How to choose the right crib?


How to choose the right crib

How to choose the right crib?

As a recent study of psychologists, sleeping together with infants has a beneficial effect on their development and psyche. Despite the number of opponents of this practice, more and more parents are becoming followers of sleep together.

But even those who put their baby to bed overnight, sooner or later are thinking about buying a crib.

Careful parents often ask themselves the question of how to choose a crib to keep the baby comfortable and safe in it.

How to protect your baby's sleep?

Day's sleep of crumbs on an adult bed is often more dangerous than at night. At the age of 4-6 months, the baby becomes mobile, learning skills almost instantly.

Thus, often the baby, waking up, suddenly decides to roll or crawl. And forums of mums are filled up with new disturbed messages about what to do if the child has fallen from a bed.

Maximum safety of a children's dream correctly picked up crib.

Deficit times and one model of a crib on all for a long time have passed, modern manufacturers have puzzled the future mums and dads a question of a difficult choice. And really, it is necessary to approach to this question as much as possible responsibly, after all comfortable dream for the kid is very important is the main pledge of health and growth of a crumb.

Before to make the choice on one of models, it is better to study responses of the parents who have already bought similar model, it often happens that the numerous additional “useful” functions declared by manufacturers, in fact, appear to be a senseless waste of money.

Bed for a newborn baby

Kid who has recently left his mother's cozy tummy is having a hard time adapting to the environment in the first few months. Leaving him immediately in the big crib of one means depriving him of the feeling of security.

A small cozy crib is the best solution for a newborn baby, in a limited warm space, with a gentle swing he feels in his native element.

It is not for nothing that all peoples' cradle is similar – small, cozy, which necessarily provides for the measured swaying of the baby.

Modern lullaby models are incredibly beautiful – woven from rods, carved from wood, decorated with ruches from textiles, modern plastic and even intricate forged models. Such a nest is also convenient for a mother – the cradle can be moved around the apartment, and it takes up very little space.

Returning to the popularity of modernized versions of the old ripple – cradle, which is suspended from the ceiling with the help of a spring. A child in such a ripple swaying in any movement. It's a physiological and comfortable crumb crib. There are types of cradles-buyers with built-in vibration device and interactive mobile.

There are many options – it all depends on the preferences of parents.

This is an example of the statistics based on the opinions of forums and communities of mothers about the cradle:

  • cradle chose and was satisfied – 45%;
  • in a separate cradle I do not see the point – 25%;
  • did not buy a cradle for reasons of economy – 15%;
  • cradle made by themselves or received as a gift – 15%.

Many moms don't buy a cradle, considering it impractical to use it for a short period of time – after about 5 months the baby is already close and dangerous to sleep in a small cradle.

Typically, he is already able to pull up behind such a low edge, and the length of the cradle becomes short. The right solution is a cradle with a removable cradle, which is a regular pendant box.

Some mothers are against the huge abundance of rucksacks and bows in the design because of the excessive accumulation of dust in them.

You can avoid this problem with the dust mite by washing all the removable textiles at least once a week, including the canopy that decorates the crib. This rule applies to any crib, because the baby is very sensitive to dust, and in the first months can earn allergies for life.

Bed crib

How can I choose the right crib for those who want to sleep together without the dangers involved? There is a compromise crib for those who for some reason are afraid to take the baby to the parent's bed. The attached crib will provide an extra safe place for the baby to sleep.

And Mom and Dad can be calm because the baby is nearby and he is not in danger. It has been proven that the baby, being next to her mother and hearing her heartbeat and breathing, develops much faster and has less problems with immunity.

In addition, in this case, the father will be happy and he can stay in a married bed, and not move to the couch, as it often happens. It is better to choose such a model for gradual removal of the baby from the general bed. On the market there are inexpensive and very qualitative beds from domestic manufacturers and more expensive foreign analogues.

It is necessary to choose correctly the crib ideally suited on height to the adult that height of mattresses coincided, otherwise the kid can “fall” in a backlash between beds.

We have a wooden crib

Welfare crib

We have known the usual wooden crib for a long time and it is still popular today. It has undergone several changes and can now be found in the following variations:

  1. Normal wooden crib. Usually the cheapest wooden crib in the model range is not the worst choice. These models of domestic production are characterized by good quality and high environmental friendliness from the manufacturers of the CIS countries. They usually use natural wood and baby-friendly varnishes. There are two positions in this crib. The height of the bed is adjustable for babies and children after 6 months.
  2. The wooden skid crib is an advanced model that allows you to pump your baby. If desired, you can remove the skids.
  3. The wooden bed with a linen box. Such a crib will solve the issue of keeping the baby's bed linen. The large linen drawer is usually located at the bottom and is equipped with a convenient pull-out mechanism.
  4. Transformer wooden crib. A leader among the universal solutions. Choosing such a crib is better for solving several problems at once: a place to swaddle, store children's things and as a bed for a grown-up baby. This model is equipped with a spacious chest of drawers, the surface of which is often made in the form of a changing table. In due course the children's bed is transformed to a high-grade teen bed, and the locker is removed and serves as a bedside table. The transformer bed is most often equipped with a pendulum swinging mechanism.

