Coconut mattress: all about its secrets


Conut mattress for children – secrets of choice, photo, video

Coconut mattress: all about its secrets

All parents want to give their children the very best to grow up healthy and happy. That's why, in the arrangement of the children's bedroom, many people are concerned about questions: “How to choose a mattress for a child? Which is better?”.

Of course, in a modern, huge assortment, various in design and fillers, it is not so easy to decide and understand: which product is best for your baby. To do this, you will have to familiarize yourself with the types of modern models and compare their characteristics to understand which one meets all your requirements.

Today's article about one of the best sleeping accessories for a child. Coconut mattress for children is a great choice for parents who care about their baby's health.

Major benefits

Why is the coconut mattress recommended by paediatricians around the world as the best product for children's sleep? What's so special about him? Read on and find out!

Wherever you go, let's see: what does your child need for a restful, healthy sleep? What are the criteria for a children's model?

This is how to choose from products that are not too soft and not too hard;

  • have good ventilation;
  • remove excess moisture.
  • These qualities are particularly important for the youngest. After all, everyone understands that no waterproof diapers and diapers are not able to completely protect the baby's crib from some part of the urine and faeces of the child.

    And what will happen in this case with the product, absorbing all this? Right: After a while, it will have an unpleasant, steady odor.

    These problems can be avoided by buying a mattress with a filler that is not able to absorb moisture and odors. This has already been taken care of by nature itself, creating an amazing plant – coconut.

    These studies have been carried out by many experts, who eventually concluded that this is the best filler for quality sleep of the child.

    There are just a few of its great qualities:

    • longevity and durability;
    • not rotting;
    • resistant to moisture and odour;
    • good ventilation.

    He meets all the requirements for a young, growing body: he has the necessary rigidity, does not cause allergies and does not absorb odors. It's not hot in summer or cold in winter.

    And you can be sure that your child won't be disturbed by back pain and bad posture when you buy this product.

    Coconut mattresses are able to provide muscle relaxation as well as ideal support, so orthopaedists advise you to use them to form and maintain posture.

    Two other undeniable advantages of these products are durability and good value.


    If you've already decided to buy this model for a child, remember that there are several types that are slightly different. Two types can be distinguished:

    Now more about everything…

    From coconut chips

    Producers are making all the best and best coconut products every day to satisfy even the most demanding consumer needs.

    The first models of coconut chips were not liked by anyone: they were expensive and short-lived – their padding collapsed too quickly. Thanks to modern technology, this shortcoming has been completely eliminated.

    This chip is now impregnated with latex, making the mattress flexible and durable. In addition, it is absolutely safe for health: good quality products contain exclusively natural, hypoallergenic latex.

    The combination of these two natural ingredients has created a unique filler.

    From coconut fiber

    The other type is the product made of coconut fiber, which is contained in the nut. Just like the chips, it is impregnated with latex, which makes it possible to obtain an elastic and strong filler.

    Receiving the raw materials requires a lot of work:

    • initially the nuts are soaked in water for several months;
    • then the coir is separated into fibers;
    • further the base is made.

    One of the peculiarities of such a fiber is its immunity to temperature fluctuations, as well as to moisture. Using it as a gasket between the spring blocks, makes the construction strong, provides the necessary surface stiffness and excellent orthopedic qualities throughout the product.

    Napolniteli for these mattresses are of different types in rigidity, depending on the proportions in which they are taken coir and latex, as well as the density of these materials. In most cases, the combination of coconut and latex products is of medium hardness.

    For the most useful qualities of these products, hygiene is the most important thing for the child. Also, the compressed coir with natural latex impregnation is characterized by special durability, elasticity and durability.

    Nowadays, thanks to the above properties, coconut mattress is the best solution for your baby's sleep. It can perfectly follow the shape of the body, which contributes to a comfortable and healthy sleep of the child.

    To watch an interesting video about the production of latexed coconut fibre tiles:


    Models with this filler are designed not only to ensure a good, comfortable sleep for the baby, but also to prevent and treat various spinal curvatures.

    If a healthy baby's bed needs to be taken seriously, the choice of a mattress for a baby with a problem backrest should be given special attention. First of all, it is necessary to consult an orthopaedist, as you yourself are unlikely to understand the great variety of medical products, among which it is necessary to find a suitable one for your child.

    Hardness of him is usually selected depending on the size and age of the child. To date, there are a huge number of models, among which the right product can be selected for a person with any weight, the main thing – not to make a mistake in the choice.

    In itself, it is orthopedic, but the designers are constantly working on various additions to improve its quality. The coconut fibre layer is complemented by springs or latex. I would like to note the seasonal variants, one side of which is designed for winter, the other – for summer.

