gift from a huge number of options.

Hobbies and hobbies

Partner at the age of 14 has an interest in many areas at the same time. He usually pays special attention to everything that concerns sports. Teenagers like to show each other growing biceps, “cubes” on the stomach, possession of their bodies, speed and reaction. That's why it is possible to organize a sports corner at home, where a grown-up boy can train comfortably.

Birthday gifts can be large or small:

  • boxing pear;
  • “paws” to practice kicking;
  • new kimono if the guy likes to do martial arts;
  • gloves and a cycling helmet;
  • powerful cycling pump;
  • set of weights, etc. e.

Maybe the guy likes to train not only his body but also his mind. For example, he's into chess or logic games. Or he's interested in learning the essence of the tricks. Correspondingly, “smart” gifts are given: board games, books, professional guides and encyclopedias.

If a boy of 14 years old likes to take care of animals, on his birthday he will be glad to have a new pet.

Or various accessories that will be useful in a live corner. For example, a guy who has an aquarium will like the next modest gift:

  • new fish or snails, which he does not yet have
  • beautiful corals and unusual shells to decorate the aquarium;
  • an encyclopedia or a guide to the world's fish;

A great idea for a birthday party is a musical gift:

  • Latest issues of CDs with your favorite music;
  • T-shirts with photos of your favorite band;
  • concert tickets.

Giving something with a hobby in mind will always be a good idea for a birthday.

Gadgets and computer accessories

Gifts related to technological innovations are always relevant.

Which child would not like the idea of having a new computer, mobile phone or accessories for them? No matter how old the boy or boy is, he'll be happy to get any of these presents for his birthday:

  • Mouse;
  • Mouse;
  • Stick;

  • Rudder and pedals for racing games;
  • Webcam to communicate with your Skype friends;
  • Headphones and microphone;
  • Speakers;
  • Funny mouse pad;
  • Mouse care products.

Hard to list everything you can give from this sphere. Technological progress does not stand still, constantly surprising more and more cool novelties. Therefore, even if the birthday boy already has, for example, a flash drive, never hurt another one, designed for even more information, or just a cool look.

Gift Cards

A couple who are already adults want to show their new status as often as possible. If you are a teenager's parent, make him a real bank card, where it is convenient to enroll, for example, some pocket expenses.

This gift will be an unexpected surprise. He will emphasize your respect for your son's identity. And the birthday boy will be proud to use the card like an adult, paying for it in a pizzeria or store.

In a birthday party it is convenient to present gift certificates from specific shops: fashion boutiques, supermarkets of computer equipment, etc.

This is a very convenient option when you are not sure what kind of keyboard the child wants or will like the t-shirt that you choose. Pass the initiative to the birthday boy.

In addition, he will be pleased to visit his favorite store on his own and find what he really wants to find there.

This is another win-win option – to give you a sports pass:

  • in a sports club;
  • in a pool;
  • in a martial arts hall;
  • in a gym, etc. e.

Cards are different, expensive and not very expensive, for a year or just one trial month, for self-study or with a trainer.

Clothes, shoes and accessories

It would be nice to look fashionable and attractive to a couple of years old. That's a question he cares about more than he'd like to show people. Especially when a boy already likes some classmate. And I just want to show off to my friends, proudly walking in cool sneakers. Therefore, gifts in the form of clothes or shoes are appropriate for a birthday party.

Thinieger is also a good gift for interesting accessories:

  • fashionable watches (e.g. with transparent dial);
  • various “fanciers” and cool bracelets;
  • colored leather trouser straps.

Even things like a silver chain or a ring with a seal already interest the young fashionist.

And a little more advice. Appearance is acutely worried about the teenager. During this puberty period, he needs to take good care of his hair and skin, which are prone to oily. But only very close people, such as parents, can give special cosmetics or shampoo. It's gonna be more gentle.

