039;s diet, and to introduce carbohydrate food as a source of energy so important for a mobile child.

Use a variety of recipes, make different dishes, experiment.

  • In eleven months, your child is already expressing his or her eating habits, you need to show creativity, as the monotonous menu will quickly get tired of the child.

    Very often babies aged about a year give up vegetables and require something more tasty, such as fruit or sweets, to avoid this, the recipes must be as different as possible.

    For the health of the child, the strength of his or her teeth and for the peace of mind of the parents of sweets, it is better to let them try at a later age, as a trick, you can add fruit to the recipes of porridge and vegetable dishes to make them tasty.

    Many parents, trying to feed a capricious baby, include cartoons, but it is great to distract the baby, and the plates remain empty, but the cartoons are addictive, it is better to try to tell an interesting story or read a fairy tale in return.

  • Eleven months is a period of mastery of speech, development of fine motor skills.

    Curious baby tries to feel, crumple, smear, throw

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