Short verses about flowers for children

Flower poems for children

Short verses for children about flowers

Hello, readers of World of Childhood!

Today in the column read to children a selection of Verse about flowers for children.

In the yard for the last month of spring, the land is covered with young green grass, dandelions have already appeared on meadows and lawns, every day new flowers will appear. You will have the opportunity to watch flowers with children, admire their beauty, breathe in a pleasant aroma of flowers. Kids love flowers. They also love poetry.

Children Flowers

H. Self

Kids love flowers: Gaucher is a GERGINI, because he is George, that's the reason; Rose loves Roses, Lilja loves Lilies.

Loves Romka only Romas, in a wild abundance.

Mil Maximu is a scarlet MAC, and Jasmine is a Jeannette.

Lev is a lovely flower by LEVKOI, Vasylky – by Vasenka;

Natoya – Narcissus, sunny April.And Mimosas loves Misha, Nellya, Philet's Violets, Oduvanchik – Olenka,

Margarita – MARGARITY, BELL – Knee.

Nonna loves her feet, Gladiolus – Eyeball. Sidor – white Siren, pink – Sasha. From Nastia to Madness, Nastia loves Larissa, Pete – Petunia.

Loves Edik Edelweiss, Alya loves too, He is a flower of mountains and rocks, like a star!The field on the heart of the SINGLE-loves, to tear without daring;


A Praskovya is in love with blue flats, Gia Boy – in Hyatsinty, in the sun shine.Annushka ANYUTKI loves – trifecta flowers…

Love our mothers, kids, we are BOUQUETS for them!


H. Alexandrova The little sun on my palm, -White chamomile on a green leg… With a white bezel yellow hearts…

How many on a meadow of them, how many them at a river!

The chamomile – has come summer.In a clay jar, in a jar, in a jar or a cup

Funny crowds large daisies.

Our craftswomen have started to work – All wreaths are woven from white daisies.Both Timke's goat and Mashke's heifer

Love the big, delicious chamomile.


Olga Vysotskaya

Dropped the golden sunbeam.Dandelion has grown First, young. He's got a lovely golden color. He's a big sun

Little portrait.



In a fashionable blue bell hat, a mischievous bell.

To the ground, bent.


Big-eyed camomile,Friends with clover and porridge.Cut on space,

Runs into the woods,yes in the field.

Blue Violet

I. Butrimova

The aspen has fallen on a gentle leaf, the sun shines in it rosy east. Forest violet has absorbed the dew, and tenderness of an ascent, and wood beauty.And the bumblebee, flying by, to feel radBeautiful violet forest aroma. And such a miracle with nothing to compare with,

He just need to save and love.

Dandelion Spring

H. Self

Dandelion, a sunny flower,

Smile with a honey smile

Spring is on the threshold again

Blossom, a festive postcard.

Dandelion coins were thrown with gold, funny faces, happiness flows in their eyes…

Dandelion – spring cuties!


Not forgetting you, flower – flower – velcro to see your beauty, unnoticeable you need to pay attention, look around, listen to a little bit of silence.And then suddenly to see the beauty of the Blue baby, her nice, sweet, clear, living in her own world. Creation of Nature thinRatisfies the heart and look … You are not a forget-me-not a forget-me-not,

How the world around us is rich


E. Serova

Look at this, look at this, what's the red light? It's a wild carnation. And when the evening comes, the petals will turn the flower, “Till morning! See you again!” –

And the light goes out.


P. Seth

– How to make 300 umbrellas? Asked the boy from his mother. She answered him:

– Blow on the dandelion.

How the chamomile appeared

B. Orlov

– Hey, chamomile, give me the answer: Where are you from, if not a secret? – No secret, – answered chamomile, -We wore the sun

In my pocket!


E. Feuerbend

This is how sunny it will be -Mac will blossom on the bed. Butterfly-cabbage ButterflyThe flower will fall. Look – and the flower

Bigger by two petals.


H. Alexandrova

Golden DandelionBeen was beautiful, young,Not afraid of anybody,Even the wind itself!Golden DandelionGolden Ageing and became gray,And as soon as I got grey,

And as soon as I got grey,

Together with the wind flew away.


