Masquerade celebration: how to organize and what to wear


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Masquerade celebration: how to organize and what to wear
There are several reasons for organizing a Masquerade wedding:

  • This theme wedding is bound to be a beautiful, majestic and stunning event.
  • Every guest, including the newlyweds themselves, has a unique opportunity to present themselves in a completely new way and show themselves from an unknown side. Such a holiday will be exciting, delightful and memorable!

What features are peculiar to this wedding celebration, will prompt the wedding portal

Wedding format

The conduct of a masquerade party does not impose strict restrictions on the format of the celebration. You can stick to the classic wedding banquet, but it is better to choose to organize a wedding reception or a real aristocratic ball.

Wedding venue

Selecting a venue for a masquerade wedding, prefer spacious rooms. A gallery or a restaurant would be a good option. The interior of the room is preferable – in baroque or classical style.

Other option, which is more suitable for a wedding in the warm season – is a celebration on a yacht or a boat. At the very least, it's a good idea to take a boat trip with your guests.

Masquerade Wedding Options

One of the main ideas for a Masquerade wedding that comes to mind first is the classic ball, which is full of coquettish ladies in lush outfits.

The theme for a masquerade wedding can be the plot of your favorite movie and even cartoon. Very interesting and fun will be a wedding based on circus themes. For more extravagant people, you can try out a pirate party or a zoological masquerade in pet outfits.

If you alert your guests in advance about the style of the wedding and assign roles to everyone, then you and their outfits will be perfect for the chosen style of celebration.

Main attribute – mask

Mask acts as the main element that will be present everywhere. You can choose the most diverse in shape, color and image of the mask. As a rule, masks are decorated with feathers, sequins, fabric, flowers, beads and stones. Masks give an image of mystery and mystery. This accessory will help turn a wedding event into a spectacular and enchanting holiday.

Ahead of time, think about whether you'll be handing out masks to guests at the entrance or whether guests should come with their own themed accessories.

Atmosphere of the wedding masquerade

The masquerade wedding should be as fun, noisy and bright as possible. The details such as tinsel, sequins, Bengali lights, pops and confetti will help to create the atmosphere of a cheerful holiday.

The guest can be attracted by invited actors, magicians, mimes and endless ballroom dancing. You should also order a fire show for the wedding. The orchestra and, of course, the sea of champagne will help you to keep up the mood.

Forming the necessary entourage, your wedding will be held at the highest level, the main thing is to calculate the budget in advance.

The room for a wedding in the style of “Masquerade” should be luxurious and rich. The majesty of the hall can be emphasized with the help of decorative details. Gold fabrics, curtains, tapestries, mirrors in ancient frames, a lot of candles, various variations of masks will be the main adornments. Intriguing to the guests is the unusual and bright design of the main entrance.

For the decor of the tables use white tablecloths, exquisite dishes and cutlery, candles in chandeliers, as well as costume jewellery and high floral compositions. Mini versions of the masks will be appropriate for the tables. The masks can be used to decorate tissue holders or flower bouquets.

Very original will be compositions in crystal vases with bright long feathers, masks and drapery from the threads of beads. The main table for honeymooners will be decorated with a luxurious floral decoration with mysterious masks barely noticeable among the foliage.

The interior should be richly decorated with textile draperies. It looks great on burgundy, blue and dark green fabrics. Carved furniture, glasses, decorated in the spirit of masquerade holiday, pendants, garlands, will give your holiday charm and originality.

For the design of a masquerade wedding will be suitable purple, golden, silver, green balloons. It is also possible to use electric garlands, serpentine, colored ribbons, live greenery.


The bride and groom's costumes should include such features as disgrace, mystery, wealth, brightness.

Bride's wedding dress can be traditional white, but it must be decorated with packets, rhinestones and feathers. It is desirable that the dress was with a corset and a lush skirt or a long trail. The bride's mask is better to choose a white color with feather-shaped decorations. You can stop at the fabric mask in the form of glasses or choose a more charismatic option – guipure mask-binder.

