How to congratulate a girl with a birthday of 4 years: congratulations and gifts

Congratulate a girl with a birthday of 4 years

How to congratulate a girl on her 4th birthday: congratulations and gifts

To please guests!

Our sweet little angel, Beauty to grow, unravel the days of balls,

Romatic flowers!

Four years! You've learned how to count And on your hands to show

All that you've achieved.

I congratulate you, angels, now you're born. Let your every children's day

Blossoms with admiration!

What can I wish for at four years? You can list it all day long: Mountains of delicious sweets, sweets, Sunshine that gives a bright light, adventure, cartoons funny, and also – to call their friends. Enjoy together and play,

Birthday fun to meet!

Louder music in the apartment, Brighter sunshine rays, And parents four In the cake put candles! Blow stronger on these candles, Remember all your dreams, and happier than everybody else in the world,

Like in a fairy tale you will become!

Birthday greetings for 4 years in prose – in your own words

Four years is a lot or little? But anyway, it's a memorable and good date. Let not only this birthday and not only this year be wonderful, let the whole life that awaits you be the best in the world. Happy Birthday to our

Little celebrity hero!

You've been making the world happy with your presence for 4 years already. You're the bright angel who helps us live and find meaning in life. On this festive day, I would like to wish you that all your dreams

always come true and that you are always smart, healthy and beautiful!

Dear baby! Happy birthday to you! Let your life be filled with fun and rainbow moments! Let's make it a gift and cake party every day. Listen to Mom and Dad, don't upset them, and then they'll be happy to buy you new toys and all sorts of forbidden “harmful things”.

You've already had four years. Every day your skills and abilities grow, you are already such a clever and little helper for parents. On this magical holiday, your birthday, I would like to wish you miracles, gifts, laughter, friends and bright sunshine

over your head!

Congratulations, lovely child, happy birthday. Today you are 4 years old, and it means that it is time for interesting hobbies of merry cartoons, wonderful stories and mischievous undertakings, happy smiles and joyful days. I wish you fun riding the slide in winter, collecting the first flowers in spring, bathing in summer and enjoying the sun's rays

and having fun rustling on bright leaves in autumn.

I congratulate you, dear and lovely child. In your 4 years I want to wish you a fascinating drawing, fun on the swings of riding, active walks, wonderful friends, fairytale stories, incredible adventures, crafts workshops, attention of parents and

the most delicious sweets.

Congratulations to a lovely child with a 4-year anniversary. I wish you, sunshine, fulfillment of desires and delicious sweets on the table, joy and

fun adventures, educational walks and exciting undertakings.

Beautiful child I congratulate on the 4th anniversary. Little sunshine, great joy, I wish you peace and good, happy life and great success, fun games and favorite toys, chocolate sweets and

swing joy in life.

Birthday 4 years

Four years ago You appeared in this world. It's like we've got a treasure trove. You're gone from here on out. Rusty, baby, to our joy, we love and cherish you.

And be smart not by years, healthy, strong and skillful! You're so brave right now, you're chasing birds in the yard. Your laugh is the most important one, and it's a quiet dream at dawn. Let your life be happy.

So much lies ahead! Now we're gonna blow out the candle, and you're gonna make dreams! Your holiday today is your birthday: Toys, bright balls and a lot of sweet treats. Let's hear a laugh, let's have some fun and games. Today you're the happiest man in the world,

And don't be upset!

Congratulations to you, baby, on your 4th year. I wish you joy in life, bright memories of mischievous childhood, cheerful moments and good wonders. Let every day open for you something new and interesting, let your parents love you and always give you a gift

You have a cloudless sky of happiness.

You're 4 years old. You're not afraid of the rain and the thunderstorm cloud. Today, on your birthday, gifts are waiting for you: Toys, congratulations. Rusty and Mom, listen. Healthy, don't hurt. And a lot of porridge,

To grow sooner.

Our berry is forest, sweet candy, How quickly you grow up! Happy birthday, baby! By 3:00, there were four more years to go. No nicer than our daughter, Crusher in the whole world! On this joyful day Let's wish you to be healthy and happy –

What is it like to be!

Happy birthday, our beloved, sweet, affectionate baby! You're the birthday boy tonight, you're in a hurry to meet your guests. At least you're four years old, you're smart beyond your years. Be obedient and funny, mischievous to our pleasure. Get presents, treats, sweets. Let your whole life always be

Stands of joys.