T. Dmitriev

The sun has fallen asleep, the lilies have fallen asleep.


M. Poznanskaya

On the meadow at the path that runs to us directly into the house, Ros flower on a long leg – white with a yellow peephole I wanted to rip off the flower, brought to him a palm, and the bee from the flower fly off the buzzzes, buzzes: “Don't touch!”


H. Alexandrova

Little sun on my palm, -White chamomile on a green leg… With a white bezel yellow hearts… How many on the meadow of them, how many of them at the river!

In a clay jug, in a jar or a cupThe big chamomiles are crowding in. Our masters have started to work – All wreaths are woven from camomiles white. And to a goat Timka and a heifer MashekeLove big, tasty chamomile.


Elena Prikhodko

Went through the city of Spring, she carried the wallet.Paints are bright and brush. I had to buy her a little bit. I opened her wallet, and I opened her coins.

Rolled out,




What's the coolness of it

Dandelion in boron?Because it was bald last night

Baldness in the wind!


Flower poems for children | Children's poems about flowers are short, riddles, poems | Gems

Short poems for children about flowers

How to tell your child about the flower, its beauty and all its beauties. The best way to read poems about flowers with your child and in a playful form, he will gladly learn the names of flowers, and plunge into the magic of the flower kingdom.

We've collected a collection of short poems about flowers for children with the most famous and beloved flowers, here and there, found in summer houses and villages, on window sills and even in street flower beds.

For each poem there's a picture that the child can look at while you read and choose poems to memorize. Read poems about flowers, chamomile and rose, lily and dahlias right now on this page.


Golden DandelionBeen was beautiful, young,Not afraid of anybody,Even the wind itself!Golden DandelionGolden Ageing and became gray,And as soon as he gray,Along with the wind flew away.



– Hey, chamomile, give me the answer: Where are you from, if it's not a secret? -Not a secret, -reply the chamomile, -We wore the sunny pocket!



Look at this, what's the red light?It's a wild carnationThey're celebrating a day.

And when evening comes,

Petals will roll up the flower,”Till morning! See you again!” -And the light goes out.



Sun's asleep, lilies are asleep.


Snow Maiden's Flames,Zimu.Followed by sadness,Everyone in the woods is strange.



Snow Maiden's Tears Growed where she wept,To forget

The old dog's boothThe old dog's booth has no forgetting. Our fluffy red dogs are poking their nose: “I won't forget how long I'm going to live in the world!”


Yellow irises

Irises are garden irises,

Irises are purple -These grow in honor.

Yellow irises have grown In the wild, in the damp,

So not in the swamp!

You'll meet an unexpectedly unknowinglyThem in the wilderness, and we don't need anything: Wait. Look. Don't breathe.



Winter FrostSofthe-Sun.

Lily of the valley

The lily of the valley was born on a May day, and the forest stores it.

And this ringing will be heard by the meadows,and birds,

and flowers…

Let's hear it,


And if we hear it,


The Buttercup

We have nothing to call him, and so he will come, he will blossom trustingly Right at the gate – the Sun poured the Buttercup gold.



Daisies in the garden have blossomed. Very low on the ground. It was like throwing a mat at my feet. But I couldn't step on it.


In April, the leaflets were so smallWhen the lemon covers

Narcissuses dissolved.

And the star-yellow waterfall, sunny as it is, made me happy, and so did my mom and dad!



Day sunflowers in the gardenSmiling weather.

Mat and stepmother

Golden petals,Brittle stem. Spread out by the Sunflower River.


I'm asking you:Jealous of me -Cactus blossomed me on the window.Bright flower,like a sunbeam.Bravely litIn between sharp thorns.



In the most beautiful area in the gardenI will find a rose of beautiful color, I will water it and take care of unnecessary with bugs and storms meetings … So in the house we have a year after year goes on, and in the house a beautiful rose grows.She's not a flower, she's a wonderful kid, she even smiles, she's good as all the roses in the garden, she's only blooming every month of the year!


The geraniums have fallen in such an early ageThe round leaves, the lush flowers, are even very good – So decided the mouse.




