Where to go with your child at weekends

Where to go with your child in Moscow ” TOP places to take your children on weekends

Where to go with a child at weekend
1. Freezone amusement park
2. What other opportunities are there to spend time with children? 3. Various programs for fun
4. Planetarium
5. Zoo
6. “Inno-Park – Children's Scientific Anti-Museum

Experimentanium – Museum of Entertainment
8. Wonderland Park for Children
9. Izmailovsky Kremlin
10. Moskvarium
11. Exopark and Oceanarium in SEC Rio
12. Museum of Cosmonautics
13. Darwin Museum

Petrushkina Sloboda Theatre Center

Freezone Entertainment Park

Each child is always waiting for the weekend in the hope that his parents will organize a fun time for him.

Correspondingly, all parents always have a question where to go with their child in Moscow at the weekend.

Despite the huge number of different entertainment centers, it is sometimes difficult to decide if there is a need to combine children's and adults' interests.

One of the unique places for entertainment in Moscow is Freezone Park. Its exclusivity lies in the size, variety of entertainment opportunities, as well as the availability of the largest wind tunnel.

Where to go in Moscow to have fun in one place and then lunch, get the most positive emotions? Of course, in Freezone! Want to know what the parachutists are going through? Adults with children of all ages in the wind tunnel will love it.

Also in Freezone Park you can have fun in the rope campus and many other places. 2 hectares of land create wonderful conditions for recreation. You can long think about where to go with children in Moscow.

And we offer to spend the weekend with children in a place where everyone can find interesting entertainment, regardless of age.

Go with your child in Moscow can be in different places, but only in a large amusement park you can find almost unlimited opportunities for recreation. Flying in a wind tunnel is the best way to make your child happy.

Hope we answered the question where to go with the children. We will be glad if the information is useful, and you will be able to quickly decide where to go to spend time with children. It's better to spend less time thinking where you can go and go straight to Freezone Park, where guests are always welcome! Choose the most comfortable time for flights and place an order. You can find out the tariffs in this section. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of flying and have a great time!


What other opportunities are there to spend time with children?

We will try to consider different answers to the question, where to go with children in Moscow, and try to describe the various opportunities. We hope that this article will be useful and will help many parents to decide how to organize an interesting and exciting leisure time with the child.

Many people, when deciding where to go with their own child in Moscow, always prefer the skating rink. There are enough ice rinks in the capital city, working at any time of year

Therefore, parents with children choose this method of entertainment. Skating is not only fun, it's also good for your health.

This means that the ice rink is a place where kids have fun and their parents get a chance to play sports.


Diverse programs for fun

In the warm season you can find a very simple answer to the question where to take your child in Moscow. Numerous parks and squares are open for walks and entertainment. You can go to the nearest of them and the whole family ride:

  • bicycles,
  • samokatah,
  • rollers,
  • hydro scooters and any other means of transport.

In winter, however, it is also possible to have fun with children outdoors. Sledding is just one of them. The main thing is that when choosing where to take your child in Moscow, you just have to come up with an activity that will be equally interesting for everyone.

A fun walk in winter sunny days can end up with a hearty family dinner in the nearest cafe or restaurant to the park. Being outdoors is good for everyone. If the weather allows, it is better to choose exactly this kind of entertainment for the whole family.

Also, answering the question where to take your child in Moscow, we can recommend the capital's planetarium. There are a lot of interesting programs about the starry sky, which will be fascinating not only for children but also for adults.

The large number of theatres in the capital provides a wide range of choices. And it is not necessary to plan only one weekend of entertainment.

Parents with their child in Moscow can go for a ride in the park first, then visit the planetarium or cinema, go to lunch at a restaurant.

In the capital city there is such a significant amount of entertainment that each time you make an interesting and exciting program will be easy.

In the capital city there are a lot of interesting places where you can go with children on weekends or weekdays.