In any of these models, you need to buy soft boards or a bumper to prevent the baby from accidentally hitting the wooden base. Such boards are easy to sew herself, in addition, the thing sewn by the mother, always serves as an additional amulet for the baby.

On the upper beam of the board must be put on a special silicone lining – not far off the day when the baby learns to get up and chew everything that will be caught in hand. Protection against a small beaver often comes with a wooden crib.

Universal cribs

Popular abroad, such cribs are usually metal or plastic with mesh boards. In the course of operation the bed can be transformed into a playpen.

Often it has a removable cradle with vibration and a changing table. These cribs are lightweight, compact and easy to remove and wash. Many moms are pleased with the mesh boards – the bumps from the impact on the edge and the baby are always visible from any angle.

However, some reviews indicate that such models are not strong enough.

Whichever model parents choose, you should firmly remember a few basic tips about what crib is best to buy:

  1. If finances are limited, it is better to stop at the usual wooden crib from the domestic manufacturer.
  2. Not worth saving on the mechanism of rocking – the difference in price is usually small, and the benefit of the possibility of swaying is incommensurable.
  3. Do not chase for very bright and cheap models, often they come from the Celestial Empire and do not have the necessary certificates. Paint in such a crib can be toxic.
  4. If the crib is equipped with a chest of drawers or drawers, you need to check how the mechanisms work – they must be absolutely silent.

Once you have found out how to choose a crib, you need to find the right fill for it. At the same time:

  1. Matras is better to choose hard, it will exclude the possibility of “drowning” and, as a consequence, the accidental suffocation of the crumbs.
  2. Bumpers, edges and canopies should not be too shouting colors, it will prevent the correct formation of the child's vision. It is better to choose pastel monochrome shades.
  3. All the textiles that fill the bed should be as natural as possible.
  4. Mattress should “breathe”. That's why it's also not recommended to cover it with glue, even under a sheet.
  5. Pick a good mobile phone. This is not the case when it is better to save money, it should at least play a nice tune and meet the quality standards of children's toys.

Nice dreams for all kids and their parents!


How to choose a bed for a child: tips on how to equip a child's bed

How to choose a crib correctly?
We choose a baby bed depending on the age of the child

The best option is to choose the one recommended for the exact age of your child, which guarantees his safety.

Manufacturers give special recommendations on the age category of children for whom some beautiful crib is intended:

  • Newborns (0-3 years old);
  • From 3 to 5 years old;
  • School children and adolescents;
  • Two children (of the same sex or different).

Children's furniture can't be bought for growth. It is desirable to periodically update the interior of the child in the bedroom.

Newborn baby cot

Which bed should I choose for my baby to have a good sleep and proper spine development? Experts recommend the following types:

  • With a changing table. Such a crib for the baby is perfectly combined with the functions of a changing chest of drawers, and this “furniture element” can additionally have drawers under the changing and sleeping place. In some cases there are open shelves in the construction;
  • Cradle bed. It must have a comfortable, reliable and practical swinging mechanism. The cradle can be used stationary due to its locking position. There are currently two types of cradle: one with automatic swinging (no one's help) and the other with mechanical (manual). But remember, many children quickly get used to rocking and without it they won't want to fall asleep peacefully;
  • Bed manege. It is a wonderful option for small apartments, where the newborn lives in the bedroom with his parents. In this case, the sleeping area is combined with the game room. Reliable legs ensure a stable position and do not allow the structure to tip over even if the crumb stands up and fits the handles on the edges;
  • With drawers in place. It is a mobile (on wheels) or stationary (on legs) construction with one or two drawers under the sleeping place. Thanks to them the space under the bed is used expediently, and in boxes it is convenient to store bedding and things for the newborn.

For children's bed from zero to three years old it is possible to attach a canopy.