Shine will rise -Mac will blossom on the bed. Butterfly-Sabbage ButterflyThe flower will fall. Look – and the flowerBigger by two petals.



May, it's warm and soon summer. It's all green and dressed up. Like a fire fountain, it's like a tulip.



Pion blossomed on the bedI surprised the union, it's all covered in dew -It looks sneaky to us.



What's the bell ringing on the meadow? I can't answer that.

Flower poems for 5-6 year olds

Flowers – hope and joy,And the embodiment of everything,O rose! Queen of the Garden! Your undoubted magic! My ideal is everywhere I am looking for, and in pursuance of dreams, slightly embarrassed and worried.I give women flowers.One is the glow of mimosas, the other is the elegance of orchids, but only roses to the Queen! May her tears never touch her beautiful forehead, I want her to be magical forever, like a rose.

Forgettable poem

I'll collect a memorable bouquet to make you think about me every minute.Blue forgetting – Unusual flowers: Let them be very little – They have a miracle of beauty. Take care of my gift, take care of the spite of fate. Let the flower is not too bright – It has my love for you.


Autumn Asters verse

Asennounced AstersBut trust me, the September day will burn you down. They remind us of the bright colors of darkness at timesIt's a celebration of love that proclaims a passionless white winter.


Short rose verses

What do roses whisper in the morning when they wake up in the morning?

From the beauty we love roses, their wonderful smell, aromaJoy that bring people, They give them a fleeting look!

From the beauty we love roses, Their wonderful smell, aromaJoy that bring people, They give a fleeting look!

“Rose to all the bushes of the queen, sweet mother's fragrances.

Beads his zarnitsaRose likes to sprinkle. (Derzhavin. )***Want to touch the rose – do not be afraid to cut off your hands, you want to drink – do not be afraid of the hangover with a sickly man.

And love is beautiful, reverent and passionateAnd if you want – in vain, do not be afraid to burn your heart!


Whoever had a tender rose of love in his heart, did not live in vain!And whoever listened to God with his heart sensitively, and whoever drank hops of earthly pleasure!


Our world is a young rose alley, a choir of nightingales, a transparent swarm of dragonflies. Silence and stars,

And the darkness of your loose hair…

Lily flower poems

Indispensability of white liliesIn transparent crystal edges

Remind us that we loved,

What all the past is not in vain.Its blinding whitenessWe are enchanted forever, as if in the gentle springThe white-white snow has bewitched a lily as a gift, as a symbol of eternity of love, let the fire of love be bright, and your light thoughts.

The lily poem

Gentle lily of a gorgeous lily I'm ready to hug and fill her lips with…

Oh, I can only remember you.

I'll call you White Lily, even though you're more beautiful than all lilies… I only love you once forever…

On the crossroads of life lines…

Flower riddles for children with answers

– There are spring flower riddlesIn order not to make a mistake: The leaf is like garlic, and the crown is like a prince!


First out of the groundOn the protraline.He is not afraid of frost, though small.


– I am in a wedding bouquet, and in the garden where the nightingales whistle.all year round in many countries of the world I serve as a declaration of love.


Like I'm not a beast or a bird, but I'll be able to defend myself! I'll open my claws – Just touch my flowers!


Lilies and saucersNo drowning and no beating.


-Onion has grown, but it's not as good as it gets.



Children's poems about flowers

Short verses for children about flowers

The special place in the literature is occupied by the lines about colors. Flowers are mentioned in folk tales and Greek myths. In the fairy tale “12 months” children read about snowdrops.

The biblical legend mentions white lilies that grew out of tears. A girl in folk poetry has always been compared to a flower. A bouquet of flowers has a symbolic meaning in any culture.

By handing over a bouquet of flowers, choosing its composition, we express our emotions, our attitude.

Flowers play a significant role in human life. Many Russian classics and foreign poets devoted their works to flowers. Among them

  1. I.Bunin,
  2. A.Fet,
  3. C.Marshak,
  4. A.Akhmatova,
  5. German poet Goethe.

There are many poems by Russian poets about flowers. Children gladly read them and memorize them by heart.