Travel and entertainment programs

Maybe give the guy an even more original gift: to organize an entertainment program for his birthday:

  • hockey on an ice rink if he and his company like to skate;
  • p>
  • paintball session;
  • bowling season ticket for a couple of hours.

Even a walk through the city with dinner in a pizzeria will be more exciting than a traditional dinner party at home, in the four walls.

Boy who has reached adolescence, can still be interesting hiking or trips to summer sports camp. If that's what's gonna brighten up his next vacation, give him a birthday ticket.

Funny trinkets

Gift does not have to be big and expensive. If you give a small but cool trinket, it will also be a very interesting present:

  1. Cups with a photo mix. Photos are taken from the real life of the birthday boy. These can be pictures of the baby on the pot on one side of the mug and the teenager at the computer on the other.
  2. Funny T-shirts with inscriptions. The easiest way to do this is to buy a regular monochrome T-shirt or jacket and order photo printing from a special studio. I'll make up the inscription myself. For example, “The Last of the Mohicans,” “The Boy Who's Become a Man,” “The Awesome Kid,” etc. (which is enough fantasy).
  3. “Scary” lenses or “vampire” jaw. Such accessories will help the birthday boy to shine with originality at the disco.

Lately so-called 3D T-shirts have become very popular.

Giving one of them on a birthday is a simple and exciting idea.

Giving them for a birthday can be a lot of things, both useful and simple for the mood. The main thing to remember is that a boy or a guy in transition wants others to agree with his maturity and independence. Therefore, it is desirable to choose a gift taking into account the new, mature tastes and interests.


What to give a teenager 14 years old: presents for today's youth

Gift to a teenager for 14 years

Hard to figure out what to give a teenager 14 years for a birthday or other holiday. The modern world is changing every day, fashion is fast and the needs of young people are growing. It's not always easy to please picky teenagers.

Examples of cool gifts that are sure to please both girls and boys will help adults make the right choice.

Select by hobbies

Start looking for what to give to your child for 14 years, you need with hobbies, interests and entertainment. Not everyone likes to sit at the desk all day long, but most teenagers like to have fun at their favorite activity. We should not forget that any business can become a profession to your liking. That's why we should encourage different manifestations of creativity.

Creative personalities

Creative personalities are receptive to beautiful and unusual things. Even with a small budget it is possible to please the beginner poet not only with a notebook, but also with a beautiful hardcover notebook.

Young artist will need a set of canvases, pastels or dyes for the fabric. Not superfluous will be the things that help in creativity: electronics, books, tools.

Examples of what to give to a teenager for 14 years for creativity are given in the table:

image Description
Graphic tablet – a necessary thing for future and present artists who want to earn a living from their work. Comics, illustrations, animation are mainly created on graphics tablets. Therefore, the sooner a child learns the technique, the better he or she will develop the artistic skills required by the labor market.
Acoustic guitar will be a good gift for both the student at the music school and the teenager who wants to master the instrument. If the child already knows how to play, you can present a new model or an electric guitar. A novice guitarist may also like the ukulele, a small Hawaiian guitar.
The book is a good gift if a teenager likes to read. It is worth wondering which genre is most attractive for the child and buying appropriate literature.
Creative Diary is an opportunity to show creative thinking. On the pages of the diary it is suggested to perform various tasks – to draw, glue or write something. You can also write down your thoughts, brilliant ideas, and plan things.
Electronic Drum Setup USB is what a young drummer needs. The main advantage of this miracle technique is its small size. “Installation” is an interactive rug measuring 34×25 cm, which connects to the computer via a USB cable. The kit includes drum sticks and software.
Wooden or metal 3D-puzzle will carry a diligent teenager for more than one evening. You can buy a set for assembling architectural monuments or mechanical models of trains, cars, caskets. Designers will be interesting for both young people and girls.

Tip! If a teenager lives in a separate room, you can give interesting, designer things for personal space. A new armchair or hooks for clothes, young people are unlikely to appreciate, but the original alarm clock with lighting, pillow toys, diode lamp (for example, in the form of an astronaut) will be appreciated.


