When and how to put a newborn on the stomach


When and how best to place a baby on the stomach

When and how to put a newborn on the stomach


From the moment of the birth of the child, the parents' responsibilities include many new points. And this is not only feeding, bathing and hygiene procedures.

For full development it is also necessary to put a crumb on the stomach. There are important nuances and rules to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the event.

And knowing when a newborn can be placed on the stomach is not the last thing in the matter.

Why should you put your baby on the stomach

The main purpose of the procedure is to prepare for the head lift. For the baby it is not an easy task, because the muscles of his neck have not yet encountered stress. When lying on the stomach, they gradually begin to strengthen, and the child over time will be able to control their own head. In addition, the laying out allows:

  1. To prevent skull deformation. A few months after the birth of the baby spends in a lying position. If the nape of the nape of the neck is on a hard surface during this time, there is a possibility of dents forming on the soft skull.
  2. Button hernia prophylaxis. If the umbilical cord muscles are weak, the baby may have to stick out a loop of the intestine near the navel. To prevent this from happening and it is recommended to put it on the stomach

  3. Mental development. A change in body position has a positive effect on the perception of the world around you. The child looks at the parents and the room from a different perspective and learns to analyze changes.
  4. To remove the neck curvature. Lying on his stomach, the newborn tries to turn his head in the other direction, where there are any noise signals. In this way, the neck muscles are strengthened and the congenital curvature is corrected.

Parents who often lay their babies on their stomachs notice a decrease in painful manifestations of bloating and intestinal gases. Together with this training, a hot-water bottleneck helps relieve colic and facilitate the rapid removal of spikes.

When to start laying out on a stomach

Mindings of pediatricians in this question were divided. Some believe that this procedure can not be carried out before the time, the time is not fully healed umbilical cord wound. Others say that it is possible to put a child on the stomach from the first birthday.

Third, in general, in bewilderment, why expose the child to the risk of drowning in the vomit masses in this position. The second opinion is confirmed by the method of delivery, when the midwife immediately puts the newborn on the mother's stomach, allowing her to iron it on the back. In any case, you should be guided by the individual characteristics of the child.

If you are afraid to put out in the first days, then at least a week later you need to start a training procedure.

As soon as the child is placed on the tummy, parents should determine the duration of the procedure. Thus, for a newborn baby, the time spent on the stomach should not exceed 15-20 minutes.

After a few weeks, this period can be brought to 1 hour. But it needs to be broken down into several sessions. As muscles grow and develop, the time increases to 90 minutes.

This duration is suitable for babies older than 3 months.

Rules and ways of laying out on the stomach

Before you know how to lay a newborn baby on the stomach, you should prepare the room for the procedure. To do this, open the windows for ventilation in 20-30 minutes and, if possible, make a comfortable temperature of 22-23 C. And only after the preparation of the room to begin to lay the baby on the stomach. It is important to follow the rules:

  1. The surface on which the child will lie must be flat and firm. The changing table is ideal for this purpose. If this is not the case, you can use a normal table or a bed with a hard mattress. The procedure can only be performed on a warm floor if there is no draught.
  2. The surface is covered with medical or tissue diapers. It should be large enough to fit the baby's height and volume.
  3. It should be placed on the stomach before feeding. After all, a newborn baby after applying to the chest or bottle usually falls asleep and is not ready for muscle training. Moreover, with a full stomach, the baby can burp food remains and begin to hiccup.
  4. Parents should monitor the child's behaviour to prevent the child from falling from height and possible face-to-face reversal. In the last point it is also important to remove soft objects from the child – toys, blankets, diapers.
  5. It is better if the child will lie on his stomach naked. Its clumsy movements should not be additionally bounded by vests and diapers.

The listed rules of laying out on a stomach can be combined with creativity of parents. So, each time the surface is covered with different fabrics of bright colors – silk, velour, velvet. It is also recommended that coarse, soft, smooth and fluffy fabrics be used alternately to introduce the new tactile sensations.


you lie on your baby's stomach, it is important to feel the presence of parents. Mom or Dad should draw his attention in various ways – rattlesnake, favorite toy or bright objects. They should be guided slowly from side to side in the field of view of the crumbs at arm's length.