Four years… You're already big! We heartily congratulate you today. Let you be okay. Smile, happiness, happiness, joy! Grow up healthy, take care of yourself. And Mom and Dad, respect and honor. Happy Birthday to you.

Let your dreams come true, baby, your dreams.

Serious term – four years, Everything was: joys, misfortunes, And laughter, and sorrows, and tears, And in summer – heat, in winter – frost! Happy Birthday to you, I wish you to grow up and get better, to be kind and skillful! I want my mom to help me out a lot, clean up her toys. For all the world to know,

Happy, smart grew up!

What's the unusual holiday? What's a pretty nose? Whose eyes shine brightly, watching cunningly, waiting for a gift? Who will help me, who will answer all these questions? I looked at it a little bit, and I figured out what's going on. The ray whispers from the sky, that you're four years old! Happy birthday, happy jam day! Happy day of fun and luck! Open the presents sooner,

This holiday will be very bright.

This will say, “One, two, three”… We will say loudly: “Four! – Happy birthday! Look, all animals in the whole world. Congratulations are sent to you: Bunny – fresh carrots, squirrel – cone as a novelty, Bear pulls fresh honey, Hedgehog carries an apple. Everybody wants you to laugh, to be happy, to be alive, to be successful. Well, we want to say that we want to grow up, to please all of us

And to be a yula!

In four years ahead of us all the life, catch on the tail of luck and hold on. May all your dreams come true, Protects the angel from the heights. We would also like to wish you more beautiful places to see And live a life like a fairy tale

In care, tenderness, love and affection.

Happy Birthday to the girl

Beautiful and cute girl happy birthday! I wish you to grow up and be good not by the day, but by the hour! Be smart and even wise, slim and athletic, hard-working, very kind to the people around you! May all your cherished dreams come true, a smile more often illuminates your pretty face, and joy comes unexpectedly and for a long time! Good and faithful friends, love from family, respect at school! Successes in learning and other activities, good appetite and sweet sleep! Be loved and happy!

Happy birthday congratulations, and I wish you Help your family, and be the best in the yard, to learn well, live sociably and amicably, that you do not like – to change, and charge to perform, to be away from the hardships,

After all, you are already plus a year!

Happy birthday, my pleasure, congratulations. All the goods, all the things you want, I'll wish you tonight. Success in life and luck, Long-distance trips, interesting, I wish only loyal friends, more wonderful holidays. Always be beautiful and kind, you be happy all your life. And every morning wake up –

Funny, cheerful and beautiful!

You are beautiful as a princess, I want to wish you – On this holiday, birthday, Always as the sun shine! To make Mom happy, Dad was proud of you. I want all the A's in the diary, and they're all over you. You're like a little lady, you're making our lives bright. Be always kind and sweet,

Because we love you, you know!

That's good to be a girl, sweet and cute, light, positive, kind, gentle, honest. It's all about you, you're always like this, I wish you the best. Bears, Pink Dreams, First Love, Happy Days are full. Let it go, you're cool, and it makes you happy,

Every minute.

You're a girl at least where Sweetheart, good. On my birthday, I wish all my dreams come true, I wish you to find the magic road

In life you found it.

Beauty, chatterbox. Like Mommy's a laughingstock, Funny's like Daddy. All the hats look good on you! Today, on your birthday, you have all the greetings, sweets, greetings and a lot of attention! Rusty and be a big one, and a smart one, and a good girl. And laugh very loudly! And I wish you happiness, and I hug you tightly, I hug you dearly,

Loved one!

Tort, gifts and cookies. Who's having a birthday here? You, the flower's cute. Everyone's been surrounded by attention. Beautiful and kind, you're obedient and generous, you're never sad, you're in vivacity. Let dreams come true, let dolls and flowers come true. Smile, have fun. Be an obedient and kind girl, don't get sullen in the winter. Don't be sad for a long time without a reason – Celebrate the miracles every day. Don't let him get involved with his friends, let the boy give them lilacs. Let the wizard and the fairy help you fulfill your dreams. In the world you are only for us all more important.

All loved ones, all prettier – only you!

