How to congratulate a boy with his birthday of 4 years – good congratulations

We are preparing to congratulate a boy with his birthday (4 years)

How to congratulate a boy with a birthday of 4 years - good congratulations

All people love holidays and congratulations. Still, children love different events the most. They are the ones who know how to be sincerely happy and have fun, instantly forgetting about all the problems and sorrows. That's why all children's holidays should be as thoughtful as possible. How can a boy be congratulated on his birthday (4 years) – that's what we're going to talk about.

Congratulations options

In the beginning, it should be said that the wishes of the child are not yet very important. First of all, the child will pay attention to the gift given to him by the guests. But you can't leave a little man without congratulations. What's to be done, then? What's the right thing to do? There are several options:

  • Congratulate with a poem. Preferably cheerful and cheerful. This form of narration is much easier for children to perceive.
  • This can be congratulated in prose. But in that case, the congratulations should be as short as possible. The text should not tire the kid.
  • Congratulations to the child with a song.
  • Congratulations can be presented in a special gift so that his child will want to read it.

As mentioned above, a birthday greeting for a boy can be poetic:

4 is a special date.

You're just starting to live.

We wish you a good person to be.

Or another version of the poem to congratulate the birthday boy:

You're still a baby, but already an adult,

Full miracle man.

We're in a hurry to congratulate you, guests,

Health and prosperity for the ages!

Prosaic form

Birthday greeting for a boy (4 years old) can be written in a prosaic form. In this case, the text itself should be very short, but capacious, simple and even fun. Only then will the child hear all the congratulations.

Example 1. “Dear birthday boy! We wish you good health, clarity of mind, purity of mind and well-being. Learn well, listen to your parents and be a good girl! Happy Birthday, baby!”

Example 2. “Dear Sasha, We wish you a sweet life, faithful friends, beautiful girlfriends, and the fulfillment of all your desires from the bottom of our hearts! Be healthy and happy!”

Example 3. “Dear Sasha! We wish you a lot of sweets, good toys, fulfillment of desires and obedient parents! You're allowed everything today!”

Song greetings

Birthday greetings for 4 years can be presented to the boy in song form. So, you can ask all the guests to congratulate the baby in this way. The kid's gonna love it. There are a lot of options here. The simplest of them is to come up with a variation on the famous song “Happy Birthday! And the guests have fun, and the baby's gonna love it.

Congratulations poster

Kids are mostly not audials, but kinesthetics and visuals. That is, they do not want to listen, they do not want to watch or touch everything that surrounds them. Okay, you can congratulate a child with a poster. There may also be several options:

  • Normal poster drawn on an A1 sheet. There you can paste in clippings of their children's magazines – the favorite characters of the baby, also attach photos of the boy and just draw pictures and write short congratulations.
  • Make a stretch poster. The main phrase will be “Happy Birthday, (child's name)”. You can also stick a cheerful sticker or a photo of the guests who will be invited to the party for each individually written letter.

Balls as a gift

If the child is 4 years old, the greeting (birthday) of the child-boy can be issued on balloons. So, on each ball it is possible to write a special congratulation.

And handing over to their child, simply to read it, explaining to the kid about what it is a question of. It is also possible to ask the child to read what he or she has written by himself or herself.

Especially since at this age some children may already be reading simple words. It'll be both a congratulation and a game at the same time.

Mystery greeting

Birthday greeting (4 years) can be encrypted as a gift. To do this, you will need to prepare a few presentations. For example, first you give a child a toy syringe. The boy is asked to guess what that means.

A child must say, “To be always healthy. And so on. To the kid it is possible to present silver coins (on riches), the book (for development of mental abilities, for training) etc.

So and the child will have some gifts, and visitors will congratulate the kid rather originally.


But what's the main thing? Congratulations and wishes for 4 years to the boy should be heartfelt and sincere. Only then will the baby really accept them, and the guests will love, regretting their attention. And it's expensive.


Birthday greetings for a boy of 4 years old

How to congratulate a boy with a birthday of 4 years old - good congratulations

OOOOThe holiday will be our good, if you can count to fourSmall in between! So count quickly, so that the county knew that for a year more adultsWe have become adults today!On Birthday, there is no majorTort in the whole world. How many candles are there on it? One, two, three, four!