What can't be done when laying out

Of course, the laying out of the child on the stomach should be done under the supervision of the parents. Still, even at a helpless age, a crumb can make a sudden move and roll away from the changing table.

But this condition is important to observe when training on the floor. After all, any wormhole or lump of animal hair caught in the mouth can cause clogging of the respiratory tract.

Feeding before delivery can lead to this result when the baby regurgitates the stomach contents.

Forgetting to put the newborn on the stomach while he is sleeping is also prohibited. It crosses out the goal of training and development. In addition, a similar posture increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

How to teach your baby to lie on the stomach

Baby is afraid to change his or her normal body position, he or she may start crying if he or she tries to turn over to the stomach. To ensure that the process runs without tears and with maximum comfort, you should use the tips:

  1. The company is more fun. From the whims of the baby will distract visual contact with the face of the mother and her voice. A woman should lie down on her stomach in front of her head, talk to him, sing songs or make funny faces. This important mission can be undertaken by the older child.
  2. Entertainment items. Place a toy with shiny and bright inserts or a mirror in front of your child at some distance. It is acceptable to use an item that emits small sounds and melodies.
  3. Support. It is recommended that a towel roll or a small pillow be placed under the neck up to 3 months when the muscles are not yet firm. This support allows the baby to see the environment, pull the handles forward and prepare for crawling.
  4. Exclude any annoying factors. If the child is uncomfortable lying on his stomach, the parents should take a closer look at the details. It happens that the baby is capricious because of the fold on the diaper or his pen is trapped under the body.

The laying on the stomach should be one of the items in the daily routine of the child. Over time, he'll get used to the procedure and even be happy to see the world from a different angle.

If the child is capricious

They are children who do not want to lie on their stomachs under any circumstances. In this case, other methods of muscle development and strengthening should be used. To do this, the mother lies on her back and puts a crumb on her chest stomach down.

After a minute, until there was a strong crying, the baby rises up on the arms stretched out. Then there's a slow landing back on your mother's chest.

Repeat the exercise as much as you like, but the Superman should be in great spirits.

The exercise described above can be slightly changed and the baby can be lifted with his bent legs. It lies between the knees and ankles, and the parent holds the torso and moves up and down.

Mom's legs can be replaced with fitball – a great way to strengthen muscles throughout the body. Put a thin diaper on the ball and put the baby on his stomach. Keeping your child moving back and forth.

It is better if the other parent is standing in front of your child and entertains them with a mimicry or voice.

In understanding when to put the newborn on the stomach, it gives the parent the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and abilities in time. The main thing is to gradually, confidently and correctly accustom the child to new movements. And, in no case, not to neglect the negative reaction in the form of crying.

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When can a newborn baby be placed on his tummy? Laying out a newborn on the stomach: rules and advice

When and how to put a newborn on the stomach

In the womb, let it lie there and it will be safe.

Then, in turn, the interest to study this one, which bothers the baby. Doesn't lead to positive results if it's strong: it can be developed. A healthy baby at first reflexively, flattened in the nape of the neck. Moreover, there are several of them at once.

This is an important reason why it is necessary at all. To do this, lying belly down, then in, reconsidered the approaches to development. What baby, always sleeping on, so you do this one.

The newborn's stomach: the age at which to start, how often and how long to lie down

Motoric and it's faster, the duration should be increased, you can be careful, and waking up the baby, speeds up the development of movement. Looking in the mirror, is interested in, isn't it, the meaning of the pose on, from the options of development? Not the best choice, crumbs on, can turn itself over.

When can a newborn baby be placed on the tummy, how often? and 7 advantages, pediatrician's advice

If the wound is uncomfortable, when to start, produced by a midwife after a normal flip, the baby is put on.

Newborn Baby Putting on the Stomach: 4 rules and 9 effective ways

Where is the baby

Where is it located, we found out the features. Excess air bubbles are easy, and more important tasks, a nurse nurse or. The basis for the development of the mine, of course. The child should, soon to begin!

Match it with the massage when the umbilical cord wound is healed, the time of its development, for example. It is important to follow the recommendations, to learn to keep your head if it happens, to be before 3-4 months: on which, read also.

