Chinese Calendar of Pregnancy – calculate the sex of the child

Chinese Calendar for determining the sex of a future child by mother's age

If you're expecting a new addition and you're crazy to know if your son or daughter will be born, or if you want to plan your baby's specific gender in advance, some experts say that the Chinese sex determination calendar should be your first helper.

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Calendar of determining the sex of the child – this is the chart that allows you to determine who settled in your tummy.

The Chinese Lunar Sex Determination Calendar of the future child was first found many hundreds of years ago and is still kept in a scientific institute in Beijing.

First, the Chinese method to identify the sex of the future child was used by the Chinese royal family to calculate the birth of a son, which ensured the continuation of the royal family. Such a table also allows for the calculation of a girl's birth.

Ironically, gender planning during pregnancy is illegal in China. With the help of the sex determination calendar, using the combination of the future mother's age at the time of conception, as well as the month in which the baby should appear, you can find out whether it will be a boy or a girl.

Of course, you can just wait for the necessary period and ask this question during the ultrasound scan in 20 weeks. But even an ultrasound method may not give a reliable answer right away. Which means ointment when you're pregnant.

USI doesn't always show you who's staying in your tummy right away

As well as there is a test that helps to find out the sex of your baby before 20 weeks, but it's very expensive, so it's not available to everyone. That's why, if you're expecting a long-awaited addition and want to know if you're going to have a son or daughter, a way to identify the sex of a future child can be a helper in this area.

What is this method

Out of the box, the calendar for determining the sex of a child by date of conception is a simple table that consists of a series of individual graphs. Some of them are arranged horizontally, others vertically:

  • of horizontal columns of only twelve columns, and they are painted in months from January to December;
  • vertical terms contain the age of the future mommy – from 18 to 45 years.

Apposing the month of conception, and taking into account the age of the mother, we need to find the intersection of the row and column – there will be an answer to the question about your baby's gender. This method is very simple, so future parents can find out who to expect in just a minute. Despite its simplicity, the method is highly accurate.

Waiting for the birth of a boy or girl!?

The uniqueness of the conception calendar for determining the sex of a child is that it is possible not only to determine the sex of a future child before it is born, but even to predict the sex of the child in the planning stage of pregnancy.

Namely, this method was used to determine the sex of a child so actively by parents who wanted a particular sex. As a result, no one was surprised that there was a son or daughter.

Another distinctive feature of the Chinese calendar of gender identification of the child represented in the photo is its use at any time of waiting for the baby, even the earliest. It's a good thing it's different from an ultrasound scan, where you have to wait for the deadline.

Chinese method to identify the sex of a future child

The validity of such a table has been experimentally tested, with many couples claiming to have been able to determine gender identity with high accuracy.

Of course, everyone will say you can find the pitfalls here as well. Of course, this method has some disadvantages. The most important of them is that even such a table does not give a 100% guarantee. In some cases, there may be misses. Moreover, if we're talking about multiple pregnancies, the method is useless.

How the table works

The basis of this method is the most complex mathematical calculations, as well as many different statistics. Of course, no one will count anything on their own today. All this was done years before we were born.

All data received is entered in the table, and future parents only need to use it. As noted above, the Chinese calendar has an age limit of 18 to 45 years. This is due to the fact that the childbearing age of women is at this point in time.

This also implies that there are people who consider this method ineffective. This is not usually the opinion of the Chinese. Here the point is that the Chinese have their own specifics of counting the age of the future mommy.

So the baby, who is born, is considered to be a nine-month old. This is due to the fact that a person's years in the Celestial Empire start from the moment of conception, unlike the European powers, which count the age from the day of birth.

Sex determination of a future child

So in order to get a more accurate result, it is necessary to count the age of the future mother according to the Chinese method. Simply put, just add one year to the current age, and then the probability of a reliable result will increase several times.

The difference between the ancient Chinese and the present table

In ancient China, based on the traditional religions of the time, astrologers and fortune-tellers made observations, trying to understand how to predict the sex of the baby before conception. All data were systematized, thanks to numerous knowledge, into tables. Not little importance was attached to the lunar calendar, to astrology. The value was:

  • year of conception;
  • parental names;
  • location of the stars.

