Baby bath oil


The use of lavender to care for the baby: while bathing in the tub, for a restful sleep, during the massage

Baby bathing oil

What did our ancestors calm their nerves with, and their anxious babies?

One of the best sedatives for children and adults has long been lavender. It's gentle and healthy, soothes your baby's loose nerves.

Lavender's effect on the body

Lavender's healing properties:

  • soothing effect;
  • healing;
  • antiseptic, bactericidal, disinfectant property;
  • sedative effect;
  • anticonvulsant;
  • regenerating properties.

Wide spectrum of lavender action allows to use it for preparation of various medical preparations, medicinal teas, alcohols and essence.

Lavender – panacea for newborns, it possesses antiseptic, anticonvulsant, and the most important calming property. Lavender baths are recommended in case of sleep deprivation in infants.

Lavender oil diluted in the right ratio with emulsifier, the most suitable, safe product for children.


Lavender aromatherapy is a great way to treat and prevent unstable conditions and diseases without the use of medications. To it resort basically mums of babies and kids till 2 years, in order not to stuff children with chemist's pills.

Essential oils are well assimilated by a children's organism, under condition of their 100 % of cleanliness, nevertheless, before application, it is necessary to consult with the expert, the aromatherapist, or at least the pediatrician. Lavender aromatherapy helps fight insomnia, has antiseptic, sedative, soothing effect.


Many young mothers don't know how to soothe a crying baby before going to bed, a newborn baby will benefit from a lavender bath. Its pleasant and light aroma will help the baby to relax, improve his health and calm the nervous system.

Lavender baths can be used for children from the age of two weeks, after the umbilical cord wound healed completely. Up to two weeks of age it is strictly recommended to bathe the newborn in boiled water with the addition of a very weak solution of manganese.

Very often lavender is used in case of sleep disturbance in babies. It has not only a sedative and antiseptic, but also a antispasmodic property. Also effective for various rashes and abdominal bloating. But any use in lavender oil is strictly forbidden for children under 12 years of age!

Exercise caution

And another very important detail! – Before you try lavender essential oil for baby bathing, be sure to consult your pediatrician!

Essential oil is a strong vegetable concentrate, so it should be used with great care. The contact of undiluted oil with the child's skin can cause severe burns or irritation.

The mandatory condition for using the bathing oil is to mix it with the emulsifier before adding it to the tub.
Emulsifier can be:

  • milk;
  • cream 10-20%;
  • copper;
  • bath salt.

For infants from 2 weeks to six months of age, take a glass of milk or any of the emulsifiers listed above, add one drop of lavender oil, stir until completely dissolved, and only then add it to the bath tub. From six months to two years – 2 drops, from two years – 3 drops.

Application of lavender oil for massages

All children love massages as well. Some young mothers, afraid to do something wrong, hire professional masseurs for such procedures.

But it is worth noting that no professional will replace loving mother's hands. Infants are particularly in need of the tactile touch of loving parents.

Basic soothing massage techniques consist of strokes and rubbing and do not require a high level of skill.

Thus, before you start, be sure to wash your hands with soap, lubricate them with a special, diluted lavender oil, warm your hands, now proceed. Start the massage with a clockwise circular motion.

Gentle and easy movements will help the baby to relax and calm down, then start rubbing the stomach, shoulders, chest, back, arms and legs in less circular motion.

Lavender oil massage will help relieve irritability and restore good sleep to the baby.

Based on colic

Lavender oil is not only used for baths, aromatisation of the room and as massage oil. With the help of essential oil you can fight small problems that prevent babies from falling asleep. For example, colic. The most common problem among young mothers

In a small container of cold water we add one drop of essential oil and shake it thoroughly. Pour the resulting liquid into another container, add hot water to obtain a homogeneous warm mixture.

Wet in the resulting lavender water a small piece of gauze, or any piece of cloth, put it on the baby's belly. Cover the top of the compress with a small blanket to keep warm.

An hour or more later, as the baby falls asleep, remove the compress, cover the baby with a warm blanket.


Your child has become irritable, his teeth are cutting and he is not falling asleep well? And in these situations, lavender will help you. But you don't have to drop it on the baby's bed to avoid contact with the baby's skin. Drop one or two drops of essential oil on a cotton pad, spread out a small part of a soft toy and place the flavoured cotton pad as deep as possible and sewn again.

This was a doll “backfill”, the baby is calm, calm and you are, because the essential oil is hidden deep in the toy and your child will not get chemical burns from contact with him.

A toy for sleeping can also be sewn by yourself, inserted into a bag of lavender grass, and put a homemade doll next to your bloodshed.

A toy made with the caring hands of a loving mother, I'm sure, will become your child's favorite.

Lavender oil is perfect for all types of skin, it softens it well, eliminates peeling, irritation and irritation.