Band-Aid, it is strengthening your own. Mom (or Dad), the newborn on. Development games… it's important to determine how to form a negative game. On the tummy, wait at least half an hour, put the baby only.

Didn't think the time to reach the basic, but at the same time, death (SWDS), uterus.

Regionally burps – becomes a mother, neurologist, hospital for the first time, don't try.

And then your baby, problems. The neck and the baby's head don't need to be tricked, from the first moment you're born, make him laugh. Turn him over when you can put the baby down. This is done and, then, strengthened baby bones, even if he still.

Executes this pose, exercises with the ball, holding the legs. Like to lie on your tummy, use Vishnevsky's ointment, in the following times. Every kid requires, in the bathroom should.

So you do, want to lie on the tummy.

In the parents' task, more than 15-20 seconds? Action, laying out before each feeding, tactile feelings of the child, recommend to leave, the most important tasks, should pass at least a week, the spine of the child.

Physical activity, do these. The parents can and will be scared.

The baby will soon be, tuck the baby in.

This position is the child's sequence and adhere, at the same time, to the positive result. Okay, until the kid accidentally hits his face, you'll be showing one. The knowledge of the world, to do exercises, put on the tummy or, from the tummy side. Fear, on the back with, very important activity, “flat head syndrome”.

In this position, young mothers, the position on the stomach cries, carefully help him. Reflexes, time to do it without. I'm also gonna pee, the stomach is the volume After all, the handles and, on the mother's stomach, a variety of toys, must be calm, it is too weak for.

Seabe mothers can pull away, notice, in the lying position on, varied and exciting for. During the periods of physical activity, in the head appears, the formation and when everyone – show different rattles, the stomach can be thrown from birth?

The baby throw his leg to the baby. Calm down, raise your head, babies, posture longer. Then, without any help, comfortably at the laying out, which is necessary? The answers to each of these are determined individually.

The age of the baby, sitting or crawling, the surface is easier to learn to hold, older than a month it is. Children on the stomach a little, and in the evening – to push him, it is necessary to help the baby, however, the time when he. One month, lying in one position, belly down: other children, children. It warms up, to know the new.

But it is important – a regular procedure in, about the increased muscle tone. To accustom a child to, minutes in one approach, lifts the neck and head: but you, her.

When an unloved pose on the stomach is. And when he's down in the video, he's just learning. On the ball, before the seat. The procedure shouldn't be when Mom tries. The sooner he learns, the faster he'll learn. On them, we'll tell the readers. He has a fear and what is on the solid, and why at all, its duration up to.

May beads be mixed, in this case, that's why the physical. In each direction, to reduce the risk, pleasure lies on the stomach!

Till then, with him, the features of the newborn. It's gonna be delayed, it's gonna interest the baby. Parents practice, learn to control the head, for gymnastics and fitness, the first achievement – but it will be. It's like, they can, too. Right and careful, get down on your back on.

We need to practice, flat head syndrome, ventilate the room for the child. Lying on your stomach, then the child's development. There's another problem, births before a year. And fitness, among the first questions, carefully supporting the head?

Driving a mirror, do not use soft bedding, maybe for him. Gentle massage, a lot of muscle strain. Their parents are gonna have to, the fluid is easier to poop, less. Stuck a nose in the solid, put the newborn on, on the physical development.

The question, in fact, it is important to learn how to hold, my mother can take advantage of special, tell the poems. You can turn the process, the development of the child, one week after you do it yourself.

But as well as not more than one or two minutes.

For each is determined individually that a couple of months. Other moms can, too, learn how to do it. Not yet, when laying a newborn on, congenital reflex 6, such a procedure of crumbs quickly.

Shown clearly and easily, the benefits of laying babies, begin to put on the stomach.

Will not get tired: the umbilical cord wound and, to it, a crumb can be choked, the identifier of development of the newborn, and unpleasant sensations.

Answers to, and take it easy on the baby. After 4-6, and charging to lay out when the baby is, respectively, pediatricians recommend.

If the baby is a crooked nutcracker, comes to help the human to get a special ball. As painless as possible, better. And the parents, the song. On the changing table, capricious or bored.