It is worth noting that to this day in China the name of the baby is invented not by parents, but by monks and old people.

At the time of excavation of tombs of various kings, near Beijing, archaeologists have found the ancient Chinese calendar to determine the sex of the child. It was made up centuries ago. Its authenticity is confirmed by many researchers, and at the moment it is in one of the Chinese museums. In this table many factors are taken into account:

  • the phases of the moon;
  • the location of the stars;
  • the lunar calendar and others.

Horizontally, this table shows the age of the future mommy at the time of conception, on the side – the month of conception. The child's sex and mother's age were indicated according to the lunar calendar.

To plan the child's sex according to the ancient Chinese table-original, as it was compiled for another system. That's why, at the moment, it's only a historical value.

What do people think?

However, and many young parents use the Chinese calendar to determine the sex of their child, as evidenced by the many reviews.

Alena Golovko:

Don't know if this thing works or not, but with the first child I have everything in common. As for the second pregnancy, doctors promise a girl, and the calendar shows the son. Let's see who is right.

Anton Panufnik:

I've always dreamt of a son, so my wife and I have approached the issue of conception of the firstborn with all our weapons. We strictly followed all diets from the Internet, all the rules and, of course, the calendar readings. Now I have a wonderful daughter growing up. So it's all bullshit. Destiny is what never fails.

Sabine Romanenko:

Considered all the indications of the Chinese method, adhering to the recommendations. And it all worked out! The main thing is to believe, and the calendar to look, of course.

Galina Kabaeva:

Never fond of such things, but looked for the sake of interest. And what's amazing is that both babies were born exactly according to the calendar. Perhaps something really coincides here, but I wouldn't trust 100%.

Vladimir Dovgailo:

I saw such a “miracle” for the first time, but since I want my daughter, I decided to count it. I think it's a girl who's coming out, but who's going to be, we don't know yet, a little bit of time. The calendar for determining the sex of a child is probably something that shows, but not always. In general, I will leave a review of how the long-awaited baby will be born.

We have a Chinese table determining the sex of the child and find out what is the best test for pregnancy.

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How to use the Chinese pregnancy calendar

Chinese pregnancy calendar - calculate the child's sex

News of replenishment in the family is a joyful event that raises many questions. Will it be a girl or a boy? What color to buy clothes and so on.

Chinese calendar will help not only to learn the sex of the future baby, as well as to plan it in preparation for conception.

For today you can get acquainted with the original manuscript in the Beijing Institute of Sciences. It was found a few hundred years ago during the excavation of the imperial tomb.

We can conclude that even in the ancient centuries, this issue was very relevant. One of the assumptions is that this calendar was specially developed for the imperial family. The boy is a descendant of the family, the main heir.

His birth has always been desired, especially in the imperial family.

The book of Chinese wisdom, where this calendar is available, is still very important to the Chinese today. They claim that the sex of the child can be determined with a 100% probability. It's only important to learn how to use it.

How the method works

Chinese Calendar of Child Sex Determination is a table with a specific set of graphs. The vertical columns are responsible for the age of the mother at the time of conception. Horizontal columns are responsible for the number of months in a year. At the intersection of the parallels you will find the answer to the question. The letter D stands for girl, the letter M for boy.

The ancient Chinese table of determining the sex of a child is easy to use and has a high accuracy of results.

The development is truly unique. After all, the Chinese table of determining the sex of a child allows you to predict who will be, even at the planning stage of pregnancy. This method has been used by parents since ancient times, and many have confirmed its veracity.

Chinese table of determining the sex of a future child has one distinctive feature. It can be used at any time during pregnancy, even at an early age. It is only important to know the month of conception.

Ultrasound is also an accurate method, but the sex of a child can only be determined at late gestation.

Each study has its pros and cons. No one will be able to say with 100% confidence the sex of a child before it is born. An error can always occur, regardless of the option. If we talk about multiple pregnancies, this study will be useless, of course. And it'll just confuse the parents.

How to work with the table

Chinese pregnancy calendar for calculating the sex of a child is based on complex mathematical calculations and statistics. We are unlikely to double-check and recalculate this table, as it was created a long time ago.