All the secrets of the universe can be found out by visiting the capital's planetarium. It has a variety of performances, including interactive programs and performances. In the 4D cinema you can make a fascinating journey to the seabed, to the center of the hurricane, to the mouth of the volcano. In two star halls it is possible to consider the most remote areas of the Universe, to learn a lot of new and interesting things.

Address: Moscow, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street, 5, page. 1.

Tickets: RUB 550-650.

Work schedule: daily, from 10.00 to 20.00, Tuesday off.



Some seven thousand animals and birds are waiting for visitors in the Moscow Zoo. It has representatives from all over the world. Visiting the zoo repeatedly, you will be able to find something new and interesting in it every time. Numerous environmental events and quizzes, which are regularly held, will help to diversify the walk.

Address: Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street, 1, pp. 1.

Tickets: 400-500 rubles.

Work schedule: daily, from 7.30 to 20.00.


“Inno-Park” is a children's scientific anti-museum

To learn how the laws of chemistry and physics work in everyday life, to see a lot of unusual and amazing things will allow visiting this museum. Guests have the opportunity to master mechanics and cryptography, take part in various experiments and experiments, build Indian types and create a smart robot.

Address: the passage of the Sokolniki circle, 9.

Tickets: 400-500 rubles.

Work schedule: weekdays from 10.30 to 19.30, weekends from 10.00 to 20.00.


“Experimental” – Museum of Fascinating Sciences

Find out a lot of interesting facts and get answers to various questions can visitors of the interactive scientific museum. You can see how crystals and lights of St. Elmo grow and understand what resonance is. The museum has more classes and workshops.

Address: Leningradsky Prospekt, 80 k11.

Tickets: 350-550 rubles.

Work schedule: weekdays 9.30 – 19.00, weekends 10.00 – 20.00.


Children's Wonderland Park

Absolutely fabulous village is waiting for little visitors every day. Carved houses and a mill create an amazing atmosphere. The village also has its own mini-zoo, a playground. The park often hosts animation programs, concerts, master classes and performances.

Address: Warsaw Highway 97, Retail Park Shopping Center, Retail Park Shopping Center.

Tickets: from 400 rubles.

Work schedule: daily from 9.00 to 19.00.


Izmailovsky Kremlin

Starorossiysk Fairytale Style is chosen to decorate the territory of this park. Palaces and carved terems, turrets and original ornaments create a unique atmosphere.

The museum has interesting expositions and master classes to master crafts. There is a palace of Russian meals on the territory, where you can taste various dishes.

Ethnic souvenirs can be purchased in numerous shops and shops.

Address: Izmailovskoe highway, 73G.

Tickets: from 70 rubles.

Work schedule: Wednesday-Friday from 10.00 to 18.00, Saturday, Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00.


Moscow Aquarium

A visit to one of the largest oceanariums in Europe will be interesting for both children and adults. Several species of sharks, starfish, octopus, moray moray beetles – these are not all representatives of the underwater world that can be seen. The oceanarium contains more than 7,000 inhabitants of the deep sea. The presentation is given by dolphins and killer whales.

Address: Prospekt Mira, 119, building 23 (on the territory of VDNKh).

Tickets: from 600 rubles.

Work schedule: daily, from 10.00 to 22.00.


Exopark and Oceanarium in Rio

Amazing fish from New Zealand and Australia, the quiet ocean, animals from Africa and America – all waiting for visitors every day. On an area of more than 2500 m2, you can see the most unique fish and animals.

Beds get the opportunity to find themselves in the underwater kingdom and get the most positive emotions. The exopark occupies an area of 3,500 m2. The visitors will be able to find a lot of rare animals that are not found anywhere else in the zoos of Russia.

Address: Shopping and entertainment center 'Rio' Dmitrovskoye sh., 163.

Tickets: 250-600 rubles.

Work schedule: daily, from 10.00 to 21.00.


Museum of Cosmonautics

One of the largest scientific and technical centers of the world is the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics. There you can visit many different expositions, learn the features of the station “Mir”, the life of astronauts in orbit. The expositions show real samples of missiles and space modules, there are personal belongings of cosmonauts and famous designers.

