How to choose a newborn crib

Child crib choice: how to choose the right newborn crib

How to choose a newborn crib

For the newborn to sleep comfortably, you need to make the right choice of baby cot. There are a lot of variants of this furniture. They vary in shape, functionality, size, and even color.

In all of this, it's not difficult to get lost and choose not quite a convenient option. Then, having already started to use the furniture, you can notice its numerous drawbacks. But then it will be impossible to change the product.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine from the very beginning what crib to choose for the newborn, so that the pleasure of buying then was not overshadowed.

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How do I choose a newborn crib?

From the very beginning, move away from the view that expensive products must be of good quality. In practice, that's very often not the case. You shouldn't go on the outer gloss and the abundance of jewelry. Coming to the store, just wait a few minutes, look around, wait for the emotions to go away. And only after that, start “testing” the crib by finding one that is:

  • practical;
  • comfortable;
  • environmental;
  • safe.

How do I choose a newborn baby cot based on these criteria? Let's start

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How to choose a crib: Dimensions

Start with the size of the furniture. After all, you will need to put it in such a way that everyone was comfortable to walk by, so that a sufficient amount of daylight fell on the crib, so that the child gets enough air. The smaller the product, the easier it will be to find the optimal location for it. This is especially true if the room in which the child will live is small.

If the area of the apartment allows, you can also buy furniture with large dimensions. But in this case, think about whether the child will be uncomfortable in a huge bed.

After all, the newborn baby is still very small and he needs comfort, not space. Besides, for a big non-standard bed it is difficult to pick up corresponding bed-clothes.

It also can become the real, but not necessary problem.

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Cots for children: which one to choose to use comfortably?

How to choose the furniture to fit both the baby and his mother? Look at the models with the movable bottom. It won't be difficult, because most people are like that. It is desirable that the bottom positions be as large as possible.

Usually there are three to five positions. Why do you need a movable bottom? That way you can adjust the height of the bed. When your baby is very young, you can put him up.

This way you can take care of him when he's in bed.

When the baby grows up and walks, you can lower the bottom. Thus, the furniture railing will be higher than the armpits of the baby, which will protect him from falling.

Another advantage of the movable bottom in that it can be adjusted to the height of the parent bed. This way, you can practice sleeping together without compromising your comfort.

It is good if the crib is equipped with an auto-wall. It can be made more or less high. This is convenient and practical.

Also for the sake of convenience, products are equipped with skids or wheels. How to choose the right crib for a newborn baby with these devices? To begin with, it is worth noting that the skids allow you to rock the product. Thus, adults have the opportunity to pump the baby. But that's when it's small.

Some time will come and the baby will start to get up. It's important that he doesn't fall in the swinging furniture. The skids are equipped with special clips for this purpose. But they may not be, which is not good anymore. Therefore, it is better to ask the seller in advance if the skid restraints are included in the set to the bed.

The same can be said about the wheels. At certain moments, they need to be fixed. And they're comfortable enough on their own. They allow you to move the crib around the room without undue effort.

Sometimes newborn products are equipped with a pendulum mechanism. They let you pump gently. Such products are very convenient. But when you buy them, you have to keep in mind that swinging blocks will require additional space.

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Which crib to choose for your newborn baby: are drawers so important?

The presence of drawers is an added convenience. They can be used to store a child's clothes, toys or diapers. It's all gonna be on hand. True, models with drawers cost more. It is better to determine the availability of such an accessory at once.

After all, having made a choice of a crib for the newborn in favor of the option without a box, after purchase you will not be able to change it. Additional drawers can be ordered, but it will be difficult to find them according to the size and shape of the model of furniture.

Buy everything at once in the set will be easier.

Better to buy a crib with closed drawers. If they don't have the lids, they're gonna start getting dusty. It's not desirable at all. In that case, things are often packed in bags, but that's a bit of a nuisance. Clothes and toys will be protected from dust and other contaminants in closed boxes.

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How to choose the right crib: additional nuances

Before choosing a particular model, pay attention to the small features of the furniture. In particular, if it comes with silicone linings on the walls. They are needed at the time when the child's teeth cut.

During this period, the baby is still trying to chew. He can leave traces of teeth on the sides of the crib. But that's half the trouble. It's worse if he has a stained tree in his mouth. It is to protect your baby and came up with silicone lining.

They are simply put on the top of the banister crib.

Also you should pay attention to how to make the bottom of the furniture. It can be solid or lattice-like. The second option is better, as it allows the mattress to ventilate, i.e. “breathe”. This is very good for keeping the product in good condition and hygienic condition. It will not hold moisture for long, and therefore the smell.

The mattress can be sold together with a crib. He may not be there either. If you choose the first option, you will save yourself from having to look for a suitable mattress. At the same time, buying a bed without this accessory, you can pick it up separately.