    With the views we seem to have figured out how to choose the right mattress depending on the age of the baby, because, for example, the models for newborns are not suitable for older children.

    How to choose?

    First, a few tips on how to choose a crib model…


    Pediatricians recommend buying orthopaedic products in a crib. They are made with the anatomy of the child in mind, they contribute to the correct development and formation of the spine, as well as the bone system of the baby from birth.

    Mattresses with orthopedic effect for a crib usually have two sides: one – soft, the other – medium softness. They are convenient and comfortable for the child, and available at a price for his parents.

    When choosing such a bedding for the baby, it is worth paying attention to two criteria:

    1. He should correspond to the size of the crib.
    2. The surface should not bend under the baby's weight – the baby's spine should always be flat.

    For the newborn

    For the newborn

    In order to understand what kind of model a newborn baby needs, it is enough to get acquainted with the peculiarities of its spine structure. Unlike an adult who has an indirect S-shaped spine, a newborn child has a slightly different anatomy: his back is straight, without bends.

    In this way, all babies who have just been born are ideally suited to coconut mattresses, which keep their spine in a horizontal position and do not allow him to bend over.

    When choosing it as a crib, remember that a newborn baby doesn't need a big product. After a while, when his back will take the correct form, he will need a completely different model design.

    Because the most appropriate length for a crib and other accessories – 120-125 cm. The baby will be able to rest on it for 3 years, so you can imagine how many different liquids, as well as food will get during this period.

    To prevent such surprises, it is better to buy a model with a cover that can be easily removed and washed. For the newborn it is necessary to have a rigid and at the same time elastic sleeping bed on which the child can have a rest comfortably, and his backbone can develop correctly.

    The best variant can become a mattress from coconut shavings, without additional layers of springs, latex and other components. Be sure to take a closer look at the upholstery – it should be made entirely of natural material.

    It is desirable to choose colorful bedding with drawings: from the first days in your child's life, let there be beautiful things that cause a good mood.

    For older children

    Hard coconut mattress is recommended for children under three years of age. This is due to the fact that the constant rest on too hard product is not only not useful, but also harmful: because of the elastic surface of the muscle can not relax.

    A child who has reached the age of three, the spine is already S-shaped, so it's time to change the hard model to a more suitable product with a medium degree of rigidity. The best variant is the combined model made of coconut coir with other stuffing (polyurethane foam, latex, etc.).

    They are the most convenient and useful for health, so most caring parents choose them for their babies.

    The small price does not make them less popular. They are in demand in all countries of the world.

    Americans, Germans and French, even accustomed to a rich assortment of Americans, Germans and French, equipping a children's bedroom, choose expensive, but high-quality mattresses with coconut filler. It is unlikely that they would spend such money without these products so useful.

    We love our babies no less than foreign parents, so we also try not to save on their health and comfort. After all, it is much easier to buy a “useful tool” for the prevention of spinal diseases than to pay for expensive orthopedic services.


    Coconut mattress cleaning secrets

    Coconut mattress: all about its secrets

    The coconut mattress with foam is widely used for children's beds. Therefore, it is quite logical that it is exposed to such types of contaminants as urine, blood, food stains, which are difficult to remove.

    In addition to this problem, the hostess does not know whether its filler can be washed. How to wash coconut mattress correctly, and what means to use for its cleaning, learn from the article. Though it is inexpensive, but still it would be desirable to serve longer.

    For this purpose it is necessary to observe rules on its operation.

    We use the right mattress

    He is an orthopaedic mattress. The filler inside is made up of coconut fibres, which in itself already speaks of its strength.

    However, do not believe those manufacturers who say in their voices that such mattresses can withstand any mechanical influences, including jumps and blows in case of improper transportation.

    Typically, such recommendations are given by the seller if the coconut fibres are bonded with synthetic adhesive solutions. It is quite clear that there is no question of any environmental cleanliness in this situation.

    It is better to follow the rule to follow some of the principles of using a coconut-filled mattress. There they are:

    • compliance with indoor temperature within the range of ten to forty degrees and a maximum humidity of eighty-five percent;
    • For protection against various kinds of liquids it makes sense to use an external hygienic mattress cover;
    • is not allowed to put such material on excessively hard and relief surfaces like folding beds, sofa, floor. It is better to buy a wooden frame that will strengthen the orthopedic effect;
    • the product's dimensions should be fully matched to the size of the child's crib;
    • from time to time it is necessary to conduct ventilation of the filler;
    • do not forget to vacuum the product in order to get rid of dust, small dirt.

    As the spots appear, they should be removed immediately if possible. Learn how to wash the coconut mattress correctly in the following sections.

