How to wean a child from a bottle

The child and the bottle: how and when to wean the child

How to wean a child from a bottle

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Photo from the site is growing very quickly, and here you have not yet noticed, and your baby has already mastered a lot of new skills and abilities, as well as acquired their own habits.

And surprisingly, many kids become the real conservatives in terms of acquired habits, for example, they can be extremely difficult to wean a variety of liquids from the bottle and get used to a cup.

If the child was on breastfeeding or combined feeding, it will be easier to do it, but for pure “artificial” question can become radical. Let's figure out together how to wean a child from a bottle, when to start worrying and what advice is given by experienced pediatricians, as well as ordinary people from the street who raised their own babies.

Must wean your child from the bottle and nipples

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All children who received artificial food or food must get used to the bottle.

Rarely can they be indifferent to the fact that their favourite object, which represents a pleasant feeling of warmth and satiety, is taken away. Therefore, the question of how to wean a child from a bottle at night is even more acute than during the day.

Why this happens and what mechanisms in the psychoemotional process can explain this phenomenon only to specialists.


Habituation to a bottle, pacifier, and more, in infants is caused by the fact that infants form basic habits extremely quickly, especially if it is associated with food or sleep, which are the dominant and priority in the life of the baby. In addition, when a newborn baby receives milk or a mixture in a bottle, it satisfies not only hunger, but also one of his or her innate instincts, the sucking instinct.

Why it is important to wean your baby's bottle

This means that older babies and children get satisfaction not only from the taste of milk, mixture, juice or tea, but also from the very process of its absorption. And the pacifier can not be accepted by all children, while the bottle is loved by everybody, without exception.

It would seem that, well, then let the child enjoy life, sucking the bottle, until he himself does not want to refuse it, even in five or seven years.

Why deprive him of such pleasure? But the reasons for weaning a child from a bottle at 2 years of age and even earlier are still there and must be understood, otherwise health problems cannot be avoided.

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  • The main problem that can arise if you do not wean your baby from the bottle for a long time, it is the wrong growth of teeth, which will be very difficult to deal with in the future. Naturally, the formation of an incorrect bite may not occur, there are examples when children did not leave the bottle almost to school, but their teeth remained smooth and beautiful, but this is not always the case. So why risk your own children and put them in danger?
  • Professional experienced speech therapists believe that speech is already two years old. By that time, the baby should not be sucking on his or her nipple, breast, pacifier, fingers and other, even unsuitable items, at least it is not desirable for him or her to do so. If you do not pay attention to this point, there may be serious disagreements with the pronunciation of some sounds, then you will have to specially study, correcting speech, to make great efforts. But why do you do that if you can avoid problems with ease by simply selecting the bottle on time?
  • Many pediatricians recommend that you give up the bottles completely by the time you're two years old, because the baby drinks a lot more fluid than he or she would like to. That's why the child will wake up at night to go to the toilet more often, why he and his parents suffer. Therefore, it is very important to find out how to teach a child to drink from a bottle at night and let everyone sleep well.

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To wean the baby from the bottle is exactly worth it, and to let everything go on its own is not the best option for the development of events, because everyone will suffer from this, and in the first place the child himself.

In addition, dentists believe that in addition to an improperly shaped bite, a bottle that a child sucks in day and night can cause the occurrence and development of childhood tooth decay.

Many people don't care, but the “cunning invader” can easily spread over healthy, permanent teeth and then they will have to be treated from infancy.

When to wean your child from the bottle

To tell you exactly how long it takes to wean your child from the bottle, you will not be able to do it by anybody else, because it is really individual.

Psychologists think it's time to do it slowly when the baby is going to have a period of farewell to infancy, but everyone can have different times.

There are special signs that parents can mark, and these are the ones that can be used to make a conclusion when it's time to wean the baby from the bottle and nipples.