Besides the outfit, the bride needs to think through her hair and makeup. The bride may not have a bouquet at all, or it can be replaced by a miniature handbag with packets or a luxury fan.

The groom will be suitable mask of black or dark blue color. The groom's masquerade outfit may include details such as a strict frak or a bright vest, tie or necktie, a pirate suit or a classic suit with a mask.

Guesthouses and invitation cards

A specific dress code to inform guests as early as possible, assures The original notification will be an invitation card in the form of a mask with bright ribbons and sparkles. As a messenger you can send a regular postcard with a shining mask decor. The information in the wedding invitation letter should be clear, concise and understandable.

Ladies can choose bright, lush dresses with a corset. The image can be created with the help of accessories such as fans, feathers, boas, bright hairpins. Men can choose the image of lords, movie characters or act as glamorous gentlemen.


Memorize that all the menus for a masquerade wedding must match the theme of the celebration. First of all, it's about the wedding cake. Order a cake decorated with masks or a traditional wedding cake with figures of the bride and groom in carnival costumes.

You are the protagonists and creators of the fairy tale at your wedding, so create and be happy!

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Costumes for New Year's corporate parties or adult New Year costume ideas

Masquerade celebration: how to organize and what to wear

Hello, dear readers! The approach of the New Year encourages people to pick up gifts for loved ones, to think about the holiday menu, as well as to think about a costume. If you are going to visit a corporate party or a friendly party, without the costume you will be closed.

Of course, you can go for a trick by going in plain clothes and bringing a graceful Venetian mask, but still the costume will look much more spectacular. As part of this review, the site “” will present to your attention the ideas of adult Christmas costumes.

Below you will find a selection of women's thematic garments, as well as men's masquerade outfits. New Year's Eve costumes for a corporate event or party.

1. Queen Elsa

This character has only recently become known to the public, but still managed to be admired. And most importantly, it is fully consistent with the New Year's theme. If you are blonde by nature or dye as such, this image will not be difficult to implement.

Just weave your hair in the braid, as well as put on a dress of blue shade. But even if you have a different shade of hair, you shouldn't despair, because you can wear a light wig. All the details of Elsa's image reconstruction can be found in this article.

2. Snow Queen

As one more absolutely logical winter character – Snow Queen. To recreate the image you can buy a ready-made suit consisting of a dress with fur trim or just wear a white dress decorated with rhinestones. You can put on your eyes with silver shadows, highlight eyelashes with white ink and put on lipstick with shimmering shine.

3 Angel

In order to recreate the image of an angel, it is necessary to wear a white dress, no matter how long it is – in the floor or short. And the most important thing in the store with masquerade costumes is to buy halo and wings. In the photo below, the costume is complemented by a long coat, which looks very fresh and unusual. That's a natural makeup look.

4. Snow Maiden

Well, how can a party do without a Snow Maiden? Snow Maiden can be dressed in a white or blue mantle dress with fur trim.

Also, we can not forget about the boots height to the knee and beaded cocooner. The latter can be replaced with a hat with braids sewn on it.

Speaking of braids, they are a necessary image attribute, and if your hair length is not long enough to weave a spectacular braid, you can buy a bill of lading.

5. Superman's girlfriend

The superhero's girlfriend can be dressed in a red skirt and a blue corset, and her back can be decorated with a short red cape.

Some other jewelry is not needed, as far as makeup and hairstyles are concerned, you can twist your hair with the help of bigwigs, and make-up is made in an unobtrusive pastel gamut.

Adult New Year's Eve suits can be a little straightforward, but without being dirty, for example, the skirt can be short and do not open unnecessary body parts.

6. Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine's image should be based on a short blue top and similar colour-coded trousers. Jasmine is also the owner of swarthy skin and long dark hair braided in the braid. How do we recreate her image here?

7. Cinderella

This cute girl will definitely make an impression at the New Year ball. If you still have a magnificent blue dress from the graduation ceremony and you have blond hair, this image is perfect for you. At the very least, the dress can be rented or purchased from a masquerade store.

