Bathing for newborns with herbs

Newborns' and babies' bathing herbs: a gift of nature to solve many problems

Bathing newborns with herbs

In addition to the strong (and contraindicated) shops, the collection of herbs for bathing newborns can solve several problems.

First of all, it should be understood that if the baby is healthy, do not experiment with plants. In this case, the water for the tub should be clean, without additives.

The infusion and decoctions should be used if the child has some health problems.

However the herbs are recommended:

The herbal water procedures improve the child's immunity and health

High excitability, sleep disturbances. Soothing baby baths will help. They can be used as a preventive measure when the crumbs have had an eventful day of stress or a restless night's sleep.

This includes allergic rash, sweat, eczema, and insect bites. Grasses with anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, antibacterial properties are used.
Cheek colic. Even in this case, the baby's condition can be alleviated by baths.

The newborn's colic herbs work gently, relieving spasms and improving the digestive system.
Hypo- or hypertonicity. Some plants are able to normalize muscle performance by tones.

For more information about hypertension, see the profile article.

O.A. Rhone,

Bathtubs with potions can significantly improve the health of the child. It is better to start with gentle methods than to use strong medications – tablets that necessarily have side effects.

Most plants have contraindications, and even harmless chamomile can cause allergies. In order not to cause harm to an immature body, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician before using broths.

The optimal way to use pharmacy plants for bathing is to be sure of their quality. You can collect with your own hands only if you are sure that this plant is the right one, not its poisonous double, and in an ecologically clean area.

Even light sedative baths for babies for a good night's sleep can do more harm than good, if you do not take into account their contraindications. For an adult, the effect may be inconspicuous. But the organism, recently born, the man is still being formed, including its protective forces. It's vulnerable, so it's much easier to work on it.

A good mood during a water treatment is the key to success in the fight for good health

As mentioned above, it's not worth using medicinal plants for a healthy baby's water treatment. They should also be avoided in the following situations:

  • allergy to the plant and individual intolerance;
  • recently given vaccinations and surgeries;
  • high temperature;
  • ranks and other skin injuries.

While the procedure is in progress, the baby's health should be monitored closely. If he is red, obviously unhappy, muttering, breathing with difficulty, you should stop.

What is not to make a mistake when choosing herbs for bathing a newborn baby, you need to make a test for an allergic reaction beforehand. To do this, moisten the cotton pad with broth and lubricate the forearm crumbs on the inside. Evaluate the result within 15-20 minutes. If there's redness, you can't use it.

If you want to bathe your child in herbs, Dr. Komarowski will tell you in the video below:

Green friends and doctors

Split plants serve different purposes. For example, there are soothing herbs for bathing newborns, toning, disinfecting.



Name of the plantDestinationstrong>References for useWhat actions does
COMPUTER APTICALDermal problemsDermal rashes, rashes, allergies, eczema, dermatitisCleansing, anti-inflammatory, itchy, antibacterial, mild soothing
ColicsCandidary colic, gastrointestinal disordersSpasmolytic, relaxing, antibacterial
VALERIAN rootSoothingSleep difficulties, sleep disturbances, nervous overstimulationSoothing, relaxing
LinesSkin problemsAny skin diseases, seborrheic crust on the headCleansing, drying, anti-inflammatory
LavandaSoothingSpasms, nervous disorders, sleeping problems, skin diseasesSpazmolytic, analgesic, sedative, antiseptic
Chmelle's CrumbsClubsGastrointestinal diseases, pains and spasms, colic, overexcitabilitySoothing, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic
CHIEF EXTRACTMuscle toneHypertonic and hypotonicGenerally tonic, normalizing effect on the nervous system, antiseptic, strengthening immunity
KrapivaTone of muscles, skin problems
Hypotonus, skin diseasesCleansing, toning, improving blood circulation

Paloose also for a salt bath with herbal extracts and various fees. In making up the collection, it is necessary to act intelligently and take into account their opposition to each other. It's easier to use the ready-made collections.

Blacklist of herbs

But not all plants are suitable for bathing a newborn. There are some that should be abandoned – poisonous. Even if they are suitable for outdoor use in adults, the emerging body is more vulnerable. In addition, while having fun in the bath, crumbs can accidentally swallow water.

The number of poisonous can be soothing, antiseptic, improving the condition of the skin and other baths for children. You should avoid such plants:

  • Air;
  • Adonis;
  • Tui;
  • Rakitnik;
  • Pyjma;
  • Adonis.

What concerns the celandine, there is still no consensus on it. Some paediatricians prescribe this plant as a treatment for skin diseases. But at the same time, it's poisonous. Therefore, if you're worried about safety, the grass is safer to bathe the newborns. This sequence has a celandine-like effect.