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  • If we talk about physiological development, as soon as the baby confidently sat down, took a spoon and a mug in his hands, we can slowly begin to transfer it to drinking water, and then give up on them.
  • Pediatricians believe that the best time to give up a bottle is eight to twelve months. If you run the problem, you may have serious difficulties and psychological dependency, which will then take a long time to work with.
  • Psychologists think that the time to give up the nipple and pacifier should be postponed up to a year and a half or two, because for a crumb, it is a real way to relieve stress. By depriving him of such a necessary accessory that represents his mother's breast, it is possible to create serious preconditions for the development of neuroses in the future.

The main thing is that by about two years, you still give up the bottle and pacifier, because the sucking reflex is almost completely fading. If you do everything methodically, correctly, to show care, love and patience, most likely there will be no problems at weaning and the process will pass “painlessly”, without a night scream and tearful threads.

Practical steps and tips: how to wean a child from a bottle

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When looking at the age at which a child should be weaned from a bottle, one shouldn't lose sight of the main question of how this can be done.

Some parents, faced with a sharp rejection of this approach, hysterics, oceans of tears and demands, give up and leave everything to go its course, but this is not exactly the right attitude.

As we have already mentioned, it is not difficult to wean a crumb from a bottle if everything is done correctly, to be patient, loving, but at the same time quiet, balanced, firm and persistent.

No orders, you're not in the army

Each stage in a person's life is not easy, but growing up, one of the most difficult and serious. That's when we form our own character, our own self. Therefore leave the ordered tone for subordinates, and with the child communicate on equal terms, after all it is the same person, as well as you, only small.

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It is not necessary to take away sharply from it a bottle and a nipple that will appear for a crumb a real shock. Let your child get used to the fact that now the bottle will be available less and less often, first for the night, then once in two days, and then he may well forget to demand it in the evening.

Smooth transition will save the mental health of the baby and parents in order. Tips to throw the bottle out of the category and say that it was stolen by Babaika, you need to immediately cut off, do not need to raise a child, forming in it phobias from an early age.

No monsters under the bed does not exist, but from the bottle drink only tiny “poured”, unlike him, large and adult.

Select the right moment and give up dinner tea

Bear in mind that not only do you need to wean your child from the bottle gradually and smoothly, gently introducing him into a new phase of life, but also at the right time.

For example, if your son or daughter is experiencing strong emotions or stress at this time, it is better to postpone it until better times.

Such “contraindications” can be family discord, parental divorce, moving, entering a nursery, the birth of a brother or sister.

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When such a suitable moment of complete peace is found, start small. For example, a great solution would be to start by refusing to feed or drink from a bottle during lunch. Even liquid porridge should be eaten with a spoon of a plate, and drink from a mug, show your child an example, children like to copy adults, play on this.

Equal replacement: drinking bottle

Kids are very smart by nature, even if you don't notice it, but they are happy to compromise if adults approach the issue correctly. Offer your baby to replace his favorite bottle with a drinker, which is exactly the same in shape and function, but is an essential accessory to growing up.

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May be explained in simple words that it will seem to be a crumb older, and will grow much faster. Choose a drinking mug of some interesting shape and color so that the child can get used to the new subject with pleasure. Over time, the bottle will become an exclusively night object, and then it will disappear from the life of the baby.

The right motivation and ritual of rejecting the bottle

If you do all the steps in time and correctly, you won't have to worry about how to teach your child to fall asleep with the bottle, walk with it all day and drink only from it. A huge role in this process is played by the right motivation.

Pick up the children's dishes in such a way that they are beautiful and bright, but it is not necessary to overdo it so that the child does not rank it as a toy.

Let the new cup and drinker be in plain sight all the time, offer your child to drink water or juice out of a lace, because it is as beautiful as that of real adults.

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Many psychologists even recommend to do a certain ritual of rejecting the bottle, which will help to finally get rid of the habit of sucking it even at night.

For this purpose nothing is required, it is enough to agree with a crumb to give a bottle to bunnies, “Lalais” or simply to send to the Country of Bottles on deserved rest, and meanwhile to hide it.