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How to choose the right baby cot for your baby so it doesn't hurt your baby?

Some things that are important for your baby's safety have already been described in the previous sections. Here we will remind you of another element, the laths of the side parts. They may be located more often and less frequently.

And here you need to be very careful. Too rare rods are dangerous. They can be stuck in a child's limbs.

Especially when the child grows up and begins to explore the world around him.

Too wide a rod is not good either. It could get in and get your head stuck. It's even more dangerous. That's why make sure that the bars are evenly spaced.

Very convenient when the laths are removed. They can be removed when the baby's already walking. He'll be able to climb onto the bed by himself through the hole. No one's gonna take the railing off completely. They will ensure the safety of the child while sleeping.

Please pay attention to the corners. They shouldn't be sharp. It is better not to choose models with shaped elements, as they reduce the safety of the product.

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Bed from what material is the best to buy?

Most of specialists, and users agree that natural materials are the best. They don't contain any harmful substances. This is a huge advantage when choosing furniture for a newborn.

Tree is clearly a natural material. Most of the beds are made of it. When choosing a wooden product, make sure that there are no irregularities on it that could cause splinters. The wood should be smooth, well processed.

Also furniture should not smell like lacquer or paint. Smells like this are toxic and no longer suitable for the newborn. It's better not to buy anything smelly at all. But if the smell is moderate, you can air the crib for ten days. This will remove odors and make the product safe for crumbs.

Maybe buy an iron crib. It is also an environmentally friendly option. Besides, it's also durable. She's worth a lot, though. But if you plan to have several children, you can do it once and spend money on furniture that will be used for a long time.

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How to choose a newborn crib: model overview

How to choose a newborn crib

Today the profile market offers cribs for newborns for all tastes. In the store just the eyes run away, and the prices depend on the “tuning” model.

But bright beds in the form of planes, cars, animals – this is for teenagers. Infants need models that are less eye-catching, but more complete, comfortable and safe. The most banal can be bought approximately for 2000 rbl.

, and beds with options more seriously will manage in 10000-20000 rbl.

Three types of crib: pros and cons

This is a serious purchase, so it's better to arm yourself with information before you go shopping and see what kind of product will suit your baby and fit safely into your square meters and lifestyle. Let's consider the main types of crib, their pros and cons.


Description. Compact bed. Looks like a cradle on a high stand. It is completed with hanging toys and a basket for things, there are models with remote control. Metal structures and fabrics are used in production. Average cost – about 8000 rubles


  • sleeping place for the baby is small and warm. It is essentially an imitation of intrauterine conditions, so that the baby is not afraid of a large space and adapts more easily to the “big world”;
  • such a bed does not take up much space. And the wheels that make up most of the models allow you to move it around the house;
  • the wheels can be hidden by turning the bed into a rocking cradle.


  • in such a bed the baby is not walking around. The space here is approximately like in a wheelchair – enough only for sleeping;
  • for growth of such models will not suit. The crib will be enough for about six months – a year.

Conclusion. When the family budget is limited, it's better to give up the cradle. If you are still set up to use the cradle, pay attention to the models of classic beds, which are additionally equipped with a removable suspended cradle.


Description. A bed without excesses. It is made of natural wood, but there are also metal. Four sides protected by lath walls. The height of the bottom and one of the longitudinal walls is adjustable. Average cost – about 2000 rubles


  • standard sizes of such a crib for newborns – 120×60 cm. It allows you to use it not only for sleeping: the baby can play here;
  • in such a bed the baby can sleep up to three years;
  • if the longitudinal wall is lowered, the crib can be attached to the parent's bed;
  • the overhead canopy canopy can be installed;
  • Fixed frame often on crumb slides;
  • < affordable price;
  • The construction is so elementary that you can make such a crib for a newborn baby with your own hands. But of course, you can't do without knowledge of carpentry.


  • takes up a lot of space. And even models with wheels can be moved from one room to another on a standard khrushchevka;
  • there are no options: boxes for things, suspended toys, music, etc.

Output. Classic – a budget version of the crib, which can be used until the moment when the baby will sleep in bed without protective walls. But toys, a changing room and a chest of drawers in the nursery will have to be bought additionally.

Transformer Bed

Description. That's the kind of bed a lot of moms dream of. Baby transformer crib for newborns is a great invention that solves the problem of furnishing children's rooms up to adolescence.

This bed is made of natural wood. It is able to increase in size, is transformed into a desk, equipped with linen drawers, a baby cradle, there is a place for swaddling.

Average cost – about 15000 rubles.