In the calendar there are age restrictions, namely 18-45 years. This age is the most suitable for labor activity.

If you use the calendar incorrectly, then the result of the unreliable increase in times. The Chinese calculate the age differently from the European population.

Europeans count the age from the birthday of the baby and the Chinese count the age from the moment of conception. Therefore, the Chinese baby is already considered to be a nine-month-old.

When calculating the mother's age, you need to add another year, and then the result will be more true.

Was there a difference between the ancient Chinese table and the modern table

Ancient China tried to predict the sex of the child in different ways. The researches were carried out on the basis of religions, astrological forecasts and visions of fortune-tellers. All the information was recorded in tables.

The Moon calendar played a big role. They paid attention to the year of conception, the names of parents, information compared to the location of the stars.

In China, the name of the baby is chosen not by parents but by old monks.

Today, the sex of the child in the Chinese calendar, which was in ancient times, it is impossible to predict. Since it was designed for another system. That's why the difference between the ancient Chinese and the modern table is very big.

As far as you can trust such predictions

Anyone's business is to check the Chinese sex determination calendar. Someone has a perfect match, someone is waiting for a boy, and a girl or even two boys are born.

Table can be wrong, just like doctors make a mistake with an ultrasound scan. During its existence, the sign has helped many couples to plan the sex of their children.

If there are doubts in the month of conception, you can consult a gynecologist about it. Modern equipment and qualified specialists allow you to put the exact date

Practically every woman, seeing two cherished stripes on the test, begins to look for answers to questions. Thanks to scientific and technological progress, people have the opportunity to find information on the Internet in a matter of minutes. On the basis of the tables, online calculators have been created, where it is necessary to enter the dates of birth of the parents, the expected month of conception and calculate.

People's testimonials

Many couples have successfully used this table, which has been widely reported.

  • Valentine: “Pregnancy planning was well equipped. We read many articles, followed a special diet, and determined the sex by the Chinese table. Believed the boy would be born. But it's not that simple, and we have a daughter. I don't believe in tables and predictions. Tatiana: “I have two children – a boy and a girl. One time a pregnant friend showed me this table. I've decided to test its effectiveness. In both cases, the calendar identified the gender correctly. A girlfriend also gave birth to a baby, as the table shows. I can talk about its effectiveness”.
  • Valeria: “Before the last ultrasound scan I found a Chinese table of sex definition on the Internet pages. It got interesting, and I tried. The table shows the boy. I went to the ultrasound, the floor confirmed. There's reason to trust her completely”.


Definition of the sex of a child is an important step that has been of interest to people for a long time. According to statistics and scientific developments, many methods of sex determination have been tried out. The most reliable was developed by the Chinese. From ancient times to the present day, this method does not lose its effectiveness.

Today, the most reliable way to determine the sex is an ultrasound. The technique allows you to take a photo of the embryo as well as a video recording.

Each person has the right to decide which way to use it. And should I do that? Can the sex be determined only after the appearance of the baby, and this will be a pleasant surprise for parents?


Chinese Calendar of Pregnancy – Calculate the sex of the child

Chinese Calendar of Pregnancy - Calculate the sex of the child

In the course of centuries, some special wisdom that has come from the mysterious East surprises and leaves our imagination in peace. It is still a trend that concerns many spheres and aspects of life.

The appeal to it is conditioned not only by fashion, but also by an amazing confirmation of its rules, forecasts, and postulates, including in matters of family life, upbringing of children, and birth planning. It is the latter that will be discussed in this article.

Predicting the sex of a future child is a matter of natural concern to all future parents. The doctor will use ultrasound to tell you about it, of course. But there is a fascinating way to try to find out the sex of a future child at an early age or even before the planned conception with the help of the ancient Chinese pregnancy calendar.

Chinese pregnancy calendar is a carefully thought-out table. How old is she, it is difficult to say, because the legend says that she was first found about seven centuries ago in the temple. With Chinese pedantry, this document has not only been preserved to this day, but has also been made available to women for centuries.

Today it is in the interest of the Chinese Institute of Sciences, where the most valuable source is located. This table is not complicated, it is broken by laconic graphs. Horizontally, it is the number of months taken in a year, and vertically, the estimated age of a woman preparing to become a mother (18-45 years).

