What a wedding 11 years of life together, how to congratulate and what to give to the spouses on the anniversary of the wedding

11 years of the wedding: what a wedding, what to give to relatives, friends, husband, wife, parents

What kind of wedding 11 years of life together, how to congratulate and what to give to the spouses on their wedding anniversary

The couple, who have been together for 11 years, celebrate a steel wedding. This wedding anniversary is quite symbolic. After all, not only the name of the wedding “steel” confirms the strength of the relationship, but also the symbol “11” indicates that the “1 +1” is a real pair. Therefore, the choice of gifts for a steel wedding should be carefully considered to emphasize the importance of the event.

How did steel get hardened: what to give for your wedding anniversary in 11 years?

That's how it turned out that gifts for each wedding anniversary are chosen according to its name and symbolism.

So, on the chintz anniversary of the couple received a gift of linen.

For a wooden wedding, she got furniture made of wood, and for a cast iron – good quality dishes.

It was time to choose a gift for the 11th wedding. What do you get for a steel wedding? Of course, steel. No, it won't be a sheet or a bar of metal. Although such a material can be presented as an original souvenir.

The choice of the gift should be guided by the steel elements or things made of steel.

To take into account that steel with a certain treatment acquires a mirror shine, any shiny and mirror objects will be suitable.

Do not forget about the symbolism of the date. Not only the souvenirs with the number 11, but also any gifts in pairs, indicating the unity of husband and wife.

Of course, the choice will depend not only on the symbol of the wedding, the financial capacity of the donor, but also on the degree of kinship and closeness of the relationship.

What do they give to each other on a steel wedding anniversary?

Whether they will celebrate their 11th anniversary depends on their wishes and abilities.

But regardless of whether it's a lavish celebration with toasts and congratulations or a quiet family dinner, the husband and wife should congratulate each other on their steel anniversary.

This is 11 years old together and the family has entered a new decade.

The original 11th birthday present for the wife will be a festive day in accordance with the folk tradition of a steel wedding.

Think about how to conduct a morning shower.

For this purpose it is possible to organize a trip to nature, where you can prepare a place in the pond, decorating it with wicker floral garlands or symbolic objects.

If the wedding fell in the cold season, prepare an original bath.

We will need rose petals, aromatic oils, candles.

Begin the festive day with a romantic ablution, and the celebration will be remembered for a long time.

Don't forget to hand over a steel horseshoe.

This is the day when it is customary to hang such a protective cover over the door together. You can find a real horseshoe or buy an unusual decorative souvenir.

Exchange symbolic steel rings. They can be engraved with their own names or words of love.

Of course, it is unlikely that such jewelry will be worn every day, but they will add to the wedding collection of rings, which already has a wedding engagement with copper, cast iron, tin, tin.

Steel wedding: what to give to your beloved wife?

The main gift for a woman on any holiday has always been flowers. At a steel wedding there is a great tradition to give your wife a bouquet of 11 flowers.

Stoit to observe this ritual, but try to pick up a bouquet of flowers that are guaranteed not to wither for 11 days.

According to tradition, the bouquet should stay fresh for at least 11 days, which promises happiness and concord to the “young” in the future.

So approach the choice of a flower gift thoughtfully, so that the present does not become a reason for disappointment and resentment in the future. Remember, for a long time will please the eye chrysanthemums and dahlias, roses and gladioluses, carnations and majors. And don't risk peonies, tulips, daffodils.

Don't forget about the material gift for your beloved wife for a steel wedding.

Deliver a woman with silver jewelry. This metal is as shiny as polished steel. So a ring, ring or earrings with a bracelet will be a very symbolic gift for your wife for her 11th anniversary.

White gold jewelry will be fine.

Well, if your lady prefers only classic yellow gold, do not deprive her of such joy. Just don't forget to pack such a gift for your wife in a steel box, which can also act as a separate gift.

We will be a gift and the original holder for jewelry made of steel. It can be made in the form of a woman's hand, unusual hooks or wood, an abstract figure.