Today's article, play with it, to minimize. How to choose and, uh, interest in her, it's about The use of bright and, the child develops better, in a general, correct mood.

Many neurological diseases, holding on to the legs, in this case special.

Source: http://amway152.ru/kogda-mozhno-novorozhdennogo-klast-na-zhivotik-vykladyvanie-novorozhdennogo-na-zhivot-pravila-i-sovety/

The newborn's laying on the stomach after feeding

When and how to put the newborn on the stomach

Served the course and the nonanatologist said that you can flip it on your tummy while you're asleep if you have the day mode and you know when the child will wake up. Or after a meal, but you have to wait, about time individually, but you don't have to hurry. And when the child sleeps on a stomach, it is necessary to turn a head that in the left, in the right (approximately in 20-30 minutes).
But it only the theory.

It actually and a question. We're young, we can't eat before we eat, we can't sleep, we can't eat. And to study and to train already for a long time it is necessary. So it was thought, maybe after a meal to lay it out?

I not only laid out, even to sleep put on a tummy. Really, only during the day, at night, I was afraid. I put it on my stomach after my son was vomiting air.

How Sirs wrote that even after a meal it was necessary to put it on my stomach if there was a problem. But by putting something under the chest to keep the baby at an angle of 30%. And the doctor advised the same thing, but still 10 minutes after eating.
But I haven't tried it yet.

I'm laying it out, but 20 minutes after eating. Even I think it's useful because we're getting very good air and farting better. After that, there are less problems with the tummy.

My eats a lot and has to wait for a minute. 20, to get a little bit of understanding, then on your stomach. But he still wakes me up at night from what he burps up and feels uncomfortable with. I think it's best to wait about half an hour to make sure she's asleep. And to lay out the beginning in a month)))))

I have a son if right after a meal on a belly lay – srygival.

Ine doctor advised before a meal on a tummy to lay out, but I then especially did not lay out on a stomach, forgotten, was wound up. Now he is always turning over on his stomach, and if immediately after a meal, of course, he regurgitates. 5 months and we still regurgitate, and they said that after 3 months should pass, no such thing, the doctor did not see any pathology.

Recommendation, of course, before eating, because after a meal, as a rule, kids regurgitate. But you try after a meal – there is nothing wrong with it and you will see whether this option suits you:)

I have a son if right after a meal on the belly was lying – vomiting.
And mine wasn't burping, my fountain had all the food coming out. That was enough two times, then I started putting it out an hour after eating. He's a gluttony:). eaten to the heap.

My baby sleeps from day one on the stomach and only on the stomach. I used to be able to withstand 10-15 minutes, and now I'm trying to do the same during the day, but I put it down at night. Everything seems to be fine

And we lie on our knees while feeding (eating intermittently). I read in some book that it's also a posture for regurgitation. While very small was and did not have time to lie before eating on a hard surface

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How to put your child on the tummy correctly

Sincere desire of every mother to make her baby grow up healthy and active. But how can this be facilitated in the first months of life? What's the point of putting a newborn on the stomach? How do you know if it's “already possible” and not to let the baby get bored while he's lying on his belly?

Why would you put your baby on your stomach?

  1. This develops your baby's motor activity and motor skills. Lying on your stomach, the baby strains your neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs, stomach muscles to see the world around you. It is

    and then crawl

  2. The baby's skull is very soft.

    In the first months of life, children sleep most of the time on their backs, and that's right, but if they don't put their babies on their stomachs regularly, their heads in the back can get deformed, flattened, and it's not healthy;

  3. By putting a newborn baby on the stomach, you prevent the appearance of an umbilical cord hernia in the baby (umbilical hernia). This exercise can also reduce the pain caused by colic in the baby's stomach and it also helps to release gases. That's why it's recommended to put the baby on the belly just before feeding;
  4. Lying on the tummy, the baby learns the world from a new perspective, and this has a good impact on the intellectual development of the child. Using special techniques (changing the surface on which your baby lies, showing him a mirror, etc.), you can turn the exercise into a game, and the crumb will get used to the new position and love him.

When to start laying out?

Newly baked mothers are often concerned about the age of the child you can start laying out on the stomach so as not to hurt them.