How so? Yesterday was a baby, and today – look! Celebrates four yearsThe one who recently – three … Here's a miracle amazing: The transformation of parentsIf the mother-daddy's son is a three-year-oldMan's parents … four-year-old boy is our dear! Congratulations! We know best of all how wonderful you are in the world: Funny, beautiful, diligent.


Your four-year-old boyfriend is flying fast.Your son knows so much that anyone will be surprised.Possesses intelligence, and talent awarded. knowledge gave him a lot, sorted out everything, we want to wish the heart of the Birthday boy now. kind, glorious impressions, there are candy every hour.And also gifts Hurry up to give.And a car, but better, To give the girls a ride!


Happy birthday, baby,Kindness, smartest tough guy!On this day you 4,Be the happiest in the world!Have fun and don't get bored, get a lot of knowledge, Kashi, eat more, Mom and Dad, boy, listen!


You've had four years exactly today.


Raz, and two, and three… Happy Birthday to you, our boy. We wish to be healthy and not to catch cold, mischievous and never sad – to laugh.


Please your Guardian Angels,Protect you from all hardships,Nights pass, days fly by,And very quickly children grow up,Here just under the table walked,And crawled under your feet in the apartment,Which is already big and clever, Today is 4.You know how to sculpt and draw, you know how to put on your pants, already know how to help your mother, Toys and books, to the joy of all relatives to grow faster, be obedient and not hurt.


Morning will begin with a clear smile:The holiday knocks on the window.Dad and Mom! Look, who came to you? A boy who is four! There is no one more accurate in the world with you under the roof of one Angel lives, mischievous and funny. Congratulate your son, parents! Don't you see how your son is waiting for him, who will come to visit him?


Our son, you're four. You want to know all about the world: “What does the water flow from? Where do the trains sleep?”We don't have time to answer, just nod your head. You're wrinkling your nose for a minute. Look, you're ready to ask again… Soon, little boy, you're gonna be dead.I came to you, son, the Fifth Year on the Threshold.


You're four!And there's no better place in the world, smarter, slimmer, more daring And in games more fun!You live with your mother – the best, you listen and listen to her, then you'll be lucky year after year!

Birthday greetings to the boy of 4 years old

OOOOYou are king and wizard today,All the wishes can come true.So feel free to guess, boy, on Birthday, the 4th in a row.

Well, Mom and Dad and guests are trying to do everything!You're almost grown up – you're an adult, you're so cute, like a little dwarf. Grow up, buddy, quickly, Be always as cheerful and kind.

Congratulations on your birthday, You sit down with your friends at the table.


Birthday is a fun holiday, dressed up our baby – prankster,4 candles on the cake blows out, and the desire to think about it.Congratulations, our boy, may the mood be great, may your destiny be the happiest, may God always keep you.


You are four.I wish you a lot of happiness in the children's world, and interesting games everywhere, and I wish you to find the most beautiful friends, let the laughter of your stars light up in the hearts of your loved ones, and on your fourth birthday, you take congratulations, catch your happy moments, celebrate your holiday light!


You're four years old, what a big boy you are!I wish you a happy birthday, you're growing brave, fighting!More grandmother at homeAnd grandfather also help, then be proud of you will be And you will be an adult – and know!


Here he – our birthday boy!Dressed up, happy.He's got toys and a hundred and eight things to do! That's why today he's calling all his friends! He's got a birthday! We're four! That's great! So let's not be lazy and congratulate you now.


Hurrah! You're four years old! You're a nice and big boy, and happy people and nature, and everyone admires you! Grow up to the joy of daddy and mom, and the world is more likely to know, surely go and never be discouraged!

Congratulations to the boy for 4 years

OOOOHappy birthday, baby, you are already so strong.Happiness and inspiration, and more mood.


There are already four my boy I'm sincerely proud of you.Rusty obedient and courteous, gentle and gentle playful.Let the eyes shine brightly, and life is bubbling like in a good fairy tale. But just don't get too excited, so we can praise you.


There are 4 years oldBig and clever boy. We congratulate you, Rusty is healthy.Obey, be good, happy and cheerful. Play and have fun, be nimble and nimble!


