Newborn bathing circle

Newborn bathing circle – how to use and put it around your neck, product description and price

Newborn bathing circle

A growing popularity and recognition by many parents are gaining momentum for baby bathing circles. The main features of these devices are ease of use and affordability. If you have a child (infant) and want to make it safe to swim in an adult bath, be sure to buy a newborn bathing circle.

Neck circle is an inflatable product that consists of two horseshoe-shaped inflatable cells that do not communicate with each other.

On the one hand, this water treatment product is equipped with special Velcro, and both from the bottom of the circle and from above it – stretching them in water is completely excluded.

In addition, there is a special chin notch in the circumference of the circle, which gives the baby extra comfort while bathing and fixes the head.

Before you buy a newborn swim ring, find out what advantages it has: the free body position and warm water perfectly remove muscle hypertonicity.

Many pediatricians recommend that parents do not neglect this purchase, explaining its usefulness and functionality. Be sure to ask your dealer for a quality certificate to ensure that this water accessory is made of safe materials.

Before use, both cameras must be inflated. The benefit of a children's inflatable circle is

  • Back muscle strengthening;
  • Inter thoracic pressure equalization;
  • Enhancement of metabolic processes in the body;
  • prevention of colic and constipation;
  • development and strengthening of the immune system;
  • normalization of intracranial pressure;
  • relaxation of the baby.

When it is possible to bathe a newborn with a circle

Water procedures are best performed before bedtime. This hydrotherapy helps to relax the muscles, which is the key to a calm night's sleep.

The optimal age to start bathing a newborn with a circle around his neck is 1.5-2 months. At this time, the child will get used to the daily water procedures and will start to perceive bathing as a game.

This accessory can be used until the baby reaches two years of age. Bathing your baby in the bath or pool is recommended, but not in open water.

If you decide to buy an inflatable baby bathing ring, learn how to dress him properly. To begin with, it would be nice to introduce your baby to the new toy, so that he or she can get to know it and get used to it.

After a few days, you can start the first water treatment with the new accessory. Put on a circle which, by the way, has two valves (they should be “drowned” inside), it is necessary out of water. To do this, spread their velcro edges to the sides, then put them around your neck and put them together.

At the end, you need to put on the velcro and check if the chin of the child is in a special notch.

How to bathe a baby in a newborn circle

Purchase a large or smaller baby inflatable accessory that will make swimming easier at any specialised online store with mail delivery.

In addition, some companies often have promotions and sales where you can buy the right model of detachable cameras with a good discount.

To answer the question of how to bathe a child with a circle around his neck remember that you should not do this procedure in a baby's bath – you need an adult. Necessary temperature of water should make 37 degrees.

Preparing a bath, proceed to the following actions:

  • Industrately inflate the chosen circle and put it on the kid.
  • Gently lower your baby into the bathtub, let him chat a little bit on the surface of the water.
  • Hold the baby by the special handle on the product and gently pull it to the other side of the bath, and then turn and pull back.
  • Start slowly spinning the device, showing your baby that you can spin around.
  • If you notice that your baby is getting tired, be sure to stop.

Children who spend 15-30 minutes in the bathroom regularly develop faster, i.e. they begin to sit, stand and walk earlier. Over time, the child will learn to swim on their own.

But no matter how many months or years they are, they cannot be left alone in the bathroom, even in a circle that gives them extra safety. The choice of the optimal swimming device should be competent.

Today there are many special devices of this type with rattles, balls, special clasps.

Baby Swimmer

The Baby Swimmer circles are designed to bathe newborns and children under 3 years of age, both at home and in water at a depth of one meter.

Accessory parts ensure a tight fit to the neck, preventing a child's head from bouncing out of it. It is better to give preference to the product, in the manufacture of which the seamless technology was used, as

when in contact with the delicate skin of the baby circle should not hurt it. An excellent purchase can be:

  • the name of the model: BS12Y;
  • price: 348 rubles;
  • characteristics: is designed for a child's weight of 6-35 kg, age 0-36 months, inner diameter – 8.8-9.1 cm, outer diameter – 37-38 cm;
  • plus: cheap, made of quality materials;
  • minuses: not very convenient to put on a very small child.

