How to dress a newborn at home in winter?

How to dress a newborn in winter on the street or at home

How to dress a newborn in winter at home?

It and flew long nine months of tedious waiting for a meeting with your baby. Happiness, emotion, joy and joy overwhelm you – you're a mother. But how do you get your karapuz right for a walk? How to dress a newborn in winter to keep him warm and comfortable?

The very first advice to young mothers – remember that young children grow up, gain weight and develop very quickly, and things quickly become small. So, don't buy a lot of clothes, the baby will grow up, and a lot of things will stay intact.

But what to wear in winter

The first time you go outside after birth, will be a discharge from the maternity hospital. And if the baby was born in winter, it must have three layers of clothes on it. Which ones, let's consider in order.

Running in front, we can see that instead of winter overalls you can dust the child in an envelope for newborns on fur. It will make your baby feel as comfortable as in the womb, and this feeling is not yet forgotten by them. Some people use a regular discharge plaid.

In general, it doesn't matter what the baby is wrapped in, just make sure he doesn't get cold.

First let's figure out what the baby should be wearing when going outside. The baby will be wearing a diaper and a 100% cotton boddy with long sleeves. Then a thin overalls or comfortable sliders with high waist.

After the first “layer” of clothes on the newborn, you should put on the overalls on the fleece, with scratches and closed legs. An alternative is a warm shirt and pants, scratches and socks. There's a simple cap of sutures on his head upstairs. Warm, comfortable, winter, windproof coveralls and winter cap on sheepskin.

Tiny, if desired, can be tied up not dense scarf (knot to make under the hood).

When it's best to stay home

Every mommy is believed to know better what is needed for her child at one point or another – and that's absolutely right. After all, one will wrap its baby as warmly as possible on the street, and the other will harden. Both will be right, because every child is individual.

One child in the cold -10 may freeze so that it starts to hiccup, and the other will have a warm nose and cheeks. But still, if the temperature outside fell below 20 degrees Celsius, it is desirable to abstain from walking or at least reduce it to 15 minutes

(it would be better to dress the baby at home as a walk, and just to air the apartment). Or go out with a crumb for a few minutes on the balcony.

If the walk took place, and the carapuzzle is mostly lying in the wheelchair is not moving on the back, make sure that it was warm in the back.

Naturally, the current pram is perfectly insulated from all sides, but still it is necessary to put a blanket or a mattress in it first, and only after that to put there the kid.

In a frost above 7 degrees it will not be superfluous to cover from above not a dense blanket.

Which winter clothes to choose

For kids it is necessary to choose clothes based on their comfort and practicality, not on their beauty. After all, if the child will be uncomfortable, he will not be able to say where and what is wrong with him, and will only lie and cry.

First, the body of the newborn should only touch the natural fabric, namely, 100% cotton.

Second, all the body should be seams up. The sock and scratch rubber bands should not under any circumstances pinch the child's body to avoid disturbances in blood circulation.

You will not be comfortable pulling your baby's head on a narrow neck body – it may not only be uncomfortable, but also traumatic.

Hat caps and caps of the correct size completely cover the ears, theme and nape of the crumbs. When choosing the upper winter clothing, it is best to give preference to the overalls on a natural sheepskin, rather than jacket and pants on suspenders.

Now there is a huge number of overalls, transformers, which allow you to make it an envelope, or just connect the legs, and give the child freedom of movement.

These are the models of outerwear that are best bought for growth, in which case the child's heat exchange will improve and be warmer.

How to understand if a child is dressed correctly

The most common problem for newborns outside in the cool winter months is overheating. Why is that? It's easy. Newborn babies are very easy to overheat or hypothermia.

So if your baby is dressed warmer than degrees outside, he or she can sweat easily and then freeze accordingly.

A mother, thinking that her child is not well-dressed, the next time you put on a crumb even warmer … If you come back from the walk, undressing the baby, you saw that he was sweaty, you overdo it with clothes.

Each young mother can hear from her grandmother that she needs to put on more clothes than herself. And that if the baby's nose is cold, he's freezing. It's not exactly like that. More precisely, you can determine whether the baby is frozen or not, by the neck.