The main thing is to make sure that the “farewell” to the baby goes only in a positive way, and if the child starts screaming and crying, the date of this event can be postponed.

The right way to wean your child from the bottle at night: effective tips

If your child has already turned one year old, the second or maybe even the third one, and he sucks the bottle at night, even when there is nothing left in it, there is nothing more to pull. It is necessary to undertake a number of steps which will help you to cope as protraction and indulgence to caprices of the kid precisely will not lead to anything good.

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  • Feeding your child at night is quite a nourishing experience, otherwise waking up in the middle of the night he will definitely need a bottle.
  • First bathe a tiny bottle before feeding, then the baby will be tuned for a good and healthy sleep, he will not have to go to whims and tears.
  • When a child wakes up and asks for a bottle, try to give him/her a drink from a cup or, in case of emergency, a drinker, it should help.
  • Always ventilate the room where the child sleeps, as well as watch for moisture, as its lack makes him/her sleepy, turn around and want to drink.
  • For the baby to feel safe and secure, it is necessary to place his or her crib as close as possible to the parent's crib while weaning from the bottle.

If the baby wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying, just pet him, sing the lullaby, whisper and shake him slightly.

The closeness of the mother or father is bound to do their job, and the tired child will fall asleep, forgetting what he wanted so much.

The main thing is to show special delicacy and a lot of patience, remember, it's your child, try to make him nervous at a minimum, and bend his line subtly, imperceptibly, but persistently, then everything will work out.

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When and how to wean a child from a bottle: 7 working methods, good and bad time

How to wean a child from a bottle

Last update of the article: 11.04.2018

If women who feed their babies with milk are thinking about how to take their babies away from their breasts, mothers of artists are looking for answers to the question of how to wean their babies from the bottle. The habits of sucking reflexes are not easy enough to overcome.

But weaning from a bottle at a certain moment is still necessary, because artificial mixtures or dumplings cannot satisfy the needs of the young man in vitamin and other useful elements.

Full meals include eating adult food, drinking from mugs and using cutlery. But this in the future, now it is necessary to accelerate the separation of the baby with the bottle, and this is, say, immediately, not the easiest process. But feasible!

Natural and artificial feeding

Naturally fed children from the first days of their lives are hardly ever tied to a nipple tank. Milk is food, drink, and breast is the first means of calming them before they're fed with their mother's food.

To prevent your baby from getting used to the bottle, you need to drink water or dill water from a spoonful of colic, using a syringe without a needle or baby drinker. However, for various reasons (e.g. lack of breast milk, serious illness of the mother or her departure) the child still has to give a bottle with a substitute natural product. Also the use of a container with a nipple is relevant in the street or during long journeys.

Thus, babies are forced to eat with a bottle from birth. However, sucking at an early age is not limited to saturation alone. It is also a special ritual for children to calm down and relax before falling asleep.

Many children have a habit of staying in the crib with a bottle. Naturally, in such a case, it is not easy enough to get rid of the peculiar ritual, as it threatens to escape from the formed zone of psychological comfort.

Must we wean?

Often we hear the opinion that the child will decide when to give up the bottle.

Mall will grow up, grow up, and be embarrassed, for example, by more independent peers. If it wasn't for one thing, the child would want to give up the nipple tank only at the age of 3 or 5, for example. And what do parents do, wait for the right moment?

With adult children sucking is no longer a reflex, but a habit, and it is quite comfortable. Judge for yourself: you can drink water from a bottle at night, almost without waking up. Why change anything?

Thus, if the grown-up child does not want to part with his or her “buddy” on his or her own, parents should intervene. Why is it worth weaning the baby off the bottle? There are several arguments:

  1. Nipple sucking can form an incorrect bite and affect the growth of teeth. It should be noted, however, that not all paediatricians and orthodontists share this view.
  2. As well as there is an opinion that the constant presence in the mouth of the nipple is fraught with the incorrect utterance of individual sounds. Naturally, this cannot but affect the development of speech in general.
  3. Children who fall asleep in the cuddles of a bottle drink a lot of liquid, which affects the frequency of urination. That's why it becomes difficult to teach a child to use a pot and not to use diapers.

