When it is possible to sit down girls

When it is possible and when it is impossible to sit down girls: myths and reality

When it is possible to sit down girls

The newborn baby looks so helpless that it seems to the parents that it will not be long before the baby crawls, sits and runs. But as time passes, the child begins to learn everything: a coup, crawling, trying to sit.

Partner parents who have daughters wonder when they can sit down with girls. Is it worth rushing this process, or is it not harmful to the formation of the organism?

When your child sits down: from numbers to facts

Before moving on to sitting down, you should understand the principle of spinal curvature formation in newborns. After all, it is known that babies are born with a spine that looks more like an arch – it does not have the usual bends, so it is adapted only to the lying position.

Look at the child: if you take a baby in an upright position, it still seems to lie on your hands. The back isn't strong yet, the spine doesn't hold it, the muscles still have to develop and strengthen:

This is a sequence of development of all healthy children, so it's harmful and even dangerous to sit on the legs of a child whose body isn't ready for it.

There's more about when you can plant a girl. Pediatricians are unanimous in their opinion that the baby should not sit for up to six months:

  • 6 months – the girl sits with the help of an adult;
  • by 7 months she is able to keep her back in an upright position on her own;
  • in 8 months of play she can move from lying down or on all fours to a sitting position.

Medics allow a small deviation of a month and a half, because the physical development of children is different.

If the girl is very mobile, and ahead of the specified terms, the main thing that should be done by Dad and Mom – to protect the playing place of the daughter and make sure that she was in a sitting position for no more than an hour.

Useful tip: don't try to put a child away before he or she is ready to do so.

The best indicator of the correct formation of the spine is the moment when the girl or boy sits down INSTANTLY. After all, the internal clock of development ticks in its own way, not guided by the average figures.

Find out more about when the child starts to sit>>>>

Prisadat: how is that? We'll figure it out together

It's not hard to figure out how to sit a child down. You can sit down safely if you use an exercise in which the child grasps the adult's fingers and tries to sit down from the lying down position.

You only need to make sure that your daughter or son do not sit down completely, but return to their original position. This exercise will strengthen the muscles of the arms, back and stomach. No other special acceleration of the process is useful, but on the contrary, it can harm an immature spine.

“Sitting” rules: How to do what is right and what to avoid

If your daughter has not sat down by 6.5 months, do not panic. Probably not the best time yet. How to sit down a child so as not to hurt them? For example, you can do it on your hands, in the half-lying position, for a few minutes.

Useful tip: Carrying aids, car seats and wheelchairs should also be in “half-lying” mode – this is ideal for the spine, it does not overload, so less tired back.

And to fit correctly, you need to correctly assess how much the girl is ready for this process. She tries herself – fine, not everything works out – we leave her alone, do gymnastics with her, massage her and at the right time get the result.

How to sit down with girls, given their specificities

But at first glance, all children are born the same, but there are differences between boys and girls, both in terms of physiology and development.

It is believed that it is normal for girls to start sitting later than their male peers.

Why can't girls and boys be seated at the same age? The bone system of the former is more fragile, and the tissues need more time to form. In addition, a weak muscle corset, being poorly developed, will not be able to support the back.

Psychologically, the early seating problem is the fear that a girl may experience if she is tried to sit down, thus causing discomfort and uncertainty.

As the moment of greatest activity, closer to half a year, parents may notice that she is increasingly trying to move from one position to another, often sitting down. That's when it makes sense to support the child's aspirations by showing the most convenient option.

Myths and reality from the life of babies

  1. Myth
  2. Myth

    Myth <1: if you sit down early, the girl has a risk of uterine flexion.

This fact is disproved by modern medicine. It's not gonna bend, but it's gonna affect the spine. Colossal stress and strain on the main axis of the body is provided by early sitting.

  1. Myth #2: jumping is safe for the child.

Yes, they are good for a mother who has a million things to do at home, it's a fact. But in the case of a child, jumping is not as safe as it sounds.

Physicians are talking about the enormous strain that an immature spine experiences as a baby bounces up and down.

The curvature of the spine is not the worst thing that can happen afterwards. Jumping becomes less dangerous after the child starts to sit confidently and independently.

How many months does it take to put a girl in jumps? Months at 8 – yes, but it's better to give up this kind of entertainment.

  1. Myth #3: Walkers will put a child on his feet faster.

Little unhappy people often put their parents at a standstill: what to do, where to let go to be safe and interesting?

For parents whose choice was made to walk, it is worth reminding that their child will not learn to walk correctly:

  • The fact is that natural walking uses other muscles.
  • Second moment – in the walkers, the girl does not have the opportunity to strengthen her back naturally, as it happens in active crawling.
  • Three point: psychological. The girl who is joking around in the walkers does not realize that without them, falls are likely to occur at such a rate. Having fallen several times and not finding a usual support, the crumb begins to be afraid to move independently.