Just stick your finger under the neck of the overalls and touch the preschool, it should be dry and warm, and not at all not wet or cool. It is also worth considering the fact that now the market for children's goods is a huge enough choice of clothing, made of heat-resistant and thermo-controlled fabric. In such things, the baby will feel comfortable from a warm winter day to -15 degrees Celsius.

Be careful that the baby carriage is not standing on the draught, in which case he may freeze faster and catch cold.

And finally some very useful tips for young mothers today:

– when you're putting your baby on a winter walk, don't wear clothes that buckle up on his back. This can cause harm and discomfort to the baby's delicate skin.

– before dressing, make sure to remove all labels and plastic threads from the buds, blouses, vests and sliders. They can rub and damage the skin.

– if your baby's wardrobe is wearing zipped clothing, it should only be worn in the second and subsequent layers.

-when wrapping your baby for a walk, try not to be too tightly restrained by the movements of the crumbs. The uncomfortable position of the legs and handles can cause the heat exchange to disrupt and the child will freeze quickly.

– Under the baby's head, place a small flat pillow, because because the baby is dressed in several layers of clothing, his head may be below the body.

Pick only natural and comfortable baby clothes. Let your carapuzzle feel dry and comfortable in any weather.


How to dress a newborn in winter on the street and at home – minimum set

How to dress a newborn in winter at home?

Hello, dear subscribers and blog guests! By going through the forums, I've got an interesting thing for myself. You know what the question about crumbs is now one of the most common? That's right, “How to dress a newborn in the winter outside.” And it's not surprising.

With the arrival of my child, I also asked them. How else would you do that? You get confused in layers of clothes and their number – and wait for trouble in the form of freezing or overheating your baby. And then they will cause colds, diaper and other troubles, which, although treated, but leave their traces on the still fragile children's immunity.

So if you want to avoid them – learn to dress your baby properly for a walk.

1. Winter wardrobe crumbs

Before we put on something newborn, you need to buy something. That's why it's a good idea to make a list of things.

So that includes basic list of things:

  1. lightweight overalls – enough 3-4 pcs.
  2. warm jumpsuit – 1-2 pcs.
  3. bodies with long sleeves 2-3 pcs.
  4. Sliders and blouses – 2-3 pcs.
  5. Slim cap 1-2 pcs.
  6. Mittens – 1 pair.
  7. socks warm and thin – 2 pairs each.
  8. supervision, for example, overalls – 1 pc.
  9. bike diapers – 3-4 pcs.
  10. chicken diapers – 2-3 pcs.
  11. Warm plaid – 1 piece
  12. Sheep wool envelope – preferably 1 piece

This is a basic wardrobe that can always be adjusted. For example, replacing body and pants with overalls in case you like the latter more in use.

Besides, never interfere with 1 holiday set of clothes. Initially, it will be suitable for discharge, and then it will be possible to meet guests or go to planned appointments at the clinic. The main thing is not to put off his long box, otherwise you can never have time to enjoy it enough. Just because babies grow up fast.

2. Home care for the newborn

How do I dress my baby at home to keep him warm and comfortable? The answer to that question is… thermostat.

Winter in all houses and apartments the heating is switched on. However, various factors can have a significant impact on the indoor temperature of the heated rooms. But it is worth remembering that the ideal air temperature for newborns is 20-22 degrees Celsius. And to it it it is necessary to aspire.

What to put on a kid if it is displayed on a thermometer?

There is at least 3 options:

  1. thin overalls and thin socks;
  2. pants, body with sleeves and thin socks;
  3. thin sweater, sliders and thin socks.

Think you get it? There may be a lot of that kind of clothing. The only restriction is your baby's wardrobe frame.

At the same time, about the hat or cap. I must admit, at first I used them very actively indoors myself. They were spinning on the baby's head when he was trying to learn about the world and openly interfering with it.

And I persistently corrected them until the pediatrician advised to abandon them altogether. It turns out that they are designed to protect the baby's head from draughts after bathing.