Buying a baby bathing ring, remember that the clasp must be as secure as all other parts. If the model described does not fit you, look at:

  • the name of the model: BS01;
  • price: 434 rubles;
  • characteristics: is designed for a child's weight of 3-12 kg, age 0-24 months, outer diameter – 36-37 cm, inner diameter – 8-8.3 cm;
  • plus: low cost, quality materials;
  • minuses: it is not very convenient to put on a very small child.

Today you can find a number of Flipper models on sale. You can order them in any city of the country, be it Moscow, Saint-Petersburg or any other city.

These water accessories have a velcro fastener and a plastic snap hook: their presence contributes to fast and easy fixing of the swimming circle.

If you don't know what to buy, you can order this product from Flipper:

  • Model name: FL001;
  • price: 490 rubles;
  • characteristics: is designed for weight up to 18 kg, age from 0 to 2 years, size – 39×36 cm, weight – 0.3 kg, material – PVC, color – blue, “sea creatures”;
  • plus: there are two practical adjustable buckles;
  • minuses: it is uncomfortable to put on and take off one person, it is more expensive in comparison with analogues.

Other safe and comfortable option, perfect for a baby bath made of durable polymer, is:

  • Model name: Monsieur (FL003);
  • price: RUB 370;
  • characteristics: for children under 2 years of age, made on the technology of 4 layers, size – 39×36 cm, weight – 240 g, material – PVC, color – purple;
  • plus: low cost, there is a musical accompaniment;
  • minus: it is inconvenient to put on and take off one person.



Accessories that fix the child during water treatment are made of quality materials, but regardless of this, they should be chosen carefully.

Baby-Krug has developed a special circle, which is not only a safety measure, but also an excellent incentive for the rapid development of swimming reflex.

This collar for bathing newborns is more effective than conventional inflatable products. A good purchase can be:

  • the name of the model: Baby-Krug;
  • price: 375 rubles;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 36×39 cm, age – from 0 to 2 years, maximum load – up to 12 kg, weight in packaging – 180 g, material – PVC;
  • plus: brightness, safety buckles
  • minus: it is inconvenient to put on and take off one person.

Before you buy this option, check out the features of the new product from the same company that is the improved product:

  • Model name: Baby-Krug 3D;
  • Price: RUB 435;
  • characteristics: Size – 44×45 cm, age – from 3 months to 6 years, maximum load – up to 36 kg, weight in the package – 320 g, material – PVC;
  • plus: brightness, safety buckles, strength;
  • minus: it is uncomfortable to put on their own, you need help from another person.

Roxy Kids

The Roxy Kids brand is very popular among parents. Water accessories from this manufacturer usually have a smooth inner seam that does not squeeze or scratch the baby's neck. Not a bad purchase, with the help of which your child will master the water expanses, is a model from a single air chamber with a rattle ball:

Model name: Owl from Roxy Kids;

  • price: 238 rubles;
  • characteristics: for the age from 0 to 18 months, load – up to 18 kg, size – 42×39 cm, material – PVC, weight – 200 g;
  • plus: bright design, low cost, there is a rattle ball;
  • minus: it is not the first time to inflate.

The other attractive and almost identical version of a single air chamber from the same brand is:

  • name of the model: Kengu from Roxy Kids;
  • price: 238 rubles;
  • characteristics: for the age from 0 to 18 months, load – up to 18 kg, size – 42×39 cm, material – PVC, weight – 200 g;
  • plus: bright design, quality, there is a rattle ball;
  • minus: it is not the first time to inflate.

Happy Baby

Happy Baby Water Accessory is different in that it can be used from birth when the baby is not yet able to hold the head. Separately inflatable separate circuits (bottom, top) create additional comfort during the bath. An excellent purchase intended for children of 3-24 months is considered:

  • name of the model: Aquafun;
  • price: 399 rubles;
  • characteristics: load – up to 15 kg, material – PVC, weight in package – 200 g, there is 1 Velcro and 2 plastic fasteners;
  • plus: good quality, safety;
  • minus: weight limit.