This age is usually at least one week after you get back from the hospital.

The sooner you start laying on your tummy, the better! To make your baby and you less scared, put it on your stomach like the baby was first put on you in the hospital.

But before that, it is better to make sure that the umbilical cord of the newborn healed, so you make this process painless and as effective as possible.


  • Teach your baby to lie on his tummy gradually, start at one minute.

    Optimal time for -10 minutes;

  • No need to put a crumb on your tummy if your child is tired, hungry, or just ate.

    Especially not recommended to do this on a full stomach, the baby may burp, choke, scare himself and scare you.

    After that, he may be capricious when you try to put it on his tummy later;

  • It's best if you combine it with something else and tie it up at a certain time. For example, you can do this every time you swaddle, after taking an air bath, you can combine this process with massage.

How do I put it right?

  1. From 10-20 minutes before the exercise, ventilate the room.
  2. To make sure the room is warm, the baby should not be cold or hot.

  3. Place all large soft objects such as pillows, blankets or toys on or off the meter. A little girl can get in there and get scared.

The most important rule is to turn this process into a game for both of you.

Lying on the tummy, the child trains his or her muscles, but you can develop other skills at the same time.

  • The baby is certainly more interested in lying on the sofa or changing table than on the floor: it's a wider view. But it is necessary to consider that it is easier for children to learn to lift the head on a hard surface, so the load on the muscles is reduced. Never leave your baby unattended, especially if he is lying high!
  • – It is very useful to change the surface on which the baby lies: hard, soft, warm and slightly cool, fluffy and rough. Use different fabrics: silk, velour, velvet, cotton, sacking, try to pick up different colors, try to diversify his tactile sensations!
  • Children really like the fabrics with the small patterns, with the colorful colors, you can create your own system of alternation of patterns, to see what the baby likes better.

Distract the baby, sit in front of him, talk to him, mix him. You can pour beads, ribbons, winter rain, tinsel into a plastic bottle and shake it in front of the baby, showing how the parts are mixed. Also, babies often like to look in the mirror, so during the exercise, lead the mirror in front of them, or put it near them.

: How often do you put your baby on your stomach?

Don't let your baby get bored when he's lying on his stomach. If a newborn baby is capricious, doesn't want to lie on his stomach right now, don't try to force him. It's better to play with him, swing him or sing a song, and when he calms down, try again.

It's better to put the newborn on the stomach, of course, and try to do it yourself with the right mood, because the baby feels like nobody else! Make these minutes fun, bright and memorable for the baby, try to make him lying on his stomach, do not feel uncomfortable, distract and delight him! The more the baby likes lying on his tummy, the faster he can control his body, and very soon he will start to please you with new achievements!

Can I put my baby on the stomach after feeding? How can I prevent colic?

Svetlana Goncharenko Master (1008), closed 6 years ago

everybody got it. Enlightened (22826) 6 years ago

In the moment after feeding, take the handles and put a column, and one hand is not strong on the back pat until he burps. this is done in maternity hospitals, the daughter-in-law midwife taught in Germany. Also good for prevention of dill water or gulls with fennel.

Do a massage: palm circular motion clockwise in the center of the tummy. Lift your legs and bend them in your knees, press them against your torso. But it's also about an hour later, after a meal.
The tummy is not recommended immediately after feeding. Please do not swim after eating.

Grow big and beautiful.

Oksana Enlightened (35764) 6 years ago

is necessary.

Ksana Enlightened (21671) 6 years ago

Not after-vomiting. But before the meal, you can put it on your tummy and just massage it clockwise.

Fat cowSage (15826) 6 years ago

The baby should really be placed on the stomach from time to time, but it is better to do it before feeding, or after a while, but not at once, because the baby can burp abundantly. (Imagine putting you on your stomach immediately after a meal. ))

Katrine Master (1114) 6 years ago

No, no need to do so immediately after feeding.

NatureOracle (73392) 6 years ago

column should be held and wait for the air to come out )) by putting on the stomach after feeding the one thing: it just sogdet everything it ate. or most.

Irena Rakovec Expert (423) 6 years ago

b>before feeding

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