If it is not possible to do without them at all, it is necessary to remember that time when it is possible to put in walker girls, comes after 8 months. Namely then most children hold their backs well, begin to stand up, holding the support, for example, over the edge of the crib. Read more about it: When it's okay to put a child in a walker>>>>

What kind of exercise is good for your baby's back?

To make your daughter's spine as strong as possible and her posture as good as possible, we recommend special procedures.

  • Pull up: after rubbing the baby's hands and fingers, we suggest that she hold on to your hands. Slowly, with time, increasing the angle of ascent, we attract the child to ourselves, and then carefully lower the child back.
  • Turns: put the crumb on the stomach, after which it will first begin to raise the head, later – turn over on the back, and then do a few turns.
  • Massage: rubbing the skin will increase the flow of blood to the muscles located underneath it. In this way, too tense muscles will relax and the tactile perception of the baby will improve.

To sum up: the optimal age at which a girl can sit down is six months to eight months.

Source: https://uroki4mam.ru/kogda-mozhno-prisazhivat-devochek

When to sit down girls, how many months from when to sit down girls

When to sit down girls

For a baby who has already learned how to sit, a new and interesting world opens up. Sitting upright, he is able to look at the objects around him differently, to play with toys, to pick up interesting things.

Adults are looking forward to this moment.

Parents of girls very often ask specialists: in how many months it is worth to train girls to sit down, as the physical formation of girls is very different from the development of boys.

In the age of six months girls can sit with the support of adults, at 7 they can hold their own posture, at 8 they can easily sit down from both lying down and sitting down.

How many months can I sit a girl down?

Pediatricians report that a well developed baby at 6 months of age can sit with the support of an adult parent, at 7 years of age can already hold his back vertically on his own, at 8 years of age he can quickly change his position from different poses

In 6 months, babies already have well-formed back and abdominal muscles. This age is considered to be the age at which the baby can be planted by doctors. But deviations in a month which arise in some cases, also are considered quite normal phenomena.

But if the baby starts to sit down at four months in the process of games or entertainment, he can only be left in such a position for a short period of time.

It is only necessary to look carefully at the fact that so that during the day the girl remains in this position for no more than one hour. The parents of the child should make the place where the child sits as safe as possible.

If the girl, who is not yet six months old, has been able to sit with a special support, she will increasingly be in this position. The kid will quickly understand that it is much more convenient and interesting to play this way.

Wrong and not useful to put the baby back in a horizontal position at this time: he at the same time will take the position that he chose initially. If the girl sits in this position for a long time, she needs to be carried away by a toy or picked up.

Although the first time, the girl will be sitting rather unstable, constantly falling on one side. It is not necessary to worry about this and to correct the child all the time.

When only the baby's muscles are fully strengthened, he will sit much more evenly. There is no need to cover your baby with blankets or pillows.

In this case, it will be very difficult for your baby to change his position if he suddenly finds it difficult to continue sitting.

What do parents do if a girl at the age of eight months is still unable to sit properly? At this time, the stage of development has already come, when the baby can be placed at least half sitting, for example, on a chair or in a stroller, but the baby can not learn to sit.

It is worth remembering that to force the child should not be, because this position can bring him discomfort.

To help your child cope with this difficulty, you should do a special strengthening exercise with your child, which can be particularly useful for premature babies.

Gymnastics that can strengthen your baby's muscles

Fortify your baby's back muscles will help you use simple gymnastics that includes certain exercises. They should be carried out on a hard surface: changing table or floor

  1. Place the child on the stomach so that he leaned against the body of an adult. Lift the baby with one hand under your shin and the other under your chest. The back and buttocks should be tense all the time.
  2. In the process of using daily air baths, the child should be placed on the stomach with a bright object in front of him that is able to attract him/her, so that he starts to actively reach out to him/her. This exercise can strengthen the muscles on the back and the press, and prepare the baby for the sitting position. You can buy small rings and place them over your baby's bed. The girl will start trying to get them out, and she'll try to take the sitting position by grabbing them. At the age of 7 to 8 months, the child can be kneeling for a few minutes a day.
  3. The girl who lies on her back should reach out for her index finger. The moment she grabs him, she tries to take up the vertical position of the body at the same time. The back should detach itself from the crib surface and the abdominal muscles should be tense. In this position it is worth holding the baby for 20 seconds and then returning it back to the horizontal position.

This exercise should be done every day from the age of three months.

It will be very good if the city has a center with a swimming pool, which is designed to be shared with infants. Swimming is a great way to stimulate the formation of a strong muscle corset and to prepare your child for the vertical position. With the help of a professional physician, you can perform special exercises in your bathroom at home.