Lovely our beauty! You're like a gentle bud. We wish you to grow up and get prettier and prettier every day, turning into a beautiful rose. Let your life be like a good fairy tale. Let your clothes be the most beautiful, your dainties the most delicious, your games the most interesting, your studies seem easy and your friends the best. Rusty, nice, healthy, smart and successful.

Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Happy birthday to a girl in prose

Congratulations to a wonderful and lovely girl on her birthday.I wish you, dear, bright wonders and incredible magic in life, sincere joy and cheerful friends, great achievements and personal

Victory, interesting hobbies and real happiness.

Congratulations on your birthday to a beautiful, sweet, charming, kind and the best girl. I wish you beautiful hairstyles, elegant dresses, fairy tales, funny stories, wonderful girlfriends,

wonderful entertainment and happy moments in life.

The most gentle and kind words I wish you, beautiful. Happy birthday to you! Let the smile on your face always please your loved ones. I want you to always have a happy mood, a cheerful spirit and inexhaustible optimism. Rusty's smart, sweet and loved. Let life

gives you the most vivid colors of the world!

Happy birthday to the cutie, charm, pretty girl. I would like to wish you many happy moments, unforgettable adventures, nice gifts, tidbits of surprises, only joyful troubles,

limitless care, attention and love of parents.

Our cutie, today is such a wonderful day – the day of your birth. You are one year older.

Be always the same nice and kind girl, always please Daddy and Mom with good behavior and your funny smile. I wish you to have everything just fine.

Little beauty, let your life be bright and happy as in a fairy tale. I wish you more magical and unforgettable moments. Happy Birthday, Princess!

Beautiful and lovely girl, happy birthday. I wish you a happy life and sincere joy, fascinating stories and fulfillment of desires, wonderful friends and funny ideas, good wonders and bright victories, good mood and constant luck.

Lovely beautiful princess! It's your birthday. Which means it's the happiest day for your parents. We sincerely wish you to grow up a smart, beautiful girl who will only please your parents. You're a real fairy: sweet, gentle, kind. Stay like this. We wish you the fulfillment of all your desires, excellent study and a great mood. Be a good girl,


Wonderful and kind girl, I wish you happy stories of life and great joy, interesting hobbies and unforgettable adventures, funny emotions and

good friends, incredible victories and great mood.

Beautiful and sweet girl happy birthday! I wish you to grow up and be good not by the day, but by the hour! Be smart and even wise, slim and athletic, hard-working, very kind to the people around you! May all your cherished dreams come true, a smile more often illuminates your pretty face, and joy comes unexpectedly and for a long time! Good and faithful friends, love from family, respect at school! Successes in learning and other activities, good appetite and sweet sleep! Be loved and happy!

Happy birthday, princess! I wish you to grow up to be a big, pretty, beautiful and funny girl. I wish you to know true friendship, true love and great


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Birthday greetings to the girl in prose and verse

How to congratulate the girl with her 4th birthday: greetings and gifts

Each little lady is waiting for her holiday, which happens only once a year, with impatience, trembling and anticipation of miracles.

He is waiting for the birthday of real magic, fulfillment of dreams, beautiful gifts and fun, but also congratulating the girl must be beautiful to make this holiday bright, solemn and special!

Birthday greetings to the girl in prose will help you to cheer up the birthday girl, make the day of celebration the most memorable and fabulous, make it more joyful! Any age of the birthday girl should be noted with beautiful words, because the congratulatory text from parents – it's so touching and joyful!

Verse and toast

Of course, you can congratulate your dear birthday girl, dear girl, in verse as well. This is no worse than prose, and in many ways even better, because the poem can be funny, funny and humorous, beautiful and lyrical, long or concise – for your taste.

The most important thing is that the poetic birthday greeting little princess-girl remembered, liked and uplifted, so that you utter it from the bottom of your heart, emotionally and sincerely!

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Toast has always been and remains an essential part of any holiday, especially a family celebration. For all the guests to see how much you love and appreciate the little birthday girl, so that this festive moment remains in the memory for a long time, prepare a real solemn toast for the girl with her birthday, a beautiful speech for this joyful day, and let it be bright and unforgettable!

Each age is special

When the girl is 2 years old, she loves beautiful toys. If a girl is 6 years old, she wants to be a little fashionista and a real lady. But ten, eleven or thirteen is another thing!