  • the child can use such a complex up to 12 years old;
  • the mother has everything at her fingertips when taking care of the child;
  • There are models with and without a pendulum;
  • looks stylish;


  • is more expensive than competing beds;
  • the bulky construction is not suitable for small housing;
  • the bed increases in length, but the width remains standard – 60 cm. For a teenager, it may be crowded;
  • not all models have a lowering wall;
  • long service life is not always good, because over time the model may go out of fashion or get tired of the child.

Change. Transformer bed is a good, multifunctional option. She'll serve a long time. If space and finance allow, this model is for you.

Manege Bed

Description. Two in one: a bed and a portable, secure play area for the child. It is equipped with a changing board, an arch with pendant toys, a mosquito net. Metal construction, covered with fabric. On the side, there is a manhole that opens to allow a grown-up baby to get out of bed on his own. The average cost is about 5500 rubles.


  • lightweight and prefabricated construction, you can take with you while traveling;
  • Wheels allow you to move the bed around the house;
  • side walls are made of transparent material, which allows you to control the actions of the baby.


  • in single-level models, the berth is too low, which can make it too cold for the baby and make it uncomfortable for the mother to lean;
  • in models with two levels in the sleeping position, the protective board is low. A kid who is already able to get up can easily overcome such a barrier;
  • for the lightweight design of the model, the back side – the baby, learning to get up, will be able to turn it over;
  • in such models, there is no mechanism for swinging.

Conclusion. As a permanent place to sleep, the manege-bed model is not the best option. It can only be used as a play area for kids up to a year and a half or as a “hiking” bed option.

If you have twins

Separate theme – twin crib. Here, much depends on how parents intend to organize the sleep of babies, whether or not the modes of crumbs coincide. If children are sleeping and awake at about the same time, one standard bed may be enough for the family in the first months of their lives.

Kids are still very tiny, they can't move, so they won't interfere with each other, there's plenty of room. You can put the babies in the back and the volts. For convenience, the space can be separated by a blanket roller. By the way, many doctors even recommend that newborn twins sleep together. Being together makes it easier for them to adapt to life outside the womb.

While there are opponents of this approach. They say parents can confuse babies sleeping in the same cradle. This is dangerous, for example, when one of the children is taking medication and one of the children is not. What if they give the wrong baby the mixture? Whatever it is, the kids will grow up. And the question of how to arrange a place to sleep for each of them will still arise. What are the options?

  • Two separate beds. In this case, parents choose their own place to sleep for each of the kids. Model – depends on the budget and living conditions of the family. Sometimes the beds are even placed in different rooms.
  • Bunk beds. Most often such products are made to order. Here the principle is the same as in the production of “two-storey” teenage furniture. Roughly speaking, one classic type of bed is placed on top of another. Each “floor” has its own separate protective and removable walls. However, it should be understood that after a year, the child who “lives” from below, will become cramped.
  • Addjoining bed. The size of this crib is 120×125 cm. A partition wall is provided in the middle and individual lowering walls on the sides. This model should be placed with a headboard to the wall, freeing access to the bed from both sides.

Bunk and twin beds are not cheap. The price of some models exceeds 40,000 rubles. Not all families have that kind of budget. Therefore, according to the feedback from doubly happy parents, a more acceptable option is to buy two separate classic beds, which, if desired, can be made together or placed differently at their discretion.

The price of the bed will also depend on the additional equipment. Do you need an arc with toys, a changing agent, a mosquito net – a matter of secondary importance. These accessories can be purchased at any time or do without them. But there is a list of additional attributes that need to be defined at once.

Example, do you need silicone overlays on the bullets? Experienced parents say it's convenient during the teething period: the baby may be “part” of the gum. Also consider whether to buy a bed with removable laths. Such models are taken so that in due course the kid could lie down in bed or get out of it independently. Here's what else to take care of in advance.


It should be suitable for the size of the mattress, as there is a special recess for its placement in beds. If it turns out to be smaller, there are cracks, and if there are more, it just won't enter. The standard size of a single baby bed is 120×60. There are round models of children's beds, but they are mostly made according to individual projects and already have the appropriate mattress in the set.

You should choose products with a moisture-resistant coating or removable cover. It is better that the cover itself has a hidden clasp: the child's buttons can be ripped off and swallowed.

Material, from which the mattress is made, should be natural. For children up to one year of age it is better to use felt, coconut and wool products. No springs, orthopedic properties. Children's mattress can cost from 5000 to 20000 rubles. If you buy a bed where the mattress comes in a set, it automatically raises the cost of furniture.

If you decide to buy a bed with a swing mechanism, it is important to understand that they are different. Conservative pediatricians will say that they will choose the right bed for a newborn with traditional skids. These models allow you to rock your baby in the old-fashioned transverse motion.