Malchugan, happy fourth birthday!We wish you smiles, gifts, fun,Let your dreams come true,And your eyes will be full of joy!Rusty, become stronger and smarter, let it be a lot of friends, you have a lot of interesting life, bright, happy, wonderful!


4 years – it's a class! Such an adult our baby!You're just a sunshine for us, and the light is big melting!Grow up healthy always, Sing, have fun, dance, play, but don't be sad, open your world happy!


How big our hero has become!Let this day be in children's dreams and never let Hope die out in his sweet eyes.


What we have a son growing up, our four-year-old tough guy!You've become an adult already boy,You're not sitting on the spot!Now you jump like a spring, you sometimes do not calm down, but how we love you, son, you can not imagine you can not imagine! Your love is every hair, your eyes are yours and the sound of laughter, Rusty healthy, son, in everything always be the best of all!


Birthday greetings for a 4-year-old boy | Congratulations

How to congratulate a 4-year-old boy - good greetings

Nice, strong and skillful!

With your four years of age we congratulate youAll our joy and love we wish you the best

And we'll get around the worst

Let the sun shine always And the clouds never disappoint Let your eyes shine with happiness

And every day will be like in a fairy tale

And every day/p>

Let them give you sweets todayBecause today is your holiday

This is my cake!

Four years agoYou appeared in this world.We have received a treasure trove of life –

No one of our relatives from now on!

Rasti, baby, for our joy.we love and cherish you.And be smart not by years,

Health, strong and skillful!

You're already so brave -You smell the birds in the yard, he's the most important one,

And a quiet dream at dawn.

May your life be happy.Now we'll blow out the candle –

Let your dreams come true!

4 you're having a great time!Fun, let your birthday miracles come true!Always let anything you want come true,

You'll be as brave as a superhero!

May the fourth birthday be delightful,Give different giftsGuests and parents!Let the toys and surprisesRelease and enjoy the pleasant opportunity

We'll have a good time!

You're big, you're 4,Let your dreams come true! The best boy in the world,

Of course it's you!

– Mommy! Daddy! I was born!After all, today I “happened”,

Rise, stop sleeping!

This is what my son said today. He is today – Mr., Gene, the wizard, the lord,

Parent tamer.

Four years to the man -This is a great event. Quickly blow out the candles on the cake

And hug your parents!

It's already the fourth year, in the house it's the other way around!Cats are walking on the cabinets,

And the sofa is cracking at the seams!

What's the strange lesson for us? It's our baby growing up!On this festive day,

Happy birthday, son!

Gifts, balloons in the apartment -To you turned four!You want to understand a lot of things, you want to know a lot of things!You sing and dance better than anyone else,Any fairy tale you tell!Rusty in care and love,

On five years we call you!

You already have 4!There will be games, fun!all the guys in the world know:

Best holiday – Birthday!

For you blossom flowers, the sun gives you the rays, Let it happen to you only the best!All blades and flowersBy celebrating with you, you've already got four –

You're already quite big!

This is who is so beautiful here, very, very big?Eyes clever such … Yes to you already FOUR!Congratulations you birds, squirrels, bunnies, chanterelles. Everybody wishes days of cheerful And toys a lot of new, good soup with porridge to eat,

>Papa with mum more often to listen!

Festive in our apartment. That's because it's four

Man alone!

Provided the little manAnd toys and flowers, the cake, and it has 4 candles –

You will blow them out!

It's been four years since we took you out of the hospital! And it's been four years now – it's a date at least!The boy has grown up – that's for sure! Got big? Of course, yes! We congratulate you today, dear! And you were born under a happy star! Hug from the bottom of our hearts!

In the best holiday in the worldBy singing and having fun, you already have four,

Emportant now you are a bird!

Adjust grow and be surprised, happiness awaits you everywhere, gain new knowledge,

You, baby, just a miracle!

What can I wish at 4 years old? You can list all day long: Mountains of delicious sweets, sweets, Sunshine, that gives a bright light, adventure, cartoons funny, and also – to call your friends.Enjoy together and play,

Birthday fun to meet!