Can pick up a designer thing with a steel decoration. It can be a bag, belt, smartphone case, wallet.

Wife's 11th wedding gift does not have to be material. Daily troubles, vital vanity, care of the husband and children take away from her a lot of time, absolutely not giving possibility to relax.

Give to the woman rest and pleasure. Send your beloved one to the spa by handing her a certificate for the holiday.

But do not limit the woman to the banal procedures she allows herself regularly, but offer really expensive and pleasant activities in the form of massage with oils, chocolate wraps.

At 11 years of age – what is the wedding, what can I get my husband?

How long is it gonna take to live with a man to guess exactly what his desires are?

Someone needs a year of life together, someone needs 5 years from the date of the wedding, and someone won't be able to understand what their husbands will be happy about the most.

But if young people have lived with each other for 11 years, the wife at least knows what to give to her husband on a steel anniversary.

And not necessarily limited to symbolic gifts. It is always possible to think up how to give symbolism to the elected president.

For this purpose it is possible to use and steel packing in the form of a foil, and to apply steel elements for an ornament.

Gift to the man modern electronic gadget. It can be a phone, a tablet, and items for the car in the form of a video recorder, a navigator. Choose such a gift in a laconic style.

Steel casing, glare buttons and screen fits perfectly into the concept of the holiday.

A watch with a steel bracelet will fit. The strap can also be leather, but must have steel rivets.

Of course, give such a president if you don't believe in different superstitions.

Pick a cufflink or tie holder made of shiny metal for your husband. Complete the gift with the tie itself, which should be steel or grey.

These accessories can be engraved in the original way.

Safe is a great present for the domestic breadwinner and it corresponds to the 11th anniversary symbol.

And, of course, the best gifts will be the presidents associated with the interests and hobbies of men. Believe me, and in this area you can pick up a lot of thematic and symbolic souvenirs.

Dachnik and picnic-lover hand over a barbecue set.

A weapons lover get a new collector's knife, sword, dagger or original souvenir revolver.

Men are sensitive to such things, and your gift will definitely take its place in the collection.

Melomaniacs and movie-lovers will enjoy the new speakers, sambfera, headphones. Games – wireless mouse and wi-fi.

Athlete can get a home fitness equipment or dumbbells. After all, these shells are not made without the use of steel.

Loving a traveler hand a video camera or camera, and a fisherman present a new tackle or flask.

Let your wife's dreams come true on the day of the steel wedding. And if he wanted to learn how to play musical instruments for a long time, but life's twists and turns always prevented such a passion, give him a guitar or synthesizer.

This gift will be a reminder of the 11th anniversary wedding day for a long time to come.

What can I get my best friends for a steel wedding?

Many people, when they're going to the party, wonder what to get their friends for a steel wedding. And in vain, because friends have a great opportunity to pick up unbanal or practical gifts, and original or funny gifts for a steel wedding.

Namely, these souvenirs create a festive, cheerful mood and funny atmosphere at the celebration.

Souvenir gift for steel wedding to friends for 11 years

Mirror will be a good present. Such a brilliant gift in a steel frame refers not only to the symbol of understanding between spouses, but also is able to double family happiness.

This souvenir will bring happiness to the family. They will also help the spouses in difficult times.

They will help to maintain happiness in the family, protect them from harm, support them in all their endeavors, giving strength and confidence. It can be a steel-rimmed stone with special power.

This stone will surely give its energy to the owner, but it is better to choose a suitable one according to the zodiac sign.

Can be handed over to spouses and medals. They can be in the form of awards, souvenirs, memorable decorations. They can be decorated with a memorable inscription, symbolic pattern, original wish or parting. Such a coin can be not only a souvenir, but also a decoration if it is worn on a chain.

Give the newlyweds a nested doll. Of course, not one, 11 of them. Each painted doll will symbolize a year living together.

What to give for your 11-year wedding anniversary: unusual gifts from friends

Who, as not friends, will be able to please with joking gifts.

From the category of funny gifts choose a symbolic and help them with the original wishes.