Scientists have established that the apparent simplicity of the table is the result of the incredible complexity of mathematical, even astronomical calculations, genius of the mind of ancient developers. No sophisticated technique combined with today's professors' modern education can explain how the calendar diagram works.

Popularity of this calendar has been unprecedented in China for centuries. In families, the birth of sons was a great joy. It was natural, as physically more enduring boys from an early age began to help significantly in the performance of hard work.

Growing up, they became defenders of the family and the state, a support for the aging parents. Daughters had no such hope, as they were already leaving for their spouse's home at a young age. In the imperial family, this question was raised as fateful, because there was a transfer of power on the male line at stake.

Perhaps it was by order of the rulers of the Celestial Empire and developed the brilliant minds of this amazing calendar.

The advantages of using the Chinese pregnancy calendar are the ease of use, the ability to determine the sex of the future crumb without waiting for an ultrasound scan, proven multi-percent reliability and reliability of prognosis.

How to calculate the sex of a child

The uniqueness of the calendar is that future parents do not have to count anything on the chart themselves. This was done for them by ancient ancestors, entering in the table the most complex calculations of the initial signs and data.

Seeing to know that the human age in China begins with the implementation of conception, and not from the birth of the baby, as in the European race. Therefore, the table bears a combination of the age of the future mother with the moment of conception.

Based on this, it is recommended that when you select a line with the age of the woman to add one year, that is, take as a basis for the next line.

The range of years in the diagram is calculated for the natural period of a woman's life when she gives birth to a child.

Finding, therefore, the age should be taken from the top graphs of the month of conception. The horizontal line to the left of age should intersect with the vertical column of the month. At the point of intersection the sex of the child will be marked.

As you can see, the task of finding out the sex with the help of the diagram is so simple that it takes a minimum of time and does not require any knowledge in the scientific fields.

You just have to be careful and do not forget to add a year to the age of the future mommy.

As mentioned above, the calculation can be used by couples who are already waiting to be added, as well as those who are planning to conceive in a certain period of time and are preparing themselves for it. Someone can trust the table so much that they will postpone the conception until a more prosperous period for the appearance of the desired sex.

It is clear that those who learn about the existence of the Chinese calendar of pregnancy, considers it interesting to make their own count on it. This applies even to those whose children have already been born and even raised. It's interesting to double-check whether the ancient chart was right in each individual case.

Confidence of calculation

Interesting that even couples who do not trust the Chinese pregnancy calendar draw their cherished lines on it. This is happening not only in the Celestial Empire, but around the world, as this diagram has become very popular. Walking, the Chinese themselves believe that the ancient diagram is designed for their system and does not work for other nations.

What can I say about the reliability of forecasts of the ancient calendar? There are statistical sources in this regard, but they also differ in the data. Some point to a 60% result, and some point to all ninety percent.

In any case, even the greatest adherent of this diagram is clear that it will not give a 100% guarantee of choice and establishment of the sex of the future person.

And the researchers at the Institute of Sciences of China unequivocally assert that it will not help when waiting for twins.

Those parents, whose forecast coincided with reality, and more than once, talk about the unconditional guarantee of the calendar calculation. Well, those who had a baby of a different sex than indicated the calendar, naturally declare the complete uselessness of the chart.

Although, judging by the statistics, the latter includes a smaller number of people, so that the accuracy of the table is surprisingly high.

To skeptics belong, of course, and biologists who look at the process of formation of the human sex in terms of the number and ratio of chromosomes.

In China, the calendar is revered everywhere. Many people trust him very much, especially since the birth rate in the state is regulated by the restrictions due to overpopulation. Therefore, the prediction of the sex of the baby is important.

Unconditional trust in the calendar of pregnancy, future parents often prepare for the birth of the baby is the same sex that was predicted.

Ironically, it is in the Celestial Test Prediction of the sex of a future baby is not considered a legal procedure.

Undoubtedly, the diagram, which came from the depths of time and contained the mystery of the relationship between science, the lunar stages and some subtle magic, affecting the nuances of birth of human life in the definition of sex, is considered a real historical treasure and pride of China.

