When it is possible to do a pregnancy test after the expected conception and after the delay of the period

For how many days after conception the test will show the pregnancy before the delay: how many days before the period it can be done, which test is the earliest

When you can do a pregnancy test after the expected conception and after the delay of the period

Women dreaming of becoming mothers look forward to seeing the striped test. The tedious expectation of delayed menstruation seems eternal, so they use a pregnancy test even before the delay.

After all, manufacturers of highly sensitive devices claim that it is possible to “detect” the long-awaited conception at such an early date.

How true these statements are and why expensive and reliable tests are wrong, we will tell you in our article.

Pregnancy Test Principle

Pregnancy Diagnostic Tools have become so widespread and popular that manufacturers are constantly improving them, making them more convenient, practical and sensitive. The latter criterion, they claim, is the most important, because it is thanks to it that conception can be detected at an early stage.

Thanking to the variety of forms, a woman can do a pregnancy test wherever she wants, and whenever she wants.

However, regardless of the price and type of device, all pregnancy tests work in the same way: they secrete human chorionic gonadotropin among other hormones in a woman's urine.

It would be more correct to say its quantity. This hormone is always present in men and women, but in extremely low concentrations.

The moment the process of implantation into the uterine wall of the future embryo begins to rapidly increase the hCG. Every day after conception, the amount of hormone doubles. It is produced by a membrane covering the fetal egg, which will become a placenta of the fetus within a few weeks.

The first day after conception, the “sign” hormone can be found only in the blood. However, the closer the menstrual cycle time approaches, the more hormone will accumulate in the urine. When it reaches 10 IU, the most sensitive specimens will be able to “calculate” pregnancy.

The table below shows the amount of hCG in the blood. The hCG level in the urine is a little behind.

What day to do a pregnancy test

What day to do a pregnancy test

What day to do a pregnancy test would seem to be clear, and sensitive tests will determine the presence of pregnancy for the seventh day after fertilization. However, in practice, everything is not so clear. The fact is that all women will have different times to reach the right level of hCG in their urine. It depends on the following factors:

  • Menstrual cycle duration;
  • Day of ovulation;
  • Day of fertilization;
  • Phisiological characteristics of the woman.

Besides, it is necessary to know that a positive result of a highly sensitive test may be a consequence of a biochemical pregnancy. In this case, the positive result of the diagnostic device does not deceive the woman: the conception actually occurred. However, for some reason, pregnancy has ceased to develop, which is reflected in the onset of menstruation.

Express tests are likely to calculate the true state of affairs 2 weeks after conception. And gynecologists agree that it is not worthwhile to carry out home diagnostics before 2-3 days after the delay of the expected menstruation. Then the possibility of an erroneous test result is minimal, so that the hCG level will already reach the desired level for any woman.

Then, however, the numerous testimonials from women who found out about their pregnancy before the beginning of the delay, “push” ladies dreaming of a child to purchase expensive tests that promise to show conception as early as possible.

How true are these statements? Can the test show pregnancy before the delay and when to start the diagnosis? Let's look at the causes of hormonal changes in the mother-to-be after conception and how they are recognized by the test.

Will a pregnancy test show up before delay

The fact that a positive, true test result before delay is possible is supported by numerous life examples that we have no reason to trust. Women say they intuitively felt the onset of conception or were guided by the physiological signs of pregnancy when they decided on such an early diagnosis.

Regardless of the reasons why you are guided for early determination of conception, the test can really be done before the delay begins. Given the fact that the devices can't hurt a woman in any way, they can be used at least every day. But in order for the result to be true, the following rules should be followed:

  • To delay it is recommended to use only high-sensitivity tests that can detect 10 ME hCGs in the urine (the smaller the number on the package, the more sensitive the device);
  • Diagnostics should be done in the morning: At this time, the hormone concentration in urine is maximal;
  • The results of the first study cannot be considered reliable and should be confirmed by repeated diagnosis.

If a long delay is accompanied by a negative test result, you should contact your gynecologist to find out the reasons. This situation is typical of inflammatory processes in the reproductive system or hormonal failure.

From 5-6 days after conception

May I know about the pregnancy 5 days after conception or earlier? No.

It is well known that fertilization can only take place during the ovulation period. After it takes place, the egg starts a journey through the pipes, slowly approaching the walls of the uterus. The future embryo is securely attached there. But this event will take place no sooner than 5 days after conception. Usually the implantation takes place on day 7 and sometimes on 10.

Only after the egg has been firmly “embedded” in the uterus cavity does the egg shell begin to produce hCG. As the hormone concentration increases every two days, simple calculations lead to the fact that pregnancy tests can be detected only on the 20th day of the cycle.

It is so pointless to do a pregnancy test on the 5th-6th day after conception.