There is a difference should be not only in gifts, but also in the birthday greetings to the child, because the little girl will be pleased to hear warm words and beautiful poems, and the teenager – funny wishes, for example. So pick up individual beautiful birthday greetings wonderful girl to her unique age, and then her anniversary will be bright, fabulous and unforgettable!

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1. Of course, the birthday girl will not remember her first anniversary – a year – because she is still a baby. But for her and for her parents, this holiday is incredibly important and significant, so it is worth it to Daddy and Mom to prepare a beautiful speech! You can say it all in your own words, or you can prepare the poem that will be remembered most.

2. Speech in honor of the baby with a 2-year anniversary should be beautiful, festive and tender, as the little birthday girl herself. Let the poem touch all the guests!

3. And on her third birthday, the little princess is already running, loving to play and enjoying the presents. So she and her whole family can make a solemn speech in verse!

4. A poem with a birthday of 4 years is a beautiful solemn speech, good and valuable wishes, which will certainly come true, and a lot of compliments to the little girl, the culprit of the family celebration! After all, four years is a big date!

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5. A lovely little girl of 5 years old – and this is the first real anniversary in her life, albeit a small one, but so happy! A poem with a birthday of 5 years to a daughter, niece or sister is a great way to make the holiday even brighter!

6. Let the whole family of the birthday girl remember the wonderful birthday greetings for 6 years, and she herself, hearing the festive poems, will understand how much she is loved and how beautiful she is!

7. The wonderful girl is 7 years old, and in these years the birthday girl dreams of wonderful gifts, loves surprises and looks like a fairy tale about magic. Turn the holiday into a miracle by preparing the right words!

8. A poem with 8 years of age must be as airy, gentle, cheerful, and sweet as the woman herself. A poetry with a birthday girl for 8 years will be a wonderful surprise!

9. For a girl of nine years is a big date, and let the birthday girl seem like a baby, but she herself is already growing up lady and wants to quickly become an adult! So you can safely tell her compliments, do not feel sorry for the words of admiration, the girl will be very pleased.

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10. The speech with the 10th anniversary should be very solemn, because it is the first real anniversary, a real “round” date!

11. Already a teenager, an eleven-year-old lady – a beautiful flower, which blossoms in front of happy parents. Like all children of her age, she not only loves gifts and fashionable things, but also rejoices when she is surrounded by attention, showered with admiration and say a lot of nice words!

12. At the age of twelve, the young lady looks the most beautiful at her birthday party and is proud of her entire family. And of course, a 12-year-old child will be glad if the holiday will be decorated with original wishes and solemn speeches of guests, family members and parents!

13. The princess waited with trembling and impatience for her 13th birthday, and this wonderful date has come! It is worth to say the best words in honor of the beauty, especially poems.

14. For fourteen years, a poetic speech can be fun, sweet, and touching – so that not only does it please the person responsible for the celebration, but it also touches everyone at the table!

15. The long-awaited holiday, the beautiful fifteen – what a joy! Childhood is almost over, we have a joyful and happy youth ahead, filled with new adventures and impressions!

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Your family birthday greetings to the girl – 9 years old, as well as 3- or 14-year-old, should be primarily sincere and come from the depths of a loving, pure soul. After all, children adore the attention as much as we adults, and all guests will be pleased!

Don't think that the baby is more important than gifts, and poetry or prose – it's more for adults.

This is not true! Well picked up words are important to any date: though on two years, though on the sixth, eighth or fifteenth year, verses, prose and wishes will come to an end and will necessarily decorate a celebration.

So do not spare emotions, speak the most pleasant that only it is possible to hear, and let this holiday becomes magic and unforgettable for all family! Vasilina Serova, sources:,,,,


Birthday greetings for a girl of 4 years of age | Congratulations

How to congratulate a girl of 4 years of age: congratulations and gifts

You're four years old, kids are growing up so fast!You don't want a nipple anymore,but you're pitying candy.You're already running,reading the syllables.To make you happy,I'll give you everything!Rusty big and strong, we will look after it.And never in offense

We will not give the daughter!

The best crumb in the worldIt is executed four.Happy birthday we congratulate,

Young people to be desirable.

Egoza and prankster,Friendship with the book,Be smart – not a stranger,

But don't become a hobbyist.

Be a gentle kitten, kind, sincere child.The world is more like a place to know,

We are happy to grow up!