The poets of the Golden and Silver Age of Russian poetry, i.e. of the 19th-20th centuries, wrote the most about flowers. In their poems you can often find a rose, a lily, lilac, and even a bouquet of flowers.


Bunin wrote beautiful poems about nature. His small poem “Roses” is known, where these flowers are a symbol of life, passion.

Bunin's beautiful poems, even after a century, make one admire the capacity of images and the simplicity of words. His four-line poem entitled “Field Flowers” will be easily remembered by children of kindergarten age. But schoolchildren may like the verse “Water Lilies”, where the lilies – a symbol of mysterious, unexplored beauty and life.

Pro lilies

White roses or lilies are flowers that often hide a young innocent girl in poems. These gentle flowers are a symbol of purity, youth, love, overflowing with life. Not without reason a girl at the wedding carries a bouquet of white roses, which must be present white roses.

V. Zhukovsky has a verse “September Rose”, and A. Fet called his verse “Autumn Rose”, but both poets are spiritualized, they breathe and exude around the aroma of life. Beautiful verses about roses were written by I.

Severyanin “How good, how fresh roses were…”, where he speaks of roses as a symbol of life and at the same time the memory of man, and the verse “Lilies of the soul” presents white lilies as an image of all the purest things that can occur in the soul of man. Water lilies also glorify A.

Fet in the poem “Kuvshinka”. For him, lilies are silent flowers, keeping secrets unknown.


All children love to read Pushkin. The famous poet often described natural landscapes, but he has very few poems about flowers. And yet, the verse “Flower”, consisting of only 8 lines, knows and remembers any student. A. Pushkin's flower is a symbol of the memory of irrevocable events, of love. Reading Pushkin's poems you admire the brevity and capacity of his images.

Flowers have mentioned many poets in their works:


I.Annensky “Field flowers, field…”, I.Bunin “Chrysanthemum”. Flowers always have a certain meaning, for example, lilies of the valley – a symbol of novelty, lilac freshness – love flowers.

Brief poems

Brief poems about colours were also created by contemporary poets:

  • O.Vysotskaya,
  • L.Kuzminskaya,
  • A.Usachev, V.Fedorov,
  • S.Marshak and others.

In them you will find lilies, roses, lilies and dahlias – a real bouquet. Children of preschool age can easily learn them by heart, because they are small and easy to remember.

And, of course, in their poems, the poets did not forget to mention a bouquet of flowers. A. Polezhayev called his poem “Bouquet”, where the poet calls the queen of flowers a rose. N. Rubtsov in his poem “Bouquet” reflects on the fact that the girl will surely remember the lyrical hero, receiving from him a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers play a big role in our lives: they accompany any holiday, and children quickly get used to this tradition. They give a bouquet of flowers to parents, friends, mother and grandmother for their birthday on March 8. Children admire the flowers as they walk past the flower beds, walking in the green meadow. And if one day, having admired the flower, they will remember one of the poems of the poets about flowers, the souls of writers will smile.

White rose or lily – this is the image, which is often meant as a young innocent girl. These delicate flowers are a symbol of purity, above all spiritual. It is not in vain that A. Blok has in his poem “12” that Jesus Christ goes in a white crown of roses. White flowers have always been associated with innocence, purity. Not without reason the girl at the wedding carries a bouquet of white roses.

White flowers appear at Akhmatova, Tolstoy and other poets. Especially A.Akhmatova's poems contain lilies and roses. Of course, children reading these poems do not always understand that the poems are not devoted to flowers, but to the philosophical reflections of the heroine, and flowers – only images that reflect certain moods. All children love to read A.S.Pushkin.

As a rule, if parents need to find poems about flowers for their children, they choose a short and easy verse “Flower”. Children easily memorize a poem because it is short and easy to understand. However, it should be remembered that the flower here is just an occasion to remember the extinct youth.

A dried flower found among the pages of the book, which once was presented to the hero by a beloved girl – a reminder of the passed away love and life. It is not necessary for children to think about the deep meaning of this poem by A. Pushkin, and it is impossible to call this verse devoted exclusively to nature. For A.Pushkin it would be at least strange.