This is another model that helps reduce anxiety during a child's stay in water that is suitable for children under 1 year of age:

  • Model name: Swimmer;
  • price: RUB 379;
  • characteristics: load – up to 10 kg, outer circle diameter – 36 cm, material – PVC, there is a rattle effect;
  • plus: strength, convenient construction;
  • minus: strong restrictions on weight, age.

Cotton Club

When planning to purchase a quality product with a secure clasp for a comfortable and secure fit, take a look at Cotton Club products. Being in the water together with this safe accessory will bring joy to the child and contribute to the physical development of the child. The product described below can be used in bathrooms, swimming pools and ponds with a depth of no more than one meter:

  • Model name: Sun and Moon;
  • price: RUB 546;
  • characteristics: for children aged 6 months and over, the material is PVC, rattle balls are made of polypropylene, buckles are made of ABS plastic, velcro are made of nylon.
  • plus: strength, good quality;
  • minus: higher cost than analogues.

How to choose a newborn bathing circle

From a few rules:

  1. First of all, note the size, according to which the products can be divided into two categories: for children under 6 months and for babies from 7 months to 1 year. Although some producers have their own classification, as they make circles for bathing newborns up to 3 years old. The difference is in the size of the inner ring, which is designed for the neck.
  2. In addition, the selected model should be suitable for the child by weight – this figure is indicated on the label.
  3. Number of cameras. A product with two cameras is considered to be the best option. The fact is that if one of them suddenly starts to descend, the second one will save the baby from getting into the body of water.
  4. What concerns the manufacturing material, all water accessories of this type are made of latex, but it is not always of high quality.
  5. The product can be considered safe if it is made of environmentally friendly PVC. The seams should be made according to the inner seam technology so that the outer side is soft and does not rub the skin.

Julia, 30 years

Bought an inexpensive Baby Swimmer, which is remarkable for being suitable for even the youngest children. To the advantages of practicality, functionality, reliability, safety and the fact that the child in such an accessory tries to swim independently. As for the disadvantages, it's not very convenient to put on and take off.

Natasha, 25 years old

Long time looking for a suitable accessory for her child's bathing, eventually decided on a product from Flipper. In addition to the brightness and interesting design I want to highlight the quality and pleasant to the touch material. Bells can also be attributed to the advantages, but over time their annoying ringing begins to get very annoying – so it's minus.

Anastasia, 27 years old

When the child starts to grow up, just lying in the bathroom he becomes bored. In this regard, bought for his baby Roxy KIDS Bimbo. This accessory makes bathing in an adult bath much easier. The material is qualitative, not rubbing the skin. A significant disadvantage is that you need help from 2 people.


Newborn bathing circle. Find out how many months you can use it!

Newborn bathing circle

Baby bathing circles are gaining popularity and acceptance from loving parents.

Accessible price, usability, safety are the main characteristics of this device.

And yet there are still mothers who doubt the need to buy a bathing ring, convinced that nothing can be safer or safer than their hands. But is it true?

What is a circle?

The construction of a bathing circle is an inflatable chamber consisting of two horseshoe-shaped, non-communicating circles. Both cameras must be inflated before use. On the one hand, there are two reliable Velcro on the bottom and top, unbuttoning them in the water is impossible. There is a special chin notch in the circle so that the baby feels comfortable while swimming.

The upper part of the circle is usually transparent with many different patterns and the lower part is painted brightly. Many models have balloons and rattles designed to attract the attention of the child. And some manufacturers make circles musical, at activation of the special device, the melody begins to play.

Many pediatricians recommend young parents not to neglect purchase of such water accessory, explaining it by its functionality and usefulness.