Address: metro station VDNKh, Prospekt Mira, 111.

Tickets: 100-250 rubles.

Work schedule: from 10.00 to 19.00, on Thursday to 21.00, Monday off.


Darwin Museum

This is the largest natural science museum in Europe. It provides information on the diversity of life on earth and the development of evolution. The concept of natural selection, heredity and variability are the most popular expositions devoted to these questions.

Address: 57 Vavilova Street.

Tickets: 100-400 rubles.

Work schedule: from 10.00 to 18.00, on Thursdays from 13.00 to 21.00.


Petrushkina Sloboda Theatre Center

To learn traditional folk crafts, listen to fairy tales and become a participant of the theatrical performance – all this is possible for the guests of the Petrushkina Sloboda Theatre Center. The organizers tried to provide an interesting and exciting program.

Address: MOOD, Mytischi, Vladimirskaya Street, 10D.

Tickets: 500 rubles.

Work schedule: daily, from 9.00 to 20.00.


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11 the most interesting places to go with your child in Moscow

Where to go with your child at the weekend

Pretty soon, another vacation is coming up. However, we are just worried about the same question at the weekend – where to spend the weekend with the child? Let's discuss today where to go with the child in Moscow, so that the children would be delighted, and we liked you.

Of course, for a child the time of childhood is an unforgettable time of miracles and adventures. They like everything. But we still have to make an effort to ensure that the dazzling memories of this most fabulous period remain for life.

Source: http://detochki-doma.ru/samyie-interesnyie-mesta-v-kotoryie-mozhno-poyti-s-rebenkom-v-moskve/

10 places to go with your child in Moscow

Where to go with your child at the weekend

Moscow has a lot of entertainment for every taste and wallet, and in this article I have prepared a list of the top 10 places to go with your child in Moscow.

For the past few years there have been hundreds of places to go with your child in Moscow. However, among this variety it is very difficult to choose the best and decide where to spend time with the whole family.

For those who are limited in the budget will be a great choice of numerous parks in Moscow, where you can spend the whole day with your child without much expense. The capital of our homeland is full of contrasts, and there are entertainments that will cost half a month's salary. In my personal rating of places to go with a child in Moscow, they did not get.

So where you can go with the child in the capital and enjoy the time spent with the family?

Privedu 10 best places to go with a child in Moscow.

№10. Moscow Children's Book Theatre Magic Lamp


Small and cozy puppet theater with a cordial atmosphere in the center of Moscow offers performances for the youngest children, just 3 years old. The theatre is located in the centre and has a flexible reservation system: if a child falls ill, it is possible to cancel the reservation right on the day of the performance. I recommend to go with the child in Moscow on performance “Kitten named Gav”.

Price: 900-1200 rubles

№9. Sokolniki Park


One of the largest parks in Moscow Sokolniki is a great place to go with a child of any age. There is an amusement park, plenty of paths for cycling, rollerblading and skiing in winter. Also in winter there is an ice rink.

In contrast to other popular Moscow Gorky Park, in Sokolniki you can drive everywhere in a wheelchair and there is not so crowded.

Here you can look at ducks and swans on the Golden Pond, see squirrels (just don't feed them, please), play on one of the many playgrounds, ride the train (as in the photo).

And if you are looking for a place to go with a child with disabilities in Moscow, Sokolniki will be a great option: there is a wheelchair-friendly environment, and there is an Emerald City, which takes into account the needs of children with disabilities.

Price: free of charge

№8. Moscow Planetarium


The oldest planetarium in Russia and one of the largest in the world, Moscow Planetarium can please astronomy lovers of any age, although I recommend to come here with children from 6 years old, because children of younger age can be bored and incomprehensible.

