Mexidol: Instructions for use, prescription forms, drug analogues


Mexidol drug analogues: how to choose, overview of cheaper substitutes

Mexidol: instructions for use, for which purpose, forms of production, analogues of the preparation
<"Is there anything cheaper?" - the most common question pharmacists are asked by pharmacists when they hear about the cost of Mexidol.

Find out whether it is possible to save on treatment, what are the analogues of Mexidol on the Russian pharmaceutical market, how do generics differ from the original drug, and how to choose the best among them.

Information about Mexidol

Mexidol is a Russian original drug for the treatment of vascular and neurological diseases. International non-proprietary name (INN): Mexidol.

It is used as a standalone and auxiliary tool in this case:

  • increased physical, mental and psycho-emotional stress;
  • deterioration of cognitive functions (memory, concentration, mental performance, learning ability)recovery from contusion and brain injury;
  • abstinence syndrome in alcohol-dependent patients;
  • age and alcohol dementia;
  • >psychiatric disorders (neuroses and neurosis-like conditions);
  • various encephalopathies;
  • rehabilitation after a stroke;
  • various types of encephalopathy;
  • rehabilitation after a stroke;
  • Vegeto-vascular dystonia;
  • Asthenia;
  • Ischemic heart disease;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • intoxication against acute pancreatitis and exacerbation of chronic pancreatin;
  • rejects by neuroleptics;
  • therapy of shock states.

Active substance – ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate, a derivative of vitamin B6. It has a complex of positive effects:

  • improves cerebral circulation;
  • regulates metabolic processes in the central nervous system (CNS);
  • normalizes the rheological properties of blood (fluidity);
  • prevents elevated thrombosis;
  • reduces cholesterol levels;
  • Reduces intoxication in surgical patients;
  • improves the body's resistance to harmful factors (free radicals, intoxication, stress, drug poisoning, ischemia, hypoxia, shock)Suppresses anxiety, hyperexcitability, sleep disturbances;
  • reduces convulsive activity;
  • has membranoprotective effect (regulates metabolic processes in the cellular membrane);
  • provides full transport of neurotransmitters and transfer of nerve impulses;
  • potentiates the effects of tranquillizers, neuroleptics, sedatives and other drugs acting on the CNS, which reduces their doses and the likelihood of side effects;
  • restores heart muscle cells and myocardial contractility;
  • activates coronary (heart) blood supply.

Mexidol is available in the form of injectable solution ampoules and ingestion tablets.

Mexidol is highly tolerable. Possible dyspepsia (vomiting, nausea, stomach aches, stool disturbances), itching, urticaria, and other symptoms of allergic reactions.

Instruction for use

Ampoules are used for acute conditions that require the fastest possible action. After intensive treatment and improvement of the patient's health, they are transferred to the tablets.

The duration of the treatment, the dosing regimen and the dosage form are selected individually by the physician on the basis of:

  • the severity of the patient;
  • of the diagnosis;
  • of related diseases;
  • of age.

Injection solution is administered intramuscularly or intravenously (by jet or drip). The contents of the ampoule are diluted with an isotonic sodium chloride solution before being injected into the vein. Duration of injections:

  • in case of vascular diseases – 7-14 days;
  • in case of intoxication of different origin – 5-7 days.

The tablets are taken orally 3 times a day, drinking water. Food does not affect the absorption of the drug, so you can take it at any convenient time.

Essential! The daily dose should not exceed 6 tablets.

The duration of therapy – 2-6 weeks, with alcoholism is enough 5-7 days. Patients with CHD have a treatment course of at least 2 months.

Essential! Treatment is stopped gradually – within 3 days the daily dose is reduced by one tablet. It is recommended to conduct repeated courses during the periods of seasonal exacerbation (autumn and spring).


Mexidol is not used:

  • in acute renal and hepatic failure;
  • in individual hypersensitivity to the drug and auxiliaries.

For lack of clinical data, used with caution in children, pregnant and lactating women.

Why should we look for analogues

Mexidol – an expensive drug:

  • the price of ampoules varies from 500 to 2000 rubles. (depending on the volume of ampoules and their quantity in the package -5, 10 or 20 pcs.)
  • the cost of tablets – 300-500 rubles.

Treatment costs are measured in several thousand, as several packs will be needed for the full course of treatment. Not everyone can afford to buy such an expensive tool. If there is no possibility to buy the original drug, you can choose an analogue of Mexico.

The drug is required for allergic reactions, other side effects, and contraindications – in this case, prescribe a drug with a similar pharmacological effect, but with another active ingredient.

Approach to analogue selection

If Mexidol is prescribed by a physician, it is chosen by the physician, because the properties of vascular drugs differ, there may be contraindications for use.