Lessons with a circle are promoted:

  • Back muscle strengthening, which has a positive effect on the overall physical development of the child;
  • improving the body's metabolic processes, which contribute to adaptation to the world around us;
  • Equalization within the breast pressure and inclusion of all parts of the lung;
  • development of the immune system, its hardening and strengthening;
  • prevention of constipation and colic;
  • normalization of intracranial pressure;
  • relaxation of the baby.

Water procedures in general, and with a circle in particular, are best performed before bedtime. Hydrotherapy relaxes muscles, which is a guarantee of a peaceful night's sleep.

The children who regularly spend 15 – 30 minutes in the bathroom develop faster: they begin to sit, stand and walk earlier. And since it is difficult to hold a baby in your arms for a long time, the circle is a great helper.

Lessons with a circle are relevant for children with muscle tone disorders. Swimming in a circle develops the motor skills and coordination of the child's movements.

Does it feel safe to swim with a circle and how do you select it?

Before using a circle, you have to inflate it and check if it does not deflate it. After that it is recommended to wash it with warm water and soap and dried up.

The circle is tight around the neck, preventing the child's head from jumping out of it, which allows him to stay afloat. Thus on a neck of the child and a backbone there is absolutely no loading, and on the contrary only use. Many circles are equipped with special handles for which parents can guide their child. In this circle, the child can easily turn from back to stomach and back.

The child's first dive into a circular bath should take place at home with all the safety precautions in place. It is necessary to put on a circle slowly not to frighten the baby, to lower in water accurately.

Water should be habitual temperature. It is better if someone helps with this procedure to keep the child occupied and distracted.

If the child becomes capricious, you should immediately pull him out of the water and take him off the neck.

Buying this device should be done in large shops from reputable manufacturers. This is the only way you can be sure that the material used to make swimming laps is completely safe and non-toxic.

The quality laps have strong walls and reliable buckles to protect your baby from diving. The right chin notch makes bathing comfortable.

But there are not conscious manufacturers who want to save money in production. In order to avoid the purchase of a defective accessory, when purchasing it is necessary to carefully examine the product for damage, check its integrity.

If rattles get stuck, there are seams inside a small circle, the clasps are not strong and there is a strong chemical smell – this is an excuse to refuse to buy this item.

A quality product must be packed in a box, have a smooth coating and a weak smell.

As of what age can you use a bathing disc?

Manufacturers say that the disc is allowed from birth. In practice, it is impossible, because after the birth of the baby has not yet healed navel, and therefore not recommended to bathe him. If you decide to start using the swimming laps as early as possible, you should wait until the navel heals and only then start the exercise.

Optimal age to start swimming baby with a lap is 1-1.5 months. The baby will get used to the new environment, daily water procedures and take a bath with such an accessory as a game. A circle can be used until the child is two years old.

The inability of the child to hold his or her own head is not a reason not to use the circle. When bathing in it, there is no load on the child's neck, so he can not harm the vertebrae.

Bathing the child is recommended in the bathroom or in the pool, but not in open waters. If you do decide to bathe your child in the countryside, the depth of the water should be no more than a meter and in no case let go of the circle. It could be dangerous for the baby. In the first few times, the child should be supported by hand.

How do you prepare your child for a round trip?

Before you put on a round, introduce your child to the new toy. A few days before the first lesson, the baby should show it. If it's a very young child, keep a circle in front of it, shake it to make the rattles ring, let's touch it. If the child is older, let him/her touch, feel, and learn an unfamiliar device.

When the child begins to recognize the toy, you can start bathing with him/her. It is important to remember that it is forbidden to wear it in the water. In the room or bath you should first put the baby in the water, and then put it in the water.

If the child resists, capricious or even rolled in hysterics, do not insist on swimming. Quickly and gently remove the accessory and soothe the baby. Swimming is best postponed to the next day.

The reason for this reaction may be a sudden pain in the tummy (gaziks), rather than an attitude towards the circle, proof of which will be a calm reaction to putting on a circle the next day. Otherwise, it is better to postpone the device for a while, until the baby forgets about it, and after two weeks to try again with him.

How to bathe a child correctly?