Bastova G.I, Pediatrician, neonatologist, ultrasound doctor, Semeynaya Clinic, Moscow

People have a bad tendency. It's a propensity for overprotection. It comes down to giving kids even antibiotics for prophylaxis. What to say about baths.

In principle, a light rinse with chamomile or lavender will not do much harm, but if it happens not more often than once a week. Too much good, too bad. To learn how to take care of your newborn baby in the first month, read here.

How and when to apply

In the moment after birth, the body of a new man is especially fragile and vulnerable. Natural plant baths can add to his stress. It is recommended to use only certified herbs for babies, which are sold in pharmacies

Approximately first 2 weeks, until the umbilical cord wound heals, it is necessary to use only pure boiled water with the addition of manganese. For more information about the temperature of the bathing water for newborns, see here.

Then you can gradually begin to make soothing baths to keep your baby well asleep if necessary. It's better if the first addition to the child's life is chamomile. It acts most gently and accurately, has a lot of useful properties and minimum contraindications. Begin with a 5-minute treatment, gradually increasing the time.

Then you can gradually introduce other natural water additives, one at a time, passing on to a stronger one as you grow up. So, for example, conifer-salt baths for babies are undesirable for the first couple of months.

Emportant rules of water procedures

For the healing baths to do maximum good and not harm the crumbs, you should follow simple rules:

  1. Do not use herbal baths without the need. If your baby is healthy and developing well, a simple water balloon is sufficient.
  2. Intertroduce new plants one at a time, after a test for allergies. After a new decoction bath, it should not be used for a few days to evaluate the possible consequences.
  3. When collecting, using a maximum of four herbs and not adding new ones. The more components there are in the composition, the harder it will be to identify the culprit if an allergy occurs.
  4. The more components in the composition, the harder it will be to identify the culprit if there is an allergy.
  5. This “bath day” cannot be done every day. It is enough 1-2 times a week.
  6. Not to use detergents with these products, they can negate all the benefits.
  7. The best time for the procedure is in the evening, shortly before bedtime. Especially when it comes to soothing baths for babies.
  8. Only fresh potions are used. The longer it lasts, the more it loses its useful properties.
  9. Rinse the crumb after a water treatment is not necessary. Let the useful components soak up the skin better.

Well, of course, it's important to have such procedures in a calm, good mood. And it's not just about adults, it's about the baby itself. When he cries, cooks and gets irritated, the procedure won't give him any pleasure.

How to cook correctly

It is important to know how to prepare baby baths. Pine and salt, for example, are sold ready in a pharmacy in the form of salt and extracts.

When brewing herbs, you should not forget to read the method of preparation on the package

Package has written rules of preparation and dosage. The same applies to ready-made herbal medicine collections.

With regard to individual plants and self-preparation of charges, the rules must also be followed. When leaving the fee, you need to take the raw materials in equal proportions. Half a liter of water needs 4 tablespoons of the mixture. To brew not boiling, but hot water, to insist within half an hour – the easiest way.

So as it is necessary not only correctly to brew a grass for bathing of a newborn, but also to strain it, it is easier to take advantage of gathering in filter-packages. They need about 5-6 pieces.

Some compositions require a water bath. This procedure lasts for 15 minutes, then you also need to insist for 30 minutes. Ready infusion or decoction to pour into the tub. It should occupy no more than 40% of the total volume of liquid.

Shakirova A.R., pediatrician, gastroenterologist, Manual Center of Perinatology and Gynecology. Kulakov, Moscow

Baths with natural decoctions noticeably improve the condition of the skin, soothe the nervous system, strengthen the body's defenses, normalize tone. The main thing is not to overdo it.

And for those who do not have time to bother with brewing, there are a lot of convenient forms – filter bags, extracts, tablets, salts with additives.

Three conclusions

Herb bathing is a centuries-old and proven way to improve your child's well-being. Flowers and herbs, natural aromas and medicines will help you to turn your bathing into a magical procedure that prepares you for bedtime and helps you finish the day. Well, don't forget to be in a good mood. Let the procedure help not only to improve the child's health, but also to bring all family members together.

Detailed information on how to bathe your child and what herbs you can see in the video:

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Bathing a child in herbs: what herbs can be brewed, herbs for the newborn

Bathing newborn babies with herbs

Hygiene is very important for newborns and children in their first years of life. And the main point in this question is bathing, first daily, and then a little bit rarer.

Many young parents ask questions: how to wash your baby properly? How to prepare water for bathing? And is it possible to add herbal decoctions to it? And if you can, what are the best ones to get only the benefits for the child's body by avoiding harm?

We'll try to understand all this in detail.