8. Ding Ding Fairy

With the release of a number of cartoon series about fairies, it became popular to transform into themed parties in the Ding Ding Fairy.

To do this, you need to buy a green dress, wings, as well as ballet, which need to stick white pompoms. For the running similarity, hair should be collected in a bundle, and also not to abuse cosmetics.

A lot of information concerning reincarnation in the Tinker Tinker Fairy is presented here.

9. Pocahontas

For Pocahontas conversion, it is necessary to be the owner of dark hair. You'll also need a brown suede dress and fringed boots. This is where we told you how to copy the Pocahontas image.

10. Red Riding Hood

Red skirt or dress will be very useful, but also need a red cape with a hood, or red beret. It'll be great if you bring a basket of wicker pies with you.

11. Pirate

Very beautiful New Year's costume will turn out if you take as a basis pleated skirt, pirate hat, blouse and corset, as well as a dagger or sword. This suit is suitable for bright makeup, such as black eyeliner and red lipstick on the lips.

12. Mermaid

This costume can consist of a corset and a long fitted skirt on the figure, stuck to the bottom. If you're copying the image of the famous Ariel, the hair color should be reddish, and the hair itself should be loose.

13. Harry Potter's Hermione

Wrap your hair around small rollers, make a discreet makeup, wear a long black robe, pick up a book and a magic wand.

14. Catwoman

May buy a ready-made costume, or collect it from your belongings. You'll need to wear leather pants and a black leather top. All you have to do is buy a cat's mask, gloves, and a stick.

15. Cleopatra

Cleopatra wore straight hair just below the shoulders with a straight bangs, so this is exactly the hairstyle that should crown your head. In addition, she was making up very brightly, how to make the same makeup we told you here. It will remain to put on a white dress, to add a gilded belt to it, and also to put on gold or gilded ornaments – a bracelet, rings, necklace.

16. Barbie doll

Baby's beauty has a lot of images, but still generally recognized is an onion based on pink dresses, blond hair, and high heels. These are the details you need to take to implement your costume.

17. Mary Poppins

Blue or gray light coat or coat, hook-shaped umbrella, hat on head, and all that can be considered a success.

18. Snow White

Snow White costume should be made in red-blue-yellow-white tones. It could be a dress or a corset and a skirt. Well, the hair should ideally be black and relatively short.

19 Alice in Wonderland

Alice was wearing a blue dress and long blonde hair and wore a wide headband, white long golf shoes and low heels. These are the details that should also be present in your image.

20. Malvinas

Distinctive features of this character are blue wavy hair, blue lush dress and pantaloons. You can refuse from pantaloons in principle, and the rest is easy to realize, if you wish instead of blue wig you can use a shade balm for hair, and the dress can easily be found not only in a masquerade store, but also in ordinary boutiques.

21. Peppi Long Stocking

Purchase striped socks for hands and feet, wear a short blue dress, and braid your hair in plaits. Well, for them to bend and stick out in different directions, like Peppies, you have to weave a wire in them.

22. Marilyn Monroe

Snow White dress with a deep neckline and pleated bottom is exactly what you need to recreate Miss Monroe's image. Well, you'll also have to put your hair in her style and put red lipstick on your lips.

1 Elvis Presley

May buy a suit with flared trousers and a shirt with a deep neckline, or stop at the usual clothes – dark jeans, jeans jacket, but take care of a high hairstyle and manner of behavior in the style of Elvis.

2. Superhero

This could be a Spider-Man, Batman or Superman costume. The choice is yours, they're all sold in stores with carnival costumes.

3. Zorro

To recreate the image of Zorro you don't have to buy the whole costume, because you can wear your own black trousers and try to find a free cut of the shirt. The red fabric will be sewn with a wide belt and tied over the trousers. It's just a mask, a hat and a sword to buy.

4. Knight

Themed stores sell costumes imitating chain mail, that's exactly what you need. You'll also have to buy a fake sword and a shield.

5. Prince

Crown is the main attribute of the prince's image, so it should be bought first. And the prince will need a camisole, high boots and a sword.