    Blood stains on the mattress are eliminated

    Blood should be removed immediately if possible. It's done with a rag soaked in cold water. If it's already partially absorbed, hydrogen peroxide will come to the rescue. Apply it to the dirt and wait for a reaction accompanied by the release of foam. And then calmly collect the solution with a sponge.

    How to wash the coconut mattress with laundry soap? Very simple. It is applied with a toothbrush and then rinsed with clean water.

    You can use soda or salt. Any of these substances should be stirred in water, the resulting solution should be poured into the sprayer and sprayed into the place of contamination. Then wait 20 minutes for it to absorb. And remove with a cotton swab, or a tissue.

    Another unpleasant type of contamination are urine stains. How to wash the coconut mattress from them, and what means to use?

    We remove urine stains from the mattress

    These types of stains are dangerous not only because they contaminate the product, but also because of the characteristic smell.

    As a precautionary measure, far-sighted hostesses use a mattress glued to the mattress, which is put on a mattress cover, and then a sheet on top.

    If you have not made such precautions, you can clean only fresh urine stains at home. But the oldest contaminants will be washed away only in a dry-cleaner.

    How to wash the coconut mattress with liquid soap? It should be foamed in water, applied to the contaminated area, and then soaked with a normal cloth. Urine is usually removed along with the solution.

    The combination of salt and lemon juice is also an excellent detergent for this kind of stain. They are mixed until they form a thick consistency and are left in place for two hours. It has a double positive effect – the salt absorbs all the liquid and the lemon juice eliminates the unpleasant smell. Then, the place where the solution is applied is wiped with a damp cloth.

    A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and soda perfectly destroys urine stains. This mixture is dissolved in water, applied with a sprayer to the contaminated area, waited for a chemical reaction, and then removed with a cloth.

    If the smell remains unpleasant, it can be removed with regular vinegar.

    How to wash the children's coconut mattress from food stains and other impurities, see the next section.

    Remove food stains on the mattress

    Fat stains are easily removed when using ammonia. A few of its droplets are diluted in water, the resulting solution is pissed by a soft cloth, wiped well, and then wiped cleaned with a place of contamination.

    If the mattress was stained with droplets of wax, they are removed with a damp cloth and the use of an iron. The napkin should be placed on the stain and ironed on top. All wax immediately leaves the mattress.

    How to wash the coconut mattress to remove the chewing gum or plasticine. Instead of doing the laundry, we're gonna need ice. It freezes sticky dirt, after which it can be easily scraped off with a knife.

    If you don't know the nature of the stains, you can use the dishwashing liquid that is diluted in water. It is applied to the place of contamination, and on top of it lies some material that absorbs moisture well. All the dirt will be pulled out by yourself.

    Can I wash the coconut mattress in the usual way? It is best to perform this procedure without using the filler.

    Wipe the coconut mattress

    The coconut filler itself should never be soaked. To get rid of unpleasant odors, it is hung out on the balcony and dried in the open sun. Use a battery for this purpose in winter. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to dry it out. Otherwise the coconut filler will lose its shape. It's very easy to disconnect from the filler. It should be screwed in and put into the washing machine in this way.

    It should be taken into account that the foam rubber, after washing, requires additional drying on a battery or in the sun, as its porous structure retains moisture for a very long time.

    And in the case of the coconut filler, there shouldn't be any liquid inside the mattress, even in the smallest quantities, because it will lead to the formation of mold.

    How can the mattress be washed on coconut chips to get rid of ticks, dust and dirt inside the fibers? If you have a steam generator at your disposal, you can use it for cleaning.

    Hot steam can dissolve many kinds of stains, kill ticks if they are available, and blow out all the dust that has entered deep into the coconut fibers.

    It is important to dry the filler well after this treatment.

    In conclusion, it should be added that despite the low price of a mattress with coconut chip filler, it makes sense to follow the rules of care. As practice shows, environmentally friendly materials are not always sold in stores.

    In an effort to make the coconut filling more durable, manufacturers use adhesives of synthetic origin.

    Therefore, as the owner of a real environmentally friendly mattress, it makes sense to keep it in good condition as long as possible.


    coconut mattresses 2018 for sleep: best coconut mattresses

    Coconut mattress: all about its secrets

    Thanks to the fact that in faraway Sri Lanka grow in large quantities of fertile palm trees, people all over the world can buy a coconut mattress in their homes. It is this state that is the main supplier of material for the manufacture of comfortable sleeping accessories. It's about coconut coir.

    From which the coconut mattresses are made

    Fiber for the production of the filler is made in a laborious way. Production workers:

    • carefully collect coconuts;
    • soaked up to 10 months in seawater, preferably flowing;
    • Each coconut is then combed, tearing off the fibres;
    • the tangled material is sent directly to the mattress filler.

    Attention! can be found on sale and pillows filled with coir, which are also popular among consumers.