White lilies are in the poem of Igor Severyanin, a poet of the 20th century, “The Lily of the Soul”. White lilies are the image of all the purest things that can occur in a person's soul. White lilies loved A. Akhmatov very much. Many poets mentioned in their works: M.Y.Lermontov “Nezabudki”, I.Severyanin “daisies”, V.Zhukovsky “Flower”, A.

Fet “Autumn Rose” and others. Flowers always have a certain meaning, for example, asters – a symbol of spiritual maturity, lily of the valley – a symbol of novelty, lilac freshness – love flowers. Thus, among the Russian poets there were also fans of lilacs, for example, I.Turgenev.

German poet Goethe simply worshipped violets and, going outside, scattered everywhere their seeds. He has a poem called “Violet”.

Beautiful poems were also written by poets of the second half of the 20th century, for example, Nikolai Rubtsov. He often referred to nature in his works. His “Bouquet” was put to music a few decades ago and became a real hit.

Why a bouquet? Today it has become customary for us to give a bouquet of flowers in honor of a holiday as a tribute. A bouquet gives a young man to a beloved girl. The poem “Bouquet” can hardly be called a work dedicated to flowers, although the central image is a bouquet of flowers in the field.

Bouquet is a symbol of remembrance to a girl of love, and it is given when the beloved has already left for another. If earlier in the poetry were described or mentioned, as a rule, growing flowers or separately torn flowers, then N.Rubtsov for the first time appeared a bouquet.

Of course, the content of the poem “Bouquet” can hardly be called childish, but the simplicity of its rhyme and language is such that children easily learn it.


Flower poems

Short verses for children about flowers

Forest violet Winter frosts The sun has driven away. The fragile violet got up in the clearing. To the sun, the blue crown stretches stubbornly. The first violet I'm gonna rip off for Mom. Pasnaleev

Mat and stepmother Golden petals, Brittle stem. He's blossoming by the Sunflower River. Just a cloud came running, the petals were squeezed. On green stems – round lumps.

H. Poverty

Mac Only the sun will rise – the poppy will blossom in the bed. A cabbage butterfly. She'll sink into the flower. Look, the flower's got two more petals. Fairabend

Non-legislative song An old dog's booth had a forget-me-not. Our fluffy red dog is poking his nose into the forget-me-not: “I won't forget how long I'm going to live in the world!”

Yu. A week

Sunflower In the afternoon sunflower in the garden the weather is smiling. Orbiting the circular Spinning with a red head. -“I,” he boasted of the wheatgrass, “I'm warming the earth with the sun! Piercing

Brave flower I'm asking you: Jealous of me – Cactus blossomed on my window. A bright flower, like the Sunshine Ray. Bravely burning Between the sharp thorns. Sef

On the meadowThe path runs through the meadow, Dives left, right. Everywhere you look, the flowers around you… Knee-deep in the grass. The green meadow is like a lovely garden, Pahuche and fresh at dawn. Beautiful, rainbow colors

Bouquets are scattered on them.

I. Surikov

Katya took the cake, All the flowers were watered. Let them drink the water of the Nevelsque Flowers. Our daughter wiped it with a soft cloth, the Dust prevents her from breathing, and the pores close. A sharp stick loosened up the Earth with pots all over it. Katya's a big girl, little girl. Poverty

Repei Said turnips: – I am a faithful friend. Everyone around here knows that! And they remember, by the way, that I'm very clingy! Wheat


I didn't notice that my running had blossomed a long time ago.The whole winter was sleepy, dissatisfied with the view, and now suddenly the whole thing is lemon,

All like sunshine, burning.

Max Ferper

Loved lilies The sun fell asleep, the lilies fell asleep. They're quietly lurking their Kamyshinki. In the morning, only the sunshine will spill, and then the lily will wake up. Dmitriev

FlowerFlower on the meadow I picked on the run. I did, and I can't explain why. He stood in the glass for a day and wilt. How long would he stay in the meadow? Viktorov

Why? They grow in grass and on every bump! If my hair grows, it's planted… And I'm not allowed to plant flowers here! Why not do that: Cut all the curls, red poppy on the top, chamomile around… …I wish I had a head! What a head! The forest, the flowers, the mushrooms, the grass… Silence. Cold. Ah.

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