You're four!And there's no better place in the world,Smarter, slimmer, more daringAnd in games more fun!You live with your mother – the best, you listen and listen to her, then you for a year

One luck in life awaits you!

Sun! Boy! You're four! You're the most wonderful miracle in the world, and everybody celebrates your birthday.

This amazing giftsMaybe dizzy,And happy parents,

And the guys from the yard,

All dizzy, dizzy, glowing!Everybody laughs and hurries to meet the birthday boy

And hand over, for example, an automatic rifle.

Our son, you four. You want to know all about the world: “What is the flow of water? Where do the trains sleep?” Answer in no time, just nod your head.You're wrinkling your nose for a minute, Look, and you're ready to ask again… Soon, little boy, you'll have a mind. After all, you've come to you, son,

The fifth year on the threshold.

You're four years old, but the adult shine is already in your eyes, already learned the concept of “freedom”,

When he ran home in sliders,

All you know how to talk, So repeat after us a poem:Let you do it all in your life,

What not everyone could do before you.

p>Wow, how you've grown! We wish to be obedient,

Never to be discouraged.

Bright holidays, let it be a fairy tale every day.

Books out loud are not lazy to read.

Four years to you – Your birthday is your holiday today. Toys, bright balls

And a lot of sweet treats.

Let's hear the sound of laughter, let's have fun and games. Today you're the happiest of all

And let's not get upset!

Four years as a miracle of miracles was born:Reading, singing songs learned,

To entertain us here today!

Wish the child to be a stranger, everyone in the world to know in a hurry, then everyone will know everywhere

Talents of the miracle baby!

Ah, how nice to see you, here's a big surprise for you, I hope you get the prize today

And the other one will get the prize.

Our big smile again!Happy birthday,

In fact, 4 is a term!

You have turned four, and you are the best in the whole world!Draw, sculpt and sing – So wonderfully you live!Rati as in a good, sweet fairy tale, among relatives in warmth and affection!Your Birthday meet,

Gifts get a lot!

Tort costs, four candles,Childhood party on the nose.birthday today

I will bring a gift.

Be always healthy, child,And be merry in life,And let the keeper of the angel

Enlighten your whole journey.

Every minute

Every minute

Always good.

I'll give you a book to make your head stronger. I'll give you a typewriter,

To make you two presents.

To make your students happy, too

All the ways in your destiny.

How so? Yesterday was a baby, and today, look!Celebrates four years

Three years old

This is a miracle: A three-year-old's son's mum and dad's boyfriend

A man's parents…four-year-old.

Boy is our dear! Congratulations! We know better than anyone else in the world how wonderful you are:

Funny, beautiful, diligent.

4 years old grandson – He's a mischievous boy, Doesn't know the word “boredom”,

And a big fantasist!

No guy is better, though!We can prove it! Happy birthday to you, we wish you happiness of the sea, and the laughter of the ocean, mind be agile, like a young captain!

You've turned four today and there is no better holiday in the world!You're a year older,

Funnier, naughtier and smarter

Manything you've already learnedWhen you're on your way to life

You will meet a lot more interesting things

Let the guardian angel protect you from all hardships. We wish you fun today

You have your Birthday!

Here he stands, smiling, sweet, cheerful, happy boy.He knows that the birthday is -/p>

The reason is great for noise, fun.

Four years in a rowManything has happened to find out:What grows in the garden

And that soon he will be five.

Boygirls, Guests-friends,All of you, of course, know what to give, to surprise with what, to please –

How to celebrate the day of Birth!

You're four years old,You're a big,Rusty's a good man,

With a big heart and soul.

Let the joy not go away, the smile shines on your face, the fate of friends finds,

Don't forget about mom and dad!

We have no tea in you, we love you very much, you will be happy, we know,

For this we will all do.

What does that mean?

Sam – managed to receive guests (and accept gifts); Myself – came up with a hundred undertakings,

Oth of which it is hot.

It's four years now… How long has it been… You've become a spark in this world,

What's in the darkness beckoning.

Four years is very serious!And you're telling everybody that you're already big. You're in a hurry, just like everybody else, to become an adult,

You won't miss being around you at all!

We'll congratulate you and Daddy and MomNot be able to help you for an hour or a day without them.

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