Linex: Instructions for use for children and adults, forms, formulation, analogues


Linex – official instructions for use

Linex: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues

The instructions for use of Linex describe its indications, poor side effects and pharmacological effects, the product is advertised on an equal footing with Hilac Forte on all channels, and doctors recommend it after antibiotic treatment. On the Internet, opinions about the drug were divided, and some believe that such therapy is useless. Is it worth drinking, how does it work on a person?

Linex composition

It includes three types of microorganisms, namely lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, enterococcus. Magnesium stearate

Powder is placed in a dense capsule including gelatin, titanium dioxide and other complex organic compounds. The volume of each component is specified in the annotation separately.

The release form

Linex or Linux for adults is a white lyophilisate (dried bacteria), odorless, sealed in opaque capsules and blisters. For children, the probiotic is sold in separate sachet packets, the contents of which are dissolved in water or food mixtures in the case of infants during use.


The owner of the registration certificate is Lek Pharmaceuticals d. d., the company is located in Slovenia. According to the Medicines Registry (MRL), the international name is Lactic Acid Producing Organisms. There are no proprietary names. In Russia it is produced by Sandoz or Biosfera.

Pharmacological action

Pharmacological action

Bacteria, which are the active component of the drug, freely enter the stomach, small and large intestines and start their own life activity. “Useful” microorganisms cause the following positive effects:

  • increase the acidity of the environment, which negatively affects the pathogenic flora;
  • participate in the synthesis of several types of vitamins;
  • stimulates digestive processes;
  • release a number of enzymes that contribute to the breakdown and absorption of complex compounds;
  • synthesize bacteriocins, specific substances with antiseptic action.

From the dense capsule, the drug is not broken down by bile, gastric juice, which increases its bioavailability.

Some sources indicate that Linex can help with heartburn, liver disease, and weight loss, but there have been no such changes in practice.

Not a laxative. Constipation disappears with digestive recovery.


The instructions for use state that the components are not absorbed into the bloodstream and are not dispersed throughout the body, which is considered an undeniable plus of probiotics.

The drug does not pass the placental and hemato-encephalic barrier, so it does not affect the central nervous system and does not harm the fetus.

How to use Linex

Medication is prescribed for a number of conditions that significantly reduce the quality of life of the patient. These include:

  • disbacteriosis accompanied by the appropriate clinic;
  • long-term antibacterial therapy;
  • postoperative period, removal or truncating of abdominal or pelvic organs;
  • constipation.

The drug is often recommended not only for the treatment but also for the prevention of various inflammatory or non-inflammatory diseases.


Instructions for use specify cases in which Linex cannot be used. It includes:

  • individual intolerance to active ingredients;
  • impossibility of lactose and other carbohydrates;
  • heavy current diabetes mellitus;
  • irreplaceable deficit of some digestive enzymes.

No probiotic to drink in the following cases:

  • presence of high body temperature (38 degrees and more);
  • recording of pathological impurities in the feces (mucus, blood, pus);
  • Diarrhea for 3-5 days without a tendency to improve the patient's health;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Li>Loss of body weight against dehydration.

In the severe course of dysbiosis, the medicine is prescribed together with saline solutions.

Side effects

The drug is well tolerated by all segments of the population, whether male or female, adolescent or elderly. However, hypersensitivity should not be ruled out, with rash, itchy skin, redness and other signs of allergies as symptoms.

Linex: Instructions for use

The medicine is used orally after a meal and is soaked in cool, clean water. The dosage varies, and the treatment is prescribed by the doctor according to the patient's individual needs. The scheme and details are described in the table below.

Age in yearsNumber of capsulesReception frequency per day
Proceed to 213
Older 1223

The timing of therapy depends on the course of the main pathology, on average, Linex is prescribed a monthly course, after which a short break should be taken.


Sources of information on the poisoning of this medicine have not recorded.


In the instructions for use it is noted that the stability of strains allows the simultaneous drinking of eubiotics with antibacterials and combined with chemotherapy. Doctors with work experience have a different opinion, they believe that such a combination is irrational, and the means reduce the therapeutic effect by several times.

Terms and conditions of sale

The product can be purchased in pharmacies or on websites without a prescription.

Storage conditions

In the preparation Linex, the instruction states that it should be placed in a dry place protected from direct rays at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.

Full life

Makes two years, provided the package is not opened. Delayed disposal as household waste.

Special instructions

Temperature of the water by which the capsule is stored should not be hot. Coffee, tea, carbonated drinks prevent the action and activation of bacteria.

The medicine has no effect on a person's psyche, memory or attention.

Linex Analogues

Large number of drugs similar in pharmacodynamics to the specified probiotic have been created. Some of them are worth talking about.

Linex or Acipolis – which is better?