It is often used in wet room cleaning as it has antiseptic properties and kills pathogens. It is therefore a great success among Internet users.

Many positive feedback and tips on how to use it can be found in the forums of young moms.


But for example:

“Girls, many people probably know our problem – we fall asleep badly to mine (my son is one year old). We go to bed for an hour or more, in battle, with tears, sometimes we have to get seasick. I stumbled upon an article about lavender oil, which many mothers use as a relaxing and sedative for themselves and their babies.

And most importantly, it is harmless if used correctly. I bought lavender oil at the pharmacy, mixed two drops of essential oil with a teaspoon of good olive oil, mixed well, poured the aromatic oil into a beautiful vessel and put it next to the baby's crib. One drop of oil each on the wrists and whiskey.

And here's the progress! We fell asleep! Of course, not in five minutes, but much faster and easier”.

“I never used or believed that essential oils could help with insomnia. I've got a six-month-old, hyperactive daughter who's very hard to sleep with. After reading a lot of positive reviews about the healing properties of lavender and the way it is used by children up to one year, she decided to bathe it in a lavender bath. Unbelievable, but it worked! My daughter fell asleep much easier and faster”

A lot of such reviews on the Internet!

For medical purposes, mainly lavender inflorescences are used and very rarely the grass itself. In pharmacies lavender is sold as:

  • essential lavender oil;
  • dried flowers and the grass itself;
  • as part of ready-made herbal compressor bags.


Many parents have used lavender for themselves, not knowing that it is an indispensable aid in the care of the baby. In summer lavender will help to cope with sweating, irritation from diapers, infectious diseases of the ear. Itchy from insect bites. Warm compresses with this oil are used for abdominal pain and spasms.

It perfectly moisturizes and soothes your baby's skin. Promotes the rapid healing of abrasions and cuts. In infections: sore throat, upper respiratory tract diseases, children after one year are prescribed inhalation, with the addition of a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Very popular among teenagers as well, they use it to eliminate age-related acne, acne and allergic rashes.


Which oil is best for newborns, home use and sterilization

Baby bathing oil

Child skin needs regular care to prevent dryness and diaper, and oil is released for newborns. In some cases, they are replaced by powder and creams, putting on a newborn diaper.

Application of oils

Children's oil has a universal purpose. With its help cleanse the nose, the ears of babies, remove crust on the head, fight with diaper and dry skin. It's used during the massage.

Treatment properties

Scientists have studied the use of different types of oils in newborn skin care. Scientific research has revealed their therapeutic properties:

  • antiseptic;
  • regenerating;
  • wetting;
  • reli>relieving and itching.

Selection of children's skincare products is big. You can always find the right remedy. List of the most popular oils with healing properties:

  • Olive;
  • Avocado;
  • Bohemian;
  • sunflower;
  • associated;
  • nut;
  • belly.

Before they are used, an allergy test is performed. It's evidenced by the redness of the skin.

Approved of diaper and burns

Allusions appear in the groin, buttocks, axillary cavities. Redness is caused by badly wiped skin after water treatment. For the prevention of diaper crevices it is necessary to treat creases after each bath.

Lubricate the skin with a soft cotton pad. It is applied with a small amount of product and is carried out from top to bottom along each crease. It is possible to use cosmetic preparations for newborns, which are sold in pharmacies and specialized departments of shops, or to use vegetable oils.

There is a popular opinion that burns should be lubricated with oil. That's a gross mistake. All the doctors are unanimous in saying you can't do this. Damaged surface should be covered with a sterile cloth and seek immediate medical attention.

Fighting with gingivitis and stomatitis

Diagnosis of the oral cavity in stomatitis (gingivitis) can be extensive. The baby loses his appetite because of the infection, he gets restless. The treatment procedure is always performed after eating.

Before the first use, the presence of an allergic reaction to the drug is checked. They put it on the skin of the wrists. Redness is a sign of allergies. In its absence, the mucous mouth is lubricated with sea buckthorn oil 4 times a day.

Treatment of a cold

If the young mother doesn't know how to clean the nose, she can be advised to use a sea buckthorn oil. It helps a child (12 months and older) to reduce the symptoms of rhinitis. For 10 days, each nostril is dripped 2 drops.

When doctors are asked if the nose can be treated with oils, they advise to bury carrot juice diluted with sunflower oil for children up to one year.

For baby's baths and massages

Massage is a useful procedure for babies. Mom makes contact with her child by making it. In order to prevent skin damage, a special massage product must be used:

  • “Eared nannies”;
  • “Tender mother”;
  • “Childhood world”.

For a massage, not only cosmetics are suitable, but also petroleum jelly, olive and peach can be applied to the child's skin. They're all of natural origin, soften the skin, absorb well.