As a result, you can massage your child's back and buttocks, which parents can do on their own, or entrust the procedure to a professional in their field.

  1. If the mother has any doubts about whether an additive can be made, she should consult her paediatrician beforehand. The specialist will be able to assess the overall physical condition of the child and will be able to answer why it is forbidden to place a child under six months of age. If the child is already ready to accept a new position, parents must help him/her to sit down.
  2. Most child specialists report that girls are not allowed to sit down until the age of six months unless they sit down on their own. For such an age, the baby's spine is not yet fully prepared to take such loads and vertical position. By sitting a child down very early, parents can only do great harm to their health. At a more mature age, it can have a bad effect on posture. Children's orthopaedists have established a direct link between the early sitting of the baby and the development of scoliosis in the near future.
  3. Medical studies have shown that girls who have begun to sit early have a special deformity in the pelvic bones. Such a disorder can cause a lot of problems in the process of childbirth, as the presence of distortions in the pelvic bones can lead to the closure of the birth canal, making the process of childbirth very long and painful. In an unfamiliar position for a baby, he may feel a certain discomfort, fears, self-doubt.

When can I plant a girl?

There is an opinion that that girls who have been planted too early develop uterine deformities. But from a medical point of view, this is impossible.

This is a physiological feature of the female genital structure, which is considered a consequence of the child's genetic predisposition or the presence of inflammatory lesions in the small pelvis.

Specialists all together say that there is no connection between the uterine flexion and the development of early sitting of the child.

Adults should remember that if the child has not started to sit down on their own before the age of 6.5 months, this process is strictly prohibited.

You shouldn't put a girl in a bed and try to cover her with rolled up blankets, you shouldn't put a child in your arms for a long time (it's not forbidden to put a child in your arms

for a short period of time, of course).

During a walk with the child in the fresh air the back position in the stroller can be set to the half-back position. Do not use any kind of carrier in which the child is in a sitting position for a long time.

Partners who are very interested in the question, when it is possible to sit down a child, should take special care of their child.

A strong, healthy girl will sit down on her own when her muscles are fully prepared.

Delays in taking up a new position develop mainly in premature babies, as well as those who are overweight or have a loose body structure.

The main characteristics of girls at this age

In most cases, girls begin to develop a little faster than boys, which is a common fact.

In the first year of life, the baby is able to outpace the boy in its development by 4-5 weeks, but this difference is not considered to be common. Even at birth, girls are already more developed in relation to boys.

This is explained by the fact that the survival of the female sex requires a high level of adaptability in order to perform the process of childbearing.

Women are most likely to experience early head restraint, abdominal turning, crawling, and much quicker learning to speak and walk. But the rapid development has special advantages, or contraindications in relation to the time of sitting down.

In principle, to sit down a girl is possible at the same age as a boy, starting from the age of five months, but not for a long time, and only in order to train the muscles well before the process of full sitting down. You don't have to put your baby in jail before he wants to and will be able to do it himself.

How can I help my baby?

How can I help her? They should perform the following actions:

  1. Tighten the press muscles. To do this, you need to regularly hold your child's hands and place them in a semi-sitting position, at an angle of no more than 30 degrees, without letting them sit on their asses. The press as well as the back muscles train by lifting the child's arms from lying down on the abdomen surface so that the child's back can bend slightly. Exercises are based on lifting the child to a certain position where one adult hand is under the child's chest and the other between the child's legs, which at the same time rest on the parent's abdomen. The child's chin should be raised and the neck bent backwards. In this way the muscles of both the back and buttocks will be tense.
  2. Active crawling. Acquiring the skills of crawling, sitting and walking should not be done in a certain sequence. You should try to encourage a child to crawl in any way possible, and not just when he's sitting there. According to Dr. Komarowski, during the crawling process the child learns certain skills for further walking. First of all, this motor activity helps to strengthen muscles and ligaments. In addition, in most cases, the crumb learns to plant itself just from the situation on all fours. To push a child to crawl, you need to put him on the floor and place some bright and exciting object next to him.
  3. Water procedures, special gymnastics and massage. These three items must be in the daily routine of the baby to ensure that he or she grows up and stays in good health. It is always possible to take a certain massage or gymnastics course with professional masseurs, and also it is possible to watch a video of how to carry out massage at home and independently perform it.

Source: https://mama.guru/malyshi-do-goda/razvitie/vo-skolko-mesyacev-mozhno-sazhat-devochek.html

In how many months you can plant girls: when you can and why you can't plant up to 6 months

When you can plant girls

The appearance of a child in the family is a great event for both parents. However, young mothers and fathers often don't know how to take care of their babies.

Mommies chaotically begin to read various childcare literature, look for articles on the Internet and ask pediatricians.