About the benefits of swimming How to brew and use herbs? Bathing a child in herbs: what herbs can be brewed Herbs not recommended for children bathing Basic rules of bathing a child in herbs

The child is useful to bathe from the first days of his life. And it's not just about washing as such. Hygiene is certainly important and the baby should be clean.

However, bathing also implies additional activity for infants and older children. Water has a beneficial effect on children's well-being, improves skin and hair, and increases muscle tone.

The overall background of the child's body is harmonized. Bathing also contributes to the general hardening and appetite improvement.

This is true, doctors of perinatal centers do not recommend immersing the newborn in a tub with water until the umbilical cord wound heals completely. But after that, you can swim to your heart's content. This includes adding herbal decoctions to the water.

Grasses generally have a positive effect on the infant body. And if there are no individual contraindications, the child can bathe in medicinal herbs almost from the first days of life. These baths will be extremely useful for your baby. They:

  • will help to counter various diseases;
  • will contribute to the rapid healing of wounds and inflammation;
  • will have a general anti-allergic effect.

Herb baths are effective due to the beneficial effects of substances contained in plant materials (essential oils, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, tanning and drying components). We just need to choose them correctly and brew them correctly.

We recommend reading:How to bathe a newborn: pediatrician's advice

How to breed and use herbs?

If you decide to use herbal infusions and potions for your child's bathing, you should know how to cook them properly for such purposes. You know, a small child's skin is extremely sensitive and can react negatively to even the most seemingly insignificant nuance:

  1. First of all, the herbal concentration should be low – the water in the bathing bath can only be slightly colored. A more powerful concentration can cause itching, peeling and dryness of the baby's skin.
  2. Secondly, bathing in herbs should not be constant – it is better to alternate it with normal washing in plain water without any additives. Because herbs are quite strong natural antiseptics. And that's good, but along with the harmful ones, they also kill useful bacteria on the child's skin.


Herb decoctions for children's bathing are usually poured warm directly into the tub. As a result, the temperature of the composition should be 37 degrees Celsius. And the baby shouldn't take this bathroom longer than 10-15 minutes. Rinsing afterwards is not required. The child's skin will only need to be soaked in a dry soft towel.

For preventive procedures for the bath volume of 10-12 liters take 2-3 hundred spoons of dry grass. Brewed in 500 ml of steep boiling water. Then insist under the lid for 2 or 3 hours. Screw and pour into the prepared bathroom.

If a newborn or older child's skin has problems (rashes, swelling, redness, etc.), then before using herbal potions/ bathing infusions, consult with the child's physician observing the child.

He or she will recommend (or strictly forbid) a certain plant or pharmacy fee to be added to the water. You can't make a decision on your own in this matter – there is a great probability not to ease, but to worsen the condition of the baby. And there is no need to take into account the advice of girlfriends/friends.

Which helped and was good for one child, the other may not be suitable at all.


Self to make herbal baths for children should not be. Only one herb can be used for a specific procedure. Even experienced herbalists cautiously connect plants. Because in the assembly, they can give a completely unexpected effect. In addition, it is necessary to know clearly the proportions, time of raw material collection, drying conditions, etc. So don't take any chances.

Bathing a child in herbs: what herbs can be brewed

K “definitely useful” for bathing infants and older children can not be attributed to all medicinal herbs. However, there are plants that are recommended for this procedure. The most popular herbs are traditionally those listed below.


This grass is the most actively used in water-based healing procedures. Its infusion effectively relieves rashes, diaper and inflammation, helps even in the treatment of pustules on the skin. However, this plant has a pronounced drying effect, so it is not recommended for daily washing.

Wrist (flowers)

Also very popular herbal raw material for creating herbal baths. Has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Recommended for use almost from the first days of life of the newborn (in the absence of contraindications).

Chamomile flowers, being properly brewed, quickly soothe the skin with irritation, serve as an excellent preventive, as well as therapeutic agent against diaper. This herb has a vivid antiseptic effect.

And also relaxes the child's muscles and has a beneficial effect on his nervous system – removes irritability and anxiety. The chamomile is also ideal for bathing babies with a particularly sensitive epidermis.

Cora oak

This vegetable raw material is a great way to fight diaper and children's sweat. Has a tonic effect and improves blood circulation.


Sage herb improves infant sleep, removes small rashes and relieves skin irritations.

Calendar (flowers)

This herbal raw material is recommended for bathing infants and older children with small skin wounds. Calendula promotes rapid healing of the epidermis and strengthens its protective qualities. The decoction of these flowers has a pronounced antiseptic effect – it effectively fights itching (including allergic) and cleans the skin of the child.


This is another popular weed that is often used for children's baths. Lavender soothes the nervous system, relaxes muscles and perfectly softens the skin. The grass visibly improves the overall health of babies and can be used for everyday bathing. It is also recommended for coursework, especially in winter.