After 7-8 days after conception

Test a week after conception is also not worth it. After all, the process of egg migration and implantation takes an average of 7 days. Therefore, the egg shell will only start producing the hormone for 8 days after ovulation.

Pregnancy cannot be determined a week after conception. This time is the beginning of hCG production, and it's still minimal.

In 9-10 days after conception

10 days after conception – the period of active hCG production start. Let's assume that the implantation occurred a week after fertilization. So, the hCG level is 2 ME.

For 7 days we start simple calculations. Hormone concentration doubles every day. So it's only 8 I's by 10:00 a.m. No pregnancy test yet detects a pregnancy.

After 11-12 days after conception

Plain examples, in which every day after conception is multiplied by two, allow us to determine that pregnancy tests can only be calculated on the 11th day after ovulation. However, these data are not absolute.

After all, it is impossible to say exactly when the journey of the ovum into the uterus cavity has ended.

For example, if the implantation took place 10 days after ovulation, the test will only calculate pregnancy for 25 days of the cycle.

Responsibly, the fewer days before the start of the menstrual cycle, the better the chances of seeing the striped test. And most women who found out about their conception before the “deadline”, say that it happened 5 days before their period. Four days before the delay, the ghost strip looked much brighter.

See the feedback on early diagnosis.

In 1-2 days before the monthly test

It would seem that 2 days before the monthly test the exact result is guaranteed. But in this case too, the diagnosis may be false. This is due to the same reasons we mentioned above: the individual characteristics of the cycle and the time of ovulation.

If the ovulation was late or the egg had been “traveling” through the pipes for a long time, the device will not react to the hCG level 24 hours before the expected menstruation, because it is still too little.

Wrap it up.

Pre-pregnancy test can be used. But the sooner you start using it, the more likely it is to be an error.

Which tests are used before the delay

While many experts agree that the marks on the packages of 10-15 IU devices are no more than an advertising move, it is better to choose tests with high sensitivity for early diagnosis of pregnancy.

Pay attention to the sensitivity level on the package

Maybe doing a pregnancy test before the delay and 7-8 days after ovulation, as advised by manufacturers.

However, it should be clearly understood that the reliability of such a diagnosis is questionable. Today's pharmacy chains are filled with different price and type of diagnostics.

Give unambiguous advice on which pregnancy test is better: every woman has her own proven “favorite”, which she considers the best.

Many ladies choose to delay jet pregnancy tests. Given their ease of use and the ability to diagnose in almost any environment, this choice is justified.

However, their cost is high enough, so not every woman can afford these devices. It is worth noting that ordinary strips soaked in a highly sensitive reagent often have a more democratic price.

And given the fact that the earliest pregnancy tests will need a few, it is better to choose a cheaper option.

If the financial situation allows you to buy expensive devices, but to buy the entire pharmacy in the hope that the tenth test will be striped, it is better to take a blood test on hCG. This diagnostic method never shows false results.

Other early signs of pregnancy

When pregnancy tests did not yet exist, women managed to determine their “interesting position” from the signals of their bodies. Their experience can also be used by modern ladies.

However, in this case, we cannot speak of a standard set of physical sensations: every woman has her own. Even a few pregnancies in one mother can happen differently.

Let's list some of the most common signs of conception:

  • Enlargement, soreness and special sensitivity of the breast;
  • Somnolence;
  • Sudden mood swings;
  • Decrease in blood pressure;
  • Symptoms characteristic of a cold;
  • Traumatic abdominal pain;
  • Short-term diarrhea;
  • Taste changes: I'd like an unusual meal.

While there are many characteristic symptoms indicating pregnancy, some women do not report any changes in their bodies at all.

Source: https://MyZachatie.ru/planirovanie/test-na-beremennost-do-zaderzhki.html

In how many days will the test show pregnancy after conception, delay, ovulation

When can a pregnancy test be done after the expected conception and after the delay of the period

The most proven way to detect pregnancy is to take a blood test. Blood levels of certain hormones increase throughout the pregnancy. This is one of the most reliable methods of determining a special position.

how the uterus encounters
egg pairing act
germ test

But not every woman can do such an analysis, sometimes the reason is unwillingness, sometimes simply not possible. And many people just don't see the point of spending money when there's an alternative way to solve the problem.

How easy it is to detect pregnancy

The easiest way to check (positive)

The easiest way to determine pregnancy is by testing. It can be bought at any drugstore. The price range is huge. Often it is a small narrow strip, which is processed by a special reagent.

This type of diagnosis is quite accurate. Many manufacturers claim that accuracy can be up to 99%. But it also depends on when you do the diagnosis. How many days after conception can the test show pregnancy? On the packages it says that from the first day of menstrual absence you can use the tester.