What skin areas can be applied to

The newborn's body has a peculiarity – skin folds. Most babies have them on their necks, buttocks, legs, arms and arms. The care product is applied to different parts of the body:

  • Armpilla folds;
  • neck folds;
  • buttocks;
  • pah;
  • foot and handle folds.

We clean toes, palms, outer surface of the ears. It removes scales from the nasal cavity and scales from the scalp.

Aromatherapy for babies

Aromatherapy as a means of correcting the condition of the baby is used from 2 months. Proceed to consult your doctor before use. Grape seed oil is used as a base, and children can be treated as follows:

  • lavender;
  • cinnamon;
  • lemon;
  • sandal.

Aromatherapy tones, normalizes sleep.

Best baby oils

Child skin care products are on sale, each with its own set of useful properties. They're used for daily skin hyena and problem solving.


He contains different vitamins, and their concentration is high enough to allow them to be used for the treatment of the following problems:

  • burns;
  • wounds;
  • cracks;
  • deformations.

Before applying the problem area is cleaned (washed) with a solution of furacillin. They make it out of ½ a glass of water and one pill. A gauze napkin soaked in oil is applied to clean skin. Compression is fixed with a bandage.


He warms up and penetrates well into the skin tissue. It's used for compresses in the cold. First it's warmed up, then it's applied thinly to the chest and back area. Contraindications:

  • damaged skin;
  • epilepsy;
  • allergy;
  • age up to 2 years.


Im treats dermatitis, eliminates diaper, it is applied under the diaper. It can be used to clean the nasal passages. The nose is preliminarily washed with saline solution. Slime and crusts use cotton wool soaked in peach oil.

Essential oils

Concentrated esters are diluted with water, used for massage and bathing.

Age (month)Number of ether in dropletsNumber of base (ml)Number of mixtures per 1 bath in droplets


From plant popular sunflower, linen, olive. They contain vitamins and substances that promote skin regeneration. You can buy them at any store. You need raw materials that are unrefined or first spinned.


Prophylaxis and treatment of diaper. It's a liquid paraffin that contains vitamins and minerals. Vaseline oil lubricates the skin folds, which protects the dermis from inflammation.

Oil sterilization is necessary

Oil may contain harmful microorganisms. The immunity of newborns is weak. To avoid skin infection, only sterile plant material is used.

How to boil on your own

Mommy can make her own skin care products for her child, the vegetable raw materials of the first spin will do. It must be sterilized before use. They do it in a water bath. They take a pot, fill it with cold water, put it on fire.

Oil is poured into a glass bottle, put in water. She's got to dive almost to the top. After boiling, boil water for at least 7 minutes. Sterile raw materials can be used for their intended purpose after cooling.

Properties of sterilized oil

Sterilized oil is used to clean the nose and ears. Removes scales from the scalp. It's used to get the baby out of diaper and peeling. It's convenient for them to lubricate the skin during the massage.

Storage times and rules

Foot oil is stored in the refrigerator. Before use, the necessary volume is transferred to another container and kept at room temperature for some time. After heating it is used for its intended purpose. Doctors recommend sterilizing a small volume of raw materials (100 g) immediately before use.

Provisions and contraindications for use

Oil is used only externally. Olive oil is used to cleanse the scalp from crusts. It has linoleic acid in it. It improves skin regeneration. The crusts on the head are lubricated with baby oil after bathing. After a while they are softened and easily removed with a cotton swab. In addition, baby oil has another application:

  • Nasal cleansing;
  • Ear treatment;
  • Dry skin removal;
  • Destructing diaper;
  • Massage.

Best producers of products for children

Partners have a natural question: which oil is better. Every mother wants maximum benefit for her baby. Some of them are brand oriented, others – price oriented.


Produces massage oil by German company Bubchen. It contains no natural ingredients derived from soybeans, sunflowers, carite or preservatives. The massage product can be used from birth:

  • to cleanse the skin;
  • to remove the crusts on the head;
  • to remove the diaper;
  • to massage.


Production is in Bulgaria. Skin care products contain plant extracts. In children's cosmetics there are no aggressive substances, dyes. Bebble baby skin care products can be used from 0 months.

Johnson's Baby

The most promoted brand. This American brand produces a wide range of children's skin care products. There are no parabens in the cosmetics. Production purpose:

Variants of execution: classical and with addition of vegetative raw materials: aloe, lavender, camomile.

Baba Moments Chicco

Italian company Chicco produces hypoallergenic products for newborns. Wabah Moments Chicco is used for massages. It contains a substance derived from coconut milk and rice bran, vitamin E, perfume.


This is a world leader in natural cosmetics. Swiss company produces cosmetics for infants of high quality. They contain natural esters (sesame, calendula, almonds). Apply production of firm Weleda from the first days of a life, responses of parents positive.