Crib for babies 3 to 5 years old

When the baby turns three years old, parents need to choose the right standard size for their child. You should pay attention to such samples:

  • Transformer Bed. It will be suitable for a baby from three to five years old, but it will feel great and babies. Originally, it's a crib with a place to sleep. It can easily be transformed into a sleeping place and has an additional, freestanding table;
  • Classical. Single standard soft bed with edges that will protect the crumb from falling. They can be superstructure, lifting or stationary, and are mounted on one side or two, depending on where the bed is located;
  • Thematic. Modern best beds for children are made in the form of animals, cars, boats, castles, etc. Initially, they have protective sides, and the size of the bed is ideal for kids from 3 to 5 years. Such products can be custom-made, so they can be much more expensive than conventional classic products.

Protective edges must be firmly fixed so that the child cannot remove or push them away.

Models for schoolchildren and teenagers

In this age, children are already trying to be independent, so it is necessary to furnish the room with an individual approach. They'll fit in with the most functional and unusual beds.

For this age category, they often buy:

  1. attic beds. Perfectly suited for placing the child's working and sleeping areas efficiently and compactly. In this version of the bed is located in the attic (on the second tier) and depending on the design, below are shelves (closed and open), computer or desk, pencil case, wardrobe, etc.;
  2. Classical. In this standard version, the size of the bed is equal to an adult bed and a half. They come in a variety of colours, with a wide range of footwear (backrest) and headboard variations. Models can be different:
  • Unisex;
  • Bed for a boy;
  • Bed for a girl.

This age category of children implies the purchase of furniture for growth. Such a procedure is simply necessary in order not to change the interior of the son or daughter every year.

Beds for two children (who have one or different floor)

When you need to furnish a room for two children, the most important aspect is that the sleeping space is very compact, and there is plenty of room for lively games.

Optimal options:

  • Settings. They are a place to sleep, raised on high legs. Underneath it you can place a second classic stationary bed. Many manufacturers offer to buy these kits for families with two children, as well as the opportunity to buy any of the parts separately at low cost. Often, modular children's rooms have space for rest in a ready-made solution;
  • Bunk beds for children. These are real two-bedrooms, which are located on top of each other. Have a practical and solid unified design. To get to the second “floor” you can use steps that look like drawers or stairs.

These are two ideal options for furnishing the bedroom of two children, one or the other floor. Everybody will have their own personal territory and space for sleeping.

For the photo of beds for children you can see a variety of styles of modern models (industrial, classical, minimalist, high-tech), different shapes, colors.

How to protect children from falling asleep

Little crumbs show excessive activity not only during the day, but also in their sleep. Children in the age range from 2 to 4 years sleep especially worryingly. In the forum for young parents you can find advice and recommendations on what actions to take to ensure that the child does not fall out of bed. Here are a few options:

  • blanket in the form of a rim;
  • Place a chair;
  • Make a slight slope of the bed in the direction of the wall;
  • Lift the edges of the mattress with thin pieces of wood to create a “boat”.

General recommendations on choosing a baby bed

Before making a purchase, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Security. There must be no sharp corners and the fasteners (fittings) must be strong and secure. The presence of protective skirts at the beds for babies is mandatory. Quality certificates from the manufacturer can also guarantee safety;
  • Hypoallergenicity. The design must be complete and individually hypoallergenic. Paints and varnishes should be non-toxic, mattresses should have natural fillers, because many babies today are allergic to allergies;
  • Material of production. The best is a solid wood, then lumber (chipboard, MDF). The last place is metal (forging). Formaldehyde harmful to the organism may be used in the manufacture of chipboard or MDF, so the manufacturer must submit certificates for the raw materials, which must be carefully read;
  • Stable. The design should be sufficiently heavy to prevent the child from turning it over;
  • Brand. Many well-known brands, valuing their reputation, check each unit of their products at all stages of production. Therefore, originality, safety, practicality, quality and durability of each sample of a particular brand are at the highest level. Reviews about a particular manufacturer can be found on the Internet. If the majority of positive comments about the product are left, it can be safely purchased.

Each furniture store can offer a catalog, where there are photos of the models and the price for each of them. This will help to make the right choice and find a bed for a child of a certain age group.

: Tips for choosing a crib from Dr. Komarowski


How to choose the right crib?

How to choose the right crib?

The birth of a child is an event that turns a couple's measured life upside down. But even before the baby is born, the parents of the child must prepare for its birth morally and materially: choose sliders, vests, diapers, a stroller and a crib.

Only at first glance it seems that it is easy to choose a crib: to determine the color, style and pick up this piece of furniture in proportion to financial possibilities.

But buying a crib is a much more responsible activity, because at first the baby is in it almost always and you need to make it fit him in every way.

Major models

Color variations, sizes, classics, time-tested, newfangled cribs, cribs, riding cages – just the eyes are running out of options! Let's see what kind of beds are for a child.