Everyone knows that Valeriana is soothing. And it really is. But it also strengthens the heart muscle.

The decoction of this grass, diluted in a tub, generally has a beneficial effect on babies, and especially on their nervous system. It is not for nothing that Valerian is recommended for washing active, easily excitable children.

And besides, Valerian solution has wound-healing and antispasmodic effect.


This weed is recommended to be brewed for bathing children with poor sleep – those who often wake up and shudder in the crib. Juniper for constant washing is not too good, but for coursework (2-3 weeks) is perfect.


Messenger is rich in essential oils, so the decoction of this herb is often used as a soothing and relaxing remedy. If your baby is nervous, you need to bathe him in the motherwort solution for a couple of days. And then the baby's gonna calm down, it's better to sleep.


This herb is considered to be an excellent tonic. In addition, its infusion has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair and skin. Nettle pots can be used at least every day for an unlimited amount of time. They perfectly soften the epidermis and tone it up perfectly.


If a child has pustular rashes on the skin, after advice from a dermatologist, you can use a course of evening swimming in water with decoction of plantain, which is able to effectively deal with such painful phenomena.


This vegetable raw material has excellent bactericidal properties, so it effectively helps in the treatment of wounds of various origins on children's skin. Even cuts and burns should be treated with a more concentrated solution than for washing with a solution.


This herb is rare, but if you want it, you can even find it in Russian pharmacies. And it also has a wound healing effect, and without drying the skin tissues. For this reason, it is actively recommended by doctors for children's baths.


If you need to cure sweat or diaper, you need to add mint broth to the baby bath. It acts on the delicate skin of the child soothing and perfectly buys any inflammatory processes on it.


For the evening bathing of small caprices, many pediatricians recommend hop infusion. I mean, hop decoction, which effectively relieves irritability and normalizes the baby's sleep.

Grasses not recommended for children's bathing

Must be noted: not all herbs are equally useful for children's bathing. And the point is not only that, without experience and appropriate knowledge, it is impossible to combine vegetable raw materials. There are plants that are completely unsuitable for creating children's baths. For example:


He possesses, though weakly expressed, but poisonous qualities. Which can affect the baby's skin and overall wellbeing in the most negative way.


Bathtubs with this plant material can only be useful for babies with severe dermatological problems. Yeah, and the doctors advise them with caution. Purebody is a powerful tool that has a pronounced drying effect.

When preparing therapeutic baths with this grass, the right dosage is important, and it is known to few people. Moreover, every child needs to choose the recipe according to his or her condition. Therefore, cleanliness is only helpful in individual cases, strictly in the course of treatment, after consultation with a doctor and at the dosage indicated.

For “amateur” use, this herb is absolutely inappropriate and can even be dangerous.

Russian Rakitnik

This grass is also called “iron ore”. And it's poisonous, too, so it's forbidden in children's phytotherapy. Including bathing baths for infants and older children.


This plant is one of the most “dangerous of the useful” (if I may say so), it has very controversial qualities, because its inflorescences are poisonous! Therefore, it is with the pyjama that dosing issues become crucial. And in the case of children, it's best not to use the plant at all – not for washing or anything else.

The basic rules for bathing a child in herbs

Even if you use only the recommended herbs for bathing children, you should do so strictly according to the rules:

  1. Must consult a pediatrician before adding broths and infusions of medicinal plants to the bath of an older baby or child. He will be able to recommend specific raw materials or discourage such procedures at all.
  2. Bathroom herbs should be purchased only in pharmacies. Do not rely on your own strength and try to prepare healing raw materials yourself. This requires special knowledge, skills and experience. In addition, the plants harvested in the city lose many of their useful qualities under negative external influence (exhaust gases, proximity of industrial enterprises, traces of domestic or stray animals, etc.).
  3. Must remember that medicinal herbs are also medicines. Therefore, the recommended dosage (especially in the case of small children) is the basis of the basic phytotherapy.

  4. If the child is very small, it is better to start with chamomile flower baths as the most “harmless” in terms of side effects.
  5. Before preparing a herbal bath for the baby, it is necessary to check the reaction of the child to the raw materials used. Namely, apply a little decoction (cotton swab or disc) on a very small area of skin. And in half an hour, look at the reaction. If there is no trace of the herbal solution left on the site of application, it can be safely used for swimming.
  6. No herbal gathering experiments! Only individual mono-composition raw materials can be used to prepare children's baths.
  7. This is not to be abused with healing potions at all. You don't have to bathe the baby in them every day. Better courses (when there are some dermatological and psychosomatic problems) or from time to time.
  8. The healing bath solution for an older infant or child should be weakly concentrated. Dosage should be specified in the instructions for pharmacy raw materials or recommended by a physician
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