I'll tell you right away that you have to bookmark the whole day or divide the visit into two days: there are a lot of activities and information on the Planetarium. Be sure to visit the Great Star Hall and Museum of Uranium, as well as the Interactive Museum “Lunarium” (children under 6 years of age free of charge).

I do not recommend going to the Theater of Fascinating Science – boring and definitely not worth an additional 600 rubles. Tickets can be bought in advance, but there are no discounts on the site.

Price: from 550 rubles, many benefits

№7.Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard


Cirque Nikulina – one of the oldest and most famous circuses in Russia, where you can go with a child of any age. If you live in Moscow or have appeared here passage, it is an obligatory place to visit.

Unusual atmosphere of the childhood, the interesting program which looks on one breath children from 2 to 100 years, possibility to be photographed with circus animals (alas, expensively).

I highly recommend you to go to the program “Circus Magic”, regardless of the fact that you have children: adults come out of the performance almost happier than the younger generation.

Price: from 500 rubles

№6. Lenin State Farm Park “Lukomorye”

One of the best free places to go with a child in Moscow. Although technically the park is located in the Moscow region, it is only two bus stops away from Domodedovskaya metro station. The park is designed for different age categories, and it is better to come here for the whole day, to open at 9 a.m.

At noon you can already get into a long queue, and the wait will take from half an hour to one and a half: the number of people on the territory is limited to avoid crush.

In the park there is an atmosphere of fairy tale and fun: you can watch a mini-production, jump on a trampoline, climb the rope campus, see your favorite fairytale characters, “swim” in the pool with balloons and make water make-up (for extra.fee).

Price: free of charge

№5. Indoor skating rink


One of my favorite attractions is skating. Although I love open skating rinks, their indoor brethren are far superior to the first in terms of ice quality: for this reason, riding with children on them is much more pleasant, and people are much less likely to be so.

Indoor skating rinks in Moscow is a great variety, and I advise you to choose the one that is closer to your home, so as not to carry far heavy skates and warm clothes. I am located in the “Grad” skating rink in the shopping center “Lefortovo City”: the session of skating lasts one hour, the schedule is published on the site.

There is a service of rent and sharpening skates.

Price: up to 12 years – 250 rubles, adult ticket – 350 rubles

№4. Oceanarium on Dmitrovskoe highway


The largest oceanarium in Russia is located in the shopping center “Rio” on Dmitrovskoe highway. Compared to the Bangkok oceanarium, Moscow is much more modest in size and variety, but there is still a lot to see here: bloodthirsty piranhas, sharks, Dory fish, penguins, jellyfish and rays, as well as many other deep-sea dwellers. You can come with the smallest.

Price: on weekdays: children under 5 years – free of charge, from 5 to 14 – 250 rubles, an adult – 500 rubles. On weekends, 50 rubles more expensive

№3. Kva-Kva Park Water Park


A great place to go with your family and children in Moscow. It's huge in the pictures, a little smaller in life. But despite the size, there are many interesting slides, fountains, attractions.

Carefully study the age limits: on the interesting slides there is a limit on the age of 10 years, and for children 3-8 years old there is a children's camp.

I recommend to go to a water park in warm seasons, as at deep below zero temperatures there is a draught: it is easy to catch a cold.

Price: children under 4 years – free of charge, from 120 to 150 cm – from 540 rubles, adults – from 940 rubles

№2. Kidziah


One of the places I look at and am terribly jealous of today's children: as a child, I would swallow a hat to be here. Kidziah opened in Moscow not long ago, but has already found thousands of fans, including in my person.

This is a park of gaming education, built in the form of a city, where kids can try themselves in hundreds of different professions: chef, dentist, policeman, fireman. Your child will have his or her own passport and even a salary that he or she can spend on entertainment or shopping.

If your child is over 7 years old and quite independent, you can save on the cost of the ticket for yourself and wait outside the park. Duration of stay in Kidzaniya – 4 hours, but in summer holidays the restriction does not apply, and here you can spend the whole day.