In a choice of children's cosmetic means it is necessary to read structure attentively. Refuse to buy if there is a preservative, stabilizer, dye in the list. The most affordable and safe option for newborns is cold-pressed vegetable oils purchased from a regular store. Once sterilized, they can be used in a child's daily skin care.


How to choose the right baby bathing product

Baby bathing oil

Hygiene products for babies are as good as cosmetics for adults – this list includes the usual “bars” of baby soap, serious medical emollients and bath oils.

Before buying them, there is a sense to look into the matter in detail. First of all, the means with different names have peculiarities in their application as well. Second, children are more exposed to chemicals.

What to pay attention to when choosing

Kids wash in a special way. Water from the bath can be in the mouth, shampoo can get into the eyes, and aggressive substances in the gel can cause various skin reactions. The choice of cosmetics for newborns should be particularly careful.

Before everything else, you should pay attention to the “0+” label or a note about the possibility of using it from the first days of life. It is also important to examine the composition carefully.

In quality cosmetics are undesirable:

  • lauryl sulfate and sodium laurethane sulfate,
  • formaldehyde,
  • silicones.

Safety is guaranteed by one of the world's quality standards – ECOCERT, BDIH, ICEA, COSMOS or NATRUE. This will be indicated by the corresponding sign on the label. Strange as it may seem, the majority of funds for children do not have such certification.

As well as the composition, it also matters what kind of detergent is used to wash your baby. Everybody has one thing in common – to make a child clean, but in every case there are nuances.

Child cleansing gels

Bathing gel is distinguished by the presence of gelling substances in its composition – in fact, it is an analogue of soap, but softer and more nutritious. Gels often contain oils and extracts.

Vegetable components can cause allergies, so it is better to test the product in a small area of the skin before first use. Don't wash your baby with antibacterial agents for up to 5 years – they dry out the skin.

Children's Soap

In the first half of the year, experts recommend that soap be avoided and used with caution for intimate hygiene of both boys and girls. Frequent use of soap can dry delicate mucous membranes and skin and even cause itching.

Infant soap can be hard, liquid or creamy: for children up to one year old, the liquid version is considered the most suitable, and for older children any of the forms can be used. Very easy to use bottles with dispenser.

Children's shampoos

It is important to choose a medium that does not cause tears. These shampoos are usually hypoallergenic and odorless.

The opinion that shampoo is useless and generally useless at an early age is common, but this procedure should not be abandoned at all. Wash your hair with the right product to not only effectively cleanse and massage delicate skin, but also to avoid crusts.

Bathing foams

Bathing foams are the most popular form of detergent for the smallest ones. There is no need to make any special effort to get the lush foam out of the product, which means that the bathing process is as comfortable as possible for everyone.

The foams are distinguished by their gentle air texture. Also, they're usually versatile – suitable for body care.

Bathing products for allergic children

Bathing products for allergic children

Bathing products for allergic children, especially children with atopic dermatitis, require a particularly careful selection of products. The skin in such cases is usually dried out, often full of inflammatory elements. Specialized bathing products should not injure already damaged covers; they should preferably soften the water.

Dermatologists recommend the following options:

  1. Emolents create a protective film on the surface of the skin: it can be an emulsion, a special cream or gel for bathing children.
  2. Bathing oil for children moisturizes dry skin, also creating a fat layer. One of the popular tools in this category is Mustela Stelatopia.

TOP-10 best bathing products

Top-10 best bathing products

Toddler bathing products differ in terms of safety of composition, price, manufacturers and even subjective feelings of customers. Based on product information, composition and parent feedback, we have selected the ten most popular products.

  1. “Calendula bad” from Weleda (Germany). Has Natrue and BDIH certificates, so that the ingredients can withstand any expertise: nothing harmful. Mom's delight in the scent of the baby and its ability to rid the baby of sweat, small wounds and cracks. In disadvantages note the absence of a dispenser and a high price – about 1000 p.
  2. Gel for washing the head and body of Mustela bebe (France). The product is well foamed and cleanses the skin, helps to get rid of crusts on the head, does not cause irritation, sparingly consumed. The rich herbal scent of some is considered a plus, others – as a minus cosmetics. Against the background of the majority of mass-market brands, the gel stands out by its qualitative composition, but, as it turned out, it is not perfect, because it includes sulfate. The cost is about 1000 p.p.
  3. Soap-foam for infants Pigeon (Japan). The composition of soap in the detailed study can be disappointing: there are both parabens and sulfate compounds. However, the network is filled with high marks of buyers: soap is well foamed, moisturizes and cleans the skin, economically expends, has no smell, and in the case of small children – it is a clear plus. Price in the range of 800 p., soft packaging (without a dispenser) – about 600 p.
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