But many people start to feel internal changes before the monthly cycle begins. Specialists say that the accuracy of these methods depends on the time and there are more sensitive strips, there are less. But if you do it all in time, almost any test will show the result.

No research should be performed immediately after conception. Chorionic hormone levels, which determine pregnancy, will only increase after a certain period of time.

Usually a sufficient period of time is seven days for the test to show pregnancy, because many are interested in how many days after conception it can be used. Therefore, it is possible, but not recommended, to use the test to determine pregnancy before the delay.

This is not always an accurate result (you need to be prepared for it to be false), but sometimes it can be determined in advance.

Also find out what is the price of a pregnancy test with a definition of a term and a digital pregnancy test clearblue.

Positive and negative results

Ovulation occurs approximately in the middle of the loop. But fertilization may not happen on the same day, but for another week. And the hormone level will rise only fourteen days after ovulation.

To use the test in ovulation makes no sense, unless fertilization (fertilization occurs after conception!) occurred in the last cycle. It only lasts 24 to 48 hours. During this period, the chances of getting pregnant are very high. When the ovulation is over, the chances of getting pregnant are almost non-existent. Exception – late ovulation, before the period.

In the absence of menstruation, it is necessary to make a diagnosis and if it shows a positive result – then the pregnancy was determined. If it is negative, you should repeat the procedure after some time to avoid a false result.

Home Diagnostics

Home Diagnostics

Now there are many ways to determine your own condition at home, which will help to detect pregnancy after a couple of days after ovulation using the test. On the shelves of the pharmacies, we can see several types of tests:

  • strip test, waiting for a reaction of three to five minutes;
  • jet, just a couple of seconds;
  • digital or electronic, operates on the principle of inkjet.

It makes no sense to look at the appearance of the strip. The result is shown on the screen.

name DescriptionValueAccuracy (on a five-point scale, depending on the term)
BabycheckSlash for lowering the urine tank. Susceptibility from 25 mME/mlFrom 10 to 100 rubles3
Evitest ProofDevice with a special window to which you need to add a few drops of urine. Susceptibility from 10-25 mME/ml. 50 to 150 rubles4
Frautest COMFORT Without the need to type urine in the tank, the method of application comes from the name. The most convenient way to determine the state of pregnancy in case of several days of delay. Sensitivity of 10 mME/ml from 150 to 250 rubles5

Before checking. Check the shelf life of the product. The lower the sensitivity figure, the more accurate the diagnosis is at an early stage.

Definition time after implantation

From how many days it is possible to do a pregnancy test after implantation. Devices that have a sensitivity of 10 mEd/ml can be used to detect pregnancy from the seventh to the tenth day after conception or implantation. That's why it's pointless to run tests before this period.

Even the most sensitive one can give false results, both positive and negative, before the delay. Because the level of hCG (human genome, the hormone used to determine pregnancy) is necessary, it will not reach the required level. In order not to torture yourself in vain, the test should be performed ten days after the menstruation has not arrived.

Or two days later, then to confirm after another time.

The process of conception takes place in this way

Optimal days when you can do the test after implantation depend on:

  • how sensitive and quality the tester is;
  • which condition it is. When there is a risk of miscarriage, the hormones are produced more slowly than normal pregnancy;
  • performance. If the results are negative, but the menstruation has not started, it is worth repeating the procedure.

Tester Principle

Set the hCG level in urine

All pregnancy tests work on the same principle. They're setting the hCG level in the urine. This hormone begins to produce when the placenta develops. For women in normal condition, it's normal – it's from 0 to 5 honey/ml. From the first week of fertilization, the level of this hormone and its concentration increase.

Testers are distinguished by sensitivity in two types:

  • they determine the concentration of hCG from 10 mEd/ml. Such a specimen can determine the condition five, seven days after fertilization;
  • they can determine the concentration of 25 mEd/ml. They are the cheapest in the pharmacy and determine the state at a later date.

This is how they work.

  1. They set the hCG level.
  2. The determination is possible because each tester has an antibody to the hCG. When the level is sufficient, the antibodies react.
  3. The red stripes appear when the reaction occurs.
  4. Select before the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and then. After the delay, the result will be more accurate. But it is possible to check and redo it.
  5. The timing depends on the ovulation time.

The best way to do it is to do it in the morning, then it will show the truthful result. Because in the morning urine is the most concentrated.

The result is positive with a high probability (about 99%). Weak banding is also considered a positive result, but the hCG level is still too weak.

In some cases it may be possible to get a false positive result – it may be due to certain drugs or if there is a tumor.

New unused device

Sometimes there may be a false negative result. This happens:

  • when the hormone concentration has not yet reached the required level;
  • in case of kidney failure;
  • before the test too much fluid has been drunk.