This product is also available as a capsule and contains lactobacillus bacteria and kefir fungus. Recommended for persons suffering from infectious inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Used in chronic colitis, enteritis.

The drug should be drunk half an hour before a meal. Treatment periods are shorter, 5-8 days. It's prescribed for children from three months of age.

What's better: Bifidumbacterin or Linex?

Realized in several forms: solution in ampoules, powder in vials and gelatin capsules. The drug increases local immunity, has a positive effect on metabolic processes and inhibits the growth of pathogenic microflora.

How and Lactobacterin, has a lower price: the cost varies between 70-100 rubles, which increases the availability of drugs for the population. Rarely prescribed for newborns and pregnant women.

Maxilac or Linex – which is better?

The mentioned prebiotic consists of more bacteria and also includes oligofructose – a substance that is a nutrient substrate for microorganisms, which has a positive effect on their activation and reproduction in the intestinal cavity. For children, it is available as a suspension, a syrup.

Maxilak also has a lower risk of causing allergies due to the absence of casein and lactose residues. Doesn't require frequent administration – the daily dose is just one capsule.

What's better: Linex or Normobact?

The instructions for use say the drug is indicated for people suffering from meteorism, constipation, or prolonged diarrhea. It is sold as a powder in separate bags, the contents must be mixed with milk or water. The duration of treatment is ten days. Pharmacokinetics and component concentration are no different.

What's better: Linex or Lactofilterum?

They are used to treat and prevent dysbiosis. The second drug belongs to a completely different group – sorbents. As an activated carbon or Polysorb, it is able to bind toxins and excrete them through natural pathways.

It contains artificial carbohydrate compounds that are little different from natural plant fibers. There are virtually no contraindications or side effects. According to the instructions for use, it increases intestinal peristalsis and saves patients from constipation in a short time.

Lynex or Bififiform – what is better?

The drug is referred to as a biological additive (BAA) that can prevent dysbiosis. It is not suitable for the treatment of inflammatory diseases due to the lower bacterial activity. Assigned to persons over two years of age, not recommended to newborns and babies.


So as a probiotic is well digested and does not cause side effects, it can be given to babies after treatment with rotavirus, bacterial infection and stool disorders.

The instructions for use indicate that if a small patient cannot swallow the capsule, the casing can be opened, the contents can be poured into a teaspoon, diluted with water, and the child given a solution. In children under five years of age, the stomach environment has a mildly alkaline reaction, which helps to maintain the vitality of lactic acid bacteria after such an intake.

In the case where treatment has not led to improvement of health, it is necessary to stop therapy and seek medical advice and examination.

Lynex for newborns

Perfect mother's nutrition, breastfeeding, the sterile baby's digestive tract is infested with a “healthy” microflora that can stabilize the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. When using mixtures, the frequent incidence of disease is formed by dysbiosis, the manifestations of which are considered to be:

  • green liquid faeces;
  • slime;
  • intestinal colic;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • abdominal bloating;
  • language with white patina;
  • relaxation, constant crying of the newborn.

This condition needs to be stopped within a short period of time, otherwise there are many consequences, including dehydration, electrolyte imbalance.

In the course of therapy, it is recommended to use capsules or buy a special Linex Baby, in which the volume of the active ingredient is adapted for small ones. It's allowed to be added to the mixture, milk, because the medicine has no effect on the taste of food.

With alcohol

Ethyl alcohol has an antiseptic effect and has a negative effect on the vital functions of bacteria. When ethanol and probiotics are taken together, the bioavailability of the drug is reduced several times and the treatment will lose its effectiveness.

Linex during pregnancy and lactation

As mentioned above, the drug is not absorbed into the total bloodstream, and therefore does not enter breast milk or overcome the placental barrier. Negative impact on the child is excluded.

Feedback on Linex

Oleg Pankov, Samara, 34 years old

I want to talk about the product, which is advertised on TV.

I was prescribed, six months ago, a three-week course for the recovery of intestinal microflora. After I started drinking, I noticed a revolution in my stomach: everything rumbled, mumbled and hurt.

After 1.5 months, I went to take a dysbiosis test, and in the end, what was, what was left. Maybe he bought a pacifier, but he didn't do much good, but he threw the money away. Take Bifidumbacterin, which is cheaper and more useful.

Darya Titova, Novorossiysk, 43 years old

I often have digestive problems, and my stomach sometimes hurts unbearably after a meal. I went to the doctor, recommended Linex in pills. The drug is expensive. At the time of treatment the package cost about 400 rubles.

Accepted one capsule three times a day, according to the instructions for use. I had to buy some packs. The result was noticed about two weeks later, by the end of the month I had forgotten about the discomfort.

Replacing the drug with a cheap analogue for comparison did not try.