3. Walking clothes

And now the most important thing. What should a newborn be dressed in before going outside? According to the good old tradition, it is necessary to be guided by the rule that the crumb needs as many layers of clothes as an adult + 1 additional layer.

In addition, there may be exceptions. The fact is that it was developed, so to speak, a few decades ago, when all the clothes were cotton or woolen.

In recent years, everything has changed. Today, kids can wear clothes made of heat-resistant fabrics, which in themselves can consist of several layers or function as several layers of clothing.

A striking example of this is fleece.

So it is only you who can clearly answer the question: “How to choose the right clothes for a walk for your baby? We'll give you some ideas.

3.1. If the temperature outside the window is higher than 0

This weather experienced mothers call “deceptive” and advise to dress your baby in 3 layers of clothing:

  1. diaper, thin coveralls (or sliders and body with sleeves), thin cap, thin socks;
  2. A fleece suit consisting of trousers and jackets, as well as woolen socks;
  3. warm winter overalls on sheepskin or down, gloves, warm hat and scarf.

At the same time, there may be variations. For example, a fleece suit can be replaced by a thicker or warmer suit, and a warm winter suit on sheepskin or down can be replaced by a demi-season suit. After all, you can always cover the crumb with a blanket or an envelope when you feel something wrong. But coming home to change his clothes is harder. Especially those who live in a multi-storey house without an elevator.

In this weather it is reasonable to leave all 3 layers, making some changes in them. The fleece suit should be replaced with a thicker, woolen suit. Woolen socks should be left behind. Well, like the warm winter overalls. Additionally, care should be taken to ensure that the wind and snow do not blow into the stroller.

3.3 The temperature is lower than -10

When taking your baby for a walk in such weather, it is necessary to add 1 more layer to the above described. It's a warm blanket or a sheepskin envelope. They will serve as both a comfortable mattress and a warm blanket and will save the crumb from frost and cold.

4. A few words about clothing and size

Do you know how to choose the right clothes for newborns? If not, let's sort it out.

Start with hats. An incredibly important wardrobe item that protects the most precious thing – the head. It freezes faster than other organs, and the consequences of such freezing are deplorable.

That's why it should be selected clearly in size. Preferably, it should have ties on it, allowing it to be tightly fixed to the head. And she covered her ears, forehead and neck.

By the way, you can wear the same thin cap under a woolen hat to avoid itching.

Combineson. We've already written about how to pick it right. All that remains to be done is to add the dimensions. The thing is, the overalls are better taken one to two sizes larger. Just because kids grow too fast

By the way, you can pick up all the necessary set of clothes in the online store The choice is simply huge, the prices are acceptable, delivery at purchase for the sum more than 3500 rbl. – free of charge. Excellent choice, especially if you don't have time to shop – everything can be ordered in one place.

As well as the pediatrician's recommendation

  • The baby's belongings, especially those that fit the body, should be made of natural fabrics.
  • Preference should be given to loose, motionless pieces of clothing.
  • Don't take things with rough stitches, hooks and details that could hurt.
  • As well as to give up those who dress over their heads in favor of clothes on the buttons.

Find out more about how to dress a newborn baby in the winter by telling the author of the video:

To see if the baby is comfortable, just touch its nose. It should be warm. Be sure to tell your friends about this by sharing this article. And also subscribe to our updates.

All moms are only in a good mood and good weather! See you later!



How to dress a newborn in winter

How to dress a newborn in winter at home?

Winter. It's cold outside. Even grown-ups want to dress up warmer in this weather and wrap themselves in a blanket on top. What about the little kid in the first four weeks of his life? How do you dress a newborn baby in winter so you don't catch a cold?

Which clothes to choose for your newborn baby?

When choosing children's winter clothes, first of all, one should pay attention to hygiene and comfort.