Perfect application of the instructions

The principle of what a test does, whether you are pregnant or not, is very simple:

  • must wait for a certain day (whether it is a delay or you have calculated certain days from the moment of ovulation);
  • in the morning you type urine in a certain container (the container must be clean);
  • put the test strip down to a certain point for a few seconds;
  • then wait from three to five minutes;
  • place the strip on a clean surface;
  • then the test is invalid;
  • one brightly – red strip – negative;
  • two brightly – red strips – positive;
  • the rest of the cases (when the stripe appeared, but the second one is invalid, or when the second stripe is barely noticeable, it is worth doing another test after a while).

Test Reviews

Digital or electronic look this way

Olga 26 years old.

I had my first test, which I did (inexpensively) on the sixth day after the delay, showed one bright red stripe, the second pale pink one. I followed the second test, took a better one – but the result was the same. He finally sent me to a specialist, he confirmed my pregnancy and sent me for an ultrasound scan after two weeks of delay.

Maria 24 years.

I ran to the pharmacy on the first day of delay. As a result, there were two clear stripes, i.e. the test showed the result of the pregnancy in one day. But I thought I did it early, so after another ten days, I did it again. The result is positive.

Alexander 30 years old.

After a few days of delay, did the test. There was one barely noticeable stripe. Thought it was just a normal delay. Then ten days later, when my menstruation never started, I did a second test, and two distinct stripes appeared. But there was no sign of pregnancy, like a swollen abdomen or nausea.

To use the Japanese sex-measurement table to find out all about the secretions after ovulation.

  • From how many days you can find out about pregnancy
  • Presents the ectopic pregnancy test
  • Instruction on the use of the pregnancy test
  • Japanese table for determining the sex of a child
  • Instruction on the use of the pregnancy test
  • Pleasant days for conceiving a child

Information published on the Sberemennost website.ru has only introductory character and is intended only for acquaintance.

Visitors of a site should not use them as medical recommendations! The site does not recommend self-treatment.

The definition of the diagnosis and choice of treatment methods remains the exclusive prerogative of your attending physician! Remember that only complete diagnosis and therapy under medical supervision will help to get rid of the disease completely!

Source: https://sberemennost.ru/planirovanie/methods/test-pokazhet-beremennost

In how many days after conception the test will show pregnancy or lack of it

When can a pregnancy test be done after the expected conception and after the delay of the period

Pretty much any woman at some point in her life had doubts about the pregnancy that might have occurred if she had unprotected sex. When the probable date of conception is known, the only remaining task is to determine after what time a pregnancy test can be performed.

Principle of determination of pregnancy test

All known pregnancy tests work in the same way. The reagent applied to some part of the device, acting on the woman's urine, determines the presence of the hormone responsible for pregnancy – chorionic gonadotropin (abbreviated designation of hCG). This substance is only present during a woman's pregnancy or, in rare cases, in some cases, in the case of organ failure.

Chorion (placenta) only begins to produce hCGF when the fetal egg is fixed inside the uterus of the woman, and in case of ectopic pregnancy outside of the uterus.

This occurs only after a certain number of days after the probable conception. During this period of time, the embryo moves from the ovary to the uterine cavity through the ovary.

During the period of its movement in the woman's body there are no significant changes, and the “hormone of pregnancy” is also not yet produced.

Based on the above, in the very first 7 – 10 days of the likely onset of pregnancy to conduct the test makes no sense. Its result will always be negative during this period.

You should also know that conception does not necessarily occur during intercourse. Sperm cells can remain in a woman's body without dying for a few more days, waiting for ovulation. So, determining how much testing will be indicative after conception, this fact should also be taken into account.

Which test to choose

The important criterion in estimating the probability of which day after conception the test will show pregnancy is the choice of the test itself. The difference in this case is the sensitivity of the device to hCG hormone. This value usually ranges from 10 to 25 mMU/ml and means that the lowest hormone content in urine can be detected by the test.

The lower the sensitivity value, the more accurately the test can determine the presence of pregnancy. If 10 mMU/ml is indicated on the package, it is the most accurate device, because the lower hormone content does not show any test.

This is no coincidence – a woman's urine may contain a small amount of hCG. If the tests could detect any small presence of the test, the result would often be positive even without pregnancy.

At the choice of a high-precision test, it would be possible to conduct a study on the 7-10th day of a possible pregnancy, and at its low sensitivity only after 12-14 days. These timescales are the minimum for testing.

If the procedure is performed in the first weeks after ovulation, the test is negative, it may not be completely correct. In such a case, the procedure should be repeated with another test, waiting 3-5 days after the first one.

After a positive test, even at an early stage, 99% of the probability that there is a pregnancy. If the first signs of it began to appear, there can be no doubt

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