Alena Aleksandrova, Tambov, 21 years old

Linex bought on the urgent recommendation of my dermatologist – a doctor of the highest category. Before that, I went to the usual cosmetologists, but no one helped to get rid of many pimples on the forehead.

To prescribe treatment, the doctor had to see the tests after visiting a gastroenterologist and gynecologist. Dysbacteriosis confirmed, capsules prescribed.

During therapy, the face became clean, pimples practically do not appear.

Where to buy?

Our readers recommend that you buy drugs at the 36/6 pharmacy. Always profitable and high quality!


Linex: instructions for use

Linex: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues

Treatment by yourself can be harmful to your health.
It is necessary to consult a doctor and read the instructions before using.

White body – white lid, without the inscription. Content – white powder.

One of the capsule of Linex® contains at least 1.2×107 live lyophilized lactic acid bacteria.

Active component: lyophilized lactic acid bacteria

Lactobacillus acidophilus (sp. L. gasseri), Bifidobacterium infantis, Enterococcus faecium

Auxiliaries: lactose, dextrin, potato starch, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide (E171), gelatin.

Pregnancy and lactation period

The use of Linex® in pregnancy and lactation is considered safe.

Method of administration and dosage


Neonborn children and children under 2 years of age: 1 capsule three times a day;

Children aged 2 to 12 years: 1 to 2 capsule three times a day;

Adults and children over 12 years of age: 2 capsule three times a day.

Linex® should be taken after a meal with a small amount of liquid.

Children under 3 years of age and patients who are unable to swallow the whole capsule should open it, the contents should be poured into a spoon and mixed with a small amount of liquid or food.

Treatment duration depends on the cause of dysbacteriosis and individual characteristics of the body. The average course is 2 weeks. The individual course of treatment is determined by the doctor.

Side effects

Unwanted effects of lactic acid bacteria are very rare (less than 1 in 10,000 treated patients). Allergic reaction may occur.

In case of allergic reactions or undescribed side effects, Linex® should be stopped and a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

Interaction with other medicines

Clinically significant data on interaction with other medicines was not found.

Linex® capsules can be prescribed at the same time as antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents.

Treatment of diarrhoea requires reimbursement for lost fluid and electrolytes.


Influence on the ability to drive and handle sensitive mechanisms:

Linex® does not slow down the response rate and can therefore be assigned to drivers and people who require increased attention.

Other instructions

Not to drink Linex® with hot drinks or to use simultaneously with alcohol.

You should consult your doctor before taking Linex® if you have one:

– Body temperature above 38°C,

– traces of blood or mucus in the stool,

– diarrhoea lasts more than two days and is accompanied by severe abdominal pain, dehydration and weight loss,

– chronic diseases: Diabetes mellitus, AIDS

Dark glass bottles, 16 or 32 capsules in a bottle.

Aluminum blisters, 8 capsules in a blister, 2 or 4 blisters in a cardboard box.

Linex analogues, synonyms, and group drugs

Treatment can be harmful to your health.
You should consult your doctor and read the instructions before using.



Linex: instructions for use for children and adults, forms, composition, analogues

Intestinal microflora equilibrium regulator

Form of production, composition and packaging

Capsules opaque, with white body and lid; content – white powder, odorless.

(In 1 g of the active ingredient Lebenin, the powder contains: Lactobacillus acidophilus (species L.gasseri) – 300 mg, Bifidobacterium infantis – 300 mg, Enterococcus faecium – 300 mg, lactose – 50 mg, potato starch – 50 mg)

Auxiliaries: magnesium stearate – 8.4 mg

Capsule shell composition: methylhydroxybenzoate – 0.19 mg, propylhydroxybenzoate – 0.08 mg, titanium dioxide (E171) – 0.98 mg, gelatine – up to 63 mg.

8 pcs. – blisters made of soft aluminium/hard aluminium foil (Al/Al) (2) – carton packs.8 – blisters made of soft aluminium/hard aluminium foil (Al/Al) (4) – carton packs.

8 pcs – blisters made of soft aluminium/hard aluminium foil (Al/Al) (6) – carton packs.


– treatment and prevention of dysbacteriosis.

Dysbacteriosis is manifested by diarrhea, dyspepsia, constipation, meteorism, nausea, vomiting, burping, abdominal pain; allergic reactions are possible.


The drug is prescribed orally after a meal, the capsules should be taken with a small amount of liquid. Children under 3 years of age and patients who cannot swallow the capsule should open it, pour the contents into a spoon and mix with a small amount of liquid.

Neonborn and children under 2 years of age are prescribed 1 capsule 3 times a day.

Children aged 2 to 12 years – 1-2 capsules 3 times a day.

Adults and children over 12 years 2 capsules 3 times a day.

Treatment duration depends on the cause of dysbacteriosis and the individual characteristics of the body.