    Coir types

    Coir types are as follows:

    • “Piercing” plate, which is considered to be a budget variant;
    • Latex filler, which is several times more expensive.

    The piercing coir is a fibre that is sewn onto the fabric. Such filler is not durable. The stove obtained by this method is quite heavy. If used longer than the specified period, the mattress can start crumbling, crumbling and crumbling.

    The other option is a biocoque treated with latex that is more durable and pleasant to use. It's considered to be a premium quality filler. When used for a long time, it retains its original elasticity and stiffness and is not forced into the middle of the sleeping area.

    Coconut mattress properties

    the feature of a quality coconut mattress is its hanging stiffness. This property allows you to keep the human spine in the right position to avoid its curvature in the future.

    Coconut coir in pure form or latexed hypoallergenic. Allergists will appreciate this unique property of natural filler.

    Coconut mattress models can be double-sided when one side has a softer surface. This allows you to simply turn the product over and sleep on the other side of the bed if necessary.

    Who will it suit?

    The first number in the list of those who are shown a mattress with coconut filler are newborns. From birth until the age of 3, babies need to sleep on a hard surface, because in this position the posture is formed correctly, as well as the entire skeleton. At this age, it's better to give up pillows at all. The surface should be absolutely flat.

    After three years it is possible to change the mattress to a softer one, but many orthopaedists recommend a rigid filler and up to 12 years.

    Coconut coir is also needed for adults who have diseases of the musculoskeletal system, spine, joints, such as osteochondrosis, private radiculitis, etc.

    Attention! Ideal coconut mattress for those who suffer from allergies. Combined with the right cover and mattress cover, you can forget about the ailments during sleep and rest on such a mattress.

    Benefits, disadvantages

    Positive moments of purchasing a coconut coir product:

    1. Full natural filler composition.
    2. The necessary stiffness, which is necessary in certain cases, and which does not disappear during long use.
    3. Ecological purity of the material.

    4. Hypoallergenic property.
    5. Perfect breathability, which allows you to not retain moisture and to form mold, the reproduction of harmful microorganisms and insects.

    Lack of coconut coir is not so much:

    1. High cost of quality latex filler.
    2. Not to stack, twist for storage and/or transport.


    Coconut mattresses are hardened products, even when considering latexed or needle-punched fillers. However, a cheaper material without latex may deform under the human weight over time, and dents may form in the middle of the mattress. It will be difficult to call it orthopedic.

    It is important! 100% latex additives are not missed, they serve for a long time, maintaining the original rigidity.

    How to choose

    When buying, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

    1. Check the quality of the filler in person, asking the store employee to show a sample or unzip the cover, if possible.
    2. Ask for a product certificate to make sure the quality.
    3. Buy better mattresses from a well-known, famous brand, so as not to be disappointed when using.
    4. One coconut layer cannot be less than 3 cm tall. If the presented sample of the other one is less than the index, the product is not of high quality.
    5. The upper cover and mattress cover should be made of natural non-slip materials for the convenience of sleeping on bed linen.
    6. Try lying on a mattress to feel comfortable or uncomfortable under your own weight.
    7. The filler color should be dark brown. The light shade indicates the immaturity of the nuts that were removed from the fiber. This directly affects the quality of the material.


    Many manufacturers have mattresses of different sizes and shapes in their assortment:

    • rectangular;
    • square;
    • oval;
    • round.

    Dimensions can also be found in a variety of ways. So there's the perfect mattress for any bed:

    • single bed;
    • two bed;
    • semi-bedroom;
    • children's lullabies and beds.


    The most popular manufacturers of quality coconut mattresses:

    1. Ascona (Askona) is one of the leaders in sales of mattresses, including coconut coir. Quality of fillers, covers, mattress covers is always at a high level. The manufacturer is pleased with a wide range of products, size and model range.
    2. U Ormatek (Ormatek) are available on sale mattresses made of “pierced” and latexed coconut. The manufacturer is Ascon's first competitor in selling sleeper products from coir.
    3. Plitex is the leader of children's mattresses, which are made of environmentally friendly natural materials. By working out recommendations of pediatricians, orthopaedists, other experts in the field of medicine and a healthy dream of kids are considered in full measure.
    4. Dreamline since 2007 does mattresses from materials of the European suppliers. It is well known that Western countries have very strict quality control. The range of coconut mattresses includes many different models and sizes.
    5. Lonax produces quality mattresses from any material with a long service life. In the short history of the factory, it has gained the trust and popularity among consumers of goods for sleep of adults and children.


    Each person has a choice:

    • purchase something that cannot be removed.

    The most popular covers are those that can be easily removed for washing, cleaning.

    Available in natural and synthetic fabrics

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