From the point of view of psychological science, the child's habit of drinking milk or other bottled drinks before falling asleep is harmful because it slows down the pace of psychophysical development. In other words, babies still have infantile skills that inhibit the education of older skills.

As well, not all mothers are psychologically resistant to sympathetic views, gossip or direct accusations of parental incompetence from people who see a 3-4 year old child with a bottle. In addition, the baby himself will feel a kind of pressure, which may have a negative impact on his self-esteem in the future.

When to wean a child from a bottle?

Very difficult to name any exact age limits, because each child develops at its own pace, and is attached to the bottle in a special way.

Now, therefore, it is worthwhile for parents to keep track of the physical readiness of the crumbs to say goodbye to this infantile attribute. He includes several parameters according to which the baby:

  • sits without support;
  • holds a spoon in his hand and understands why it is needed;
  • draws food from the plate and sends it to his mouth;
  • drinks from a cup or drinker;
  • is interested in adult food;
  • has teeth and chewing skills.

Usually these skills are fully formed by 12 months. It is also necessary to take into account the extinction of the sucking reflex, because in the absence of this adaptive mechanism the weaning process will go faster. Closer to 2 years, the physiological need to suck the bottle completely disappears.

There are situations when you have to wean your baby from the bottle urgently, without waiting for physical and physiological readiness. For example, if you need to go on a trip soon, during which it will be impossible to sterilize the container and nipple and dilute the mixture.

This way, if the child does not want to give up the bottle, he will still have to be weaned. It is only important to follow certain rules in order to avoid stressful situations and not to harm the child's psyche. The best time to do this is to choose a good time.

The best time to start separating from the nipple tank is when children's lives are stable and calm. Give up the habit if you want:

  • the child is sick;
  • they have a brother/sister;
  • the family is on the verge of divorce or you and your husband have recently separated;
  • The baby is going through a period of adaptation to the nursery or kindergarten;
  • at the same time there is an adaptation to the crib;
  • is planned to move to another place of residence.

Bottle allows baby to calm down during these emotional experiences. And the refusal from such “calming” is fraught with increasing stressful situation.

It is believed that summer is the best period of weaning from the bottle. Perhaps this belief is due to the fact that in the autumn and winter the immunity is reduced, and the rejection of the bottle and, consequently, stress may cause deterioration of the body's defense system.

If the child not only drinks from the bottle but also sucks the nipple, the refusal of both devices should be consistent to reduce the likely inconvenience and the number of children's whims.

First of all, the bottle should be removed and the meal should be eaten from the plate and mug. At this time, the nipple will only be used for fast falling asleep, and after about 3-4 weeks, when the baby forgets about the bottle, you can get rid of the pacifier.

How do I get rid of the daytime bottle?

Try to get rid of the bottle at first during the daytime. Be sure to purchase cutlery and lightweight plastic dishes with bright patterns for your child. Kids love the images of their favorite cartoons or fairy tales.

Ask your child to drink milk, water or juice from a mug or special drinker (depending on age). The last device is a container with a sealed lid and two holders. Such neprolivaika mugs are also suitable for outdoor use. All you need to do is choose a device with a protective cap to protect the spout from dirt and dust. If the child is thirsty, but not spilling will not be around, give him a bag of juice with a straw.

If the baby is capricious, requires a drink in a bottle, it is worth switching his attention to the new cups, plates and offer to repeat after his mother. Pour the milk into mugs or drinkers and have breakfast together. Kids love to imitate their parents and repeat certain actions.

The child at 2 years old can be offered to play a little, spilling juice in circles and organizing a competition “Who's Faster to Drink”. Naturally, an adult needs to give in to the winner and experience positive emotions from his or her winnings.