The drug is well tolerated. There is no information about undesirable reactions, but the possibility of hypersensitivity reactions cannot be ruled out.

Pharmacological interaction

Not observed undesirable interaction of Linex with other drugs.

Linex composition allows taking it simultaneously with antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents.

Pregnancy and lactation

Application during pregnancy and lactation is considered safe.

Applied in childhood

Applied in children as indicated.

Storage conditions and durations

Aluminum foil blisters should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.

Aluminum foil/polymer film sheeting and vials should be stored in a dry place at temperatures not exceeding 25°C.

The vial should be stored tightly closed. After the first vial is opened, the drug should be used for 4 months.

The drug should be kept out of reach of children.

The expiration date is 2 years.

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Linex: instructions for use for children, analogues

Linex: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues


  • 1 Composition of the drug
  • 2 Pharmacological action and pharmacodynamics
  • 3 From which age is the drug allowed to be taken?/li>
  • 4 Why prescribe Linex for children
  • 5 Instructions for use and dosage
  • 6 Drug interaction
  • 6/li>

  • 7 Contraindications, side effects, and overdose
  • 8 Cheap drug analogues
  • 9 Which is better for a child, Linex or Bififiform/li>
  • 10 Comparison with Hilac Forte and Acipolus

“Linex” is the medium that everyone is likely to have heard of. But not everyone understands the mechanism of his action. It is a powerful eubiotic capable of quickly normalizing the composition of the intestinal microflora or preventing abnormalities. Prescribe the medicine to adults and even to the youngest patients. To get the result it is important to follow the instructions for use of “Linex”.

The composition of the drug

“Linex Forte” can hardly be called a regular drug. It is a product that does not contain the usual chemical compounds or plant extracts, but living microorganisms that are normal and live within the human intestine.

Two strains were injected into the drug:

  • Bifidobacterium animalis subsp – bifidobacteria;
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus – lactobacillus bacteria.

This combination of microorganisms provides the highest efficiency in a short period of time. The capsules also contain additional substances. It's starch, magnesium stearate, glucose.

Pharmacological action and pharmacodynamics

Typical feature of the product is the shell, which dissolves only in the intestinal environment. This means that it passes through the oesophagus and stomach in the same form, and starts working only where it is necessary. The number of pathogenic microorganisms decreases sharply during the reception. This effect can be achieved in three ways:

  1. Bacteria coming from the capsule normalize the pH level, making the environment unsuitable for life and reproduction of pathogenic microbes.
  2. Bacteriological and lactobacillus bacteria compete with the pathogenic flora for food and a place to form a colony. The number of harmful agents is gradually decreasing.

Essentially, the drug can be seen as a means of local action. It works in the intestine without affecting the systemic blood flow, so there is no pharmacokinetic data.

As of which age is the drug allowed

Eubiotic use has no age limit. “Linex” for children is prescribed by paediatricians from birth, provided that the need for the drug is proven.

For what is the purpose of Linex for children

Full list of indications is given in the instructions for use of “Linex”. It says why they give it to children.

His main purpose is to restore the disturbed balance of microflora.

Alas, this condition worries not only adults.

Dysbacteriosis can occur for various reasons in children of all ages.

Suspect him from symptoms such as

  • frequent changes in polarized intestinal disorders (diarrhoea followed by prolonged constipation);
  • Abdominal bloating;
  • heaviness in the lower abdomen;
  • nausea or vomiting associated with a lack of appetite.

Other signs of intestinal dysbiosis may also indicate the presence of intestinal dysbiosis. So, patients often have a worse skin condition. Pallor of the skin combined with weight loss is also a characteristic symptom on the face (more often on the forehead).

Diagnosing dysbiosis in newborns is more difficult. It's best to do it together with a doctor. The pediatrician will tell you what signs to look out for. Typically, children who are concerned about abdominal pain become capricious, often crying for no apparent reason, sleeping poorly.

For a note. A baby with dysbiosis may have pimples on her face. It's important not to confuse them with allergies.

Instruction on use and dosage

How to take the product is detailed in the annotation to it. The regimen does not vary much with age, but the infant dosages are markedly reduced.

  1. “Linex” for newborns is prescribed in the smallest amount. Krohe gives one capsule per day, dissolving its contents in breast milk, mixture or water.
  2. The children of 2-12 years old can drink one or two capsules. An increase in dose will be needed if the symptoms of dysbiosis are pronounced and cause significant discomfort.
  3. After 12 years, the drug is taken on an equal basis with adults – 1-3 capsules per day.

The best way to drink the drug together with food. This will increase the effectiveness of the drug. The course of treatment is always selected individually. Usually the product is taken until the unpleasant symptoms are gone, but if there is no positive dynamics, you will need to consult a doctor again

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