Today's sun is shining brightly.

Today's smiles are all around,

In 4 be the happiest of all!

What can I wish in four years? You can list all day long: Mountains of delicious sweets, sweets, Sunshine, that gives a bright light, adventures, cartoons funny, and also – to call their friends.Enjoy together and play,

Birthday fun to meet!

Our berry tree,Sweet candy,How quickly you've grown up,

Happy birthday baby!

K three more years,

All three more years,

And more beautiful in the whole world

No more cute than our daughter

All the world!

In this happy day, we wish you to be healthy and happy,

Never despair!

Four years – anniversaryFor the little person.We want to wish you a happy childhood.Why is it lighter in the daytime?”With passion you playIn dolls, hide and seek, without a doubt, you repeat all the advertising, you know songs and congratulations.Happy birthday to our daughterCongratulate us, love.

We'll kiss you!

Serious term – four years,Everything was: joy, misfortune,And laughter, and sorrows, and tears,

And in summer, in winter – frost!

Happy Birthday to me, I wish you to grow up and be good,

Be both kind and skillful!

To help my mom a lot,

To clean up her toys so she can know everything in the world,

Happy, smart grew up!

Fun for a reason: Your baby's birthday, let the joy be strong, Lives in her every breath, because it's been four years already, the happiness of the child, let your home find, Child's laughter sounds in it ringing!Congratulations, we wish Krohe the main thing – health, Let her not know the trouble,

Fun grows, with love!

Four years daughter, Assistant grows up. How well dancing, how well sings, how well sings! And with dolls plays wonderfully all day long. And mom on the housekeeping to help not lazy.Not the daughter, and just a miracle!And it's better not to find one. We wish you to grow up together


Happy, dear, dear!Happy Birthday to you now!Here you are a year older – after all, four – it's Super! Class! At this age, I'll tell you a secret, children do not perceive “NO”! They need to know the whole world in time to tell their girlfriends! We wish you, kitten, happiness and health ahead of you!

Louder music in the apartment,Brighter rays of sunshine,And parents put candles on the cake!Blow stronger on these candles,Remember all your dreams,And happier than anyone else in the world,

Louder in a fairy tale will be you!

Today's daughter 4!Today we're girlieBanty is brighter and widerWe'll tie it on the top. Today's festive dressBut what is it? In the chocolateBut suddenly there's a cheek! And in the handle of the chocolate bar melts a little sweetie. Let the happy girl grow

Loved girl!

Was 4 years oldToday is a miracle-boy, and on this holiday to congratulate

Him I sincerely hurry.

You have a good health, so that your mother does not cough.In the warmth wrapped in love,

Rules and strength to multiply.

Energy your great Motherland always give.And Mom and Dad are sad at once

In your smile to make fun of it!

There are already 4!Hurry up and meet your friends!The funniest holiday in the world

Have fun!

Gifts, treats, and balloons all over the house! Let it be a magical, bright day! Happy Birthday, my little girl, for four yearsInvite your friends – a lot of people!Have fun and relax,Take gifts.You remember this day,Joyful and bright.Wish you a lot of impressions. A lot of new things to learn

And fun!

You're four!And there's no beauty in the world, smarter, slimmer, more daring in games more fun!You live with your mother – the best, you listen to her and listen to her, then you for a year

One luck in life awaits you!

Four years to the daughterWe will mark all family. We will give her toys And we will buy the big cake. We will hang up everywhereBalls. And we will arrange competitions, And different bets!And then we'll all have a delicious tea. Rusty is healthy, the sun

And don't upset us.

Four years for you – Your birthday is your holiday now.Toys, bright balls

All the sweet treats.

Let the laughter be heard,Let the games and fun be there.Today you are the happiest of all

And don't be upset!

Beautiful girl.One,two,three and here they are,Godica four.Step by step,

Make you happier!

To be 4,And you are the best in the whole world!You draw, sculpt and sing –

That's how wonderful you live!

Rusty as in a kind, sweet fairy tale,Among the relatives in warmth and affection!Your Birthday meet,

>Gifts get a lot!

Happy Birthday, beauty!Girl's a big time by the clockWe wish you to be all smarter in the world.Only the nose is not picked up, don't be bored with it!Have fun and don't get bored, Find your girlfriends

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