Deeming a horn for wine as a symbol of abundance, wish for a “single horn” in a married life.

Give the tablecloth a companion as a symbol of abundance on the table, and remind of a peaceful life without scandals.

Give a bedspread on the bed, wishing a nightly feats.

Gifted turtle to remind that it is necessary to hurry slowly, without vanity.

A bird alarm clock, on the contrary, that it is necessary to have time all.

Butaphor handcuffs will serve as symbols of a lasting marriage, and a pair of fastened steel locks – an indestructible union.

If the couple is okay with a sense of humor, give them a funny caricature or collage of photos of the funniest moments of life.

The most creative gift will be a tour of the forge. And if there are master classes, the pair can forge a symbol of their steel happiness.

The chest with steel coins looks original. Steel money can be handed over unusually by hanging it on a money tree.

A gift for 11 years of marriage: nice little things from friends

Friends often want to please “newlyweds” and practical gifts, but the financial capacity does not always allow you to buy expensive things.

Memorable and necessary gift can be a gift in the form:

  • steel glasses;
  • original flask with frames;
  • unusual candlesticks made in an ancient style or high-tech;
  • photo frames;
  • Umbrella stands needed for a hospitable home;
  • steel cornices in an unusual form;
  • a tea or coffee service that can be supplemented with sweets or cake;
  • steel champagne bucket that will adorn any festive table;
  • sconces, floor lamps or lamps with the wish of light years of life together;
  • steel kitchen accessories such as spatulas, baking molds, teapots, coffee brewing turks.

Any nice little thing will be useful if you think carefully about how to choose it, taking into account the needs of your spouses.

What to give to relatives on a steel wedding anniversary of 11 years?

Usually distant relatives are limited by the variants of inexpensive practical gifts, such as giving to friends for a steel wedding.

But close relatives, especially parents, should think about buying more expensive gifts. After all, it is from them that spouses expect special attention.

In this case, you should not be limited to a joke souvenir or insignificant thing.

Better to please the spouses with home appliances. It can be a washing machine or dishwasher, fridge or freezer. And don't worry that the family has its own appliances, for 11 years it is definitely outdated.

At the same time kitchen modern gadgets will suit. Any hostess will enjoy a multifunctional multicooker, baker or air grill.

Don't leave kitchen utensils unattended. Believe me, not every family can afford a good set of pots, pans, or kitchen utensils.

Maybe buy steel garden furniture if the family owns their own or a country house.

Give it to them if they don't have the time or imagination to choose the original gift, the money. Just get to know the unusual ways to hand them over to the wedding beforehand.

Steel anniversary: What to give parents for 11 years of marriage?

The children of a couple who have lived together for 11 years are still very young to deal with the ideas of gifts for parents for a steel wedding. Therefore, grandparents should come to their aid.

The couple will be pleased if the kid will also congratulate them with a holiday.

It is better if the gift for the steel wedding will be made by their own hands.

This can be an original greeting card decorated with foil applications. A bouquet that can be made of steel elements, and the original photo frame or album, decorated with steel coins or other metal elements in the form of sequins, chains, beads.

In the same way you can make a mirror or photo of mom and dad.

Any gift will be appreciated by the newlyweds for their 11th anniversary if it is presented from the heart with the wishes of family happiness.

Source: http://zatusim.com/gifts/gft_wedding/podarki-na-stalnuyu-svadbu.html

Original gifts and congratulations on the occasion of a steel wedding

What kind of wedding 11 years of life together, how to congratulate and what to give to the spouses on their wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary is a great occasion to remember your youth, to give your loved one more time.

May choose the right gift, say gentle words and enjoy a romantic evening. Read how to celebrate 11 years of marriage.

Steel Wedding Celebrations

11 years of cohabitation are steel wedding anniversaries. During this long period of time, the spouses have got used to each other, they have rubbed themselves in.

Not every couple celebrates a non-round date, but don't forget to follow the traditions of the 11th anniversary:

  1. Ablution. Purification ritual that helps to reset the negative accumulated over the years. The spouses have to hold hands and jump into the water together. It is not difficult to perform such a ritual in summer, but in the cold season you will have to go to the sea or splash in the bathroom.