But today's doctors say it's more useful to move your baby's body when the head is not swaying from side to side. This effect is provided by pendulum beds. In this case, the base of the bed remains stationary during shocks and only swings the bed directly. But there are pendulums with both a transverse and universal effect.

One more plus of these models: here, under the sleeping area, you can easily place the laundry box. And unlike the models on the skids, the pendulum bed baby will not be able to swing by itself. The pendulum mechanism can be removed when the child grows to sleep without slipping.

Safety should be given special attention. There should be no sharp corners on the baby bed. If there is a folding mechanism, it must be reliable, without risk of arbitrary slamming. Any chips and cracks are unacceptable. It is better to buy models made of natural materials, without the use of aggressive chemical materials when coating.

Which crib is better to choose for the newborn, discuss at the family council. Children's furniture is better to buy two or three weeks before the expected date of birth of the crumb, so that the factory smell has managed to erode and pick up the necessary bedding. Buy baby furniture from legal retailers and even there, be sure to ask for product certificates.


For a newborn crib: Which crib to choose for the newborn (text, tips)

How to choose a crib for the newborn

Selecting a crib is a serious event. The way it is chosen will determine how well the baby will develop. Creating a comfortable and safe place to stay for him is the primary task of parents.

Often it happens that when buying only the appearance of the furniture and how it is rooms or bedrooms of adults, but do not take into account many other important nuances.

After visiting a specialized shop or looking at the pages of the relevant online stores, you will realize that to make a purchase quickly needed will not work. To sort out all kinds of crib in the shop and buy a crib for a newborn the most reliable and most beautiful, you need to get preliminary information before going to the salon of children's furniture.Какую crib is better to choose? Of course, it should be attractive and have a reasonable price, but the following factors should also be taken into account when choosing it:

  • of which the crib is made;
  • what legs it has;
  • whether its depth can be adjusted;
  • which edges and bottom of the furniture;
  • distance between adjacent side wall strips;
  • up to what age will be used.

Which crib should I choose according to my age

Under what age is my newborn crib designed? First let's pay attention to this question, and then we will consider other aspects of correct choice http://idealnijdom.

en/kak_pravilno_vybrat_mebel_dlja_detskoj/. More recently, models that resemble vintage cradle or have a sickness device have become very popular.

They are convenient because they make it very easy to calm a restless child and he will fall asleep quickly.

Please note the important point of choosing a crib for the newborn: a rocking bed or cradle is only used in the first months of life of the baby. Once they have reached four months of age, this model should no longer be used to avoid an accident.У specialists do not agree on such bed samples.

Still, from the point of view of saving the family budget are considered more profitable models that can be used almost two years old baby.

Furniture designers offer future parents also look at the beds, transformers, which can be lengthened and in different ways to modify.

Children's Transformer beds will solve the problem of a child's sleeping place at once for 6-7 years ahead.

Their uniqueness is that from a usual cradle they turn into a usual bed, and the changing table with a bedside table existing in the complete set is transformed into the necessary desk.

It should be noted that such transformers are not yet widespread among Russian parents, as all models of crib-transformers are very expensive.

Best Baby Crib MaterialДля Children always get the best of everything, so the furniture, which will have to sleep in from birth, should be as natural as possible. At all times, cribs were made of wood and now this tradition is fully preserved. Any wood has the ability to breathe, which is very important.

There are a lot of models available now that combine wood with plastic or metal.

In small quantities, pediatricians allow such materials, but always require a hygiene certificate when buying. Often it is not clear what a particular model is made of.

Documents will point to the material, and it will be possible to draw the correct conclusion how safe and harmless the chosen model is.

The best approach is for an alder, birch, maple. Pine models are also considered to be good: they have a low price, but pine is a soft breed, so the products from it may remain on the teeth of little mischievous people. Don't forget that all wood samples can be washed often and the products will not be damaged.

Critical elements of baby cots

How can I choose a baby crib based on the design elements? Consider all the nuances in detail:

  1. The feet must be stable. The sample must stand firm. In four months, babies become quite developed and their activity is not allowed in the cradle, as it can lead to accidents. Psychologists against rocking: The newborn baby needs constant contact with the mother, so it is better to rock on the hands.
  2. Bortie It is desirable to have removable. This ensures that the cradle can always be moved close to the parent's bed. The baby will feel that his mother is there and his night's sleep will always be calm. The mother will be able to feed the child comfortably without getting up.
  3. Depth must be adjusted. At first, the bottom will be raised so that the newborn baby can be comfortably controlled, and then the bottom will sink so that the grown-up baby cannot fall out. Check: the depth from the top edge to the mattress should be 65 cm, which is the safest height for toddlers.
  4. The distance between the bars of the grid should not exceed 6 cm
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