The question they are most interested in is how many months to plant girls because their bodies are more delicate and sensitive.

We should not rush

The age at which girls can be planted depends on the bone development of our babies.

There are three main features.

  1. In young children, cartilage tissue prevails over bone tissue in the skeleton, so the bones are very fragile. Each bone has ossification points in it from birth, which are converted into bone tissue at a certain age. Also, the spine from birth in a child is flexible and unstable, has only points of ossification. Over time, bone tissue develops and increases in mass, giving the spine strength.
  2. Inter the second and fourth months, when your baby actively raises his head, there is a front bend of the cervical spine (kyphosis). After six months, the front bend of the thoracic spine is formed, which gives the child the opportunity to sit down. Finally, from eight months there appears lumbar lordosis (the bend of the spine behind), which is a mandatory transformation for the child to walk.
  3. The baby is the expectant mother who should give birth in due time, so that from infancy was not a heavy load on the spine and pelvic bones, it is recommended to sit the children in half a year.

The question of whether it is possible to sit a girl in 4 or 5 months is answered negatively by paediatricians.

On when it is possible to sit down girls, it is necessary to reflect in half a year after a birth of the baby, plus or minus one month.

– Why it is impossible to sit down girls early, – will ask mothers. From the above, it is clear that six months is the best option for sitting down. Compared to their peers, boys have weaker and softer bones.

If parents do make a mistake and put a child in jail at four or five months, problems like this may arise in the future:

  • spine curvature, the development of a dangerous disease such as scoliosis
  • pelvic bone deformity, which in the future leads to narrow birth canals and the development of various severe complications during childbirth.

This proves once again that a girl needs a special approach because she is the future mother.

Any evidence suggests that early sitting can lead to uterine flexion. Scientists refute this fact, asserting that uterine flexion is a hereditary disease, not acquired.

But what to do if the child himself at 4 or 5 months trying to sit down. How do parents react to this? Here we should not forget that each baby's body is individual. Someone develops more quickly, the spine and ligaments are strengthened, and in consequence the baby sits down and rises faster than other children.

In this case, moms and daddy should not prevent the development of the baby and forcibly keep her lying down.

But at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the baby was sitting for at least an hour or a half a day. Otherwise it will create a load on the spine and lead to the development of early scoliosis.

Council! If in 4 months the daughter sits down, the parents should not interfere with her natural development, and forcibly it is not put on the bed.

Ether and another option when the daughter in six months does not sit down and does not even try to. In this case, the parents panic and try to force the child to sit down. You can't do that at all. You shouldn't interfere with your baby's natural development. This can lead to disastrous consequences in the future.

It is important! Never force a child to sit if the girl doesn't do it herself. Up to 8 months the baby herself will get up when she is ready.

Dr. Komarovskiy answers the question about when it is possible to sit down girls, quite simply.

Pediatr does not support the sit down of the baby earlier, and also emphasizes that early sitting has a strong influence on the development of posture of the girl. In the future, the child's spine, arms and legs will be curved.

Doctor assures that it is the early sitting that will cause the pelvis to curl, and that this girl will have great problems during pregnancy and childbirth in the future.

Tip!Walkers and jumpers are the first enemies for the baby.

Dear parents, do not train your girl to sit through stilts and jumpers, especially at the age of 4 and 5 months. This is a huge load on the spine.

She's starting to like being in a seated position because she can see what's going on around her.

When it is taken away, it starts to get nervous and cry, and long sitting in jumps leads to stress on the back and development of bone deformities.

This is a fairly common problem today. One in two young mothers registered with a gynecologist with a narrow and curved pelvis.

Every other young woman in her infancy was found to have been seated at an early age by her parents when asked about her condition and statistics. Scoliosis and other small pelvic bone deformities were detected during the survey and examination.

Very often, with the naked eye, one can notice a posture and gait disorder.

In pregnancy, the damaged spine and pelvic bone are under a heavy load. In consequence, the woman has severe spinal and abdominal pains.

Because of the severe pain in the back, the woman lies longer. All of this affects labor activity.

during labor due to pelvic bone deformation, most complications can occur, which are indications for caesarean section.

The basic rules

When it's time to sit down the baby, moms and dads have other questions, such as how to sit down a girl in 6 months. There are three rules.

The first is a general strengthening massage, which should be done every three months before the year. This includes facial massage. Ironing is performed from forehead to temples, from spout to cheeks and from lower lip to cheekbones.

This relaxes and at the same time tones the muscles of the baby's face. The movements should be exclusively intermittent, patting and easy. Beginning with cheeks and continuing to eyebrows, sponges and chin.

Massage of handles and legs will also be useful. These parts of the body need a lot of attention in order to improve their blood supply

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