What can I get for a 14-year-old child who is constantly sitting at the computer, playing games and communicating online? Do not think that gamers are not interested in the world around them, and, except for computer games and electronics, they have nothing to give. Computer games are a separate sphere of entertainment industry, which goes far beyond computer monitors.

Many fans of online games will enjoy the attributes of your favorite game. These can be jewelry, accessories, T-shirts with inscriptions and characters. Collectors will be glad to see the figure of their favorite hero.

The original gift from friends can be a photo shoot in the style of a cosplay. Also, teenagers will not refuse to play laser tag (laser paintball) or old slot machines.

Examples of what to give to 14-year-old gamers:

  • Virtual reality glasses;
  • PlayStation Xbox 360;
  • gamepad, joystick, rudder;
  • game mouse;
  • Backlit keyboard (Razer Anansi);
  • collection edition of your favorite game (the kit may include character figures, books, maps, and more);
  • wireless speakers;
  • high-quality headphones and microphone;
  • squarecopter;
  • the original source book that formed the basis of your favorite game, an exciting novel about post-apocalypse or a book written on the game, comics (“The Witch”, “Lord of the Rings”, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., etc.).

Active and sporty

Please choose a gift for a 14-year-old who is interested in sports, tourism and just loves to spend his free time on the move and with friends. You can give basketball, travel equipment, rollers, jumper and board games to active young men and women. It all depends on what the kid's into.

Preamples of gifts for active and athletic children are given in the table:

Image Description
Mini-bowling will brighten up everyday evenings after your favorite game. You can play both alone and in company. The length of the track is 30 cm. A metal ball is used, so it is important not to overdo it with the force of impact.
Snowboard will please sports birthdays born in winter, or will be a great gift for the New Year. Snowboard should be selected according to the weight and height of the child. Teenagers will love the stylish whiteboard.
Bike is a great gift for children, teenagers and adults. If the child already has a two-wheeled horse, it is possible to present bicycle accessories – glowing nipples, protection, wings, trunk.
Table air hockey will be pleasant for active boys and girls who like to spend their free time with their friends. Includes a specially coated table, bits and washers. The budget option includes bits, an air washer and a gate. A washer with a fan creates an air cushion and can “slide” on any smooth surface.
Wireless headphones will be useful for anyone who likes to play sports to music. The run will be more fun and rhythmic to your favorite songs and the wires will not interfere during physical activity.

Tip! Movable and sociable teenagers will be happy to receive an intangible gift. Certificate of archery, karting, paintball, ticket to a football match or concert will help to have a great time with friends and gain impressions.


Young people holding hands on the pulse of fashion are hard to surprise with simple gifts. Fashion is not only about beautiful things, costume jewellery and accessories.

Fashion has penetrated into social networks, becoming a trend, and has become a way of life for many teenagers. Boys and girls are in a hurry to get any novelties, whether it's an electronic device or a new model of the hat.

The price of many “fashionable” gifts is high enough, but resourceful friends and parents will find inexpensive useful and modern things that will please the young fashionist. The main thing is to ask what's “in the trend” today.

Examples of unusual gifts to help “keep abreast of events”:

  • Smartphone instant;
  • Latest model smartphone;
  • Phone camera;
  • Original phone case;
  • portable charger;
  • bred pet (gift to be discussed with parents);
  • mittens in the form of chanterelles or owls (can be male or female);
  • headphones with funny nozzles in the form of bananas, mushrooms, pencils;
  • picture or photo with diode lighting;
  • music disco ball;
  • mini-printer for smartphone;
  • longboard;
  • gyro scooter;
  • 2D-bag;
  • samokat;
  • board games.

Tip! If a teenager seems to have “everything” and his interests are not comprehensible, then you can get out of the situation and give money. Teenagers are already very well aware of the value of money and will be happy to receive such a gift. Let the grown-up boys and girls buy whatever they want.