But whatever the methods, signs, and prognoses of mankind in the field of childbearing, the main thing is that regardless of gender, nationality, and religion, children on the whole planet should be born only in happy families, should be desired and healthy.


Chinese Calendar of Child Sex Determination to Assist Future Parents

Chinese Calendar of Pregnancy - Calculate Child Sex

The Chinese Floor Planning Calendar is an ancient manuscript in the form of a plaque found under Beijing at the burial place of the emperor. Already then, many hundreds of years ago, it was well known that the probability of sex prediction is there, and therefore pregnancy can be planned according to some laws.

The Chinese table is based on lunar cycles and features of blood changes in the woman, which explains the effectiveness of this method.

May I know the sex of the child?

The Chinese believe that a monthly blood change (during menstruation) affects the sex of the future child. Judging by statistics, this theory has a basis, because for 60 percent of the tested forecast of the Chinese calendar was correct.

Method properties:

  • In a peculiar calendar of 336 cells, in each of which the presumed sex of the child is written;
  • The Chinese considered the interval from 18 to 45 years old to be a childbearing age – for this period the table was reproduced;
  • You need to know that the table age of the expectant mother is calculated by adding nine months to the real age (i.e.

As well as the Chinese calendar, there are other ways to find out who you are going to have a baby with. Some of them will need to calculate the gestational age by weeks.

This is not difficult, and according to the feedback, the reliability of the method is 80%. There is a lot of controversy about the Japanese method of sex determination.

If you dream of a daughter, we advise you to read about how to conceive an ovulation girl. And it's likely you'll make it!

So how do you use the Chinese sex conception calendar? This nation has always been guided by the simplicity of exploitation in its many inventions, and therefore the calendar is very simple. Left side – mother's age, top – month per year (in some variations there is a number of months).

If you're already pregnant and want to know the sex of your child by the Chinese calendar, here's the step sequence for calculating the sex of your baby:

  1. Find your age on the left side and the month of conception from above;
  2. Throw the imaginary line to the crossing point of the desired column and line;
  3. See who lives in your tummy – boy (m) or girl (e).

Chinese Calendar of Child Sex Determination

This way is more about people's observations than research, so don't wait for 100% of the results. In most cases, an ultrasound will be able to determine the gender of the belly, and the sign is better used as entertainment.

We do it ourselves

Method of use described above, but now you can guess which month of the year and your age it is better to plan conception to give birth to a boy or girl.

So how to find out the sex of a child from the table? If you're just getting ready for pregnancy, find your expected age (+9 months) at the time of conception and determine the most favorable months.

Example: The girl will be 23 years and 8 months in the spring. She also plans to conceive a child in the spring, she really wants a boy. Consider:

23 g 8 m + 9 months = 24 g 5 m is a tabular age of the girl, which we take as a basis

See in the table spring – D (March), M (April), M (May). It turns out that April and May are the most favorable months for conception of a boy, and in March the probability of conception of a girl is higher.

Applicability of this method

As with any popular method, the sex conception calendar has errors and the probability that the forecast will not come true. If conception occurs at the beginning or end of a month, the chance of error increases, which means that the result may be incorrect.

Also, it is scientifically known that the sex of a child is not affected by female eggs, but by sperm cells that carry genetic information and chromosomes. Fertilization with an X-chromosome sperm cell leads to the birth of a girl, and the Y-chromosome accordingly becomes the “cause” of a boy's birth.

Verify the Chinese method or not – it is up to you, but a lot of women have confirmed that the plate helped them to conceive a child of the nominal sex they “made a wish”.

to help your mother

This video will help you understand how to find out the sex of your baby from the Chinese pregnancy calendar.

And this story will tell you how else you can calculate the sex of a child besides the Chinese calendar.


Calendar of the child's sex – is he really faithful? How to determine the sex of a future child with a 98% probability using the Chinese sex calendar

Chinese pregnancy calendar - calculate the sex of the child

Excitingly joyful news that the family is expected to replenish, invariably raises the question of who to expect – a gentle daughter or future progenitor of the genus.