  • All clothes that come into contact with children's skin should be made of natural materials: cotton, batiste, flannel. The seams on the outside are not intended to hurt the delicate skin.
  • Tissues with a high content of coarse synthetics, low hygroscopic properties are not allowed even for the clothes of the “second” or “third” layer.
  • The newborn baby will have to change frequently, so pay attention to how quickly and easily children's clothes can be worn and removed. Choose blouses with detachable hanger on the buttons so that the baby does not get nervous while dressing, and you do not get nervous.
  • Children's things should be spacious so that the little fidget can move freely.
  • Avoid ties, especially those that overlapping the child's body or tying on the back. Preference should be given to the front buttons. Check how easy it is to fasten and unbutton.

With the right clothes, the newborn baby's warmest and most comfortable to wear and the mother is comfortable to change.

What should a newborn baby wear outside?

In the first few months of life, thermoregulation in children is not perfect. They are more sensitive to overheating.

Nevertheless, it is not recommended to walk with the newborn baby on frosty days, when the temperature drops below -10 degrees.

Therefore, if the thermometer's column has fallen below -10 degrees, it is better not to go out on such a strong frost, but to put on a baby as for a walk on the street, only without a winter overalls, to open windows and so “walk” at home.

Gathering for a winter walk with the child, adults should first dress themselves, and then put on the baby so that he does not sweat. The baby's face is left open for a walk. If a newborn baby lies in an envelope, the edge of it must be lifted for fresh air.

Temperature from 0 degrees to -5

Three layers of clothing for a winter walk at temperatures down to -5 frost:

  • First layer: diaper, sliders, thin vest (or long-sleeved body), head cap. As the first layer, practical mothers sometimes use the following option: diaper, cotton slip-combinson, cap and socks to “fix” the slip.
  • Second layer, insulated: tight-fabric jackets and trousers, warm socks, gloves (or, instead, a second layer of insulated velour jumpsuit with closed legs and handles).
  • The third layer will be a warm cap made of soft, clumsy wool, a scarf, a winter overalls or a warm fur envelope.

Place a wool or fur bed in the stroller. Be sure to cover your child with a blanket or blanket, or take him/her with you in case the baby freezes.

The temperature outside the window is below -5°C

After -5°C, make sure the baby is warm. Usually it is enough to add one more layer of clothes: either a cotton slip-suit, or a blouse with sliders, or fleece or velour slip-suit depending on weather conditions and preferences of mother.

If in winter the temperature in the street rose above 0

It turns out that in winter we are pleased with warm sunny days. Although it's getting warmer outdoors, we mustn't forget that it's still winter outside. Parents should not be deceived and undressed their newborn baby – it is dangerous.

Usually enough to replace the second, insulated layer of lighter clothes. We don't change the number of layers. For example, instead of a warm velour overalls, a light cotton slip-combine can be used. Or replace your winter overalls with less warm ones.

Grab a blanket or blanket to help you get home in case of a sudden deterioration of the weather.

How can you tell if a newborn is dressed right?

When you're outdoors, you need to keep track of the baby's condition. From time to time you can gently touch the baby's nose with your warm hand. A nose that is too cold is a sign that the newborn is likely to freeze

The most correct way to check the baby's condition is to gently stick your hand behind the occipital side of the coveralls. If the child is sweating, then you should go home and change into less hot clothes. The cold surface of the skin on the back of the head will tell you that it's time to finish the walk immediately to avoid freezing.

How do you dress your newborn at home in winter?

Winter heating works in many homes and apartments, so you should not wrap your newborn baby up too much. However, too easily dressed baby runs the risk of catching a cold: the thermoregulation of such crumbs is still immature. In this question, moms and dads should find the middle ground themselves, watching the baby's condition and controlling the temperature in the room.

Example, if the newborn sweats, it is immediately visible that he is hot. Change it into lighter clothes.

Note that the baby is frozen, it is possible on the cold nose and ears, hiccups, frequent urination. The baby can lie down, press his legs and hands against his body. Then you should wear it warmer.

Usually use the following set of clothes: diaper, body, lightweight coveralls-slip and thin socks. The head is left uncovered, the cap is put on only after water procedures. A sleeping child is covered with a fleece blanket.

Mom's Winter Kids' Way Out

Children born in winter require special attention to their wardrobe. However, winter babies get a unique chance to strengthen their bodies at an early age. Use it, do not avoid walks in the fresh, frosty air!