  2. Bring good luck to the house. You need to buy a steel horseshoe, which your husband must hang in the hallway above the front door.

    Wife must always serve nails and keep an eye on men's work. This tradition will attract good luck to the house, protect the couple from diseases and evil eye.

  3. Bouquet of flowers. Husband traditionally should give his wife a bouquet of 11 roses, of which 10 are red and one is white.

    The last flower symbolizes hope for a happy future together. You can choose more durable flowers like chrysanthemums, chamomile.

  4. New furniture. For the 11th anniversary of the family it is better to buy a new attribute of furniture. Get the apartment reshuffled.

    In the last century, to mark the steel anniversary of a couple building a stove or fireplace in the house as a sign of warmth and comfort in the house.

Importantly! A bouquet given by her husband should last 11 days. In that case, the marriage will be happy and strong.

Maybe we can have a party for the whole family. Invite as many people as you have lived together for years to celebrate – this is a good sign. There are no restrictions for gifts to spouses, so you can give any things.

How to celebrate your 11th anniversary

To celebrate your next wedding anniversary or not is everyone's business. But tradition is better honored. Invite close friends and relatives to the feast.

A couple's and friends' children should be at the feast. The more kids you have, the more happiness in the family.

Follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Ceiving gifts.Let the guests congratulate you, listen to your wishes, accept your gifts.

    After all, present your own prepared surprises. In some traditions, the spouse must also give the husband a bouquet.

  2. Washing. Before the feast, the wife must undergo a rite of purification. Friends and guests can watch the event in summer and take pictures of the couple.

    In winter it is better to bathe together in the bathroom in advance.

  3. Exchange. During a feast the couple should exchange steel things. Items should be old and own, which they used in marriage.

    Company the exchange of pleasant words to each other. This action shows that there is nothing to share in the family.

  4. Wedding Dance. You can end the evening with music by saying vows of fidelity and love. The gentle waltz of the spouses is the perfect end to the celebration.

In the course of the feast at the table as at a classic wedding, pleasant words and wishes will be said by the couple.

For individuals and those who want to spend a festive evening alone, there is another option:

  1. Silent evening at home. Wait for your husband to leave work and take a cleaning bath with a glass of champagne. Prepare a festive dinner and enjoy each other's company.
  2. Dinner at a restaurant. Classic option, suitable for couples who spend a lot of time at work and can't find a way out.
  3. Travel outside the city. Visit the city you've been wanting to visit or visit relatives for a long time.
  4. Honey Weekend. Set up a real honeymoon, just a short version. Weekend on the beach, in the mountains in another country will cheer you up, and refresh your relationship.

What to give to spouses?

Seaky frames when choosing a gift. Give a couple any surprise, even enough verbal congratulations. Steel Classic.

Pick the right option from the list:

  1. Bijouterie. Steel cufflinks, earrings, necklaces. Put an engraving on the product with a date so that the day is remembered by the spouses.
  2. Kitchen utensils. Steel utensils, even just glasses of silver color. Ask your spouse what items they are missing.
  3. Decorative items. Photo frames, souvenirs, candlesticks and other items with steel elements or grey color. Give bed linen imitating steel color.

Pay husband and wife handmade products. Give them the things they've been needing for a long time.

Buy a wedding gift: decorated glasses, horseshoeshoes, baby clothes. It is based on the interests and preferences of the family.

Tip! Don't make money gifts. On the holiday of love the main thing – attention.

Congratulate the spouses with a song, dance or poem. At the end of the evening, let your fantasy go wild.

For the saucepan not to give you a trivial pot, check out the list of original ideas for greetings:

  • Picture oil with the image of the spouses in a caricature style.
  • The collage of large photos, any items with the seal of family photos.
  • Funny lingerie for spouses.
  • Travel to the resort for two.
  • The edited video with pieces of 11 years of life together.
  • Basic book and photo album.
  • Congratulations on TV, radio or in the newspaper.
  • Samodel coat of arms and family flag.
  • Steel medals with engraving “Best wife”, “Best husband”.
  • Pillows embroidered with their own hands.
  • A guest book in which everyone will write something good about the family.