6. Father Frost

Red or blue fur coat, white beard, mustache and wig, as well as boots and a bag of “gifts” – this is exactly what you need to imitate the image of Santa Claus.

7. Gandalf of Lord of the Rings

Grey hat, gray cape, as well as high boots and a white beard with long hair – that's what Gandalf is ready.

8. Harry Potter

Black mantle to the floor, a magic wand to the hands and round glasses to the eyes – that's basically what you need to recognize the image.

9. Military

We'll need khaki, tibia, black cap, bulletproof vest, walkie-talkie, and a toy gun and dark glasses for your eyes.

10. Sailor

Blue trousers, shirt, vest and visor need to be prepared.

11. Pilot

Pilot will look great in a dark blue suit with gilded buttons and a neat cap.

12. Policeman

You need to wear blue pants with arrows, blue shirt, hang a holster with a toy gun on your belt, as well as handcuffs and a police officer badge. You'll need dark sunglasses and a cap with a visor to detail the image.

13. Tarzan

This is a costume for brave guys with a beautiful figure. You need to wear a hip bandage and a wig with long hair.

14. Robin Hood

We'll need a long-sleeved green jacket, a brown shoulder cape, gray pants tucked into high boots, and a bow with arrows.

15. Avatar

You need to buy a blue Avatar mask, put on your cotton light pants and shirt, and put on a black T-shirt. You should take a long spear in your hand.

16. Aladdin

Alladin can be dressed in a snow-white suit based on a white shirt and the same white balloon and a turban on the head.

17. Chaplin

This is a good fit for wide trousers, a narrow jacket, a bowler hat, a hooky cane and characteristic glued moustache.

18. Agent 007

This is the perfect image for a New Year's party, and it won't be a problem to recreate. You'll need a black tuxedo, a white shirt, a black butterfly tie, and an imitation gun.

19 People in Black

This image consists of a black suit, a white shirt, a black tie, dark sunglasses, and a memory erasure device (you can take a regular ballpoint pen with you).

20. Caesar

Cesar should be wrapped in a white cloak, with a red coat on his shoulders. And Caesar's head is decorated with gilded laurel branches.

21. Zeus is the god of Olympus

This character is dressed in a white mantle as well as a red cape. He grabbed his clothes with a wide golden belt. You'll also need to buy a white wig and a beard overlay.

22. Cowboy

Wear jeans, plaid shirt, vest, and spurred shoes, head covered with a cowboy hat, tie a bandana around your neck, and attach a holster with a gun to your belt.

23. Masked suit

This is a very bright masquerade suit consisting of a yellow jacket and trousers and a green face mask.

24. Arabian sheikh

Place a long white robe underneath her black trousers, put a white piece of fabric on her head and tie a black ribbon over her. In principle, the image is ready, it remains only to put on black sunglasses and take a purse with dollars.

25. Pirate

We'll need a dagger, skirt, hat, eye patch, high boots with a patch, loose pants and a shirt.

Let's get distracted: how to make Christmas tree toys (videos):


Ball masquerade – the theme of the party for adults

Masquerade celebration: how to organize and what to wear

Problem of preparation high
Decor of candlesticks, garlands, velvet, masks, flower compositions
Flowers white and dark red roses, purple tulips, green and white bulldenage
Bach, Corelli, Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Fux, Purcell
Colors purple, green, gold, silver, black, red, white, burgundy, purple
Beef loin medallions, seafood salad, chicken and rosemary, French bread, pastries, cookies, cake, fruit, champagne
Thematic entertainment dances, auction, walk, game “Theatre”, dance cards, animation for the best costume, photo shoot

The idea of the theme party ball masquerade

The idea of the ball masquerade made the heart beat faster and bleed in the veins since the 16th century. Some clever (or too in love) Frenchman came up with the idea of going to the royal ball in a mask. A little later, the mask became a symbol of equality between rich and poor, smart and stupid, men and women.

In the masquerade only motley birds without sex, age, even, sometimes voices took part. It was the perfect environment for treacherous intrigues, gossip, and, of course, forbidden love. Also, a masked man could afford to be different.