Bathing with a circle is a very useful and exciting activity for the child. It is important to organize the procedures correctly so that the child does not refuse, but rather enjoys spending time in the bathroom with a circle.

  1. Bathing the child should be carried out in a large bath, not in the nursery. The water poured into it should be enough to keep the baby from getting to the bottom of his feet, except just a little socks. The required water temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, recommended by pediatricians for bathing.
  2. The circle should be made outside the water. To do this, separate the Velcro and spread the ends in different directions (up and down). Put it around your neck and make ends meet, then put on velcro, they should be exactly on top of each other. Make sure that the chin is in the recess specially designed for it.
  3. Gently lower the child into the tub. You can let him have a little chat on the surface of the water and then immerse himself completely. At this time it is necessary to talk to the child, to occupy him.
  4. As only the child is accustomed to be in a bath with a circle, it is time to show him all the charms of this device.
  5. Hold the child by the handle, it is necessary to gently pull it to the other end of the bath, after turning and pulling in the other direction.
  6. Now slowly begin to turn the circle, showing the child that it is possible to turn around.
  7. Turn the baby on the back, put your hand under it and lead it along the bathtub. We're also doing it on the stomach. The water will tickle the tummy and the baby will laugh.
  8. As soon as you see that the baby is getting tired, you need to stop. Soap the crumb, rinse with water and pull it out of the bath.
  9. Pulling it out of the water, remove the circle carefully and start wiping with a towel.

First time is not worth much to get carried away – ten minutes will be enough. It is necessary to give the child to get used to the bathing circle, because when bathing in it, he spends much more energy than on the hands of his mother.

Handled with arms and legs, trying to move around on her own, the child is exhausted. Such exercise should be gradual.

The use of a bathing circle is not only safe for the baby's health, but also beneficial for his or her development.

Muscle strengthening, improving metabolic processes accelerate his or her physical development, and the baby begins to take the first steps well before his or her peers.

Thanks to the circle, the child can move around in the bathroom freely, and parents are free to use their hands, which allows you to increase the time allocated for water procedures.

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How to choose the right lap for a newborn's bathing, from how many months it is possible and how to dress

Baby bathing lap

The newborn's bathing circle makes the daily routine an exciting experience. Parents can play with their child in the water and move him around the perimeter of the bath. In order for the procedure to be pleasant for the baby, the circle must match the baby's size. Selecting and buying an accessory should be taken seriously. It is more practical to buy products designed for higher weight.

Prospects and disadvantages of using the circle

The use and harm of devices for child development are assessed by specialists. The influence of the swimming circle on the child's development in the early years of life was analyzed. The device deserves positive feedback from specialists.

Use of a toddler's device

The research has taken into account all the positive aspects that a newborn baby receives from the use of the circle:

  • Lungs work harder;
  • Less problems with the gastrointestinal tract (constipation, colic);
  • quiet, prolonged sleep (daytime, nighttime);
  • Coordination improves;
  • normalizes metabolic processes, muscle tone;
  • a child's independent sitting and walking skills are formed earlier.

Parent also feels the positive effect of the adjustment. My back and hands don't get tired of static, uncomfortable poses. One parent can bathe a baby, his hands are free, so he can borrow toys, water exercises.

In which diseases the use is contraindicated

The bathing circle is not shown to all newborns, it has contraindications. Before you use it for the first time, you should get a consultation from a pediatrician. Restrictions in force:

  • birth trauma;
  • intracranial pressure;
  • bullseed epidermolysis;
  • muscle tone (low, high);
  • Heart pathology;
  • Cold;
  • Orvi;
  • Dermal rash, neck inflammation.

The circle can be used after the health condition is normalized and the doctor lifts the ban.

From which age

The first water procedures begin immediately after discharge. Children's doctors share the same opinion on when to use the circle – in 1-2 months. It doesn't matter how many months a newborn baby starts to hold its own head. The head in the device is securely fixed. There's no overloading on the neck muscles. Bathing a baby with a circle is possible up to 2 years

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