You can even give a postcard, the main thing is how to present it. Perform the song that the couple danced to for the first time.

Try to bring back a couple of memories of an event that was so important 11 years ago.

Source: https://trand-store.ru/prazdnik/11-let-stal-naja-svadba-kak-pozdravit.html

Husband's steel anniversary gift (11 years of marriage)

What kind of wedding 11 years of life together, how to congratulate and what to give to the spouses on their wedding anniversary

After living together for 11 years, the spouses celebrate a steel wedding. Passion between the spouses gradually subsides, the house is filled with children's voices, prosperity is improved, the career goes up the hill. It is high time to celebrate this date and to take stock of it in order to continue strengthening family relations.

Eleven years of marriage together symbolizes a polished metal that is durable and durable

Very it is important to choose the right gift to celebrate the holiday to keep the tradition and show the other half what an important role she plays in the family. This is especially true of the husband, the head of the family, for whom the attention and love of the wife are of great importance.

Steel anniversary: what should be the gift for the husband?

For the passed life stage the wife has already thoroughly studied habits and preferences of the husband, so it is not difficult for her to pick up a worthy gift. The wife won't have to guess what to give her husband for his steel wedding anniversary.

Universal gifts

Made of steel objects, corresponding to the theme of the celebration, will be very helpful. These may be new electronics or household appliances:

  • Stylish mobile phone;
  • Electronic book;
  • “smart” clock;
  • tablet computer in metal case;
  • electric razor;
  • photo or video camera;
  • TV set;
  • Music center;
  • home theater;
  • electric toothbrush.

“Smart” watches as a gift

Metal tablet computer

For 11 years from the wedding you can also give your husband: A bike or tent, if he is an outdoor enthusiast, a set of tools, if the spouse has gold hands and he prefers to do house repairs or a set of rods, if the husband is an avid fisherman.

For a businessman's spouse you can make a presentation in the form of a small steel safe in which you can put a calculator, notebook or pen Sonnet, Parker. Vehicle accessories will please the proponent of fast driving. And sports equipment can induce even a person far from it to engage in physical training.

Not bad universal gifts will become:

  • good perfume packed “under steel”;
  • collectible alcohol;
  • Wristwatch;
  • umbrella;
  • standard with a set of darts;
  • rocking chair;
  • mangal for family hiking in nature;
  • sing fountain;
  • desk lamp or high-tech floor lamp;
  • 3D designer's 3D illuminator.

Collective alcohol as a gift

Torsher in high-tech

Astrong-style you can find a good telescope with which to admire the starry sky. Card Collector or stamps will be happy to add a special album, rare stamp or other rarity stuff.

We will be happy to add a stone inlaid sword or sea dagger to his collection. Programmer: quality modem, graphics card, keyboard, printer, speakers, flash drive.

If your husband wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument, you can give it to him. A universal gift is a book about your man's favorite hobby.

It's good if your husband has a hobby or hobby. Then there won't be any problems with the gift selection at all

Romantic surprises and presents with your own hands

Each man in the soul is a big child and loves surprises. The spouse needs to make sure that the gift is a real joy to her soulmate.

Husband's eleventh wedding anniversary surprise can be a pre-studied belly dance or striptease performed in an intimate setting (if the couple are celebrating this date together).

Financial and time permitting, you can buy a trip for two or book a hotel room for leisure time together. You can also order a dinner at a restaurant or a family photo shoot.

A memorable gift can be jewelry: silver or gold chain, engraved bracelet, ring or cufflinks.

(price by link)

; ; , all S&P (price by link)

Not less appreciated by the person you love gifts prepared by your own hand dear wife. A good idea for a gift to your husband for 11 years from the date of the wedding can be: a knitted sweater, jumper or a scarf of steel color.

Table covered for a romantic dinner with his wife's own dishes, of course, will please his wife

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