When buying generics, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The active substance. It should be the same as in the medicine they want to replace.
  2. Price – too low a price – a sign of poor quality. In order to save money in production, low-quality raw materials and auxiliary materials are used, on which depends on how the drug will be assimilated and used.
  3. Contraindications and indications for use.

  4. Composition and dosage – pills with a lower content of active ingredient are much cheaper, but this is only at first glance. If the cost of the course is calculated, it may be the same as in Mexidol.
  5. The medical form (coincidence of volume and concentration of the injection solution, the presence of prolonged action, etc.).
  6. Manufacturer – known, time-tested manufacturers are a priority.
  7. Place of purchase – pharmacies, but online purchases should be avoided (exception – services such as that supply drugs to pharmacies).

Cheap generics

Denerics (replicated medicines) – medicines with the same composition as the original. What is the difference from the original Mexico:

  • lower price, without advertising and marketing costs;
  • composition of the drug form (changed auxiliaries);
  • less chance to buy a fake.

Table of cheap Mexidol analogues:

Tsericard (Russia)

Generic, manufacturerManufacturerPrice range, rub.
Nairox (Russia)Injectable solution for 5, 10 and 50 ampoules250-1200
Mexicor (Russia)Injection solution, capsules for ingestion (30 and 60 pcs.)200-400
Mexiprim (Russia)Tables 30 and 60 pcs, Injection mortar (5, 10 and 15 ampoules)140-350 300-1100
Tsericard (Russia)
Injection mortar, 5 and 10 ampoules230-290
Astrox (Russia)Injection mortar, 10 ampoules315
Medomexi (Russia)Injectable Solution, 10 ampoules340

Analytical drugs

Analytical drugs are analogous to Mexidol in pharmacological action.

Armadine is the full analogue of Mexidol in active ingredient and therapeutic action. Produced in Ukraine. Form of release – injection solution and tablets, including Armadine Long with delayed release. Not registered in the Russian Federation, available only in Ukraine.

Glycsid – contains amino acid Glycine. It comes out in pills. The cheapest analogue of Mexidol is about 60 rubles. In contrast to the original, it is approved for use in children from three years of age.

It is contraindicated in arterial hypotension, in pregnant and lactating women.

Used for nervous system diseases and disorders (irritability, irritability, anxiety, sleep disorders), alcoholism (as an aid).

Treatment course – from 7 to 30 days, depending on the diagnosis and age of the patient. Wisteria is well tolerated and does not cause serious side effects. Possible dyspeptic disorders, headaches, irritability, worsening concentration.

Cortexin contains a complex of water-soluble polypeptides and Glycine. Available as a powder for the preparation of the injection mortar. The mechanism of action is similar to Mexidol – it has a neuroprotective, antioxidant, nootropic effect. Optimizes amino acid metabolism in the brain.

Provisions for use, in addition to those common with Mexidol:

  • Li>reduced learning ability;
  • Supported psychomotor and speech development in children;
  • epilepsy;
  • various forms of cerebral palsy;
  • encephalitis.

Approved in pediatrics (for children from birth). Course of treatment – 10 days (if necessary, repeat after 3-6 months). The drug is well tolerated, but allergic reactions are possible. Price for packaging varies from 800 to 1300 rubles.

Best analogues in tablets

Pharmacy range of medicines for vascular diseases is diverse. The most popular analogues of Mexidol tablets are Aktovegin, Kavinton, Nootropil, Mexiprim. Actovegin contains deproteinized hemoderivate of the blood of calves in the form of granules.

Pharmacological effects:

  • normalizes the metabolic processes in the brain;
  • activates the transmission of nerve impulses;
  • protects the nerve cells;
  • li>improves the blood supply to the brain and heart muscle;

  • brings oxygen to the tissue;
  • brings fluid to the brain.

Besides the indications specific to Mexico, it is used in:

  • diabetic polyneuropathy;
  • peripheral circulation disorders and their consequences;
  • hypoxia in pregnant women.

Disclaimed in children under 18 years of age. Duration of treatment – 4-6 weeks, in diabetic polyneuropathy – 4-5 months. The most expensive among imported analogues of Mexidol – a package of 50 tablets costs 1800 rubles

Mexiprim – a complete analogue of Mexidol in tablets. Produced by the famous Russian pharmaceutical company Nizhpharm. The manufacturer is famous for high quality products, which are produced jointly with a foreign company Stada.

Kavinton (active molecule – Vinpocetin) is produced by the Hungarian company Gedeon Richter. The most popular substitute for Mexidol. Produced in a solution for injection, in tablets 5 and 10 mg (Kavinton Forte).

Depending on the packaging and dosage, the price from 300 rubles to 800 rubles. Well tolerated. It has vasodilating, neuroprotective, antihypoxic, antiaggregating effects.

Improves blood circulation and metabolism in brain cells.