Price: children – from 390 rubles, adults – from 500 rubles

And here's my personal favorite on the list of places to go with a child in Moscow:

№1. Experimental Museum


If you are looking for a place to go with your child in Moscow, I strongly recommend the Experimental Museum. I've been to the museum several times already, and I've always come out with positive emotions only.

It's interesting for both adults and children: you can touch everything with your hands, do experiments, learn a lot about physics, chemistry, space, solve puzzles, jump and run.

In addition to the most interesting permanent exhibition in the museum every day there are classes, lectures and shows: there is a schedule on the site. In my opinion, this is the best price-quality ratio among all the places where you can go with a child in Moscow.

Price: children under 3 years old are free of charge, from 4 to 16 – from 450 rubles, adults – from 550 rubles

But in fact, despite this list of the best places to go with your child in Moscow, no matter where you go, the main thing – don't forget to take a good mood, and then even a normal walk in the park will bring you and your child joy! 🙂

Where else can I go in Moscow?

Well, if you're thinking about where to go in Moscow without a child, I recommend you to see an article about my favorite places in the capital.

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Searching for a place to stay in Moscow? Our favorite option with my husband on the road is to rent a room or apartment on Airbnb. Here's a link to a 2100-ruble discount on your first booking.

Have you already visited all interesting places in Moscow with your child?

Not a problem! Get on the Peregrine Falcon or the Night Train and come with your kids for the weekend in Peter! Read my next article in the series: 10 places to go with your child in St. Petersburg

Source: https://vodpop.ru/10-mest-kuda-shodit-s-rebenkom-v-moskve/

Where to go with your child in Moscow

Where to go with your child at the weekend

In Moscow there are many places where you can have fun and informative time with your children at weekends or during holidays. Here is an overview of the most interesting museums, theatres and parks, where you can go as a family.

Museum of Russian fairy tales “Once upon a time”

In this museum children from 3 to 13 years old are transformed into fairytale heroes and travel by fairytales together with guides, transformed into fairytale characters.

Moscow planetarium

This is one of the largest planetariums in the world. Here children can learn about the world of space and constellations, and watch films about space and stars in the Stars Hall.


Museum of Entertaining Sciences Experimentarium

There every child participates in experiments and experiments in physics and chemistry. All the exhibits in the museum can be touched with your hands. Children under 3 years old – free of charge.

Soviet Slot Machine Museum

There are 40 slot machines in the museum. The most famous assault rifles: “Sea Battle”, “Air Battle”, “Sniper”, “Football”. One game costs 15 kopecks of the USSR.

Eureka Park Science and Entertainment Center

There you can have fun with your children. Making cartoons, doing lab tests, and more that children can do.

Address: y

Museum “Lego-city Megabricks”

This is the only Lego museum in Moscow, the area of 300 sq.m. The exposition consists of the exhibits presented in the showcases and the “City” layout.


Biological Museum named after M.V. Lomonosov Timiryazeva

Museum teachers have developed programs and expositions for children's groups and family visitors. Visit the Family Maze development game.
There are the Labour Exchange, the hospital, the EMERCOM service, the TV studio…

Pinocchio Museum

The museum provides tours for children from 5 to 12 years old. Here children get acquainted with the history of creation of the book about Pinocchio, try on costumes of fairytale heroes.


This is a major interactive development project for children aged 5 to 15 in Moscow. A mini-model of a Russian city with its own infrastructure has been created here.

The Museum was opened on April 10, 1981, to mark the 20th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's space flight. The museum has a miniature Flight Control Center.

Moscow Aquarium

Moscow Aquarium includes 80 aquariums, 7000 different marine animals from all over the world. A lot of people are interested in the Swimming Center with dolphins and Aquarium…

Paleontological Museum named after M.V. Lomonosov Y.A. Orlova

This is one of the largest natural history museums in the world. The museum exhibits collections of extinct organisms and dinosaur skeletons.

Korney Chukovsky's House Museum

The museum offers interesting excursions that will be of interest not only to children but also to adults

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