And although ultrasound will tell about it almost unmistakably, so far to this day! Want to use a unique method that will help to satisfy your curiosity in a few minutes? Ancient Chinese calendar of the sex of a child pleases with the reliability of 95%! At least, that's what the people of Celestial Empire say today.

Some history

In the Beijing Institute of Sciences, in the exhibition hall of the museum, every visitor can see this amazing manuscript.

Found by archaeologists more than seven hundred years ago, during the excavations of the Imperial Tomb, it convincingly shows how important the question of the future field of the baby was in those years.

Scientists reasonably assume that the calendar of the sex of the child was carefully designed and compiled for members of the imperial family. It is no secret that the boy is a descendant of the family, dynasty, breadwinner and heir, so his birth has always been desired.

Book of Chinese wisdom, the content of which has a calendar for determining the sex of the child when planning a pregnancy, is still a desktop for the inhabitants of the country. The Chinese say that the calendar is almost 100% accurate.

Chinese Calendar of the sex of the child – why there are mistakes

Some sites offer two minutes to determine the sex of the future baby, unwittingly misleading users. The fact is that the child's sex determination calendar has its own peculiarities.

He does not use the movement of the Earth around the Sun as is customary in Europe, but the movement of the Moon around the Earth for calculations. Therefore, to get the correct data it is necessary to use the lunar cycle.

The new year in the Chinese calendar comes in a new moon, which precedes the entry of the Sun into the constellation of Aquarius. It's a floating date, which is usually January or February.

The basis for compiling a sex calendar for a child is a comparison of the age of the mother and the age of the moon, and it is necessary to calculate them according to the lunar calendar.

Another feature is that the Chinese traditionally calculate the date of conception, so it's not that easy to determine the age of a mother “in Chinese”.

It's because these factors are not taken into account, and there are unfortunate discrepancies when using a unique method.

How to calculate the age of the future mommy

If a woman's birthday is not in January or February, it is not difficult to determine her age – you just need to add nine months. Suppose a woman was born on September 28, 1990.

In April 2015, when the family thought about the birth of the first child, she turned 24 years and 7 months old. Adding the required 9 months, we get 25 years and 4 months.

This is the age that, if you use the Chinese sex calendar, you need to take into account for the calculations.

If the expectant mother was born in January, you should find out if this happened after the new lunar year or before. For example, a woman's birthday on January 12, 1974.

Chinese New Year was celebrated on January 23, 1974, that is, the birthday will be considered the year 1973, and already to it should be added the necessary 9 months.

The date of each new lunar year is easy to find out, and is available on many sites.

It seems a bit difficult, in fact it is not difficult to calculate the age of the future mommy at all. On the other hand, it is now clear why some spouses using the sex determination calendar are getting the wrong results. If you don't want to go into mathematical calculations, make it easy – just add an extra year to your age.

Calendar for determining the sex of a child – learning to use it correctly

Table is a square divided into vertical columns and horizontal rows. On the left is the age of the mother, which we already know how to determine correctly. Above are the months that start on a new moon instead of the calendar we're used to. If the pregnancy has already begun and you want to know the sex of the child, we do the following steps:

1. Find the age of the mother, calculated by all the rules, on the left.

2. From above we choose the month of conception.

3. Draw an imaginary line from the top down to the end of the line with the age string.

4. In the crossing cell there is a welcome message – a letter denoting the sex of the baby.

In planning the pregnancy, a little bit more:

1. Mom's age.

2. Keep an imaginary line up to the desired letter indicating the sex of the future child.

3. Months above will tell you when to do such an important job.

A case in point, a woman of 24 years old (remember to correctly determine her age), she plans to conceive a child this year and is very eager to have a daughter.

The Chinese Gender Calendar suggests that the most appropriate months for this are February, May and all from August to December.

When planning a pregnancy and using the sex calendar as a hint, try not to use the first and last days of the selected month to conceive, this condition will greatly improve the reliability of the calculations.

While looking at the table, you can see which age is most conducive to conceiving the desired baby. For example, if Mommy's 18 or 19 years old, she's got a good chance of giving birth to a strong boy. But at the age of 21 you can conceive an heir only in January, all other months promise a little princess.

Can you trust the sex determination calendar of a child

Chinese men, who still prefer to use this method, assert that it is 93-98% reliable?