Daughters or son?

Beginning with adolescence, you should choose gifts based on the sex of the child. Of course, there are still many things that will be equally interesting for both the boy and the girls. However, teenagers are no longer like children and emphasise their gender and personality.

Girls will be more interested in cute things – vintage pendants, coins, toys, pillows, etc., as well as fragrances, sweets, books. Guys will give preference to electronics, musical instruments, radio-controlled toys.

For boys

Far from all boys at the age of 14, not all boys are mobile and sociable, not everyone is interested in gadgets and equipment. However, every young man tries to prove himself and find something to do for himself. Boys are also interested in girls and want to look stylish.

When choosing a gift, you should respect the interests and age of the guy. Despite the fact that 14 years old is a small age, toy cars should be excluded from the list of gifts. Guys will be more interested in picking up cars than playing with ready-made models.

Presents for guys:

  • interactive t-shirt (guitar, keys, equalizer);
  • puzzles;
  • fingerboard;
  • table billiards;
  • binoculars;
  • 3D-pen;
  • tied hat with a fence (knitted knight's helmet);
  • Robot kit for assembling radio-controlled robots (instructions attached);
  • kopilka;
  • li>watches;

  • stylish tie;
  • LED-lit sneakers;
  • this fingertip installation.

For girls

For girls

When they are 14 years old, girls turn into girls and want to look attractive and individual, with their “twist”. At the same time, teenage girls are prone to creativity and interesting pastime.

On the 14th anniversary of fashionable woman can be presented with stylish accessories – fur headphones, bracelets, hairpins. The lover of creating her own handicrafts, will like the creative set, will need a box for needlework or pendant organizer, will inspire a book about your favorite hobby.

Preamples of gifts from a beautiful young lady:

  • natural cosmetics (foam and bath salt, scrub, body oils, handmade soap);
  • “Ekokub” for growing plants (lavender, basil, mint, spruce, lilac, etc.)д.);
  • purse or clutch with a drawing;
  • plaid in the form of a mermaid's tail;
  • set for creating perfume;
  • Stylish wristwatch;
  • Stylish teddy bear column;
  • Manicure set;
  • Stylish pendant or wooden icon.

in this article will give you a few more ideas on how to make teenagers happy.

In 14 years old, the child tries to express himself, tries to stand out from the crowd. Children's toys are no longer relevant, and the adult lifestyle seems boring. When choosing a gift, you should find the right middle ground: do not offend the teenager with children's trinkets and do not make the gift serious and formal.


Gift to a 14-year-old

Gift to a 14-year-old

Most children at the age of 14 are very upset, adults are considered tedious and boring, are very worried about their shortcomings (often far-fetched) and dream of being beautiful, fashionable and self-confident.

You need to consider these age characteristics when you decide what to give a teenager 14 years old.

Never give a teenager a gift

  1. Joking gifts that might hurt him or her in any way. A teenager's sense of humor doesn't matter here, he takes all the jokes very painfully.
  2. “Kids'” gifts.

    Even if you see that he is looking with interest at the radio-controlled helicopter in the window, you shouldn't give him a present.

  3. Boring gifts.

    School supplies, casual clothing – most often these gifts do not please a 14-year-old person at all. He's got very different interests.

Gifts to teenage boys

Boys at this age are trying to behave like real adults – but not always. They are interested in their appearance, figure, want to be real men and look accordingly. Many of them are losing interest in learning, making their parents worried about grades.

Gift ideas for a 14-year-old boy

  1. All for sports. Gifts on a sports theme are appropriate only if the teenager likes to do sports. Bicycle, new rollers, volleyball, skateboard, press board, etc. But a person far from sports can only be offended by such a gift: it is very likely that the teenager will take it as a hint of flaws in appearance.
  2. Gadgets.