Besides the indications defined for the original, it is recommended in complex therapy in ophthalmology, as well as in case of hearing loss and noise in the ears. Accepted three times a day for 3 months.

Nootropyl (based on Piracetam) – a drug with nootropic activity:

  • improves metabolism and mediators;
  • promotes a complete blood supply to the brain, without affecting the lumen of the vessels;
  • normalizes blood rheology;
  • restores cognitive function (after hypoxia, intoxication, strokes and other acute disturbances);

Displayed at:

  • acute cerebral circulatory disorder (hemorrhagic stroke):
  • severe chronic renal failure;
  • Huntington's chorea
  • high sensitivity to drug components.

Produced in tablets with dosages of 800 and 1200 mg, which can be bought for 250-300 rubles

Best analogues in ampoules

The cheapest analogues of Russian-made Mexidol products belong to this group. The active ingredient used is a molecule of Mexidol. Indications for use, contraindications and pharmacological properties are identical to the original drug.

Mexicor is the most famous analogue in ampoules. Price for 10 ampoules is about 400 rubles

Mexifin – 10 ampoules cost from 170 rubles to 300 rubles

Mexidant – the cheapest substitute, the price from 150 rubles for 10 ampoules

Physician and patient feedback

Physician and patient feedback

Physician and patient feedback suggests that Mexidol and its analogues are well tolerated. The most common side-effect of injection is short-term dizziness, which is why it is recommended to give injections while lying down.

This is a significant disadvantage of Mexidol, according to patients – high cost. The advantage is affordability, and the medicine can be bought at any pharmacy.

Physicians are unhappy with the quality of cheap Mexidol generics and the result of their use. There is a negative attitude towards substitution: when prescribing a particular drug, the doctor expects a certain effect that has been noticed in practice. Replacing with budget analogues does not have the same effect as the original medicine, the therapy has to be corrected.

Yakovchuk Elena Andreyevna, pharmacist


Mexidol injections: why are they prescribed, indications, side effects, cheap analogues

Mexidol: instructions for use, for which purpose, forms of release, analogues of the drug

Mexidol is a drug with the main active ingredient ethylmethylhydroxypyridinasuccinate. Pharmacological product with a complex name refers to the type of membrane protectors. Let's study in detail what Mexidol helps with and how to take it.

Form of release and composition

The medicine is produced in the form of tablets and ampoules for injection. Pills are distributed in blisters of 50 or 30 pieces. Let's consider the key features of the composition on the example of the tablet preparation.

Active substance – ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate. One pill contains 125 mg of it.

Auxiliary components are used:

  • lactoses of monohydrate;
  • type;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • hypromellose;
  • macrogol;
  • triacetin.

Mexidol round tablet, biconvex. Sheath painted in milk-white or cream color.

Pharmacological qualities of the drug

Membranostabilizing effect of the drug is due to the pharmacological qualities of the main active ingredient in the basis of the medicinal product. Mexidol contributes to the normalization of oxygen metabolism in tissues, improves the absorption of nutrients at the cellular level.

The key effect that provides Mexidol, it is not difficult to guess why it is prescribed.

The main effects you can count on:

  • antihypoxic;
  • stress-protective;
  • nootropic;
  • antiepileptic;
  • anxilitic;
  • anti-convulsant;
  • anti-sclerotic.

The drug improves metabolism and regulates blood supply to brain tissue. Optimizes blood rheology and reduces platelet aggregation to optimal levels.

The medicine helps to normalize post-stress behavior. With the help of this medicinal product it is possible to eliminate degenerative processes in the brain tissues, to restore the normal work-rest cycle. Cognitive abilities of patients improve significantly.

As described in the instructions for use, Mexidol copes well with the consequences of alcohol intoxication, restoring vegetative potential, stabilizing behavioral reactions, and eliminating neurotoxic consequences of poisoning of any genesis.

Therapy with ischemic myocardial infarction is justified. In unfavorable conditions of coronary insufficiency the drug increases myocardial blood supply by collateral type.

Pharmacological product is able to restore myocardial contractility in case of cardiac dysfunction.


Mexidol is prescribed in different schemes, given its impressive pharmacological potential. What does the cure do?

  1. Affects of acute cerebral circulatory problems.
  2. Fighting with the effects of acute ischemic attacks.
  3. Craniocerebral injury and its consequences.
  4. Encephalopathy of various forms and origins.
  5. Agetative dystonia syndrome.
  6. Cognitive decline due to atherosclerotic pathology.
  7. Cupation of withdrawal syndrome in alcohol intoxication of varying severity.
  8. Therapy of post-abstinence conditions.
  9. Ischemic heart disease.
  10. Asthenic conditions.
  11. Prophylaxis of somatic disorders.
  12. Aid the body under extreme stressful conditions.
  13. Traumatic disorders of a neurotic and neurosis-like kind.
  14. Acute myocardial infarction.
  15. Open-angle primary glaucoma.
  16. Acute purulent-inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity.