How to dress a newborn in winter?

How to dress a newborn at home in winter?

Not all children are lucky enough to be born in the summer or spring when the sun warms up and only a light jumpsuit or body can be useful from clothing.

As a rule, parents have few questions about summer clothes, but how to dress a newborn at home in winter and for a walk, it is interesting to many people.

How not to have a snack, but not to overcool the baby? How many layers of clothes should be on the crumb? What's worth buying for a winter baby?

Clothes list for winter baby

We will define an approximate wardrobe for winter baby, because many young parents have a lot of questions about how to buy clothes and in what quantity.

You'll need it:

  • thin overalls – 3-4 pieces;
  • sliders and blouses – 2-3 pieces;
  • Long sleeved Liberty – 2-3 pieces;
  • light cap or cap – 2 pieces;
  • thin socks – 2 pairs;
  • warm socks (woolen) – 2 pairs;
  • gloves – 1 pair;
  • warm jumpsuit – 1-2 pieces;
  • high clothing – 1 set.

Also it is necessary to buy a set of warm bike diapers (3-4 pieces), a warm plaid. You can buy an envelope on sheep's or camel's wool.

In a nutshell, if you are more comfortable dressing your baby in a body and pants, the number of overalls can be reduced, and vice versa.

What concerns the outer winter clothing, for the newborn it can be down jumpsuit or insulated sleeping bag.

How do you dress your newborn at home?

How do you dress your newborn at home in winter? In winter, all the city's apartments turn on the heating, so it is important that the baby's home is not wrapped up.

Remember that the optimal temperature in the room where the newborn is located is 20-22 degrees Celsius. In these conditions, a child can be dressed in one of the following variants:

  • Slip (overalls, “man”, pajamas) + thin cotton socks;
  • Jackets + sliders + socks;
  • Body + pants + socks.

Head can be left uncovered and only after the bathroom can you wear a cap.

How to dress a newborn for a walk in winter?

Before we dress a newborn for a walk, let's remember the golden rule: we put the baby on a layer warmer than ourselves.

Now you can start your exercise exercise now.

There is usually a newborn baby asleep all the time outdoors, so parents need to make sure that the baby is comfortable and not cold. Luckily, it's not that hard to get the baby dressed right.

Temperature from 0 to -10 degrees

In this weather, a child should wear at least three layers of clothing.

  1. Diaper, lightweight coveralls or pants and body, thin cap, thin socks;

  2. Dense coveralls or a set: jacket + trousers; woollen socks;
  3. Winter overalls (sleeping bag), gloves, warm hat, scarf.

These clothes are enough to keep your baby from freezing during the whole walk. Remember to make sure that the crumbs are protected from draughts, snow (if there is snowfall outside) and other unfavorable natural factors.

Temperature below -10

If you decide to take your baby for a walk at temperatures below -10 degrees Celsius, make sure it is warm. Simply add just one layer to the above.

  • Warm sheepskin envelope can be placed in the stroller, so that the child has a comfortable mattress and a warm blanket at the same time.
  • If you don't want to spend money on the envelope, cover your baby with a warm blanket. Ideally choose wool, but you can use any other insulated material.

Temperature above 0

Thus nature surprises us, and in winter the temperature rises above 0 degrees. It is not necessary to be deceived by imaginary warmth and “to undress” the newborn baby.

The only thing that it is necessary to make, – to replace the second layer more easy. For example, if you usually wear a demi-season suit, replace it with a fleece suit or a second thin suit. Or you can replace a winter insulated coverall with a lighter one.

Bit about winter clothes

In Soviet times, getting exclusive good things for children was a big problem, now you can buy absolutely any clothes for a child and it should be used correctly.

From the beginning, remember a few rules for choosing winter clothing.

  • Buy things only from natural or hypoallergenic fabrics. For example, the lower layers should only be made of cotton, and the filler in the upper overalls should be made of fluff, feather or half-timbered.
  • Clothes should not have any buttons, zippers or hooks that could hurt the child's skin.
  • It is better to insulate the bottom of the stroller with a woollen blanket or synthetic mattress
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