Classical bed

The most popular beds, designed for babies from 0 to three years. They're standing on both legs and wheels, or even on skids, like sleds.

Producers also attach rubber pads to the edges of such beds to protect their babies from possible injuries during the period of active “testing” of the world to taste.

Cradle bed

This is a narrower bed, as it is designed for children of 3-6 months. Then the child from them simply grows up and parents begin a new search for a crib for a precious child. Despite this, the lullabies have their own undeniable advantages: carrying handles, removable cover to be washed, a comfortable closed aura surrounding the baby and the possibility of swaying him before going to bed.

These beds are suitable for older babies, because the little baby may well spank from the top tier. They also save space and, for small apartments where parents with two (or more) children live, become a real escape.

Transformer bed

Essentially a bed with shelves, a table or even a locker for things. This is very convenient and correct, because there is no need to look for such important things for the baby's room, and all of them are cleaned as the child grows up.

Raschitanny such beds for children 6-7 years old. Another plus of a transformer crib is the ability to move it apart and make it a teenager rather than a child's crib.

Manege bed

These beds become a real salvation for parents travelling with their babies. The folding mechanism they are equipped with makes it possible to turn them into a travel bag, and when dismantled in bed, you can not only sleep, but also play.

And most of these beds have skids or wheels, so they can be moved from place to place without much effort.


Tree is the best material for a child's bed because it allows the child's body to breathe. Of course, some of the details may be plastic, but only those that the child will not hit.

Pine beds are cheaper, but they are much “softer”, but alder and birch are expensive, but stronger materials. However, if you are thinking about how to choose a crib, the issue of eco-friendliness in this regard should come first.


So long as the baby lies still in bed and does not jump, the cradle will not cause him any harm. But as soon as he grows up and starts shaking the bed like a ship, it'll need to be made more stable.


At the same time, until the baby gets up in bed, he will not be able to fall out of it, but as soon as he sits down in it, the peace of mind of the parents about the safety of the child disappears on the horizon.

Then the correct depth of the bed for the child – stable 65 centimeters. In most models, the solution to this issue is provided in advance, as the bed is height-adjustable.


We are talking about the distance between the strips in bed. Optimal, it's 5-6 centimetres so that neither the arms nor the legs nor the child's head are stuck between the strips.


Prost, comfort and convenience are the main requirements for a crib. It must have a slatted bottom so that you can dry the mattress regularly. Also in some beds are thought over such important trifles as boxes for things that allows to save on purchase of additional lockers.


It must be of the correct size. If the bed is standard, it'll be 120×60 centimeters. Measure the bed before you buy a mattress. It's best to choose an orthopaedic mattress made of natural materials.

Bed linen

It includes: blankets (preferably two) and sheets (three or four). The best material for them is cotton or flannel.


Kids don't need it up to a year – and it's right, because even doctors forbid to put the child on a pillow, because the baby's head, which hasn't yet formed, should lie on a flat surface.


One quilted and light, the other woolen and thin, but it all depends on the temperature in your apartment.

Crib toys

No need to hang a child's sleeping bed with a lot of music toys: just buy one or two with big and bright details.

Laundry closet

This is a separate clean closet, or at least a shelf in the parent's chiffon to put all the baby's things there.

We've grown up: when it's time to change the first bed?

Of course, the choice of crib is entirely up to the parents, because the baby himself does not participate in the buying process at first.

But later, when the baby grows up and gets older, you will have to take into account his wishes when buying a bed. This is his personal sleeping area, so it should be comfortable and comfortable, giving rise to pleasant thoughts and good healthy dreams.


How to choose a crib

How to choose a crib?

Each parent is faced with such incredibly pleasant worries as the choice of baby accessories for their unborn baby. So, we choose a little cot.

In a shop of the children's goods, eyes begin to scatter on numerous variations of children's beds. Cribs on legs or wheels, on skids, cribs – rocking chairs, with boxes, tables and many others.

Mom and Dad already have some ideas about what kind of crib they would like to give their baby, but it is worth listening to some advice.

How to choose a newborn crib

The crib should be safe for the baby first.

1 The material

Natural, well-treated wood is the best option.

Buying a crib made of natural wood, it is also necessary to make sure the quality and safety of the paint and varnish used in the processing of the product. When a baby grows up a little and wants to try each of the surrounding objects to taste, this rule will become the most relevant.

It is important that the new crib when buying did not have too pronounced smell of paint or varnish.

All information about the materials used in the manufacture of children's furniture should be recorded in the product passport or health certificate.

Please ask the seller for this documentation and read it carefully.

Paintwork materials that are safe for the health of newborn babies, usually have a water basis

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