At the same time, you should not be too fond of gaming techniques. Tomorrow, lunch or dinner is not a game, it's a procedure, a ritual. Let the child get used to taking food seriously from childhood.

Sometimes mothers are cunning, pouring diluted or salted milk into the bottle, and in the purchased mug – delicious milk. Children, having tried the content of both containers, prefer the one in which the delicious drink is poured.

Toddlers are actively learning the world during the day, so they are ready for new emotions and experiments, including the replacement of the bottle with a mug or drinker. The night period is another thing, as the nipple becomes an important part of the sleeping ritual and gives the child a sense of security and relaxation.

How can wean a young child at night if the removal of the bottle leads to tears, hysteria and sleep disturbance? It is necessary to pick up such receptions which would allow the kid to calm down and relax without a habitual nipple and a bottle.

For the year-old child body contact is very important, therefore the mother should sit nearby before falling asleep of a crumb, hold the handle, iron a stomach, etc. Also it is necessary to change a ritual of a departure to a dream, having excluded a bottle and having brought in reading of a fairy tale, singing lullaby.

If to a kid already is two years that it is necessary to try to agree with it. Explain in plain language that adult children should not sleep with a bottle like newborns. But don't be ashamed of the baby by calling it a dolly, etc.

Bottle weaning is also helped by soft toys. Buy your child a new teddy bear, which will be comfortable and pleasant to hug. You should also take more walks before going to bed, play active games during the day and have a relaxing bath in the evening.

What can we expect?

Many mothers who weaned their children from the bottle had to face tears, caprices, demands to return the container with milk or mixture and even hysteria. It is quite possible that everything will go smoothly, but it is worth to be morally prepared and to some unpleasant situations.

Don't give up, even if the baby is very sorry. Usually after a few days the child gets used to eating and drinking almost like an adult, and does not even remember the bottle. If the parent returns the bottle at the first scream, the little one realizes that tears and hysteria are the right way to get what they want.

But it's worth distinguishing between manipulative behavior and real problems. If a child starts refusing to eat, he cries all the time, it's worth showing it to the doctor. Maybe he's just sick. In this case, the bottle can be returned for a few weeks, and then weaned again.

Parental fantasy will also be required. Even the most whimsical baby can voluntarily give up the bottle if the event is presented correctly. For example, offer to give a container with a nipple to a familiar cat or dog that feeds its offspring. It really works!

The question of how to wean a child from his favorite bottle should be decided individually. Some people get a drinker, others get a teddy bear. Someone gets used to the bottle in a year, and the other one carries it with him at two incessantly. That's why it's important to focus only on your child and catch the right moment.


How to wean a child from a bottle – tips and tricks

How to wean a child from a bottle

Good day readers and guests of the site “Family and Childhood”. Today I want to talk about how to wean a child from a bottle at 2 years old. Unfortunately, there are times when a child is over 2 years old and still eats and drinks from a bottle. There are a lot of reasons that lead to such consequences.

And they are very different:

– the child is lazy to eat on his own;
– a habit (psychological factor);
– it is easier for parents;
– the child is accustomed to eating liquid consistency.

It's time to change the situation

Whatever the reason is, it's time to change everything. First, if you use a blender or other kitchen utensils to shred food, hide them away. Do the same with all bottles.

Bottles are best thrown away to avoid temptation. Then be patient. Within three to four days you'll have to be tough and persistent.

If Mom doesn't do it, be sure to connect your daddy to the process.

Then the child should only drink from a mug and eat from a plate. Look for homes or buy a bright, attractive mug that your baby would like. Ideal even for your big mug.

Most children dream of parenting more than toys. Also decide on the baby plate and cutlery. It is better to buy a special spoon and fork that is safe for children of this age.

It is most likely that during the days of re-education the child will remain hungry. You have to accept that. Nothing terrible will happen, but on the contrary, in a few days you will start to reap the benefits. The child must be healthy at the time of retraining and be able to chew food by himself.

First day

First day. It's not gonna be easy.

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