One mask helped to defeat the complexes, while the other, on the contrary, allowed to hide his debauched essence thoroughly. The true “I” stayed somewhere in the light of daylight. In the darkness of the same masquerade ballroom was born a new man who wrote his own, mysterious story.

So what will be the mysterious story of your holiday? Let's start planning the party!

1. Choosing a masquerade theme

Selecting a masquerade theme depends on several factors. First of all, your common vision of the holiday and your preferences. Here are a few tried-and-tested suggestions:

Mardi Gras

(Thematic masquerade for admirers of bright colours and paints, feathers, wild fun and dancing)

Ghost of the opera

p>(a more restrained holiday in the spirit of the Victorian majesty of the era, with classical music and a corresponding theme of drama)

Aristocratic ball of the 18th century

(a luxurious event whose main emphasis is on pompous outfits, many precious jewellery and fine cuisine)

Old Hollywood

(the world of glamour of a social gathering whose representatives coquettishly cover their eyes with an exquisite mask)


And the choice of theme masquerade can also be influenced by the venue (for the Victorian ball you need to rent a large dance hall, and for the old Hollywood and a modest living room at home). And, of course, the budget. If, for example, “Hollywood” and “Ghost of the Opera” – low-budget activities, then the “Mardi Gras” and “Aristocratic Ball” – will have to pay a substantial sum.

2. Invitations to the ball – masquerade

After the theme has been defined – we start inviting guests. The dominant symbol for any masquerade theme is of course mask.

The front of the tablet of such a stylish invitation card uses the idea of decorating Venetian boudoirs. The walls are painted with gold, flowers shimmering in the light of chandeliers, expensive, refined fabrics…

This is a simpler and more economical option. The base mask is cut out of dense paper (cardboard) and decorated using improvised means.

Instead of serpentine (or with it) you can use aerosol silver sequins based on glue or metallized large “peas” of confetti.
It is important to specify the date, time, theme of the holiday, place, dress code, and terms of RSVP information.

3. Ball dresses – masquerade

Nothing worse than a theme party with guests who ignored the dress code line. Masquerade without costumes is initially doomed to failure. There are three simple rules to avoid embarrassment, embarrassment, and spoiled moods:

I. Invitation cards must be handed to all guests at least two weeks before the event;

II. Ask the dress code clearly, loudly and categorically.

Try to explain to your guests that their fairytale costumes will bring the theme of the party to life, that during the Renaissance masquerades were held only for the elite, the elite of society, and in the end – announce a competition for the best carnival costume (with the subsequent reward of the winner).

III. Prepare spare masks for those guests who are “hearing impaired,” or – too pragmatic in nature to feel the whole deep philosophy of the future holiday.

Spare mask, along with a strict indication: men in tailcoats, women – in evening dresses – is quite capable of saving the ball masquerade, which can be on the verge of failure.

And if the guests add a little bit of zest – Rio-style shoes – you get a wonderful


The costume for the ball masquerade can be either carefully thought out in a pompous outfit or in a humorous and erotic way.

Men also, depending on the theme of the holiday, can come both in a strict tailcoat with a butterfly and in a suit of a pirate in a triangle, or Zorro.

4. Masks for the party ball – masquerade

The perfect solution for an expensive medieval ball will be this mask based on gypsum.

This can be done at home, using a little improvisation and artistic talent. For one mask you will need: 20 gauze-based medical gypsum tapes (2.5 cm wide and 4 cm long), greasy cream, water.

Lubricate the face with cream (to avoid irritation and allergic reaction), apply soaked gypsum strips in water. Let the cast dry on your face. Use a sharp knife to shape the finished print.

And then let your creativity and imagination run wild.

The simpler option is masked glasses of fabric. Hypure, pearls, rhinestones, leather are just a few of the tools that can make a woman's masked look mysterious, mysterious, perfect.

And the most elementary variant of masks is a guipure eye patch. Mystery, expression, charisma are just a few words from the plethora of those you'll hear thanks to the mask at the party.


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