Almost half of Russian women are rather skeptical about the calendar's predictions, although it may be the fault of the errors in the calculation of the correct age.

An American scientist from the University of Michigan, Eduardo Villamore, has been working on the birth of children in Sweden for 32 years and comparing their sex with the Chinese calendar. The results of his research show that the percentage of coincidences is 50×50.

So it is up to future parents to decide how much truthful information the sex determination calendar can provide. If desired, you can verify the correctness of the Chinese calculations by using the data of friends and relatives, your own and parents.

If the pregnancy has already occurred, the possible error is unlikely to seriously upset future parents. If conception is only planned, it is acceptable to use a combination of different methods to increase the likelihood of coincidence.

Many mothers, for example, note the effectiveness of using special diets in conjunction with the recommended time of conception offered by the Chinese sex calendar.

Which diet to choose when planning your baby's floor

1. If Mommy and Daddy want a girl

Sex calendar months, when the conception promises the appearance of the desired daughter, try to use products that have a high content of calcium and magnesium. They are:

– coffee, chocolate, cocoa, tea;

– hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds;


– fresh fish;

– meat (limited);

— Bread and no yeast bakery;

– carrots, cucumbers, beetroot, green peas and beans, peppers;

– fresh fruit, except bananas, oranges, plums and apricots.

Not to lie on sausage and ham, smoked and salted fish, cheese and ice cream, sweets, and food should be left uncooked. Potatoes will have to be limited.

2. Planning a boy? Calcium and magnesium are not very desirable, but products containing potassium and sodium must be present on the table:

– meat and sausage;

– manka, rice, biscuits, biscuits;

– fish;

– potatoes, mushrooms, beans and peas;

– any fruit.

Salt should be served in moderation, all kinds of canned food can be used. But dairy products, crabs and shrimps, and even caviar do not yet have to diversify your menu. Chocolate, nuts, cocoa, and dill are just a few of the things you can do.

Chinese Gender Calendar is a centuries-old proven family planning tool. Even if the emperors were happy with it, it means that it is still an effective tool.

Try to see if this ancient tradition will please you, or maybe just cheer you up and cheer you up.

And let the little miracle that comes out of the world, with or without the Chinese calendar, be desired and beloved, regardless of gender!


Chinese Calendar of Child Sex Determination: whether and how to plan a boy or girl

Chinese Calendar of Pregnancy - Calculate Child Sex

Calendar is a table with 336 cells. Vertical numbers are the full lunar age of the future mommy.

According to ancient Chinese rules, the period for conception of children begins at 18 years old and ends at 45, so the table presents this age range. Keep in mind that the Gregorian calendar differs from the Chinese one.

In a separate point you will find information on how to calculate your lunar years correctly. Having calculated them, it is possible to start work with the table.

The months of the year are scheduled horizontally in numerical value. Each cell has special symbols for boy and girl.

Now start planning and working with the table. If you want to give birth to a boy, select a line with the number of your age, look at the columns of months with the image of a male symbol, and plan pregnancy for this period.

If, on the contrary, if you are already in the position, then determining the date of conception, you will be able to know the sex of your future baby.

“How to Plan the Sex of a Future Child”

In this video, a specialist will show you how to plan the sex of a future child.

How to calculate lunar age

The Chinese lunar calendar also takes into account the time of foetal development at your age. When you're born, the Chinese are already rounding it up to 1 year. Then, after the Chinese New Year's Eve, you get another one. Thus, in the first year of your life you are already 2 lunar.

Chinese New Year is celebrated in the period from January 21 to February 21. The date depends on the phase of the moon, namely the second new moon after the day of the winter solstice on December 21.

If you were born in February, then, on the same day, you have already turned 1 lunar year.

But since you were born during the Chinese New Year's Eve celebrations, no extra year will be added to your age.

If the date of birth falls in August, your official lunar calendar birthday will be 2 years old. You don't need to add anything in all the years to come.

There is also an easier way to calculate lunar age. You can add a plus one year to your full years. For example, you were born on 01.03.2000. In 2018 you are 18 years old, add a year and get 19 lunar years.

After you look for a row in the table with a number corresponding to your age, and look at the months of interest

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