Major contraindications

Before offering the patient mexidol, the doctor tells the patient why they are being prescribed, in what dosages, how much time they need to use the medicine, and what is their main effect on the body.

Also, the doctor should make a thorough history of his patient, taking into account all possible contraindications:

  • acute renal failure;
  • acute liver failure;
  • Increased susceptibility to the main pharmacological substance or auxiliary components;
  • children's age;
  • pregnancy;
  • active lactation period.

The use of the drug is not advisable for all the above conditions. In the case of pregnant and lactating patients, the drug product is not prescribed due to the lack of any data on the safety of the pharmacological product.

If the patient does not tolerate any component of the drug, it makes sense to select a suitable analogue that does not contain a potential allergen.

Mexidol Instructions

Dosage and form of pharmacological product are selected taking into account the pathology, the general condition of the patient, and the ultimate goals of the treating physician. The table summarizes the main options for the patient to be treated with Mexidol.


Pathological stateProduct form usedDose (daily)Therapeutic duration
CMT, trauma effects800 mg, divided into three sessions per day. That's the maximum allowable dose. If possible, the patient should be given the minimum dosage.5 days – 2 months (depending on the severity of the injury and the body's response to the drugs).
Brain circulation disorderInjectable solutionThe first 4 days of 300 mg each are injected into the I.V. The remaining time is shown three times a day to the patient with a shot (100 mg at a time).Not more than 14 days.
Abstinent syndromeThe tabletsAt two tablets per day. In particularly severe cases, it is acceptable to take 3 tablets per day for a short period of time.5 – 7 days.
AterosclerosisInjectable solutionAt the end of the day the patient is injected with a total of 300 mg of the drug (maximum dosage).Maximum allowable intake period is 6 weeks.
Encephalopathy (discirculation)Injectable solutionDouble intramuscular injection of 250 mg each day. The maximum daily dose is 500 mg.2 weeks.
Intoxication by neuroleptics and other similar drugsInjectable solutionMaximum dose – 500 mg. As a rule, they are divided into two steps.1-2 weeks.
Necrotic pancreatitisInjection mortarMaximum allowable dose – 800 mg. Entered into 2-3 receptions.Till the moment of visible improvement of health. Dose is reduced gradually.

For droppers use injection water, in which Mexidol is diluted. Approximately 60 drops/minute drip rate

Side effects

The goal of any drug product is to help the patient cope with a particular pathology.

And everyone wants a quality and proven product for themselves.

But even the most pronounced therapeutic effects can be overshadowed by a number of side effects.

With regard to Mexidol, negative reactions from the body are rare.

This is the main one:

  • dry mouth
  • vomiting;
  • < fatigue;
  • somnolence;
  • anxiety;
  • anxiety

  • poor coordination;
  • hyperhidrosis;
  • heading;
  • allergic reactions.

The drug is extremely low in toxicity. The likelihood that a person will encounter any adverse reactions is extremely low.

Mexidol Analogues

Etilmethylhydroxypyridinesuccinate is a popular basis for the development of various drugs in modern pharmacology. The form of production, dosage and other features of the composition do not differ either. However, each drug is tailored to a specific pathology, but there is no specific justification for this distribution in official medicine.

Which applies to other pharmacological products that are similar in composition as well as identical in their pharmacological effect, the following drugs are considered the most popular

  • Nairox;
  • Tsericard;
  • Hypoxene;
  • Riluzole;
  • Vitagamma;
  • Emoxybel.

Pharmacological interaction

Mexidol can strengthen the pharmacological power of anxiolytics, antiparksinson drugs, anticonvulsants. At the same time, the membrane protector minimizes the toxic effect of ethanol.

Mexidol is combined with all pharmacological products that are prescribed for somatic disorders. In the event of an active therapeutic effect on the patient, the driving of any vehicles should be avoided if possible. A similar rule applies to those areas of human activity where maximum concentration and responsiveness are required.


All in all, the prescription of Mexidol is 100% justified. Therapeutic effect, minimal side effects, affordable price, wide range of effects on the human body – all these qualities make the drug justifiably in demand.


The drug

Mexidol: instructions for use, for which purpose, forms of release, analogues of the drug

Mexidol is a drug that interrupts the destructive processes in the body, reanimates tissues, nourishing them with useful trace elements.

By its pharmaceutical properties refers to antioxidant drugs. Antioxidants are needed to remove free radicals from the environment through food, water, and air.

Mexidol promotes oxygenation and absorption by the body.

The form of release, composition

The drug has two forms of release:

  • tablets;
  • injection solution.

First form of release – tableted 125 milligrams of active ingredient

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