    Teenagers from them are fans: give him something unusual, stylish and / or very clever. Tiny mp3-player, unusual watches (wristwatches with LEDs, alarm clock with a target, etc.), wireless joystick for a tablet, voice recorder in the form of a keychain, headphones with additional features and many more options for such gifts.

  3. Funny things, souvenirs.

    Mug of unusual design (something very “kid's”), unusual puzzle, hourglass, miniature bowling or billiards.

  4. Computer games and all for them. You can give a set-top box, headphones with a microphone, steering wheel, joystick, or just buy a disc with a new toy – depending on what budget you expect.
  5. care products, perfume.

    14-year-old boys also want to look beautiful. Quite appropriate as a gift for men's shower set or good perfume.

  6. This wallet. At that age, every guy should have one by now. Choose a small wallet with multiple compartments, in a simple or sporty design.

Give a teenager a pendant keychain with his or her blood type – he or she will love this masculine gift.

Gifts for teenage girls

Gifts for teenage girls

Gifts for 14 years old spend a lot of time in front of a mirror, pay a lot of attention to their clothes and dream of being perfect beauties. But often they don't know how to make themselves more beautiful, and they're very worried. Adults should help them, but carefully and unobtrusively.

What gifts will a 14-year-old girl appreciate?

  1. Fashionable clothes. But if you decide to choose such a gift, it should be presented very tactfully. Ideally, you need to find out what the girl dreams of, and buy exactly this thing (and not the one that you will find similar or even more beautiful and of high quality). You can go shopping together and just pay for it.

  2. Cosmetics. For example, a set of decorative cosmetics or skin care products (of course, it is not necessary to give a medicine for pimples).
  3. Girl's souvenirs and other nice things.

    Beautiful cosmetic bag, smartphone pendant or pretty case for him, teddy bear (at this age, many girls dream of a huge teddy bear). You can give a piggy bank – regular or electronic – and put some money in it.

  4. Electronic devices.

    Girls love them as much as guys, but you have to choose something with a more feminine design. As an option – “alien” watches, a projector of the starry sky, a column in the form of romantic candlesticks.

  5. All to store the girls' secrets. For example, a notebook with a lock.

    The key to it can be carried with you, and in the notebook to write down all the most intimate thoughts. It is possible to present a lockable box for storing memorabilia.

  6. Ornaments. It's better to choose jewellery made of precious metals, but it's also better to choose beautiful jewellery if you know the girl's tastes.

    Give her a stylish bracelet with pendants or a pendant on the chain.

  7. Accessories. Purse, purse, clutch, umbrella – with youthful design, funny and beautiful.

If you want to give a teenage girl a certificate of a clothing or cosmetics store – offer to go there together, she just may not know what to choose.

Gifts and impressions for teenagers

In the age of 14, people dream of new experiences and the opportunity to see and experience something new. And you can arrange that for them. Prepare a holiday or an extreme adventure for a teenager.

  • Holiday with friends. Of course, there shouldn't be any adults on the horizon. Order a café for your child or prepare everything for a picnic in the open air – and never attend a party. You can pay for the presenter, make the party costume, theme, or just cook a lot of delicious food and leave teenagers to have fun themselves. And don't hesitate – they'll manage.
  • Gift adventure. Teenagers dream of extreme sports, but they need to give them such gifts with caution (and many of them have age limits). From extreme, but maximum safe variants: flights in a wind tunnel, zorbing, rope park, rock climbing, descent into a cave, karting, horseback riding. Both the girl and the boy are gonna love this fun.

TOP-10 gifts to a 14-year-old boy

  1. A gift-adventure
  2. Gadgets
  3. li>Computer games and all for them

  4. Sport gifts
  5. Cosmetics, perfume
  6. Cool souvenirs
  7. Money Locker
  8. Watch
  9. Wallets
  10. Wallets

  11. Jewelry

However the teenager is still naive and childish, treat him as your friend

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